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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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moment by moment. the coronavirus pandemic is upending some bay area real estate trends. stephanie sierra is live to break down what we know about all of this empty space that suddenly sprang up. >> before the pandemic, san francisco had the highest building occupancy rate in the country. now most of the city's sky scrapers sit empty. the question is, how long will it stay that way? >> reporter: it's an eerie feeling standing at the corner of folsom and beal, an empty office building that sits across from an empty row of condos. it mak you wonder, is allhi emptiness driving prices down everywhere? that was not the case for jason and stephanie hicks. >> severely overasking. probably $400 over asking. >> reporter: in the midst of the pandemic, embracing permanent work from home schedules, the two are leaving, hoping for a better value in alameda.
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>> we fell in love with this house. it was a. but house in downal need. a we learned that 85 folks were very interested in the same property which was kind of scary. >> reporter: 85 offers. >> yeah. it was crazy. >> reporter: in this case, a seller's market in alameda. but real estate agents kneel and aaron, brothers, say in san francisco -- >> properties have taken a little bit of a hit but there are pockets. there are certain areas to where they're stronger than others. >> reporter: one pocket hit the hardest, south beach. 147 luxury condos are on the market. according to an abc7 analysis of real estate data. >> comparing it to the last five years, it is unheard of. >> reporter: in the last two days, 25 people posted on the south beach next door feed. they are moving out of their san francisco condos, citing everything from work from home, high costs, to there's nothing to do. >> it was all about supply and demand. >> reporter: there's plenty of
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supply. of the more than 13 huh active listings in san francisco, nearly one-third are in those areas. with inventory high, prices are taking a slight dip. before covid, the average listing price for a two bedroom condo in south beach was around $1.95 million. now average price has dimmed down to $1.92 million. for one bedroom, that average price is only down 15,000. >> we will continue to see a bigger vacancy rate. people don't need to live in city. >> reporter: no need to live or work in the city as some companies are gone for good. we know that from san francisco's building vacancy rate. abc7's data analysis shows at the end of last year, it was 5.4%. now it's close to 10%. comparable to what other major cities are seeing, like seattle and boston. >> yeah. it seems probably much worse than it actually is. >> reporter: if you ask rob, a senior refer with commercial
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real estate group cushman and wakefield, most are still keeping their leases. >> most of the buildings have leases in place long term leases in place, from very well funded companies for the most part. so you know, that's the good side of it. >> reporter: the tough side. not all the 7500 companies leasing building space in the city and county are well funded. the real question is, how much longer will those tenants last? >> that's the tough question. without a vaccine, without other things in place, we just don't know. >> reporter: assuming there is progress with the covid vaccine, he anticipates companies both big and small could start allowing 25% of employees back in the office by the fall. but it will be gradual and of course, it will depend on the current state of the pandemic. stephanie sierra. abc7 news. >> and it changes every day. give as you sense of the other
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areas of the market are softening a bit. >> for home buyers looking for a deal, the only real price reduction, and it is slight, is in condos for sale as we pointed out. whereas single family homes are still holding their value. prices haven't gone down from the last quarter. >> okay. thanks. about a third of people in california are currently struggling to pay their rental or mortgage. that's the top line on the graph. the middle line represents the national numbers. slightly lower, and the bottom line is the bay area where 19% of people are struggling to make house payments. join michael finney tomorrow at 5:15 for housing help, renters and owners. we'll have a cushonversation wi tenants and landlords. you can watch on the abc7 website, facebook page and youtube channel as well. the housing shift is having
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a rippling effect. the daycare has goe from a two-year waiting list to openings. for all those who moved away, there may soon be another family waiting to take their spot. the chatham school is used to having a full house. so full the family-owned daycare central in the oakland hills had a two-year waiting list for infant care. that was before covid-19. now there is no list. >> colorado and texas and oregon -- >> reporter: the owner said nine of her former clients, families with young children, have moved away in reason weeks. mostly out of state which is back home for many. >> a lot of parents may not have a full-time job anymore or they're needing the search for a job. by moving home to their home town, they have their family, relatives being able to help. >> reporter: like most daycare
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centers, chatham closed for two months when the pandemic first hit. it reopened with a small number of students, mostly those with essential workers. the numbers are slowly rising. >> there is a pod right here that plays all way to that plan. >> reporter: there are many new safety protocols and much of the care is moved outside in pods. >> everything is being sanitized daily. the kids are social distancing. we have a lot of procedures in place to make sure that happens. to make the parents feel safe, that they can come back. >> reporter: the loss of families who moved away from this daycare central may actually only be temporary. because according to local realtors, there are many families moving into oaklandful specially from san francisco. at the chatham school, they say they're ready to welcome those new families safely. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> so cute. well, new numbers remind us that
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we have a very long way to go. the state saw a record high number of people die of coronavirus in 24 hours. 197. to put that in perspective, as someone lost their life roughly every seven minutes in that 24-hour period. it brings the average death toll a new record of 109 per day. the state's number of new cases is below average. hospitalizations is hovering right around the average. it seems to have mat overed recently. and the test positivity rate appears to be drog. the seven day average is lower than the 14-day average and both remind under the target of 8%. the seven day average of new cases has been on the decline lately. today san mateo county became the last in the cabrera to be added to the state's watch list for increased coronavirus activity. it joins san francisco and santa cruz as the haste additilatest .
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if it remains on the list for three consecutive days, many places will have to close. >> i honor that they're doing what they need to do to keep people safe. does it suck? is it hard for all the business owners? yeah. it is. it is really emotional of it is scary. >> last week the county public health officer issued a warning saying social gatherings were partly to blame. alameda county has more cases than any other bay area county. it is the only one to receive 10,000 local a hot spot. today on midday live, we asked mayor libby schaaf directly about the situation there. >> people, your picnic can wait. if you really love your family and friends, respect social distancing. wear a mask. and call them on the phone or
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zoom with them. we have got to to that the spread of this virus. >> the mayor said the city is cracking down on vendors and parking around lakes to decrease crowds. we're tracking every county in california to see where it has made the state's watch list and how long it's been there. you can check out this inactive map on nflt changing consumer habits and impacting the changing workplace. it is part of the building a better bay area focus. a growing demand for home delivery of grossries has a mall bay area company expanding rapidly. david louie explains, it is couldn't vinced home delivery will have shoppers hooked for a life time. >> reporter: it is giving confidence to farm stead, a bay area operation that is almost done building a new warehouse
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>> our warehouses are a lot less expensive to open. moreover, they can support thousands and thousands of deliveries. >> reporter: home delivery of groceries grew nationally by 25% in one month as covid-19 spread with shoppers spending $6 billion in may. insta-cart is the leader. safeaway, amazon and whole foods markets are also aggressively expanding hole delivery. but farm stead is free and it claims the chiss are competitive by using software to stock inventory and not stocking 20 varieties of potato chips. >> we can see exactly how much to stock. >> reporter: consumers are hooked on online shopping but grocery delivery has captured only 5% of the market due to limited delivery spots and fees. however, in-store shopping can be time consuming with cues to go in to allow for social distancing. >> that's a will the to ask for. that one hour might be a lot
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better spent. the market has expanded greatly. >> reporter: industry statistics grocery delivery orders are afrlging $90 versus $50 for in-store shopping. the key will be if it keeps growing after the pandemic. farm stead is expanding delivery areas and says it will build more warehouses. it is being helped that laid off restaurant workers are available to assemble and deliver orders. >> farm stead will not be happy until 50% are using i. >> how long will that take? >> four and a half years. >> we'll check back to see if he's rye. >> from grocery delivery to restaurant delivery. there's usually a lot of plastic involved. how to do no trash takeout.
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>> reporter: this is eric thomas in berkeley. a two-day project. testing for covid-19 that doesn't require a nasal swab. >> reporter: in santa rosa, today the city dismantled and moved a homeless encampment 100 feet. was it enough in that's coming up. i'm - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly;
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san francisco fire crews remain on the scene of tuesday's massive fire. the blaze destroyed two buildings and caused heavy damageoothers. one firefighter was injured. he's now at home resting. three residents were displaced. >> since 2009, pretty much, we lost everything right now. it is all flooded and full of water. we can't get in. they dome let us back in. >> firefighters have notat but in a homeless encampment is part
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of the investigation. in santa rosa, the city tore down an area that was not welcome. it was located in fremont park. and in some ways, it still is. wayne friedman explains why. this was one of the worst days in his life. >> either move your stuff or whatever or leave it or whatever. we'll move it for you. but for jessica, it was one of the best. >> a happy day. >> reporter: she owns a restaurant where statues in reason months. it is an area the fire department ordered cleared this morning. >> the encampments were stacked up against each other. they were up against the vegetation that's very susceptible to burning. >> reporter: after declaring it a fire hazard
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being more disrummive than productive. >> they're trying to get o get some stability in their lives and they keep getting chased around from place to place. >> reporter: as it has been in santa rosa and will likely
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continue. musical chairs with people and tents and encampments. abc7 news. nflt getting a coronavirus test recently has proved challenging. another hurdle in efforts to build a better bay area. today and tomorrow berkeley is the site of a covid-19 testing project with a testing that doesn't require a blood draw or an uncomfortable nasal swab. eric thomas put himself through and it found it's pretty simple. >> reporter: leaving next week. >> i've never seen a swab in the mouth so i'll surprised. >> reporter: she had the test where it was pushed into the back of the throat and into the spaces of the nose. this test uses oral fluids and takes very little time. >> probably a minute, minute and a half. >> reporter: i tried it myself to see how it works. first you sign up for an appointment online. then when you're called, do you
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most of the work yourself. >> you cough. >> three to five good coughs is what i'll give. >> place the business end of the swab in this tube. break off the excess and off it goes to the lab with results promised in 24 to 48 hours. the company behind the method says the test is close to 90% accurate. that's comparable to the nasal test. curative and the city of berkeley are partnering to test 300 people today and another 300 tomorrow. it is only by appointment and free to anyone with insurance. abc7 news. cleaning things has been a big focus lately. so much so that disinfecting wipes are hard to find and companies are putting out commercials on their approach to cleanliness. as lauren martinez explains, maybe we should be focusing on other ways to come bat covid-19.
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>> we're taking every precaution to maintain a safe shopping environment. >> reporter: we've seen the ads centered around a commitment to cleanliness. >> auto nation -- >> reporter: it seems to be a lot on sanitation. >> there is a false home. oh, my gosh. we clean every single day. it is not even commercials. if you take a trip to the grocery store, you can find cleaning products. but good luck finding disinfecting wipes. he says contaminated surfaces are not the main way it's contaminated. >> the primary way is not from surfaces. it is from airborne transmission, from droplets, from people who are next to you. not the surfaces. >> reporter: in march, patrick doyle, the owner of strategy a building solutions, appeared on abc7's midday live to show how when you do clean, wipe in one
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direction. >> this is how i clean everything at home. >> you're moving dirt around. dirt, debris, finger prints, smudges, everything like. that so you don't want to do that. >> reporter: the biology professor at san francisco state will leave her mask in the sun for long periods of time and won't bring it in the house. >> i wear a mask and don't bring it home unless i wash it. i just hang it outside under the heat, under the up is for overnight. >> reporter: both agree the focus needs to be on blocking person to person transmission. >> is it really effective wiping everything down? >> yes, and no. it could clean the surfaces clean but no if people themselves are not behaving. >> reporter: ultimately, physically distancing, washing your hands and wearing face masks are behaviors we could be focusing on. abc7 news. temperatures are in the 90s
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families return to the oakland zoo after it closed in mid-march because of covid-19 restrictions. all visitors 3 and above must have wear a mask. it sold out today. it is admitting 3,500 people. you must buy tickets online before you visit. the san francisco zoo reopened to the public two weeks ago. capacity is limited to maintain social distancing. tickets regularly sell out. everyone is looking for a way to get outdoors and do something different, dab. >> absolutely. and what more fun than going to the zoo. sanda is here with the forecast
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as we inch closer to the forecast. >> yeah. it will be beautiful weather to go to the zoo this weekend as well. i want to show you a live look from our mt. tam cam. this is going to stick around. it is the fog. it is shrouding san francisco and it will continue to advance as the night goes on. here's a look at live doppler 7. fog is near the coastline. a look at our exploratorium camera showing you the marine layer. it is 68 in oakland, mid 70s for gilroy, san jose, half moon bay is one of our cooler spots, 57 degrees. and we're looking at a beautiful view of mt. diablo. skies are clear. 76 in santa rosa. upper 80s, fairfield, concord, our hottest spots got into the 90s. and here's a live picture there our san jose camera as we look at the sun shining. low clouds will spread inland. a wide range of temperatures expected tomorrow and then get ready for the summer heat this upcoming weekend.
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7:00 tonight, the low clouds and fog will push over the bay going into tomorrow morning. we wake up to widespread overcast skies. 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. even the mist and drizzle. then morning into the giaccherini, you will notice it pulls back to the coastline and sits there well into the ref of the day temperatures will start in the 50s and 60s. 91 in concore, 92 in an i don't know, a nice day in oakland. 70 in rich monday, 66, san francisco. san rafael, 78. up to 82 in santa rosa. if it is not quite warm enough for you, look at the forecast for friday. we'll bump up the temperatures getting you into the mid 90s inland. saturday you'll notice some of the hot spots, we always have the coast around this time of year to keep us
6:26 pm
comfortable in terms of the temperatures. i know we can't go a long distance. at least we can enjoy the outdoors. hoe to mid 60s coast side. gt ready for the august heat. you will notice it carries over into sunday. and then next week, we'll notice the temperatures beginning to back off. some cooling expected with low 90s inland. about average this time of year. has the typical summer pattern and i feel like we're very fortunate even though it gets sort of repetitive around this time. year. at least we know we can depend on this nice weather throughout the month of july. >> yeah. really can't complain. >> we like this kind of weather. >> well, big tech had its big tobacco moment on capitol hill. the top men of some of silicon
6:27 pm
valley's top companies face ad blistering critique. i'll michael finney. my latest investigation into the edd looks at checks that start
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an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy.
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thousands of californians can tell you, this is long overdue. the government is getting people their unemployment benefits. a new call central system will be put in place. a phone tree will route calls to edd specialists instead of untrained personnel who take calls and offer callbacks who never come. the oldest claims will get priority with the goal of claiming the current backlog and finally a strike force will be set up to find ways to fix all these issues permanently. once and for all.
6:30 pm
it has just 45 days to report back to the governor with a plan. now, 7 on your side's michael finney has been working hard to help people out of work get the benefits that they deserve. >> a lot of people are having a tough time. and michael is hive with some of their stories. michael? >> okay. here's a most reason installment of my investigation. i'll getting a lot of complaints from people. they get under employed. they sign one the e.d. everything is going as it is supposed to. then the checks stop. why? >> this is crazy. why do they just not pay people in the middle of a pandemic when there is nowhere to go to work? >> reporter: she was working two jobs at napa valley restaurants when the pandemic stopped everything. >> both places shut down due to covid. i file my claim. >> reporter: the edd approved
6:31 pm
her and she got checks. then it stopped. >> i have probably called a thousand times and this is not crazy. >> reporter: the same thing happened to valerie decent of livermore. she lost her job. edd started paying her benefits. but suddenly, her payments stopped, too. >> i've tried calling at 7:30. i've had people tell me try 7:55. >> reporter: neither could get answers from the edd. you can call and call. and they have recordings. >> we're receiving more calls than we can answer and we're unable to assist you. >> she had my case up. i was in tears. >> then they give you another set of numbers to call. >> i said can you transfer me to the claims department? >> it still hangs up on me. i was literally in tears begging her. and she said no. >> almost like you dome matter. there is no one to talk to. >> i was transferred tom person. the phone rang for an hour and
6:32 pm
five minutes until my phone stopped ringing. >> reporter: after weeks with no income, worries set in. >> every dime you spent, oh, my gosh. >> it's very scary. with my illness. >> each day i go into debt. >> i'm still under treatment to prevent any kind of cancer coming back. >> why were the benefits cut off? >> for deirdre, it back to 2017. wildfires rimmed through and she was laid off from the restaurants. valerie was laid off from a different job three years ago. edd said they were overpaid back then so edd deducted penalties from benefits this year. here's the twist. under the federal cares act, those penalties are supposed to be forgiven. and edd tried to give them back. personally that was too much for edd's old computer system. it cut off all their payments
6:33 pm
instead. >> my savings is gone. i'm down to nothing. >> it is incredible that you guys are doing this for people. >> both contacted 7 on your side. >> just to be heard or have a response to an email is reassuring. thank you. >> we've contacted edd asking when they can expect to get their checks. we'll let you know when we hear back. we've also asked, how many others are in this exact same situation? they've received a couple checks and nothing more. when we hear from the edd, we'll tell you. there is a lot going on. >> what a mess this has been. thanks for staying on it. we learned faye governor newsom will not suspend the upcoming minimum wage increase. the pandemic and economic conditions do give them ability to put it on hold but he won't do it. the mill wage will increase to
6:34 pm
$13 an hour for 25 or fewer employees and to $14 for businesses with more than 25 employees. on capitol hill, unprecedented testimony by the ceos of apple, amazon, facebook and google. lawmakers hammered them on a litany of complaints including theft and censorship. the business leaders barely got a chance to defend themselves. >> they faced questions about the work they do. law schools challenging their size, power and overall approach to business. >> they enjoy the platform to make winners and losers, to shake down small businesses and enrich themselves while choking off competitors. >> reporter: the chairman of the top anti-trust sub committee led the questioning of the
6:35 pm
anti-competitive behavior. for more than a year his staff has conducted hums of hours of interviews and come piled 1.3 million documents. >> simply put, they have too much power. >> facebook was asked about acquiring instagram as a way of neutralizing a competitive threat. the acquisition has done wildly well. largely because not just the founders' tam but because we invested heavily building the infrastructure. >> google was questioned over predatory practices and how it steers traffic to its own search engine and products. >> when i run the company, i'm really focused on giving users what they want. >> apple was pressed on if it has too much power after app developers. >> we make no concession on the facts. what began as 500 apps is now more than 1.7 million. only 60 of which are apple software. if apple is a gate deeper, what
6:36 pm
we've done is open the gate wider.
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test, test.e1xd test.w3 test. test, test.
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now it ist( reinventing the to your door. the new business requires a lot of experimentation and sódu complicated choreography to figure out how to move food and reusable dishes to anie1 from homes but still keep delivery costs down. >> it is very difficult whenok is tight. to do something sustainable.xd >> this is how it works. customers order from a range that important lar restaurants t,npthe food is delivered twice week. althoughçó it is fully cook, th arrive cold. >> it isq nobody is used to ordering restaurant food cold. once people do it e1once, .0. ts is great. >> you heat and eat the food
6:47 pm
uz ready. then save the dishes. then save the dishes. r) >> then on the next delivery day, you put out the bag full oq dishes for u >> it is añi reusable thermal b, reusable restaurant the containersjf are stainless steel or glass. >> the bags of dirtyq dishes ar van. then takenxdxd to a commercial kitchen where they are washed so they can be used again. >> ifá find this ist( a fit for the piles of plastic >> since theq start of the jf pandemic, the international solid waste foundation estimates single use products havet( increased more than 250%. most cannot be easily . dpah te for more than just a successful business here. they hope the change in work place can lead a movement away from single use containers. >> if they decide to have other
6:48 pm
collaborators as well as companies, the customers are cheering us on. >> isn't that great? there's so much demand for zero week, some of dispax goods restaurants will start offering reusable containers forsá customers who pick up their own food.w3 the company will pick up those containers, dirty dishes at their homes juste1 like they do for deliveries. this pandemic has been so horrible, inçó so manyfá respec it has spaunled afá lotfá of innovation. >> it has. and i love that idea. i hate the thought of containers going to waste. all right. let's turn our attention to the weather and a bit of a heat-up.fá sandhya? >> yeah! we'll bring you some mid 90s as we head into the week. i want to show you live doppler 7. the fog isq hugging parts of thi
6:49 pm
coast. it will advance into the bay. let's take a look at the summer micro climates. 63 in half moone1 bay where youl see some fog linger. downtown san francisco, across the bay in oakland. 73 degrees. it getsq warmer ast( we go to t other side. walnut creek, 89 degrees and of course, removed from the strong seae1ñijf breeze. an i don't kno antioch, warmer. the wider temperatures from the lowfjòn toa;buzwát 90s.q it is going to be ae1 nice day withçó fogxd near the coast. we'll go with the morning gray giving way to sun and a little warmer as we head toward the end of the week into the weekend. we're looking atok mid 90s inla. mid 60s for our mildere1 spots alongñie1 theq coast. andñifáq next week, a lit a litl we've been talking about baseball but there's some football to discuss, too.
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hi, everyone. today we're going into the "jeopardy!" vault to feature another great celebrity episode from the past 36 years. in 2001, "jeopardy!" broadcast from the las vegas hilton. in this episode, jeff probst, charles barkley, and martha stewart are competing. and as you'll see, they have a lot of fun along the way. enjoy. ♪ from las vegas, this is "celebrity jeopardy!" let's meet tonight's celebrity guests. he won two olympic gold medals while playing for america's dream team. here's 11-time nba all-star-- sir charles barkley. she has both a magazine and a television show promoting her living style. welcome... he hosts both "survivor" and "rock & roll jeopardy!"
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here's... and now, from the las vegas hilton, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome, everybody. isn't it amazing how regular straight-laced people come to las vegas and suddenly do wild and crazy things? i'm very excited and delighted to be here in what was the home away from graceland for about seven years for the king, elvis presley. and i'm very happy that charles, martha, and jeff have accepted our invitations to come out here, play "jeopardy!" for half an hour for their favorite charities, so let's get right to it. here comes the "jeopardy!" board for the first round.


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