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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 26, 2020 1:07am-1:40am PDT

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day flags at headstoneshis sti. wh ds of s 19 resicon budget cuts in schools and how it could affect the cleanliness of your child's classroom. >> the bay area bakes for the memorial day holiday as crowds pack local beaches and parks even during a pandemic. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> meteorologist tracking the heat wave and has a look at the records we broke today. >> yeah. we're looking at five record high temperature for today. 95 degrees breaking a previous record of 92. sfo up to 90. oakland 91. san jose tieing at the 5.
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and gilroy tieing at nearly 100 degrees this afternoon. as you look at the in your opinions many areas inland in the 70s and 80s. it's warm out there. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. temperatures are rising 60s to 80s towards the lunch hour. it will be a hotinland. tomorrow afternoon triple digit heat inland. we have an excessive heat warning. and advisory. this is an effect in until 7:00 p.m. thursday. so take it easy in the heat. i'll be back and hlet you know how long the danger will be around. >> we are feeling a heat here in the south bay. auz you can imagine. it's comfortable at this hour. during the daytime because of covid-19, the usual indoor air-conditioned activities they are limited.
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>> covid-19 restrictions are bringing little relief to those hooking to cool off. temperatures in the mid to high 90s. usually the hot weather brings not toohudg uncomfortable.d, dy the national weather service predicting moderate to potentially high heat risk for vulnerable populations. including those spending time outside without air-conditioning. elderly and children. in yores past they have been able to hide from the heat. >> the library. walk in the mall. and usually head back out before the evening. >> libraries are off limits and swimming pools are closed. usual cooling centers are
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shutered as shelter many place orders remain. >> under normal circumstances some of the community centers would open and act as cooling centers and that trigger is 97 degrees. >> no word yet on whether the extreme heat will force officials to explore the option. this is the first heat wave of the season. what long time resident learned to live with. >> you have to deal with it. it would be nice to have swimming pools and things to go to. uringusly round here. it's okay. >> we work to learn what options for cooling are made available, the county and the city of san jose are sharing heat safety measures for that list visit our web site and click on the story. >> all right.
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much appreciated. today's heat and holiday sent many people off to beaches and parks across the bay area. despite recommendations to stay home. ocean beach was crowded before noon. and mission park. volunteers with the san francisco police department haned out masks and reminded people to keep distance. escaping the heat weren't the only ones today at beach. police werelsohe. th say despe theeaches popularity, they didn't have to issue citations with groups mostly keeping a six foot distance. starting tomorrow crown beach will be closed for a month socrl out the beach. >> closed but a few miles and up the road the beach is open to locals for walking. today a bunch of out of towners
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showed up. >> what happened was the district barricaded the parking lot and put tape u as quick as they barricade. people pull them down and pull in anyway. >> you're concerned. >> krobeyond concerned. >> out door wine tastings and dining resumed yesterday. >> it wasn't just around the bay area, people in emerged from quarantine worrying scenes around the country. many defie guidelines. all of this as the u.s. death toll nears 100,000 lost to the pandemic. >> crowds missouri. >> if you're worried stay home. >> rivers in texas over flowing with tubers this memorial day weekend. >>fy get it. everybody else will get it. it's life. >> this club in houston
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receiving 300 complaints. all the while new cases of covid-19 surging in several states. at least eleven reporting increasing cases including arkansas which is going through no end in site for covid-19 cases in the food industry. officials reviewing ongoing out breaks in l.a. county. tyson foods announcing a quarter of the work force in north carolina testeditive foth vrus. >>pp t hafy distancing and other metrics we are recommending. >> that economic reality is harsh. a recent survey fipding half of small business owners will be out of cash within a month. >> it's going to be very hard. there's no out door dining. no indoor. we can't survive off to go.
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>> president trump joining the nation in grief over the almost 100,000 lives lost. >> as one nation, we mourn alongside every single family that lost loved ones. >> indoor sen views remain closed the president threatening to move the convention from charlotte. if he can't guarantee full attendance inside by august. >> two major developments. the state continues to relax the stay at home order. the governor says retail stores can reopenet approval from county public health departments. by proving they have a plan and keep customers and employees six feet apart. bay area have the strictest guidelines. they are not following state guidance. retail stores here are still
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allowing curb side pickup only. for now. houses of worship can reopen. much like retail stores they need permission from the county public health official kp restrictions. attendance must be 25% of the capacity. or a max of lower. not everybody is ready to resume services. some church leaders fear they could be putting a congregation at risk. >> east oakland has been hit hard by the pandemic. so therefore i stand in support of not opening our church doors it's not safe. >> during the challenging times we're focusing on topics that matter to you. including education. part of the building a better bay area. schools could face a major budget cut. that could mean lay offs or furloughs. the unified school district has six positions on the chopping block and one could impact the
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cleanliness of schools. live from the news room with details. >> the big question here could cutting in i of the jobs impact the safety of kids? the woman i spoke with says yes. >> don't cut corners at this time. it's not the time. it's vital. >> custodial supervisor making a desper for elimination. and focussed on keeping schools clean. >> health is vital. disinfecting and sanitizing. restrooms approximate tables. doorknobs. >> education shortfall in the billions next year. the recommended job cuts that have been announced could be seen in other districts as well. she manages the custodians at 17 school sites. she believes her position would be more important next school
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year. one where we may see the older students rotating at school days. and even bigger priority on cleaning k through 5 schools all the time. >> the vulnerable community. the little kids. they won't keep the masks on. we have to make sure those sites are speck and span. >> they have difficult decisions to make going would save the district close to $1 million. she says in the last two years, there have been cleaner classrooms due to much of the training she has put in place. >> we have went from stage 2 to 4. it bringing up the hygiene of the school. >> i reached out to the reps. she tells me at this point no normal kus toad januacustodian e
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chopping block. and no plans to add positions either. >> thanks. santa clara launched new and expandedays e ening. with temporary walk up testing centers in mountain view and san jose. the tests are free for all county residents. essential workers are encouraged to get tested now. and once every month. here's the question. what will life look like after coronavirus? we put together a slide show involving eight big activities. you can find it at our web site. >> the pandemic prevented groups of scouts from planting flags at headstones this year. but flags are still here anyway. coming up, who is planting them. >> hot spots continue to flare up at pier 45 following a
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on this memorial day even cemeteries were affected by the pandemic including here in the bay area. we explain how neighbors made up for tradition lost to social distancing. at san francisco national cemetery. >> there's something about the sacredness of this place. >> the crisp green grass, of golden gate and marble memories in tact. >> it's impossible not to have it dig deep inside you. >> this memorial day at san francisco national cemetery, was unlike any other. >> we wanted to do it this year. because a will the of people can't do it.
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they're in quarantine. >> 12 year-old placed hand picked flowers on the headstones of a circle of strangers. >> they fought s we condg non-p each and every gravestone would. this year they were not a for t >> i have heard stories this week of people going out and buying dozens of flags to place at otherwise empty headstones. >> i had this one flag at home. so i brought it. i'll leave it here where it belongs. >> not every stone has been decorated with stars and stripes. neighbors have covered a lot of ground. >> i pray it never ends. the patriotism. >> she lives in san francisco. most of her family served in the military. including two brothers who are in the cemetery. >> frank wallman. private first i41 st a ntnm ca
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fit hf day felt different. >> not in my heart. no. i still feel the warmth and the memories. >> when the tradition was cancelled because of the pandemic. 17 year-old played taps at memory garden cemetery. alone. >> we teamed up with a group of veterans, military and gold star families to bring a special
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ceremony. producer and videographer put together the powerful piece. you can see it on our web site. >> new at 11 hearing from counsel man since he got out of the hospital following a near fatal bout with pneumonia. >> it's been moving. and how grateful i am for my family. two sons. and my staff. just remarkable. i'm so lucky to have them and the friends that have been so supportive through very unusual and difficult time. >> in early march he went for a run in d.c. fell and broke ribs. his condition worsened and he spent fife weeks in the hospital. four he doesn't remember.
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>> that massive fire fire fire could disrupt the upcoming crab season. the presidentssti0 filevyt at f million. the damage is bad for crab fisherman. some lost dozens of expensive crab traps. >> i lost every piece of fishing equipment that i own. in the fire. wake up and realize everything you it your whole life is gone. >> go fund me account hopes to raise a million dollars to help the crab fleet recover. fire crews remain at the pier where smoke was seen from a flare up. no word just yet on what sparked that fire. >> covid-19 has delivered a major blow to the travel industry. the tsa says it scrned 350,000
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passengers last friday. that's the highest number since march 22. but travel is still down 88%. compared to the same time last year. are we beginning to see trends? >> we have the healthcare situation is improving. in the u.s. to a lit m extent. in germany and europe you see an interest in new bookings and increase in searches in particular for the summer months. >> according to a poll, 50% of the surveyed say they will postpone any lee sure travel until 2021. >> nasa is keeping a close watch on weather conditions tonight. the united states moves closer to launching astronauts from u.s. soil for the first time in a decade. scheduled to blast off from florida wednesday in a capsule. that will be atop a rocket. the two will head to the international space station.
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and if successful it could open the door for more missions including every day people. >> the goal for us is astronauts and test pilots is to go up there and prove out the mission and bring the vehicle home safely. >> the weather for wednesday calls for clouds, rain and possible lightning. if the launch is scrubbed it could happen saturday or sunday. >> all right. time to check of the weather conditions. really heating up for the next couple days. >> today was day one of the heat wave. tomorrow is day two. we'll continue this trend into wednesday. let me show you the high temperatures today. it was 81 san francisco. all the areas in yellow 95 cant field. all records for today. 101 in fair field. half-moon bay you were comfortable at 66.
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thanks to a breeze. because of the intensity of the heat we have the heat danger. heat advisory in orange and excessive heat warning. in effect until 7:00 p.m. thursday. take it easy, drink water. try to stay hydrated. don't loef people and pets in the cars. he clear skies ahead.e totse. as we look at temperatures. still mild to warm. 50s to 80s in places like present wood. it's like summer like weather. visibility is terrific tonight. dangerous heat wave the next few days. record highs expected tomorrow and the heat moderates thursday and friday. air quality deteriorating as the heat builds. stagnant air continuing to rise. moderate to poor air quality. another spare the air in effect tomorrow. right near the coast. most will start out on a mild
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side. 50ss. you can leave your jacket behind it will be comfortable. for the afternoon not so comfortable. 101 morgan hill. 98 san jose. redwood city 77 half mono-bay. san francisco 84 degrees. warmer than today. north bay temperatures 99 in san rose. east bay will be baking. 93 oakland. 96 fremont. inland triple digits. it will be sizzling. 103 concord. i want to fast forward to the weekend because i know people will be looking forward to that area of low pressure. switching up the winds. thursday and friday the heat maryland rates. by saturday, we're talking about showers. believe it or not. the 7-day forecast. dangerous heat the next couple days. take it easy. triple digits for two days and
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upper 90s thursday. 70s. 60s by sea bree friday. by the i think we'll be ready for the chance of showers. and some cooler weather. >> what happened to scorcher torture? that was your new phrase. >> that was ad libbing. call it whatever you want. i'll have a nickname soon. >> thank you. >> tomorrow on good morning america, tracy ellis ross chatting
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as the bay area begins to reopen. this was a memorial day unlike
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