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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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fewer than 8,000 a day recently. the state's death rate hit a new record high. 83 deaths per day on average over the last two weeks. the percent of coronavirus tests coming back positive has receded slightly. the 14-day average is now 7.2. amidst this health crisis, we are trying to build a better bay area. trying to protect the many institutions that are suffering. the situation is so dire for cal train, it may not exist anymore at the end of the year. fears about the safety of public transit are perpetuating it. cornell bernard shows us november most are in survival mode. >> it's been dead. no one has been on there. i'm the only person down there. >> reporter: he works often alone on cal train. ridership is down 95% due to the pandemic. the station on king street is a
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ghost town. >> how bad is it for cal train? >> it's devastating. we're facing a fiscal cliff in october and the rail lane may simply cease to exist. >> reporter: rumming between san francisco and san jose faces shutdown after the san francisco board of supervisors failed to support a sales tax measure for the november ballot. the supervisor says there are bigger priorities. >> our cities is facing a $1.7 billion deficit right now. our own transportation agency is suffering. >> reporter: muni facing its own financial crisis. its director tweeting some sobering facts. muni eliminating 40 bus lines. golden gate transit cut half the service to san francisco. b.a.r.t. facing a billion-dollar loss. cal train may end service completely. this is public transit, reality in america. >> i think we're now in a fast crisis. >> reporter: austin brown from the uc davis policy ins
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institution says transit may depends on a covid vaccine for riders to come back. >> justbly needing to see good data and then get people comfortable with sharing space with each other again. >> reporter: meantime the agencies like cal train, racing to find other funding sources before it's too late. abc 7 news. starting today, passengers can apply for a 20 to 50% off fares for muni. it is the launch of a means based program called clipper start desinds to reduce the cost of transit for low income riders. >> this is just in. ri recommendinheta o bay area's school district announce that had fall classes will not be held in person.
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abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez. >> reporter: like other school districts, they determined the spyinging cases would put staff and students in harm's way. the plan is to resume classes august 17. the superintendent made it official this morning in a letter. our team is developing a detailed plan of how we will improve distance learning and support families and students this next school year. i asked the school board president why the district waited until now to develop this plan. >> as much as a month or two ago, we thought we would go back. but distance learning has to be more robust. >> reporter: in march, when schools shut down, many teachers were left fending for themselves. >> anyone can create art. let's get started. >> reporter: while teachers have received no formal training, the school district told us there are many resources on their
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wbsite. instructional resources and tools to teach jop line. teachers will receive three to four proefessional development days. another issue is the digital divide in california. one addressed this morning by the summit of instruction. >> we're just a few weeks away from school. it would seem unlike reply that could literally do this in a few weeks. >> reporter: last week, the district handed out hundreds of chrome books. they said they will issue additional technology to students. >> with continued distance learning, we're now imagine for what the access needston will be for our youngest learners in the pk 2 grade levels. >> reporter: san francisco is telling parents that a gradual hybrid approach will be provided when, quote, science and data suggests it is safe to do so.
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lyanne melendez. abc7 news. when it comes to protecting our health, napa county is tightening up enforcement with the possibility of fines. >> reporter: the urban landscape has begun to look like a theater in places like napa whereas of today, going without a mask might land someone a fine ranging from $25 a person to $5,000 for a business. good for our safety. i see people wearing masks but they don't cover their noses. it's just as bad as not wearing a mask. >> reporter: the county passed the emergency mask ordinance last night. it would not use police or sheriff's deputies. instead, members of the county code enforcement team. the level would be up to individual cities. >> it's pretty much complain driven. >> reporter: the ordinance handled on the desk of the
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manager city manager this morning. >> we have a contact member. a contact email address. we do a follow-up telephone call to do education. we do a, we might do a second telephone call. >> reporter: while that is more than strong enough for some residents -- >> putting people out here to enforce wearing a mask i think would be just a little bit of overkill. >> reporter: others believe the ordinance should be tougher. >> i don't think it has enough teeth. >> reporter: tyler owns a restaurant in downtown napa. he favored ordinance in the planning stages but is disappointed by the hacking of active enforcement. >> it is a waste of time. we are the enforcers still in fact that may make people feel better but it doesn't do anything. >> reporter: ut in gwing column of counties not using masks for social distancing.
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so mask up, like it or not. abc7 news. starting monday, walmart and sam's club will require masks at all stores and clubs nationwide. walmart plans to install a health ambassador at store entrances to remind customers of the new environment. as of today, starbucks is requiring customers to wear a mask at all the stores in the united states. if a customer refuses in a place where there is not a mask mandate, they'll have to use the drive-through or do curbside pick-up or delivery. california is testing a record number of people for coronavirus. 108,000 people across the state every day. but getting a test is proving pretty difficult for some. chris reyes spoke with two doctors who. without a national testing strategy, fixing these problems is not going to be easy. >> about an hour after opening this is the line at one of san jose's pop-up testing sites. for those who got here earlier, a shorter wait.
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>> we came at 9:45. we thought it would be long. people said it was like a two-hour wait. >> it was only an hour. >> reporter: they consider themselves lucky. this location requires no appointment or doctor's note or even symptoms. and results should be available in two to four days. in many other parts of california, it's a different story. >> certain people have. testing happened fairly promptly and others have said, it's that kind of horror story. where it took many, many days to get tested. >> some of the backlog is not in the sites where people get tested. they're in these commercial labs that are being used by the state. >> reporter: the state has issued guidelines on who should get tested first, essential workers because of the back work in labs. >> a lot of our response has been patch work.
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i think it comes from the top. so without something that is really put together nicely, for the entire country, we are destined to do this by state and county. >> we're all competing for the same materials and the same reagents. what would have been nice three or four months ago is to say this is a national problem. >> for those at the site where 500 tests are available a day, they're just happy they could get one even if it means standing in line. >> we just want to be safe for work when we go back. we don't want to contaminate anyone. >> nearly every bay area county is now officially on the state's watch list because of increasing cases. the list includes alameda, contra costa, marin, santa clara, solano and sonoma. they have to close gyms rgss hair salons, nail salons, indoor
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malls, indoor churches. san francisco is not on the state's watch list at the moment. but today announce that had further reopening plans are hold. that means no estimate for locations to reopen. they were originally told they would be open two weeks ago. it has been very frustrating for them. officials based it not only on the surge in cases but a jump in the reproductive rate. how many people a sick person can actually infect. san mateo county will allow for in-person visits to long term care centers starting tomorrow. each must apply for permission to the county, verify they have enough ppe on hands and adequate access to coronavirus testing. you understand the guidelines, friends and family can do socially distanced and masked outdoor visits. the county will allow for some indoor visits for spiritual, legal and ends of life cases. the virus has ravaged care
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facilities especially hard. many have been closed to visitors since march. a day after alameda county spirs voted to file in at a station for a variance, it has been approved by the state. outdoor dining gets the green light to reopen officially along with the oakland zoo. >> we're absolutely so thrilled that we got so much support from alameda county in the state. turned it around within 24 hours. >> the zoo is facing the possible of permanent closure because of a lack of income. only the outdoor areas of the zoo will be open and there are additional safety precautions in place. >> the zoo will be outdoors. and you briefly pass people. if you add on to that masks and vinmt. distancing, it will be a the zoo will open to the general public on wednesday, july 29.
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we spoke with the mayor libby schaaf this morning. she urged people to remain cautious. >> don't let up. i know everyone is tired but the virus is not tired. these are our tools. we have to take it seriously. to keep track of what is allowed to reopen and where, check out this inactive ma'am. you can go county by company and see which businesses are open. >> indoor malls have to shut down as we talked about. see why that doesn't mean all businesses are closed in the south bay. >> if you think you're paying more at the meat counter, it's not your imagination. we'll explain. a warm-up for the weekend.
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breaking news about twitter trying to contain a major security breach. in the past few hours, we've seen high profile accounts belonging to people like elon musk, bill gates, joe biden, barack obama, among others, all hacked if an apparent bitcoin scam. tweets here like the one on barack obama's feed asking people to sends $1,000 and in return they receive $2,000 back. many were taken down immediately but there are reports that more than $100,000 had been sent. >> all of these accounts have two factor authentication, other security measures. the fact so many were compromised at the same time, in such a short period of time, leads people to think now that
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there is some administrative issue on the twitter side itself which is very different from how most twitter accounts get hacked. >> twitter posted a tweet saying they are aware of the security incident and are taking steps to fix it. jc penaltiy is cutting jobs and stores. nearly a third of the stores will close over the next two years. about 200 total and 1,000 jobs will be lost including corporate, field management and international positions. jcpenney has eight stores in the bay area. losing a tenant like jcpenney can be a big blow to shopping malls. the governor's latest order means indoor malls in most of the bay area have to close. some are still able to do business. >> reporter: as cases of covid-19 continue to spread across the state, businesses are left to improvise. >> we were a little nervous on
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monday as the order was being delivered. >> reporter: at westfield valley fair, bloomberg's president said covid-19 has accelerated inovation. >> customers can shop in the comfort of their home, select products, and within an hour, have they will in the back. their car, pick-up curbside. >> reporter: while the stores are closed because of the governor's order, bloomingdale's is among those that can stay th sam for the jeweller's that has been in th stat is allowin customers in stores on an appointment basis. >> it is a privilege to create that for us and the clientele, to invite them if to see the product and even in this challenging time, people have been showing a lot of interest.
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>> when there are challenges, good people rise up together to create impact. >> reporter: she has that i have had to an online model to deliver virtual leveshows. >> we start early in the morning in the afternoon in all modalities. >> reporter: some retailers nationwide will begin to look at their locations and decides whether or not being in a mall still makes sense. >> in the past it was a good deal to be in the mall because of that he had strand traffic. lots of other stores to bring people in and bring them by your store front.ut aanyre focused o now abc7 news. >> of course, more of us are paying at home and now we're paying more for home cooking.
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americans pay nearly 5% more for food this year over last. led by big spikes in meat and dairy. >> reporter: shoppers can agree they're paying more for food although they may differ about which items are seeing the biggest spikes. >> they skyrocketed. pork, spare ribs have skyrocketed. >> butter, eggs, dairy. >> reporter: it turns out they're both right. >> we've seen price fluctuations in meats, anywhere in 10% to10%% in price. and sometimes nonavailability entirely for a sustained period of time. >> reporter: the coo says california wholesalers who were able to source from smaller, family-owned companies saw less price volatility and so did consumers. but wholesalers are really
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suffering. >> our business is down about 60% which is a huge hit compared to what we were four months ago. >> not just meat prices. eggs and dairy have seen big spikes as well. >> egg pricing for april through may in particular went up substantially. 50, 60%. >> reporter: this shopper gauges prices by what she pays for a bag of groceries. >> we noticed the number of bags started getting smaller and smaller. >> reporter: grocers say the prices have come down from the highs in may and june but can change week to week. their advice is to keep an eye out online and on weekly fliers for sales. envelop food banks throughout the bay area are slammed with thousands of families really needing help. we were at the campus in pittsburgh today. >> we are seeing an increase in
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new faces. we have people who have mentioned, this is the first time they've ever utilized food services so we're happy to provide that support to new faces as well. >> they were prepared to distribute foods to 1,000 families and said the drive would be open as long as they had supplies. our one hour special give where you live food drive will be this saturday at 7:00 p.m. we go behind the scenes to look at how they're meeting the growing demands. learn to make a difference this saturday at 7:00 p.m. from 60s at the coast to 90s inland. oh, look. a little bug on our lens there right at the top of the screen.
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rose parade is the latest victim of the pandemic. the parade will be canceled. simpson its inception in 1891, it has only been canceled three times. right now it is preparing for the rose bowl college football game. so many changes. let's switch gears and take a look at our weather. >> spencer? >> you may have noticed the skies look a little bit hazy today and they were. some smoke has been drifting out over the bay area from fire to our southeast down the middle from fresno county and you can see from this nasaa satellite image, the smoke has been moving northward. we'll probably have hazy skies a couple more days.
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the air quality has gone from good to moderate as a result of that smoky haze. we'll keep you updated on that air quality. meanwhile, you can see it is pretty breezy with wind gusts ranging from 20 to 25 miles an hour. looking at downtown oakland from emeryville. these are our current temerature readings. 61 in san francisco. oakland, 67. mid 70s in mountain view, 57 at pacifica. here's the view from east bay hills camera. some other temperature readings, 68, santa rosa, 77 in novato. as we look across the embarcadero, these are our forecast features. smoke and fog will be with us. it will be heating up over the weekend but a little cooler pattern will develop. the forecast animation shows fog and low clouds will expands during the overnight and early
6:26 pm
morning hours. combine that with the smoke and you get foggy conditions starthing tomorrow. tomorrow to the south bay, look at 84 in san jose to 87 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, 79 will be the high in redwood city and palo alto, 80 in mountain view, low 60s on the coast. in and around san francisco, we'll see highs around 66 degrees down. 69 in south san francisco. 80, petaluma, 79, napa, east bay highs, generally low to mid 80s. highs in the upper 80s to 90, 91 degrees. here's the weekend warm-up. we'll see temperatures bump up a couple of degrees. mid to upper 90s inland.
6:27 pm
mid 60s on the coast. a light cooldown on monday. there will be further cooling tuesday and wednesday as the temperatures move back into a more seasonal range with nothing out of the ordinary. let's talk a pretty good weekend. especially after we get past the haze on thursday and friday. the attorney for the family of a man shot and killed by a police officer says this is critical evidence. where is it now? the collapse of a family member stalls a hearing for two
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that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. a dramatic day in the trial of two college students from the bay area charged with killing an officer in rome nearly a year
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ago. dan has been covering the case since the start. >> reporter: the two defendants attended tam high in mill valley, went to college for a year in southern california and then met in rome and since then they've been in prison. >> reporter: the 19-year-old from mill valley entered the rome courtroom today. masks are mandatory. he listened as the officer skribds their fight. how he had his shoulders pinned to the grounds so the officer let him go. he said he turned to see his partr standing with blood pouring like a fountain saying, they stabbed me and collapsing to the grounds. the 20-year-old from san francisco admitted stabbing the officer but claimed it was in self-defense. that he didn't know the men were police. i spoke to his parents in february. >> he thought he was in mortal danger. >> reporter: he feared for his
6:31 pm
life. >> he thought he was fighting someone trying to kill him. >> and he was not letting up. >> reporter: his attorneys insist he not be photographed during the trial. they said he tried to sell a backpack and they agreed to rush it for 80 euros and a gram of cocaine. the officers went to the meeting after 3:00 in the morning, unarmed and in street clothes. when the court played a recording of the phone call for help, the father-in-law collapsed. the family attorney said he gave a detailed account of what happened. then there was this accident for the dad of the widow and therefore, everything was ajournaled. court is scheduled to pick up tomorrow. also, the wire service cites a psychological evaluation. they found he has a border line anti-social personality disorder of medium to high serious know. a history of substance abuse and
6:32 pm
possible ptsd but concluded, that did not compromise his free capability to make decisions at the time of the criminal act. fresh flowers marked the spot where the officer died. the anniversary is ten days away. a series of posters went up on the officer's birthday this week. this one saying i sends you a kiss with the winds and know you will feel it. your wife. the defense team says the release of that psych report was appalling and said there are many other reports not released. the hearing has been pushed now all the way through january. abc7 news. >> all right, dan, always staying on this. he actually went to rome last year to cover the case in the days immediately after the stabbing. you can finds his story online. the attorney for a family of
6:33 pm
a man who was shot and killed by vallejo police outside a wall greens is questioning whether the department deliberately destroyed evidence. >> reporter: this is the view from a vallejo police officer's body camera. he killed with one bullet. here's the view from the driver's body worn camera. this video and vallejo police department evidentiary photographs of the vehicle and winds shield are now all that the attorney will have access to. >> this is quite shocking to us because the start of this case, he made a request for the preservation of all evidence. >> reporter: he is representing the family. in a new statement on the webb, the police department confirms the involved vehicle has been repaired and placed back in service. ? for them to decide to put this car back this service and to
6:34 pm
destroy the windshield raises real questions in our own mind about whether or not they were deliberately destroying evidence. i don't know if they did it or not, deliberately. we made a request for the preservation of the evidence and it is not there. >> reporter: i reached out to the police department to ask where the wind shield is now and who are not it was destroyed. in an email to me, the spokes person writes, we are looking into it but i do not currently have any updates on the status of the winds shield at this time. >> this raises real questions about the desire >> reporter: they administrative investigation into the officer involved shooting. on the webb they wrote, we will be asking the oir group to include abcessment of the evidence collection process.
6:35 pm
abc7 news. >> and video from two police officers was released today in the controversial death of george floyd. it shows floyd pleading with the officers before the arrest, and telling them, he is, quote, not a bad guy. the cameras later recorded floyd's fading voice as he he goes motionless. they didn't allow for the video to be dribds publicly. it has sparked international outrage and a national conversation about race relations and policing. if you are looking for help on issues like equality and justice, please to go action. you'll find a curated list of resources to help you finds your ally or become one.
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coming up next, we examine if the crisis could
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california,
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and keep it golden. more of disney world opened today in florida. the magic kingdom and animal kingdom opened the weekend. disney is the apparently company of abc7. disneyland in paris opened today after being closed for four months. it is europe's most frequented theme park. also today, the top floor of the eiffel tower rmd to visitors. it began opening following the longest closure since world war ii. the government is setting aside $100 billion to boost the economy.
6:39 pm
in this time of crisis, businesses are turning to technology to safely function in the face of covid-19. but while many of us are work at home, could another group of workers soon be heading to the office? >> of all the sprangs robots might have over humans, one could become increasingly valuable in this new pandemic world we're living in. they don't get sick. that could be putting them on the radar from any covid sensitive industries. >> automation is enabled by technology but driven by economics. >> the stanford consulting professor has tracked the sometimes disruptive if he can of automation on the american work forceful he said the pace has been showed somewhat by the limitations of robots which often work best by supporting human workers. >> freeing them up to do the things the robots can't do but the robots working in service of making the space safer for the humans. >> but could new concerns about covid accelerate that trend?
6:40 pm
maj industries from restaurants to retail may see automation as a way to limit face to face contact. letting robots stock the shelves, park the cars and deliver the packages. >> and i think that's something we have to proceed with >> she's concerned with the costs costs. >> it can seem like an easy fix, having very little contact with people as you enter a hotel or an airline. but really, we have to think about what are we losing? >> not just the loss of human contact in a society that has evolved from it, but also the potential loss of human jobs. even before the covid crisis, some experts predicted nearly half of our current jobs could be at risk from automation in the decades ahead.
6:41 pm
but if this is a tipping appointment, could it be the moment for a natural conversation about our post covid future. >> what role do we want it to play? instead of taking the human elements out of a process, how can it help enhance something? >> already there are examples like the germ killing robot at stanford hospital now being used to secure hotels and police stations with a human handler. perhaps providing a preview, aiding humans in one crisis without contributing to another. experts point to technologies we might not think of, with robots being in much higher demands including medical grade air purifiers that could become common place in dental offices and outpatient clinics. so far they don't have robots anchoring the news and the weather. >> i feel like it won't be long. warmer weather is on the
6:42 pm
way. the real life spencer is tracking temperatures, next. >> singer tony bennett teams up with 7 on your sides to solve a
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my money should work as hard as i do. that's why i use my freedom unlimited card
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every time i get gas. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three! viacom cbs is cutting ties with nick cannon because of anti-semitic comments. in his podcast, the actor and tv show said black people are the true hebrews. he also said people lacking mel nine are a little less. he said anyone who knows me knows i have no hate in my heart. i do not condone hate speech. he started in several shows including mtv and nickelodeon. while moving on, the
6:45 pm
pandemic has turned upside down many of oaspects. the one and only tony bennett. michael is live with a great story. michael? >> this is a wonderful one. a couple planned to celebrate their anniversary by going to a tony bennett concert. the coronavirus put an ends to that. but look what it created. walter and mary went on their first date on valentine's day, 1977. two weeks later, they were engaged. >> we've been together almost every single day since 1977. >> 43 years later, they're still married and mary has received a few upgrades on her wedding ring. ♪ i left my heart >> when the couple heard the song, i left my heart in san
6:46 pm
francisco together for the first time, little did the boston transplants know that san francisco would one day become their home. i caught up with the wongs via zoom. mary, you like tony bennett, huh? >> yeah. we love tony bennett. >> the couple decided to celebrate their 43rd anniversary by getting some of the best seats to his concert at davy's sim fondy hall. unfortunately, the cyrus gorona got in the way but not before they spent $400 per seat for the tickets. walter. he didn't realize he'd bought tickets on the secondary market until it was too late. >> there were similar seats that were $150 a ticket. i said i think ie cleaner's. >> he wanted a full refunds. ticket center said it could give them only credit. >> i said, we don't go to couldn't earth is. i'm 70 years old.
6:47 pm
it's not like i go out there rocking and rolling all the time. >> they called 7 on your side and we joined tony bennett in surprising them. >> i've got something for you. if you walk to your front door, i've got personally signed by tony bennett art piece that is waiting for you at your front door right now. [ laughter ] >> a gift? >> the couple received a signed print of a tony bennett original painting of the golden gate bridge. >> oh, wow! >> thank you 7 on your side! that's beautiful! >> i'm going to show you something. >> hi, walter and mary, happy anniversary. i hope to see you in san francisco! >> the fact that tony made the time to even do that is a little bit overwhelming.
6:48 pm
unbelievable. >> i would really like to thank tony and his team for really coming through for us. what a gre and by the way, ticket central came through with the full and complete refunds so it worked out okay. >> tony bennett is people in years old and still going strong. what an icon he is. >> actually, i met tony bennett a few years ago at a restaurant in town. a lovely man. the person on the screen with us has met him, i'm sure. >> spencer? >> he's my all time favorite male vocalist. and by the way, his son's name is dan. he was a neighbor of mine when i worked in new york. he got me free tickets.
6:49 pm
don't tell anybody. it's a seek. here's a look at the weather. we'll have fog, low clouds, smoke moving into our area from the fire into fresno county. the overnight lows will be in the upper 60s. hazy sunshine with lows from the coast to the mid to upper 70s near the bay to upper 70s to near 90 inland. we have mid to upper 90s in the warm inland spots and then we'll cool down a bit. i left my heart in san francisco. dan and ama? >> thanks, spencer. >> let's turn it over to larry. >> sadly i have no he's great though. an honor, creating his own own n
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good evening. as the giants count down to the season opener in eight days, we are really at the intersection of baseball and the coronavirus. no doubt, the games will look and feel very different this year. infielder wilmer flores, a new addition to the giants, known for his versatility. he said when he plays first base, you might see him wearing a mask throughout to be safe. >> whenever a guy gets on base,, the hitter doesn't have a mask on. he's like right next to me. so that's what we're avoiding. that's why every time someone is on base, i'll put my mask on. just there.
6:53 pm
that's it. >> that will be a very different look. >> there will be two exhibition games against giants next week. meanwhile they're still waiting for the return of the guy who might be considered their future ace. he tested positive. the a's are discussing how to best use the young lefty when he's ready to go. >> we'll do whatever is best for him and the team. it depends on when we get him back. he's already politicking for me. i'm only going to throw to hitters once. we want to be sure physically that he's in a position to do that. >> live sports in the bubble. the san jose earthquakes against vancouver and the mls back tour. they've been playing without several key players.
6:54 pm
bening at home in the seven-minute mark to give vancouver the lead, this is the first match. the quakes have played a game so they should be in better shape. you would think the goal made it 2-0 white caps in the first half. christian mccaffrey received a 99 rating. to celebrate, the carolina panthers created a video to only had the one-time star. ♪ >> last season, mafey racked up more than 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 plus receiving. i love the surfing shot there. a total of 19 touchdowns. clearly, no awards for singing
6:55 pm
will be forthcoming for christian mccaffrey but he can do just aboutering else. time for abc7 call my play. you send me the video and i call the action. question. have you ever seen a dog on a treadmill? how about two dogs a treadmill. you're about to. no problem for macy the pit bull and hercules. oh, you want to get some partying in also? hang on a minute. this treadmill is not big enough for the two of us. look at this. here we go! let's burn some calories! hw cool is macy? see sits there calmly with this spinning on her nose. hey, macy, we just call your play on abc7. >> send me your video with the hash abc7 call my may so we can put you on tv.
6:56 pm
i was tempted the see how long i could cast with a spinner on my nose but i think macy beat meeat matter what i do. >> thank you. >> join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. following the san francisco police commission meeting right now, they are deciding whether or not to put black lives matter signs in each and every san francisco police department location. more tonight at 11:00. wearing a mask for long periods of time can give you some skin problems. we ask a dermatologist what you can do about it. look for the news any >> we hope to see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> we're all equal. >> our voices are better. stronger together. we're listening to find an ally.
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♪ this is the... now let's meet today's semifinalists-- a physician and health care analyst from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... a university administrator from princeton, new jersey... and an 11th grade physics teacher from new paltz, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to the last of our semifinal games. a bit of a rematch for the finals which get underway tomorrow. we have james and emma. who will join them? will it be francois, gilbert, or lindsey? let's start finding out. here we go.
7:00 pm
categories, please. first off... ti ...followed by... and finally, we deal with... not the oxford english dictionary. each correct response will begin with an "o" and end with e-d. francois, start. the "o ed" for $200. francois. - what is opposed? - yes. the "o ed", $400. gilbert. what is objectified? that's the word. med. abbrev. for $1,000. francois. - what is subcutaneous? - correct.


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