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tv   ABC 7 News Getting Answers  ABC  July 13, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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good afternoon. welcome to a daily program called getting sanses. today, we'll take you live to both the san francisco zoo and at the same time, to see what governor newsom's new order means for them. we'll also talk with a restaurant owner who has to, once again, close indoor dining because we're going to the back past. given rapidly increasing covid cases, california is reinstituting a lot of the original stay at home restrictions. let's run through the changes. all california counties must close indoor operations for these sectors. restaurants. wineries. movie theatres. family entertainment.
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zoos. museum. card rooms. again,s that's indoor closure, but all bars, statewide, must shut down. the rules are even stricter for the 31 counties on the state's watch list. in the bay area and valley, that includes contra costa, marin, mersed, monterey, napa, solano, sonoma and stens law. alameda county and other counties will likely be on this list soon. so these counties must also cease indoor operations for fitness centers and gyms. places of worship. offices for noncritical sectors. person care services, hair salon, barbershops and malls. so joining me to break this town down, dr. peter hong. doctor, hope you had a good weekend, but the numbers to start the weerks not good.
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you've been tracking the data of course, clearly, something is deeply disturb iing to the governor. where are they right now. >> i think we have the enviable position of you know, coming out to the arizona, texas and there has and i think what the governor want to do is nip it in the bud. the most concerning things in those three states and texas and florida, isn't only the number of cases. the fact that the hospital systems are being overwhelmed right now. >> okay. but is california still one of the worst states in the country right now in terms of spread? >> yes, we're the top four. that's not position we'd like to be in. >> there are so many numbers out there and even those who at them daily as part of our jobs get so confused. tell us what to focus on. danger, danger, here. >> i would say there are three
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danger statistics. the most important. the first is test positivity rate. that's the number of people turning positive of the number of people being screened so that number goes about 8%. it's bad. under 8% is good. but i must say there's a big range. so for example, alameda county is meeting that 8% range, but they have some other concerning statistics so that's why they're on the bubble and why they weren't included in that sort of list of et cetera. the other, the second statistic is the number hospitalizations. and the number of available hospital beds. and the third statistic, which is the scariest one, because it requires specialized staff, is the number of icu beds available. so those are the but there are a lot of others
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the governor looks at. >> so on these three measure, california not doing well. how about the bay area. can we break it down by those three metrics? >> yeah, a spectrum. i think when governor newsom puts people on the watch list and not on the watch list, it kind of is an oversimplification. for example, alameda, they're kind of on the bubble, but if you compare it to marin county and say test positivity rates, marin county's almost double if not more than alameda county. so marin is not an alameda and even yuba county, because it doesn't have that many possible beds or icu beds, they're kind of getting close to capacity now. so it's a spectrum. so one easier way to think about it is almost green, amber and red. and in the bay area, we probably have like one red area, which is
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marin county. and the rest are amber. and the other parts of the state, we have like imperial county and some parts around central valley, which are more red to amber. >> why is san matteo county doing so much better by the fact they have more things that are open right now. what is the difference there? this is the part that is confusing to people in the bay area. we look at it and think, okay, we're all kind of on the same page with regard to wearing masks. we have similar demographics, policies. why the huge differences? >> really tough to explain. you know, one can say that san francisco county is kind of spared maybe because of we have a generally older population than the other countcounties. we don't have as many kids running around which may lead to other risks or multigenerational graduation parties or frat
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parties. it's really tough to understand so that's why they're looking at these metrics and san matteo county, just for whatever reason, hasn't risen to the top because their metrics are okay. that doesn't mean they're out of the woods either and this is a very dynamic process and i think that's why it makes people unsettle unsettled pause tomorrow you u might wake up and you'd figure out in san matteo county, you can want have the same freedoms you had yesterday. so i think every day is a different day and people, including myself, have to be psychologically ready for changes day by day. >> all right. well, even if you have some variances from county to county in terms of the numbers, does it not make sense from a policy r perspective to have the same rules? then you might be saying okay, inviting people from a different county to come to san matteo county so they can still get their nails done or haircut. isn't there some type of need for uniformity when talking
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about one region? >> yes. there is definitely a need for uniformity. and i think governor newsom went one step in that direction by making a blanket indoor nonessential statement with not you know, with you know, restaurants, for example, or movie theatres, but ultimate blanket, banning bars. so i think he's just trying to test the waters and i don't think he'll be afraid to going back even further. you know when imperial county had its huge surge, they were a a while. >> yeah. no, this is true. i got to ask you. the particular roll backs he announced today, do they seem to make sense? right, from the standpoint of those are the places where it's easy to transmit covid to somebody else. we're talking about no more i indoor operations for restaurants. also winery, tasting room, movie theatres, family entertainment centers, card rooms. does that make sense from a
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disease containment standpoint? >> it makes partial sense. i think it's the obvious sense part, but i think a lot of contact tracer information or intelligence assuring us that much of the risk is invisible to the public because they have been on the inside in private homes. so, big parties, fourth of july parties, when you're having people over. that's not really seen. and can't be controlled so i worry about those a little bit more. but that reresponsibsponsibilits to try and keep that quiet. >> now the governor today was asked about school reopenings by some reporters. he said the state will be asering itself in the days ahead. not quite sure what that mean, but he also did say the decision is made school district by school district. that's the way our law is written, but today, l.a. and san diego districts announced they'll start with all distance learning remotely. from a medical standpoint, a
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scientific standpoint, what do you think is likely to happen? >> i think that california will make its decision despite what the federal government is seeing. and it seems to make a blanket decision on the whole country when there's such different activities of disease happening. it's like going back to the past, like you said, and could you imagine opening schools when we were surging? that's you know, the it's hard to predict what will be happening next month, although people are not being optimistic and it's hard to think our schools will open to all in person you know, federal dollars or not. if we have a epidemic surging in our state and in our counties. >> so look, we have about 30 seconds. look at the numbers and what's happening in california, what can we each do here in the bay area? >> i know it really seems simple
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and i hope people rrn getting too faezed by the same message, but we do the things we can get control of. which is to wear that mask. to wash your hand and watch your distance and really wear that mask everywhere and maybe get a new pattern or something and shake things up, but that's really the most important thing we can do individually. >> all right. always good to talk to you. learn something every time. let's keep this conversation going. take good care. >> thanks for having me on. >> all right. take care. up next, we are pretty hasn't been done before. we're going live at the
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all right. welcome back. governor newsom's orders today include the closure of indoor operations for zoos. of course, many zoos have outdoor operations. now san francisco has been cautious and a slow in reopening, but the zoo did reopen today. and so today, we're going to take you live there to the zoo. foggy on the coast, but that's how we like it here in san francisco. joining me, the vice president of philanthropy for the san francisco zoo. tim wu. how you doing, tim? >> great. how are you doing tonight? >> just fine. got to ask you. how did the first day go? i guess it's not over yet, so hos it going? >> it is amazing. the energy here is incredible. we have people coming throug the zoo. everyone is ticketing so we're socially distanning, but the people are thrilled. we're having a great day even in
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the cold and the fog. >> that is excellent to hear. i want to know, you know, are the visitors and staff seemingly adhering to the protocol no problem at all? >> we are having great adherence. we want to err on the side of safety so from the moment you walk into the gate, we have social distancing signs that say keep one line's distance apart from people. we have areas covered. we have all of our indoor spaces closed. so we're basically outdoor 100 acre park for people right now. >> i want to bring in the lovely folks from the oakland zoo. dr. joel parrott is the president of the oakland zoo. i see you got the sun there. you've got a gorgeous facility. yet, you have not been allowed to reopen. is that right? are you getting any sort of indication when you might get the green light, joel? >> well, we're really hopeful that you know, the alameda
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county public health department and the alameda county board of supervisors have been very supportive and we have a, they have a meeting to discuss this topic tomorrow morning so that the public health department can apply for a variance from the state. so that's what our big day is now tomorrow. just to get the application moving forward to the state. >> i was going to say, the governor's orders today, they don't seem like they will necessarily affect you in the sense that you know, he shut down indoor operations for the zoo, but just like san francisco zoo, basically, everything you run is outdoors, right? >> yes, we've only got two buildings that are basically indoor exhibits, so it's really, it's really about being out on the pathways and open air. being able to socially distance, having your mask on. staying with your family group. those are the ways that we're going to be able to be safe when the visitors come. >> i know you have a lot of people cheering for you.
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it's been a financial hardship ochbl obviously to not have the revenue. youb you know about the little girl in cast valy who's king brr how are the animals doing? and in both of you can chime in, but in particular in san francisco, since the an a malls haven't really been around people for a while, except for their trainers and certainly you had visitors and they're wearing masks, does it scare the animals? are they used to that? >> i was just chatting with animal wellness folks about that. when it closed, the animals were confused about why there were no people there. they got used to that and now you bring people back and they're very curious. we notice they're coming closer. they're checking people out. we've got one of them yelling. peacock. they're thrilled to see people. thrilled as we are to see them. >> all right.
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hey, do me a favor, tim. can you kind of spin around with your camera if you're mobile so we can get the 360 view of the zoo? i wish i were. give us a little tour. zpl here are some ja ralphs. can you see them coming by? >> yes. no. actually. yes, i see them. you know what, it's our quality. i see their enclosure. yes, i do see them. ta da. there they are. >> those are some of our giraffes who are checking out the visitors. i'll show you the visitors. here are a couple of visitors waving to them. you can see them. >> okay, so it's, i can see it's not very packed. what's the capacity you're doing now compared to normal? >> so, right now, we have about 1700 people a day. that is compared to 6,000 people during a busy summer day. so we have permission to go up
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to 50% capacity, but we're being really safe and we're going below that just to ensure u ppr social distancing. >> today was just for members. tell us about when you open to the general public and i know you're kind of doing this reservation system, so explain to people how they get one. >> of course. so, yes, today and tomorrow with members only as a thank you to all of our members who stood by us during our closure. starting wednesday morning, we're open to the general public. everything is timed and reservations ahead of time. you can go online to the zoo website, book a reservation time, ticketing is completely touchless so owe show it when you come in, no contact a, then just come in, reserve a time. we can't wait to see you. >> sounds good and joel, i got to ask you, i know you've been tightening your belts from a staff standpoint now. how much longer realistically can you go on without reopening? >> we have enough reserve to
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make it to about mid december. then we would be out of money completely. >> then talking about closing for good? >> well, you know what, that's where the city owns the zoo and it's managed by a non-profit organization called the conservation society of california. it's a non-profit organization and so when we run out of reserves, we just turn back over to the city to manage. so office of parks and recreation would have to manage it from that point on. >> and gentlemen, you tell me, how important are the summer months normally to the operations of the zoo? >> you know, for us, we basically you know, are very seasonal. so we have high attendance in summer and low attendance in the winter, so we have to build up a summer reserve so that we can supplement the operation through the winter. and then in the end of the year, it's, it all averages out. so it's critical for us to be open in the summer because we
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won't have built up. >> dr. joel parrott, keep us posted on how your application for the variance goes in terms of being able to reopen and tim wu u with san francisco zoo, glad to see you back in business. i want one of those san francisco zoo masks. it looks terrific. good look to you. >> thank you. we'll get you one. >> thank you. >> thanks. all right, we'll take a r short break on the air. when we come back, a local restaurant owner now u has to pivot again. shut down indoor dining once again. we'll talk about the sweeping impact these orders
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all right, welcome back. if you haven't heard the new, governor gavin newsom rolled back a lot of the reopenings in the state of california, sending a lot of things back to the way things were when we first closed down. for example, indoor dining, that is gone for all of the state of california. also shut down in terms of indoor operations, wineries,
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movie theatres, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, card rooms and all bars must close in california. in addition, there are some states that are on this watch list and really, it's not some states, it's most states. sorry, counties i mean. 31 on the watch list. and the local ones include contra costa, marin, mersed, monterey, napa, solano, sonoma and stanislaus with alameda coming own likely soon and possibly santa clara, so when you're on the watch list, it means you cannot have indoor operations for fitness center, places of worship, offices, personal care services, hair salons and malls. is there a guest with us? okay. we do have a guest coming because we want to talk about what this means for restaurants. in san matteo, one of the counties here in the bay area na
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that had been doing the best and had most things open, they were allowing restaurants to have both indoor and outdoor dining. of course that changes as of today with governor newsom's eww order so joining me now is the owner of saj mediterranean to talk about the impact. you started this business being able to offer indoor dining along with outdoor, of course, so the governor's order came down just after noontime. did that immediately change things for you? >> thank you for having me on. actually, it did and it did not. it did in some of the companies that were open down south in the san matteo county, actually decided the shut down the indoor dining as of june, starting july the 2nd for the safety of the guests. the nice thing is we have a really big outside dining areas and thanks to the cities and the
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counties that work with us to reallocate the parking spots for or locations to sit down. so, it did and not at the same time, but we're all in this together and hoping to get through u it together. >> are you able to walk outside and show us your patio dining or sidewalk danin you're talking about? that's the pretty sizable area. i know this because i've been there, but i want to ask you while you're walking over there, given so many people working from home, do you actually have much of a lunchtime business there? >> not as much as we -- [ inaudible ] >> okay. i guess he had to go back inside for the wi-fi, right? that's cool. if you want to go inside, we can imagine. >> our lunch was impacted significantly and we're really relying more on the to go business and the online and the delivery business. >> so, how long were the indoor
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operations happening before they were shutdown again? the indoor art. >> i'd say about a month where we had indoor dining. in other counties, they're not even open yet. like san the ta clara and we had some locations. >> got it. so even before the governor took action today, the county took action to say let's phase out the indoor dining again. so you had it for about a month. how big of a portion of your business is that, the indoor part? >> we're kind of lucky because of our offerings and our format. 50% of premise. and to pivot, so sorry, we're having signal issues. how long can you continue like this, where you're constantly having to adapt and shift when ever an order comes down again
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and then you might bring people back then furlough people? how long can you last like this? >> it's very hard. very, very hard. we've kind of been through this before so we know what to do. a protocol and health county guidelines. that's the good thing, but it's very hard to manage staff and our team members. luckily, we have a great staff and we're relying more on the online and the to go and direct consumer so we're kind of off setting in store with that. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> take good care. >> bye bye. >>
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thanks for tonight, the developing headline late today in the coronavirus. the major public school systems that will not open. online learning to start the year. also, the governor of texas now pleading, wear a mask. warning what could come next. and the nba player testing positive. tonight, california ordering new lockdowns across the state for several businesses, including bars, restaurants, and indoor dining. los angeles and san diego saying schools will not open for in-person classes next month. new images inside the covid unit of a hospital in houston. some hospitals reportedly forced to turn ambulances away. nba star russell westbrook revealing he has now tested positive. a patient in texas dying after he said he attended a covid party. the hospital revealing his last words. florida reporting record-breaking numbers this weekend.


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