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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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through federal paycheck protection program. hundreds stood out for the wrong reasons. stephanie is live the explain. >> reporter: the whole point of this lending program was to help small business that's really needed it. not these major corporations with multi-billion dollar market values. now records released from the sba indicate hundreds of those companies who got the money did not retain any employees. >> there have been some big businesses that have taken these loans. there are severe consequences. >> we've heard the same message time and time again. >> the intercept was for business that's needed the money. >> that didn't happen in the bay area. according to an abc7 analysis, more than 11,000 bay area corporations reported receiving at least $4.9 billion in funding intended for small businesses. >> you will not want the reputation that you will soon get. >> this time it's not their
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reputation that caught our attention. it is discrepancies in the rules. earlier this week, the director talked about how it should be used. >> it was narrowly focused on looking at the pay roll and trying to help those businesses keep their employees paid. >> yet newly released date eight shows 730 corporations, including several employment agencies all report zero employees. yet they cash in the on $257 million in fulling. >> they did not retain any employees is a lot costly there be another explanation? >> if it says zero, i have to believe it's probably more of a data reporting error or a field the bank didn't capture for some reason. >> reporter: here's a question. why would an application for a million-dollar loan be approved without the company even identifying jobs would be
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retained in. >> an shoot outrage. >> the real incentive for many of these companies is that even if they knew they would have to refaye loans because they didn't use it toward saving jobs, they were able to benefit from the extremely low interest rate. these are 1% loans. essentially free money for them. >> bottom line, corporations are paying interest rates impossible to find in the margaret place and they face no penalty for it. now these 1% loans are available up to five years in many cases. clearly a huge incentive for the corporations. if you are curious, which corporations got their hands on this money, we have posted a list detailing all of the specifics on our website. live in the newsroom. abc7 news. >> very interesting. interest rates are low, obviously, but not that low. how much money are they saving? >> well, to put in it
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perspective, most of these corporations are receiving at least a $2 million loan per se, which is on the low end here. will be saving close to $100,000 just over a two-year period. and it's very easy to extend that loan to five years. >> okay. thank you. building a better bay area means taking care of our health. und unfortunately, we're not doing well. the case counts, the hospitalizations and positivity rate all on the rise. this captures the number of cases each day. pay attention to the yellow line. you can see it continues to climb although it made a slight downturn at last check. there are more than 30,000 cases in the bay area. case totals of people who recovered, the state is closing in on they hundred,000 cases. more than 72 people die every day. about one death every 20 minutes. a sobering fact governor newsom
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addressed today. >> a sobering reminder. the you about i can with it k this virus. the mortality rates are still front and central and should be in your consciousness. >> according to the state's data, the death rate remains close to the record high set in april. one of the hot spots for coronavirus in california is san quentin prison. there are more than 1,300 cases of covid-19 there. seven inmates have died. wayne freedman found it goes far beyond the prisonll tehe lucky ones passed through gates this morning. they returned through freedom through the door of a van and joined loved ones hoping to never see this place again. especially with covid-19 raging inside. >> a pandemic going on in there. >> do you feel safe in there? >> not at all. >> as stated with four simple words --
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>> scared. dangerous. uncomfortable. unpredictable. >> which explains why as released inmates left a large crowd took their places outside, lamenting and protesting. >> nothing less than the worst prison in history. >> reporter: it has more than 1,000 cases by now and seven reported deaths. even the california department of corrections admits, this didn't have to happen. it was a mistake. the outbreak here began last may when san quentin had no cases at all. the state transferred a group of inmates, not knowing they had been infected, creating a perfect storm. >> so it was ripe for an outbreak but they also saw it coming and did nothing and then human error made it much worse. >> they're dying in there. they're dying. free my baby. >> reporter: one after another, people like her demand that had
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governor newsom visit and act. they want nondangerous prisoners released and decent medical care for them. >> i want you to feed them properly. i want you to give them their health care properly. >> reporter: the virus they said has many avenues for he is came. >> they're stopping at the local trader joe's, the local gas stations. they're part of the community. as we're sitting here, car after car has driven out. that's why people should care. >> reporter: in all, a virus that does not recognize bars or walls. at san quentin state prison. abc7 news. nflt going to the gym in santa clara county will be very no read ttreadmills, no ellipti. authorities issued the mandatory directive late last night. as chris nguyen explains, many
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business owners are confused and frustrated. >> reporter: as gyms and fitness facilities prepare to reopen, they have to adjust to the new norm. >> i'll excited and i can't wait to see people again. i've been social >> reporter: a athletics, the owner has read order the rules. face coverings and social distancing are a given. but for now, no lockers or showers will be available. >> i'll going to keep the intensity down a little bit to build people back up. i can go outside and i'll have spaces where people can work out. >> reporter: that's important. in santa clara county, strenuous activity must be done outdoors according to the directive released last night. cardio including calisthenics must be done outside. >> it creates further distrust and it certainly creates a level of anxiety. >> reporter: the team understands the news for rules but says the county should have more faith in business owners to do the right thing.
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>> the last thing we want is for someone to come in and get sick. we're about health and wellness. >> reporter: in a statement, a county spokes person chair identified saying the use of cardio aerobic equipment indoors is strongly discouraged as it is hard to imagine it being used in a man per doesn't indeuce heavy breathing. if equipment such as a treadmill is used for anything beyond a slow walk, it must be located outside with proper social distancing. that means you can't break a sweat not side. >> that will be very independent for each individual. at what point is too. as far as an increased respiratory rate? >> reporter: but many say they'll abide by the rules to reopen. >> we'll do what we need to do as far as what the county is telling us to do so we can service our client and our community the best that we can. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen. abc 7 news. in the east bay, an example
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of the financial impact. walnut creek has voted to cut the budget by $12 million. about 14%. that will mean reductions including layoffs. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: there is nothing easy about cutting your budget by 14%. whether it is your household -- >> that would cut into housing or food or necessities. >> reporter: or the city treasury. >> these cuts will hurt in some of the most beloved service that's we provide. >> reporter: walnut creek relies heavily on taxes from retail sales and hotel occupancy which slowed to a trickle the covid-19 shutdown. to balance the budget, the city slashed popular classes in city parks, closed the renowned leeshl you are service for the performing arts for the rest of 2020, and a proved job cuts and layoffs. >> we protect just under 20 positions will be impacted. >> reporter: the police department doesn't he is came the budget axe either.
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they'll have to cut $9,000. >> reporter: randy the association of bay area government said cities that rely more on property taxes are doing better. in cities where some businesses fail during the shutdown, sales taxes may never completely recover. >> we've been doing this now going on six months for sales tax declines. that's not going to come back in most cases. >> reporter: he predicts that some cities may ask voters to approve a sales. at a increase there fall to balance the budgets. but it may be a big gamble. in walnut creek, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> on the peninsula, a push to make it easier for the hardest hit communities to access coronavirus tests, latinos make up a large percentage of coronavirus patients. many are essential work here's can't afford to stay home which is why testing is so crucial. today in the heart of the mission district, a low barrier covid-19 testing site opened
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making it easier for people. in community to get tested. >> reporter: by now people in the mission district knows the importance of getting tested for the coronavirus. by having a low barrier testing drive in the community, the san francisco department of health hopes more people will show up. >> we want to make sure that we're testing those folks to ensure that they are getting the care that they need. >> reporter: low barrier testing means among other things, you dome need a referral from a doctor. no appointments are needed. and insurance is not required. all things that could keepup. >> we do not community. this is free. it does not cost anything. we do not ask invasive questions. >> reporter: the la teen over task force is driving the efforts in the mission district. the test is now available every thursday from 10:00 in the
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morning. this is the home of the mission language and vocational school where food and services are also available. people had different reasons for wanting to get tested today.>> called me and asked me back. so -- >> reporter: it's important for you to know. >> specially snls i already know the people i'll be working. with. >> reporter: and they're whelming the testing. he just graduated and is now a medical staassistant. >> we're helping they will out. we didn't know it would be this many people. >> reporter: many are hesitant because of missing out on work. but they remind people of the right to recover program. >> you get tested, test positive, we will give you the missed income so you can continue to pay the rental and take care of your family. >> reporter: for many, that's incentive enough to join the thousands of people getting tested.
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in san francisco, lyanne melendez. abc7 news. when it comes to contracting the coronavirus, what its most put you at risk? you can play a game. it is fun and informative. guess the answer and see what the experts have to say. >> police in martinez say there's intelligence there could be a clash at a planned peaceful protest this weekend. businesses are boarding up. i'm spencer christian. as we look ahead, we have some hot weather coming up in our inland areas. and i might remind you that aids walk san francisco is ten days away. it kicks off on july 19th, 10:00 a.m. it will stream online and on air. it will feature bette midler and more.
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. new details, investigators say the search for actress naya rivera is now a recovery effort. she's been missing since she rented a boat with her 4-year-old boy yesterday in ventura county. after she never returned the boat, rental staff found her son asleep on the boat adrift on the lake. the staff misreported her son as being a girl. >> lake pir you were, the emergency is we have a missing person. we found a little girl in one of the boats by herself and her mom is nowhere to be found. >> rivera's son told investigators, he and his mom had been swimming. he got back on the boat but his mom did not. rivera had visited the lake before. the search has been difficult.
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divers today had less than a foot of visibility in daylight. investigators say they believe this is a, quote, tragic accident. we'll move now to unsettling new details about a police shooting in vallejo that the i-team has been looking into for more than a month. 22-year-old shawn monterosa was killed. the video does not show what happened in the critical moments leading up to the shooting. today we learned the captain who arrived on the scene and radioed that he was possibly armed was not wearing a body camera. melanie wood roe is on the story. >> reporter: for more than a month, shawn monterrosa's family want to know what killed him. >> what was he doing at the very time he was shot? running in crouched? surrendering? what? >> the vallejo police said the officer reacted to a perceived
6:18 pm
threat. according to wimds, he was crouching down in a half kneeling position, revealing what appeared to be the butt of a handgun. it turned out to be a large handgun. only there is no video of. perceived threat. there was body worn camera video from the three detectives inside an unmarked truck who reacted to the looting. including the officer who fired the fatal shot from the back seat. >> shooting through window in the back seat of a car, you have plenty of options to move before you have to decide to use deadly force. >> the detective asks -- >> what are you appointmenting at us? >> the person driving responds. then the detective who fired the fatal shot said this. >> he pointed a gun at us. >> there's no evidence he pointed anything at him. >> the detective who fired the fatal shot appeared to be overwhelmed. >> watch the faces of the
6:19 pm
captain and another officer. >> the other officer is probably looking at him saying what did you do that for? >> in this frame of video you can see the captain isn't wearing a body camera. i asked vallejo police why. in an email, they said normally captains do not respond to calls and therefore are not issued body-worn cameras. without video leading up to the shooting, there is only the officer's statements to go on. it was destroyed in a may 31 looting. the carmel valley waitress who intercepted a racist rant by a tech ceo will be able to wait fewer tables if she wants. >> get out of here! get out! you are not allowed here. do not talk to our guests like
6:20 pm
that. get out now! >> go fund me donations have been pouring in since this video went viral. she's received $10,000 via venmo. one of the core components of building a better bay area is ensuring racial and social justice. a major black lives matter march is happening this weekend. organizers chose the city in response to several racist incidents there but white supremacist groups are threatening to srupt it. >> they have partnered to plan a major march and rally in martinez. why martinez? >> folks covering the black lives matter, just a lot of racism we've seen. >> in the last week, a huge black lives matter mural was painted over with black page.
6:21 pm
a martinez couple were charged with hate crimes. elsewhere, martinez white lives matters was painted on another street. fliers were circulated. in response, a march was planned for sunday, 4:00 p.m. thousands are expected. >> we are keeping it peaceful. we're asking everyone who comes to wear a mask. >> they are providing security nd their own medics.g security >> i have about three phone calls today already from other folks, white nationalists, neo-nazis saying they're going to come out in protest against us. armed, militia style. >> it's frightening. i'm a mother of four and i feel responsible for everybody that is coming to this march, regardless of the threat of violence. we plan to go, peacefully march. >> several streets in the down distric
6:22 pm
district, in the area will be guarded. >> now they put the boards up again just in case. >> my landlord said he will come by and board tim office. ? my focus is to have a light police presence that's visible. we don't want to detract from the issue. >> everyone has their fingers crossed despite the threats. abc7 news. envelop there is some heat risk this weekend, depending on where you live. a nic
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the governor and cal fire announced the pandemic is having an impact on the state's ability to fight wildfires. dozens of inmates who work on crews are out. cal fire officials say we are already in peak fire season.
6:25 pm
>> 4112 fires, substantially higher than the average of 2580 that we typically have this time every single year. we are now walking right into the thick of firefighting season. wildfire season. let us be vigilant. >> one change this year. if you're evacuated in a wildfire, the state is planning to put you up in a hotel instead of a shelter. of course, those firefighters are always watching our weather conditions closely. heat coming our way? >> it's going to get warmer over the weekend and of course, it is dry. so as it gets even hotter, there is great concern about fires, great concern about heat-related illness as well. it is pretty breezy across the area. 25-mile-an-hour winds in san francisco. it is cooling down near the bay and the coast. it was quite a bit warmer.
6:26 pm
67 degrees right now in san francisco. mountain view, 67. 81 in san jose. 90 in gilroy. and 62 at pacifica. let's look at some warmer locations. santa rosa, 89 degrees. petaluma, 85. napa, 81. people in in concord. these are our forecast features. we'll see fog returning along the coast overnight. it will be cooler at the beaches and near the bay. overnight, look for mainly clear skies away from the coast. lows in the mid to upper 50s. generally low 50s at the coast and some north bay valley locations. it will reach only to about 60 at the coast tomorrow. here's tack weather forecast. in terms of the temperature change, a little cooler saturday
6:27 pm
near the bay and then it really heats up on sunday. up to 100 degrees or maybe even a degree or two higher. mid to upper 80s near the bay. upper 60s on the coast. there will be some moderating of the heat on monday and tuesday. and then finally, mid-week, we tart to get a cooler weather pattern. yay for mid-week next week. i can't wait. >> thank you very much. coming up next, out of town and in trouble. you'll hear what was caught on camera when a traveling businessman went off, all in a central california bar. the edd is under fire tonight. many lawmakers asking, when will the department get its
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no excuse. we have to do we are. >> governor newsom says what
6:30 pm
many are thinking. the california development department, the edd, is coming unincreasing fire for not doing its job adequately, leaving people in need without answers. >> some very unemployed people. >> there is little these days that democrats and republicans agree on. but there is this. the california edd is not doing its job properly. there is so much frustration. so many inadequate outcomes. it is hard to know exactly when the edd crossed the line. perhaps it was on june 22nd when the edd instituted a policy where lawmakers were td to stop trying to help their constituents so much. in this email, the edd laying down the law. state senators and assembly members may request one constituent referral per week to be expedited.
6:31 pm
>> the fact that our legislative offices are limited to only sharing one case or a handsful of cases every week is unacceptable. >> the assembly member, both of san francisco, held a streaming video news conference to say, enough is enough. >> after almost four months of this, at some point, the agency has to get it right. >> around two hours after the news conference, the edd backed off its one a week >> laura davis has never been able to connect with a live person. >> the closest i've gotten is a record message said we're experiencing an extremely high volume of calls right now. goodbye. >> a group of republican lawmakers may know why she's had such trouble. in this letter accusing the edd of misleading the republican by announcing they had opened phone
6:32 pm
hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. when specific questions were only answered in the morning. the letter which asked for an audit also accuses the department of misleading legislative offices by claiming they are currently responding to claim inquiries sent on a specific date, when the department isn't doing that at all. republican assemblyman kevin kiley represents district six northeast of sacramento. >> everyone is hearing from hundreds of constituents who are experiencing these same problems. the question is, is there going to be political will that is bipartisan for actually trying to fix the problem and bring accountability. >> jerry hill in san mateo chairs the committee which oversees the edd. >> from a government standpoint, i think edd has failed us. >> this week the senator met with edd staff, the governor's office and others and there is good news. those like laura davis who have
6:33 pm
been waiting the longest for checks will be given priority by the edd. >> now they've taken a different tactful they'll look at all the march and april, those applications for march and april that they haven't been able to process fully, which are about 100,000 or more, and then deal with those first. sandy requested an interview with the work force development agency and the director of the edd. both requests were denied. today on abc7 news at 3:00, cysten sze interviewed a representative of the empdd. it is worth watching. you can find it at abc 7 >> all right. thank you so much. this traurestaurant has fil for bankruptcy. the kitchen ware company was
6:34 pm
forced to close locations doors in march because of the pandemic. now roughly half the u.s. stores will close permanently. another big retailer closing stores, bed bath and beyond plans to close 200 stores orthen navigate the pandemic that has upended the entire retail sector. they didn't say which locations will close or how many jobs will be lost. more details will be released in october. this morning midday live, we spoke live with tom steyer, the former democratic candidate is the co-chair of the california recovery task force. he understands the difficulty balancing economic health with physical health. >> i think there's no doubt that the original call by the governor to close the first in the country was something that worked, and where all californians participated in that. and i think that this call from
6:35 pm
everyone to mask rigorously is a statement for to us continue that success of saying, we need to be disciplined to protect each other. we need to obey the protocols so that we can have a real opening, so we can go through the phases. so we can have a robust recovery. but health has to come first. that's what governor newsom has said and he's absolutely right. >> there is a new campaign called shop safe, shop local, to encourage people to support their neighborhoods' small businesses. new at 6:00, controversy is brewing over a black lives matter mural that includes an image of a man convicted of killing a state trooper. the national police association has asked to remove it. we'll have more on this story on abc7 news at 11:00. meantime, a man's racist ran
6:36 pm
caught on camera at a fresno bar has gone viral. we should warn you the content of this story could be upsetting to a lot of people. from our sister station in fresno, they recorded it. >> reporter: a traveling businessman unleashed some ugly language when bar tenders cut him off at out of the barrel tuesday night. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: rebecca hernandez said she pulled out her phone and started recording because the man was drunk and difficult. so she started feeling unsafe. >> i definitely wasn't expecting that. i knew he was going to be difficult after trying to enforce the mask policy with him. and his refusal, and him even saying, i don't believe in it. >> reporter: the man identified himself as jason wood from actionable insights and other digital marketing companies. >> you're going to be on the internet. >> no, honey.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: the psychology professor says alcohol and frustration, especially in the middle of a pandemic, are factors driving the bad behavior we see a lot lately in viral videos. and he spotted another possible missing filter. >> so when people feel anonymous, like they're out of up to, or they've got some twitter handle that's anonymous, they let it rip. >> reporter: wood did let it rim and made sure it was outside the bar. >> i would like him to be held accountable for his actions. like i said before, what he did was wrong. >> reporter: he seems to recognize it, too. i tracked him down and he texted me an apology for hernandez. quote, my words were unacceptable. i am both embarrassed and saddened that i demonstrated this behavior. they were the result of being physically impaired, frustrated and stupid. abc7 news. >> if you need an ally when it
6:38 pm
comes to issues of justice and equality, go to action. you'll find local resources and guides to help. coming up next, a conversation on the importance of being an ally in our communities. see how allyship can make a big difference. and the oakland zoo is in danger of closing permanently because of the financial losses it has taken cynic the pandemic forced it to shut its doors. coming up, meet the 6-year-old girl trying to help keep it open. ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more.
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the issue of racial justice and equality in america has topped the headlines, exploded into the streets and captured our racial consciousness. this afternoon we hosted a live one-hour discussion on the topics. we focused on problems and solutions including a growing idea called allyship. >> allyship is critical not solely as a form of compassion and of sympathy, but actually, with social psychologists used to call racial empathy. it requires allies to look deeply torsion self-sacrifice, to have generosity and try to put themselves in the position of people of color that are literally facing a war in this country. >> if you are able to, go in and shut do you mean the 580 or the bay bridge. if you're not able to do that, having the difficult conversations winter your family, within your community. >> one panelist believes one way
6:42 pm
to solve these problems is for all of us to learn more about history and the fight for racial equality and a more just society. >> i think it's important for activists like those of houston are white today, to understand that we're part of a long history of participating in the struggle. we have role models to look at. we have also some negative things to learn from. >> it was such a powerful hour. you can watch this town hall and our other town halls on race and coronavirus on, on the abc7 news app and anywhere you stream. the weekend is looking very
6:43 pm
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to help the military community my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three! >> in the past few weeks we broke the news that the oakland zoo may be closing permanently if it cannot reopen soon. when a 6-year-old girl ahead that, she felt she had to do
6:45 pm
something and she's raising a lot of money to help. >> they said it was closed. >> reporter: this is 6-year-old andy. she's been a mental of the oakland zoo since she was a baby. she had the idea to raise money to keep it from closing permanently. >> i'm kind of doing donations. and i'm making bracelets for people to buy. >> her mother created a facebook campaign with the initial goal of $200. one week later, her campaign has been shared over 1,000 times and has raised over $50,000. raising money isn't new to her. every birthday she asks her friends and family tons gifts. this year she's choosing to help the nalss at the oakland zoo. >> the idea that this place we've visited so many times, we
6:46 pm
have so many memories there. and she's really upset that she may never be able to go again. >> reporter: she had plans to attend summer camp at the oakland zoo. now she's utilizing her craft to try to keep the zoo afloat. >> if there are words on there, they say i love the oakland zao. >> reporter: at 6 years old, it makes me so proud i look forward to what she can do in the future. >> reporter: her small act of kind know making a big impression. >> it's such a hard time for everyone with everything going on and it has been a beautiful experience to see people we don't know coming together for a good cause. wanting to keep the zoo around. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> is that not the sweetest thing? we invite you to join project thanks. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you and we will share it with the entire community.
6:47 pm
all right. let's go back now and talk about the weather forecast. spencer? >> okay, as we get closer to the weekend, that warmth will become a hot spell shortly. right now temperature readings are four to five to six degrees higher than this time yesterday. the warming is certainly underway. here's a view from sutro tower. 71 in oakland. the farther away you get from the coast, the warmer it is. 86 in gilroy. only 62 at pacifica. here's some warmer readings for you. 89 in santa rosa, low to mid 90s at fairfield, concord and livermore. as we look westward, this is a look at the forecast features. fog will return along the coastline overnight. mabel locally out over the bay. cooler at the beaches and near the bay. the heat persists in our inland areas and will continue through
6:48 pm
the weekend notice how the fog comes to the coast late tonight and overnight. 7:00 tomorrow morning. the middle of the morning commute. we'll see some patches of fog over the bay, pushing against our east bay commits. the fog will burn back to the area for the remainder of the day. lows in the mid to upper 50s. highs tomorrow will range from upper 80s the low 90s in the south bay. 92 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, low to mid 80s. down san francisco, a high of 86 tomorrow. in the north bay, rosa, 87 in napa. 78 in hayward, and inland east bay will be just about all mid 90s. as we look to saturday, pretty much the same range tomorrow. low 60s coast, upper 70s, bay,
6:49 pm
mid 90s inland. look at sunday. that will be the hottest day with highs up to or even above 100 degrees in places like clear lake, fairfield and antioch. let's take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the heat will continue building, especially in our inland areas. the heat pretty. holds on. we'll see some mid 90s. notice how the temperatures will start dropping next week along the coast. by mid-week next week, the temperatures will be back to a much more comfortable range. cooler pattern start on wednesday. that's the day to which i'm looking forward to it. >> i'm with you. >> larry is here. wave professor plum in the line wraer a candlestick mystery in sports tonight. >> i like that. i like that. where is buster? is colonel mustard involved?
6:50 pm
i don't know. is the giants catcher about toment on out of the season in plus the a's may have ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye?
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good evening. the a's are holding summer camp, two weeks from today against the angels. matt is definitely not a happy camper. he's frustrated with covid testing delays. there were issues getting it ready. he feels they should have started it earlier. this a's team could contend for the world series. >> we're frustrated that we weren't able to tart on the first. you look around the league and teams are starting on the first. and they're flying into cities, days prior to the first to get tested and make sure they're on top of it. i think we were just disappointed that our organization just took those
6:53 pm
extra few days and it ended up costing us even a few more days when we are all ready to go on july 1st. >> it sounds like the catcher may opt out of the season. posey expressed some reluctance to play because of covid-19 when he spoke with the media last week. here's gabe kapler on his absence. >> buster is working through a personal issue. i want to reopen his privacy. cross any subsequent bridges as they arise. we are going to take family first approach to this. we will take it on as a responsible to scramble as necessary. but we don't want to rush these very personal decisions. >> we'll see what happens. a big college football canceling, preventing travel.
6:54 pm
san jose state was scheduled to play at penn state in september. that game is gone along with a huge paycheck for the spartans. they usually pay about $1 million for the visiting team. for the pac-12, the same thing. tiger woods will play his first pga tour event. no doubt preparing for the championship which will be in san francisco august 6-9. meanwhile, the celebs teeing off tomorrow in headache tahoe. steph curry and dad del will be there with aaron rodgers. dad is ready. he said steph better watch out. >> this is the one sport where the father of the old man can still keep up with him. steph had a good match yesterday and i held my own. he's down to tart. any time i get a chance to beat up on any of my sons at a golf course is a good day.
6:55 pm
>> you know, the loser has to dive into the lake. so there is that. time for abc7 call my play. you send the vi. i call the action. tonight we hit the track. gavin bentley is only 11 years old. this kid can tear up the track. he's zipping around the ranch in brentwood. you can see, he discovered that he likes to get airborne. no fear! he says i heart dirt bikes. he still does. hey, gavin. we just called your play. man, that looks like fun. back to the baseball story, it will be interesting to see with buster posey and guys who have made athoff money in the past and maybe have little kids at home. families to look after. a little reluctant to take part
6:56 pm
in a 60-game season. i think you may see a lot of big names. >> a tough decision. >> thank you. join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. outrage building across the bay area as people are having to wait up to two weeks to get covid-19 tests. why that may be, and my story tonight at 11:00. shifting traffic enforcement and safety away from the police. the first in the nation plan by a bay area city. now, coming up at 8:00, holy moley followed by don't, and to tell the truthful stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. and jimmy kim he will live comes on at thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we
6:57 pm
appreciate your time. let's leave you with a live look at a fire in cupertino that started less than an hour ago. smoke is drifting over the freeway. traffic slowed down as a result. two lanes are closed. this is near de anza. a two-alarm. firefighters are on the scene. it doesn't look like a huge problem but we'll update you if you need more information
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is the... here are three former champions-- a user experience librarian from chicago, illinois... an attorney and government relations professional from oviedo, florida... and a network engineer from north little rock, arkansas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. as we get this fourth quarterfinal match underway, i want to take a moment to thank consumer cellular for all of their help with the tournament of champions this year. much appreciated. all right, you've met emma, eric, and josh.
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hopefully you remember them from their initial performances here on "jeopardy!" good luck, players. here we go. ♪ and now let's take a look at the categories, shall we? starting off with... next... that's followed by... we're going to need a name and a number in each correct response. and then... the example they have given me is gato gordo. what is a fat cat? next category... and finally... josh, start. spanish to english rhyme time, $200. eric. double--what is double trouble? good. u.s. islands, $800.


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