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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 16, 2020 2:42am-3:59am PDT

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hd-5. hd-5. hd-5. you think it smells fine, s in your car. but your passengers smell this. eliminate odors yo gone noseinto for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. wow, it smells good in here. so you and your passengers can breathe happy. three women are facing three women are facing
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charges after they attacked spirit airlines workers at the airport in ft. lauderdale. according to the airline, the women became combative following a delayed flight, attacking the workers with shoes, water, and fast food. three employees suffered minor injuries. a stop the violence march in new york city leads to violence. at least three officers, including a top police official, were hurt, and more than three dozen people were arrested during a face-off on the brooklyn bridge. one officer suffered a fractured eye socket. new york city police are investigating a gruesome killing in manhattan. >> a 33-year-old tech entrepreneur was executed in his luxury condo in what investigators believe was a professional killing. here's wabc's josh ein here's wabc's josh einiger. >> reporter: the investigation at this grisly scene stretched into a second night where, amid the cops and noise and all that yellow tape, there was a single bouquet of flowers. from a friend. >> he was beautiful. and he's -- there should be some
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beauty here. >> hey, guys. if you don't already know me, i'm faheem saleh. >> reporter: at 33, friends say he was a rock star entrepreneur with extensive dealings in nigeria and elsewhere in the developing world. he spent $2 million on this condo on houston and suffolk where he'd be executed, his body dismembered business his kilner what police believe was an attempt to cover up the crime. >> kind of heard wailing and screaming and i heard "he has no head." >> reporter: mitchell was walking the dog when his sister ran from the building after finding her brother dead. investigators believe the killer was a professional. video shows him following saleh into the elevator monday afternoon and possibly knocking him out with a taser when the door opened on his floor. after killing him, cops say the murderer used a power saw to dismember the body, an act possibly interrupted when
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solay's sister called up from the street. he fled down the fire stairs as she made a discovery that will forever haunt anyone within earshot. we do know from sources they've been actively going through the victim's documents and computers related to his business dealings overseas. but here's something to consider. usually when there's surveillance video, and we know there's surveillance video, police release it only if they need help from the public, if they're truly stumped. so far, they have not released any video. josh einiger, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to josh there. just so horrific. and again, no motive has yet been revealed here as police continue that investigation. coming up, the scathing new book by president trump's niece. >> the new allegations from mary trump about the president's s.a.t.s. try cascade platinum plus the power of oxi. cascade platinum + oxi penetrates and breaks down
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♪ welcome back. there's a lot of buzz this morning surrounding the release of a scathing memoir by president trump's niece describing her uncle as dangerous to this country. >> now an explosive new allegation involving the president's s.a.t.s. mary trump sat down exclusively with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> you do have one potentially explosive allegation in the book, at least one. and you write that, when the president was trying to transfer from fordham to penn, he had someone else, a man named joe shapiro, take his s.a.t.s? >> yes. >> this is 1964. how do you know that? >> i've been told this by people in my family. i am absolutely confident that it's true. i'm happy to finally be able to speak about it.
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i also know that it was not the joe shapiro people have been focusing on. >> so to be clear, it's not pam shriver? >> no. >> widow, pam shriver, the widow of joe shapiro -- >> right. >> -- has come out and said he didn't meet trump until penn, no way this is true. how do you know this is true? >> i trust my sources. >> is joe shapiro still alive? >> that i don't know. i have no idea. >> have you ever met joe shapiro? >> i have not. >> you believe in your sources. >> uh-huh. >> how do your sources know? >> they were alive at the time. so they have firsthand knowledge of this. >> and you believe other members of your family also know this is true? >> yes. >> white house says it's an absurd falsehood. >> of course. they would. >> can you prove it's true?
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>> can i prove? no. because i -- i'm counting on people i trust who told me this story, so in terms of documentation, no, i can't prove it. but i can certainly say with 100% certainty that i was told this story by a source very close to donald. >> election night 2016. i think you tweeted out, worst night of my life. >> one of them, yeah. >> one of the worst nights of my life. then why go to the white house in april 2017? >> i had been on the outside of this family for a really long time. and after my cousin ivanka's wedding, which for reasons i still don't understand i was invited to, it was the first time i'd felt part of the family since i was a kid. and somehow it was very easy for me to put aside all of the things that had happened
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previous to that. when i got invited to her birthday party, i felt that i should go. >> you go, you see the president in the oval office. and you tell him, "don't let them get you down." did you mean that? >> i did. actually. he -- that was four months in? he already seemed very strained by the pressures. i didn't mean "i want you to keep doing what you're doing and get away with it." and also, so much of what has happened since then hadn't yet happened. >> if you're in the oval office today, what would you say to him? >> resign. >> our thanks to george. the white house has called this book a book of falsehoods. >> that's a very interesting interview with george stephanopoulos. they get into a lot. coming up, the sky ladder connecting two mountains. >> wait, what?
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♪ kicking off "wait, what?" >> que? >> with a ladder to heaven. wait, what? >> yeah. >> so these climbers, they're double climbers did this. yeah. that's a big old no for me. >> oh! >> a huge ladder thousands of feet -- >> they're going to heaven? >> strung up between two mountains. >> oh, my. >> it doesn't look supported. that definitely was -- bob diehl did not put that up. i don't know why bob diehl popped into my head. >> sebastian, one of the climbers, 33, he said, i was so excited. we had harnesses and proper climbing gear. that makes me feel better. i thought they did this wallenda brothers style. >> upper austria?
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it's beautiful in austria. >> it is but i'd rather see the view through google than there. >> i say from the ground. this next story is going to have you saying, "wait, wha?" this woman was on a 1 1/2 hour drive home and she hears meowing coming from her engine. >> wait, what? >> at least the hood of her car. she looks and it's a whole kitten, y'all. that is right, she found a baby kitten meowing und mind you, she had already driven 91 miles. >> wow. >> but the cool part is, guess what, there's a silver lining to this story. so it's also good news thursday. she's found the cat a forever home. >> nice. jennifer donini, she was coming home from a weekend trip in carbondale. she was like, huh? she was talking to her mom on the way back home and mom's on
2:57 am
bluetooth, car speaker, whatever. she could hear -- even the mom could hear the meow. >> she's like, what is that? >> that cat said, come get me! this is not the trip i wanted to take. so there was a fisherman kayaking in hawaii when a tiger shark bumped him. >> oh! >> wait, what? >> no way. you see that? >> wait, what? no, no! >> that's a whole jaws, y'all. >> get those feedback into the boat right there. this is devin canda, had his legs in the water as you saw. he got a good camera position. it's like he knew something was about to happen there.zy inhe >> it was his go pro. this is why i love that video is so widespread because i wouldn't believe it. okay, the tiger shark was around the area, but yeah. check this out. wait, what? is that a dog on a skateboard? yeah, it's a beagle skateboarding. >> st. petersburg palace square in russia. that's a smart beagle.
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right now on "america this morning," the coronavirus crisis. thousands of nascar fans in tennessee. plus we're with paramedics in one hard-hit city in california, and the state where one in three children is testing positive. the big change in the trump election campaign. the president may be getting a new campaign manager. >> and the massive twitter hach it's just revealed what happened. and it claims to be the world's healthiest cookie, but something with five servings of vegetables? i think not. we'll get into it. it's thursday, july 16th.
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i would ask you about it on twitter, but -- twitter went down. couldn't tweet. >> oh, man. were you okay? >> i mean -- >> should have checked on you. >> the great twitter hack of 2020, y'all. >> oh my gosh. >> impacting people. >> speaking of that cookie, though, i think it's going to be depending on who you ask. i remember my sister used to make vegan chocolate chip cookies that i absolutely loved. then i gifted it to a friend and he was like -- they're good, really good. >> i decided to lay bricks at my house using those cookies. we'll get into that. we've got to get to the latest on those developments on the coronavirus with cases now climbing in 41 states. >> as of this morning, covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 137,000 americans and roughly 3.5 million people have tested positive nationwide. >> walmart, the nation's largest retailer, will require all customers to wear face masks starting next week. it joins a growing list of stores to issue a mask mandate along with a number of cities and states, the latest being
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alabama and montana. but georgia overnight banning cities from ordering people to wear masks in public. as infections surge, the rose parade has been canceled for the first time since world war ii. planning for the massive new year's day event in california was already under way. >> deaths across the country have jumped 30% in the last week, and florida remains one of the biggest hot spots, becoming the third state to surpass 300,000 cases. abc's victor oquendo has more from miami. >> reporter: miami is now being called the epicenter of a national crisis, where hospitals are filling up. statewide, 56 icus are at capacity. inside this warehouse, a daily rush to get supplies to those on the front lines. this is miami-dade county's ppe supply. boxes of face shields behind me, gowns here. these supplies, they come in and out daily. >> i don't think there's ever enough at this point, because they don't know what the
3:03 am
conditions are going to bring to us. >> reporter: miami's mayor says they're reaching a critical point. >> if things don't improve dramatically over the next week, we could be forced to take very dramatic measures like reinstituting a stay-at-home order. >> reporter: cases surging. schools here in south florida won't reopen for now. schools in san francisco and houston also planning to start the year online. and help is on the way for houston doctors and nurses caring for thousands of patients, the army setting up a new covid ward to oath the burden. months after we saw refrigerated trucks outside a new york hospital, texas counties getting them ready as morgues fill up. in california, our matt gutman spoke to misty diaz. she and her brothers said good-bye to their father. >> his nurse was straight up with us. "there's nothing that we can do." and i called my dad via -- like a video conferencing that they have. and -- i talked to him for about 30 minutes. and we each took our turn. i didn't think he would go out
3:04 am
this way, matt. not this way. >> reporter: her father was there for her 28 spina bifida surgeries, but jose pinales died in the morning. >> never would have. >> reporter: the 62-year-old had been in the icu with covid for more than two weeks, a journey that misty has been documenting on social media. this video going viral, using the platform to plead with people to wear a mask. the death rate climbing in 28 states. in oklahoma where cases are soaring, the governor revealing he has covid. >> i got tested yesterday for covid-19, and the results came back positive. so i feel fine -- >> reporter: kevin stitt saying he does not believe he contracted the virus at the president's tulsa rally and he's resisted any statewide mask mandate. but in the state of alabama, a new order requiring them. violators could face a $500
3:05 am
fine, even jail time. >> folks, the numbers just do not lie. >> reporter: on the deadliest day yet in alabama, the governor warning hospitals could soon be overwhelmed. >> the numbers and the data over the past few weeks are definitely trending in the wrong direction. >> reporter: all eyes are on miami-dade county hospitals right now. icus are operating at surge capacity, but they are maintaining. if it gets to the point where they can't, patients will be moved here to the miami beach convention center where a field hospital has been set up inside with more than 400 beds. victor oquendo, abc news, miami beach. >> victor, thank you. breaking overnight, president trump is shaking up the leadership of his re-election campaign as he struggles in the latest polls. he's named veteran republican operative bill stepien as his campaign manager. stepien replaces brad parscale, whose already shaky relationship with trump crumbled further after the poor turnout at the rally in tulsa, oklahoma. he was informed of the change by trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, jared kushner. trump says peter navarro was
3:06 am
speaking for himself when he slammed dr. anthony fauci. vice president pence seemed to show support by tweeting a picture of fauci. but it was the white house who started the anti-fauci attacks. abc's jonathan karl has been working to get to the bottom of this one. >> reporter: after enduring days of attacks by white house officials, some named, some not, the usually mild-mannered dr. anthony fauci said, enough is enough. >> let's stop this nonsense and figure out, how can we get our control over this now? >> reporter: the latest shot from the white house, peter navarro, a man who advises the president on trade but has no medical experience whatsoever, published a short article in "usa today" saying, "anthony fauci has been wrong about everything i have interacted with him on." >> i can't explain peter navarro, he's in a world by himself. so i don't even want to go there.
3:07 am
>> reporter: the president, who has also criticized dr. fauci, distanced himself from navarro's words. >> well, he made a statement representing himself. he shouldn't be doing that, no. i have a very good relationship with anthony. >> reporter: this comes after the white house press office distributed to reporters a document critical of fauci, and the deputy chief of staff for communications, dan scavino, one of the president's closest advisers, posted a cartoon mocking fauci on facebook. fauci, who continues to serve on the coronavirus task force, called the attacks bizarre. >> if you talk to reasonable people in the white house they realize that was a major mistake on their part, because it doesn't do anything but reflect poorly on them. >> reporter: and he pointed out, it undermines the government's effort to deal with the pandemic. >> to distract from what i would hope would be the common effort of getting this thing under control, rather than this back and forth distraction which just doesn't make any sense.
3:08 am
>> reporter: it also doesn't make any sense to the top republican in the senate, who had this to say. >> what's your level of confidence in dr. fauci at this point? >> total. >> reporter: meanwhile, dr. fauci continues to serve on the president's coronavirus task force. he attends those meetings at the white house. in fact, vice president pence on wednesday tweeted out a photograph of himself with dr. fauci at one of those meetings. another sign that at least, as far as the vice president is concerned, dr. fauci remains a very important member of the task force. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> jonathan karl, thank you. and president trump and his daughter ivanka are showing support for goya foods which became the target of a boycott after its ceo lavished praise on the president. both posted pictures of themselves appearing to endorse goya foods. government watchdogs say they are violating ethics rules that bar government officials from using their public office to endorse specific products. asheville, north carolina, is making history, voting to
3:09 am
give its black residents reparations. tuesday night's unanimous city council vote creates a commission which will look at short and long-term plans to increase investment in asheville's black community, including home and business the lawmaker, is to embed systemic solutions. the resolution also calls on both the state and federal governments to create similar plans. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is home after her latest hospital scare. the 87-year-old was released from johns hopkins hospital. ginsburg was treated for an infection caused by a clogged stent she received after her cancer treatment last august. justice ginsburg is said to be doing well. let's get back to dr. anthony fauci, who is officially in style. >> that's right, check it out. the nation's top immunologist appears on the latest cover of "instyle" magazine, the digital version, at least. the magazine photographed fauci at home. the doctoraid a new ine trial should start later this month, and amid all the criticism coming from the white house he said, with all due modesty, "i think i'm pretty
3:10 am
effective." >> look at that picture. >> yeah. later in the issue he tells us the top fall trends that are coming up, or maybe -- that's a different magazine, never mind. >> i think so. >> that's "vogue." >> he's got those shades on, looking cool. >> uh-huh. >> blocking any shade that's coming his way. >> um, and -- >> meaning potential haters. >> and he's also interviewed alongside his wife. he talks about -- he touches on the pandemic, the response. he also warns that depending -- based on the surge that we're seeing, that other areas should take that as a warning because he doesn't think states would be too receptive to going back to another shutdown. it's actually a great article, check it out. >> there's a reason his poll numbers are high, he's been at it a long time. >> not new to this. >> no, he's not. coming up, the music artist who's now revealing she was shot multiple times over the weekend. plus the unprecedented hack involving some of twitter's biggest accounts including those of apple, elon musk, joe biden,
3:11 am
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♪ it ain't always about what you like ♪ surprising news from rapper megan thee stallion. she revealed on instagram she was shot over the weekend but did not go into details. the 25-year-old was in a car with fellow rapper tory lanes when he was arrested on a weapons charge in the hollywood hills. megan wrote she's expected to make a full recovery. >> a lot of people talking about that on twitter in the past 24 hours. they're also talking about this, which they really couldn't do on twitter. a widespread hacking operation that took over some of twitter's most prominent accounts. >> twitter has given an update on its investigation. will ganss joins us with more. >> i kept on trying. tweet, send, tweet, send. you, too, i know. i only regained access to my own twitter account just a few hours ago. so many people shut out of their full account capabilities for several hours. all of this while twitter tried to figure out just what was going on. the first signs that something was wrong came wednesday
3:15 am
afternoon when several highly followed accounts, including presidential hopeful joe biden, kim kardashian, even uber, tweeted a similar message. the tweet encouraging followers to send bitcoin to a specific link. the incident catching the attention of the fbi, telling the public not to fall victim to the scam by sending cryptocurrency or money to anyone. then for the first time ever, twitter disabled the ability of verified users to tweet at all for a few hours as they worked to stop the spread of the hack. and warning some users they might not be able to reset their passwords. the should it down prevented the illinois weather service account from informing follow bears a tornado watch. president trump's account, which has extra security protections, was not affected. hours later, on wednesday night, twitter said, "we detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and
3:16 am
tools." the most recent update from twitter saying they've locked the affected accounts, including former president barack obama, who is the most-followed person on twitter. twitter has limited access to their internal systems and tools while their investigation continues, which it still is right now, you guys. >> some serious stuff for that big social media platform. will, thank you. coming up next half hour, the frightening gator attack on the kayaker in a swamp when the gator charged his boat. first, an expert on the influenza epidemic of 1918 says we only have one more chance to overcome this pandemic. our medical expert weighs in. that's next on "world news now."
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a spot in oregon has become a coronavirus last frontier. wheeler county, east of portland, is the state's last county with no known cases of the virus. it's also oregon's least-populated county. officials say they followed all guidelines to reduce the chance of infection. growing concerns about the
3:19 am
spread of the virus among kids in sports and band camps as one expert on the last major pandemic is raising a new alarm. i spoke earlier with dr. imran ali. an expert on the influenza pandemic of 1918, john barry, wrote in "the new york times" that drastic measures are needed to control this pandemic, including a possible, quote comprehensive shutdown. he says this is our second chance, we won't get a third. what do you think is needed to control this surge? >> i think just -- really we have to control the amount of hospitalizations. because right now the rate of infections is more than what our health system can accommodate. yes, we're in a different time from 1918.d. e tter therapeutics. but we still will see the overwhelming icu bed shortage. the name of the game is contact tracing, isolating people. and we just can't do that with so many people overwhelming the system right now. >> as we know, cases are rising
3:20 am
in the hottest and most humid parts of this country. experts say air conditioning systems may be to blame for spreading this virus. how big of a concern is that? >> air conditioners are not very clean. if you look at your window air conditioner and take the filter out, you can see there's a lot of accumulated debris. and we know that legionella and tuberculosis have been spread through air conditioning. now there's some evidence that coronavirus particles can also be spread. but the good news is that you can get hepa filters that are designed to trap these particles. >> scientists admit there's still a lot to be learned about covid-19 and pregnancy, including how the virus may be passed from the mother to the fetus. what do we know so far? >> a late-breaking nih study just looked at this very topic. and placenta tissue does not have the messenger rna to create the proteins that the coronavirus needs. so that's a good thing. that means that the virus cannot
3:21 am
be transmitted from mom to baby. but it's very important to understand that coronavirus for a pregnant woman can be extremely dangerous because it changes the physiology. it can make the mom more weak and it can make the pregnancy more high risk and complicated. so it's very important for pregnant women to really be extra careful. >> in illinois, 36 students at one high school have tested positive. they were participating in sports camps. we know some high school band camps are still being held. what should parents know? >> parents should really know that sports can't -- i mean, you can at least do some social distancing, but it's very important that with band camps, especially the brass instruments and the reed instruments, the woodwinds, they really create a lot of saliva, a lot of aerosolized droplets that get propelled when you put that much pressure, for example, in a trumpet. >> our thanks to dr. imran ali.
3:22 am
>> that's right, "the mix" is next.
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♪ it is time for "the mix." remember when you were little and you just wanted a cookie but your mom was like, better eat your vegetables? >> nope, i want my cookie! >> exactly. now have both. because there is a famous celebrity chef who decided to create a cookie that contains all five servings of vegetables that you need. look at that. i love efficiency. >> i don't want it. >> you don't want this cookie? >> i don't want it. >> okay. but apparently the chef, who has followers like gwynneth paltrow and other famous folk, decided to create this cookie. no word on the taste. but this vegan creation packs 12 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein, 5 servings of fruit. that is my kind of cookie. i actually want the recipe now, and i will report back and let you know how it tastes. >> don't bring -- >> don't trust me, though.
3:26 am
>> -- any of them in for the "world news now" crew. we would not like that. >> i wouldn't tell you it's a healthy cookie, i'd just bring it. >> i would be very disappointed. speaking of disappointed, people, their flights have been canceled all over the place. we've got would-be jet passengers and parents who said, we're going to make you happy by putting you in a makeshift plane, make it all cute. flying delta right there. this is over in the uk. these parents were like, we're going to take matters into our own hands. you hear that "danger zone," that music? "top gun" style. >> sadly that plane has no leg room, though. >> none. which really, yeah just like all other passenger planes, so we're okay. hopefully that baby can make it across the pond from london one day to the u.s., to grandma. >> remember the story about the taiwanese airline that just let you sit in the plane? i feel we're all reaching that point right now. but if you want to escape and you can't fly, how about a private island? that's being offered right now.
3:27 am
apparently this man owns property that makes up half an island, i'm guessing off the coast of maine or part of maine? excuse my geography. but he basically is allowing you to rent it for the small price of $250,000 a week. the first home is about 4,000 square feet. it has five bedrooms. the second has 3,200 square feet. yeah. but he said once you're in the bubble, you got to stay in the bubble, those are the rules. >> oh, well, that's smart. but i could use a little island stay. >> why not, right? >> off maine. that looks nice. >> has everything you need. >> i want to go. >> a personal chef -- >> i want to go. the reason i want to go is because of this iguana that says, i'm going to stay put on this rooftop in colorado and get my sunbathing on. police and firefighters were called to this home for this. >> i can't even see it. >> in westminster. it's up there. >> you see it? >> having a good time, getting his tan on. then they caught it. >> interesting. >> no longer sunbathing on the roof, it's in jail now.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the largest sporting event since the start of the pandemic. thousands of nascar fans in tennessee. plus we're with paramedics in one hard-hit city in california, and the state where one in three children is testing positive. new developments in the death of george floyd in minneapolis. a judge allowing reporters to see newly released police body . thteifng encounter caught on camera. the kayaker speaking out about his near miss and how he was able to escape. and get out the cheesecake, blanche, rose, dorothy. for the first time ever, the house from the golden girls is on the market. >> we're looking back at the sassy seniors' best moments in the house and what it looks like now, plus how much it will cost to make it yours.
3:31 am
g is thursday, july 16th. you know how they do in movies and shows where the house is not actually the house inside? >> right. >> it's a movie set or whatever. >> yeah. >> i remember in "full house" they were selling the house. but when you go inside, it doesn't look like the house from the tanner family. >> no, exactly. >> i'll tell you what i found out when we get to that. let's get to the latest developments on the pandemic at this hour shattering records across the country. >> more than 137,000 americans have died since the start of this outbreak, and the u.s. now has around 3.5 million confirmed cases. that includes 65,000 people testing positive for the virus in the last 24 hours alone. >> the rapidly rising infections are prompting new restrictions like a statewide mask mandate in alabama, and hospitals across the sun belt are strthise situa becoming more dire by the minute in california, as los angeles
3:32 am
reports its highest number of new covid hospitalizations ever. >> they come in faster than we're able to discharge. and unfortunately, these patients turn very quickly. >> reporter: east of l.a. is one of the busiest fire stations in the country. paramedics rushing dozens of patients to the hospital on wednesday only to find three icu beds available. in oklahoma, where cases are climbing, kevin stitt revealing he's the first governor to test positive for the virus. >> the results came back positive. so i feel fine -- >> reporter: stitt has resisted masks for months, even going bare face at president trump's rally. >> not thinking about a mask mandate at all. >> reporter: in georgia, governor brian kemp isn't just resisting mask rules in the state, he's banning mask mandates altogether, kemp
3:33 am
issuing an executive order that overturns any local laws requiring a face covering in public. isha lance botms, ng the rules criticized president trump for ignoring the mandate while visiting the city wednesday. >> by not having on a mask, president trump did violate law in the city of atlanta. >> reporter: it comes amid hot political debate about how the country should approach controlling the virus. >> let's stop this nonsense and figure out, how can we get our control over this now? >> reporter: after days of attacks from white house officials, some named, some not, dr. anthony fauci is saying, enough is enough, calling out trump's top trade adviser, peter navarro, after he penned an op-ed saying fauci "has been wrong with everything i've interacted with him on." >> if you talk to reasonable people in the white house, they realize that was a major mistake on their part because it doesn't do anything but reflect poorly
3:34 am
on them. >> reporter: as hospitals in flora ovfl with patiengornor sat in three children tes>> parents need to ability to opt for the type of learning they think is important. >> reporter: on wednesday, additional amusement parks in the state, including hollywood studios and epcot, reopened to visitors. and overnight, nascar hosted the country's biggest event since the start of the pandemic, up to 30,000 fans getting the green light to watch the all-star race in person in bristol, tennessee. while last night's race could be an example of how we can safely resume sporting events, organizers have decided to cancel the rose parade in california on new year's day for the first time since world war ii. controversial youtube star jake paul is under fire for throwing a huge party at his california mansion. cell phone video shows dozens of young people partying inside and outside of paul's home in
3:35 am
calabasas over the weekend. no masks and no social distancing. the mayor is outraged, saying no one should be acting like covid-19 doesn't exist. she's now adopting a zero-tolerance policy on pa> ch . ann peopleduring alashetenole cane. the protest came as mayor bill de blasio signed a police reform measure which among other things includes a ban on chokeholds. more details are emerging about events that sparked the brooklyn protest, as well as others across this country, more disturbing body cam video of the last moments of george floyd's life has been released to the public. this morning, new video revealing george floyd's final pleas for help. a judge is allowing the public to view newly released camera images, by appointment only, not for broadcast. according to reporters who have seen the footage, floyd puts his hands on his head when instructed to by officers. at times floyd is heard to be crying and pleading with officers saying, "i'm not a bad
3:36 am
guy." then there's a struggle with officers trying to get floyd into the police car. floyd adamantly says he's claustrophobic and he doesn't want to get into the squad car. minutes later floyd is facedown, occasionally saying, "i can't breathe," before he goes still. >> please, i can't breathe! >> reporter: it's the first look at the officer's view of floyd's death, widely seen on bystander cell phone video which set off tumultuous protests. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, who held his knee against floyd's neck for nearly eight minutes, is charged with second-degree murder. three other former officers are charged with aiding and abetting. callan gray with our minneapolis affiliate has seen the new body camera video. >> we learned from that footage derek chauvin's body camera fell off and was on the ground for most of the interaction. >> reporter: floyd's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the four
3:37 am
former officers charged. >> it was the knee of the entire minneapolis police department on the neck of george floyd that killed him. >> in that lawsuit, floyd's family revealed what they say were his final words. floyd said, "please, i can't breathe" less than a minute before closing his eyes. federal regulators will vote today on whether to approve a new three-digit number for the national suicide prevention hotline. currently the hot line has an currently the hot line has an 800 number that's ten digits long. first it was toilet paper. now the latest shortage triggered by this pandemic, aluminum cans. during the lockdown, people have been drinking soda and beer from cans at home rather than from taps in restaurants and bars. now canmakers say they can't keep up.
3:38 am
they say they're scrambling to build new plants but warn the current shortage is likely to last for months. now to a "bear" break in california. >> there it is tearing down a la at shoo, go away. it eventually left and no one was hurt. looks like the bear wants to be part of the party, like hey, all. >> he's looking for aluminum cans. >> i'm here to get some beer. >> either that or honey. >> aww, he's so cute, though. >> no. >> the dangerous part about bears is i would be like, aww, you can come in. >> then claw to the face. >> that's how i'd explain it, too. see, what happened was he was so cute, i let him in. >> you'd be cute with that big old scar across your face, still, mona. >> thanks. >> still pretty. coming up, the piece of "golden girls" history that can be yours for a pretty penny. first, caught on camera, the terrifying attack by an alligator on a kayaker. where it happened and what the man did to scare that gator away. later in "the skinny," mike tyson in the fight of his life,
3:39 am
but it won't be with a human. we'll explain. got it. it's slippery. nooooo... noooo... nooooo... yeeeesss... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and each sheet is 2x more absorbent,
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so you can use less. hey look, i got it. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
3:41 am
the statue of liberty and ellis island are expected to reopen for the first time in four months. visitors are set to return monday as new york city moves into phase 4 of reopening. social distancing measures will be in place. but masks are not required for now and the inside of the statue
3:42 am
will remain closed. a north carolina man has lived to tell the terrifying tale of his face-to-face meeting with an alligator. >> he not only survived, he managed to capture those frightening moments on video. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, a north carolina man living to tell a terrifying tale. 46-year-old pete joyce was kayaking in a north carolina river when he suddenly came face-to-face with an alligator less than four feet from his kayak. >> when i heard the initial commotion, i just thought it was a fish. you know, coming out of the water on the left side. >> reporter: but instead it was a gator charging right at him. >> as started trying to keep myself upright. >> reporter: notice the water rippling on the left. the alligator, jaws open,
3:43 am
pushing joyce in the water. >> fortunately there was a tree to the right that assisted me from going all the way under, which could have changed the scenario a little bit. >> reporter: joyce able to back away and paddle to safety. >> the one thing that did go through my mind was, this is probably not over, and i'm going to end up on the news just hanging out there, sitting, exposed. >> reporter: he's now attributing his calm under pressure demeanor to his training as an emt and firefighter. >> most people would just be screaming, trying to swim away in panic. his intelligence and his outdoor savvy could have saved his life. >> reporter: animal experts say coming face to face with an adult alligator is never a good thing, but if possible, hitting the gator in the eyes or snout could help your chances of getting away. kenneth, mona? >> thanks, megan. >> we'll have to use those tips. there's another side to this story. apparently they said alligators aren't generally a big threat to humans, but they believe it may be a female alligator that was protecting her nest. got to give you the full story. >> yeah, just give the gator the
3:44 am
old -- >> yeah, right on the nose. >> like on the cartoons, right? the gator goes like this. >> what cartoons are you watching? >> the old ones. when we come back, our first peek at clare crawley's men. >> and what the queen is watching now. "the skinny" is next. actually was. dust mite droppings? ewww. dead skin cells? gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy duty dusters. dusters has three layers that grab, trap and lock away gross dust. gotcha! and, for dust on my floors, i switch to my sweeper. the textured cloths grab, trap and lock dirt and hair... no matter where dust bunnies hide. no more heebie jeebies. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering.
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3:46 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ time for "the skinny" starting with the finalized cast of clare crawley's men. >> abc has posted photos of the 42 contestants in the upcoming season 16 of "the bachelorette." the season was originally set to film in march and debut in may, but the coronavirus pandemic, of course, put that on pause -- until this week, that is, when filming will finally begin.
3:47 am
>> her roster of suitors is pretty diverse, ranging in age from 25 to 40. on the higher end of the age range is 40-year-old jeremy from virginia beach, virginia. >> then there's 36-year-old ed from pittsburgh. hey, ed. at 39 years old, clare crawley is the oldest lead of "the bachelorette" franchise. we should have put up a big array of all the men. >> oh, i went through that already, don't worry. okay, brandon, ed, noah. >> the best bachelorette we ever had on "world news now" is coanchor mona kosar abdi. >> dang. i got to go through and verify that now. but i will say there's very good options. >> yeah. >> i want to know, are they
3:48 am
going to be wearing face masks, are they going to be socially distancing, is she going to throw the rose over? be like, you, and you, and you. >> it's like virtually, yeah. here's your pandemic rag. >> let me wipe that down now. next, speaking of firsts, we go to a first-time "sports illustrated" model who's heating up the pages of this year's ue. 56-year-old kathy jacobs nf swimsuit hopefuls in the magazine's open call contest. she's no stranger to posing. >> no, she got it on lock. nearly three decades ago she landed on the cover of "woman's world." then she pivoted, instead focusing on her career in baking and making her own beauty products. >> now with her newfound success, the words she says she's always lived by, don't ever give up on yourself. preach! >> words to live by. could we also say her beauty products clearly are working? she's aging backwards. >> no. what is she baking? it must be these healthy cookies we're talking about, stay tuned. next, to tor mike tyson.
3:49 am
>> that's right. it's one of the worst-ke heavyweight champ has been itching to get back into the ring, even going so far as to court former rival evander holyfield. >> you're so excited about it. but his next fight will be in the water taking on a deadly competitor. the discovery channel has revealed in a promo that tyson will take on a great white shark for "shark week." >> how does that even work? the tyson versus jaws rumble on the reef will be a special airing on august 9th at 9:00 p.m. and although details of the match are being kept under wraps, tyson said he took on the challenge to overcome his fears of making a comeback. >> this video here, he's got a rubber ducky, he's got his flippers. >> he is ready. >> discovery, they say this fight between tyson and a shark will be in the name of research. >> okay. >> and there is a certain group that advocates for the rights of
3:50 am
animals, i won't say the name of because i'm pretty sure every time i say the name, they know it. it's like a key word search. they know it when i say it and i get an e-mail. i'm just saying. i'm saying to that group, i understand what you're saying, that maybe he shouldn't be fighting a shark. but they say it's in the name of research. >> i guess. but i love "rumble on the reef," a play on "rumble in the jungle." let's get ready to rumble! i'm available, guys, if you want me to announce that fight. next to something a bit more genteel on the tube across the pond. >> queen elizabeth and prince philip remain in t pandemic lockdown due to their ages. de our homes, she's developed a taste for netflix. and you won't believe what one of her favorite shows is. >> no, but if you guess "the
3:51 am
crown," go treat yourself to a biscuit. >> i knew it! >> i didn't. according to "the daily express," she really liked season one, although she felt some depictions of the event were too heavily dramatized. >> yeah, right. i want to know which parts. now what we need is her watching "the crown," then she comments about what was like, no. and some, oh, yeah, that was all right. >> oh! >> i know, right? but wait, apparently her real obsession is the series -- is it "the durells"? it ain't like the durells from south carolina. "the durells" set in the 1930s, the series follows a british family who moved to greece for a fresh start. >> you think she watches "tiger king" too? >> no, no "tiger king," y'all. finally we have an update from our "skinny" interior design desk. >> we recently showed you these images by demi moore working on her new erotic podcast in the bathroom with that brown carpet. >> with a couch. moore is weighing in saying the
3:52 am
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♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ nothing gets us in the mood for cheesecake in our p.j.s more than "the golden girls." >> now for those midnight binge parties, we have the perfect kitchen inside the perfect house, and guess what, it's now on the market. our own "golden girls" superfan will ganss is here now with more. >> did someone say cheesecake and p.j.s? oh, yeah i'm way ahead of you. picture it.
3:56 am
sicily 1912 -- no, sorry, i'm in character. it's actually los angeles, 1955. a home is built that would go on to house some of tv's sassiest seniors. this morning it's on sale for the very first time. if you're looking for a place to practice your tap dancing, like rose -- >> martha weinstein did the same thing when they changed her medication. >> reporter: there's golden opportunity waiting for you in california. the home that serves for the facade of "golden girls" is on sale for the first time since it was built in 1955. though the hit show supposedly took place in miami, the actual house is located in -- >> as they say in st. olaf, hell of a bargain for ya! >> reporter: sorry, rose, in the brentwood neighborhood of l.a. while be might be expecting a kitchen fit for late-night cheesecake -- >> do you know how many problems we have solved over a cheesecake at this kitchen? >> no, dorothy, exactly how many
3:57 am
times -- >> 147, rose. >> reporter: this 3,000 square foot home has been given a modern update and none of that floral wallpaper. the real estate firm listing the home, douglas elliman, saying the interior was inspired by the beauty of mid-century japanese and hawaiian architecture. if you are looking for a nod to decades gone by, check out the original turquoise, avocado, and yellow kitchen. the asking price for this 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath, $2.99 million. that's not bad for a piece of hollywood history. the "full house" house was taken off the market in march after being listed at $5.5 million. in 2018, hgtv bought "the brady bunch" house for $3.5 million. regina george's mansion from "mean girls" was once listed at $14.8 million. whh makes the "golden gi thanko♪ >> the couple who built the home in 1955 didn't even watch the show. so, betty white, if you're watching, i have a piece of cheesecake here for you and a real estate opportunity you might be interested in. >> let me hold it for her real
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
that's what's making news in america. right now on "america this morning," the coronavirus crisis. nascar hosting the country's biggest event since the start of the pandemic as cases in the hussey hit record highs. new data showing nearly one-third of children tested in florida are positive. the governor of oklahoma also testing positive after attending president trump's rally in tulsa and dr. anthony fauci fires back breaking his silence on a white house effort to undermine his credibility. breaking overnight, campaign shake-up. president trump replacing his campaign manager with less than four months until election day. the new reaction from inside the campaign. the high-profile hack. the popular twitter accounts taken over including former president obama and joe biden. the social media site calling it


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