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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 13, 2020 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. building a better bay area during the coronavirus pandemic means balancing the needs of our economy and health. sit a balancing act and we're bringing you stories on both angles. we'll begin with our health and one to have best indicators is this graph. a tally of coronavirus cases diagnosed each day in the bay area. focus on the yellow line, representing the rolling average which continues to set record highs. the bay area, including santa cruz county, has more than 35,000 total cases. statewide, there are more than 329,000 cases, a number that's gone up 50% in the past two weeks. across california, hospitalizations are up 28%. the number of deaths up 18% over the past two weeks. obviously, not the direction we want to be heading and grim figures to say the least. that's why the governor announced some businesses will have to shut down again.
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>> melanie woodrow is live with a look at the impact on the bay area. melanie? >> reporter: indoor activities, including indoor dining off the table. the governor has ordered the closure of additional indoor sectors for counties on the watch list. go the governor dimming the switch on california's reopening. >> this virus is not going away. >> reporter: all california counties across the state will close indoor dining, wineries, theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, card rooms, and bars, which must close all operations. this includes san mateoesumed i. >> we were able to suppress the spread of this virus. we were going to knock down the growth of this in the beginning. we're going to do that again. >> reporter: this as the california covid-19 test
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positivity rate increases with the number of hospitalizations and icu patients. >> not only are people getting covid-19 and seeing people transmit this disease, but we're also continuing to see lives lost. >> reporter: counties that are on the watch list being monitored for worsening covid-19 trends are closing additional indoor sectors. the bay area counties on the watch list are contra costa, marin, napa, solano, and sonoma counties. also on the watch list is monterey county. >> alameda county is likely to go on the list tomorrow or the next day. >> reporter: watch list county also close indoor fitness centers, worship services, offices for nonces salons, barbershops and malls. >> we continue to press upon you the importance of wearing a mask, wearing a face ve
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emphasizing what we can do to stop the spread of covid-19 and potentially move that dimmer switch back in the opposite direction. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> melanie, thank you. if you're not sure how the announcement affects you where you live, we've made it easy to figure out. one page on our website lays out the changes for each bay area county, and an interactive map of which businesses are open and closed. you'll find all of this on remember, share it with your friends, too. in the east bay, hair salons and barbershops are closing down again in contra costa county because of the governor's latest health order. m doesn't mnnythin rstand the ney should never b the tuatn t c toeafs
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closing. >> these businesses opened less than a month ago. in the north bay, today's news hit santa rosa hard, since sonoma county is on the watch list. it will opt to shut down gyms, hair salons and barbershops, as well as all bars, indoor dining and indoor tasting rooms. some places only reopened a few weeks ago. >> i don't really like the way it's been handled. and without warning, without any warning. so are we supposed to lock up right now in the middle of the day? >> the new closure also last until at least august 2. today, the santa clara county deposit allows barbershops, nail and hair salons, tattoo parlors and gyms, so many to tell you about, to reopen. but it might not last long. the county has been monitored by the state since sunday, and if it's coronavirus situation doesn'timprove, they will have
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to close wednesday. dustin dorsey sahas more. >> reporter: open, closed. reopening, not reopening. it's been a whirl wind for south bay gyms and owners. we took you inside here as they're preparing to operate during a pandemic. that day has come, as they are now officially open for business. >> i think it's great. it gives you a sense of morality. covid is still out there and we need to be worried about it, but it feels good to be back. >> the game changed over a week's time about two or three times, from opening to closing, to reopening. and then, of cour the week our cardio areas are off-limits and the locker rooms, as well. you can't take a shower or use a locker. we have the ability to capture your log-in times, which will serve as a reservation system.
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i think wtang away from one another, we can accomplish this. >> a lot of the people have been worried, mostly about the cleaniness and what we're doing. cleaning each machine, wiping down seats, handles are the big thing. we have to monitor who is using the dumbbells. now it's like if we see a 25 missing, we'll wait for it to clean it, then we go to the next section. just cleaning everything down, even if no one has used it. i think it's a better process. >> i feel like if this gym is a clean gym, everyone cleans up after themselves, they clean up before or after they use the equipment, so i'm not worried about it. >> everyone is wearing masks and staying distanced from each other. it's cool. >> it's up to both the members and the staff to keep us safe. and whatever we need to do i'm
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all for it. >> reporter: dustin dorsey, "abc7 news." and as businesses open and close, many are experiencing an emotional back and forth, a mental roller coaster. luz pena spoke with experts about this issue and what you can do as we move forward. >> reporter: five of nine bay area counties are on the california watch list. and today, the governor had another update. >> requiring all counties to close their indoor activities. >> psychologically, there's too much to keep up with. people get angry and it's just emotionally damaging. >> reporter: at her practice, this psychologist has seen an increase of depression and anxiety as covid-19 cases increase. >> it's often creating a trauma response. most of us have been sort of holding on, just tightly and we have this date in our mind that, okay, things will begin to get back to noal rorter: today, santa clara
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reopened hair salons, gyms and tattoo parlors. but if cases spike up again, and the county has to close, this behavior begins to tax heavily on many. >> sometimes positive coping statements, like this is going to be really challenging, but i've handled challenging things in the past. >> reporter: the lack of ability to cope during these uncertain times is leading many to the er. >> we're seeing eight to ten a day expressing suicidal ideations. and then the other group are those that are responding with anger. >> reporter: infectious disease expert dr. hong says this. >> it was done for a specific reason, which is keep us vigilant, and it gives people the most flexibility. >> reporter: experts recomndocu solidne
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directglain trend today with covid-19 hospitalizations during an update with mayor london breed. >> that blue dark line, if everything stays the same and there were no changes, we would hit a peak of 830 hospitalizations in our city. in april, we peaked at 94. and thanks to all the work that people did in san francisco, we sheltered in place, we drove that number down. >> reporter: the san francisco zoo, which has been a hot topic opened today for the first time in four months. it will be able to keep its outdoor spaces open. despite today's order from the governor, but indoor operation also have to close. tries to ge handle on the coronavirus, the nation's top infectious disease expert is pleading with the public to do its part to slow down the spread. dr. anthony fauci made those remarks today with stanford medicine. chris nguyen has this story.
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>> reporter: as cases of the novel coronavirus continue to surge across the united states, there's growing concern about what will happen next. >> we need to drop back a few wards and say okay, we can't stay shut down forever. >> reporter: during a virtual fireside chat with the dean of stanford medicine, dr. anthony fauci spoke candidly about the importance of gradually reopening the economy, but doing so wisely. >> pull back a bit, and then r proceed in a prudent way observing the guidelines. all you needed to do was look at the films on tv of people in some states who went from shutdown to complete throwing caution to the wind. >> reporter: as scientists work on potential drugs for the virus, fauci is cautiously optimistic that a safe and effective vaccine will be ready by the end of the year or early 2021. his comments come as reports seem to indicate a growing rift
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between him and the white house. politics aside, stanford disease expert dr. maldonado says it's more important than ever to rely on data and science. >> try to engage with individual populations. when you can engage in a community level, it's a very effective and trying to gain trust and having a dialogue. >> reporter: a timely effort to battle this deadly virus. >> you think of not only your personal responsibilities, but your societal responsibilities. although you may not get sick, almost certainly you're going to infect somebody else. and then you will get a vulnerable person who will be sick who will go to the hospital who might die. >> reporter: in the south bay, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." one of the big questions still unanswered, what will happen to school? a safe education is an important part of building a better bay area. so we're going to take a look at that topic in the next 30
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we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at in building a better bay area, we off look at the economic impact of this pandemic. in the next few minutes we'll look at some contrasting examples. catering companies have lost mill t busess vevanied. ura anthony wn businesss
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buness, more than seven decades in the business. >> this one says '51. we're still using it. >> reporter: will close its doors for good in a matter of days. >> we had these barbecues for church festivals. >> reporter: the owners here have seen and survived a lot. >> working with my dad. >> reporter: but it's the coronavirus shutdown that will take them down for good. >> bottom fell out during the dot com. my husband had a heart transplant, and then after that, there was the 2008 recession. >> reporter: now it's just a matter of cooking up the last meals and delivering the final orders. >> as it kept going, you see the writing on the '70s, late '60s. >> reporter: a business that's catered thousands of weddings, birthday parties and events, simply can't survive on box
6:16 pm
meals and 7% of the clientele. >> there's no light at the end of the tunnel. there's no timeline, if you will. you don't know how long it's going to last. and you're bleeding. you're losing money every day. >> reporter: now this kitchen will close for good on wednesday. but the memories made here by this family business will live on forever. >> i was hoping to make the 75th anniversary and turn it over to our nephew and let him proceed. but that's just not working out. so 72 years for catering, though, is a pretty good record. >> reporter: laura anthony, "abc7 news." barbershops are calling on alameda county to let them n oakland
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where about 20 people protested outside the county health department's offices. the stylists say they are prepared and have some of the most effective sanitation procedures in place already. sar salons and barbershops have been closed since march. while many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, one has never been busier. marcus books store is the i would o-- is the oldest black independent bookstore in the country. >> repte here atars okorin and, busines since the '60s, mcu books is a one stop shop for books but specialize in black history and social injustice of people of all ages. >> it's really important that a community have its own bookstore. >> reporter: like many businesses, marcus books had to
6:18 pm
shut their doors temporarily. and with the help of the community, they were able to keep their business alive. three weeks after the coronavirus shutdown, marcus books setnooks following the death and protest of george floyd, books from black authors have been flying off the shelves. they have seen a spike in sales by over 200%. >> so definitely a surge in reading, in wanting to read. and also in what people are reading, because we're seeing a lot of people in the store that we haven't seen before. and they're buying anything in the store. mainly books dealing with racial issues. >> reporter: marcus books is seeing a large amount of support from surrounding communities and also on a national level. >> just overwhelming. we were getting 300, 400 orders a day. we've been very fortunate with the -- really the national support we've received.
6:19 pm
because we're sending packages all over the country. >> it's really cool just to walk and see people on the cover of . >> reporter: people expanding their knowledge to keep an open mind that could lead to change. >> i feel cautiously hopeful that there will be some change in the entire society. >> reporter: in oakland, "abc7 news." >> abc 7 is partnering with iheart radio. go to to find resources. just click on support the bay. as we continue, did you notice a change in the weather this week? not as hot as ♪ oh, oh, (announcer)®! ♪ once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily
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taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. once-weekly ozempic® is helping me reach my blood sugar goal. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 r a 1-month or 3-month prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. that big fire on board the "u.s. bonhamme richard" in san diego is still burn thing evening. more than 24 hours after it
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started. the number of injured from the fire skyrocketed to 57 today, nearly all the victims suffered minor injuries from the incredible heat being put out from the blaze. temperatures estimated to have reached 1,000 degrees. now there are concerns about toxicity of the smoke. >> we continue to fight the fire. we remain aware of the concerns with regard to air quality and water. >> an explosion below deck triggered that fire. the cause of that is being investigated. the navy says the fire on the ship could burn for days. all right. let's focus on our weather now. it cooled off from yesterday, spencer. >> it certainly did, ama. respect we thankful for that? it was toasty yesterday. let's take a look at our current surface wind speeds. it's gusty around napa and fairfield with gusts up to 25 to
6:23 pm
35 miles per hour. and breezy in other locations, as well. let's take a look at the cooldown over the last 24 hours. this is the 24-hour temperature change. 17 degrees cooler right now than it was at this time yesterday in napa, fairfield and concord. so sharp cooldowns in the inland areas. six degrees cooler in oakland and san francisco than at this time yesterday. here's a view looking along the bay bridge. 58 degrees in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 74 in mountain view. and san jose. pacifica, 55 degrees. and from emeryville, we've got some fog beginning to roll out from the coast guard. 76 degrees in santa rosa. napa, only 66. 80 in fairfield. 75 in livermore. here's the view from our roof top camera. across the embarcadero, overnight and into the early morning hours, low clouds, fog,
6:24 pm
patchy morning drizzle. only minor fluctuations in the temperature range. so call it a mild-to-warm week. and an even warmer pattern develop thing weekend. although we're not expecting anything as extreme as what we had the past weekend. this is the forecast animation for overnight. notice how far the fog pushes inland. there will be reduced visibility and lingering fog that will linger until the mid-morning hours, then a sunny day inland. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid 50s. a little cooler at the coast. c. and the beginning of the day, lingering low clouds. so early morning hours will not be very sunny. but by midday, it will be sunny just about everywhere. and temperatures start to rise more sharply into the afternoon. now we'll look at the highs.
6:25 pm
high of 60 at half moon bay tomorrow. 56 in san francisco. oakland, 72. south bay, 83. san jose, the inland east bay, upper eig80s to near 90. 76 at napa. and on we go to the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice, again, not much of a change in the temperature range through thursday. but it starts to warm up inland on friday. friday, saturday, sunday, in the mid 80s. next monday, it starts to cool down again to more seasonal range. nothing very extreme this week, so i don't think we have to worry about the excessive heat we had saturday and sunday. dan and ama? >> that's a nice break, to be sure. thank you very much. a bay area doctor is raising red flags about yi. he says he experienced a p plane d a few masks. what the airlines telling "abc7
6:26 pm
i'm michael finney. coming up, how w
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my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card to buy heavier weights online. got it!
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go time! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i should've purchased lighter weights! bluild bling a better bay a for a safe and secure future. this is "abc7 news." >> michael finney helped one man unfreeze an account worth $59,000. michael has this story. >> reporter: yeah, this is interesting. when ody cruz's wife of 41 years passed away in february, she left behind a debit card loaded with disability benefits. but trying to get to those benefits turned out to be a hassle. ernie cruz reaches behind him to show us a photo of his late
6:29 pm
wife. the devoted husband places fresh flowers beside her photo every week. her death is difficult for him to talk about. >> so that was very painful. i, to be honest, i cry every day. >> reporter: she left her job just two years ago following a heart attack. she's been on disability since. those benefits have been loaded on to a debit card, administered by bank of america and edd. >> i'm old school. i don't know how to transfer her funds into hour joint savings and checking account, which we used for everything. >> reporter: after she died, bank of america notified him that the account was frozen. the bank told him to submit documents and weeks later asked him to contact edd. >> oh, my god, edd, i think that was the time, mid march. that was a time when millions of
6:30 pm
people were filing for unemployment benefits. >> reporter: he has fond memories of his wife's piano concerts. when he didn't hear anything from the state, he remembered something his wife told him. >> she has always been telling me, if you have any problems, call 7 on your side. >> reporter: so he did. and we reached out to bank of america. it tells us, we need to receive edd approval before releasing money to an estate. as soon as we receive required documentation, we'll work as quickly as possible and will send to the edd for review and approval. some ten days later, he received a check in the mail for $59,000. >> and my wife would be very proud of me. i contacted 7 on your side. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah, she's proud of you, odi, no doubt about it. he says he plans to put that money towards his retirement, which he hopes will begin fairly
6:31 pm
soon. ama? >> all right, michael, thank you so much. building a better bay area means focusing our educa. today,alornia federation of teachers joined the calls to keep schools closed. in oakland, the new school year begins just four weeks from today. as leeann melendez explains, it will begin with distance learning. >> reporter: betsy devos renewed her call for opening schools throughout the country despite the growing number of covid-19 infections. >> we know that their emotional and mental well-being, and particularly for kids from low income and vulnerable populations, this is devastating to be out of school and not learning for months on end. >> reporter: but oakland unified presented its reopening plan last friday. all online for the time being. >> the plan that we have put forward says we're going to start in a distance learning mode, and then we're going to
6:32 pm
gradually layer in. periodically, assess where are we, which groups can we bring back on to campus. >> reporter: many oakland parents hoped to begin the year with in-person learning, but others felt that getting back so the classroom was too premature. the teacher's union put out its reasons for starting off with a distance learning plan. >> all summer we watched as cases in oakland continued to climb. >> so we decided that the district's plan is not safe enough to bring our own children back. >> reporter: the union said teachers would return only after two conditions were met. >> until we see the rates have dropped and steadily dropped to near zero for 14 days straight, we don't even want to consider any type of in-person learning at all. >> reporter: the second condition states the district must ensure the proper safety equipment is available and maintained throughout the year. oakland unified says the governor has promised to
6:33 pm
deliver. >> we'll be leaning in even further, well aware of my responsibilities and the dynamic that is a state as large as ours. >> reporter: a state that has nearly 1,000 school districts. any decision to return will be done on a district level, not on a school-to-school basis. leeann melendez, "abc7 news." turning your attention next to the business of flying. masks are a requirement on most airlines, but the i-team received complaints some companies are not enforcing rules, despite advertising otherwise. stephanie sierra has this story. >> we were already extremely nervous about the process pecks of flying. >> reporter: the two suited up in ponchos and masks before boarding their flight on july 2. like most major airlines, the
6:34 pm
company states a strict mask wearing policy for all employees and passengers. >> people were boarding the plane without masks. there was no enforcement. >> reporter: he says a dozen people were not masked for the entire flight. >> it was extremely uncomfortable. and a feeling that despite all the precautions we took, maybe we weren't safe. >> reporter: the world health organization hasn't ruled out airborne transmission of the virus, especially in crowded spaces with poor ventilation. >> certain situations, there may be enough of the fine particles produced that can stay in suspension, hang in the air long enough, with enough virus in them to become infected. but to me, it's quite rare. >> reporter: rare but dr. george rutherford says it is still possible. >> people have to wear masks on flights, absolutely. >> reporter: abc 7 reached out to sun country airlines and the
6:35 pm
company did note -- >> reporter: meanwhile, masks are required at sfo, where at least four tsa employees have tested positive for covid-19. one of those employees was working until june 24th. >> we are working on solutions that would allow for reduced need for people to have to touch anything, from checkig in to getting a boarding pass, going through the security checkpoint. >> reporter: there are a dozen airport ambassadors spread out, enforce thing mask requirement here at sfo. they're hoping for voluntary compliance but no fine also be issued. stephanie sierra, "abc7 news." free rides are coming to an end in less than a a a a the agency had gone fare free on
6:36 pm
busesht r nce march. local transit agencies that went fare free. no word yet on when they will resume collecting fares. for the moment, status quo. when it comes to taking a bus, going out to dinner or getting your haircut, what is the risk out there? play the game to find out. go to to test yourself and see if the experts agree with you. first generation college students at stanford telling their stories. more on this eye opening podcast. a san francisco woman starts with a bobby pin and 13 transactions later ends up with this. i'm dion lim with tara, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? >>wow...ok! that's 15% on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? idina menzel to sing your own theme song?
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apple says it's spending the first $400 million to fight california's homeless crisis. it will build more than 250 units of affordable housing. not just in the backyard in cupertino but the east and north bays, as well. apple has committed to spending $2.5 billion to build affordable housing and provide assistance to californians who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes. during the pandemic, a san francisco woman's experiment online to trade up has really blown up. dion lim introduces you to the trade me project and how a bobby pin might one day turn into a house.
6:40 pm
>> there's so many emotions. >> reporter: meeting her today to trade one of these vans for her iphone is this couple who drove from minnesota. >> drive was like 31 hours. >> reporter: to understand how we got to this moment, you need to go back two months. to when zemi, sheltering in place at home, got a crazy idea. >> i'm trading a single bobby pin for a house. >> reporter: documenting her journey on tiktok she traded for earrings, then margarita glasses. and you get the idea. >> i traded up to an iphone 11. >> reporter: her story and account called the trademeproject has 3.5 million followers from around the globe. >> i've seen things in germany, singapore, all over the world seems to be doing their own project now, which is exciting. >> reporter: which brings us back to norah, a tiktok addict,
6:41 pm
and her husband, who, with their 4-month-old and 2-year-old in toe, turned this transaction into their family summer vacation. >> if you give, you'll get back. so that's what inspired us to do this. >> reporter: while she's not sure what will happen next, it will entail more planning and researching the thousands of offers she receives, it's about more than a house, it's about the journey. >> these are long-time friends now. i think i've talked to them every day this week for hours on end. that's been really special. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, "abc7 news." >> how fun is that? i ed whemi skipper live duri today about how she decides what to i think people see the one-minute video and they're
6:42 pm
like, this is really cute, but they don't see hours of planning and prices, so a lot of work. >> much more than you might think, she's hoping to trade up for that house in the next two months or so. if she's successful, she would like to donate it or use it for a good cause, and we'll have to wait and see, but we'll keep you up to date. >> that is neat. coming up next, spencer has a look at the weather for the week ahead from the coast to the inland areas.
6:43 pm
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she was 57-year-old old. the ventura county sheriff says they are confident that a body they found this morning is that of 33-year-old naya rivera. the medical examiner will work to determine the cause of death. stanford university is one of the most prestigious in the country, but what is that experience like if you're part of the small population of black students, a plus maybe you're the first in your family to go to college. as part of our effort to buildt race and social justice issues. today, we speak to four students who share their experience. kris reyes has this story. >> what do you get when you take
6:46 pm
kids from the hood and send them to a prestigious university? the come up collective. ♪ this is the come up, collective ♪ >> reporter: all stanford seniors, on full scholarships. together, they felt they had a story to tell. >> we know these stories are unique. we want to share them with people. >> i think the intersection of being black, low income, first generation is isolating. >> we're worried about stuff like what's happening back home, the family, and i have to manage two jobs. i can't join you at the club right now because that's going to take away time. >> reporter: the episodes tackle everything from navigating campus life, charting careers to race issues like the black lives matter movement. less than 10% of the student population at stanford is black. for these podcasters, the show is a sanctuary.
6:47 pm
what message would you like to get across about racism? as a stanford student? >> i get the sense that maybe we don't belong. >> we found it very therapeutic. we're just trying to voice all concerns, voicing the parts that make us sad. >> with these guys, i feel like they're just there to throw a life vest at me. i see you're drowning and trying to act like you're not drowning but i got you. >> reporter: seven episodes in and they plan to launch a second season. they are working towards graduation, and shaq has a full-time offer at citibank. they've launched their own scholarship program to help other students. >> we're only interested in expanding to support our community. >> reporter: the podcast is available on these platforms. kris reyes for "abc7 news." >> last week, we dedicated an hour to a live conversation about how to be n ally during
6:48 pm
this time of upheaval. you can watch it and other town halls ranging from topics on race to coronavirus on, on the "abc7 news" app and anywhere you stream. tips are pouring in for a waitress seen depending an asian american family at a restaurant as a man went on a racist rant. >> you piece of [ bleep ]. >> get out of here! you are not allowed here. >> three online fund-raisers for her have raced more than $105,000, and that doesn't include contributions made by venmo. the man seen attacking the family resigned from his position from the company solid eight. w have links on if you want to make a donation. she did the right thing and really stood up. >> she did.
6:49 pm
let's talk weather and get one last check on the forecast tonight with spencer christian. spencer? >> okay, ama. let me see if i can do the right thing and keep weather in the cool pattern. overnight conditions, we'll start the evening, we already have with mainly clear skies inland. low clouds and fog will develop over the coast and overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid 50s, perhaps just a little cooler in the north bay valleys and on the coast. tomorrow, sunny skies, little patches of fog near the coast tomorrow. highs range from 60 at the coast to mid and upper 70s and to about 90 in the warmest inland locations. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have a week of steady pattern of temperatures around 90, 92 in the warmest spots. upper 70s to near 80 around the bay. friday and saturday, a little
6:50 pm
warmup and cools down again next week. nice week ahead. >> yeah. sounds like it. thank you, spencer. >> let's turn it over to chris alvarez, where chris, sports intersects coronavirus news once again tonight. >> yeah, unfortunately once again, it does. one of basketball's biggest stars tests positive for covid-19. and play ball. one week from today, the bay bri bridge series will renew. details ahead.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the bay bridge series returns one week from today. oakland will host monday night's game next week and if giants and a's will play on tuesday at oracle park. we're getting ready for baseball. both will be exhibition games to get ready for the regular season. not that far away, after much speculation whether these two teams would play.
6:53 pm
the announcement was made official today. dlt6:40 the first pitch. san francisco's tuesday, july 21st is asee as a final tuneup for both teams. >> looking forward to those exhibition games with both teams. yeah, i think that's exciting. it reminds us that it's time to go, time to prepare. and so you can't see this, but just to my right, i have a board up with lineups for several days into the season that i'm beginning to toy with. i think the lineups that you'll see in those exhibition games won't necessarily be representative of what we'll put out during the regular season, but it's fun to start thinking about not just those exhibition games but what comes after. the exhibition games with the a's are a good, healthy remind they are the season is coming and coming fast. it is coming fast and they
6:54 pm
will be at dodger stadium july 23rd. the nba bubble, all getting in orlando trying to get ready to play basketball, but one all-star has tested positive for covid-19. that would be nine-time all-star russell westbrook. he tested positive for covid-19. he got that before the team took off. he added he feels fine and is in quarantine currently. teammates james harden did not travel with the team. no word on what their status is. the nba season is scheduled to restart july 30th. sacramento kings center rashard holmes is back in quarantine after he left the nba bubble to pick up food. he crossed the line at walt disney world. now he has to quarantine for the next eight days. he's in a ten-day process before rejoining the team. the washington nfl franchise is
6:55 pm
returning their redskins name and logo. there was calls for change, and the new team and logo are being delayed to t e d of the month. time now for call my play. you send the video, larry calls the action. >> luz demarman is working her double she has scream dreams of repre team usa in the 2026 olympics. nailed it. we just called your play on abce always love tse
6:56 pm
y mu. amanda del ca nail and hair salons already able to reopen today, but found out they have to shut their doors again. that story at 11:00. refining their plans for football. one school district releases new details for parents. >> that and more at 11:00. here's the lineup before then -- >> should be terrific highlights. then don't miss "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> of course, as always, jimmy kimmel live at 11:35. "nightline" airs after, so that is 12:05 a.m. great lineup for you tonight. all right. that is going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news."
6:57 pm
you can find the news any time on the "abc7 news" app. we keep you up to date. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, chris alvarez, all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you at 11:00. bye for now.
6:58 pm
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now let's meet today's semifinalists. a music teacher from aurora, colorado... a student at brown university from gainesville, georgia... and a user experience librarian from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first of our semifinal matches. the winner today gets to come back later this week to play for a quarter million dollars. kyle, dhruv, emma, good to have you with us again. good luck. here we go. all right, let's take a look at the categories for this first round of play. ah.
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