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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 6, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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this is "abc7 news." >> and this has been a busy day for firefighters in the bay area. multiple fires burning right now. a grass fire is burning along interstate 80 in rodeo. this video taken a little after 2:00 this afternoon. we did see the flames come dangerously close to some homes. that was about 90 minutes ago. cal fire says it's burned at least 35 acres so far. we have not heard about any evacuations. as you can see, a ton of smoke. we had zoomed in a few minutes ago. there are active flames that you can see. we'll keep an eye on this. dangerously close to what looks like a tank farm there. and remember, a year ago, there was a fire at one of those refineries. you can see the flames here burning out of control. so we'll keep an eye on this, as we continue throughout this hour. sky 7 was over vanetia this afternoon, as well.
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where a grass fire burned and rought traffic to a annee tts juul loti alsoedp., burned about five acres. nothing was damaged, and the cause is under investigation. as with the other fire, we'll keep you posted throughout the afternoon. good afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. in the south bay, firefighters have been working around the clock to put out a fire burning east of gilroy. the cruz fire is burning near highway 152, and it's 20% contained. 2,000 acres have burned since the fire started sunday afternoon. cal fire says it started as a structure fire and spread to the grass. high winds have made the flames difficult to contain. another fire in santa clara county burned about 350 acres, and is 80% contained now. 80 people were evacuated when
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the fire broke out saturday night. but all evacuation orders have since been lifted. investigators are working to determine if fireworks are to be blamed. let's check in with spencer christian and see what kind of role the winds are playing on these fires. spencer? >> okay, wind is certainly the big factor right now across the bay area, wherever fires may be burning. a look at conditions right now near the cruz fire, temperature is only about 76 degrees, but the steady wind out of the south-southwest at 11 miles per hour with gusts up to 17 miles per hour. although from time to time, the gusts are stronger than that. let me show you what we expect the wind pattern to be going into the evening and overnight hours. through the nighttime hours, the steady wind will be light, not much more than 10 miles per hour. the wind is expected to increase a bit again by tomorrow
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afternoon. days, on the mild side.eratures not very warm, but expected to get rather hot in that area over the weekend. in the area near rodeo, the wind is a bit stronger there, up to about 15 miles per hour with gusts up to 20 miles per hour or higher. i'll keep updating this for you. larry? >> thank you, spencer. now to new developments concerning the coronavirus. the bay area has now topped 30,000 cases and at least 609 people have died. today, the governor staid nearly 6,000 cases were reported yesterday across the state. our seven-day average is 7,876 cases. hospitalizations have climbed 50% over just the past two weeks. now, the governor announced additional enforcement of virus restrictions over the holiday weekend. he said inspectors visited nearly 6,000 restaurants across the state. but that enforcement is creating
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confuse here in the bay area. in santa clara county, restaurants are trying to decide if they should continue serving customers outside. chris nguyen has this story from san jose. >> reporter: in recent weeks, restaurants across santa clara county had been offering outdoor dining under a revised county health order issued in june. but over the weekend, thousands of restaurants and bars across the state were visited by agents with the department of alcoholic beverage control, alerting them they were in violation of the governor's stay at home order. this included the ladera grill in morgan hill, where the owner was warned about p citations should he continue to serve food outside. officials mainta s >> we will continue to say that unless and until the state informs us that's not the case. and up to today, we have not
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received any information from any state agency that in fact is not true. >> reporter: this comes as santa clara county's previous request for a variance from the state order was denied over the weekend. leaving the planned mid-july reopening of certain businesses, such as gyms and salons, in limbo. in san jose, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." well, no more indoor dining in marin county for the next three weeks, because of the worsening coronavirus cases there. we have a look at the reversal that just took effect. >> reporter: it was just one week ago that marin county restaurants ke thisone, wereor . but things move fast in the world of covid, and the county has changed course. they announced sunday night, dining inside will no longer be allowed. the rollback comes amid a surge
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in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations that has led the county to land on the state's watch list. were you doing indoor dining? >> oh, yeah, because we need the extra income. >> reporter: karen garcia is the manager of miracle mile. she said they hadn't opened up indoor dining yet, because not all customers are complying with safety precautions. >> the customers were not following the rules by keeping six feet apart, they didn't want to wear their masks, and they get sassy and they're like, i don't care. i'm like okay, i don't serve you. >> reporter: the rising cases is also due in part due the coronavirus outbreak at san latinos making up just 16% of the county's population. of course, the economic impact
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of rolling back reopenings cannot be ignored. she thinks ultimately the county is doing the right thing. >> it's too risky. it's probably more contagious inside than outside. >> reporter: the county says this ban on indoor dining will last at least three weeks. they say the state is putting together these strike teams that will go around and check on businesses and restaurants not in compliance with safety precautions. sonoma county is in danger of being added to the watch list because of a surge in cases there. 92 people tested positive for the virus between friday and saturday. that's the county's biggest 24-hour spike since the start of the pandemic. ending up on the wash list, would force leaders to roll back openings and citing people who don't wear face covering. >> marin is one of 23 counties on the state's watch list, and
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the governor said the state could do more to focus on those counties. the department of alcohol and beverage control issued 52 citations. >> i was encouraged by the team that came back and said that even if people were out of come pli -- some plincompliance, the en got people back into compliance very quickly. it's to modify, it's to fix problems, not to penalize businesses that are struggling already. but those that simply could not modify or unwilling, absolutely, they need to be held to account, and that's what those citations represented. >> three factors going into joining the watch list, elevated disease transmission, increasing hospitalization, and limited hospital capacity. the family of a boy who was shot and killed during a fourth of july party in san francisco's bay view, is devastated. and is asking for justice.
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6-year-old jace young was hit by gunfire at a party saturday night. our reporter spoke with the aunt of the boy who says he was the perfect child. >> reporter: the perfect child that's how she remembers her 6-year-old nephew, jace bryant. >> a 6 yoer-year-old. and i know he was scared. i know he was scared. and i know he was looking for his mom. he was a baby. >> reporter: devastated, the bryant family says jace was watching fireworks with his sister at a birthday party in the bay view, when a bullet hit his body. >> so whoever did this to him, we need justice. we need somebody to speak up. >> reporter: the san francisco police chief described the shooting as senseless violence. officers responded to the scene in engles street at 10:45 p.m. saturday. >> we've been scouring the neighborhood for eyewitnesss,
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video surveillance, anyone who might have information regarding this incident. >> reporter: officers located a second victim at the scene, who was transported to the hospital for nonlife threatening theyelve thi was a targeted attack. >> we believe this was targeted, not toward the 6-year-old boy, but we believe that this was not a random about. >> reporter: jace bryant was the youngest of four. and his dream was to change the world with computers. >> he was like the most perfect child. he was so sweet. he loved to read. he loved his video games. he loved computers. he just loved learning. >> reporter: no arrests have been made and no description of a suspect is available at this time. san francisco police is asking for the public's health. >> and we will not stop until we ve someone in custody. in san francisco, the police
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chief bill scott spoke about this case 30 minutes ago. he offered the department's deepest condolences and the department will put all the resources it can into finding the killer. >> somebody out there knows what happened. somebody out there knows who did it. and for those of you that might be able to provide resolution for this child and his family, please call us. >> the chief says they believe they know where the gunshots came from, and that's being examined heavily. >> oh sad. martinez police are still looking for a woman caught on video painting over a black lives matter mural on saturday. artists finished it earlier in the day and that mural was fixed yesterday. then there was another incident, a man arrested after witnesses say he yelled "all lives matter" then pointed a gun at some of the people guarding the mural. there was a short chase, and that man was taken into custody.
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coronavirus. but that's now rapidly approaching. and michael finney is live to help everybody get ready. michael? >> larry, look, every year at about this time, right before april 15th we do a tax calling to help everyone with their taxes. this year we've had to do it virtual, just like we had to do just about everything else. but we pretty much have you covered. we have already received tons of questions about the delays this year in getting federal tax refunds. people want to know where is their refund? is there anything they can do to speed it up. anyone at the irs i talk to overne about issues. we'll try to get to all those questions and get them all answered to you today. now, we'll have someone from the irs here to answer your questions, along with a certified public accountant and enrolled agent. we're also getting questions
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>> all right. sounds good. thank you, michael. the supreme court upheld and strengthened a 29-year-old law banning robocalls to cell phones. in may, political consultants and pollsters asked the court to strike down that law, calling it a violation of their free speech rights. today, the justices upheld the law but struck down an exemption passed by congress in 2015 that allowed automated calls for the collection of money owed to the government. former democratic presidential candidate andrew yang is launching a new project. yang talked with me today on midday live about his new program called the data dividend project. it would use privacy laws like ta like pnd let usersumerly tret get paid for saying, kristen, that says data is the new oil, because it's worth more than oil. so tens of billions a year
4:18 pm
minimum across the united states, which could be hundreds of dollars a person for each of us. >> yang hopes to mobilize more than a million people by the end of the year, focusing on californians. critics say the project is useless. experted say yang's effort could reinforce the existing system that allow data to be extracted and exploited in the first place. a new study shows san francisco is the most intensely gentryified city in america. the national community of reinvestment coalition looked at the numbers. researchers looked at the most vulnerable neighborhoods. san francisco, oakland is number one on the list when it comes to gentrification. followed by denver, boston, miami-ft. lauderdale and new orleans. other cities include san jose, sacramento, san diego, and los
4:19 pm
angeles. so essentially all the places you would want to live, i think. >> i wonder if that trend will be reversing with more techies leaving the bay area. >> we're seeing it but spencer christian remains, as we always will. >> yes. let's hope so. let's talk about whether, shall we? a very windy day right now. sunny skies, gusts up to almost 40 miles per hour in san francisco right now. 30 miles per hour or higher out toward delta and around the bay area, pretty windy. and quite a bit cooler than this time yesterday. check out the 24-hour temperature change. six degrees cooler in san francisco, nine degrees cooler in san carlos. and this is a view at sfo. you can see how breezy it65 sanc oakland77t san se. 85gilr. 60 in pacifica. here's the view in san rafael.
4:20 pm
93 degrees at santa rosa. that may be wrong, maybe it is the warmest spot right now. 79 in petaluma. 86 in fairfield. 74 in livermore. and on we go to look at our forecast features. fog near the coast and bay overnight. for much of the evening, pretty clear. mild and steady through the bay area for the next few days with a warming trend. a significant one, beginning at the end of the week. overnight forecast animation shows a little fog coming up to the skocoastline, just as the morning commute gets under way around 5:00 a.m. mid morning, we'll see the fog burning back to coastline, giving us a sunny day over the bay and inland. overnight lows will be in the low to mid 50s tonight, as the marine layer deepens a little bit. and then the sunny day tomorrow except at the coast, of course. highs range from low 60s at the coast to mid 70s around the
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bayshoreline to mid and upper 80s inland. it gets a little warmer on wednesday, but the serious warming doesn't begin until the end of the week. so here's the complete accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 80s inland. tomorrow up to about 90, 92 degrees thursday and friday. saturday and sunday, highs inland in the mid 90s, maybe a few upper 90s by sunday. mid 80s around the bay shoreline over the weekend. and little change next monday. so once it warms up over the weekend, it's gogs to -- going to remain quite warm next week. sports news today, and a lot of it. some sports are getting back in some sports are getting back in action, california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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mlb released the schedule for the aappreciated 2020 season. things start july 23rd, a game e a's wile gelsants against then pas re bayng tryupmi a ea 60 games, with an expanded postseason to follow. the a's were supposed to have their entire squad report to camp to the coliseum yesterday. most position players may not be able to start workouts until tomorrow. our media partner reports covid-19 tests have not yet been shipped to utah, which is where ml b's testing site is. the holiday weekend caused the delivery delay. that is a major gaffe, given they had months to organize this. some of the top names in sports say you know what?
4:25 pm
too risky. not worth it. trevor alt has the latest. prepare for the start of their season, two teams shutting their practice facilities. the kings and bucks closing their buildings after members of their staff tested positive for covid-19. it's just the latest setback in the world of sports, as major league baseball gets ready for the start of the season, there are mounting concerns as to whether the league is ready for the first pitch in the midst of a global pandemic. >> we want to play. and it's going to come down to how safe we're going to be. >> reporter: with baseball set to begin in just a couple of weeks, 31 mlb players from 19 teams have tested positive for covid-19. while every team returned for training camp on friday, not everyone is completely confident the league isea pyballe trhose wife is pregnant. >> still don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: among baseball's
4:26 pm
new rules, testing f every other day, no high fives, hugs or fist bumps and non-playing personnel are required to wear masks in the dugout and bullpen. but for some players, this doesn't go far enough. ryan zimmerman and david price and felix hernandez already announcing they're sitting out the shortened season, citing health concerns for their families. >> these are grown men. they have to speak to their own truth how they feel about things. >> reporter: and players in the nba have also expressed their unease. so far 25 basketball players have tested positive. teams will begin reporting to orlando on tuesday, even as florida has seen a record number of cases. players and staff from all 22 teams participating will be sequestered in a so-called t tspn wild world sports complex. league officials hoping that will keep teams safe. colin kaepernick is teaming
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up with disney. the disney company, which owns abc and espn, announced a deal company today. he will be featured in an exclusive docu series produced by espn films that will focus on stories that explore race, social justice, and the quest for equity. with fall just around the corner, bay area schools are scrambling to find teachers. might be harder than ever this year because of the coronavirus. and a very different running with the
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no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there at why we're hisd so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at
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year approaching, the bay area is scrambling to hire new schoolteachers. but this year is different because of the pandemic and the economy. getting back into the classroom won't be easy for many teachers. leeann my len spoke to several teachers. >> reporter: every year, oakland and san francisco unified resort to job fairs to lure in new teachers, because every year there's a shortage. san francisco unified told us their vacancies are lower this year than previous years. primarily because of the economy. >> in a recession, people are less likely to take risks, more likely to stay in the job they're in, less likely to resign. that's what we have seen in our district. the last time we had a seismic recession sh and it teams to be. epeachs we spto say som are
4:31 pm
having second thoughts about returning, given the spread of the pandemic. marisa ramirez is a teacher in oakland. she wants to know she'll be safe once she enters the classroom. >> access to adequate materials, that we have testing done for every student and teacher and every staff member on campus. that we have enough ppe equipment. >> reporter: teachers have been posting their concerns on facebook. michelle wrote, as much as i love my job, i'm not interested in risking my life to baby sit nip's kids. she's a teacher who has now retired. >> i go back and forth between getting anxious to just shutting everything off and shutting down almost. and so that's -- yeah, sort of a roller coaster. >> reporter: school districts have begun discussing these concerns with their teachers and staff. oakland unified forpl will beginegtion tomorrow wi
4:32 pm
a memorandum of understanding specific to covid-19. leeann melendez, "abc7 news." all right. this just in, atlanta's mayor and her husband have coronavirus. keisha lance bottoms says she has no symptoms. she and her husband got tested because he's been sleeping more than normal and fatigue is one of the symptoms. she's been mentioned as a possible running mate for joe biden. here in california, the state capital will be closed for cleaning and sanitizing until july 13. this after at least one state lawmaker was diagnosed with covid-19. autumn burke confirmedn via ma-t capitol. covid-19 cases continue to climb. we're breaking new records across the country every day. dr. patel joins us live today. i want to start with the virus itself. new discussion about whether or
4:33 pm
not the virus is airborne. we heard so much about social distancing, but even if you're beyond six feet away, well, we are, because we're connected through -- i'm not sure it's cell phone technology. zoom, all right. so how dangerous is this, and what do we know about that? >> larry, we're definitely further than six feet away in this digital world. but what's happening is the world health organization has not yet made a strong stance about the airborne traps misability of the virus. if you're far away from someone, you're okay. but about 240 scientists from over 30 countries are putting together a big letter to challenge that and saying you know what? these viruses can live in smaller droplets and circulate around in a room, especially one that's smaller without adequate ventilation. that's airborne transmission. this is something we'll have to
4:34 pm
pay attention to, because it could change how we view clubs, restaurants, bars, and schools, as we talk about reopening. there's plenty of evidence to suggest people can get this from being in a tight space. >> that was the next question. how will this affect reopening? certain businesses will be impacted more than others, and you have to wonder about going into -- well, i mean, a gym or any sort of indoor dining situation. >> absolutely. and i don't think it's fair to say that every single restaurant needs to be able to have the right type of spacing and air conditioning and air exchange and windows. but what i do think is that this further emphasizes the fact that people will need to keep masks on when they're indoors. just because, you know, you are in a small space right now, and you think you're far away from someone, three to six feet away. that doesn't mean the droplets fall on the ground and you're okay. you need to wear a mask. especially with gyms. this is going to be a big point that people need to pay
4:35 pm
attention to. >> i'm not sure how many people will want to go to a gym. the sfoufourth of july weekend wrapped up, people not social distancing, dancing around. do you expect another spike? we know that warm weather is not kill thing virus. >> we absolutely do. we know that warm weather -- and let's put it this way. whatever was -- may have been slowed down by warm weather is augmented by the fact that people are crowding together. so cases are still going up. the first thing that concerns me, we saw videos of people not taking it seriously. those are just the videos that resurfaced. that's one issue. we could see spikes from that. the other thing that concerns me is that there is still people out there who are just not following the guidelines and respect taking it seriously. for whatever reason that may be. so the mere fact that people didn't see what happened in the northeast, in the spring, and
4:36 pm
are saying we're okay right now, and aren't paying attention to the data, that is concerning to me. >> you and i were texting about this earlier in the day. i just had this question, we tracked total cases and deaths. what we don't track are active cases. by that i mean we may end up over 3 million cases going back to march. that doesn't tell me how many people have it today. i know hospitalizations and death rates are extremely important. and the good news is the death rate is going down. we don't apparently know how many are active as of this second. >> i think the biostats can be confusing. i encourage people to sit down and think about what that number means. total cases, about 3 million. you look at the amount of recovered cases, according to statds right there, about 90% of cases have recovered.
4:37 pm
little below 5%. people need to look at the test positivity. how many tests are returning a positive case. you take that all together and also hospitalizations. and there is one thing to look at the stats and a snapshot of time and to say right now there isn't many hospitalizations. it's another thick to look at the trend. yes, testing more people will present more cases, but the spread of the virus is what's driving up the hospitalizations and driving up the percentage of tests that come back positive. i understand it's confusing. >> clearly trending in the wrong direction. much of the world is trending in the right direction. something has to change. doctor, thank you for zooming in. always a pleasure when you drop by. >> thank you, sir. this is dropping by for now. >> all right. and the mona lisa has company again. the museum which houses the world's most famous portrait reopened after a four-month
4:38 pm
shutdown due to the coronavirus. curators welcomed back 7,000 visitors today, down from about 50,000 a day before the pandemic. reservations and facemasks are now required for visitors. about 70% of the gigantic museum is accessible to visitors. in spain, residents in pam poena dressed up in red and white to mark what should have been the start of their festival, that was canceled this year duet to the coronavirus pandemic. the festival is perhaps most known for the annual running of the bulls. about 400 people gathered today, but police were on the streets to prevent imprompt u parties. new details about that woman that falselyled 91 won. whhe'sgha d is t motorcycle riders love the open road. so to help even more,
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drew, yes, spencer, yes. listen to this one. a white woman who called 911 during a recorded dispute with a black man has been charged with filing a false report. in may, amy cooper drew oidespread condemnationor threatened by a black man. amy cooper was charged with falsely reporting the confrontation, which is a misdemeanor. she was ordered to appear in court october 14. what do you make of that, spencer? >> well, she did file a false report, and it's captured on video. so there's little doubt that she committed that violation. even if there hadn't been the racial component, filing a false report is a serious matter. i guess the law should apply. >> seems that way. drew, what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, i'm in agreement with spencer.
4:42 pm
what she did was wrong, she got caught, and now justice is being served. this is what she gets for filing a false police report. >> perhaps her being charged, this will be a deterrent to other people who may be doing the same. >> there are consequences. kanye west is running for president of the united states. the tweet over the weekend sparked a lot of debate, and questions including if he can actually run, he would have to do so as an independent. even then he would need to get the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. that deadline has already passed in six states. the next option would be as a write-in candidate. spencer, do you see kanye west as a significant threat to joe biden or donald trump, because he in the past has been a trump supporter. >> he might be a threat to him in the boxing ring. but i don't think in a political ring. there is a theory out there, i guess it's one of those
4:43 pm
conspiracy theorys that the trump campaign wants kanye to do this, to siphon off enough black votes to weaken joe biden. if kanye west is going to run for president, i would like for him to run in a different country. >> okay. drew, your thoughts on kanye? >> we saw this develop over the weekend, i think a lot of us were like, is this real? we don't know if this is something that we really wants to do, although elon musk is in full support of him. i just -- i don't know why this late in the game, four months away from election day throwing your hat in the ring can be a a der tern deterrent. but kanye is an interesting person. >> "interesting" is a word. >> interesting is the right word. i'm not going to say a word. if publicity is what he seeks, i see no reason to talk about it at all. >> let's move on. >> we're learning about what's going to happen on college campuses this fall.
4:44 pm
so today, harva is saying freshman will be invited to live on campus this fall, while most other undergraduates will be required to learn remotely from home. just to make it clear, all courses will be taught online. but the freshman can live on campus. only 40% o undergraduates will be invited to campus to reduce density and prevent the spread of covid, but all classes will be taught online. tuition costs will remain the same at just under $50,000. this is the tough choice that a lot of colleges are now making. many parents, drew, i'm going to start with you, but i'm hearing from a lot of kids saying i'm going to pay the same amount but it's not the same experience. >> no, not at all. if you're paying almost $50,000 and you're not getting the full experience, i would be pretty mad if i was an undergrad student. maybe you have to think about the long game.
4:45 pm
you're going the graduate with a harvard degree, and maybe that's where the value of your tuition is going. but in the short term, it's a big check to write to not get that full college experience. that's a lot of money. >> spencer, i know a lot of people taking a gap year. i know your kids are passed college age. >> yeah. what is do you think? >> i do have grandchildren, who will be looking ahead. i agree with everything grew said. there is a lot of value in that harvard name on your degree there. but gosh, if you're not getting the full experience of being there in person, interacting face to face, that's a lot of money to pay. i don't know which way to lean on this one. >> yeah. larry, i don't know if it's feasible for students to be tested daily for covid. >> yeah. it would be problematic if everybody was on campus. as a parent, i know talking with
4:46 pm
others, you would like to see the tuition lowered because you're not there. you're sitting in your own bedroom. any way, really good to beat patrick mahomes, the chief's quarterback was rewarded with the largest contract in american sports history. ten years, espn reporting it's worth $450 million. $140 million of that is guaranteed. if you factor in his existing contract, 'set to$477 million over 12 years. easily surpassing the contract of baseball's mike trout. trout has a 12-year, $426.5 million deal with the angels. that is fully guaranteed. spencer, just to give you a number to contrast and compare, the most money that joe montana made in a single season was $4 million. that was in 1994. is patrick mahomes ten times better than joe montana? >> no, and is the cost of living
4:47 pm
ten times greater now? no. oh, my gosh. listen, if the owners have the money to pay, no one is forcing them to offer it. so i guess nfl football must generate a whole lot of revenue. good for mr. mahomes. save it, spend it, invest it well. >> he's only 24 years old. could you imagine being 24 and knowing that you're worth of $400 million? >> i would feel a lot of pressure. i don't have a huge knowledge what football players make, but larry, how is one person worth that much money in a -- how do they even calculate that? >> he says this is what i want, i won the super bowl for you. and you say fill in the blank. that's what you'll get. >> the leagues do make a lot
4:48 pm
more these days, but you have to sit down and draw it out for us, how the financials work out, where pro athletes can make
4:49 pm
and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the sore ears. the determined looks, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. let's all do our part to slow the spread. wear a mask. learn more at
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quil a now oakland. the host cities for the 23rd international aids conference, the annual gathering is being held virtually this year, and runs today through friday. speakers will share the latest scientific evidence and recommendations on hiv prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. information coming out of the conference "today" shows the global battle against aids is showing success and failures. a report says new infections are down 23%, and annual deaths are down 39% since 2010. but the report says only half the children with hiv, the virus that causes aids, are getting treatment. it also says the coronavirus pandemic is hurting access to
4:51 pm
care and threatens to undo much of the progress that's been made. let's get to another check of the forecast this hour. spencer christian, really hot weekend. a little cooler today, thankfully. >> yeah, it's quite a bit cooler today, larry, and quite windy, as well. overnight, mostly clear skies, maybe a little fog at the coast. overnight lows in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, another sunny and mild to warm day. highs reaching up into the mid to upper 80s inland. 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast shows a warmup at the very end of the week, going into the weekend, temperatures in the mid 90s inland, maybe a couple of upper 90s. mid 60s on the coast. and little change going into early next week. nice little end of the week warmup. larry and kristen? >> thanks. so with this warm and sunny weather ahead, this. >> reporter: which sun screens
4:52 pm
and bug sprays are best? for sun screen, consumer reports likes coppertone ultraguard lotion spf 70. it did excellent in tests and it's a good bargain at $8 per bottle. apply 15 minutes before you head out. and what about those tests? >> the tick and mosquito born diseases haven't gone away. now is a good time not to get one. our tests show that repellants with 15% to 30% deet are reliable. if you don't want to use that, 20% picardin or 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus. >> do those others work as well as deet? >> the majority of what we recommend are deet. it's most consistently reliable. but the ones that we recommend
4:53 pm
protection. one product they recommend is ben's tick and insect repel lent wipes. so enjoy the outdoors but avoid the sunburns and bug bites. ama daetz, "abc7 news." just ahead, the changing workplace, even for interns. how students are managing to learn and make a name for themselves as virtual interns this summer. cominging up new at 5:00, oakland firefighters trying to do their job. why they were delayed making an emergency job. and pushing back against a homeless encampment. the temporary move poised to become permanent. and what some call an ice floe and alien pod. and alien pod.
4:54 pm
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