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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 16, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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family insight about what to expect. detail frts from the north bay san francisco. and we've made to thursday, july 16. thanks for being with all of us here this morning. we'll start with meteorologist mike nicco and a look at our day ahead. hi, mike. >> let's take a look look look k winds, they are howling in the delta, 26 at fairfield, that was up to 32 miles per hour yesterday. the rest of us with and onshore breeze. and you can see the cloud cover that it has drawn in with it. the grayness on the map is the cloud cover. here is a look at what will be a seasonal day. from a few 90s around fairfield, antioch, livermore, lakeport, yucaipa to mainly 80s inland. and mid to upper 60s along the coast and into san francisco. we'll have more on that warmer
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weekend coming up. new overnight, dozens of firefighters are battling flames at a place where they learn their craft, a fire training center in is an a fire would out in a building that houses offices and classrooms. investigators are looking for what sparked the fire. we know parents all over are struggling to make school plans for the fall. education is a critical part of building a better bay area. and this morning marin county's public health department is recommending that students stay home at least for the beginning part of the school year. let's go to amy hollyfield who is live in san rafael. >> reporter: good morning. new guidelines were just announced out of this office last night. school administrators along with health officials here in marin county say kids should not plan to be in the classroom at the start of school. that just coming down last
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night. this was a pivot, it was looking like marin was going to have kids in the classroom, but parents were pushing back and formed a coalition to fight against having in-person classes. marin's public health officer now says with the spike in covid-19 cases, they need more time before bringing kids back to school. they say they do hope to eventually have in-person classes but not yet. for now they are planning on distance learning until labor day. the county superintendent says districts can still choose to bring small groups of students into see their classroom and meet their teacher. protests were scheduled for here day by that coalition fighting for a safer start for school. it will be interesting to see if they still show up or if they are satisfied with this new announcement. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. in san francisco, school leaders say all 54,000 students will be getting their education
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online when classes resume next month. the district superintendent says that the decision was made after reviewing evidence from health officials as well as getting input from staff, students and families. we spoke with mark sanchez about how difficult it will be to meet the social and emotional needs. >> when i'm on zoom with the stuptsz students, at least we can see each other, but no subs tutd for being in school live with your students. >> school administrators will reveal more about how this work in the next few week. the district still needs to get chrome books in the hands of students who don't already have a compute per. [ horns honking ] >> community members held a car protest around city college in san francisco calling on the college district not to reopen classrooms for in-person instruction. they say doing so would send coronavirus rates even higher particularly in the communities
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of color and endanger students, > n cisco's heth lies. officials are continuing to warn us about the continued surge in covid-19 cases. so hire ahere here are the numb. hospitalizations in the city are up 33%. the rate of new cases per day has risen this week to 7.7 per 100,000 people. remember the goal is 1.8 per 100,000. the virus's reproductive rate in the city now has an infected person passing on the virus to an average of 1.3 people. the acceptable number is 1. >> 1.3 doesn't seem that different from 1, that far from 1, but if we do not do better, we are looking at major problems by late august and september. >> because of that, hair and nail salons, museums and some other businesses will remain cloed indefinitely.
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nationwide nearly 3.5 million cases have been diagnosed in the u.s. more than 1. 037,000 americans e died. as the number of new cases continues to go up across the country. georgia's begun has issued an executive order banning cities and counties from issuing mask orders. florida has now passed 300,000 coronavirus cases. however, florida's governor says students will still be allowed to return to the classroom next month despite new data showing that one in three children are now testing positive for the virus. less than until the november election and president trump's re-election campaign just shook up its leadership. he demoted brad parscale and deputy campaign manager bill stepien is now leading the president's efforts to capture another term in the white house. these changes follow some
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disappointments fordihe smler than oklahoma. at the live desk, george floyd's family is now suing four former minneapolis police officers over his death in federal court. we're learning that attorneys for floyd's loved ones called his killing part of a, quote, public health crisis. floyd died after derek chauvin pinned his neck to the ground for nearly nine minutes. he now faces second-degree murder charges. the city of minneapolis called floyd's death a tragedy and says that its attorneys are reviewing the ralawsuit. and police let reporters view body camera footage from two of the officers on the scene there, investigators say that chauvin's body camera fell to the ground and remained there for the majority of the time that they
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were with george floyd also. also reporters are saying in viewing the video, george floyd began to sob when he was pulled from his vehicle before he was pinned to the ground. a vote today to make a new national hotline, the three digits that could save lives. and we have an air quality advisory through at least friday thanks to the smoke coming in from the coyote and mineral fires. it is just an advisory, not a spare the air day. but i'll explain where the smoke is and where it is going.
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let's start with some neighborhood temperatures under bay. we have upper 50s to low 60s everywhere. so let's take a look at some other rosa t oakland at 62. east bay hills camera. mrine layer is up around 2,000 feet. and the winds will pick up from 1:00 to 7:00 this afternoon and evening north of the bay bridge. so going to be a little choppy there, a little smoky also as we talked about. here is a look at san francisco, low to mid 60s most of the day under a partly cloudy sky. east bay increasing sunshine and 70 by noon. low to mid-70s this afternoon. but a quick drop to 64 by 8:00 this evening. and the peninsula will be a little warmer. increasing sunshine and 73 at noon. upper 70s this afternoon. and about 68 at 8:00. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast next. here is jobina with the commute.
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>> thank you, mike. it has been a really nice ride so far. we've had minor incidents, but no major blocking issues that would slow you down. so we'll check in now a live look showing you the bay bridge here. metering lights are not on yet at the toll plaza. i to hahav do have a high wi a a advisory for benic and you can see a couple slol slow spots at the toll plaza and toward tracy for people coming out of -- our super commuters there. but everywhere else is green. happening today, the federal communications commission will vote on designating a 3 three digit telephone number 988 to become the national hotline for suicide prevention. people who are for this say that 988 will be easy to remember, sort of like 411 or 911.
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and once connected, it will link americans in crisis with mental health counselors. if the fcc approves the plan, telephone service providers have two years to put 988 into effect. and tesla will reportedly temporarily close its fremont plant for improvements. they plan to build structures to boost production of its model y car. and the company has had more than 1500 employees affected by coronavirus. tesla ceo elomu waged a public battle with alameda county when he reopened his factory in may which was at the time against local health orders. the yin and yang of grocery shopping, the items getting more expensive and what you may be getting a break on. and kid at heart, be the 80th birthday gift that made
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more of us are cooking at home now because of covid-19 and the fact that restaurants are either not open or doing limited service. and we're paying more for cooking at home. the latest consumer price index shows americans pay nearly 5% more this year than last year led by big spikes in meat and dairy prices. >> we have seen price fluctuations in meat anywhere from 10% to 30% increase in price. and in some cases an unavailability entirely for a sustained period of time. >> prices have come down from their hig of may and june, but that can from week to week. so their advice is keep an eye
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online and on the weekly flyers for sales. we do have a one hour special coming up give where you live food drive, it airs saturday at 7:00 p.m. this hour long show goes behind the scenes evof food banks it sw how they are meelgt tare meeting demands. jcpenney is cutting jobs and closing stores. this is part of the department store's bankruptcy organization. the company will close about 200 stores over the next few years, 1,000 jobs will be lost including corporate, field management and international positions. jcpenney has eight stores here in the bay area, but no word yet whether any of those will be at restrictions means many indoor shopping malls are closed. and that has many retailers both large and small scrambling to find new ways to reach customers. starting today, the south bay's valley fair will offer pickup
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areas for shoppers that they purchase online or are on the phone. >> shoppers can shop from the comfort of their home, select products and within an hour have them in the back of their car through contactless pickup at oppi, ys say mo sh lotther ty evns in malls going forward. once a gamer, always a gamer. the inner kid of a colorado man exploded with joy at his 80th birthday party. >> oh! i was xwogoing to buy one of th. >> are you a gamer? >> yes. >> that is cute. it is a playstation 4. robert shared this video of his dad unwrapping his birthday present, a gift from his grown kids after their mom hinted that their dad mentioned that he
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really wanted a playstation. he is too happy about this playstation. i just love families. you're a gamer? so cute. >> what other secrets do you have, dad. >> exactly. >> right? >> about he needs one of those headsets. >> he needs the whole thing. >> he probably has the massaging chair with the cup holders, speakers in it possibly. yeah, he could access rise. more gifts to be given. all right, guys. let's talk about the weather.or. more gifts to be given. all right, guys. let's talk about the weather. san jose, it is pretty clear outside. you can see it is about 58 degrees.
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accuweather highlights, hazy sunshine and seasonal temperatures. sleep well, we have more of the same coming at us tonight. and still trending warmer for the weekend. here is a look at what is going on with your fog forecast. and you can see the coastal valleys will still be pretty cloudy by noon. and the golden gate bridge the same. you can see by 7:00 already a trip to the east, those clouds are starting to make. smoky sunshine today, 80 to 87 down in the south bay from sunnyvale to morgan hill. and mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula. north of san mateo, we'll drop into the low 70s. 60 to 63, which i think will be a cloudier peninsula coast than yesterday, mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco, sausalit sausalito. in the valleys, upper 70s to low 80s. mid to upper 70s for most of the east bay. fremont, 80.richmond, 71 and
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70. and brentwood 91. tonight you can see the cloud cover maybe just a little more widespread, but temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s once again. the accuweather 7 day forecast, a couple degrees warmer tomorrow. and it may get a little uncomfortable saturday and sunday as we hit the low 80s around the bay and mid 90s inland, but of course it will still be very nice at the coast with those 60s. and the extra temperatures we receive this weekend, they are gone by next week as we recede back to average levels which is 60s, 70s and 80s. have a good day. and now ginger zee has that look at what is happening on "good morning america." hi ginger. >> hi reggie, great to be with everybody. hi kumasi. hospitalizations are nearing an all-time high. so medical professionals are again struggling to find essential gear. we have a team on the front withs
6:21 am
spotsnd t emergency re also this morning, the backlash growing over large parties during the pandemic. the old covid party. these videos are from a party at jake paul's home and now there are threats of a crackdown. and more of george's exclusive interview with mary trump on her uncle's relationship with her father, christmas at the trump home, and what it was like working for her uncle. plus a mask reality check. what to know about filters. i've heard a lot of people talking about putting a coffee filter in there. but also mega deals and steals for summer. so i hope you'll join us. >> i think i finally found the perfect mask. at least i'm hoping. i just got it in the mail last night. it has a little filter on it, it is comfortable, it is not pulling my ears. >> okay. is it cute though? >> send me the details. >> i will. kumasi is asking me if it is
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cute. ask me that again. do you think that i would buy an ugly mask? >> well, it has a lot of features, you know. so you have to do a tradeoff times. >> all right. i will send to both of you in case you are in for a cute but also effective mask. at least i'm crossing my fingers. ginger, thanks so much. >> thanks. it is christmas in july because the hallmark channel just released a trailer for one of its 40 new films that are coming out this year. and this one is called christmas in vienna. and despite themic, hallmark iss record with its 40 new holiday movies for the year. some were shot before the shutdown in march, production is ramping up on the rest. reggie, do you like hallmark movies? >> you know what, have i seen one ever? >> that means no.
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>> i'm not sure that i've been exposed to it. >> just try one if are you in the mood to be happy. >> okay. >> and then maybe watch four. too much? >> i'll do it for you. one hi. what's on your mind?in.
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we'll talk about the air quality advisory. it is not an alert, it is not a widespread issue. but there is some smoke that will make it hazy today and it is smoke from the coyote and mineral fires. and the most likely area is the east bay and south bay. and a cirque du soleil show is back up and running in china.
6:26 am
♪ this one is the first in the world to resume since coronavirus shut down productions. there are six performances a week with a 50% audience capacity. cirque has said that its resident productions in las vegas and orlando might reopen in the fall, but they don't expect to resume normal operations until 2023. >> wow. the giants are set to open the season one week from today and will murder flores says you might see him wearing a mask. >> just whenever a guy gets on base, the hitter doesn't have the mask on, so
6:27 am
mask on. >> the giants are scheduled to pr play the as in 23chl practice gy and tuesday. and they want to ask celebrities to help record player walkup announcements. they may ask tom hanks to record one for matt chapman. hanks sold peanuts a soda in the stands in the 70s today. and dick callahan is out for the season due to health reasons. coming up next at 6:30, vaccine hacking, the new allegations against russia. soon every place station in the city of san francisco will have a "black lives matter" poster hanging up in it. this was a unanimous decision by the san francisco police commission, but not everyone was on board. some for different
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absolutely [ bleep ] if yyo excuse my french. >> weighing in on "black lives matter." the controversial decision about what will soon be displayed in every san francisco police station. >> new questions about a deadly police shooting in vallejo, a critical piece of evidence that appears to be destroyed. and testing sights facing a backlog. two local doctors say what they think needs to be done right now to avert a crisis. and don't be surprised if there are smoky skies today, but mike says there is no reason to worry. let's start off by talking to mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. there is some smoke coming from a couple fires to our south. there is an advisory out, but
6:31 am
not technically an alert which means that it would be hazardous for all of us. right now i'm looking at a lot of cloud cover, that is the gray you see covering a lot of our neighborhoods this morning. and the south bay, it is not one of those. you are waking up to mainly sunny conditions. but just to the north, that is where the cloud deck ends. 58 if you are heading out right now. near 60 at the coast today, a little less sunshine than yesterday. 70 to 79 sunshine elsewhere. and hayes. for 4:00, 77 to 87 which is pretty close to average. and a very comfortable evening on the way with temperatures mainly knin the 60s and 70s. issues of race and social justice are things that we are particularly focused on here at abc 7 as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. in san francisco, "black lives matter" posters will be going up in all police stations.
6:32 am
and the measure was just approved last night. julian glover is live with this story. >> reporter: good morning. it was a heated san francisco police commission meeting, but the vote ended up being and you in an muss and now as a result, those 24 by 32 inch "black lives matter" posters will be placed in each of san francisco's police departments. why is this happening? san francisco's police chief bill scott said people are talking to us and we must listen. but not everyone wants to hear that though. the san francisco police officers association called the move politically motivated and in a letter to the city they stated that stations are places for citizens of san francisco to seek help and assistance, they are not places for political endorsements or alignment with political organizations. and some residents that had the chance to speak during public comments, they agreed. >> i feel like some areas should
6:33 am
be neutral ground, i guess. >> as a next dmexican heritage , i don't think that when you are saying "black lives matter," i think that you are seg gra gating a certain portion of the population. >> reporter: so clearly not everyone is sold on the idea. others for different reasons though. we posted the story to our abc 7 news facebook page. one viewer commenting what is the point of the signs, that is not real change to the system. another person commented that is not good enough, what good will a sign do if the bad apples are still in the batch. we now know the city of san francisco has 30 days to put those "black lives matter" posters up. again, in each of the police stations. julian glover, abc 7 news. new developments this morning, the city of vallejo is seeking an outside criminal investigation into the police department's alleged destruction
6:34 am
of evidence from a deadly officer-involved shooting. this is body camera video that shows the shooting of sean monterrosa last month. the city says it discovered that the windshield of a police vehicle that the officer fired through in this individual why was destroyed and also that the car was put back into service without permission. the city already requested the solano county d.a. or the kindergarten investigate the shooting. and now the city is requesting this destruction of evidence be included in that investigation. the city says an unnamed police department employee has been placed on administrative leave. we reached out to vallejo police for comment but we haven't heard back. at the live desk, i'm following developing news right now involving covid-19 vaccine trials and hackers. and we're specifically talking about russia here. the u.s., britain and canada are accusing russia of trying to steal information from
6:35 am
researchers, it involves a hacking group calledapt-29, also known as cozy al tee nations believe the group is part of the russian intelligence service and that they are trying to steal intellectual property. it is unclear whether vladimir putin knew about the vaccine hacking, but officials believe such intelligence would be highly prized. most bay area counties now officially on the state's wash list because of the increasing coronavirus activity. there are just two exceptions, san francisco county and san mateo county. alameda and santa clara counties are the newest additions. this list means that they have to close gyms, hair salons, nail salons, indoor malls, indoor churches and nonessential offices if they already haven't. however, alameda county is actually getting back a couple things. one of them is outdoor dining. so the green light given to
6:36 am
that. and the oakland zoo can now you reopen. >> we're just absolutely so thrilled that support and the state turned it arouhours. >> the shoe was facings possibility of permanent closure because of a lack of income. only on the outdoor areas of the zoo will be open and there are additional safety precautions in place. >> at the zoo you will be outdoors and with just your family group and you will just briefly pass people. if you add on to that masks and social distancing, it will be a very safe environment. >> the zoo will open to the general public wednesday july 29. starting today, san mateo county will allow for in-person visits to long term health homes. they have to verify that they have enough ppe on hand and adequate access to coronavirus testing. under these guidelines, friends and family can do socially
6:37 am
distanced visits and they havess many have been closed to visitors since march. and if you want to keep tra of what is now open, what still might be closed and where, check out the interactive map that is on o county by county to see which businesses are open. santa clara county's pop-up testing sites will be open again today. the sites are testing people with no appointments, no doctor's notes, no symptoms. and this is because the county is coordinating with local hospitals and not the state which is prioritizing confirmed cases and essential workers. you can get results anywhere from between to fotwo to four d. >> some of the backlog is not in all of the sites where people get tested, they mostly in the commercial labs that are being used by the state. >> the state is testing a record
6:38 am
number of people, more than 108,000 a day. two local doctors say that they don't think that this backlog will get any better until there is a national testing strategy. happening today, facebook founder mark zuckerberg will host dr. fauci in a live conversation streamed online. it is expected the two will talk about progress on the vaccine to protect people from covid-19, they will also discuss ways that all of us can help flatten the curve. that will be on facebook at 2:00. plans for schools in the north bay, the new information marin county has revealed about what to expect for the next semester. and right now, we're taking a live look at the big board sft new york stock exchange, down this morning about 150 points. the another update on how the markets are doing coming up. and we're job hunting with jobina, she will tell us the role open right now for people >> first in our forecast.
6:39 am
>> well come kcom come to to to smoke is being developed down to our south, so you may see some haze in the bay area today. and it is because of the two wildfires burning in the central valley. firefighters currently working hard to get a handle on the mineral fire near coalinga. it scorched more than 14,000 acres and is only 15% contained. the coyote fire burning just north of it has blackened 1400 acres and is 20% contained. and you can see there that it is tough terrain, hard to get to. and this is what it does in our neighborhoods, makes for amaze zi day. air quality overall will be okay. we have moderate today. so it is an air quality advisory, not a spare the air day. only really, really sick people
6:40 am
would be susceptible to some smoke. we're mostly cloudy on the peninsula, we have 60 at menlo park, mid to upper 50s elsewhere. and we have mid-50s to low 60s just about everywhere else. 61 along the palo alto. look at the bay bridge toll plaza is i'm looking at the clouds and i'm sure jobina is looking at the traffic. breezy north of the bay bridge through the delta once again and choppy, same time frame as yesterday. and pretty comfortable temperatures if you are taking mass transit today. north bay, we're cloudy through 8:00, seeing sunshine, but still stuck in the 60s by 10:00. by noon, 74. low 80s for a couple hours this afternoon. and very nice 69 with sunshine at 8:00. 62 and a few clouds lingering at 8:00 in the south bay. we'll hang out in the low to mid-80s during the afternoon hours. in the east bay valleys, a little warmer with faster
6:41 am
sunshine. now let's talk more about that
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. waking up to widespread cloudiness andemrarein the mid topp 50s at the coast, s afternoon. and mainly 60s and 70s during a very comfortable evening. here is an update, red flag warning, fire danger high today in the sierra due to thunderstorms with the gusty winds and lightning. the worst air quality, it is a warning all the way through morning for the san joaquin valley. plus it will be 100 degrees with unhealthy air in fresno today. yikes. reggie. it appears students in marin county will likely start the
6:44 am
year with distanceded learning. we know parents are very concerned about what will happen with their kid's school year. l. we know parents are very concerned about what will happen with their kid's school year. amy hollyfield is live in san rafael with more on this new parent who still has a lot of questions. but the district did make a big announcement last night saying that they have decided that they have changed their minds, they will be recommending that kids not start the school year in the classroom in year. marin county officials had looked like that they were going to be in the classroom, but now they will start the school year off with distanced learning saying that the kids should not plan on being in the classroom. marin's public health officer says the current spike in covid-19 cases, they just need more time before bringing kids back to school. officials say that they hope that they can eventually bring
6:45 am
kids black to the cla b b b b parents had pushed back and scheduled a protest for this morning. and i just checked in and they are still planning to have that protest here at district headquarters. they say they still have a lot of questions. and they haven't heard from their individual school districts yet. and they also want a seat at the table. so they still want a presence here and they plan to protest 10:00 a.m. here at the headquarters. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and twitter is fully back online after responding to the biggest hacking in the company history. and twitter is calling what happened a coordinated social engineering attack. yesterday we saw high profile accounts alonging to elon musk, bill gates, joe biden, barack obama, jeff bezos, kanye west and mike bloomberg all get hacked in an apparent bitcoin scam. tweets appeared like the one you
6:46 am
see here. it asked people to send $1,000 and in return they would supposedly get $2,000 back. many of these tweets were taken down immediately, but there are reports that more than $100,000 had already been sent. >> all of these accounts definitely have two factor authentication. other security measures. so the fact that so many of them were compromised at the same time, such a short period of time, leads people to think now that there is some administrative issue on the twitter side itself, which is different from how most twitter accounts get hacked. >> another cybersecurity expert believes of that it will be difficult to track the hackers. now to your morning money report. 25,000 american airlines workers may be getting furloughed. with lower demand, airlines are expected to start laying off workers in october because that is when the requirements tied to federal stimulus runs out.
6:47 am
and about an hour ago, the u.s. labor department released the latest weekly unemployment report. 1.3 million new claims were filed last week. this is the 15th straight weekly decline after first time claims spiked nearly 7 million at the end of march. continuing jobless claims total more than 17.3 million. and it is also down from more than 18 million the prior week. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, you can see we're starting do ing down 120 points. has agreed to pay $1 million over allegations that it misrepresented background checks. district attorneys of san francisco and marin tha c included a surge on the national sex offender registry,
6:48 am
but that is only available to law enforcement. and we're committed to helping build a better bay area. and now we'll focus on the economy. and job hunting with jobina, looking at ways to help getting the community back to work. this morning a company is hiring right now and specifically looking for individuals with compassion and patience. >> yes, i've done work with visiting angels in the past. and they do such amazing things for our vulnerable population. they are looking for caregivers across the bay area because with everything going on right now, our seniors need more help than special kind of person to be a caregiver, which is why they are almost always in demand. and with coronavirus cases
6:49 am
continuing to rise, need help right now. >> nobody wants to a facility because they have been shuttled from starting in washington state to here, it is just too high density so it is much safer to be at home with somebody helping you. >> reporter: tonya and her husband chris run the sunnyvale and willow glenn offices. but caregivers are needed in locations all around the bay area. >> we hire clients to those that are fully bedridden. so we offer a training program too. >> reporter: and that training covers state and company requirements and now new guidelines for covid-19. >> so everybody gets a mask. we live together, so we don't have to have a mask. but it is required that everybody is wearing a mask. >> reporter: sanitizing and other protocols are also in place to protect their vulnerable clients.
6:50 am
shifts are available 24/7 and health benefits have been extended to part-time employees and their families. the wheatons hope that that will attract more applicants, specifically people with patience and commitment. two characteristics they say are must haves for potential caregivers. >> our caregivers are the basic frontline of taking care of our elderly population in this pandemic. and they are heros. >> and here are the job details for a caregiver with visiting angels. you must be on the california state registry or be willing to sign up, you need a valid driver's license and among the responsibilities, you provide companionship to seniors and help them with all their duties as assigned. the wheatons tell me that some experience is required here, but that can be something as like taking care of a family member if you have had experience doing something like that. they really need help.
6:51 am
and you know, i was really touched with this conversation with them because they were explaining the relationship between some of their clients and the caregivers. some people have been with each other for upwards of ten years. so they really need people with commitment as well. >> it is a demanding and tough job, but one that i think probably has a lot of benefits in the way you feel about what you do every day to help people. so i wish everyone who is applying good luck. always good to see these segments. thank you. and we're learning now more about going him's neogle's next vags, it is a temp tattoo that contains sensors that are triggered either by being touched or swiped. google is calling them skin masks. but it remains unclear exactly how mountain view based google intends to use this technology
6:52 am
in the future. >> data. >> why is it a bunny? >> i looked, they have hearts and different things that you can get. you have options. >> all nonthreatening, all comforting. >> and you like do it like you would tap it like your phone or like this, instead of, you know, reaching way over here to get your phone, you can just do this. >> i definitely saw something about this somewhere. and it didn't end well. but brapts in real life it will be great. >> yes. >> no. no. i don't want to be trapped. >> yeah, the movies in the '80s good there nevand you're right, never did end well. and there is a gorgeous shot
6:53 am
right above the marine layer. there is plenty of sunshine this afternoon, but it will be hazy sunshine due to the smoke coming in like we had yet from the coyote and mineral fires. sleep well tonight, more of the same type of weather. and still a minor warming trend for the weekend. watch how the fog retreats to the coast. by 7:00, it is starting to move to the east and blanket us for the overnight hours. before then, we'll have 80 to 84 degrees through most of the south bay. 87 in morgan hill. a little bit warmer san jose, 84. 76 in millbrae and mid to upper 70s for the rest of the peninsula. about 60 to 63 along the peninsula coast. a little more cloud cover than yesterday. near 60 along the north bay coast with stubborn clouds. and then upper 70s to low 80s through most of the north bay.
6:54 am
70 in richmond, berkeley 71. 80 in fremont. and east bay valleys, if you didn't have the air conditioner yesterday, you may not need it today. upper 80s to low 90s. let's take a look at tonight's temperatures. we have been stuck in the mid-50s to low z60s all week. tomorrow afternoon, a couple degrees warmer and about four degrees warmer for saturday. we're still a little bit above average sunday. and they were we lose that extra warmth and temperatures return back to average by the middle of next week. we'll talk about traffic and bring jobina in here once again. >> metering lights are now on at the bay bridge toll plaza, they came on at 6:36. so we'll check in on that there. i was beginning to see a backup and you can definitely see it.
6:55 am
traffic is getting slowly back to normal. of course as metering lights are not coming on as early as they were pre-pandemic, but we're seeing them now definitely before 7:00 a.m. and want to let you know that we have high wind advisories so take your time out there. it is time. >> it is time. >> we play not be ready for google -- and by the way, they are not called skin masks, they are called skin marks. so sorry about that. but we are ready for the lotion on our skin. >> if you had one, could you put the lotion on it, would it mess up your phone? >> you'd be swiping left and right all over the the the the e
6:56 am
e ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more. wherever you go, summer safely. for up to five years on select models and exclusive lease offers.
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. if you are just joining us, here rts7 things to know. marin county officials recommend
6:58 am
starting the school year with distanced learning. >> and san francisco unified will start the school year with distanced learning. they will reveal more in the next few weeks. and number three, the u.s. britain and canada are accusing russia of hacking covid-19 vaccine trials to steal intellectual property. it involves a group called apt-29, also known as cozy bear. it is unclear whether vladimir putin knew about this. number four, police stations around san francisco will soon display large "black lives matter" posters. not everyone supports the idea. the san francisco police officers association calls the move politically motivated. and number five, expect hazy sunshine this afternoon. we have an air quality advisory due to the smoke coming from the coyote and mineral fires. 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 80s inland this afternoon.
6:59 am
and number six, this is a look at the golden gate bridge. northbound you may run into a traffic break that the chp is running right now due too a deer in the lane. this is on northbound 101 at the alexander off-ramp. >> watch out. >> exactly. watch out of this. number seven, video shows a dur yus be curious bear tearing out a window screen poking his head inside this house at mammoth lakes. the family tried to shoo him away. >> shoo? >> shoo. but apparently that is not working because the same bear has been visiting the neighborhood since the spring. can you imagine? >> no, no, no. >> look at it. like what are y'all doing in there? are y'all eating? what did you cook? >> that is so good. >> i'd rather have that bear
7:00 am
than cozy bear and fancy bear from the russians. good morning, america. on the brink. covid hospitalizations nearing all-time highs as doctors hit their breaking points. >> they come in and get sick and may live, they may not, unfortunately, a lot don't. >> covid deaths now increasing in 25 states, including texas where nearly 100 army medical personnel are now moving in to help. and the crisis growing over equipment. some hospitals across the country forced to ration gear, reusing old masks and gowns as a new mask battle erupts. georgia's governor banning cities and counties from making masks mandatory as the state hits record new covidtraging tyurg paem at youtube star ke


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