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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 30, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us on this saturday, may 30th. we continue to follow the protests that have happened overnight in the east bay and south bay over the death of george floyd. we're seeing the aftermath now this morning. of course george floyd is the man who died in minneapolis police custody earlier this week that sparked nationwide protests. in oakland, the protesters seemed to disburse around 1:30 this morning. police say they are investigating as well an incident involving two contract security officers for the federal protective service who were shot. they say one of the officers died from his injury. the other officer is in stable condition. this happened at the federal building on clay street at about 9:45 last night. the fbi says a person inside a vehicle began firing gunshots at contract security officers and police say they are investigating still to determine whether the shooting is related
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to the protests. this did happen in the area around the time of those protests. the federal protective service under the department of homeland security provides security and law enforcement services at u.s. government facilities. oakland police say there are no current protests going on right now but officers have been patrolling the streets through the night. protests turned violent after demonstrators clashed with oakland police officers and shut down interstate 880 for some time last night. there is that dramatic video. you're seeing that here. hundreds started marching around 8:00 last night, made their way onto the interstate as officers monitored the situation from afar. there they are getting onto a big rig truck. the man driving stuck in the midst of all of this. the demonstration did continue to escalate. about an hour later, when officers who lined up to block police headquarters, they sprayed tear gas while protesters set off fireworks and threw bottles. police say multiple officers
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were injured. you're seeing inside i think a cvs here, some looting. they say octobers were thrown by protesters, which injured some officers. those officers, the condition of them, is not known at this time. oakland police have released this preliminary information this morning from the demonstrations. as of now they know that 60 looters were detained for further investigation. 18 people were arrested by oakland police. four people were arrested by outside agencies, so 22 arrests total. six oakland police officers were injured and seven outside agency law enforcement were injured. 13 officers injured. oakland police say there was significant property damage to businesses in the downtown area of oakland after the protests last night, something we've been seeing ourselves, our reporters on the ground are seeing, two abc7 news reporters, cornell barnard is live outside of the target store on broadway and 27th. looters broke windows and stole merchandise. we can see the damage behind you, cornell.
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>> reporter: yeah, that's right, liz. i have to tell you, block after block, the damage here in downtown oakland is extensive and it is remarkable. take a look. this is the target here at 27th and broadway. it was looted last night as protesters broke in. protesters angry over the death of george floyd. there was thousands of people on the street last night. and up until 25, 30 minutes ago when we showed up, there was still active looting taking place. oakland police arrived i'd say about 15 minutes ago and chased a few people away. they detained several as well. oakland police are inside the store, which is flooded, as you can tell. the damage goes on block after block, car dealerships, retail establishments. there was a sea of glass everywhere you look.
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my colleague, jim huntington, the assignment manager for abc7 news, has been on scene much earlier than when we showed up. jim, i know you've seen a lot today. behalf y what kind of damage have you seen? >> good morning, cornell. thank you. before we go to the video i'd like to point out we're talking primarily the damage is done on the commercial corridor of broadway from about the marriott at 11th street all the way up to mcarthur, up near the new kaiser hospital. i've driven around telegraph and seen very little damage. what i have witnessed this morning since about 6:30 is just this entire stretch, about 30 city blocks where a number of businesses have broken windows, graffiti is everywhere. and let's start with the most important story right now would be the shooting at the federal building. the contracted security guard
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for homeland security was shot and killed last night in a drive-by shooting. someone drove by and shot that security guard and another man, and that security guard did die. there is an incredible fbi presence surrounding this r ron dellham's federal building at 12th and clay. many street there are still closed. jefferson is closed between 12th and 14th. and 12th street is closed between clay and jefferson. i counted at least 40 fbi s.w.a.t. members in full gear, armed. there are armored vehicles. there's a full investigation ongoing into the shooting and death of the contracted worker. as far as we know, no arrests have been made. just down the street, two blocks away, in what i'm calling the civic center, is where we saw an incredible amount of damage with the walgreens drugstore.
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the walgreens drugstore was completely trashed just like this target. and you can see the damage yourself, what it looked like. next door is a wells fargo bank. completely trashed. it looked like they set fire to the atm. everywhere around this area you see burned debris as they started fires last night. i've seen a couple of burned-out cars around the downtown oakland area. as i ventured up broadway, we went to mercedes-benz of oakland. that's where just eight hours ago they were burning a vehicle inside the mercedes-benz dealer. we were able to see the black car that was torched. it's kind of hard to see from the sidewalk, but you could smell this putrid plastic odor of the parts of the car that melted in the fire.
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there were also six total cars on the show room floor, all heavily damaged by the demonstrators. and we talked to the manager of mercedes-benz oakland. here's what he had to say. >> i don't know. it's disappointing. i don't think that what's going on and the current events right now, people should think about how to protest, i mean, without violence and without damage to businesses, especially in oakland. we're already struggling with all the coronavirus that's going on. you know, the business doesn't need this. >> all right. and so that was the sales manager of mercedes-benz. they're devastated, of course. we did the math. each one of those cars was worth at least $50,000. so there's at least, you know, the car that was burned was probably destroyed, so, you know, hundreds of thousands of
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dollars in damage there. broken windows. up the street at another vehicle dealership on auto row, the honda dealership. they're out there this morning. they're cleaning up the glass. it's a very familiar sight here on the commercial corridor of broadway and downtown oakland. i talked to an employee who was inside the store. the inside of the honda dealer was trashed. he said some cars were damaged, although i could not see damage on the show room floor. he didn't want to talk. he looked upset. the people that we're talking with are the workers. there are hundreds of workers showing up this morning cleaning up the broken glass and boarding up the windows in oakland. >> reporter: jim, we have covered protests for years here in downtown oakland. have you ever seen damage this extensive on the streets before? >> no, i haven't. as you said, we've seen a lot of
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the occupy problems in the past, but just the length of the damage, the 30 blocks, the broken windows, the graffiti, it's overwhelming to see. >> reporter: jim huntington, thank you so much for your time and your excellent reporting this morning. thank you so much, sir. we have yet to hear from mayor libby shaft about the extensive damage in downtown oakland, how much, a total. we don't know. the city is working on that. but obviously it will be in the millions. we're live in downtown oakland, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> wow. stunning, really stunning. thank you, cornell. thank you to jim. we appreciate that live report. all right. moving on just to show you some of the other things that happened over the past 24 hours, around 7:30 last night a handful of protesters brought traffic to a stop on the upper deck of the bay bridge. cars did get moving pretty quickly and it's unclear where
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those protesters were headed. you were in that traffic, that's what was happenng there. again, we're going to continue talking about all this breaking news and the aftermath of the protests in oakland but we're also tracking the weather today because we're seeing some thunder and some lightning, lisa. overnight and as i was drifing in as well. you're tracking rain too. >> it certainly woke up some folks. live doppler 7 pointing out most of the activity in the northern sacramento valley toward tahoe, extreme northern california but we are looking at an area of low pressure that will make it closer to the north bay today keeping the chance of showers in the forecast. 580, richmond san rafael bridge, going to the east bay, el cerrito and berkeley. some wet weather and widely scattered through hercules. on highway 1, a few showers, and then this in the south bay, here's where you can pick out that rotation. some of these showers spinning up from the south bay into the east bay on and off. looks kind of threatening in
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santa cruz. we'll see a few maybe light showers. otherwise we're mild. in the 60s this morning. you can see the clouds from our east bay hills camera, 64 in napa, 67 in concord. breezy south winds will be with us today. your forecast calling for the chance of scattered showers out there. a few this morning, then partly sunny. chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. it will remain breezy and we'll talk amounts, timing, a drier sunday, and a warm outlook for next week in a few minutes. liz? >> lisa, thank you. up next, we'll talk about the nationwide protests over the death of george floyd and the former officer at the center of the controversy now faci
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back to the protests that we've soon oveen over george fl the past 24 hours, starting with san jose yesterday. a large group of protesters clashed with police after shutting down highw waway 101 l night. there's someone banging in a car window.
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it started as a peaceful protest but tensions ran high with a standoff downtown. at one point a protester charged at officers and started punching one of them. several officers grabbed that man and took him into custody. eddie garcia said we will not tolerate lawlessness. there was one major incident during the protest in san jose, several videos including this one here posted on social media showing an suv barreling through a crowd of protesters at 6th and santa clara streets downtown. the person in this video appears to be okay, but we do not know the extent of any injuries. this video was posted around 9:20 last night. the santa clara sheriff's office says around 9:00 at that same intersection a deputy was involved in a shooting. they did not say if this was connected to the car or provide any further details. the deputy is okay but of course dramatic video there and something we will continue to look into and bring you updates as we get it.
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look at this video. after the protesters exited off highway 101, a san jose police officer was injured. he's lying underneath the car but is moving. three fellow officers and a bystander dragged that officer to safety. dan noyes was in san jose as police and protesters faced off. here's his reports from the streets yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: here's a new scene. something that's happening right now. people are taking a knee. probably 40 people right now taking a knee right in front of the officers. >> we don't have that shot yet on sky 7. now we see it. we've got it. we see it. so the protesters have decided that it's best to take a knee and not move. you have probably 30 people aross right in front and then
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behind the officers you have another 60 people also taking a knee shouting "i can't breathe." >> it has escalated some. i have to say. when you're feet away from a flash bang grenade, it will get your attention. that's just what happened a few seconds ago. you can see -- you can see a guy on the ground here. we have to clear out a little bit. you can see there's another flash bang grenade. they are definitely escalating their response, the police. they are taking more extreme measures to clear the protesters away. the protesters have picked up some of the tear gas and are throwing it back at the police, going back and forth. like i say now, they're throwing tear gas in all different directions, over my head, down the street. the protesters are taking the tear gas canisters and throwing them back at the police
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officers. that is the sound of a flash bang grenade. that will do a very good job of clearing it out. my eyes are now burning from the tear gas. >> sorry, dan. i've had that happen to me before. it's is no fun. don't rub your eyes. it makes it worse, as you know. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. it's interesting because they aren't just going at the protesters right in front of them, they are firing off to the side over our heads as well. i just want to talk a little bit about what may have been the tipping point. >> whoa. >> reporter: that's -- >> fireworks. >> reporter: that's a serious flash bang grenade. dan, i don't know if you can see this now, but there are protesters who are taking newspaper stands and -- >> yes, i was seeing that. it's like a barricade. >> reporter: the police are firing on them right now. the police are firing -- firing
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the projectiles. these are not live roupds, but they're firing those projectiles at the people who have taken a car. it looks like it's a -- w clwhoa! it's a car they outfitted before with a protest sign on the back of it. >> dramatic reporting from dan noyes yesterday in san jose. a long night of coast to coast protests. demonstrators took to the streets over the death of george floyd across the country. the former minneapolis police officer at the center of this is now facing third-degree murder charges. prosecutors are investigating if the other officers involved will also face charges. karina mitchell has the details. >> reporter: another night of outrage and violence in minneapolis following a black man dying while being pinned to the ground by a white police officer. 500 national guard soldiers deployed, an 8:00 curfew in place, but crowds still on the street. >> the situation is incredibly
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dangerous. >> we as a city can be so much better than this. there is no honor in burning down your city. >> reporter: all of this hours after former officer derek chauvin was arrested and charged with the murder of george floyd. >> i can't breathe. please, man. please. >> reporter: this video sparking national outrage showing chauvin digging his knee into floyd's >> not resisting arrest or nothing. >> reporter: prosecutors say the defendant had his knee on floyd's neck for 8:46 in total, 2:53 of this was after mr. floyd was nonresponsive. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has been charged by the hennepin county attorney's office with murder and with manslaughter. we are in the process of continuing to review the evidence. there may be subsequent charges
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later. >> reporter: abc affiliate kstp was there as floyd's girlfriend reacted to the charges. >> this is the first piece of justice. it needed to be done. >> reporter: other officers involved in floyd's arrest, were fired. >> they are under investigation. i anticipate charges. >> reporter: following those charges against chauvin, nationwide protests continued last night. these protests in atlanta and these in houston. in washington, d.c., at the white house, the lapd declaring all of downtown los angeles an unlawful assembly following repeated acts of violence and property damage. and this was the scene here in new york. floyd's family says through a lawyer they want to see chauvin face first-degree murder charges. they also want to see the other officers involved arrested.
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a police officer in louisville, kentucky, fired pepper bullets at a news crew reporting live on a protest. it's remarkable video. take a look. >> i'm getting shot! i'm getting -- rubber bullets. it's okay. it's those pepper bullets. they just shot me in the shin. directly at us. directly at us. why? i don't know. we are behind their lines. >> reporter: the reporter and crew for wabe are okay. the bullets are being used to disburse people that have been protesting for two days now but it's unclear why that officer was directly targeting it at this reporter and her crew. a spokesperson for the louisville metro police has since apologized and said it's, quote, not our intention to target the media as they try to this, but of course it's also after a cnn reporter was
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arrested live on tv yesterday. over in atlanta, the cnn center has been left damaged after a protest there turned violent. demonstrators left broken windows and spray-painted messages on the building. a car was also set on fire before the scene was cleared. in new york city, violent protests continue there, and this is what it looked like near barclays center yesterday in afternoon in brooklyn. protesters burned multiple police cars and several were arrested. more than 100 protesters were detained outside the arena for throwing bottles and other disturbances. a dozen officers were hurt. one person is dead after shots were fired into a crowd of protesters in detroit. no officers were involved. hundreds of people, though, took over the streets there, and police have made several arrests. and for the second night in a row, protesters in denver, colorado, took to the streets. they made their way to the state capitol around then to the downtown area there.
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and in oregon, protests there as well. in portland, that's led to the mayor of the city to declare a state of emergency. he tweeted this overnight saying there is now a curfew ending at 6:00 a.m. this morning and starting up again tonight at 8:00 a.m. but declaring a state of emergency there in portland. so that's just a handful of the cities that had protests overnight. there was ones in phoenix as well, los angeles of course, so this is really something that is having an impact throughout the country right now. we're going to continue to look into this and have more from cornell on the ground in oakland in a few minutes. let's switch gears and talk aout the weather because we are expecting rain this morning, lisa. >> yeah, liz. we have a bit of a thunder rumbling and some lightning as we came in and the wipers definitely needed. but that has winded down, but we are looking at the possibility of more showers spinning up off the coast and with a little bit of sun and an area of low pressure nearby, and that cold air aloft, we are keeping thunderstorms in the outlook
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today. although they will be widely scattered. even the showers becoming scattered. so we'll pin point it all for you as we look at live doppler 7 right now, going into the east bay, where we had a few light showers and looking at crockett and herke lose, a few light returns. around highway 1 down through daly city and pacifica, the boulevard looking a bit wet. to the south, we're getting a little more moisture wrapping up around that low offshore from santa cruz into the east bay. we widen the view. that's the low. it is encompassing much of northern and central california. a level 1 on our storm impact scale. we can see the sunshine out here from our exploratorium camera. that sun is working to destabilize the atmosphere, so we will have to dodge a few sowers throughout the afternoon. 66 in san jose, 60 in san francisco, and a look from emeryville. we can see the clouds in the distance here. 60 santa rosa. how about 67 by the delta? it's mild. concord at 67.
9:25 am
you had a light shower earlier. level 1 on our storm impact scale. breezy southerly winds, some scattered showers, chance of a thunderstorm, and wow, is that gorgeous from our east bay hills camera atop vollmer peak. beautiful sky but with cumulus clouds we get that upward development and we could see some of those showers coming down throughout the afternoon and a thunderstorm in the higher elevations. partly sunny, some scattered sowers early, then that chance of a thunderstorm, a warmer pattern for middle of next week. the winds today will be breezy, and we're certainly looking at that as we go through the afternoon. so 2:00 to 4:00, maybe 10 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. it's breezy out there, and that's all due to that low offshore. lets go hour by hour pop you'll notice we have more clouds around than showers, but as we go through the next few hours, a few light showers popping up, but this image not picking up the possibility of those scattered downpours or the thunderstorms that we could see in the afternoon from the east
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bay, mt. diablo and also down through santa cruz. so the bulk of the day will feature partly sunny conditions but don't be surprised if you get a few showers and then maybe even some of those cumulus buildups for a thunderstorm. so rainfall amounts you can see very light, anywhere from a couple hundredths in oakland fremont, a third here, and as we look ahead for monday, warming up, 70s and 80s. here comes the heat tuesday, mid-90s inland, even warming up around the bay on wednesday. so the two hottest days of the week tuesday and wednesday. today lots of cloud cover, partly sunny, and we could see those showers. we will see scattered showers, that level 1 system. a chance of a thunderstorm not out of the question. and then looking at tomorrow, we'll have partly sunny conditions, clouds will be around and then with temperatures coming up through the early part of the week, it will be pleasant. it's tuesday and wednesday where we see the most heat and even around the bay, but then looking
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at that cooling getting into the forecast as we get towards the end of the week. so one of those day where is we could see some rainbows out there as well. liz? >> thanks, lisa. just ahead, how former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is helping the people in minneapolis protest the death
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colin kaepernick will help pay legal fees for people in minneapolis protesting the death of george floyd. he made the announcement yesterday on instagram and twitter. the financial assistance will come from kaepernick's know your rights camp. the group is devoted to em kating and empowering young people of color and developing a new generation of leaders. still to come, back live to downtown oakland.
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good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. some of you may have been startled to see or hear that thunder or lightning early this morning. we'll start this half hour with a look at the weather. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. good morning. we have an area of low pressure offshore. it's a level 1 on our storm impact scale, providing some scattered showers, some breezy, southerly winds, and a chance of thunderstorms. you can see the main activity in the sacramento valley, extreme northern california, but as we go in closer, a few scattered showers off the coast. we'll continue to see these throughout the day so you will be dodging a few showers out there, mainly a partly sunny afternoon but the possibility continues for a thunderstorm throughout afternoon. take a look at mt. tam. always looks kind of ominous when we have a weather system in the vicinity. 70 by the delta. as we go through your 10:00
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hour, you notice the red, the yellows there. that's the pop-up showers that we will see on and off throughout the day. but mainly we're talking light amounts, under a tenth of an inch, but by the afternoon, conditions ripe for that possible thunderstorm. we'll detail the amounts, the timing, the second half of your weekend, and a warmer looking week ahead coming up. liz? >> lisa, thank you. we have been tracking and following the latest updates on the protests around the country and here in the bay area in response to the death of george floyd. a lot of unrest overnight in oakland, protests going until 1:30, 2:00 in the morning. i want to go back out live to cornell barnard who is live in oakland for us outside of some of the buildings that have been vandalized and looted this morning. cornell, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, liz. we are just still taking in the scope of the damage. we have been here for the better part of two hours, and i have to tell you the damage is extensive and it is remarkable. take a look. this is the target here on
9:34 am
broadway and 27th. and it is for lack of a better term, it is trashed. demonstrators smashed the windows here last night. they were protesting of course the death of george floyd by a minneapolis police officer. the store was looted, and up until about 45 minutes ago, there was still active looting happening inside the store. oakland police arrived here about 30 minutes ago and detained several individuals inside. they are still in the store assessing the damage. the sprinklers went off so the store is flooded. now, last night, a federal security guard was shot and killed outside of the federal building on clay street. the fbi says it was a drive-by shooting. another guard was wounded. the fbi now investigating. just down the street, the walgreens store on 14th street
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was also broken into. windows were smashed there. looting was happening throughout the night in that store. windows were also shatteed at the wells fargo bank not far away, and the mercedes-benz dealership up on broadway's auto row was also vandalized. the windows smashed and several cars were set on fire. we spock with the manager a short time ago. he was devastated about the loss of his inventory. we also talked to a gentleman whose name was homer stafford. he lives in oakland. he is very upset about what he's seeing on his streets this morning. let's hear from him. >> and to me, it's sickening. it's sad. you know, it's real sad, man. you know, we got a lot of racism, we're going to live with it the rest of our lives, but come on, man, enough is enough. you know, that [ bleep ] trump said it's out of pocket, man. he got the national guard here
9:36 am
talking about looting. if you loot, shoot them. that's wrong, man. they could have killed thousands of people last night for stealing something that's insured. >> reporter: a lot of people very upset about what is happening on the streets this morning, what they're seeing. here are the latest numbers. 22 arrests, 60 looters detained, 13 officers injured including six oakland police officers. we are waiting to hear from the mayor about what is happening in the city. we will get more information about that later. i'm cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> thank you. still a very active scene as someone behind him was yelling, a lot of people around that area. those number wes know about, looting, people being detained, i'm sure will go up given the fact that cornell said there was looting happening even until ha minutes ago at that target before opd showed up.
9:37 am
that was cornell barnard reporting from us from oakland. president trump facing outrage over his tweets that were mentioned there after using that phrase when the looting starts, the shooting starts. the president explaining his words yesterday saying he did not know the history of that phrase. his explanation comes after joe biden offered his own message to the nation and his reaction to the president's words. here's abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan carl with the details. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> reporter: president trump called a press conference but abruptly walked out without saying a single word about the growing anger over the death of george floyd. with the streets of minneapolis ablaze, he seemed to call for violence, tweeting, "these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd. i won't let that happen." he said the military was ready, adding, "any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts the shooting starts." and with that, the president echoed a phrase with a racist past, one used in the late 1960s by miami's then police chief who called for violence against
9:38 am
african-american rioters. the president also took aim at minneapolis' mayor, calling him the very weak radical left mayor jacob frey. the mayor responded in a middle of the night news conference. >> weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else during a time of crisis. donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis. we are strong as hell. >> reporter: twitter declared the president's tweet about shooting looters, a violation of its rule against glorifying violence. the president tried to get around that by posting the same words on the white house' official twitter account. twitter marked that tweet too. meanwhile, joe biden addressed the country with live remarks from his home saying he had spoken to george floyd's family. >> we see plainly that we're a country with an open wound, and none of us can turn away. none of us can be silent. none of us can any longer hear the words, "i can't breathe" and do nothing.
9:39 am
. >> reporter: biden then condemned the president's tweets. >> you know, this is no time for incendiary tweets. it's no time to encourage violence. this is a national crisis. we need real leadership right now. >> reporter: former president obama weighed in saying, "for millions of americans being treated differently on account of race is tragically, painfully, maddeningly normal," adding that the country needed to move on to, quote, a new normal which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer affects our institutions or our hearts. the current president finally spoke to the cameras, saying he, too, had talked to the family of george floyd. >> well, i just expressed my sorrow. that was just a horrible thing to witness and to watch. and it would certainly look like there was no excuse for it. >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. let's talk about coronavirus for a moment and the reopening process here in the bay area.
9:40 am
san mateo county is easing up on some shelter in place restrictions starting on monday with proper safety precautions, places of worship can hold surveillances. retail stores can have customers inside. limitations on beach access will be lifted. we have reaction from residents and business owners. >> reporter: like this little case here with all of the stuff in it -- >> reporter: pam is the owner of this store located in rockaway beach in pacifica. >> this is a vintage flavor with a modern twist. people come here and they love nostalgia. >> reporter: she put out a sign to let clients know she's back. >> welcome. oh, my god. i love my work. and i'm happy to be back at work. >> reporter: because her store is small, only one client at a time will be allowed inside. she's taking other precautionary measures. >> well, i always tell them to come in and squirt their hands and then feel free to try on a
9:41 am
pair of gloves, and you can wear the gloves. and then you're welcome to open the drawers up with the gloves on. >> reporter: she's not the only one enjoying this moment. the county's health order also lifted some of the restrictions at beaches in san mateo county. here's a picture of the beach during memorial day weekend. nearby residents complained because the parking lots had been closed outsiders were parking on their streets. with the lots opened, families were benefitting from the open space. these three close friends had not seen each other in person since before the shelter in place order. >> and to be sitting here by an ocean yet is enthralling for me. it's like a little piece of normal even though we don't look normal. >> reporter: police warn that any kind of disruptive behavior can lead to tightening of restrictions. you still have to wear some kind of face covering on beaches and trails, a and you have to maintain that distance. >> we expect people to only come
9:42 am
to the beach if they're actively recreat recreating, walking or running or swimming. >> reporter: houses to of worship will be allowed to open but only with the proper social distancing. children at summer camps been placed in stable groups during a period of three consecutive weeks. the county points out that all these new modifications will hopefully increase the immunity of the population they say slowly and methodically. in pacifica, lee ann melendez, abc7 news. still ahead, nasa is hoping for an historic spacex launch getting off the ground.
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happening today in the east bay, parents of graduating high school seniors are throwing the students a special ceremony. it's a cruise into the sunset parade for pittsburgh high school seniors. parents are decorating their cars and the seniors will wear their cap and gown. it starts at 6:00 at the pittsburgh marina. another check of the weather with lisa argen. >> kind of pretty out there with the partly sunny conditions. check out walnut creek. you've seen showers in our east bay and with the system offshore, we could see some thunderstorms later on today. but it is mild. everyone's in the 60s. a breezy day on the way. but the second half of your weekend looking much drier and we've got warmth, too,
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happening today, a historic space flight attempts to launch after being scrubbed wednesday
9:48 am
because of inclement weather. this is a live look at the spacex rocket and capsule on the launch pad in cape canaveral florida. the next attempt will be 12:22 our time. the twotwo a u.s. astronauts ha headed to the launch pad. it would be the first to take off in nearly a decade. more than 2,000 researchers at nasa research center at moffit field will be watching. they played an important support role in this project. david louie has those details. >> reporter: scientists and engineers at nasa have made significant contributions to the space program in the last decades. they developed a heat shield. it's called pica. the material is now manufactured by spacex, the private company started by elon musk. nasa ames works in partnership with spacex as astronauts return
9:49 am
to space for the first time from american soil in nine years. in recent years they were launched by russian rockets after the space shuttle program ended. they also conducted tests on spacex crew dragon capsule carrying the astronauts to the international space station. >> wind tunnels and our computation nal tools have been utilized to like at the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself and also the aerodynamics associated with the abordt system if that's needed. >> reporter: even as the space program becomes a public/private partnership going forward, nasa ames will play a vital role in conducting research as experiments are transported into space. the study of cell and tissue growth continuing to be of interest in low-gravity environments. >> we will take advantage of this new capability now with launching both people and cargo to station where we will have our payloads taken up and our payloads returned after the experiments have been done for further analysis by our scientists. >> reporter: nasa ames leaders say the shift to commercial partners and space requires more care in the transfer of
9:50 am
technology and intellectual property. over the past 18 years, spacex has gone to a company that routinely launches commercial satellites and performs other critical missions for the military and for that sha. >> dragon spacex, unfortunately we are not going to launch today. >> reporter: only the weather can put a hold on its plans to return astronauts to space. >> this is a great time for space exlor ration and we're very excited. >> reporter: while there's little doubt the space program is getting a lift by the excitement generated by the rocket launch, some people dream, others make it a reality. david louie, abc7 news. >> abc news will have a special report if there is a launch at 12:22, and the big question will come down to the weather. it has to be just perfect, so lisa, my question to you, we all want to know, what's the weather looking like at cape canaveral right now? >> it was looking about 50/50 and now it's looking maybe about 40% as we look at the florida
9:51 am
peninsula right now. you can see that there's no storms in the vicinity but around orlando you can see a storm there. we'll take you through the next several hours. cape canaveral here with some showers around, indiana river looking at that thunderstorm by about 11:30. then as we go past the noon hour, there certainly are showers. not only do they need the safe weather in the vicinity but all along the rocket path for sure. that decision being made in less than two hours. so it's looking, eh, a slightly better than the one that was scrubbed, but tomorrow is looking even better if they are going to go for that tomorrow. so, you know, it hash awfully dicey there. you can see again today that the chances of that happening are just a little bit under 50%. let's take a look at our own local weather for the week ahead. in san jose, some cool 70s today, but actually the average is in the upper 70s.
9:52 am
still pretty pleasant. a little humid out there. we'll warm it up throughout the week. look what happens tuesday and wednesday. wednesday should be the warmest day, in the 90s, and then we will see the conditions get cooler by the end of the upcoming workweek. look at the cloud cover out there. pretty but you know something's going on, right? we have an area of low pressure offshore, and that is going to allow for that unstable air. a lot of thunderstorms to the north of us, the sacramento valley. as we go in closer to the north bay, it's clouds, not much going on, a few isolated sprinkles here and there. you can see off the coast a little bit of green here. that's going to be the case as showers will continue to rotate from the ocean through the south bay perhaps up into the east bay. you saw a few showers early this morning, parts of the east bay. you can see the activity lighting up here to the north of us. we saw a tenth of an international of a rain around mt. diablo. the rest of you have had about trace amounts. here's our roof camera. when you see the cloud out there, certainly some dynamics, and you add in that cold air
9:53 am
aloft, the sunshine, atmosphere getting primed for maybe a few storms this afternoon. 64 in red woothdwowood city, 66 jose. mild weather out there. 63 santa rosa. you had an early shower. napa is at 64. this is a level 1 on our storm impact scale. breezy south winds, looking at the scattered showers on and off and then the possibility of a thunderstorm. so san jose looking at some clouds, partly sunny, a few showers, possible thunderstorm. the warmer pattern tuesday and wednesday. hour by hour, more clouds, but a few breaks around and you can see just how isolated some of these showers are. but into the afternoon, the atmosphere gets more primed. perhaps the diablo range looking at a thunderstorm. how much? not much at all. in fact, a couple hundredths to maybe a tenth of an international towards the east bay, a third of an inch in ben lowman, and as we get towards your monday, more like summer. 70s and 80s. look at tuesday, though. 90s arriving.
9:54 am
upper 90s on wednesday. as for today, one of the cooler days with partly sunny conditions, a few isolated showers, a possibility of a thunderstorm. breezy south winds. the accuweather seven-day forecast holding on to the cloud cover tomorrow and then a few breaks of sun making it partly cloudy. monday we're warming up, and then looking at that two-day heat event where everyone warms up, and then cooler by the end of the week. one of those day where is it's certainly not a washout but don't be surprised if you're out there throwing the ball around and you get a few sprinkles. then again, maybe a thunderstorm later on today. liz? >> thanks, lisa. next, celebrating golden
9:55 am
9:56 am
fran's golden gate has scaled back its celebration due to the coronavirus pandemic. the virtual concert series continues with classics from the park. the 90-minute concert features performances by the late robin
9:57 am
williams, whoopi goldberg and bob starlet as well as 20 comedians who have performed in comedy day's 40-year history. it's available at 5:00 p.m. this morning, just want to give some information on what we know, oakland police releasing preliminary information on the protests over the death of george floyd. 60 looters were detained and 22 arrested by law enforcement agencies. protests turned violent after demonstrators clashed with oakland police officers and shut down interstate 880 for some time. officials say there was significant property damage with fires being started and stores looted. authorities say two contract security officers for the federal protective service who were shot -- were both shot at the federal building, sadly one of those officers has died. the other is in stable condition. police say they are investigating to determine whether that shooting is related to the protest. a lot to follow today. we'll be tracking it on our
9:58 am
website, a quick final check of the weather. lisa? >> we have a mix of clouds and sun out there, a few scattered showers in the north bay, along the peninsula. we'll see more spin today as the low pressure keeps the atmosphere unstable. drier and warmer throughout the week. >> thanks for joining us on "abc7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz with lisa argen.
9:59 am
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