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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 28, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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your next visit. >> from summer-like sizzle to showers. i'll show you the changes in store for the weekend. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. anger and frustration spilling into the streets, protesters in los angeles and minneapolis rallying following the death of george floyd while in minneapolis police custody. minnesota's gov tor calling the situation, quote, extremely dangerous. there was a shooting near the protest that left a man dead. we just learned minneapolis has requested national guard support in order to combat the riots. all fallout from the arrest of floyd. four officers fired. there are growing calls for them the face murder charges. witness video shows an officer kneeling on floyd's neck and keeping it there for a few minutes. >> that [ bleep ] hurts me deep down inside, bro.
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>> something needs to be done. as a black community, as america we've got to make a change, bro. we've all got to mauk a change. >> protests began tonight and ignited in los angeles. one protester was injured after falling from a cruiser. others attacked a patrol car near downtown l.a. thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. california and the bay area are moving more quickly out of our shelter-in-place, but that progress also raises questions about workplace safety and employee readiness. >> it really does. these are the focuses of our efforts to build a better bay area. tonight wauging heavily on many business owners' minds the legal liabilities of reopening. it's complex. j.r. stone begins our team coverage. he's live in the newsroom tonight. >> for many there is lots of excitement about reopening, but many others say they are concerned. and if those concerns aren't
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met, there could be trouble brewing. >> i represent employers in business. and one of the biggest problems that we're having is people are saying that it's not safe to come back to work. >> april glad is a bay area labor attorney who, like so many others, is closely watching businesses open across the state of california. she's helped a number of them organize safety protocols, something she says is a must for both safety and staying protected from lawsuits. >> i wouldn't put it past a lot of plaintiff's attorneys to determine what nuance or loophole they can find. >> in fisherman's wharf, the crowds are getting larger. we asked general manager about her concerns when it comes to safety protocols, especially when the dining room opens. >> it's challenging. but at the same time, it's -- this is what we have to do just to get back in business, then we have to do this.
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>> glad has already seen lawsuits involving reopened businesses filed in other parts of the country and expects the same to happen here. she says employees, patrons, and anyone else who visits an establishment must feel safe first and foremost to minimize problems. >> 1102.5, the california labor code that addresses whistleblower scenarios, and you know, you need, as an employer or business owner or restaurant opening up, you need to take these complaints seriously. >> glad recommends that businesses get legal counsel before reopening. she says that just as the situation with covid-19 is changing, so are the legalities involving it. dan, ama, now back to you. >> j.r., thank you. as we said, very complex. another aspect of the changing workplace is making sure that you're mentally and psychologically prepared to return. for some there's plenty of excitement.
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for others there's a great deal of anxiety. amanda dell castillo has that story. >> reporter: after months of sheltering in place, many are ready to get back into the workplace. >> i miss interacting with colleagues, lunches, face to face with customers. >> reporter: even with the excitement, there is clear concern. >> any day job i get an office that's more closed in. >> a lot of companies, they're very international. we have a lot of people normally coming off of planes from asia and europe. >> until there's a vaccine, no one is fully secure. the last two and a half months have encouraged people and companies to reduce risk. >> i'm confident if we can return they'll set it up in a safe way. >> reporter: many will have strict social distancing, staggered schedules, constant hand washing, and of course face masks. >> we've got to find a way to live our life with this situation as smartly as we can knowing our own particular risk
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factors of age and health and family and all of that. >> reporter: santa clara university psychology professor thomas plant says there's a number of factors that can shape someone's interaction, whether you're an introvert, extrovert, someone who enjoys their jobs or coworkers. even plant admits to having mixed feelings. >> i am nervous about going back on the college campus. we're all going to have a certain degree of anxiety about going back. and i think that's normal and it's expected. and i would encourage people to talk about it. >> in all the uncertainty, there's no doubt things will be different n. san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. three months into this pandemic a grim milestone according to johns hopkins university, the u.s. has now had more than 100,000 coronavirus deaths. here in california the number of positive cases has reached nearly 102,000 with close to
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4,000 deaths. now santa clara top health officer sounding the alarm saying the state is reopening its economy too quickly. >> we are going to keep at it. wither going suppress the level of transmission to the lowest levels that we can with every ounce of our energy and we are going to stay at it. wither going to go slow, and we're going to be safe and we're going to protect the people that most need to be protected. >> abc news reporter zor reen shaw has more on the staggering toll the virus has taken. >> reporter: the country passed 100,000 deaths in the coronavirus pandemic, some of those that left us, kuch paulo gann, an indianapolis high school coach, skylar herbert, daughter of detroit first responders. rolon rolondo was sent to the field hospital to help prepare for the surge. a week later he felsic. >> he just looked at me and said
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mel, i never knew a love like this before. >> democratic nominee for president joe biden spoke about the milestone. >> there are moments in our history so grim, so heart wrenching, and they're forever fixed in each of our hearts, shared grief. today is one of those moments. >> the moment is muddled with mixed messages from the white house. president trump made no mention of those lost during his trip to florida, but he was seen again without a mask, the same day dr. anthony fauci talked about why it's important. >> i wear it for the reason that i believe it is effective. it is -- it's not 100% effective. i mean, it's sort of respect for another person and have that other person respect you. you wear a mask, they wear a mask, you protect each other. >> reporter: those masks, gloves, and temperature checks being used by many businesses includes salons as most california counties open up. major theme parks also implementing safety measures
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like seaworld in orlando and disney planning phased reopening both on july 1st is. >> i think that's going to look different first of all is going to be the presence of masks on all the casts and all the guests. that's obviously going to be a very different look and feel. you're going to see a lot less density than you normally might see at a disney park. >> local cautions to avoid the heartbreaking milestones, dr. fauci says he is optimistic that a vaccine could be ready by the end of the year. abc news los angeles. several heat records fell around the bay area today. tonight it has cooled off a little bit thank goodness as the fog rolled in across the golden gate bridge as you can see here. here's sandhya patel. sandhya, tell us it's going to cool off a little bit. >> it is indeed. so, dan and ama, it's not going to be quite as scorcher as it was today. inland areas, concord, record
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for today, 96 in santa rosa, toasty in places like fairfield, gilroy. . 72 in san francisco. so, the coast and the bay definitely cooled off today, 66 in half moon bay. we still have a heat advisory for the bay and inland locations until 7:00 p.m., excessive heat warning for solano county. i assume this will be adjusted tomorrow as the fog is rolling in. you can see it from the emeryville camera and live doppler 7 tracking that expansion as it pushed in towards the coast. it's going to go farther than that. i'll be back to let you know exactly when you're going to notice a big change in our forecast and when that wet weather is going to arrive. ama. >> thank you so much, sandhya. in the north bay, solano county barbershops and hair asa lons can hope immediately if they meet guidelines. they must wear face covers.
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certain services are still prohibited. >> preschools postpandemic, what parents can expect. i finished my cleaning. i was asked to wash my hands and put my mask back on. >> kate larson got her teeth cleaned today. she'll show you what you can expect on your next visit. >> personal hand straps, lots of disinfectant, and a lot more. a look at b.a.r.t.'s plan to get ridership back on track. first a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks dan and ama. tonight show tested positive for everything. hi howie. how with you? >> hi, jimmy. ten weeks, ten weeks. when did the salons open up? >> it's getting out of control. >> oh, my god, it is. and look at my roots. look at -- i don't know if you can see.
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there are expectations that schools will reopen in the fall with in-person learning, at least that's what many parents are hoping for. so, how will that look exactly? abc 7 news reporter toured a preschool which will reopen on monday. >> last friday phoebe phoebe phe p
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preschool got the green light for reopening. here's how staff will operate. >> children will line up here with their parents and walk towards the front door. a teacher will stand inside the front door. she will have a thermometer, take the child's temperature, make sure it is within the limits, and parents will sign in and leave immediately. >> this is what awaits inside, a hue la hup to encourage physical distancing. a tray they'll carry around all sanitized at the end of the day. the director of the preschool showed us what one of the classes will look like. >> we've taken out a lot of furniture, spread things out. the children in this classroom have their own box and they also have their own tray. >> so, how many in the classroom. >> there can be no more than ten children. >> the rest of the class will be
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in a different room. partitions arrived today that will be used to separate the yoga room and the overflow of more desks. the playground will be divided to keep everyone contained. everyone's temperature will be taken two more times during the day. >> children are not required to wear masks, but teachers are. i was also curious. you know how little kids love to hug a lot and several times a day? how's that going to work? >> the teachers have been addressing that on zoom with the children and talking about social distancing. they can spread out their arms and if you can touch someone you're a little bit too close. >> parents must also sign a new agreement promising to support the school with its new requirements and new way of teaching n. san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. our next focuses on conversation. state superintendent of public education tony thurman will join
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us along with the superintendents from oakland, and san jose. join this important conversation live tomorrow at 4:00 right here on abc 7, the abc 7 app, or any of the devices that you see here on the screen. students of all ages demonstrated their tech. during the the event they launched a campaign with the goal of providing 2,500 laptops to students. health during the coronavirus pandemic is one of our focuses as we work to tell stories that build a better bay area. that's a key area of our focus. many bay area dental offices have begun to reopen beyond just emergency care now. abc 7 news reporter kate larson went to see her dentist today in san francisco and shows you what might be different the next time you get in the dentist chair. >> so, i made this dentist appointment six months ago when
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i was here for my last cleaning. i was pleased to find out i could still keep it. i was asked to come in at a later time so they're staggering patients. and already at the front door i'm seeing small changes. no need to touch the doorknob. they've unlatched the door and i can come on in and see how this goes. chairs are placed out, and air filters in every room. my den fist charted how her office closed and how the bay area case work compares to other u.s. cities. w're doing great. dr. suzette villanueva is a dentist and hygienist. >> i'm very happy and glad that they're coming back because it's very important. >> reporter: so a few things are different -- before my cleaning i was asked to wash my hands, do a double hydrogen peroxide rinse that has a virus destroying effect, and put my mask back on. she's got a face shield on.
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what are we going to do next? >> temperature check. >> the cleaning routine felt familiar. the office has changed some tools. >> we're no longer using the ultrasonic device that sprays air and water. we bought special hygiene polishers that run at a very slow speed so that we're not generating material that goes into the air. >> while polishing a second hygienist held a high speed suction device to make sure no particles were aerosolized. >> forefront of infection control for a long long time. >> we'll see you in six months again. >> definitely. governor newsom says within a week or so the state will release guidelines on what needs to happen for gyms to reopen. he hosted a round table with several californians who work in the fitness industry as part of the economic recovery on the tour. the county told him he could
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reopen next week but the state overrode the approval and the gym closed again after three days. >> we're desperate. we want to get back into the gym. we're doing everything we can to keep our members engaged. i'm going to have to lay everyone off. i may have to close my doors permanently. >> some gym owners have created the california fitness alliance. they've sent a letter to the governor with proposed statewide guidelines. b.a.r.t. has released a 15-step plan to keep trains and riders safe as riders head back to work. b.a.r.t. will require riders to wear face coverings. there will be hand sanitizer at every station. b.a.r.t. will run longer trains and use new seat configurations to promote social distancing. as for keeping those training clean, crews will use electrostatic foggers like you see here that will splay a disinfectant mist that coats and clings to surfaces. >> riders can be ensured that
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that train has been fogged, and we'll do that every night, every car in the fleet. >> if you want to ride without touching anything, b.a.r.t. will sell personal hand straps for five bucks. they should be taken home and cleaned after each trip. weekday toll will resume next week on express lanes as traffic begins to rise as shelter-in-place orders ease. expressway tolling will begin at 5:00 a.m. in the morning on monday. tolls will be based on congestion in the corridor. they made it on board but that was where the mission ended for now. spacex and nasa scrubbed today's historic launch less than 20 minutes before its scheduled lift off. rainy weather forced nasa to delay the mission until saturday when they will try again. rainy in florida, super hot here, ama. >> yeah, tell us a cooldown is coming sandhya. >> it's coming.
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it already started near the beaches and bay today dan and ama. and tomorrow, the heat will ease inland. that's going to continue even on friday and beyond. take a look at a live picture right now. the golden gate bridge, it's socked in. the fog the dropping the visibility and this is what's going to continue the cooling trend tomorrow. so, foggy morning near the coast and bay, not as hot inland tomorrow. we're looking at cooler and wet weather coming your way for saturday. time lapse from the tower camera spelled it out, the natural a.c. was coming through the gate. that's what helped the temperatures drive down. today only 72 degrees. here's live doppler 7 right now and fog has pushed in along the coastline as we check out the visibility just over a mile and a half of bay. if you're a essential worker and you have to get to work tomorrow, be careful because visibility is going to be low with the fog around. temperatures anywhere from the 50s to the 70s right now so inland areas still retaining the
1:28 am
warmth but not nearly as warm as it was 24 hours ago. down 15 in hayward, 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa compared to this time yesterday. fog pushing over the baby tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. it's going to peel away from the bay and stay away from the coastline for the evening hours. numbers first thing in the morning will be lower than they were this morning so upper 40s to the upper 50s for most of you unless you're around ukiah and cloverdale above the marine inversion. you'll still be in the 60s first thing in the morning. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, mid 90s, 89 in san jose. still going to be hot but not as hot as today. oen the peninsula, 82 in palo alto, 62 degrees in pacifico. some of the fog lingers in the sunset district. north bay temperatures, santa
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rosa in the east bay going to be a nice refreshing day. 77 in oakland. 83 in newark. heading inland, 95 in concord, 97 in antioch. a lot of people probably looking forward to even cooler weather. that area of low pressure is going to bring about further cooling as we head into the weekend. so, saturday will also spin up showers in the morning, afternoon, possibility of thunderstorms as well. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast and it's not going to be as hot tomorrow. we're looking at cooler and breezier friday night into saturday a level one system brings us showers, potential for thunder. what are the temperatures. 60s and 70s, a welcome change. and we'll slowly fluctuate heading into next week. hope you like the changes guys. dan and ama. >> oh, yes. thanks sandhya. >> well, tomorrow on "good morning america"
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people at higher risk, must take extra precautions. you are at higher risk if you are over 65, or if you have any serious underlying medical conditions, like heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, or if your immune system is compromised for any reason. if you're at higher risk, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for twenty seconds. avoid touching your face. disinfect frequently touched objects. and wash up after being in public spaces. and when it comes to social situations...less is better. stay six feet or two arm lengths away from other people. better still, stay home if you can. if you're sick, please stay home and away from others. and if you think you've been exposed to the virus, call your health care provider before going to their office. in challenging times, the choices you make are critical. please visit for more information.
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good evening. warriors center is waiting and wondering if the team will play again this season. chris, our guest today on the a. in four years he's gone from lottery pick to journeymen but then blossomed this season. he wants to play again this summer even if it's just for a few games to wrap up the season.
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>> i hope we're able to play. i want to play for the fans. i want everybody to be as safe as possible. obviously i want us to play the game that we love, but i also want everybody to be able to be safe. and it sucks because it's up in the air and no one really knows what's going on. but i think as professionals, we're prepared to come back and play. but i think as people, everybody's kind of more cautious and on edge about it. but i think what's going to happen, whatever's going to happen i think is going to be the best for both, looking out for health and looking out for the game of basketball. i'm ready to come back and play. >> almost 6 million fans watched phil mickelson, tiger woods, tom brady, and peyton manning play last weekend. steph curry says he would love to play alongside michael jordaa in the future. and steph tweeted he wants in.
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>> and that'll do it for us for this evening. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm larry ashley. for larry beil, sandhya patel, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, howie 3457b dell. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. >> announcer: today on "tamron hall," after the tragic
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loss of her 7-year-old daughter, a mother reveals how she found the strength to turn pain into purpose. her powerful message will inspire you. >> i can't thank you enough for what you just offered us. thank you. >> announcer: plus, how the stars of hdtv's "home town" are bringing even more heart to homes across the country. and fear not, words of wisdom with iyanla vanzant. an all new "tamron hall" starts now. ♪ >> tamron: welcome to "tamron hall" from my own. well, when someone has been to hell and back, the story they share i find is usually something we can all learn from. i know you're thinking, "how do you define hell and back?" i'm sure many of you have your own definition right now, considering what we are all
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going through. different degrees of it. but my first guest's journey is one we would all agree fits the description of hell. over and over, michelle hord was told she would not be able to have children. so, when she gave birth to a daughter at age 39, she called it a dream, a miracle from god. gabrielle, her gabby bear, grew up surrounded by love. she had her all in all mike own dream, already enrolled in a dual language class in second grade. she wanted to travel to faraway places like china and egypt, and she loved reading with her mom, dancing, and playing music. at age seven, she was an unstoppable burst of energy with a bright future ahead of her. michelle and her husband, neil, ended their marriage in 2017. a day after the divorce was final turned into the darkest day of michelle's life.


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