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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> we'll begin with breaking news live in oakland tonight as
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you look live from sky 7. a protest that has been going on for hours over the death of george floyd in minneapolis, minnesota spilled out on the streets of oakland tonight and on to the 880 freeway. this is a live picture. things have calmed, but there are still a great many protesters still out there. >> well, and in san jose protests have been going on since around 3:00 this afternoon. this is the scene earlier. this is sky 7 in san jose. you can see that protesters, they have been facing off with police all day since around 2:30. it started on highway 101 and then moved through the streets of downtown oakland where there were multiple clashes with police, and there continue to be issues out there, even at this late hour. >> so two protests and two of the bay area's major cities tonight that have lasted for hours there have been no major injury, we're happy to say, but there have been a number of skirmishes and a number of incidents in both of those cities. protesters still on the streets
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in both places tonight. >> there was one major incident during the protest in san jose tonight. several video, including this one, were posted on social media showing an suv right there barreling through a crowd of protesters at sixth and santa clara streets downtown. the person in the video, we have frozen it right there, but he does appear to be okay because he got up and walked away moments later. but we don't know the extent of any injuries that resulted from this incident. this video was posted around 9:20 tonight. the santa clara sheriff's office says around 9:00 at the same intersection, a deputy was involved in a shooting. they did not say if this was connected to the car or provide any more details. the deputy fortunately is okay, but this is just one of many incidents tonight that we're trying to gather more information on as these protests erupt in oakland and contine in san jose. >> and that incident that kate just talked about could have been extremely serious, as you can tell.
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this is in downtown oakland at city center starbucks, where protesters lit that starbucks on fire, as you can see. it did not last for long, and authorities were able -- firefighters would be able to put it out, but it obviously caused some damage as a result. most of the fires we saw were happening in dumpsters, but there were a couple of businesses that were affected. luz pena has been pouring over the video and social media posts. >> hello, luz. you join us live from the newsroom. what have you been seeing? >> let me tell you. i've seen a lot of video circling online. many people have been using the #george floyd, many of them asking for revenge. many of the videos i started seeing started around 3:00, just ain to meet at oakland city hall and quickly spread into i-80 around 9:00 p.m. we have some shocking video of protesters walking into incoming traffic in hopes to stop the
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flow of cars going 60 plus miles per hour. here we see protesters almost getting hit by a chp officer. now on the side of the freeway. we can also see protesters throwing heavy objects to the officers' cars as they avoided the crowds. let show you this second video. after several minutes of taking over part of i-80, these protesters again to walk down into the streets of oakland, where many can be heard saying "let's keep moving, let's keep moving." and remember his name, george floyd, george floyd." let's continue to the next video. we see a protester grabbing a chair and throwing it into this business. on the side we seerotesters brking the glass of aoakld. can on the ground as more protesters vandalize this bank. and the fourth video, this crowd moved out on to vandalizing a walgreen's pharmacy that was nearby, broke into the store. there is video, several protesters looting and what seems like smoke inside the walgreens as crowds of people
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are rushing in. images resemble those we saw in minneapolis of protesters looting and starting fires. also, i spoke to shanda scott, o the oakland board of directors and she was telling me she spoke to many of these businesses and asked them to close early, to close around 3:00 p.m. because she is scared of what we're seeing right now. many of them are just restarting to open because the covid-19 pandemic, and there were even asking many of the business owners to place signs on their businesses letting those protesters know that those businesses were owned by african americans. a very concerning situation that many business owners are not looking forward to, potentially having the small businesses also damaged by these protesters. live here in the luz, thank y vh et's take you live back out to the streets of oakland now. and as you can see, a large group of police officers in riot gear moving down the street, trying as they have been doing the last little bit to push the
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protesters farther and farther away, trying to disperse them as best they can. the picture locked up. but you get the idea of what's going on. we'll get the signal back here in just a minute. live from sky 7. still very, very active as this breaking news situation happens on the streets of oakland. >> absolutely. these groups of protesters have been in different pockets of downtown oakland, and we've seen them a few times now in front of the marriott, the live picture that you're looking at now as oakland pd are trying to block off street, disperse the protesters to another area, and to make sure that everyone stays safe. there have been parts that have gotten dangerous. there have been officers that have gotten hurt there have been fires started. but opd tweeting late tonight not long ago they are trying to allow some of these protesters to continue peacefully and continue assembling in the area. >> if you're not causing problems, it sounds like police will let you continue to speak your mind. but they are trying once they declared it an unlawful assembly in the areas where there has
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been trouble, they have compelled to move them along. now abc7 news anchor jobina fortson was in oakland tonight as the scene started. she described the scene in great detail. >> progressing, getting larger. everyone is moving down the streets. i'm alongside the crowd down here and i would have to say putting this all together today, so many people are here. everyone has on their masks. people are even trying to social distance themselves as we move down the road. people are emotional. they want to make sure that their message is acro o u e op ages lif coming from all over the east bay from oakland to be here for this moment in history, really. and it's not clear exactly where the crowd is marching to. just moving down the streets in
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oakland right now. and i am seeing on the ground what you are all seeing -- yeah, right, a lot of people heard about this on social media. it spread pretty quickly that 8:00 was going to be the start time for this. as far as why people are here, i think black people, brown people, allies are all deeply frustrated and hurt by what they have been seeing across the country, not just with george floyd. and it's reached a breaking point. of issues that have gone on and not been addressed. and yes, people are cheering. people are re osif tirorting the movement,g their horns as we continue down the road. the crowd is moving towards jack london square. and the crowd is specifically who's street? our street. i'll let you listen in for a >> who's street? >> our street! >> who's street? >> our street!
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>> our jobina fortson on the streets of oakland tonight. let's go down to the south bay. another check on the situation live from sky 7 in san jose, where things have quieted down considerably, although there are still protesters and police out on the streets. we'll pull down here and you can see some activity at this intersection. again, much different scene than we saw earlier. abc7 news reporter dan noyes was in san jose most of the afternoon, early evening today as police and protesters faced off. he was right in the thick of it. here is his report from the streets. >> here is a new thing, dan. this is something that is happening right now. people are taking a knee. probably 40 people right now taking a knee right in front of the offices. >> we don't have that shot yet on sky 7. yes, now we see it. we've got it. there we see it. >> so the protesters have
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decided it is best to take a knee and not move. you have probably 30 people across right in front of me. and then behind the officers you have another i'm guessing 60 people also taking a knee shouting "i can't breathe." >> it definitely has escalate some. i've got say, when you're just feet away from a flash-bang grenade, it will get your attention. that's just what happened a few seconds ago. you can see -- you can see a guy on the ground here. oh, we've got to clear out a little bit. you see there is a -- there is another flash-bang grenade. they are definitely -- the police are escalating their response. they are taking more extreme measures to clear the protesters away. the protesters have picked up some of the tear gas, are throwing it back at the police, going back and forth. like you say now, they're throwing tear gas in all
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different directions, over my he proteste ting t throwing them back at the police officers. that is the sound of a flash-bang grenade. that will do very good job of clearing it out. my eyes are now burning from the tear gas. wow. >> sorry, dan. i've had that happen to me before. it's no fun. don't rub your eyes. it makes it worse, because they aren't just going at the protesters right in front ofthe over our heads as well. i just want to talk a little bit about what may have been the tipping point. that's a -- >> fireworks. >> a serious flash-bann,dan, i you can see this now, but there are protesters who are
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newspaper stands. the police are firing on them right now. but they're firing those projectiles at the people who haveave outfitted before. there is a protest sign on the back of it. >> that's our dan noyes reporting today, right in the thick of the protest. and the police response to it in san jose. here is a live picture from sky 7 in san jose. a much different scene, a much calmer scene than we saw from dan noyes' report. but still a significant police presence out on the city streets in san jose as protesters are still out there tonight. in much smaller numbers, but police want to make sure there is no mayhem out there or any vandalism of any kind. let's check in on the conditions
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one more time from abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo. she has been following the demonstrations in san jose since 2:00 today when it all started. she is live with more. amanda? >> yeah, dan, nearly nine hours later, and as you mentioned, that protest continues at this hour. now we're still seeing protesters and police officers on city streets in downtown san jose specifically. it did start off peacefully. then we saw that it definitely escalated to include both violence and vandalism. from handshakes to heated moments, friday's protest in san jose brought out hundreds honoring george floyd and condemning police brutality. from the early scene at city hall to the march down east santa clara street, the cloud eventually stopped traffic on southbound 101. sky 7 stayed overhead. on the ground, a clearer view of the escalation. >> he started backing up and started running away.
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i have to -- i the the the the that i was beating tickets. >> adrian monroy who was traveling north said he welcomed the detour, recognizing the reason behind the delay was this diverse group of protester, passionate about justice. >> when people, hispanics are gathering around, i really like it when we all come together. >> at times that camarade easy to see. also the collective frustration towards law enforcement. >> they're angry. they're frustrated, maybe scared, want to be heard. and we feel the same way. >> now that crowd cleared 101 after 4:15 this afternoon, and then they marched back to city hall. since then, we've watched that escalation. but at this hour, there are reports of small fires related to the protest. police chief eddie garcia tweeted just about 90 minutes ago saying in part we've allowed
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peaceful protests, but we will not tolerate lawlessness. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> thank you, amanda, for that report. we are taking you back to a live look in oakland. again, the shots are cutting out a little bit there, but you can see a large fire in the middle of a street in downtown oakland. this is one of four or so fires we've seen break out throughout the night. we've seen protesters lighting their cardboard signs on fire in the middle of the street. we've seen dumpsters on fire in the middle of intersections. we've seen a starbucks, the center city starbucks on fire. the inside with the front glass broken out. this we can't tell what is on fire. something in the street that presumably protesters have ignited. it's been a problem for the past couple of hours. and we do know that the oakland fire department is working hard to try and put all these spot fires that are cropping up through the downtown area out. of course they don't want this situation to escalate. and most importantly, they don't want anyone to get hurt.
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and that is why opd and other law enforcement agencies who have come to the area for mutual aid are trying to keep things safe, trying to disperse the crowd, while also allowing those who are doing it peacefully to continue protesting lawfully. a very large fire, though. you can see staking up most of that downtown oakland street, as cars that are also moving through the area and perhaps also protesters finally dispersing, trying to get away i from that very dangerous situation, dan. >> absolutely. this is what everyone was concerned about as the night fell. and the die-hard protesters continued to stay, more intent to confront police more directly. sky 7 picture there showing you that fire. and there have been a few of them. but we will continue to stay on that. we'll get this live shot back in just a moment from sky 7. but it's been very intense as the evening progressed. it was very peaceful all day long with no real problems. and then this happened.
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also between san francisco and oakland on the bay bridge today. and it was all peaceful through the day until this evening when it began to get a little more dicey on the streets of oakland. here what's we're showing you here. about 7:30 tonight, protesters brought protests to a stop on the upper deck of the bay bridge. cars got moving pretty quickly. it lasted about ten minutes or so. it's unclear where the protesters were headed exactly. but again, this was a remarkable moment when they managed to stop traffic on the bay bridge, as they did on 880 in oakland and as they did on 101 in san jose today. but this blockage on the upper deck only lasted about ten minutes. >> and dan, that was just one of many freeways that was blocked. we saw in san jose highway 101, and later on in oakland around 8:30, the southbound sides of 880, the southbound and northbound sides of 880 were blocked by protesters. this is another life look back in oakland right now. as you can see, that large fireh
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and 27. it's hard to tell exactly what's burning, but you of course can see some barriers. those look like plastic barriers that were put in place, perhaps moved by protesters or perhaps placed there by police to try and disperse crowds and block off streets, to keep folks away from a specific area. again, this is one of many spot fires that we've seen erupt throughout downtown oakland. there was one burning inside of the city center starbucks. there were protesters lighting their cardboard signs that they brought on fire in the middle of the street. we saw a dumpster on fire in the middle of an intersection, as well as another spot fire ner r the night. this appears to be the largest s are still milling about very close to that fire as law enforcement agencies continue to sort of tow the line to allow people to protest. so of course setting fires is by
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no means lawful. but trying to keep the peace. >> this is what they won't tolerate. as part of the response, of course, the fire department is on alert, and they have fire engines roaming about this area of the city. no doubt they will get to this one fairly quickly. but breaking news in oakland as broadway between 26th and 27th closed off by a fire lit by protesters. stay with us.
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live abc7 news coverage of breaking news in oakland. sky 7 hd is live over a fire burning in the middle of the street at broadway and between 26th and 27th street tonight in oakland, lit by protesters. and as you can see, the video has -- the signal has locked up a little bit. we'll try to get you a better angle on that. ut this is all part of a kind of rolling set of protests happening after a massive protest that has gone on for several hours in downtown
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oakland with at one point several thousand protesters. much smaller now, but this group that is staying out late at night has been causing more problems for police, kate. >> absolutely. this started around 8:00 with a very large group of hundreds of people gathering at frank agala plaza in front of oakland city hall. it started off peaceful. people were chanting. people were positive. they just wanted to make sure their voices and their message and their frustration over the killing of george floyd in minneapolis were heard. and then the situation devolved. it devolved on toayanthom o res ereeeesavhrowingojecles,op an you've fires being lit throughout the downtown area, dan. >> we've seen at least one protester taken off in an ambulance. the extent of the injuries not known. none of the injuries we've heard in oakland are particularly. >> so which is good news. but there have been injuries nonetheless in a number of spot
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fires. >> and dan, protests over the killing of george floyd in minneapolis are raging all across the u.s. tonight. a large and violent demonstration in the nation's capital caused the white house to briefly good on lockdown today. a large group can be seen right there outside the white house. they knocked over barricades and even burned flags. and over in atlanta, the cnn center has been left damaged tonight after a protest there turned violent. demonstrators left broken windows and spray painted messages on the side of the building. a car was also set on fire before the scene was cleared. now in new york city, violent protests continue tonight. this is what it looked like near barclays center earlier today. protesters burned and destroyed multiple police car, and several e re and one person is dead after ds of peopleav ten ovwe. en at this late hour.he streets
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police have made several arrests in detroit. and for the second night in a row, protesters in denver, colorado took to the streets. they made their way to the state capitol and then to the downtown area. and tonight authorities are bracing for another night of protests in minneapolis. this comes as the former police officer who pressed his knee on floyd's neck now faces third degree murder charges. prosecutors are now investigating if the other former officers involved will also face criminal charges. >> for the fourth night in a row, violence in minneapolis following a black man dying while being pinned to the ground by aofficer. >> hands up. >> don't shoot! >> 500 national guard soldiers deployed and an 8:00 curfew, but crowds on the street. all of this hours after former officer derek chauvin was arrested and charged with the murder of george floyd. >> please, please, i can't breathe.
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please, man! please. >> this video sparking national outrage showing chauvin digging his knee into floyd's neck while he was under arrest. >> he is not resisting. >> prosecutors say he had his knee on mr. floyd's neck for 8:46 total. two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after mr. floyd was nonresponsive. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has been charged by the hennepin county attorney's office with murder and with manslaughter. woe are in the process of continuing to review evidence. there may be subsequent charges later. >> abc7 affiliate kstp was there as floyd's girlfriend reactce o. this is the first piece, and it needed to -- it needed to be done. this time. >> other officers involved in
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floyd's arrest. >> they are under investigation. i anticipate charges. >> and tonight a newly found video of george floyd shows him in his own words talking about breaking the silence cycle of violence. >> you're going up and you're going down. >> floyd's family says a lawyer they want two see chauvin face first-degree murder charges. they also want to see the other officers involved. abc news. all right. let's show you live pictures now where there is a fire burning in oakland at a car dealership apparently at 28th and broadway. just a lot of smoke at this point, not flames. there is a mercedes-benz sign there. so i guess it's a mercedes dealership there. again, this is at 28th and broadway, kate. >> so dan, this is just a block or two from the fire that we were showing you motels ago that was taking up that entire downtown oakland street. so we don't have official word
11:27 pm
on this fire, but we do know it's just a few blocks from where other protesters have been near multiple fires that have been set throughout the downtown area. >> and you can see shattered windows there, several of them. it looks like they went right down the row there, shattered windows and started some kind of a fire which doesn't look like it's causing any more damage. just smoke, not flames at this point. stay with us. let's take a look quickly in san jose before we go to a break and show you what's going on there live. a very active protest all day long from about 2:00 inhe it calmed considerably in the last couple of hours, but as you can see, as we zoom in the middle of the intersection where police have taken over the intersection, there are still protesters out ontr w will go to a break right now, but we'll be right back with this breaking ne still very active in oakland this evening at this late 11:30
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back to our breaking news we're following in oakland tonight as protests erupt in the downtown area. you can see this is a honda dealership. this is on broadway near 29th street. you can see people, protesters have broken the front windows of the business. they're climbing in and out. there is actually a fire next door or nearby anyway at the mercedes dealership. that's what it appeared to be. and this is just blocks from blk, cmbing i and sindows o the dealership. this is exactly what oakland police and the law enforcement to avoid. you can see something was just thrown there. it looks like perhaps some tear
11:31 pm
gas. you can see a canister burst and there is smoke and debris in the air. another fire right here in the middle of the sidewalk. so many that have been popping up that it's hard to keep count. a starbucks was set on fire. the front windows there shattered out. we saw protesters burning their cardboard signs, lighting dumpsters on fire. and you can see police are moving in with more heavy-duty tactical vehicles. a few motorcycle officers right there approaching that group of protesters, and the fire and this devolving situation in the downtown area tonight. >> yeah. and that row with the honda dealership, you see almost every window down that block was shatter and smashed. this is as kate said what authorities did not want to see but everyone feared. it's a pretty good bet that the people out here breaking all these windows were not the ones protesting earlier peacefully in around civic center and even on
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the freeway perhaps. this is sometimes a group of people who may come later and stay later, intent on causing problems. we saw earlier very peaceful protest, demonstrations. this is something different that has turned into just vandalism on the streets of oakland, lighting fires and smashing windows. different tone and different kind of action all together on the part of this group of people who are causing real problems in the city streets of oakland. and the interim police chief has been on the job a few week, susan mannheimer said earlier, very sympathetic and outraged by the video we all watched from minneapolis and the police officer who knelt on the neck of george floyd. outraged by that, but sad about tonight's protest, knowing it was coming. we encourage people to express their opinion and their first amendment rights and to protest and to demonstrate what they believe are things that must be changed in this country, but what we won't tolerate is vandalism, destruction of property, and risk to human
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life. and this is where police, as you can see, now they begin to move in en masse to react to what is happening on the streets as things have reallings have real kate's words, devolved rather seriously. >> absolutely, dan. and we're going keep up with this breaking news here throughout the evening. we're concerned, of course, about the police that are showing up and potential injuries, but we are going to take a quick break with weather. dan? >> yeah, let's talk to meteorologist sandhya patel. the weekend is here, sandihya. give us a quick rundown. >> we're going to start off the weekend on a wet note. let's let me show you a spring storm spinning off the coast. we've seen thunderstorms in the sierra. lightning strikes well off the coastline. but thunderstorms are possible as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m., you're going to see the scattered showers 7:00 a.m. don't be surprised if you do hear a clap or two of thunder going into 11:00 a.m., 12:30, especially as we get a little bit of heating from the sun.
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3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. and then the system starts to wind down by evening. rainfall totals will be generally less than a third of an inch. first thing in the morning temperatures in the 50s. showers expected for the afternoon. very windy conditions. winds are still going right now in the accuweather seven-day forecast. a level 1 for tomorrow. drying out for sunday. and then next week we're going see warmer conditions. dan and kate? >> okay, sandhya, thanks very much. we appreciate that. let's take a quick look at live pictures now before we leave you here on air of what's happening on the streets ofoakl ,ig o i front of h that block have been smashed and people are been running in and out of those businesses. >> yeah, dan, i'm a little
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. it is friday night. the end of another bad week in america. last night in minneapolis there was a protest, that turned into a riot, that turned into a scene you'd typically only see in a country at war. on monday, an unarmed black man, george floyd became the latest in a series of unarmed black men to be killed by a police officer. for the crime of trying to pass a fake $20 bill, that he may not have even known was fake, an officer of the peace put his knee on the throat of another human being for eight minutes and ended his life. and many millions of americans are angry. especially in minneapolis. the policeman who killed george floyd, and the three other cops who stood there and did nothing to stop it


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