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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> lifting shelter in place restrictions isn't an open and shut case. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. today san francisco laid out in detail what will reopen and when. it's a process that's going require some patience. >> we've already been sheltering in place for 73 days. san francisco's plan requires another 11 weeks at least, and that doesn't even bring us completely back to where we were before the pandemic. >> abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra is live with a look at the city's plan. and stephanie, reaction to it. >> yes, dan, this is welcomed relief for all of us, especially those businesses who desperately need to open their doors. and the time line for those who can and can't reopen is very specific. so here's what we know right now. starting monday, child care center, botanical gardens, and outdoor historical sites can all open. two weeks later, june 15th, the list gets longer, including indoor retail, outdoor dining,
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religious service, even professional sporting events, without spectators, that is, and non-emergency medical appointments. this is like going to the dentist can begin. but it's not until july 13th that indoor dining can begin, along with barbershops and hair salons, which are expected to reopen then. so what about schools, bars, and gyms? those are all expected to reopen in mid-august. mayor london breed pointed out the phases are staggered for a reason, stressing reopening must be progressive. >> i know that more than anything we all want to go back to the life that we once knew before covid, and now for the next anywhere between 12 and 18 months, we are going to -- back to the life we knew before. however, with some adjustments to our new normal. >> those adjustments will require businesses reopening to
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follow specific guidelines and safety precaution. and retail shop owns liar donna oh leerily. >> the blitz be great. we thank san francisco for reopening safely. >> mayor breed also pointed out as more essential workers will need to work in businesses and office spaces, those who can telecommute for work should continue doing so. but the bottom line here is this is a targeted timeline. it is not set in stone. and it's all dependent upon a low number of covid deaths and hospitalizations. reporting live, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> okay, stephanie. another big headline from the mayor today about masks. tell us about that. >> well, dan, here is a snapshot of -- excuse me, as far as the masks are concerned, we know they will still be required in essential businesses and in
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close proximity to others in public. the only difference now is masks should be worn 30 feet from another person. now for more of these details, we have a full list of every phase over on our website, >> we do. thank you very much, stephanie. well, here is a snapshot of coronavirus in san francisco. it has the highest rate of cases per capita. out of 14 counties making up the greater bay area. in terms of total cases, it is the third highest locally with a little over 2400. the city says only 57 coronavirus patients are currently hospitalized. among the diagnosed cases, the most common characteristic when it comes to age, race and gender are male, hispanic, and age 31 to 40. now, here is a look at how san francisco's curve compares to the rest of the greater bay area. we're churning 14 different counties here. san francisco is on the top row, third from the right in teal. its curve has a similar shape to
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san mateo's which is right next to it in orange. to the right of that, santa clara, the only curve that stinkly shows a flattening even though there is an uptick in the past few days. really interesting to compare side by side like that. tomorrow marin county will announce three more things that will open june 1. that's according to a county spokesperson. already on that date, summer and sports camps, child care for all children, pet grooming, golf, and tennis facilities and outdoor fitness-related rentals can reopen. for the first time a california county is increasing restrictions, not relaxing them. along the northeastern edge of the state diagnosed its first coronavirus cases in lassen, after it moved deeper into phase 2. there are now five total cases. the new restrictions mean no dine-in restaurants, no in-store shopping, no church services and no salon services. curbside pickup at restaurants and shops is still aloud. lassen county says the situation will be revisited within a week.
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with lassen's change, now 11 of california's 58 counties remain in only the early stages of phase 2. nearly all of them are local including alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, santa clara and santa cruz. getting caught visiting south lake tahoe will not cost you a thousand dollars, at least nour. today the city council there directed staffers to hold off on issuing the heavy fine for nonessential travelers or businesses until it can discuss the issue at its next meeting, which is on june 9th. you should know state guidelines prohibit any nonessential hotel stays. parking meters in the city of berkeley will start operating again on june 1. it's to allow steady parking for people picking up orders and shopping again at local businesses. to start, all meters will be set to 50 cents an hour between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. rates may change as the reopening process continues. people are encouraged to pay by phone when possible to avoid touching the meters.
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i know everyone is thinking about summer and what's beyond. this year's half moon bay art and pumpkin festival has been canceled. organizers made the official announcement tonight, citing coronavirus. they are planning to still hold the world championship pumpkin weigh-off on october 12th with appropriate safety measures. the fourth of july parade has also been canceled. because of this pandemic we have focused our efforts to build a better bay area on four key area, health, the education, the economy and our changing workplace. it all starts with health. starting this weekend, one of the areas hit hardest by covid-19 in san francisco will have have a chance to get tested for free. testing sites will go up in the bayview, sunny dale and visitacion valley areas. abc7 news anchor kumasi aaron is taking part in the push to get more people take part in this testing. >> i don't know what is going on. a shortage of breaths. >> this is a video kevin epps
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took on his cell phone moments after he was rushed to the hospital with what he later found out was covid-19. >> take care of yourself. >> the community activist says he recorded it for a very specific reason. >> i just kind of put it throughout to make sure my people and my community know this is real. >> kevin's community is san francisco's district 10, which includes the bayview, visitacion valley and sunnydale. the area has the second highest rate of covid-19 in san francisco and the highest concentration of communities of color. now the same group that tested thousands of people for free in the mission district are coming together to do the same thing in district 10. >> this initiative is vital, because if you're a carrier, just think about not just yourself, but the people around you that you can impact, people that you love, your aunties, your grand mothers. >> as a black faculty member at ucsf, i felt that it was imperative for me to get involved. >> dr. kim rhodes is spearheading the initiative on behalf of ucsf and was inspired
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by testing in the mission. there, more than half the people who tested positive were asymptomatic, which means they could have spread the virus unknowingly. that's why dr. rhodes says the initiative is not just about testing, but about support. >> responses to support people, to be able to self-isolate or quarantine if they test positive for the virus. so that they have an opportunity to heal themselves and allow for the virus to get out of their system so that when they come back into the general population circulating, they're not infecting other people. >> still, she and community partners know some people may still have concerns. that's why district 10 supervisor walton says he went and got tested with mayor london breed. >> we did that so that we could demonstrate one, that the test is safe and let everybody know that we want to be an example and practice what we preach. because it is very important. the only way we're going stop the spread is to know who has it. >> the test willing be at leola
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havers school this saturday and sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and then on june 1 and 2nd, at hearst field from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. they're still looking for volunteers. so if you like to help out or if you want a register to be tested, we put a link on this story on our website, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. in marin county, a recent spike in coronavirus cases among people working in public has the health department concerned and taking new proactive testing measures. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> you might never have noticed, but working in a grocery store has always been an upclose business. now add covid-19, and it becomes risky. >> it's most definitely scary. >> yeah, it's fine. >> hannah haynes of united markets in marin county. this day a coronavirus testing station set up outside. in marin county, the news is not good. there was a spike last week, 100 new cases. most of them among people
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working in essential jobs, and grocery workers topped the list. >> i just want to make sure everyone else around us is safe. >> so hannah took the test along with most of the 145 employees in this company's two stores when the company offered, ceo kelly smith had no second thoughts. >> i kept saying i just want to sell apples. this used to be such an easy business. >> as county health describes it, this amounts to staying ahead of a pandemic that infected six grocery worker last week alone. united workers agreed to test along with molly stones. other stores have declined. that disappoints health officer matt willis who recovered after being the 429th of 430 cases. go ahead and test people because it's prevalent in our community. >> so what was the test like? >> it was different. it was kind of like someone spurting water up your nose in a way. >> and then she returned to
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work, in close quarters as always, but hoping for reassuring results. >> we'll know in two day, yes. yeah. >> and then they want to do it again in a month? >> do they? i i don't know. i hear that one yet. >> she just did. in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. in addition to health, education is part of building a better bay area, of course. next, the uproar over raises for school administrators in the east bay. and let's talk about our changing workplaces as well. what's working, what's not. about working from home. that story is new at 6:00. i'm spencer christian. our heatwave is ending. not only is it getting cooler, but some rain is coming. i'll have the accuweather
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pregnant, or breastfeeding. common side effects include rash, nausea, tiredness, weakness, decreased appetite, mouth sores, vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, and changes in some blood tests. ask your doctor about piqray. is been about ten weeks now since many offices sent their employees home to work, and that alone has really changed the workplace profoundly. one of the focuses as abc7 news
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works to build a better bay area. david louie takes a look at lessons learned from all this remote work. >> for many, working at home has turned out well. a survey by global workplace analytics says 77% would like to continue to work from home at least once a week after the pandemic, while only 6% said they wouldn't. there are downsides, which companies and employees are considering as they think about moving forward. security is one of them. >> if i am using my computer to log into my office and then i share with my kid or my wife, and she is browsing something else and she gets a virus, that virus can infect the whole network. >> an executive at team viewer, which offers companies a wide range of solutions for remote working. another problem they've identified is the endless work day in which there is no defined start or end time. his company builds breaks into work times. some will cut off access to prevent burnout and fatigue. another unforeseen issue,
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today's college graduates. working at home means no orientation when hired, no chance to meet a team face-to-face or to learn new software programs. >> understand you won't know how things work in a new organization and with new software systems. and when that happens, raise your hand, ask for the tools that can help you in that. >> employers are starting to plan how best to bring some employees back to the office. distancing means they'll need to limit how many can work in existing space. in some case, companies are offering staff for their preference. if they are, he says employees need to speak up. >> if work from home is not working for you, you're not as productive as you would like to be, do raise your hand and say you want to be among the first batch that needs to get back in. >> the workplace has changed at home and at the office after weeks of seeing what works and what doesn't. david louie, abc7 news. >> changes. some new developments involving remedesavir tonight, the only medication shown to affect the progress of covid-19. a new study shows doctors may be
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able to tweet twice as many patients as previously thought with this antiviral drug, which is made by gilead sciences in foster city. researchers found hospitalized patients who received the drug for five days fared about as well as those who received it for ten days. doctors initially thought ten days would be needed, but this finding doubles the estimated supply of the drug. according to researchers. this study is published in the "new england journal of medicine." abc7 news is dedicating more resources to building a better bay area and focussing on the issues you're dealing with during the pandemic. today at 4:00, we held a a virtual town hall on the future of education. we were joined by superintendents from three major bay area school districts and state superintendent of public instruction tony thurmond. concrete guidance will be coming soon about how schools will respond in the case of an outbreak whenever in-person instruction resumes. >> the most important thing we can do is prevention. in many cases parents are asked take the temperature of your children before they come to school. and if your child's not feeling
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well, please keep them home. what we're learning from our schools that are operating right now, they're mostly child care centers that our staff also take temperatures before students enter. and if there is a situation, the cdc are already recommending that they create ways to support someone who might appear to not be well so as to prevent infection. >> and you can watch this town hall and all of our previous town halls on our website, parents in one large east bay school district protested today after their school board voted to give its superintendent and other administrators a raise. the parents think that the timing is especially bad amid the coronavirus pandemic. laura anthony reports from san ramon valley. >> the raise is the straw that broke the camel's back. >> frustrated parents with kids in san ramon valley schools say they've been pushed to protest after their school board voted to give top administrators a raise amid a pandemic and a
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looming budget deficit that could reach 10s of millions of dollars next year. >> these raises came at one, a totally inappropriate time, when everybody knows there will be less funding for every school district because the state has less funding. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> on tuesday night, the school board approved a retroactive 2.5 raise for superintendent rick schmidt, among others. it's the same level of pay increase teachers and other employee groups received earlier this year. >> what the people that are complaining don't realize is that we have a philosophy of paying all of our employees a competitive wage to ensure that we can attract the best and the brightest, and you daytona do that being at the bottom of the barrel. >> schmidt already makes $350,000 a year, and he is retiring in july. >> these people are upwards of 250,000, up beyond $350,000.
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what are the teachers getting? way less than that. what are the principals getting? way less than that. it's fishy. >> the school board president told us the pay increase is for all employees may only be temporary given the expectation that his district and others in california will likely face steep budget cuts next year. laura anthony, abc7 news. it is our last day of dangerously hot temperatures for the moment. see what to e
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today california power regulators unanimously approved pacific gas & electric's $58 billion plan for getting out of bankruptcy. the vote by the california public utilities commission is a key hurdle for pg&e to end its nearly year and a half stint in bankruptcy due to a series of catastrophic wildfires in 2017 and 2018. the plan does not raise customer rate, and it passes on approximately a billion in interest savings to customers.
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a federal trial will ultimately determine whether the plan can gain the approval of a federal bankruptcy court. that agreement after a federal judge ripped the utility's efforts to adopt stricter wildfire safety measures. the judge blasted pg&e for what he called its resistance to meet his demands to mitigate fire dangers. judge alsop also called the utility a recalcitrant criminal, adding, quote, if ever there was a corporation that deserved to go to prison, it is pg&e for the people it killed in california. okay. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast after several days of being in the blast furnace, it sounds like it's easing. >> huge difference today, spencer. >> it was a huge difference. it was felt everywhere, the cooldown except places like antioch, livermore, fairfield. we've cooled down all across the bay area. let's take a look at the 24-hour temperature change. it is 4 degrees cooler in san
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francisco right now. 11 degrees cooler in san carlos. 13 degrees cooler in napa. 7 degrees cooler in oakland. and 9 degrees cooler in livermore. it's also quite breezy in some spots. we've got a nice cooling sea breeze. it's bringing the marine layer become to the coastline and beyond the coast. a 25 miles per hour winds right now in san francisco. 20 miles per hour in oakland. so let's take a look at that advancing marine layer, looking westward from emeryville as we check out current temperatures. 60 in san francisco. oakland 65. 81 in redwood city, and gilroy 78. san jose at 59 at pacifica. looking northeastward from the golden gate bridge, 78 in santa rosa. also upper 70s petaluma. napa 70. 90 at fairfield. 89 at concord, almost as warm. and 85 in livermore. this is a far cry from the triple-digits we've had the last three days at this hour. and a live view from the east bay hills camera looking toward mt. diablo. we'll have fog near the coast and bay overnight. cooling will continue into the
6:24 pm
weekend, through the weekend, actually, with showers on saturday and possibly some thunder. the heat advisory for the bay area has expired now, but an excessive heat warning remains in effect until just 7:00 this evening for solano county, mainly because of the cumulative effect on the four-day heatwave. but of course, it's cooling down there as well. okay. forecast animation for tonight shows the fog advancing across the bay and locally inland. and we'll start the day with lots of low clouds and increasing high clouds during the day as well. so that's sort of a preview of what's copping your way over the weekend. overnight lows mainly in the mid-50s, and tomorrow we can expect high temperatures ranging from about 63 in half moon bay to 72 at oakland. 80 fremont. lots of low 80s in the inland east bay. up in the north bay, 76 at santa rosa. 74 napa. down in santa cruz, a high of 68 tomorrow. and then we bring in the storm impact scale, because a storm is coming our way. it ranks only one on the abc7
6:25 pm
storm impact scale. on saturday expect scattered showers, gusty wind, and again possibly some isolated thunderstorms. forecast animation starting at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow shows possibly a few scattered showers moving in late tomorrow night just before midnight. then overnight into early saturday morning, we'll see an increase in the showers and in the area covered by those showers. saturday morning even through midday, it looks like it's going to be fairly wet with scattered showers, but some of those showers could include some brief heavy downpours. and then the rain will wind down saturday night, leaving us with rainfall totals generally around a quarter inch, but perhaps more up in the north bay. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we get mostly i cloudy skies. sunday a little bit of drying out after the rain. and next week temperatures start to rebound and bounce back up to seasonal levels. mid-80s inland by the middle of next week. but it doesn't look like the clouds will completely go away for a while. dan and ama? >> spencer, thank you very much. trump versus twitter. the president is taking on
6:26 pm
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> protesters are holding a demonstration in oakland in response to the killing of a black man named george floyd at the hands of a white minneapolis police officer. this is video from sky 7 of protesters earlier when they took over the intersection in front of the police station. now at the same time, police chiefs in oakland, san francisco, and san jose say they are appalled at the actions that led to floyd's death. >> abc7 news anchor eric thomas reports. >> this is the cell phone video from america's heartland that's inflaming passions across the country. it shows a minneapolis police officer with his knee planted on
6:29 pm
the neck of 46-year-old george floyd, who is being arrested on forgery charges. witnesses say the officer kept his knee there for seven minutes, even after floyd repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. >> i think i thought of what every hardworking police officer quite frankly think, and i was appalled. >> eddie garcia took to twitter to make his feelings known. his tweet says in part, what i saw happen to george floyd disturbed me and is not consistent with our goal of the mission. >> as leaders in law enforcement, when we see something that we know in our hearts is wrong, we can't remain silent. >> in minneapolis, protests over the death of floyd, a black man, in a confrontation with white police officers, have escalated over several nights with demonstrators breaking windows and setting fires, and police firing rubber bullets to disperse them. >> the video is extremely disturbing. i can't put it any other way. >> san francisco police chief bill scott also studied the floyd video. he says impeachments work hard
6:30 pm
to gain and maintain the trust of their communities, and this does not help. he's looking at the incident through the eyes of a police chief whose also african american. >> some of it is personal to me in terms of being an african american man and leadership in policing. i think people do look at us, people like me in these positions to make a difference. >> oakland's interim police chief susan mannheimer released a statement about floyd's death that says in part -- we stand with our community in denouncing this incident and all incidents of police brutality. we stand with all in our community who have traditionally been marginalized, oppressed, and who have been harmed by our systems and institutions. >> in walnut creek, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> and about an hour ago, we received a joint statement from the union's representing san francisco, san jose, and oakland police officers about the death of george floyd. it reads in part, quote we cannot see any law enforcement
6:31 pm
or self-defense rationale for what occurred. what's depicted in that video is not who we are as law enforcement professionals. hayward police have released videos from yesterday's officer-involved shooting. police say it started after a person called 911 on a man parked on the wrong side of the road picking up car debris. he had a young girl in his car and told the caller to mind his business. police say the man then started chasing the caller on foot and then by motorcycle. at some point, police say he crashed the motorcycle and started bailing doors, looking for the caller. body camera footage shows when officers found him. police say he went into the garage and came out armed with a knife. that's when the suspect was both tased and shot. >> he admitted to retrieving the knife and lunging at the officers with the knife. and he apologized. he said basically, you know, it was his fault. >> the 60-year-old suspect was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. he is now at the santa rita jail. his identity is still not being released. reaction has been swift
6:32 pm
today and legal challenges could be close behind after president trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies. earlier this week, twitter applied fact checks to two of the president's tweets. outside of san francisco's twitter headquarters today, protesters destroyed a pinata shaped like the twitter bird adorned with hair designed to look like president trump's. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has reaction from silicon valley experts about the legality of the executive order and what it could mean for the future of the internet. >> this afternoon, president donald trump signed an executive order targeting social media sites like facebook and twitter, claiming he was taking action to defend free speech. >> they've had unchecked power to censor, restrict, shape, alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens or large public audiences. >> this comes after twitter labelled two of the president's tweets about mail-in voting as potentially misleading. >> there is no president in
6:33 pm
american history for so small a number of corporations to control so large a sphere of human interaction. >> the order opens the door for the ftc to revisit section 230 of the communications decency act, which could make it easier for companies to be held liable for the content posted on their platforms. legal experts say it will likely be challenged in court. >> that foundational principle of the law has been the basis on which we've gotten most of the services that we use on hour by hour or even minute by minute basis. any changes to section 230 have the potential to ripple across every aspect of our lives. >> the president and his supporters have long accused social media companies of silencing conservative voices. political analysts say today's move could help the president get reelected. >> going after social media companies is one of those things where there is relatively little political risk, but a lot of potential political reward because of his ability to get his base animated and motivated to get out, cast those ballots,
6:34 pm
and to vote and support him come november. >> twitter ceo jack dorsey defended his team's decision to fact check the president as part of its efforts to enforce the company's civic integrity policy that launched a debate between him and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg who appeared on fox news this morning. >> we think it wouldn't be right for us to do fact checks for politicians and that people should be able to whatever politicians say. >> facebook released a statement this afternoon saying repealing or limiting section 230 would penalize companies that choose to allow controversial speech and encourage platforms to censor anything that might offend anyone. >> social media has reached a point of maturity where concerns about consumer privacy must be addressed. >> chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> you know, the show must go on, even in a pandemic. it is true. tonight see how bay area actors are making it happen.
6:35 pm
finding a recycling center in a pandemic turns out is very tough. so how are you supposed to get your dep
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
even before the pandemic hit, californians were having trouble finding places to recycle their bottles and cans. hundreds of buyback centers had already shut down over the past year. now many of the remaining centers have also closed, at least temporarily to help stop the virus from spreading. so is there any way to get your crv deposits back? viewers came to michael finney who is live with answers tonight. it's a good question, michael. >> it is a good question, and we're talking money here. look, the governor signed an
6:38 pm
executive order that says that stores or recycling centers no longer to v to take your recyclables if they're worried about issues concerning the pandemic. so what is a consumer supposed to do? well, you go on to the state's website. there is no guidance there. so people are coming to 7 on your side. >> this is glass, bottles. >> the garage of alissa's san bruno home is filled with empties. >> bags and bags of plastic bottles. >> for years she would take them to her neighborhood replanet recycling center until replanet closed all 279 locations last summer. >> no bag. this is my two liters. >> bottles and cans piled up in her garage, and then pandemic. >> it was already a challenge because so many of the places that i used to go to along the peninsula have closed. but now with shelter in place, i just don't eno what the rules are, if they're even open. i'm super confused. >> many recyclers did close their doors during the pandemic.
6:39 pm
and grocers are temporarily off the hook to redeem your empties. so where does that leave folks like melissa with all these bottles? >> i would very much like to recycle them, and i don't know where to go. >> melissa says her first concern is with the environment. but her gripe is about the deposit she can't get back. >> i'll be honest with you. i am so annoyed with that crv tax that we pay, that we have to pay for it, that i want my money back. >> plus, there is no room in the garage for her car. >> i would like your help. if you can help me figure out how i can recycle it right now. >> we did some research. and bingo, we found an open recycling center near melissa. zark international of south city. >> i'm really grateful for your help. >> behind her cars lined up for blocks, and inside everyone had to wear a mask and keep a six-foot social distance. melissa and her son filled two giant bins. >> can you handle that? >> and they still had more. >> it's cumbersome and
6:40 pm
complicated. it's a hassle. >> they glide it tentatively up to the front. >> i just think it's such a hassle. and for most people, it's just not worth the time. >> but it finally got weighed and they finally got paid. >> we got $40.04. so we'll probably get some ice cream right now. we've earned it. >> they sure did earn it. now look, we went neighborhood by neighborhood to find open recycling centers here in the bay area. we found a bunch of them. now it's not going to be as convenient as it used to be, but there is one fairly near you. go to our website, and we've got a whole list posted there. dan, you can get rid of your recyclables, finally, today. >> that is good to know. >> ama, ama and dan. pardon me. >> all right. well, happening now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is holding her weekly virtual town hall. she talked about a recent surge
6:41 pm
in cases in alameda county. >> our health official has said that she believes some of this could be the result of the recent loosening of certain restrictions, including a return of construction work. however, she is not so worried about it that she has plans to roll back any of the restrictions. >> the county will proceed with great caution in any further lifting of restrictions. the heatwave is finally end, and now there is actually a storm to look forward to. spencer has it all for you in th
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
understanding how our workplaces are changing is part of our efforts to building a better bay area. workplaces aren't just office spaces. south bay community gist dustin dorsey explores how it's a whole new world for those on the stage as well. >> the theater is all about storytelling, but in an era of
6:44 pm
covid-19, actors have to find a new way to tell their tales. >> this is my favorite scene. >> the work was designed as a stage play, trying to convey that through the zoom medium has been, you know, it's part adventure, part discovery because you're figuring things out as you go, and what works, what doesn't work, what you can convey on a stage versus a screen. >> san francisco-based playground has supported young playwrights and actors for 25 years, and now they're hosting the nation's largest live stream festival of new works. >> some die-hard theater goers in the bay area. they go to five or six shows a week, and they've been tuning in to every single event we have, and commenting in the chat about how we're sort of filling their heart and the same is true for the actors and the directors. >> it's different. and unlike anything the hundreds of viewers from across the globe have experienced. >> unlike a lot of theater people may have seen with zoom, where it's a reading, where people are looking at the
6:45 pm
script, we're going with the full production. >> different than film, different than tv and also different than theater. most of us sit somewhere between 20 and sometimes as much as 80 feet back from the stage. tis is a very intimate way to experience theater. >> and rewarding as companies lay off workers across the country, playground is creating them. the festival hired more than 140 actors to do what they love at a social distance. >> it's been great to see how this is still able to do that work, and that's why i'm so proud to work with playground, that they were able to really jump on the opportunity to try to do what they do a different way. >> for the dates and times of these show, check out our website. in san francisco, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> isn't that great? well, as part of our ongoing limited series, covid-19 diary, we're looking at how life is evolving in the bay area under the shelter-in-place order. tonight a look at what life is like behind the mask. >> oh, shoot. i forgot a mask.
6:46 pm
>> the mask life is consistent. >> this is my favorite one by far. my mother-in-law made this one. this is my black panther one. >> this is our everyday mask like this. >> this is my only cloth mask that i have. >> i always have this one on me. easily foldable. i can tuck it in my pocket. >> i know you're not supposed to have the exhale valve, but these have an additional layer in there and n95 insert. >> we have beefy, filtered masks. >> the heavy-duty painters masks are not as comfortable to wear. >> normally i'll wear that one when i'm going out to grocery stores and i'm going to be around a loft people. >> and we've got your surgical masks, three-ply. it's been shown to reduce risks by 75%. >> i've actually been using bandannas, like handkerchiefs. i've been getting creative and wearing those. i feel those are more comfortable. >> red or anything reddish is my favorite color too. what you wear out in public,
6:47 pm
that was fashion. what shoes you had on. now it's like what design mask do you have? >> like everyone is wearing these different kinds of masks. everyone has a different pattern or design. >> a louis vuitton mask and other things. i'm not surprised. >> definitely a fashion statement now. >> there is a fatigue to it. >> it's tiring to kind of go through that routine. >> being around some people with masks, some people feel like they've got to yell at you. i can hear you just fine. you don't have to yell at me. >> it's keeping us safe. >> and keeping other people safe as well as myself. >> i think that it makes me feel better that i have a mask on, just for whatever reason if i maybe have it or who knows. >> hopefully what we see is more people out, but they're following the rules and wearing a mask and being safe so that everything is still contained until there is a vaccine. >> coronavirus diaries is an abc7 news originals limited
6:48 pm
series telling the personal stories as the bay area works together to cope with coronavirus. you can check out all of the episodes at do. that when you have a minute, because they're really very compelling personal stories we're telling. anyway, on to the weather forecast. >> i don't know about you, dan, but when i stepped outside today, so much better. spencer? >> bye-bye heatwave. you will not be missed. you might be missed, mist, but not mi-i-s-m-i-s-s. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s for the most part. then tomorrow, clouds are going to hang around and high clouds will actually increase, although skies will be kind of bright from time to time. highs will range from low 60s at the coast to mainly mid-70s around the bay shoreline, and we'll see a few low 80s inland tomorrow. no 90s, no triple-digits. we'll bring you the storm impact scale because we do have an
6:49 pm
approaching storm that will bring us scattered showers on saturday, and gusty wind, and possibly an isolated thunderstorm or two. as a matter of fact, as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see it's going to be windy along with those showers, and some of those showers may begin late tomorrow night and continue overnight through much of the day on saturday. we get some partial clearing on sunday, on monday is a little bit warmer, and by midweek next week, we'll be back to a more seasonal pattern. partly sunny skies. a few clouds around. high temperatures getting up into the mid-80s inland, but not much warmer than that. so be prepared for some showers on saturday, but certainly a cooler weekend. >> all right. thanks, spencer. >> we will be ready for that. all right. on to sports director larry beil and some baseball to talk about tonight. larry? >> yes. as well as this jacket i'm wearing so that you can all adjust the brightness on your sets. it's a public service. we knoll when the giants can start working out at oracle park. and now the question is when will the players and owners stop their fighting s
6:50 pm
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now abc7 sports with larry be beil. >> good evening. looks like a bare knuckle brawl will ensue before we see any baseball play this year. the players are furious at the owners' salary slashing offer. they're ignoring that and going to make their own proposal. meanwhile, some players are upset with agent scott boris chiming in. he told his 71 players he represents not to bail out the owners. if that mess actually gets sorted out, san francisco mayor london breed has given the go ahead for sporting events to begin in the city june 15th obviously without fans, which opens the door for the giants to conduct the equivalent of what would be a second spring training at home, and one would think oakland would soon follow. but the barroom brawl over money has to get resolved first. with the nhl going straight into the play-offs, summer vacation has begun for the sharks. disappointing end season, disappointing ending. hoping to bounce back next year. erik karlsson with baby in tow
6:53 pm
on what went wrong. >> a lot of things kind of build up over a long period of time. and, you know, when one thing came crashing down, it all just fell apart. once you get in a big hole like that, no matter how god you are or, you know, how much experience you have, it's hard in the short period of time. >> how cute. little harlow there. i didn't listen to anything erik karlsson said. i was watching the baby. you've probably been on a bunch of zoom calls since the lockdown began, and so have the warriors' marquis grissom. he told us the team has been doing at-homework octuplets via zoom, mostly body weight exercises as well as yoga. >> it's kind of like yoga, but kind of like a small body weightlifting thing that we'll do together. and then we have every other week we'll do a check-in and have everybody get on there and say what they've been up to or where they're at. so they've been really good with it, just as far as keeping up
6:54 pm
updated on what's going on or, you know, giving us workouts or asking if we need anything. i personally never really need anything. try to do things on my own. yeah, i'm okay, i'm chilling. memories. four years ago today, klay thompson turned in one of the nba's best play-off performances ever. 11 threes, 41 points, 19 in the fourth as the warriors beat okc and kevin durant. the dubs win game seven and capture the 2016 nba championship. speaking of the dubs, they completed their virtual math hoops tournament. students combining math and basketball to take shots and score points. chris alvarez, see him on the right there handling play by play along with warriors forward eric paschall who was emphasizing sportsmanship. >> i would say very important. even if they're not your friend, even if you're not cool with them, that goes a long way with
6:55 pm
everything you do, like it just shows how much -- how you are as a person and how you conduct yourself every day. so i feel like it's very important. and that could go along with life just being a nice person. so i feel like it's very important. >> entries keep coming in for abc7 call my play. you send me the video, i call the action. tonight we meet zorro, the wonder dog. >> meet zorro the english springer spaniel who loves playing fetch and swimming. you put those two together and zorro is in heaven. but it does take some energy. back at home, who raised this couch up so high? if at first you don't succeed, jump up on the other side. hey zorro, we just called your play on abc7. >> that's what i look like at home most days. send me your video using the #abc7 call my play so we can put you on tv. a funny throwback thursday
6:56 pm
post from the 49ers. jimmy garoppolo back in high school. check out the puka shell necklace, offering congratulations to the class of 2020. you see the hawaiian there. hoomaikaiana. they said he had best smile. you guys want to take a shot at a little hawaiian here? hoo-mai. kaiiana. >> he already lost me. i can't remember the first part. >> aloha means goodbye, larry. >> aloha means goodbye. i knew that was going to fail. i had a feeling that was going to fail. >> nice try. thanks. >> he knows when he is dealing with us. join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm amanda del castillo. we're learning more about yesterday's officer-involved shooting in hayward.
6:57 pm
new footage shows the tense moments before shots were fired. that story at 11:00. sonoma county sheriff will no longer enforce the county's public health order. we'll look at the implications. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. always look for news any time on the abc7 news app. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, who is going to teach us hawaiian successfully. >> one day. >> we appreciate your time.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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