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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2020 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour, and happening right now, congressman john lewis has died. the civil rights icon was 80 years of age. his towering legacy and the tributes pouring in overnight as the nation mourns his loss. the latest on the coronavirus crisis. the united states logging a troubling number of positive cases as the controversy over mask mandates continues. president trump says he will not issue a national mask mandate. everything we're learning this morning. a surprise royal wedding. princess beatrice getting married as the queen and prince philip looked on in a private us, the queen knighting ic. captain tom moore, all the details from england.
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♪ we always find a way back home ♪ looking to buy or sell a home during the pandemic and don't know where to start? "shark tank's" barbara corcoran is here live with expert advice on how to get your house ready to sell and how to get the best price. ♪ lately i've been feeling so cool ♪ quench your thirst with summer spritzers. we've got refreshing recipes so you can make any day a sunny day without leaving your kitchen. all that and more as we say, good morning, america. ♪ good morning, good morning hey, good morning. welcome to our second hour. whit is joining us from home this morning. ironic that you're here -- that you're not here on a morning when we're making spritzers. i know you love a spritzer, whit. >> yes, of course. always love a spritzer, especially on a very hot weekend which, of course, we're expecting but, yes, i'm home once again from studio wj, and you know this, studio wj is like a classic car.
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you can't just leave it in the garage. you got to get it outside. take it for a spin. rev the engine every now and then. so i'm here broadcasting from here this morning but hope to be joining you both very soon back in the studio. in the meantime, we have two very big stories we're following this morning. >> that's right. the u.s. breaking another record in the coronavirus crisis with more than 71,000 cases reported in a single day. health officials urging americans to wear masks as state and local officials face off over whether they should be required. >> meanwhile this morning we're celebrating american civil rights giant congressman john lewis, who helped shape american history. lewis, walking alongside martin luther king jr. front and center on that bridge in selma and then spending decades of service in the unit. rmerrede barack obam calling lewis one of his heroes. lewis had been battling pancreatic cancer. and for more now on the remarkable life of john lewis and the tributes pouring in
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right now, we turn to rachel scott, who is in washington for us this morning. rachel, good morning to you, once again. >> reporter: dan, good morning. yes, his fight for racial justice spanned 60 years. it started in the deep south but ended right here on capitol hill, and this morning, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are saying america has lost a hero, and congress has lost a fearless leader. tributes pouring in, president jimmy carter just weighing in in a statement saying all americans regardless of race or religion owe john lewis a debt of gratitude. house speaker nancy pelosi calling lewis a titan of the civil rights movement whose bravery transformed our nation. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell writing, you did not need to agree with john on many policy details to be awed by his life, admire his dedication to his neighbors in georgia's fifth district or appreciate his generous, respectful and friendly bearing. lewis would lead bipartisan delegations to selma where he
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was beaten more than 50 years ago fighting for voting rights standing shoulder to shoulder there marching across the edmund pettus bridge. republican congressman kevin mccarthy calling it one of the greatest honors of his life. and lewis made his final public appearance right here in the nation's capital fittingly just outside the white house in that area renamed black lives matter plaza. whit. >> all right, rachel scott for us. we're seeing those tributes coming in from both sides of the political aisle. thank you so much. we do turn now to the coronavirus crisis in this country, and president trump insisting that he has no plans to issue a nationwide mask mandate. abc's trevor ault joins us once again from new york with the very latest. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, whit. you know, america continues to head in the wrong direction in the fight against this virus. accordg nation ce unandeath count both climbed nearly 20% last week, and health officials continue to stress the best
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thing that you can do is wear a mask when you're around other people. coming off another record day of new covid-19 cases, health officials are telling americans in blunt terms, if you want to stop the spread, you have to wear a mask. 28 states, puerto rico and washington, d.c. have now issued mask mandates, and dr. anthony fauci says he hopes to see more of them. >> i would urge the leaders in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizenry to wear masks. >> reporter: but the president making it clear he will not issue a national mask mandate. >> and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody wear a mask everything disappears. and as you know, masks cause problems too. >> reporter: an unpublished document prepared for the white house coronavirus task force this week and obtained by the center for public integrity says 18 states are in a red zone for
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states scale back re-openings. florida has now logged three straight days with more than 10,000 new cases. on the front lines, military medics are deploying, hoping to help with the deluge of places with patients like texas, which just reported its fourth straight day of record deaths. and texas is just one of eight states that hit record high daily death totals at some point in this past week, but across the country the majority of the united states, 26 states, say their daily death toll is on the rise. dan, eva. >> as you said, heading in the wrong direction. trevor, thank you very much. coming up, we'll lighten the mood a little bit. we'll talk about a princess tying the knot amidst this pandemic. we've got all the details on prince beatrice's private royal wedding. that's our "gma" cover story. and up ahead, "shark tank's" barbara corcoran is here with her best tips for putting your home on the market during this pandemic. plus, tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" on summer solutions. stay with us. .
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founder of i'm desiree haller, founder of subsafe. when you support small businesses like ours, you're saving jobs in port orange, florida. thank you for your support. >> back with that great message about supporting small businesses. we have savings from subsafe and five other small businesses in "deals & steals" this morning. that is coming up. >> tory has been doing great work during this pandemic helping out small businesses across the country. first though, janai has "pop news." she's also been doing great work, janai has. hey, janai. >> hey, dan, thank you. i was hoping i could get a compliment out of that. all right, guys, it's time for "pop news," and we begin with a new gig for michelle obama. the former first lady is officially launching her own podcast appropriately named "the michelle obama podcast."
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this will be the first project from higher ground, a production company that she founded along with president obama back in 2018, and who better to tell you what the new podcast will entail than the former first lady herself. take a look. >> in this first season i'm going to be talking with some of the people i'm closest with, my mom, my brother, my friends, my colleagues and many others. we'll be discussing the relationships that make us who we are. i hope this podcast sparks ideas and topics that you can open up with within your own circles. maybe it'll inspire you to have some conversations with loved ones that you've been meaning to have. >> "the michelle obama podcast" debuts on spotify on wednesday, july 29th with new episodes released weekly. i can never get enough of seeing michelle obama with her curls. i just love it. all right, next america's sweetheart, cameron diaz, is keeping busy even in retirement.
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in a revealing new interview with "rolling stone," the former actress opening up about her new baby and the business venture she's been working on in quarantine. ready for this? wine. while the actress announced her retirement from the big screen back in 2018, the new mom is now adding winemaker to her resume with abilene, a line of clean wines hitting stores this summer but "the sweetest thing" in diaz's life these days is her new baby girl raddix. she and husband bengi madden announced the birth of their daughter earlier this year. diaz calling motherhood the best phase of her life and opening up about parenting in quarantine saying that there has been lots of family time, "sesame street" and "baby shark." i'm sure a lot of parents out there can relate. i know we can at my house. all right. and finally, now you see her, now you don't. take a look at this. this is lola, the 4-year-old husky who thinks she is
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invisible, pulling one over on her humans during their games of hide-and-seek. but she always hides in the same spot under the chair by the window. one of her adorable videos went viral getting almost 8 million views on tiktok. take a look at this. >> now there's no way that lola is in the same spot like always. wow. i don't see anything. let me move the chair back a little bit more. wow. i don't see anything. let me check the other side. lola, i already caught you. >> i'm not mad at lola. she's adorable, and she's a genius. the poor baby probably needs to find a new hiding spot. guys, back to you. >> i think she should keep using that hiding spot. it's incredibly adorable. >> he probably wouldn't know what to do if she hid somewhere else.
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>> exactly. she's really cute. makes me want a puppy. all right, janai, thank you so much. we'll see you in "binge this." now over to whit. hey, whit. >> hey, dan, i got to say quickly lola looks so much like my dog copper, by the way, and he also likes to slither under the furniture in the living room so maybe he's got a sister out there somewhere. you never know. we do move on though. we've got our "gma" cover story right now. after the pandemic put prince beatrice's nuptials on hold, she tied the knot yesterday in a private royal ceremony. julia macfarlane joins us now from london with more on that. julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. yeah, that's right, the wedding was supposed to take place during may but gatherings had been banned due to the pandemic until earlier this month. wedding bells were ringing in windsor once again. buckingham palace announcing that prince beatrice tied the knot with italian edoardo mapelli mozzi friday morning but
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this was a low-key affair am just a select few watching her wed in a small chapel on the queen's estate to abide by covid-19 guidelines. >> obviously the wedding was scaled right back because of the pandemic, but there was always going to be challenges around a big event because ever since prince andrew stepped back his presence publicly has the potential to cause a lot of controversy. >> reporter: among the guests her grandparents queen elizabeth and prince philip and other close family. beatrice's father, prince andrew, has rarely been seen publicly since the arrest of ghislaine maxwell. maxwell is accused of grooming underage girls on behalf of convicted sex offender jeffrey . both were longtime friends associates of prince andrew who stepped back from his royal duties last year after questions about their relationship resurfaced. maxwell has pleaded not guilty and the duke of york denies any wrongdoing. unlike previous royal weddings,
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there was no pomp and pageantry for beatrice, no reception at buckingham palace as she had hoped. afterwards the queen returned to windsor castle to prepare to knight captain tom moore. a special exception made for the 100-year-old captain tom who had raised millions for the uk's national health service and captured the nation's hearts with every step of his fund-raising walk. >> the queen at 94 had to be really careful during the pandemic. she's been in isolation but clearly this was an event that was really important to her to be there in person for. she wasn't going to miss it. >> reporter: the queen honoring him with not only a knighthood ir pli in-person engagement since she and husband prince philip entered lockdown in march. well, captain sir tom moore said that he was absolutely overawed by the day's events, adding it was more than anything anyone could have wished for.
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from princess beatrice's ceremony, we have yet to see them but abc news understands that those are going to be released very soon. whit. >> all right, julia, thank you so much. we appreciate it. let's get a check of the weather now. rob marciano is in norwalk, connecticut, one of many places bracing for the heat this weekend. rob. >> and celebrating, whit. you know, what better way to start off a weekend than news of a royal wedding. it's going to be royally hot across much of the country with this heat building and more than three days in many cases, so that's a heat wave. excessive heat warnings he, icagor a dozen state included but here in the northeast marva temperatures today will feel like lower to mid-90s in many of these spots and will only extend into tomorrow, monday, tuesday and beyond as this heat wave builds, so head to the beach if you have that capability and abide by the local rules. that's a check on
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good saturday morning. you can see some of the fog reaching into say about concord but sunshine on the way for a warmer day there. patchy drizzle at the coast and then cooler weather arrives into next week. high temperatures t low 80s around fremont, 82 in napa. look for 91 in concord. mid-60s with some sun at the coast. the accuweather seven day forecast very little change tomorrow. still warm inland with that wide range. and then cooler especiaiaiaiaiaa now to "deals & steals."aiaa tory johnson is here with huge savings on summer solutions we could all use, and they're all from small businesses. i've been perusing, tory. you have got some great things for us this morning. how are you?ha >> h suf smalbusinesses starting with an easy way to avoid dirty surfaces. this is the germkey, and it is a no touch hand tool, so you would
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three different things we have from them, the waylight which is a brilliant way to add light to hiking. it's 18 hours of rechargeable battery light. there is a single sleeping bag that's got all kinds of awesome features and then the hacky pack that you can fit a day's worth of gear into this tiny little thing and then it doubles as a ball when not carrying yourself. all great things from the company, 50% off so they range from $20 to $100 and not only do you guys get great savings, but you help save the jobs at small businesses around this country. eva, a lot of fun, right? >> oh, a lot of fun. tory, i just wanted to point out, first of all, this is a giant bottle of poo-pourri, but i never knew they had glow in the dark extra strength before. >> there you go. it's fairly new. that's why. so you are not behind the times. it's a good one. >> good to know and good to know you'll ato find it in the bathroom, right? thank you, tory. we've partnered with all of these companies on these deals. you can get them on our website, coming up, barbara corcoran
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is here, and she's telling you how to market your house and fish your price during the pandemic. up ahead, the chicks formerly known as the dixie chicks just put out their first album in 14 years. we've got the best weekend entertainment in "binge this."
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ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. liters at the santa rita jail are rushing to put added protocols in place after cases soared in just the past couple of days. the alameda county sheriff's office reported six cases on
8:28 am
wednesday. 40 cases reported thursday and an additional 55 new cases on friday. at least 101 new inmates are infected. only one case has been serious enough to force a hospitalization. let's get a check of the weather now. >> live doppler 7 showing you where the fog is situated right over the bay there. already getting some clearing in parts of the north bay. this is san rafael and brightening up nicely. 58 in the city, 63 in mountain view, and from our roof camera no wind at all. upper 60s today downtown to the
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♪ ♪ back now with the title song from ellie goulding's new album, "brightest blue." we've got more on her new music just ahead in "binge this," dan. >> that's coming up. we start here with the headlines we're following right now, and number one is the celebration this morning of the american civil rights giant congressman john lewis. praises pouring in for the man who made civil rights his life's work. lewis had been battling pancreatic cancer. he died at the age of 80. more than a dozen states in the red zone for coronavirus cases with the number of singlea new record. and local officials face off over whether they should be required. president trump insisting he has no plans to issue a nationwide mask mandate. whit.
8:31 am
and, eva, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg revealing that her cancer has returned adding that chemotherapy is keeping the disease in check. the 87-year-old justice says that she has no plans to step down from the bench as long as she can do the job full steam. eva. >> and now it is time for -- [ air horn ] >> "binge this." >> it sounds good whether you want it or not. >> let's toss to it janai. how are you doing, janai? ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey >> i am good now that we got to hear the air horn more than once. like dan said, it's good no matter how many times you hear it. all right. if you are free this weekend, look no further. "us weekly's" emily longeretta is here with the buzziest entertainment to binge all weekend long. emily, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's get to it. if we're going to watch tv this weekend, what do you suggest? >> all right, this weekend, "the alienist: angel of darkness"
8:32 am
premieres on tnt. this is the second installment of the hit show. originally it was supposed to be just a limited series, but after a ton of emmys love, it had to come back for more. dakota fanning, daniel bruehl, luke evans are all back in the period mystery drama. i guarantee that the minute people start watching this, you will be hooked. >> all right. and after we watch some tv, if you want to learn some things, get your nose in a book for all the bookworms out there, what do you suggest? >> i have been reading a lot this summer already, and i think this is my next one. it's called "pizza girl." it's the first novel by jean kyoung frazier about a young d pza devery go conntsit woman arming and a little heartbreaking, but it's all about a young woman finding her place in the world, so it's pretty uplifting. i would definitely recommend it.
8:33 am
it's also only 193 pages so it's a real quick read. >> oh, good. that's not too bad. that's like an afternoon read. if you want to listen to some music this weekend, tell us about that. >> the music is all about women empowerment this weekend. i love it. we are starting off with ellie goulding's new album. it is "brightest blue." it's, of course, the one that people have been waiting for for a long time. it is two parts, "a" and "b." a lot of it is about self-discovery and the other side is about her fearless alter ego. overall she wants to spread the message of hope with this album so it really, really does a great job of that. that theme carries over to probably the most anticipated album of the summer, which is the chicks' new album called "gaslighter." now, of course, this is formerly known as the dixie chicks. this is their first album in 14 years, and it is their first under their new name. this is a more bold and vulnerable sound for them which they've always been bold but
8:34 am
this album is influenced by natalie maines' divorce. so a lot is about the grief and overcoming what happens when a long relationship ends. that said, there's this overlined theme of the light at the end of the tunnel, the hope of what's ahead. in this world today we all need this. >> that's perfect. tv, movies, books, music, you got us all covered. emily, thank you so much. guys, back to you in the studio. >> i need an alter ego like ellie goulding. that sounds fun. >> i think you already have one. >> what, serious newsman is my alter ego? >> or not serious newsman. i'm not sure. thanks, janai. coming up, selling your home is hard, and selling your home in a pandemic even harder. barbara corcoran is here to make it easy with must-have tips for homeowners. d uphead, natialraic s ofi could be the world's largest tiger shark, and we'ot preview of that incredible and up ahead, make any day a
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♪ welcome back to "gma." ♪ she works hard for the money welcome back to "gma." according to a recent harris poll, nearly one-third of americans are considering moving to a less populated area because of coronavirus. so if you have a suburban house, now is the time to sell, and "shark tank's" real estate maven barbara corcoran has expert advice on how to do it. ♪ she owns a home in north carolina and is ready to sell. but before taking the plunge, she is doing a full gut renovation. here to help, real estate powerhouse barbara corcoran. nyoa.rearbara. of house. epte joeng
8:40 am
a a fullr. >> we have lots of azaleas, and besides trimming it down, is there anything else we could do to help with the curb appeal? >> the purpose of the shrubbery is to frame the house. you're selling the house, not the shrubbery. you have to chop down some of those trees and should clear a door to the front of the house so people can actually see that it's a house. paint that door a bright color, either a strong blue or a strong red. so if you want me to keep criticizing, take me closer. >> all right. let's go inside. ♪ >> reporter: next up, the kitchen. >> we are right in the middle of remodeling. before we get started, i just wanted to know, is there anything in particular we should focus on with the kitchen? >> the objective of every kitchen in america is to be as light and bright and friendly as you can make it. that will include light colored cabinets, light floors, not too many above the counter cabinets. they're out of style now, and the most important appliance is a stainless steel brand-new refrigerator. >> reporter: and on to the master bedroom.
8:41 am
>> we have two sets of his and hers closets. should we knock them out and build one big walk-in closet? >> absolutely. you must turn it into a walk-in closet. it used to be considered a luxury feature to have a walk-in closet. today people expect them in the master bedroom. whatever season you're not using get everything off the floor and leave room for the person to visualize hanging their own things in there. leave space, or get rid of your husband and tell him to take his stuff too. >> that will work too. >> reporter: but most importantly -- >> keep a running list of what the potential costs of every improvement is, and make sure that you don't exceed the average price in your neighborhood. you don't want to get stuck losing money. >> i really appreciate it, barbara. >> good luck to you. enjoy the beach when you get there. >> all right. >> and barbara is joining us live now. barbara, thanks for being with us. so if you're ready to sell right now, how should you think about pricing your home in this kind of market? >> you know, the only way to
8:42 am
price your house is to check out the competition, because that's exactly what the buyer is going to do, and it's easy to do online. you simply search for all the houses with the same bedroom and bathroom count as your own and compare, and then you look at the last five houses that have been sold and price yours within 10% of that range. >> so what are your three best tips for marketing your home with social distancing in mind? >> of course. number one, you want to take great house photos, great house photos and the more the merrier and you want to do a 3d virtual tour. the reason the photos are so important, it's the hook that brings that buyer in. you have to think of your house as a beauty contest that you want to win, so the better you look online, the more buyers you will attract to come in and have a peek. the next is you want to play up any amenities that imply good health. that's what every buyer wants. they want a big backyard, they want a deck, they want air and
8:43 am
water purifying systems. anything that implies health you want to put in that listing, and last you want to choose the best agent. a little-known fact is agents, 80% of all listings are sold by 20% of the agents in america. so you want to make sure you're in the hands of one of those 20% to sell your house. >> next time i sell a house i'll sign up an obscure agent named barbara corcoran. it's going to go really well. >> i'd be happy to help you. >> thank you. barbara, great to see you on a saturday morning. really appreciate it. let's get it out to rob who is in connecticut, and i think he's going to go house hunting right after this live shot. >> yeah, if i can afford it. you know my wife is in real estate, and the market outside of new york city is hot because of people fleeing the city for sure. so get yours while you can. dan harris fleeing the city. you know it's bad when dan is out of the city. comet neowise, this is one of the things you can see even in the city really if you have a view of the lower horizon, this comet making a rare appearance here.
8:44 am
next time will be 6,800 years from now. you can see it with the naked eyes for the next few weeks below the big dipper. of course, you do need some clear skies. so tonight best out west, better down across parts of southeast, not too bad here across the northeast. that's a check on what's happ good morning, our deck of low clouds almost at about 2,000 feet. rolls back to the shoreline keeping temperatures cool in the 60s there. upper 70s to near >> that is going to continue to be sweet. all right. as you may know, national geographic is owned by a division of disney, abc's parent company. and nat geo has a new documentary that takes viewers on a hunt for the largest tiger sharks out there and they think they may have found the largest on the planet.
8:45 am
wait till you see what these shark experts do all in the name of science. deep below the ocean's surface -- >> watch out. >> reporter: -- the search for a legend. >> she'she big >> reporter: nine months ago marine biologist kori garza had an unexpected encounter with this massive tiger shark more than 16 feet long, possibly the world's largest. >> we have seen some really, really big sharks. but none quite like her. >> reporter: now in the new national geographic special "world's biggest tiger shark?" she along with her cameraman and shark conservationist, andy casagrande, set out to find it again. >> a lot of sharks here. >> reporter: their journey bringing them face-to-face with some of nature's deadliest creatures including this roughly 13-footer. kori, breathless, swimming right alongside the dangerous beast for a size comparison. their next stop, this colossal lagoon in the middle of the
8:46 am
pacific ocean 50 miles long and 20 miles wide, a feeding ground for tiger sharks. >> so many tigers. they are everywhere. this is amazing. >> reporter: they attach cameras by hand to two of them, hoping they'll lead them to the megashark they're looking for. what the fin cams reveal will lead them to one unprecedented finding. >> look at that. >> oh, wow. >> oh, wow. >> all right. to see what happens next, tune in to national geographic's five weeks of sharkfest that kicks off tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central with "the world's biggest tiger shark." back to you guys in studio. there's some boats out here on the small side. i think they'll need a bigger boat to go after one of those tiger sharks. guys. >> very cool to watch, though. >> taking the low hanging fruit on the humor front there, rob. appreciate that. >> as always. as always. speaking of rob, this story,
8:47 am
this next story is all rob. coming up, summertime calls for delicious beverages. we're learning how to make summer spritzers that will spruce it up. >> rob is coming over tomorrow, so i'll make him a spritzer. i'm going to listen up here. spritzer and listen up here. here. simplifies protection. ticks and fleas? see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection. and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. red, blue, 16 percent undecided. here we are a nation divided. but 2020 had us shook. so we gave the world another look. and saw a future of differences celebrated. every voice heard and advocated. where everyone can show their pride. 'cause love should never have to hide.
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♪ watermelon sugar ♪ watermelon sugar high back now, we have some summer spritzers. when the temperature is hot, you can cool down with fizzy refreshing drinks. "southern living's" ivy odom is showing us how to make them. thanks so much for being with us this morning, ivy. >> hey, thanks so much for having me. i'm excited. happy summer. >> i'm excited about this one too. the first one we're making is called the southern sunrise. walk us through it. >> yes, it is a no alcohol take on a tequila sunrise, and it has like very few ingredients. you should have all of this in front of you, eva, so orange juice, club soda or sparkling water and grenadine. so we're going to mix club soda with orange juice and then pour it in an ice filled glass.
8:51 am
i think you're doing this along with me. is it so good so far? >> i'm with you so far. >> okay, and then we have grenadine, and we're going to take either the back of the spoon or pour it directly down the side of your glass. grenadine has a higher sugar content than orange juice, so it's going to sink all the way to the bottom, and look how pretty that is. it's an ombre drink. how cool. >> a little science experiment. >> yes, and top it with cherries and an orange slice, so, so pretty and impressive, but look how easy that was. >> boom. i did it. super easy. >> i like it. ivy, i want you to know that eva asked me to bring a flask this morning. >> i dno specifically refused. so tell us about the blackberry mint sparkler. >> yes, it's blackberry mint sparkle ler. i love it because it incorporates the herb garden i've been tending to during this quarantine time, so i made a simple syrup with blackberries and mint and sugar and water, so, so easy.
8:52 am
you should have this in front of you, so this is the syrup already made. i'm going to pour it through a wire mesh strainer into a glass anit with club soda. the thing i love most about this syrup is that you can keep it for up to a month in the fridge so it will last you for a very long time, all throughout this time. pour it directly into your glass and top it with mint and blackberries. i think you should be doing this along with me. do you have mint and blackberries in your glass? >> yeah, mine is not looking great but it'll taste great. >> it doesn't matter. it only matters what it tastes like. if you want to add a little more you can with that flask add vodka to it instead of sparkling water. maybe do it this afternoon. >> imoref a grain alcohol girl but -- >> i was thinking bubbly, something sparkly still. >> cheers, ivy. >> you could do bubbly or tequila. you name it. >> whatever your drink of choice is. thanks so much, ivy.
8:53 am
>> exactly. >> and be sure to pick up this month's edition of "southern living" for more great ideas. we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. and sure, some renovations can require a bit of compromise. but, there's no settling here. at floor and decor, she gets to fulfill her vision while i get in-stock products at budget-friendly prices. all in one trip. plus, we get the installation materials we need to get it done right and right on time. it's a win-win. now that's shopping like a pro. explore floor and decor, now open for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. got my spritzer and feeling got my spritzer and feeling already a little tipsy. >> there's nothing in it. >> oh. anyway, hey, whit. >> it's the sugar. >> it's the sugar, exactly. i'm going to start -- >> he's tipsy on life. that's what it is. >> i'm going to run laps around
8:56 am
the studio to work off the sugar. hey, whit, we miss you in the studio. hope to see you back here soon, and, guys, we'll be right back here tomorrow morning. thank you for watching. have a great saturday. aturday. >> if i'm good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. today is the last day for a pop up testing site in gilroy. ope tod from 9:00 ountynn until 2:00. have any symptoms to be tested. insurance or a doctors note is also not required. the site has been testing up to 500 people per day. and happening today one san
8:57 am
francisco neighborhood will try to set a guinness for the longest chaurk longest chalked out hopscotch course. putting this day long event together on several blocks next to the painted ladies. from 10:00 to 4:00 they're asking neighbors to create a 4 mile socially distanced hopscotch course. you can find full information where to pick up chalk on the website the great sign hunt, you and your family hop on bicycles and try to spot as many of the 18,000 santa clara valley water signs as you can. they look like this and they'ret uhetictures o each si valley water app and if you post 25 or more you're entered into a monthly prize drawing. the hunt runs until october 15th. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. great day for a bike ride out there. live doppler 7 showing you still
8:58 am
some clouds from oakland to hayward and also on the peninsula. as we look live from the north bay it's still sunny in san rafael, 64 in oakland and 65 where we have the sun. looking at partly cloudy with breezy conditions in the city later on. right now 64 by the delta. it's a warmer start and we'll talk about that warmer weather invading parts of our weekend especially inland. liz? >> all right, lisa. thank you. up next tributes are pouring in from around the world for civil rights icon joh
8:59 am
9:00 am
history has dragged us down to this moment. history remind us that on march 7, 1965 we love america so dearly. we were ready to die for her. >> must never ever give up. we must be brave, bold, and courageo entire life congressman john lewis bought through blood, through diplomacy to reach the vision that all americans are created equal. the towering icon of human rights has passed away. good morning everyone. saturday july 18th. i'm liz


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