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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 2, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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surge of coronavirus skascases. last week, a 71-year-old died from covid-19. and an employee at warriors facility has tested positive for the virus. and the location has been closed for cleaning. and next week's scheduled camp will be postponed. during the pandemic, we are focused on how we can continue to build a better bay area. governor newsom's decision to impose new restrictions on 19 counties including three mere in t here in the bay area will have a big impact. and they have been ordered to close indoor operations at restaurants, wiesie theaters, familyme om zoos, and museums for at least three weeks. there will be a full closure of bars and breweries. >> this doesn't mean restaurants
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shut down, it means that we're trying to take as many activities as we can, these mixed activities, these concentrated activities, and move them outdoors, which is a way of mitt sgatiigating the sp. >> governor newsom says there is greater risk being indoors for these activities. and the state reported more than 3800 cases yesterday and 110 new deaths. and this is putting some businesses in a pretty tough spot especially in solano county which will have to reimpose restrictions that had already been lifted. and julian glover is live with reaction there. >> good morning. bottom line, these businesses were caught off guard by the governor's announcement. the closures were effective immediately and we still saw restaurants bratine operating i.
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some said they had not heard about the sudden changes to the rules. you have to remember for the last month restaurants and bars in solano county have been able to everybody is counties indoors. nmtcenters,dy all must stop indr operations. bar, they have to close both indoor and outdoor s doodoor se. >> and if he says it, you have to stay inside, you have to stay inside. you can sit down or you can't sit down. >> that was the owner of a pizzeria. hopefully they can shift their services back outdoors. and tasting rooms and museums, zoos, are also on the list of businesses that have to take a pause right now. these businesses will remain closed or at least the indoor operations for the restaurants for the next three weeks and then things will be reevaluated based on things like the number
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of people being hospitalized and of course the infection rate in solano county. but governor newsom using that dimmer switch that he talked about in the conference. julian glover, abc 7 news. and we know that it can be hard t of what is open or allowed. so we have an interactive map that keeps track of all the changes at new mask guidelines are in effect if you eat out in san francisco. restaurant customers have to wear face coverings anytime they are not eating or drinking. that includes when you are waiting to be seated, when looking at the menu, when you are ordering and waiting for your food and drinks to come. restaurants have to make sure that waiting crowds are at least 20 feet away from the entrance. and the oakland zoo says it is in danger of permanently shutting down unless it can reon that. it has been losing $2 million a
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month since the coronavirus outbreak. the zoo wants to be classified as an outdoor museum because they have been allowed to reopen. >> we've established that we can open safely and not be a source of transmission of covid, but we can't continue to go on with no revenue and still stay in business. >> the proposal would allow admission by reservation . visitors would be capped at 2500. masks and social distancing would be required but zoo rides, restaurants and indoor exhibits would stay closed. help may soon be on the way for america's small businesses am mid the pandemic. congress voted to extend the paycheck protection program through august 8. the measure will now go to president for his signature. the program provides money for small businesses. congress created this as part of the trillion pandemic rescue
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package which was passed in march. about $130 billion in loans is still available. president trump's approval rating is sinking. i have the results of a new poll from politico. and dhethese are the numbers. just people think the le sayares areappo a good job. with resibility tnk that we'll good with the coronavirus. i think at some point that will sort of just disappear i hope. >> donald trump is in retreat. he called himself a war time president. what happened? >> with just four months until the presidential election, how president trump deals with the pandemic could make or break his re-election and despite the president's refusal to wear
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masks in public, the knock ti"n times" is reporting that more republican leaders are encouraging people about to wear face in the south bay, travelers passing through the san jose airport will notice a number of measures aimed at protecting passengers and employees. but is it enough to get people to return to the skies? chris nguyen takes a look. >> reporter: and a new experience awaits those who travel in this covid-19 era. >> it is really nice to be back in an airport traveling again especially to see family and friends. >> reporter: at silicon valley, hundreds of plexiglass shields hand sanitizing stations. >> and we were able to drive the price down. >> reporter: and they are slowly
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trying to improve, but a wrolon way to go. they expect an overall drop of nearly 50%. and the number of people passing through the tsa checkpoint in june was down 86% compared to a year ago. >> getting people move, getting business moving is good for everybody. and so we're focused on building that confidence so that the traveling public feels that they are safe while they are passing through our facility. >> reporter: throughout the terminal, passengers are constantly reminded about the importance of wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. the airport custodial team is now using an electroma areas th almost impossible to get with the paper towel or a cleaning rag. >> reporter: and with enhanced cleaning inside the airport, passengers are appreciative, but say their concerns are mainly on
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the plane. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. staying home during the pandemic is saving lives from more than just coronavirus. it is helping overt a childhood danger. and coming in back to school, there are new guidelines for the fall and whether your young children 1450 weshould we masks. yeah, let's start with some neighborhood temperatures. south bay, most of us in the low to mid-50s. 56 in san jose to 50 in lothe hills. and brentwood, 58. and check out the 40s, 49 in novato. so if you left the windows open last night, a little more of a chill in the house than yesterday morning. we have issues with your commute, because the sea breeze whether increa will increase today so there will be breezy bridges and choppy water. here is a look at san francisco,
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at 2:00, 68. and 59 at 8:00 this evening. as far as the peninsula goes, in the 60s through 10:00 with increasing sunshine. mid-70s for the afternoon. and 66 at 8:00. breezy along the east bay shor, mid to upper 70s for a couple showers this afternoon. and a cool 50ekoocool evening a. we'll have the accuweather 7 day forecast coming up. good ineveryone. so let's start with the graphics first today. and then i'll take you to a live look outside. so you will see on our map here, everything for the most part is
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gle green except that little red line of scrimmage coming out of tracy. so if you are heading out the door, you are in great shape. and i have some graphics to showed you if my computer works. that's all right. we'll just go to the camera. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have a high wind advisory from the chp, so be aware of that as you make your way into san francisco this morning. but everything is looking
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thought we'd take a look at what is going on in san francisco. you can see that we have cloud cover and about 54 degrees. as far as your planner, clouds are back to the coast by noon. but the sea breeze will increase just a little bit and that will dron the temperatures a degree or two this afternoon. 76 to 84 around the bay. 50s, 60s and a few 70s at 7:00. the heat is in the central valley, low to mid-90s there. and of course vegas over 100. 76 in tahoe. only 65 in monterey today. tahoe will stay similar to today. mid to upper 70s through the holiday weekend. but it will be pretty windy all three days.
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chp is asking for the public's help in finding the person who shot four people yesterday afternoon in oakland. the vehicle. >> all the cars passing by, nobody was stopping. it really hurt me to see that. >> wow. and she says she used towels to try to stop one person's bleeding. two of the victims were seriously hurt. health is one of the areas that we're focusing on in our effort to build a better bay area. covid-19 is taking lives, but it could also be saving lives too. child safety experts say only six children have died from heat stroke so far this year after being left unattended in a vehicle. and in a normal year the average by this time is 15. the downward trend may be tied to sheltering at home instead of
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taking kids to child care. about half of the 39 children who died each year were forgotten by a parent or caregiver. >> people, you know, literally space out. i think that we've all at one time missed our exit on the freeway because we're think about something else. >> and the temperature in a closed car can rise 19 glees in just ten minutes. experts say heat stroke occurs when the outdoor temperature is as low as 57 degrees. and we're also focused on education. the american kacademy of pediatrics now recommends face coverings for middle and high school kid, but not elementary schools. >> reporter: in order to gauge a child's feelings, i went to the source. this is a pair of second graders. >> it is a nnoying because it keeps slimming do ingslipping d hot and sweaty. >> and it is hard to breathe
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because it is blocking most of the air that is supposed to get in your mouth. >> reporter: this oakland mother has an incoming kindergarten and she says masks in the classroom are not practical for younger kids. >> we gave up on masks in about ten minutes. and we also gave up on 6 feet apart. there is no way that they will distance. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics surprise the everyone when it said that schools are not greatly amplifying the spread of the virus. and they recommend that elementary school grades focus on hand washing and use outdoor spaces when possible. this specialist at children's hospital colorado -- >> and face mask on, you are fidgeting with it all the time and touching your face more. that actually could potentially lead to more transmissions. >> reporter: and only middle and
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high school grades should be required to cover their faces if a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained. and these recommendations are expected to influence school districts across the could you be. lee lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. today two dozen people will be sworn in as naturalized citizens. it will take place on the flight deck in alameda. they hail from 14 nations. one is a phlebotomist. ad another is in the environmental movement. this is video of a previous ceremon ceremony. love to see that. congratulations. and nice to be able to still to it and be social distanced,
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right? >> right. they are setting a good example already. we appreciate that. congratulations to them. it must be such a weight off their shoulder and so much excitement. only thing is, if you are going to wear a hat, it will be breezy today. but temperatures will be pretty comfortable. let's take a look at what is going on with the roof camera. a little breezy in some spots in san francisco. that will continue to ease our heat as we head into a sunny afternoon. we'll have the low clouds again tonight and it will be breezy in the same areas. now, the bez will back off this weekend, the sea breeze will take a little vacation for the holiday and that is why we'll have a surge in our warmth. today you can see the fog and low clouds, and by the coast, you will be in the 50s today. mid and upper 70s for a lot of the south bay, but san jose, low
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80s. and now we have low to mid-70s up and down the peninsula. just a little chill in the air when you factor in the breeze. and the warm spot at the coast, 60. mid and upper 60s downtown, sausalito. upper 50s along the north bay coast. we'll have mid to upper 70s through the north bay. but look at cloverdale, yucaipa, they have don't get touched by the sea breeze, 90s for them. and low to upper 80s in our east bay valleys. tonight, a lot of cloud cover and upper 40s to mid-50s. the 7 day forecast, about 6 to 10 degrees warmer from friday into saturday. we'll hold the warmth through sunday. the sea breeze returns monday and starts a slow cooling trend bringing us back to average by wednesday.
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major tech ceos will testify before congress. here is tech bytes. big tech is going to capitol hill. the ceos of apple, facebook, amazon and google will appear later this month before a house panel investigate being possible anti-competitive practices on line. first time they testified at the same time. bmw is showing off its new in-car operating system, it includes the ability to up glad certain features like high beams, heated seats or advanced driver assistance on a subscription basis for a set amount of time. the new updates will be in vehicles later this year. finally, alexi and siri be triggered no y more often th think. experts say false triggers could lead to privacy intrusions. hey siri, those are your "techbytes."
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>> got to be carefully. and the pandemic is having one unexpected expectffect on t economy. and two local teens honored with an
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rents are dropping at a record rate. for the first time ever, san francisco rents are down by double digits compared with a
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year ago. median price$3280. but that is town 12% frs touis e last year. and rent in sacramento went up nearly 8% compared with june of last year. monterey bay aquarium is now selling tickets for when it will reopen on july 13th. but overwhelming demand crashed the system. they had this message for fans telli telling tell that the beingaqua was fish for a solution. masks and social distancing will be required. a one way path through the exhibits has been set the unto help the social distancing
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requirement. and a big honor for two teens. fr sarah goody was wrong those reaction noised for t e se told us what the award means to her. >> the diana award serves as a reminder to continue fighting for justice and equality. it is a testament to those like me fighting for something better. >> and a 14-year-old of san jose was the honored yesterday. and look, prilin principles prie harrah madehai harry made a surprise video address. >> that's nice.
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and want to update on some new advisories. you ma craft advisory for the afternoon and early evening hours assist t th breeze will touch how of our lives today. and the breeze is picking up along the co-. and creating some dangerous rip currents. and some sneaker waves. and especially look the south facing beaches. so we have beach hazard statement for friday through 8:00 sunday evening. so pretty of the entire holiday weekend. and coming up next, cracking done on covid-19 rules. a community trying to figure out how to enforce mask use and social distancing. and plus six flags is getting ready to reopen, but only some attractions will be
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available. and long lines in east bay with somes even
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we approach the holiday woo w w. and six flags is getting ready to reopen kind of. we are live at the neem park with what you can expect. and it is thursday, july 2. >> that it is. and we'll check in now with mike nicco to see what we can expect today. >> i thought we renamed it june 32nd. >> i'm awake now, so it is now july. >> fantastic. yeah, we thought we were stuck in june. but it is july. and you a see the clouds are cuffing more neighborhoods. not hugging the ground except for some of the higher elevations.more neighborhoods. not hugging the ground except for some of the higher elevations. and here is a look from the exploratorium camera.
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