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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 27, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> got what i needed and it was a great experience all around. >> a mall reopens in solano county. some wearing masks, but most were not. good afternoon. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm larry beil. for the first time since march, the doors are opened at a fairfield shopping mall. the solano county health department gave a green light to reopen the solano town center, and today is the first day back. abc7 news anchor eric thomas shows us exactly what that experience was like. >>disinfecting from floor to soda machine is the easy part. now that the mall is let me ge? >> eager shoppers lined up a little too closely outside a shoe palace store inside the mall. that prompted repeated warnings from the manager. >> they will shut us down. i have no control of that. >> and at 11:00, when they opened.
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>> 29, 30. and that's what we're going to hold it right now. >> a maximum of 30 people were allowed in initially. william pham was first. he says the people waiting were getting a little frustrated. >> at first it was okay. maybe when it gets closer to go, it got a little hectic. >> shop. >> 31 and 32 had to wait until two customers left, and they were not happy about folks in line standing so close. >> we're not going make foolish decisions. we're going stay our six feet. but that's on them. >> the sneaker store was the only really busy business inside. masks ma. the food court is open but some chairs have been removed to keep diners farther apart. the mall itself is open, but not every store inside the mall is open. the general manager tells me about 50% are still shut down. and some of the big chains like jcpenney and macy's, they all reopen next week. but locally owned businesses like slime world, yes, they do
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make custom slime for kids' parties and the like are open and prepare fog see regular customers again. >> i started getting the little butterflies. oh, my gosh, i'm going see all my regulars again. what did i used to say to bring them. in. >> late this afternoon the health department announce they'd were going to allow salons andrshopsen starting today. in fairfield, eric thomas, abc7 news. in the north bay, it took a threatened lawsuit by an art gallery to force napa county into reversing a decision about small business closures. as wayne freedman reports, the argument hinged on two words, "essential" and "arbitrary." >> despite some very empty sidewalks, the only for business have begun to reappear on front street and napa. the surprised even the owner. >> the victory is are doors are open today. >> in a county some businesses are still fantasizing about reopening, they have the unique
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distinction of forcing napa county to relent and oy aye lou their art gallery to admit customers. they had to threaten a lawsuit to break the county lockdown this morning. >> unprecedented. they go beyond any quarantine order endorsed by any court in the past. >> at face value, this decision only applies to art galleries, but they say that when the county forced them to close and threatened them with fines if they reopened, it was being arbitrary. the corcorderas believe this co apply to other small businesses. >> i think they backed down because they were threatened with a lawsuit that. >> but along first street they have received plenty of support. what's the difference between an art gallery and a boutique they asked. so does the boutique. >> i think the health department was a little overzealous in the enforcement. >> they claimed all along by limiting customers and with their no touch policy, this gallery is much safer than some
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big box stores that have reopened. they insist on their constitutional right to earn a living. >> i hope maybe there are lessons to be learned here. maybe using "essential" in the first place wasn't a good idea because it wasn't properly defined and hopefully no one will have to go through this again. >> abc7 news reached out the napa county several times today, but has not received a responsible the policy change. in napa, wayne freedman, abc7 news. all right. my microphone is on. yes. always want to check. >> we can hear you. >> that's excellent. probably hear me a little too much. although i have to say the weather, boy, the scorcher has got to end, spencer. >> well, it's going to. but we still have perhaps another day of this to deal with. we don't have any official records so far today, but it is very, very hot in some spots. here is a look at current temperaturedis. only 69 in san francisco. down from yesterday's level. 75 in oakland. getting more comfortable in some
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locations near the coast. but it's 101 right now in gilroy. 90 in san jose. 65 in pacifica. check out these temperature readings. 90 in santa rosa right now. petaluma 89. 86, napa. 101 in fairfield and 99 concord. 98 at livermore. we still have hot spot, especially inland. and we still have a heat advisory in effect for the entire bay area virtually until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. and an excessive heat warning in effect for solano county until seven p.m. tomorrow. here is good news. refreshing marine layer is approaching the coast right now. and during the overnight hours, we'll see a little bit of marine layer there. some fog pushing across the bay. locally inland, bringing some measure of relief to locations near the coast and bay. inland communities won't feel much relief until probably tomorrow evening and friday. but that's just the beginning of the good news. there is more good news to report, and i'll have that for you a little bit later. larry and kristen? >> looking forward to that, spencer. >> all right. this afternoon we have a look at
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the numbers as most of the bay area continues a slower approach to reopening. we're digging into the data to see where the covid-19 cases are and exactly who is testing positive at this point. kut news joining us live now to break us down. liz? >> hey, larry, our data team has been digging into these numbers from the beginning. and as the debate over opening continues, is it too slow, is it too soon, looking into these numbers can give good perspective on why some counties might be choosing to move slower. the bottom line is days in the bay area do continue to go up. across the bay area, six counties are still holding back from reopening faster. marin, contra costa, alameda, santa clara, san mateo, san francisco. all still in the very early stages of phase 2, even as the state moves into phase 3. so what do we know about the cases in these counties? for one, they continue to go up. this graph shows daily coronavirus cases in the bay area for the last two months. while some days the new cases
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are lower than others, you can see that overall cases continue to go up and down at a similar rate as in mid-march when the shelter-in-place order began. of the six counties, the latest numbers show alameda county currently has the highest number of positive cases with 3,049. marin county currently is the lowest number of positive cases with 420. in both county, however, the demographics of who is testing positive is strikingly similar. according to public data, in alameda county, there are more male cases than female. the largest number of cases are between the ages of 18 and 30, and the largest racial group by far is latino. in marin county, public data also shows more male cases than female. the largest number of cases between the age of 35 and 49. and, again, the largest racial group latino. in fact, latinos make up 52% of marin county cases, despite making up just 16% of the county'spopulation. but it's not just about the number of cases in the county. the case rate, which shows case,
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and the numbers show the virus is still prevalent. of these six counties, san francisco has the highest case rate followed by san mateo county and then alameda county. and what's also interesting is that marin county also has less cases than sonoma and solano counties, which are able to move faster, but marin has a higher case rate there per th big taket the virus is still very much here. it has not gone away. it's very prevalent. the difference is states and counties are now better prepared to tackle it with contact tracing and testing. larry? >> one thing we also have to keep in mind that as we do more tests, we're going find more positives. early on we didn't have that many tests so there appeared to be fewer case. what about santa clara county? that was the county with the highest number of cases in the bay area. where do things stand now? >> right. and of course testing is going to make a difference. but when you look at the graph, you can still see it go up and
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down. so it's kind of remaining steady and slightly ticking up still as do do test more. in santa clara counties, specifically testing is now -- they were obviously as you said had the most cases in the bay area. now they're trailing after see good news in santa clara county is they now are the fifth highest when it comes to the per capita case rate. so that's some good news for them. but it still is significantly higher than a place, for instance, like napa. larry? >> progress being made. thank you. liz kreutz reporting live. to transit. bart has released a 15-step plan to keep trains and stations safe as more people head back to work. step one is cleaning. bart released video of crews using electrostatic foggers to spray a disinfecting mist that coats and clings to surfaces. bart will also run longer ride ae increase frequency covers, and bart police will enforce that. there will also be hand
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sanitizers at every station, and soon you could yr o orgehand strap tip in pla the up next, an historic spacex launch is scrubbed. why nasa called it off. plus, nasa ames' connection to the project. also, malls are opening, but just because they are, should you really be heading out there? we'll ask our special
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santa clara county's top health officer is concerned that the state is reopening too quickly. dr. sara cody said we're in a crucial and uniquely difficult phase. she led the bay area's first shelter in place orders. this was back in march, and says she is particularly concerned about guidance that allows religious and political gatherings of up to 100 people to resume.
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>> we're in fire season. so we have dry tinder everywhere. and we do not want to have a large fire again. >> dr. cody says we can't simply march forward with a reopening that disregards the health and the well-being of the most vulnerable, which tend to be minorities either doing manual lane they're puts them in close quarters or service jobs with high interaction with the public. and joining us now to talk about more about the reopening of california, our special correspondent dr. alok patel. dr. cody is saying she is concerned that the state is moving too fast in reopening, yet other states actually are way ahead of california. so what do you think? just right? not fast enough? where are we here? >> i think it's really hard to say, but i think the concern really echos in the fact that if we reopen at one small phase, we may not see an affect or how many more cases could rise from
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that for several weeks. remember, the virus takes 14 days for an incubation period. it could be even longer than that before we see any changes. any outbreaks that may happen from this reopening, we are going to wait and have to see what those really look like. so people can't get too relaxed and run back out just because businesses are reopening. i think it's good to keep it at this cautious pace as long as businesses are really paying attention to county recommendations. >> all right. so some malls in solano county are starting to reopen. we had that story at the top of our newscast. and the question is should we go, assuming that people are social distancing and wearing masks, even though we saw in eric thomas' piece, a lot of people are not wearing masks. >> and, larry, that's exactly it. so a lot of this, you could talk about any business, a mall, a restaurant that. >> could follow all the guidelines and outline everything they're doing to protect people. but people actually going to those businesses have to follow the rules as well. we know this virus can survive
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on certain surfaces in the air. we know we need to be wearing masks, washing our hands. people have to think about this. if they go outside and the people around them are not following the right measures, they're putting them at risk as well. that's something to take into account. i don't think just because businesses are open, that means they're safe. >> let's talk about hair salons and barbershops, because obviously it's impossible to social distance if somebody is cutting your hair. i presume that a mask would help. but is that safe in your mind? >> in my mind, the scariest thing about going to a salon or any type of business in the beauty sector is you can't really socially distance. you're six feet apart from each other. what is nice about restaurants is you could time which is paramount in making sure you're not spreading the virus. but also, people should pay attention to the business and look to see if they're responsible. are they limiting the amount of
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people allowed in at one time? are the employees following restrictions? are they actually taking care of the situation? all it takes is one slip-up to cause another outbreak and then people can spread this without even knowing it. >> yeah, and that puts us right back to square one. so hopefully everybody follows the guidelines. dr. patel, thank you so much for your time. >> all right, thank you, dr. patel. >>. >> the on board now scheduled for saturday. 17 minutes before it was set to take place at cape canaveral due to bad weather. the spacecraft was set to head to the international space station, ushering in a new era in commercial space flight and marking nasa's first launch of astronauts from the u.s. in nearly a decade. among those, larry? >> among those who were keeping an eye on the scrubbed launch were more than 2,000 researchers at nasa ames research center at moffett field.
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they have an important support role in the spacex project. and abc7 news reporter david louie joins us with a look at their role to get the two astronauts to the space station. david? >> well, larry, the space program has entered a new phase as it transitions from being government-run to being a commercial partnership. one thing hasn't changed, federally funded research time at nasa ames. scientists and engineers at nasa ames have made significant contributions to the space program for decades. back in the 1980s, it developed the heat shelled that protects returning spacecraft from burning up upon reentry. it's called pica, the material is now manufactured by spacex, the private company started by elon musk. nasa ames works in partnership with spacex as astronauts return to space for the first time from american soil in nine years. in recent years, american astronauts were launched by russian rockets after the space shuttle program ended. they also conducted tests on spacex's crew dragon capsule
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that will carry the astronauts to the international space station. >> wind tunnels and our computational tools have been utilized to look at the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself, and also the aerodynamics associated with the abort system if that's needed. >> even as the space program becomes a public/private partnership going forward, nasa ames will still play a vital role in conducting research as experiments are transported into space. the history of cell and tissue damage continues to be of interest. >> we will take advantage of this capability to launch both people and cargo to station where we will have our payloads taken up and payloads returned after the experiments have been done for further analysis by our scientists. >> nasa says the commercial partnership does require more care in the transfer of technolontellect property. over the past a company that performs other critical missions for the military and nasa.
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>> dragon spacex, unfortunately we're not going launch today. >> only the weather can sometimes put a hold on its well laid plans to return astronauts to space. >> this is a great time for space exploration, and we're very excited about this. >> well, there is still doubt that the space program is getting a lift. but the excitement generated by the falcon 9 rocket launch now scheduled hopefully for this weekend. some people dream. others make those dreams a reality. we're live, david louie, abc7 news. >> oh, that's good. david, thank you so much. you know what we're dreaming about right now? guess. take a wild guess. >> cooler weather. >> answer our prayers. >> well, just a touch of cooling came to locations near the coast today. but it is still hot as blaze in many locations. let me give you a look at what's bringing a little cooling to the coast here. we've got a bit of a sea breeze kicking in there right now. it's going to be even more
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pronounced tomorrow. so it will get more relief tomorrow and friday. meanwhile, we're looking at a temperature right now of only 65 degrees in pacifica and 65 in san francisco. both locations were warmer than this yesterday. but look at the inland heat. upper 90s right now at livermore, concord. concord is almost 100 degrees. 98 at brentwood. 99 at cloverdale. and it is 101 right now at fairfield. so the heat is just holding on in those inland areas and will likely hold on pretty much tomorrow as well. here is live view looking at san jose. current readings -- our forecast features are these. excessive heat will ease up just a bit tomorrow. area wide cooling kicks in on friday. and it will be much cooler on saturday with some showers likely and possibly a couple of thunderstorms. once again, a look at the returning marine layer this evening pushing up against the coastline. it will continue to push across the bay and locally inland overnight, bringing some relief to our overnight sufferers. we had really warm overnight conditions last night. tonight look for lows dropping
4:21 pm
into the low to mid-50s in many locations that had upper 50s and 60s as overnight lows last night. but notice it's still going to be very warm in some inland spots like concord and antioch, cloverdale and ukiah. those will probably not see temperatures dropping below 60 degrees. mid-60s a the coast tomorrow. upper 70s near the bay shoreline. mid-90s -- mid- to upper 90s i should say in the warmest inland spots. we may not see any triple-digits tomorrow. nonetheless, a heat advisory remains in effect until 7:00 tomorrow evening for virtually all the bay area. and a excessive heat for solano county. the cumulative effect of this excessive heatwave makes conditions still a possible threat to our health. okay. here is little forecast animation starting at 5:00 a.m. friday. notice we'll have some clouds and deeper marine layer on friday. by late friday night, we'll see the makings of some showers
4:22 pm
offshore. and then on saturday, we'll expect to see some shower activity. fairly widespread at times. possibly a thunderstorm or two. so you can see on the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're putting a level 1. there is a storm impact scale ranking for saturday. so here we go. the heat eases slightly tomorrow. widespread cooling on friday. showers likely on saturday. possibly a couple of isolated thunderstorms. lingering clouds on sunday. a slight chance of spotty showers or isolated showers on monday. mostly sunny on tuesday. and then mild to warm under mainly sunny skies again next wednesday. even as it gets milder and warmer next wednesday, we're not talking about triple-digit heat again for a while. i don't remember the last time i was so happy to see a developing marine layer. >> that's right. karl the fog, you're my friend. thanks, spencer. all right. first malls and hair salons. so could reopening fitness clubs bear owrstoday. w tohen
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governor newsom says within a week or so the state will release guidelines for what needs to happen for gyms to reopen. he hosted a round table with several californians who work in the fitness industry as part of his economic recovery and reinvention listening tour. one of those on the call was a sacramento county gym owner. the county told him he could reopen last week, but the state overrode that approval and the gym closed again after three day. >> we're desperate. we want to be back into the gym. we're doing everything we can to keep our members engaged. we're at a point where i'm going have to lay everyone off. i ma i have to close my doors permanently if we can't reopen soon. >> some gym owners have created the california fitness alliance. they've sent a letter to the governor with proposed statewide guidelines for gym reopenings. so disney's ceo is giving us an idea of how things will be
4:26 pm
different when walt disney world reopens this summer. a disney executive broke the news today that the florida park will reopen july 11th. says hea officials will be doing temper. of par wil be taped off to mark six feet of social distancing. that will affect a fan favorite, the character meet and greets. >> we're not going to have at least in the beginning meet and greets where you're going to get up close and personal with the princesses, say the princesses will be at a distance, and they'll do sort of a cavalcade. we'll wave and have an event and many events around that. >> disneyland in anaheim can reopen in stage 3 of governor newsom's reopening road map, but we don't have a date for that yet. disney is the parent company of abc7. weekday tolling will resume next monday on bay area express lanes. the decision comes as traffic begins to rise on local freeways
4:27 pm
as shelter in place restrictions begin to ease. express lane tolling will begin again monday at 5:00 a.m. in northerning on interstate 580 in alameda county, 680 in contra costa county, 267 in santa clara county and over the sunol grade in alameda and santa clara counties. as before, tolls will be based on congestion in the corridor. california schools need financial help. up next, the state's superintendent of schools asking corporations to help them out. exactly how much he is hoping to get. plus did your graduation ceremony get canceled? the 49ers, they're planning one for everybody.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. tis is abc7 news. >> the coronavirus pandemic in the u.s. recorded a devastating milestone today as the death toll surpassed more than 100,000. by far the highest in the world. this comes as cities and states work on their plans to reopen their economies. abc7 news reporter alex presha has the story from washington, d.c. >> masked and waving to camera, new york governor andrew cuomo walked into the white house today. his meeting with president trump coming as the hardest hit state is seeing its lowest number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic started. but now he is trying to figure out how to reopen new york city and pay for the cost of combatting covid. >> and they cannot be a national recovery if the state and local governments are not funded. that is a fact. >> across the country, similar stories. colorado is allowing in-person dining. retail stores reopened in l.a. washington, d.c. will allow
4:31 pm
barbershops and salons to reopen friday. signs of promise, even as the country surpasses the milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths. abc7 studied the 21 states that ease restrictions three weeks ago. none have reported major increases in covid cases or deaths. the nation's top health experts still stressing following the cdc guidelines. that guidance debated in places like orange county, california. >> please do not require masks. that's ridiculous. >> we are not the mask police, nor do i intend to be the mask police. >> and also by the president and his 2020 rival, trump, who refuses to wear a mask in public was critical of joe biden for wearing one on memorial day. >> i thought it was very unusual that he had one on. >> biden pointing to the guidance of leading doctors. th2020 cvenstrumo reason r to why there can't be a g g g g convention with fuattendance th summer. >> dr. fauci agreeing. >> i think we need to reserve judgment right now because we're still a few months from there.
4:32 pm
>> dr. fauci also talked about hydroxychloroquine, the drug the president has called a game-changer. trump even taking it himself. fauci saying that the scientific data is really quite evident about a lack of efficacy. alex presha, abc7 news news, washington. state schools chief tony thurmond says it's time for california companies to step up for california school kids. during a virtual news conference this morning, thurmond called on companies to help the state come up with $500 million to help close the digital divide at this time of distance learning. >> right now we know immediately some 600,000 students are waiting for a computing device. and 300 to 400,000 students have an immediate need for an internet hot spot. >> thurmond says the state will release its guidance for the fall early next month. he is expecting a hybrid approach with some students
4:33 pm
learning from home and some students returning to school wearing masks and social distancing. by the way, our next bay area listens conversation is right here tomorrow. and it puts the entire focus on education. a full hour. tony thurmond will join us along with the superintendents from oakland, san francisco, and san jose unified schools. and you can join the conversation live tomorrow at 4:00 right here on abc7 as well as your abc7 app or any other devices you see listed there. all right. here is another conversation i've been looking forward to. the san francisco 49ers are hosting a virtual graduation on saturday to celebrate the class of 2020. elementary, high school, and anyone else is welcome to join. 5:00, 5:00 p.m. on saturday. and 49ers edu, that's rector jey joins us now. hanks for joining us, jesse. kristee know youuy he de an amazin over the
4:34 pm
really creating learning experiences that are very meaningful and impactful to kids in the bay area. tell us a little bit more before we jump into what's happening on saturday with the graduation. >> yeah, 49ers edu has been around since 2014 to use the game of football and levi's stadium to provide esteem-based learning opportunities for kids grades k to 8. we've served more than 300,000 participants all completely free through the program which brings kids throw hundred to 400 every single day to levi's stadium to take field trips. so it's been a really rewarding program, a great way for us to interact with the community and to give back. >> but unfortunately because of the shelter in place, those great field trips cannot happen right now. but you guys have come up with a really great idea, and this one to make up for all the graduations and things like that, the milestone markers that the students are missing. so tell us about this saturday. >> yeah, on saturday at 5:00, live streamed on or youtube or facebook or twitter, you can join our virtual graduation. it's just a way for us to
4:35 pm
recognize the hard work of everyone from elementary to high school to undergraduate to masters and postgraduate students who have worked so hard to get to this point. their physical graduation is taken away so we've got some special guests that are going to be there, some musical guests, people who would like to participate can take a picture of themselves in their gear or having whatever kind of graduation celebration that they're having and #49ers grad and be a part of the social experience. but, you know, the york family believes in supporting the education students, families and teachers and has for a very long time. it's just one more way of us trying to do the best we can to do that. >> you mentioned a lot of special guests. any current or former players? >> yeah, yeah. i think i'm allowed to mention that there are a few current players. i think coach might make a cameo, i've been told. arik armstead i think is going to be there. and our commencement speaker is the one and only joe staley, who many of the fans out there will know joe has graduated in his
4:36 pm
own right recently. and so he'll be representing the commencement speaker for us. we're talking about the next chapter in his lives and giving everybody some advice for the next chapter. >> gosh, you are never too old to learn a new challenge. that's a great message. how do the graduates post their pictures? >> just as simple as you would go on instagram or twitter or wherever you like to post them and #49ers grad. and our social team, the best in the business will be looking out starting all day tomorrow or starting on saturday and during the ceremony itself and trying to find ways to share the pictures people submit. >> all right. dusty lovejoy, 49ers edu director. thank you so much for sharing this awesome opportunity for graduates in the bay area. so appreciate it. >> kristen, thanks for the opportunity. >> good talking to you. all right. so, again, folks, if you want to check it out, you can watch the
4:37 pm
virtual graduation on, youtube, facebook and twitter at 5:00 on saturday. see you. abc7 committed to building a better bay area. during the coronavirus pandemic, we've seen a number of people turning to food banks. they're not the only ones affected by this pandemic. so are their pets. an east bay organization is making sure that their community's pets are not going hungry. abc7's east bay community journalist melissa pixcar has the story. >> the east bay spca is hosting a free pet food drive for residents who have been financially impacted amid the coronavirus pandemic. >> we wanted to make sure that we are there for our community to support pet owners, making sure they can provide the best lel c their pet, and that includes providing high quality pet food. >> the nonprofit organization has hosted the pet pantry or the over a decade, but they had to switch gears when covid-19 hit. for the past six weeks, they have provided almost ten tons of
4:38 pm
high quality pet food to over 600 families. >> our main goal is to keep pets with their people. and by providing pet food, we are able to prevent people from making the difficult choice of surrendering their pet to a shelter because they just don't have the means to care for it during this difficult time. >> every friday, the pet food pantry has operated as a contactless drive-through to ensure the safety of pets and owners. >> i do appreciate this being open to us this way to help supplement food for our dogs. >> in spite of the pandemic, the nonprofit has been able to keep up with the high demand of pet food, thanks to generous docorporions likil pet food d pet f exes >>his is important, and we have a lot of cats. so this is a >> the organization plans on providing free pet food to the community during the shelter-in-place order to ensure that pets are not left hungry and are able to stay with their
4:39 pm
families. in oakland, melissa pixcar, abc7 news. >> the east bay spca will be holding the pet food pantry every friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. during the shelter-in-place order. and if you want more information, you can go to our website, all right. the four@4 is next. and the president is not happy with twitter. how he says the san f i didn't choose this exact type of metastatic breast cancer. but i did pick clarity by knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, a treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc. piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and helps people live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had severe allergic reactions to it or any of its ingredients. piqray can cause serious side effects, including severe allergic and skin reactions, high blood sugar levels, and diarrhea, that are common and can be severe, and pneumonitis. tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of severe allergic reactions or high blood sugar
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time now for the four@4 as spencer christian and drew tuma join us. the weather department showing up in force for four@4 today. we begin with president trump and his threat to crack down on social media after twitter added a fact check link to one of his tweets. the action by twitter against the president is rare. last october it ignored calls by democrats to suspend the president's account after he quoted a conservative pastor who said impeachment could lead to chaos akin to a civil war. and he also called for the
4:42 pm
arrest of congressman adam schiff. twitter issued a statement at the time saying it would continue to be lenient with world leaders. personally, my thought is, you know, you got to hold people to a higher standard, especially if they're in positions of power. so you got to try to be as factual as you can. spencer, your thoughts. >> yeah, well, this is not just a matter of a political opinion. the president continually makes statements that are demonstrably false. so a little fact checking on someone in that position has such a huge twitter following is probably a good idea because without that, following might believe any words that come out of his mouth. and his threat to shut down twitter first of all, don't think he has the constitutional power to do that. but second, twitter is his biggest asset as a campaign tool. >> that's what i was going to say, spencer. he loves that platform. you know, it's hard seeing him
4:43 pm
not wanting to use that platform on a daily basis. so the threat to shut it down seems a little bit empty. what do you think, drew? >> yeah, i mean, i'm right there with you guys. i think some people you have to hold to a higher standard, like larry said. and when something that is posted is just factually incorrect and it's posted to millions of follower, i do think you need to have sort of a checks and balance in place to show people that here are some facts, just like they do with covid-19 when they say get the facts here. if you say something, i think you need to point people to resources where they can figure out the answer themselves. >> all right. next one. owners of a restaurant in el dorado county are letting customers know just how they feel about coronavirus health guidelines. there is a sign outside apple bistro in placerville that reads caution, no social conditioning, no oxygen deprivation masks, no
4:44 pm
latex dirty germ spreader here. basically they're saying no mask, no six-foot distancing, no gloves. state requires social distancing in restaurants and people that handle food wear a mask. openers say if people don't like their rules, they can eat somewhere else. so spencer, the question is, are people eating somewhere else? >> i think if they want to stay healthy that. >> probably should. you know, it's one thing to say that we wouldn't need a better definition of an essential business or perhaps the guidelines we've been abiding by are a little too rigid, but it's another thing to be openly defiant and say anything goes. i just think that's foolish. >> yeah, larry, what do you think? >> i won't be going to the apple bistro, i know that. but i also would wonder from a legal standpoint, you really open yourself up to a huge liability case i would think if you can demonstrate that
4:45 pm
somebody got sick in that restaurant as a result of their practices and that's the end of that restaurant because if you can show the link. and we can now. because you can do the tracing. so, you know, everybody, if you want to take the risk, go for it. but there could be consequences. next item, pro soccer team in spain is doing what it can to promote mask wearing and make some money at the same time. players for fc barcelona showed up for practice today wearing official team face masks. the club released this video today which includes an announcement letting fans know the masks are available for about 19 bucks at the official team store. some of the players could be seen wearing the masks during practice and others chose not to. i will just tell you that i went on the nba team store last week and bought a bunch of warriors designed masks. so every league is looking for ways to generate revenue at this point.
4:46 pm
and it's cool. they've got some cool logos. it seems like for those of us that do want to participate in mask wearing, this is going to be around for a while. so take a logo that you like. kristen, your kids may have a favorite movie or a favorite character or something. maybe there is a mask to be made there. >> yeah, i know what you mean. but larry, i do wonder, though, if it's worn by an athlete like you've got to think it's a little more breathable and maybe a little more comfortable. i'd be inclined to try it. i don't know how those warriors one that you got from the nba store are, but i would think that they would have that in mind, the breathability. drew, what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, we've heard from so many medical professionals even on our news right here. they say the best way is for everybody to wear a mask. so if you could make them maybe more attractive to an audience by putting their favorite sports team, i'll all for it. >> totally. all right. finally, shoppers at a grocery store in massachusetts didn't have to pay for their groceries.
4:47 pm
they received surprise gift cards today. the motivation behind the gesture wasn't just kindness. insurance company $ g it of cosn e erst and the company wasn't coy about the donation, bringing along a seven-foot lizard on the promotion. oh, look at that! drew, you like that, huh? >> i mean, it definitely is one way to promote your business. >> i wonder why wasn't the lizard wearing his mask? is that a thing? i don't know. >> it doesn't affect their system the same way it affects our systems. that's got to be why, spencer. >> there you go. right. >> that's all the fun we are having today, guys. that's going to do it for the
4:48 pm
that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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4:50 pm
. as cities emerge from the shelter orders, they're seeing and dealing with some of the unintended consequences. in oakland, that means a large scale effort to clean up a huge backlog of debris on its streets, most of it from illegal dumping. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has our story. >> one, two, three. for the first time in two month, oakland public works crews are back pull staff. become out trying to catch up on a huge backlog of illegal dumping. >> we dermic needles. >> oakland has long had an illegal dumping problem. but due to shelter orders that caused publicing go dn just 30%, what was dumped lately stayed there. >> one of the things that we saw when the covid-19 pandemic hit oakland was that our capacity for picking up and addressing
4:51 pm
illegal dumping on our streets got diminished significantly. >> there was some theory that illegal dumping would actually go down during the shelter order. but as it turns out, that's not the case. it could be that unscrupulous contractors are those trying to avoid dump fees thought no one was watching during a pandemic. >> people appreciate. >> i appreciate you so much. because it's so bad. >> people like suzanne ludlum were watching. >> i'm very happy to see them. i always go and try to say thank you whenever i see them clean up. >> many who do this work in oakland also live here. >> it's like reporting crime. you can be quiet and silent about it, and then you can speak up. this is your neighborhood. >> the city has set up a website with information about how to get rid of debris legally. prou. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news.
4:52 pm
>> wow. can't believe they got that couch in the back of that truck. >> yeah. can't believe these temperatures too. let's bring us down to closer to normal, spencer. >> well, we're going to bring the temperatures down, the spirits up because some cooling is on the way. here is a look at overnight conditions. we expect to have a bit of a marine layer, enough to cool down the overnight lows from last night's levels. so where we had 60s as lows this morning we'll have 50s tomorrow morning. and a little fog at the coast. it will continue to hug the coastline much of the day tomorrow. coastal temperatures will be in the comfort zone tomorrow, but it will still be hot inland with highs in the upper 90s in many locations. maybe not triple-digits, but still pretty hot and we'll see 70s and 80s near the bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be even cooler in all areas on friday. and breezy as well. then a chance of showers and thunderstorms on saturday. a little bit milder on sunday. and by midweek next week, we'll be back in the more summer-like
4:53 pm
range of high temperatures. larry and kristen? >> all right. thank you, spencer. abc7 news is celebrating the bay area's class of 2020 by featuring as many high school seniors as possible. you can get your grad or senior class featured by posting candid pictures with the #grads on 7, or by going to abc7 news has already shown pictures of more than 2,000 deserving graduates. congratulations to all of them. ♪ ♪
4:54 pm
♪ ♪ >> congratulations again. all right. hair salons in solano and napa counties are reopening. while solano and other bay area
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
all right. break news. there is unrest happening in minneapolis right now.
4:57 pm
target store there where rioters appear to be looting or take things out of that store. this arch things took a different turn earlier, it was a peaceful protest over the police killing george employed floyd arc black man who has been pinned down by police and said he couldn't breathe. that was onmonday. those officers have been fired. there have been peaceful protests until now, seeming to be looting going on at a tart store in minneapolis. back here, barbershops and hair salons are not allowed to reopen yet. only two counties are opened. a frustrated. >> reporter: jeff is scrubbing down every inch of his salon. finding out all of his cleaning is premature. >> disappointed. >> reporter: like most
4:58 pm
barbershop and salon owners he thought he would get the greenlight to reopen. >> it was confusing. we thought everywhere were to be opened. usx counties in the bay area eporter: he has already lost over $100,000. >> my first thought was, let's see where is open. i see napa is open. i thought maybe i should take my clients and go up to napa and do hair there. >> reporter: a tempting thought especially because he can't afford to wait much longer. neither can his employees. >> the next best thing would be to go somewhere where we can go and work. >> reporter: according to a data analysis, 72% of bay area business like silverman's employ ten people or less. their livelihood depended upon opening their doors. and followin the governor's new directive, silverman is ready. >> all of ourbe waiting outside with six feet apart. we will be taking their temperature and then texting them to come in.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: you about he can only hold out for one more week, if he is going to make it. >> counting the seconds. we want to get open asap. >> >> reporter: ste these are extraordinary times, and we want to thank the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you have any questions at all, call us, email us, visit us online. we're here to help support you when you need us. take care, and be well. to learn more, call one eight four four cosentyx or visit it's always gooder what you'to have 'em.or, and when it comes to your internet, xfinity gives you the ones you need. on a budget? there's a speed for that. not ready to commit? try a plan with no annual contract. wanna save even more? just add xfinity mobile, and save big on your wireless bill. it's internet with the power of options.
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and that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet and mobile for just $30 a month each, and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. call or visit the bay area's first mall is back in business. protocols are in place but social distancing is already an issue. too much too soon. the south bay doctor behind the state's first stay-at-home order says the pace of reopening is too fast. she's not alone in that concern. >> reporter: bart unveils a plan to encourage riders to come back. it starts with spraying down trnshot more than that. a big award for a bay area doctor this morning. how he is using spider venom to


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