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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 19, 2020 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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i feel like i'm taking a risk, definitely, but we're taking a risk every day that we can't get an appointment and can't get results. >> a bay area man is tired of waiting for his covid-19 results. he's taking drastic measures to get some answers. good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 19, i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we'll have more on what that man is doing to get test results faster. first, let's get a look at the weekend forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, liz. the mornings have been on the cloudy and cool side. as we look at live doppler 7 and the visible satellite imagery, you can see the cloud deck is beginning to retreat from inland valleys. a cloudy start in livermore. sun in the east bay, 57 san francisco, 64 mountain view, and san jose is brightening up. this is the north bay in san
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rafael whereta it is rosa. 65 by the delta. and that wind allowing for some cooler air inland. but we still have our air quality advisory for the coast, central bay, and santa clara, and the fire to the south. we're warming up to the 80s inland, near 80 at the bay. a cooldown to talk about in a few minutes. happening this morning, aids walk live at home. even though the event is virtual this year, walk organizers say they had no problem getting the stars to step up and participate. and that includes our own dan ashley who is live now at golden gate park with a preview of what we can expect. >> reporter: hey, liz, good normally, let me give you my weather report, it's a 55-degree balan balmy sunday. normally i would be here in golden gate park for aids walk san francisco with 20,000 of my closest friends. in year, because of the pandemic, of course we can't have our normal aids walk.
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that is not changing anything in terms of the spirit and the money being raised and all the good being done because of aids walk san now in 34th year in san francisco. i've been proud to be part of this event for the last 26 years. this year, of course, because of the pandemic, it's a virtual aids walk. and we have just a handful of people. we're associatinsocial distancie our pacifmasks. everything is safe and everything is exciting too. my dear friend, founder of aids walk, craig miller is here, who brought this to san francisco 34 years ago. craig, different this year, we've never had an aids walk like it. >> it's very different this year. i'm proud a few things are the same, dan ashley is with us, abc 7 is with us. it would not be july in san francisco without a gathering in support of coplehe sve as walk san francisco remains key to this community's fight against
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hiv. >> reporter: it sure does. we'll talk about the beneficiaries in a moment, but walk me through how different this aids walk is in terms of planning. obviously we don't have the giant stage, we don't have hundreds of volunteers, we don't have thousands of people here. but the event has taken months to plan, and virtual planning has been huge. we have some terrific stars as we always do. they're just not here in the park this year. walk us through how this year has been different for you from a planning perspective. >> we started off thinking it may be practical and feasible and safe to gather in person, in golden gate park. but as the months wore on, it became evident that that would not be the case. so aids walk san francisco has long been blessed to have the participants of a lot of important leaders and high profile celebrities and entertainers, this year even more, because so many people who would want to be h but c'tnessia
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suay morning, people like bette midler and gloria estefan, are joining us from their homes to help make today a great success. >> reporter: and it's going to be a huge success, aids walk san francisco officially kicks off on abc 7 at 10:00 today, a starred-studded event. i suspect some people, craig, will get out and walk today nonetheless. >> for anyone who has a safe environment and for whom it's safe to walk, people will be taking their own walks today. but you and i and a few other top aids walk san francisco participants are here in the park to symbolically represent the tens of thousands of people that would normaly be here. but we are so blessed that even in these difficult times, so many people have taken it upon themselves to register for this event at and to look forward to viewing it and participating and perhaps donating online during the live telecast coming up on abc7.
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>> and one of the things that i am so proud of as abc 7 has participated, as the media sponsor of this event, is every year when i get up onstage and i look out at 20,000 people and you feel this incredible sense of commitment and love to this cause, this community, and the people who need the support of aids walk san francisco, 20 beneficiaries or so every year, i'm so proud of what this city does. and that isn't changing just because we can't look out and see the 20,000 people. they're still there, they'll just be with us online this year. >> that is exactly right, dan. just as you are still with us, both physically in the park and as an active participant and fundraiser, so are thousands of others. so it's a virtual gathering this year. but the spirit remains the same. the commitment remains the same. the entertainment quality probably a little higher than usual, making up for only us being in the park today instead
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of everyone. >> reporter: craig, before we go, prc as a primary beneficiary. talk a little bit about prc and the other beneficiaries and why it's so important. >> prc, poh, aidsh, aidsh, in all eight bay area counties, their work remains vital. and those that are at high risk for hiv are also at high risk for covid. those that are facing homelessness face an acute challenge from these dual public health emergencies. and once again, the people of the bay area are rallying together in a different format but for the same purpose, uplifting those who need our help. >> reporter: craig, thank you very much. craig miller, founder of aids walk san francisco. he started this in this city 34 years ago and we've raised over those years tens of millions of dollars to support hiv and aids organizations throughout the bay area. that will happen again this
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year. just virtually. here is our virtual starting line. if you're watching at home at 10:00, you're getting ready to walk as you watch the virtual presentation. gloria estefan, so many celebrities. it's going to be a great way, certainly our most unique aids walk ever but it may be one of the best we've ever had and we want you to be a part of it. abc 7 is proud to be an immediate i don't responsibmedi sponsor once again. >> thanks, dan, we'll all be with you together in spirit virtually. >> reporter: thank you. >> catch aids walk live at home at 10:00, a star-studded event featuring bette midler, gloria estefan, alan cumming and more. proceeds vet prc and 20 other bay area hiv/aids service organizations. we hope you'll join for that. we'll check in with dan later in the show.
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the latest coronavirus headlines this morning, more than 9,000 new cases were reported in california yesterday and officials say the positivity rate is trending upwards over a 14-day average as a key indicator of community spread. in the bay area there are at least 39,000 cases and 691 deaths. that count does not include san quentin prison which has 967 active cases. the only bay area county not on the state's watch list is san mateo. san francisco's malls and nonessential offices must be shut down by tomorrow. now, let's get to those testing frustrations. a bay area man is flying out to idaho this morning where his wife says he can get tested for covid-19 quicker and get his results back faster. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez spoke with the couple. >> this is too much. i'm flying you out here tomorrow. you're going to take the test and you can fly home the same day. >> reporter: tiffany valentine lives outside boise, idaho. she booked her husband, who
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lives in richmond, a flight to idaho for sunday morning so he can get a test for covid-19. >> it's easier to take a test, you just drive through, and you get the results in a couple of days. >> reporter: devlin has tested once in the bay area. he said it took him ten days to book his appointment in san rafael through marin county and eight days for his results to come in. now the couple says they can't even access those results online. >> i put his last name and birth date, it came up, we can't even find you. >> reporter: in idaho there's pop-up testing tents every few miles. she's taken the test three times so far. >> it's been two, three days from my experience to get the results back. in california, it's just -- it's not that way. >> reporter: we asked the couple, could brian be exposing e the virus?li >> working for the airlines, that's one of the questions, have you had a fever, have you been exposed to anyone with covid-19 in the past week.
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those kind of things. his answers would be no, just like everybody else. >> i feel like i'm taking a risk, definitely. but we're taking a risk every day that we can't get an appointment, whether we can get a test, we can't get results. >> reporter: the couple admit they are taking dramatic measures to get brian tested but they need to know. >> i just want the results. i just want to know whether, you know, i'm positive or negative. >> reporter: dr. matthew willis, public health officer for marin county health and human services, released this statement about getting test results back. quote, we have no control over that process, it has to do with private labs and their ability to obtain the reagents in order to process the samples. i agree it's incredibly frustrating for us as well. in the newsroom, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> lauren, thank you. three new pop-up covid-19 testing sites are opening in the south bay. santa clara county public health department says the goal is to increase the overall number of
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tests especially in communities hit hardest and say testing is encouraged for asymptomatic residents who are essential workers, meaning they are higher risk. the three sites are the county of santa clara service center auditorium, san jose high school, and the south county annex will open back up again in gilroy. all three are open tuesday through friday. as part of our coronavirus coverage, we are focused on businesses and how they're surviving during this pandemic. after a push from a lot of salon owners, the state will allow some services to be performed outdoors. the california business consumer services and housing agency tweeted that it will soon release updated information on how salons can safely offer some personal care services outside. a couple of days ago salon officers and state assemblyman jim paterson asked the governor to temporarily waive a state law that prevented outdoor services. we've put together research and compiled a calculator that shows how risky certain scenarios are with the coronavirus, whether it's going to school, to an outdoor restaurant or a play date,
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you'll find it all on lisa, all right, how is it looking out there? still a little gray and cloudy? >> it is, but on top of mt. tam we've got warmer air above the inversion so it's 77. yesterday was 86 on top. if you're hiking or biking, you know what i'm talking about, cooler down below and that's what we had this morning. 50s and 60s. but it's going to be comfortable out there today. the week ahead looks even cooler. stay tuned, my accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, the head of sfmta cracking down on skateboarding. and a thief steals a woman's car from a san francisco garage, with a wedding dress inside.
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welcome back. we remember congressman john lewis and his gift to galvanase people to action. those in the bay area say his legacy on civil rights will
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endure. >> reporter: there have been teachers who say no, you can't take an eye for an eye, if you do we'll all be blind. >> reporter: joe steinberg reads from a book by john lewis. >> he was the soul of america. >> reporter: steinberg is founder of bay area bay project. john lewis has shared his story of struggle with almost 100 sojourn groups, leading some across the edmond pettus bridge where lewis and others were beaten by police. >> who is more courageous than john lewis? he was arrested over 40 times, beaten many times, yet always nonviolent. >> i feel like i have an obligation to do what i can, to tell the story, because i was a
9:17 am
witness. >> reporter: in 2015, the georgia congressman spoke with abc 7 news about his front row seat at the 1960s civil rights movement. >> you would be sitting there in an orderly, peaceful, nonviolent fashion and someone would come up and spit on us, put a lighted cigarette out in our hair or down or backs. that happened. >> reporter: east bay congresswoman barbara lee says lewis was a close friend who was inspired by the black lives matter movement. he even posed for this selfie in washington, d.c. >> this was a movement of young people and john lewis saw our young people as a continuation in 2020 of that movement. >> reporter: mayor london breed calling congressman lewis a true hero. she ordered flags at city hall lowered to half-staff. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. two people including a child were rushed to the hospital after a fire at a duplex in daly
9:18 am
city. as abc 7 news reporter luz pena reports, firefighters say this case is a good reminder of the importance of good smoke detectors. >> reporter: facing a wall of smoke, firefighters forced their way into the first floor of this dupl duplex. >> we were called to a report of smoke in the building. the first company found the building charged with smoke. and the forced entry. >> reporter: inside the daly city home, firefighters found an unconscious adult and a child inside a bedroom. >> there were two victims found inside the house, and both were transported to the local hospital in critical condition. >> reporter: according to neighbors, it was a father and his child. this man lives two doors down. >> we were shocked, because we see those kids riding their bikes, sometimes out here. >> reporter: cflesrurothsml kitchen. >> it appears smoke detectors may have played a role, delayed
9:19 am
dectn.>>epter: fir urs prennge for while the smoke and signs woke up many in this neighborhood. >> it's devastating. it's really devastating, it's sad. and especially for -- to think that the alarms weren't working. >> reporter: this fire remains under investigation and firefighters emphasized the importance of having working smoke detectors. in daly city, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> and the city of san francisco has installed speed bumps near dolores park apparently to slow down skateboarders at 20th and delores streets. the head of the municipal transportation agency tweeted that he hates doing this but two people have suffered life-threatening injuries durin unsanctioned events that draw crowds to see skateboarders go as fast as they can downhills.
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a 12-year-old boy was airlifted to an east bay hospital after he was impaled while climbing over a fence to get to a swimming pool. the contra costa county fire departments emts and police rescued the boy. some counties are still closed because of the coronavirus and this isn't the first time the school has dealt with this. >> according to the staff at the school, they've been having some issues with some kids that are climbing over the fence and getting into the swimming pool and swimming during these times. >> pools are allowed to reopen in the county but some public ones remain closed. okay. a new bride who already had to postpone and downsize her wedding because of the pandemic needs your help. her dream wedding dress was stolen in san francisco. erin constable got married a few weeks ago, there she is, beautiful in that wedding dress. she gave her sister katie the dress to be cleaned this past monday. katie left the dress in her car in the garage of her marina
9:21 am
hme. when she woke up on wednesday she was shocked to learn the garage had been broken into and her car stolen with her sister's dream dress inside. >> i doubled over, i was already in tears from the whole experience. and i just started sobbing, to be honest. >> i was more sad that she was more heartbroken about it. >> the car eventually was recovered by police. the dress was nowhere to be announced the sisters are hoping if anyone finds the one-shoulder gown to please call sfpd. liz, good morning you to. we've had a lot of low clouds and fog but 'tis the season, right? the middle of summer. as we look at our visible imagery loop, you can see it was robust early this mrning with the fog extending locally inland. so that certainly is an indicator, and that south wind up to 30 miles an hour by the delta that the cooler air, somewhat cooler, will erode some of your 90s today. those were the highsrd at the concord and livermore airport coming down a few
9:22 am
degrees today. but in the week ahead, you can see the low cloud deck from northern california all the way to southern california and it's just going to get deeper as this system moves overhead. so seems like it's been the summer of troughs. and yeah, it has been relatively comfortable. haven't seen a lot of heat as of late. but we'll certainly hope for that as we go into the future, as things continue to get drier and drier out there. exploratorium camera 57 downtown, 65 in mountain view with 64 in san jose. a little hazy in spots. 56 pacifica. at the airport you can see the cloud cover, sea breeze on tap for today. allowing for temperatures to stay from the low 70s san mateo to near 80 as you head down the peninsula. in concord. 63 in novato. 63 in truckee. 70 at the tahoe valley airport. mid-80s today, you saw some thunderstorms yesterday south of highway 50, day again a good bet.
9:23 am
low clouds eroding to the coast throughout the day and looking at warm temperatures inland, hazy stun for you. cooler weather pattern on tap for next week. right now, 64 in san jose and average highs in and around a couple of degrees where we should be, oakland we're up two degrees, san jose up three degrees from livermore in that average. not a whole lot of change. you can see the low cloud deck today pulling back to the coast. we'll see patchy clouds here, partly sunny. and then look how far inland it gets tomorrow morning. once again, could even see it towards the sacramento , some mis and drizzle, then it pulls back again. we'll look for a seasonal pattern, then temperatures dropping below average for our inland valleys as we get into tuesday and wednesday. still a few more 90s on the map today with livermore in the low 90s, concord 90, 81 in vallejo,
9:24 am
75 san mateo, 84 in san jose. that icy rock, have you seen it yet in the sky? just above the horizon tonight. and if you get away from the buildings and the trees, you should be able to see it with the naked eye but binoculars will be a good bet. maybe try the long exposure with your camera, if you're going to check it out. can't wait to do that myself, got to get above that marine layer, though. the accuweather seven-day forecast, some fog eroding to the coast. today should be the warmest day. we're cooler through the beginning of the week, warmer to the end of the week. ahead, how aorth it is morning want coffee. but we also know that, when it comes to money you want to... not spend any. that's why 7-eleven has 7 cups free with 7rewards. you get the drip coffee you want. for the no money you want. coffee. no money. 7 times.
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beloved cobbler forced to close up shop. his store has been serving customers since 1950 and is the only shoe repair job in mill valley. a customer set up a gofundme for him. this morning they've raised nearly eight times their goal. well-deserved, very cool. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," we'll check back in with dan ashley live at golden gate park as we count down to the start of this year's virtual aids walk san francisco. also coronavirus deaths rising in more than two dozen states, many experiencing desperate stress on their
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good morning, everyone. we're going to start this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> hey, liz, good morning to you. we are looking at some clouds around, certainly. and in fact from our exploratorium camera, you can see them here. temperatures are cool in the city. how about 57, 63 in oakland.
9:30 am
we've got mid-60s on the peninsula. and as we look at our roof camera, we'll get some sun here. it's going to be breezy, highs . right now we're in the mid-60s from fairfield to concord, and sunny skies in livermore. so the fog retreats to the coast and we'll see temperatures climb through the 80s today, but upper 80s should do it. maybe a few 90s. the fog is not going to be far off. it's going to be come back tonight. if you want to view the comet, you have to get above the marine layer or go out in the inland valleys where it's clear, away from the buildings. we'll talk about how that fog influences our temperatures for the week ahead in a few minutes, liz. >> all right, lisa, thank you. happening soon, the aids walk live at home. our own dan ashley is live at golden gate park this morning getting ready for the big virtual event this year, dan. >> reporter: yeah, hi, liz, it' goenatpark20 peop.ashit's aids walk san francisco live at
9:31 am
home. so it's a different year in our 34th year of aids walk. but it's the same in terms of the enthusiasm, the energy, and what we're going to do which is raise a lot of money for aids walk and hiv programs throughout the city. i'm joined by craig miller who started all of this 34 years ago in san francisco, craig, it's different but we're excited about it. >> good morning, dan, it is different, but the part that remains the same is the commitment to support prc and all the organizations that benefit from this year's aids walk san francisco. the response has been tremendous. we're here to represent the tens of thousands that would normally be standing here but are safe at home, ready to watch aids walk live at home on abc 7 news coming up at 10:00. >> reporter: craig, thanks very much. it is a star-studded event. we always have great entertainment but this year because it's live at home we've got bette midler, gloria estefan and so many others coming up at 10:00 on aids walk san francisc
9:32 am
ve res cente i s francisco, the primary beneficiary of aids walk this year. and a very dear friend of mine, brett andrews who i've known for many years, is the executive director of prc. brett, it's exciting. tell us a little bit about what prc does. >> sure. you know, prc, like many aids service organizations, came in response to hiv. and over the years we've grown our palms. we do legal advocacy, employment services, emergency financial assistance. and most recently we've expanded into behavioral health. so we do residential treatment care, mental health treatment care around the city. >> reporter: the work you're doing, it's really one of those rubber meets the road are struggng with aids,hi and ancillary issues that come as a result that have. it's not just battling the disease, there's a whole set of circumstances that people have to face as a result.
9:33 am
so what you're able to do really is make a huge difference and the money generated today really helps you. >> that's right. what i think about, particularly today, in all of the issues that we're dealing with in society, there's such an intersectionality. when we're raising money for aids walk and we're raising money for prc, we're also raising money for transphobia and homophobia and poverty and homelessness. the intersectionality is really the ways in which we can address the whole individual. so we're really excited about what we're doing here today. >> reporter: and brett, this is my aids walk san francisco, 34 years it's been in existence, and abc 7 news has been such a proud sponsor from the beginning. we have seen some enormous positive change in terms of the fight against this pandemic over the years. and there can be a problem of becoming complacent because we've made so much progress but
9:34 am
we can't really afford that, can question? >> that'n't. well or medical advancements we've had and certainly with prep as a prevention strategy. but it's still an epidemic, it's still a pandemic. when we think of communities of color and our homeless population, we have to make sure we're addressing their needs as we are the general population. we're thrilled we've had under 200 new infections in san francisco but we also know there's so much more work to be done particularly in our cultural communities. >> reporter: what a wonderful chtis, though, 200 infections is still 200 too many but what a sea change from just a few years ago when this was just ravaging our community. prc is the prima but there are so many other beneficiaries. talk about the work that's being done around aids and hiv in this community through this aids walk event. >> sure. i'm pleased that we are the primary beneficiary this year
9:35 am
but so many extraordinary programs that we partner with throughout the city, project open hand providing food and nutritious meals to seniors and people with disabilities, aids legal referral panel who is just extraordinary work around eviction prevention and eviction defense. i'm thinking of aids memorial grove where we come and honor and recognize the past and reflect on what we've been through and also use it as a source of strength and encouragement to go forward with the work that we need to do. just to name a few. >> reporter: brett, thank you very much, congratulations on all the amazing work that you and prc is doing. and i know -- >> thank you, dan, for your work for so many years, and abc 7 news, you're a true community partner and we appreciate it. >> reporter: you're a dear friend, brett, thank you very much. the challenge for all of us,
9:36 am
great friends, we can't shake each other's hands, we can't hug each other. just because it's different this year doesn't mean it's any less special, meaningful, and impactful. that's what it's going to be, liz. aids walk live at home starts at 10:00 right here on abc. please get involved if you can, make a donation. help support all of these great organizations like prc that been from aids walk san francisco. it's a little, you know, not crowded out here, as it usually is, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless and we're going to make a huge difference this ne this pandemic, we really can come together virtually in ways we never thought we could, so we'll definitely be with you at 10:00. thank you. catch aids walk live at home at 10:00 a.m., a star-studded event featuring bette midler, gloria estefan, alan cumming, and so much more. visit to donate.
9:37 am
proceeds benefit prc and 20 other bay area hiv/aids service organizations. we hope you join for that in about 25 minutes. coronavirus deaths stand at 140,000 this morning with numbers rising in two dozen states. many states are experiencing desperate stress on their medical systems. abc news reporter trevor ault has the latest. >> reporter: covid-19 continues to shatter records for hospitalizations and deaths and straining the health care system to its limits. >> in my years as a physician i've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: medical director ivan melendez says patients in texas are waiting for ten hours for examinations because resources are so thin. he says in the first three months hidalgo county had 12 deaths. one day this week they had 22 before noon. >> it's very difficult when you
9:38 am
are putting your mom's best friend in a body bag. it's very difficult when you're putting your sixth grade schoolteacher on a mechanical support. >> reporter: in el paso, mobile morgues have already moved in in anticipation of an overflow of death. health officials continue to stress the virus is impacting americans of all ages, as law enforcement is breaking up so-called covid-19 parties in florida. dr. anthony fauci says young people are driving this surge. >> the younger individuals are saying, if i get infected, so the chance is i won't even have any symptoms, so who cares? you were propagating a pandemic. because it doesn't end with you. >> reporter: and beyond young adults, an alarming number of children are getting infected. in a single texas county, 85 babies age 1 or younger have tested positive since mid-march. >> we have more of the family units where these infants are catching it from family members. >> reporter: anna says her
9:39 am
9-month-old son samuel is immunocompromis immunocompromised. he's now fighting the virus too. >> it's not fair for people like me and my son to suffer the consequences because you don't want to wear a mask. >> reporter: in new hampshire, this 20-year-old was pregnant and in the hospital fighting the virus, about to be put in a medically induced coma. >> if i had to choose between me and my daughter's life, who would i choose? that's when -- i don't even know, i started to cry. >> reporter: she chose her daughter and was intubated, eventually giving birth in a coma and waking up three weeks later to meet her baby girl victoria. >> she's still a little sick but she's like me, she's a fighter. >> reporter: officials worrisome people aren't taking the virus or the restrictions seriously. some cities are ramping up enforcement. in parts of los angeles, if
9:40 am
caught not wearing a mask, you could have to pay $300. trevor ault, abc news, new york. still ahead, having to wear a mask for long periods of time can give you skin problems, you probably noticed. we ask a dermatologist what we can all do about it. a live look from our san rafael camera, nice clear morning. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week.
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part of our effort to build a better bay area focus on race. sn vallejo were urged trt the c the same time. local vendors and business owners set up in front of city hall, many selling black lives matter shirts and calling for defunding police. lisa, i'm looking at a live picture, seeing some fog out there still. >> i know, it's been everywhere, hasn't it?
9:43 am
it does clear, and here get to partly cloudy conditions. right now, 57. a lot of clouds over the city. it will be a cool day. it will be a cool day. elsewhere, a typical summer ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more. wherever you go, summer safely. get zero percent apr financing for up to five years on select models and exclusive lease offers.
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welcome back. you can see our live picture here looking out over the bay bridge. calm waters this morning, still a little gray and cloudy. it should be clearing out. we'll talk to lisa about when that might happen later today. let's talk sports. baseball is almost here and tomorrow night the giants and a's will square off in the first tomorrow is at the oakland coliseum. they meet again tuesday night at oracle park.bc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with this morning's sports. another sign that baseball another sign that baseball is naerg nearing
9:46 am
the a's naming their opening day starter bob melvin tapping franky montas to take the ball friday night. melvin announced his first five starters, montas, fires, basset and puck will round out the rotation. montas will be against andrew hainey. angels on opening day. he went 9-2 striking out for oakland last year. he could sense this was coming. >> he can count so i think he knew that he was going to start anyway, but confirming it yesterday and you know, it's always a source of pride to be able to start the first game. there are a lot of things going on this year that are a little bit different, being able to pitch opening da day regardless of the circumstance and you got a big smile on his face and he's ready to go. he's excited about it. >> gabe capler named johnny cuedo against the dodgers on thursday. l.a. countering with clayton kershaw. san francisc their rival who won the division
9:47 am
seventh straight seasons. with now just a few days left in camp, i asked gabe capler when the team turns their attention to the blue crew. >> there is a point a long time ago that we turned our attention towards the dodgers. i toy that would be in spring training and since then we had a lot of conversations about their glove and we've been thinking about them for quite some time and i'm sure they've been doing their homework on the other clubs around the league. that's an ongoing process. did you see this? yankees and mets playing exhibition baseball and a sign of what we could see this season. the yankees' clint frazier hitting a home run with a mask on, yankees won the game. the bay bridge series exhibition style starts monday and tuesday. blue n py though this season.o government deeming it unsafe for teba d tviru
9:48 am
alternate sites like their spring training home in florida or buffalo, that's the site of their aaa team. nfl network reports training camp is officially on as scheduled. rookies from the chiefs and texans with report as early as monday. although the teams expected to fully begin camp july 28th the niners opened the regular season at home against arizona september 13th. third round of the memorial tournament in ohio, tony finau tied for second with ryan palmer 8 under par. finau with the putt of the day, a 50-footer on 10 for birdie, but he is 4 back of leader jon rahm who had four straight birdies on the back nine. rahm is the leader at 12 under par. that is your look at sports. let's send it back to you. all right, lisa, let's get another check of the weather. it is going to clear out a little bit today. >> yeah, it's been pretty nice if you are away from the coast, because you know the drill, it's cool and it's windy there. and whether it clears or not is
9:49 am
kind of iffy. partly sunny, otherwise nice in our inland valleys around the bay. it's been pleasant, hasn't been super hot. it was warmer yesterday for sure. and that sun is warm, as we look at our south beach camera, a lot of gray sky. to show you how comfortable or not too hot it's going to be, we're taking a look at fairfield. today one of the warmer locations at 91. then we cool off into the mid-80s. that's really pleasant all week long. you get a nice delta breeze, about 20, 25 miles an hour. the end of the week, maybe a little warmer. looks like at this point friday could be your warmest day. 58 right now in santa cruz. winds light today, temperatures low 70s with sunny skies, a cool beach day. at least we'll get some sun here. as we look at the rest of the bay area, and the country, you'll notice the low clouds and fog bafrpnked up along the west
9:50 am
coast. the trough will allow for the marine layer to grow caller. it was 2,000 feet this morning, getting into some drizzle. it will retreat, we're getting some holes at sfo. comfortable numbers from you, 57 in the city. 63 in oakland. 66 in mountain view. 65 san jose. a little hazy here. mid-50s on the coast, scattering out nicely here in san rafael. another enjoyable day here with 70s, 80s. the further north you go, 58 right now in santa rosa, 65 by the delta, mid-60s inland, east bay. nice afternoon on the way for you. mt. tam, a little bit of fog in the distance, not a whole lot. it will be back tonight. if you're going to check out that comet, maybe head to the top of mt. tam. looking at a warm day today, not as warm as yesterday. maybe two or four degrees cooler. looking at some hazy conditions due to those southwesterly winds transporting some of that haze and smoke into our east bay and
9:51 am
south bay. and here you can see it on our smoke imagery where the fire is to the south. and with those winds to the south and west, the smoke moves to the north and east. so you're seeing a little bit into the east bay. and at times, some int tig and in santa clara. 81 in sunnyvale. 75, san mateo. look for upper 70s in mountain view. clouds cling to go the peninsula here. numbers in the low 60s. 84, santa rosa. with numbers in the upper 70s in san rafael. 72 oakland, near average. you head out towards union city and fremont, should be about 79. inland, a few upper 80s to low 90s for you.ternoo us all back into the mid- and upper 50s. tonight, the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little cooler for your monday. and the cooling trend continues
9:52 am
throughout the middle of the week. by friday, we should warm up a little, liz. >> lisa, thank you. you've heard the term now, mask acne, one of the terms we're getting used to. with us wearing masks as much as possible, we need some ways to keep our skin clear, especially where we wear the mask. eo eang ws reporters dermatogt. >> reporte i'm all about wearing my mask every day but i've been dealing with breakouts in this specific area and i've heard people complain about the same problem. i came to an expert to work on some solutions. >> you're really breaking out. >> reporter: dr. kathy fields is a san francisco dermatologist and one of the acne experts behind the proactive skincare line. >> because you're wearing a mask, you're confident from here up, but under here, we're making a breeding ground for more acne. >> reporter: mask-ne is popping up as painful pimples for maskok
9:53 am
wearers everywhere. shelby brown is a registered nurse. >> especially times when we have to wear an n-95 and a surgical mask over it, it's almost like a petri dish on your face. >> you have a metal clip, a tight fit, and now you have humidity, sweat, change in the microbiome, and the bacteria goes crazy. >> reporter: but masks must be worn. so how do we treat the acne? >> start with the over the counter with a cleanser in the morning and at night. not just the spot but the full zone. the secret, stay on it to stay clear. if you stop using it, the bumps come back. >> reporter: as for prevention? >> no makeup. makeup makes it worse. cotton is the most breathable. >> reporter: she says to avoid
9:54 am
retinoids which can cause furher irritation. kate larsen, abc 7 news. one of the sweetest days of summer, national ice cream day, coming up.
9:55 am
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when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. perfect for summer, it's national ice cream day. in 1984 president ronald reagan proclaimed july national ice cream month. there are all kinds of deals today at baskin-robbins, coldstone creamery, and dairy queen. for a full list of deals, we have a full list on our website, i learned this morning, lisa, you are a fan of chocolate peanut butter which sounds delicious. i think in lots of the bay area, it would be pretty nice day because it's going to be warm. >> love the chunks in there for sure. good morning, everyone. a hazy look at san jose, where we're in the mid-60s. today you'll be going for a high in the mid-80s.
9:57 am
so everyone a couple of degrees within range of where you should be this time of year. overall we're looking at a little sun at the coast. it's going to be cool with the sea breeze, in the 60s. then that fog is coming back in full force tonight. but as for the rest of the day, it's comfortable. mid-70s around the bay, to about 90 inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the cooling trend gets going. today it continues through the middle and end of the week, liz. >> all right, lisa, thank you. >> thanks for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen, and coming up at 10:00, dan ashley at the aids walk. have a great one.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
♪ and good morning, everyone, thried to be here and thrilled to have you joining us. on a normal aids walk i would be out here with 20,000 of my closest friends as we celebrate this great day to raise money for so many causes that make a huge difference in this community for hiv and aids. this year it's aids walk live at


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