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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reopening. of those 11 county, half of them are in the bay area. they are alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara. these six are not advancing plans to reopen at this time. now look at how each county's coronavirus caseload compares. in the top left corner, alameda is on an upward trajectory that really hasn't changed shape since mid-march despite sheltering in place. you can see steady increases in contra costa, san francisco and san mateo counties as well. only santa clara county shows a clear flattening of its curve. santa clara has been taking the slowest approach to reopening. it was hit early and hard by this virus. alameda county has the most coronavirus cases of any bay area county. but when you break it down per capita, san francisco has the highest case rate. santa clara county has reported the most deaths of any local county, as i said, hit hard early. but the death rate is worst than
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san mateo county. coronavirus isn't concentrated in one part of the bay area. the risk is quite widespread. >> it really is. now california as a state is officially entering phase 3 for reopening, which means hair salons and barbershops can reopen with modifications. this comes after the state announced places of worship can also reopen. abc7 news anchor liz kreutz breaks down the governor's announcement for us. she joins us now live. liz? >> hi, ama. a lot of big announcements today, especially when it comes to hair salons and barbershops. but it does come down to regional variance. just three bay area counties are in a position to move into phase 3 if they choose. but as a state, it's a symbolic and important sign of progress. it's news that so many have been looking forward to. even governor newsom. >> they had at me. it was a family effort to remove what was described by my wife as, forgive me, a mullet. >> here is the photo proof.
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but newsom will no longer need to enlist his own children to cut his hair. starting today, hair salons and barbershops can reopen in 47 california counties. the other 11 counties, which includes much of the bay area, continue to move slower. >> some parts of the state will not be able to pace as quickly into phase 3. and we continue to be responsive to those concerns and the needs of those local communities to slow down the pace of reopening. and we respect that. >> the guidance provided by the state to salons and barbershops that do reopen will need to do several things. that includes requiring the use of face covers for staff and customer, removing high touch amenities like magazines and coffee maker, frequently disinfecting booths, stations and tools. contacting customers before appointments to be sure they aren't exhibiting symptoms and staggering to reduce crowding.
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>> we're making progress and moving forward. thinking announcement comes just one day after the state said they're also now allowing places of worship to reopen with limited capacity and in-store shopping at retailers. newsom cautioned that the changes shouldn't lead to complacency. he started off this briefing with this grim reminder. >> we are very close to reaching a milestone in this country. 100,000 live lost to this pandemic. to covid-19. >> and although progress is being made in california with testing and contact tracing, newsom said the crowds on memorial day weekend combined with the new reopening measures means we're going see a rise in cases. >> we anticipate an increase in the number of cases. as you have more mixing, you have more opening in the economy. tat's inevitable. >> another reminder to stay vigilant. again, this is only allowed right now in napa, solano and sonoma counties. those will the ones that can move into phase three.
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across the state, nail salons cannot reopen. salons can also not offer services like eye, brow waxing, we have to touch someone's face. tomorrow the state hopes to have guidelines on summer camps. they hope to have guideline on the entertainment and filmmaking industries. a lot of moving parts but big updates as well. liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> and liz, you've been keeping track of it all. any idea what the bay area counties are saying in response to these changes today? any word on it they plan to modify their shelter in place orders? >> you know, we reached out to every single bay area county today to try and get their response, because this is a big week with the state really moving into phase 3. the six bay area counties still in the early phases of phase 2, san francisco county, santa clara county, for instance, those counties have all responded with relatively vague answers which is essentially they're reviewing it and see if they can modify their stay at home orders. but at this time no plans to do. so as far as napa, solano
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counties, we heard from solano and they said churches and places of worship can reopen with those modifications. they also plan to allow for hair salons and barbershops to reopen. they're working on updating their order. but they have no set date yet. that's what we're finding out. it's basically up to the counties to make those decisions still. >> all right, liz, thank you so much. and now to a live look at our santa cruz beach camera on this hot day. and that county today announced it will be in stage 2 until july 1. starting at midnight tonight, santa cruz county allows for offices, in-store shopping, and churches to open with social distancing and other protective measures. dine-in restaurants are not allowed. the county is working on advancing to late stage 2, which could happen in the next week or so. san francisco's botanical garden will reopen on june 1. apple is reopening some stores this week. it will offer curbside pickup and storefront service at 14 local stores. the dmv is opening 46 more field
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offices starting thursday. 25 dmv offices opened earlier this month. not everything is reopening in california. gyms, tattoo parlors and nail salons, those are still shut. so are bars and wineries. theaters and museum, public pools as well as nightclubs, festivals and theme parks. and of course reopening is about restarting the economy. and that's one of four key areas where we focused our efforts to build a better bay area. special shopping districts like willow glen in san jose, montclair in oakland, and laurel street in san carlos have fiercely loyal customers, but the stores are still struggling to survive pandemic restrictions. abc7 news reporter david louie is live with a look at what's at stake. and david, it is so much. >> that's very true, dan. even big box stores and retail chains are having difficult times. but it's the small family-owned shops that don't have the deep pockets to get them through this difficult time with a lot of
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lost income. laurel street, the de facto downtown of san carlos is 12 blocks long. collectively there is a lot of anguish and anxiety according to bookshop owner lauren salve vib savidge. >> how many more days can we take? >> restrictions imposed for pandemic safety has caused deep financial disstreak. when the stamp bar and grill had to rely on takeout orders only, at first there was zero business. it celebrates its first anniversary on wednesday. >> it's been very, very financially troubling, and even if we do open, it's going to take a long time for us to recoup from this financial devastation. >> there is no downtown merchants group. so every business owner is struggling alone. >> i walk down laurel street every day to get there. and looking in windows and saying gosh, what's going to happen to this one, what's going happen to this business. we don't know. >> lauren savidge says she
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reached a breaking point last friday after filling delivery orders for nine weeks mostly by herself to stay in business. she just took her first day off. she is reluctant to see business rezze open due to the serious nature of the virus. she is hoping san carlos will generate more foot traffic by closing down streets to facilitate outside dining. >> these things have to happen now. they have to happen immediately. we don't really have the time to waste any longer. >> there is very little doubt how fragile times. now to give you a sense of how beloved these merchants are, one customers of the reading bug bookshop has made a special effort to keep it going with two checks slipped under the door totalling $2500. we are live, david louie, abc7 news. >> that is amazing and so generous. thank you. well, from small stores to shopping malls with in-store shopping are busy preparing for reopening. once they're able to get the
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green light from county health officials. ac7 news reporter chris nguyen explains how some of the biggest malls in silicon valley are getting ready. >> shopping malls have traditionally been known at gathering spaces for the community. but what does the future of retail look like in the area of covid-19? >> retailers that have the vision to invest in technology and to provide consumers different ways of shopping so they can buy merchandise and different ways of returning merchandise are actually doing very well. >> at eastridge center in san jose, modifications are being made to help customers feel safe. >> we're installing septic skin. these are self-cleaning nontoxic materials that will be on all our major touch points, including door handle, handrails, elevator buttons. >> eastridge will reduce elevator capacity which 50%. mall officials have upgraded the hvac system to circulate more air from the outside. marketing director rah riley
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says once they get approval from the county, eastridge will offer curbside pickup from every one of its retailers who want to participate in the program. nearly half of the mall's 150 stores are independently owned and operated. >> our new clicks to curbside program will have two pickup zones, one in the upper level, one on the lower level. it will allow all of our mom and pop shops to put their products online if they don't already have a digital presence. >> at westfield valley fair which sits on the san jose-santa clara border, mall management is preparing to launch a mobile app that will allow customers to reserve an appointment slot inside a specific store that features to make that feature available. shoppers can also park in designated areas to pick up online orders or to buy a meal from a republican party in the food court. they'll also be able to check how many people are inside the property at any given time. measures that are meant to put customers at ease moving forward. >> we are about to witness one of the biggest experiments in the brick and mortar retail space. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news.
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and what will life look like after coronavirus? we've put together an immersive experience on our future hangout spots and living environments. really interesting to look into this crystal ball. it's one of our top searched links on our website. you'll find it at happening today, more record-high temperatures. but because of the pandemic, we don't have the resources we usually do to cool off, like the library, shopping marlins, pools, cooling centers. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live in one of the hottest parts of the bay area, which is of course walnut creek to explain how people are coping. hi, leslie. >> hi there. i can testify it is suffocatingly hot out here. if you've got to wear a mask of any kind. i think that's why there are so few people out today. it's getting a little busier here at larky park as it gets a little later in the day. but very few folks out in this heat. after all, there are few
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alternatives besides staying at home to deget out of it. there aren't many options for beating the heat. movie theaters and malls closed. same for libraries and even cooling centers that usually offer respite to desperate seniors on extraordinarily hot days like this. even local purveyors of ice cream are closed. the county is getting worried phone calls. >> normally we would suggest that they go to their local senior center. we have 16 of them in this county and if one wasn't available, we would recommend that they go to a mall or a movie theater. >> with covid, there is different advice being dispensed. >> we're asking them to stay home, hydrate. as you know, older adults tend to become dehydrated easier. >> mask wearing measures become stifling for those who attempt to go out. >> this mask is very difficult to breathe because the air and the oxygen doesn't come through the material very well. >> we are in meetings with our community partners.
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actually, today as we speak to kind of determine where we go from here. >> throughout the east bay, there are no clear solutions. >> we don't have an option with this current health order. >> the constraints were part of what this contra costa health officer discussed with the board of supervisors today as the covid case count continues to increase from 14 a day a couple of weeks ago to 26 a day now. some of it attributable to more testing. the sparkling blue pool water at the community pool behind me sure does look tempting. it's all locked up as it is all across the east bay. that's not an option. basically, what i found out it comes down to today is we have ways to cope with covid, ways to cope with the heat, but there has been no plan and doesn't look like there will be in the near future be a plan for how to cope with both together besides staying at home and staying hydrated, and you heard. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news.
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>> definitely have to work on that. let's get to spencer christian to find out exactly how long this heat is going to last for us, because a lot of these people out there really need some relief, spencer. >> they really do, ama. this is the second consecutive day, as you know, of record high temperature here is in the bay area. let's take a look at today's record. seven of them. seven record highs for this date. 97 degrees at both san jose and santa rosa. 102 in gilroy and concord. 99 at napa, a record for this date. 87 at richmond and these are all record highs for this date. the heat is not going break really for a couple of days. i'll give you a look at the forecast in just a few minutes. dan and ama? >> okay, spencer, thanks so much. still to come, coronavirus is believed to have originated from an animal market in china, as you heard. there are similar markets here in california. next, the i-team with a live update on the effort to ban them. plus, a story you'll see
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late today in sacramento, a ban on live animal markets passed a big hurdle. three weeks ago the i-team took you inside the bay area's markets and showed how the coronavirus is believed to have come from a live animal market in china. our dan noyes is lye with the very latest on the progress of this measure. dan? >> well, dan, this is a clear example of the old saying laws are like sausages. it's better not to see them being made. in this case, there were two issues knocked up, and that caused some confusion. >> you've got the floor, sir. >> very good. >> state senator harry stern sponsored the bill to ban animal markets such as those the i-team visited in oakland and san francisco three week
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association. stores killing live poultry to go were killed on the spot, many types of crustaceans and live bullfrogs imported from china. turtles good for $20. they have to be killed before a customer takes them home. >> and you kill it here? >> yeah, yeah. >> the trade in wildlife, both import as well as sales poses really a threat to our ecosystems, our public health, and the biodiversity in this state. >> the leading theory is covid-19 passed from a bat to another animal and then a human at this market in wuhan, china. stern and others are concerned about the transmission of disease at the bay area's markets. >> globally, a quarter of human deaths are infectious disease. about 60% of these diseases are considered zoonotic, meaning they jump from other animals to people. and more than 70% of zoonotic diseases originate with wildlife. >> no one at today's hearing disagreed on that part, but the bill would also ban the importation of trophies from
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elephants, lion, leopards and rhinos. california's hunting and gun rights groups lined up by phone in opposition. >> when californians are participating in this activity, they're doing it legally, they're doing it morally, they're doing it honorable with the mind-set of they want to perpetuate the species. >> engage in that hunting activity, take a picture, and come home. why do you need a trophy to come back to california to show what you've done? >> now stern argued his bill would not ban hunting, just the importation of the trophy, and it would ban live animal markets. the bill passed and moves on to the senate appropriations committee. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. dan, ama? >> all right, dan, thank you so much. when did the chinese government really know about covid-19? tonight we hear from a bay area couple who visited wuhan two months before the virus was first reported to the world
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health organization. their trip raises questions about whether the chinese government may have known even earlier. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra joins us live with the story you'll see only on 7. stephanie? >> well, ama, a san carlos couple took a viking cruise throug and everything went according to schedule until they arrived in wuhan. call it a cruise of a lifetime that had a bit of a rocky start. >> the whole thing was just a little off. just didn't quite make sense at the time. >> this is charlie and margaret getz, describing their brief stop in wuhan china on november 1. it was just the beginning of their seven-day voyage along the famous yangtze river. >> we arrive late afternoon. they told us that there was going to be a change. >> their relaxed overnight stay turned into a mere three-hour visit. >> and it was literally bam, bam, bam, out. >> within minutes of getting off the plane, the two were rushed to a wuhan history museum. >> we were the only ones at the
6:21 pm
museum. they had a concert for us. we were the only ones at the concert. >> and the wuhan city tour canceled on the spot. the getzs quickly escorted backc on to the ship. >> we were immediately told we had to leave that night, not the next day. >> no warning, no question. when they tried to question it. >> oh, well, there is a lot of traffic on the river. i sure as heck didn't see so much traffic. we went zipping right along. >> is it a coincidence this only happened in wuhan, not any other city on their trip? maybe. maybe not. the chinese government first reported the virus to the world health organization december 31st. the cdc was then notified on january 3rd, more than two months after the getzs' visit. >> it's possible they knew something about what was going on. >> we asked uc berkeley scientist lee riley who studies infectious diseases. what does their timeline tell you? >> the fact they weren't allowed to go into the markets, it
6:22 pm
sounds like something was already going on in early november. >> it's all speculation. >> it could have all been nothing, but we don't know. >> now a week after the getzs left wuhan, several people in their sick got coronavirus symptoms, although it's unclear if those people have tested positive. we have reached out to viking cruises for further comment on this, but have yet to hear back. reporting live, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> what a story. stephanie, thank you. record-setting heat today for the second day in a row. we have a few more days to get
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[music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us. all right. we are hot outside, so we want to know how hot and for how long. >> absolutely. it is brutal in some spots today. spencer christian is tracking the forecast. a little more heat to get through, right, spencer? >> you're right about that, dan. this is the second consecutive day of record heat.
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and we have a couple more days of heat almost like what we've had the last two days. here is a look at current temperature readings. mid 90s in santa rosa. 91 at napa. 101 at fairfield and upper 90s at concord and livermore. still pretty warm in other locations as well. mid-90s at redwood city. 92 rat san jose. 95 gilroy. 79 at san francisco. and mid 80s in oakland. so on we go to our forecast features. it will be hot inland again tomorrow. there will be minor cooling in the coast. heat eases a bit everywhere on thursday. there will be further cooling on friday. much cooler conditions on friday and showers are likely. but we still have a heat advisory in effect for virtually all of the bay area until 7:00 thursday evening. and then it's an excessive heat warning in effect for that same time frame for solano county. it will be a couple of days before we start to feel comfortable conditions again. overnight it's going to be rather mild to warm. leer skies, but low temperatures only in the upper 50s to
6:26 pm
mid-60s. even warmer than that in the hills. highs tomorrow numerous triple digits in the inland areas. upper 90s in the inland south bay and inland north bay. and upper 80s to about 90 right around the bay shoreline. so still pretty some intense heat with us tomorrow. notice on thursday, though, heat moderates just a bit. and we don't expect triple-digits on thursday, but still some upper 90s inland. and mid-80s around the bay shoreline. notice it wil be a bit cooler at the coast. only mid-60s. friday further cooling with a nice breeze kicking in. the marine layer will return. and then we get an unsettled pattern over the weekend. showers are likely on saturday. lingering clouds on sunday. and perhaps a slight chance of showers on monday. but until we get to that break on friday and saturday, a couple more days of pretty intense heat. dan? >> sure looks like it. spencer, thanks very much. circles painted at parks are getting rave reviews for helping people maintain social distancing while getting outside. circles might not be the only
6:27 pm
shape we'll see either. a dentist in petaluma has turned her dental office into somewhat of a chemistry lab. she says this is what's keeping her patients safe. thousands of unemployed workers have been blocked from filing claims until now. here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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billion foruilding a better for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. [ closing bell ] >> after two months, the trading floor at the new york stock exchange reopened today. not nearly as crowded as it once was. traders have to maintain social distance and wear masks and have to avoid public transportation to get to work. today the dow soared over 500 points. the nasdaq was up 15 points. the s&p gained 36. at one point, the s&p was trading above 3,000. it hasn't been that high since
6:30 pm
early march. unemployment claims have soared to 36 million nationwide, and there may be millions more who have been blocked from getting benefits. thousands in california, even though they're eligible. many came to 7 on your side and michael finney is live with some hopeful news tonight. >> it is. this has been tough on a whole lot of workers. you see, back in the day that. >> wouldn't have qualified for unemployment benefits, but new laws mean they can get them. the edd has had a hard time keeping up. coronavirus cases started to flatten out t start to. but california's jobless rate, it keeps climbing. >> some 4.6 million of you have filed for unemployment claims just since march 12th. we are at a time that's simply unprecedented. >> and yet possibly thousands more californians are still waiting to file claims. >> i mean, it's not a matter of being approved or denied.
6:31 pm
i have no way to file, period. and so i'm sitting here in purgatory. >> james pacheco of richmond was laid off two months ago, but has yet to receive a penny. the edd website keeps shutting him out. >> and i've made no less than 50, 75 phone calms at 2:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning, 3:00 in the afternoon. it didn't make any difference. and going online, click here, click there, click there, never finding a form to file a claim. >> it turns out he had exhausted unemployment benefits last year. now normally, he'd have to wait a year to be eligible again. but the c.a.r.e.s. act did away with those time limits, extending benefits to everyone. it's just that the edd website has yet to catch up. >> since march 18th, i have no income. >> we heard from many of you who were also locked out. samir k. emails i'm not qualified for edd because i used it up. where do i go?
6:32 pm
staci m. writes my unemployment runs out in two weeks. will they be extending people so we can live? yes, they will. starting tomorrow, the edd will begin extending benefits though those who have used up benefits in the past year. notices will go out to those who filed claims after june 1 of last year. the notices will explain how to file claims if you are currently unemployed. for james, it can't be soon enough. >> it's kind of gloomy for me, you know. all i can do is keep the head up and keep trying to push forward. >> those notices should be sent out within seven days after someone applies. if you don't get a notice like that and they're still being blocked, i want you contact me. you can go to our web page at back to you two. >> all right. thank you so much, michael. some dentists are going the extra mile to make sure you're safe by using special chemicals to disinfect themselves and offices. it's about protecting your
6:33 pm
health which is part of building a better bay area. luz pena went to one dentist to see how it works. >> going to the dentist has completely changed. >> welcome to the office. >> you get screened outside to make sure you have not been exposed or have covid-19. >> okay, very good. 97.3. >> okay, good. >> once inside, your temperature is taken as they disinfect everything around you, including the air. >> is it safe to say that your dental office has now turned into a chemistry lab? >> it does feel like that for sure. >> here is dr. yolanda mangrum delighting hypochlorous acid, a type of acid when chlorine dissolves in water. te next is to test the chlorine level and ph level of this solution. >> you're not in the right range, which is the 5.5 then to 6.8 range, then it's actually not having the effective kill rate. >> all this in hopes to disinfect any covid-19 aerosols
6:34 pm
that might be in this room. once inside she adds an inside the mouth sucking and a second device outside the room to catch any questionable particles. >> so the third level is our hypochlorous, which is electrolized saltwater. i'm going to spray this out. this will show how we clean the air. it's a fine mist how we clean the air. >> we checked with the u.s. environmental protection agency. they confirm that a solution the doctor uses is registered as an effective disinfectant against covid-19. hypochlorous acid is in a number of registered disinfectant products including eight for covid-19. but the california dental association says it's too soon to know if this in fact works in this environment. >> what we are doing is we're following that science very closely to see if in fact it can be used in dentist's offices. >> dr. mangrum believes she is ahead of the game.
6:35 pm
in petaluma, luz pena, abc7 news. hospital staff caring for the most vulnerable babies in the nicu are getting creative to make sure these infants get the vital care they need to survive. see how mom, dad, even friends are able to help out. that's coming up. our next bay area listens conversation takes place thursday with a focus on education, which is one of the areas we're devoting our efforts to building a better bay area. we're bringing together the state superintendent of schools with the superintendents from oakland, san francisco unified schools. join the conversation live on
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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you the painted circles at dolores park designed to encourage social distancing. those images were shared around the country and in other parts of the world too. abc7 news reporter kris reyes reached out to san francisco's recreation and parks team to find out what inspired them, and if they planned to do more. >> we have a turf crew that is responsible for mowing and for lining fields. it takes a few hours, a team of four people. it's not expensive. i like to refer to it as behavioral art. it's intended to be playful. i know my staff feels proud, and i feel proud that we're doing it. >> as they should be, because it's working. as you can see, everyone is staying in their own circle. here at dolores park, there is 177 of them. eight feet wide, ten feet apart. 300 in total all over san francisco at three other parks -- washington square, jackson playground and little marina green. >> we're sort of gathering data, thinking about where else we
6:39 pm
could and should scale. >> so san francisco actually can't take full credit for these circles. they first showed up at a park in brooklyn, new york. in fact, it was these images from domino park that was shared with park and recs gm phil ginsburg, installed in a few hours. this family thankful the idea made to it san francisco so quickly. >> i think it's helpful to have some guidelines and helpful parameters for folks, especially when we bring our kid. >> i would love to see it on the beaches. >> i'm not sure how they would quite work in beaches. but somebody will give some thought to that. >> what someone has given thought to other shapes. ginsburg said physicists an phyn geometryists are suggesting we if we try a triangle, we could fit more spaces. >> kris reyes, abc7 news. mayor london breed announced a program called shared spaces which will allow stores to get
6:40 pm
permits to use sidewalks, parks, even part of streets. it could be part of a sidewalk for curbside pickup the street once restaurant dining is allowed once again. while social distancing has become the norm, for families in one of the bay area's premier infant care units, it's become critical. it's part of protecting our health, which is part of building a better bay area. the staff at ucsf benioff children's hospital are going to extraordinary lengths to keep parents and their infants connected. the abc7 news anchor dion lim has the story. >> hey, what's going on, bubba? >> for baby jenson this is precious family time, a chance for him to see his dad jason fce-to-face since covid-19 forced a new one-parent policy, he spent much of his time at the ucsf benioff children's hospital with his mom, visiting his dad in fresno by zoom. >> that was the hardest part.
6:41 pm
because i was holding him at the moment when it came over the loudspeaker. >> the intensive care nursery at ucsf benioff is treating dozens of extremely vulnerable newborns and young babies, allowing just one parent to stay for a 24-hour shift helps protect their child from possible exposure to the virus, and it's also unleashed an incredible burst of creativity. >> so if you look up into these windows, you'll see that different families will decorate their windows. >> hospital chaplain says some parents use their window space to signal family and friends, perhaps a child's initial, a greeting, or maybe just a wave. >> just lots of different things that people know how to spot them right when they walk up to the hospital. >> and she points to other creative solutions for working around the crisis. group support classes that help parents cope are being held face-to-face again with social distancing. pediatric nursing professor includes music therapy, which lets parents dance along.
6:42 pm
giving infants one more opportunity to home in on facial expressions and learn the cues that are so critical to their development. >> you can't do that with mask, but we're able to adapt and make it the best possible situation out of something that we can't really control. ♪ how came the sun, beautiful and dried up all the rain ♪ >> while they still may have to wear a mask, the mom or dad on-site is still able to have critical skin to skin time with their infant. and all the families told us they are grateful to the ucsf team and the improvised solutions that are making a difficult situation as comforting as possible. >> for him to see an unmasked familiar face. >> you're looking good. >> in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> providing such a vital service. well, the intensive care nursery is also using a special mobile app that ucsf is helping to develop. it's called we three help.
6:43 pm
it's helping parents track their child's progress and the skills they will need to return before they get home. >> outstanding. a few more days of hot weather this the forecast before we get a break. spencer will show you what you have to deal with tomorrow. that's next. abc7 is partnering with iheartradio to help support local businesses being hit so hard during this pandemic. go to to find resources that may help. just click on support the bay. do that as you have a moment, but stay here with us. ba thanks for sharing your diy haircuts. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. so thanks again. one good share deserves another.
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four police officers in minneapolis are off the force tonight, fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who an officer held down with his knee. >> please, please. i can't breathe, officer. >> video taken yesterday by a witness shows george floyd in handcuffs pleading that he could not breathe.
6:46 pm
a white officer kneeled on his neck and kept his knee there for several moments after floyd stopped moving. crowds came out in minneapolis today to protest his death. >> he should still be alive today. >> that's right. >> and we urge you all to stand up and fight with us. this is not a black people issue. this is a human issue. and if you are a human being, you should be outraged about what happened yesterday. >> police stopped floyd, who was accused of trying to use a forged check. officers say he physically resisted arrest. minneapolis' mayor says police there are not allowed to use the technique that you see in this video. a bay area company has fired a woman who was involved in a confrontation in new york's central park. >> there is an african american man, i am in central park. he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. >> that man taking the video is 57-year-old christian cooper, an avid bird watcher. he says the incident started when he told the woman she was violating rules by walking her
6:47 pm
dog without a leash in a protected area of the park. >> she decided to, you know, make it racial, and at that point, running through my head was well, i can be racially intimidated and back off or i could keep doing what i'm doing and just record what's happening. and that's what i did. >> the woman worked for franklyn templeton, which is based in san mateo. the company announced on twitter that it fired the woman, saying, quote, following our internal review of the incident in central park yesterday, we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved effective immediate. we do not tolerate racism of any kind at franklin templeton. the woman has apologized to cooper. we could be less than 24 hours away from the united states launching astronauts from u.s. soil for the first time in nearly a decade. nasa is supplying the two astronauts while spacex is providing the transportation with its falcon rocket and dragon capsule.
6:48 pm
if they do blast off tomorrow from cape canaveral, florida, it will be the first time a commercial company has launched humans into orbit. nasa says this could be a welcome relief from the coronavirus pandemic. >> all of america can take a moment and look at our country do something stunning again. and that is launch american astronauts on american rockets from american soil. >> the weather right now is the only thing standing in the way with the forecast calling for clouds, rain, and potentially lightning. if the launch is scrubbed, it would be pushed back to the weekend. spencer is watching that forecast at cape canaveral too. weather a little iffy tomorrow. ama? >> yes, spencer tracking it all. spencer? >> yeah, video for you there now. it's expected to improve there. and we could use some of that rain and some of the clouds here as a matter of fact. today was our second consecutive day of extreme heat with record high temperatures. and you can see we had seven record highs today, including
6:49 pm
the highest ones of all, 102 at gilroy and concord. and 99 at napa. it was just a scorcher. even right now we have a current reading of 101 degrees in fairfield, and most inland locations right now have temperature readings in the mid- to upper 90s. we have mid and upper 80s around the bay shoreline. it is really, really warm. here is a look at a forecast features. it will be hot inland again tomorrow. but a little bit cooler near the coast. the heat eases a bit on thursday. you'll feel it near the coast and bay more than inland. further cooling occurred on friday, and much cooler on saturday with the likelihood of showers. meanwhile, a heat advisory remains in effect for virtually all of the bay area until 7:00 p.m. thursday with an excessive heat warning in effect until then for solano county. on we go to some tips for beating the heat or at least surviving it. stay hydrated. drink lots of water. take frequent breaks in the shade if you're outdoors for extended periods of time. don't leave people or pets in
6:50 pm
cars. terrible thing to do. apply sunscreen regularly for protection. wear lightweight clothing and lose clothing. mild overnight. and you no doubt know, hot again once tomorrow. right to the accuweather seven-day forecast. triple-digits will prevail in the warmest inland spots. heat moderate just a few degrees on thursday. it will be much cooler on friday. continued cooling into the weekend and a chance of showers on saturday. dan and ama? >> all right, thank you so much, spencer. let's turn our attention to sports director larry beil, and a lot to talk about tonight, larry. >> well, leagues are making their plans. hockey becomes the first league to unveil their plan to start. where does that leave the sharks? plus, baseball's first pitc. hey, you come back and only take a 70% pay cut. who says no?
6:51 pm
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now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the national hockey league became the first major american pro sports league to announce its plans to restart games. they're going straight into the play-offs, meaning the season is over for the san jose sharks. 24 teams total will play on the top 12 of the east and west. team teal was dead last in the west. so they're done. the nhl will send all the teams to two hub cities, which have not been picked yet. the goal is to complete the season with the best of seven stanley cup final series. no firm dates on when play would resume, and everything obviously is contingent on robust coronavirus testing being available so play can resume safely, as we seek some return to normalcy, this is an important day, particularly for nhl fans. since march 12th, we have been hopeful and optimistic that by developing all options and alternatives, we could get to this point. i know i joined sports fans everywhere when we say we cannot wait for our players to hit the ice again.
6:54 pm
>> so the shark season's over, but team teal entering the draft lottery should get a good player. shark's gm wilson said while they're disappoint they'd won't be in the post tournament, they were already well into their season review process. if there is any league that might be willing to blow itself up right now of course it's baseball. and they're staying on brand. the proposal from ownership to players is that the highest paid players get somewhere around 30% of their normal salaries. right. that is a 70% pay cut for guys like bryce harper and the biggest stars in the game. the argument fromn with no fans means a lot less revenue for them so they have less to play the players. my prediction is this proposal will be summarily rejected. bad times in the a's organization. the team is furloughing scouts and also some front office employees. others are taking pay cuts. in addition, the team is told their minor leaguers that they would not continue to pay them
6:55 pm
each $400 per week starting in june. the nba has not put out its plans for restarting, but damian lillard says he won't play if the trail blazers don't have a legit chance at the play-offs. portland was 3 1/2 games out of the final play-off spot in the west when play was halted. the pride of oakland said he'd favor a play-in for teams on the bubble, but if the nba just wants to trot teams out for the play-off teams to get in shape, he is not going play. time for another edition of abc7 call my play. you send me your video, i call the action. here is gisele from fremont, aka jazzy j. >> 11 years old from fremont. some fancy footwork here, working on her dribbling. a variety of cone drills. up and back, side to side. a string. coach brian molina gets a firsthand look at jazzie's skill and trickery. control is everything, especially when you go inside to
6:56 pm
practice. oh no! glass broken. sorry, mom. jazzy j, we just called your play on abc7. >> send me your video with the #abc7 call my play so we can put you on tv. some day jazzy could be making a fortune playing soccer professionally. that cup, it's just the cost of doing business. and her motto is like bill belichick, no days off. you go, jazzy. just put the dishes off to the side and stuff. >> excellent. thanks, larry, very much. but sure to join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm kate larsen in san francisco where i've been speaking to some very busy ucsf doctors who are launching the largest early pregnancy covid study. coming up tonight at 11:00, what
6:57 pm
they're hoping to learn through the study and how you can help with the study whether you're pregnant or not. the miami dolphins are turning hard rock stadium into a drive-in movie theater. and a local stadium could be next. and that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for the news any time on the abc7 news app. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. form spencer christian, larry beil, all of us here we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 11:00. have a good evening.
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