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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 13, 2020 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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there was a -- an accident. your motorcycle crashed. curtis found you, and he called an ambulance. motorcycle crash... how? you know what? let me just let the doctor examine you first and then -- then we can fill each other in, okay? we don't need to rush. we've got all the time in the world now. i would really like to speak with you alone, if we may. no. if you or if anybody in this room has something they want to say to me before you cast the deciding vote, then you go ahead and say it, because i'm all about transparency. olivia: oh, really? were you transparent when you were secretly buying up 50% of the quartermaine shares? so transparent, i was invisible. lucy, you know what's at stake here. general hospital needs elq's backing to stay solvent. see, for once, i agree with ned.
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you do know what's at stake here. ♪ ♪ i am breaking the tie by voting with... valentin cassadine. ♪ ♪ dad. i already told you you can let go. you know how much i love you. you don't have to stick around if you don't want to. i'm ready... to go... home. home? what do you mean home, dad? baseball.
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music. friends. brooklyn? is that what you're talking about, the old neighborhood? sorry for interrupting. but since i've been taking care of mike, i've gotten a sense for how he communicates. i think mike's saying he wants to go back to where he feels at home. ♪ home. no, she was on a tear. she accused me of betraying her, of siding with carly, and she truly believes that every single person in her life has let her down, every single person has cheated her and double-crossed her. and i finally said, "nelle, if every single person has stabbed her in the back, maybe every single person isn't the problem. maybe the problem is nelle herself." okay, so you were just being honest.
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nelle was being honest, too, because she believes in her heart that i double-crossed her because she was counting on me to be a character witness. she thought that i would go into the courts and tell them that she would be a great mother, that she deserves custody of wiley. but instead, i went in there and i told them that she was blackmailing julian. well, she -- she actually was blackmailing julian. you didn't -- you didn't make that up. i know, jax, but like you said, maybe i should have just stayed out of it. you know, it's obvious that michael and willow, they didn't need my help, but i just made nelle feel more alone and trapped. do not take the blame for nelle's choices, and don't let her manipulate you. and most importantly, don't let her make you doubt yourself. nelle, where's martin? i have tried calling him, but he is not picking up. that's because i fired him. you want to proceed without benefit of counsel? martin wasn't benefiting my case. he was actually sabotaging it.
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you know, i wouldn't be surprised if carly was paying him off. [ scoffs ] which is why i petitioned the judge to close the hearing. sorry, carly, you can't be here. the hell i can't. actually, mrs. jerome is correct. she did petition and the judge agreed, and so the only people who can be here are michael, nelle, their spouses, and counsel. bye. can you appeal this or something? and risk annoying the judge when he is about to make a ruling? you want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? okay, fine. fine, i'll go. willow, michael, you both have more than proved that you are the best parents for wiley. and you know what, nelle, enjoy your last little act of spite, because when this is over, wiley is going to be safe with the people he knows and loves. and the only thing he's gonna know about you is what we tell him. ♪
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ask your dermatologist just between us, cleaning with a mop and bucket is such a hassle. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and it's awesome. it's an all-in-one that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. stop cleaning. start swiffering your overall prognosis is excellent, but you need to rest. i'll check in on you later. thank you, dr. chang. exploratory surgery f-- for -- for what? the doctors, uh, they thought that, um, you might have a traumatic brain injury, so carly gave her consent for the surgery. must've been rough on you.
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i'm sorry for scaring you. no, no. stop that. can you tell me what happened? i just -- you know, i remember.... picking -- picking my bike up from -- from brando's garage and driv-- driving off. and you don't remember the accident? you don't remember where you were going, why the bike crashed? i... i remember -- i remember jordan. she had a meeting with cyrus, and -- and i was just -- i was on my way just in case. you know? w-wait a minute. wait a minute. you -- you're not -- you're not supposed to be here with me. you got to go or you're gonna get in trouble. no. [ chuckles ] i don't have leave. i can be with you for as long as i like.
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valentin: well, then, it's settled. general hospital will not be receiving a bailout from elq. elq, a company known for its philanthropy. well, then, the shareholders can vote philanthropic causes as they come up. but for now, general hospital will have to keep its own house in order or find another white knight to save it. oh, right. because white knights just come galloping through port charles all the time. okay, well, there is a gentleman, an entrepreneur, who has shown his face eager to participate. his name is cyrus renault. maybe him. oh, yes, he is. but he's no white knight. he's a drug trafficker, okay? he's gonna get this whole town hooked on opioids that the hospital will be busy taking care of the ods. obviously, i didn't know that. but what i do know is he did give a very, very large donation for the nurses' ball. so maybe -- maybe we could just try to give him a chance. lucy, i'm just glad that alan's not here to see what you did with your one share that he obviously never should have given you.
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[ chuckles ] oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. you do not get to go there because this is all monica's fault, really. if she'd just followed proper procedure, perhaps we wouldn't be involved in this crazy nelle benson lawsuit. oh, i think there's plenty of blame to go around. don't you, brook lynn? okay, i -- i am not needed here. i'm going to take this check and go. let me just show you out. hold on. before anyone leaves the room, i want to have one more vote. what else is there to vote on? you want a new caterer for the shareholders' lunches? or maybe, like my daughter, you want to change the hold music. oh, actually, i want to vote in a new ceo. ♪ nina: you know, nelle brought up some really strong points about the futility of me trying to find my child because i can't even remember that i was pregnant or that i even gave birth. but i can't explain it, jax. i just feel like my child is out there somewhere.
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well, then, trust those feelings. don't listen to nelle. i mean, she doesn't know the first thing about being a mother, and she certainly doesn't love wiley. i mean, everyone in nelle's life is just a means to an end, and that end is to hurt carly. everyone else -- you, michael, wiley -- is just collateral damage. no, you're right. of course you're right. it's just -- i don't know why i let nelle get to me so easily. well, look to your mother, the queen of mind games. she taught you not to trust yourself or your feelings. but the bottom line is, madeline knew that you were a mother, which is why she left you a clue so that you could find the baby that she gave away. or she left me a clue so she could torture me. okay. alright. well, you know what? you're certainly free to believe that. and you can just, you know, get on with your life, or you can search for the other half of that necklace,
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and it might just lead you to your missing child. you know, jax, i already told you that i brought this to a jeweler, and he didn't lead me anywhere to tell me who did work on the piece. well, just because that jeweler couldn't help you doesn't mean another jeweler can't. ahmad was the only expert that i knew at the time, so i didn't have any... i have purchased precious gems on one or two occasions. three or four. five. alright. okay. alright. let's not get carried away, okay? evelyn, it's jasper jacks. i'm fine, thank you. how are you? listen, i know it's short notice, but i need your expertise. it's, um... it's for a special friend.
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my mother must be climbing the walls out there. i'll go wait with carly. no, no, no. you should be here. no, if the judge asks for me, diane can tell him the truth. nelle's petition forced carly to leave, and i didn't want wiley's grandmother to wait alone. i'll make sure he understands that. good luck. thanks. mr. jerome, what a surprise to see you here. would've thought since you have such a penchant for saving your own skin, that you would be trying to find a way out of your current predicament. and by that, i mean your marriage. no, i'm still married. mm. hey, sweetie, i was worried about you. everything okay? oh, give it up, nelle. thanks to your character witness, nina, the judge knows how you got me to the altar. oh, oh, oh, i'm so sorry, julian. but apparently nelle has not informed you that she has petitioned to make this a closed hearing.
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so that means that you can still be here, but you just don't have a seat at the table, as it were. you can sit in the gallery. she's making that up. [ laughs ] fine by me. ♪ [ sighs ] this is kind and considerate but wrong. you need to get back in that courtroom so the judge sees you at michael's side. i would rather stay out here, okay? i'm afraid i'll lose it if the judge grants nelle joint custody. i know the feeling. i can't let the judge see me that way. i have to be the kind, calm alternative to nelle. so by giving me an excuse to leave the courtroom, you're doing me a favor. bailiff: you may be seated. this is case number 4-27-33, amended to read nelle benson jerome versus michael corinthos.
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i have read the documents presented before me and listened to your arguments. and, mrs. jerome, where is your attorney? i fired mr. grey, sir. i'll be representing myself. oh. well, since i've made my decision, any request for continuance will be denied. ♪ nina: if every single person stabs you in the back, nelle, maybe every single person isn't the problem. maybe -- just maybe -- the problem is you. soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together.
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just like that? dolores is gone? for good. we don't have to sneak around anymore. but how? she was replaced with a new parole officer, owen anderson. and he's a kind man, and he has no interest in keeping you and me apart. lucy, what the hell are you thinking? i am calling our lawyers. this can't be legal. you go ahead and call them. keep in mind they work for me now, and i've already made that call. please make sure i get all passwords to all company computers from the relevant employees. lucy, let's go. i don't want to overstay my welcome. ♪ i should really go, too.
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oh, no, you don't. you are staying right here and looking me in the eye... if you can. you could be right. my dad wants to go back to turning woods, in, you know, his old room because that's where he met yvonne. that's where they got married. that's where he played checkers with josslyn and dev. and he heard brook lynn singing. to my dad... turning woods is home. i'd be happy to make the arrangements for you, if you'd like. yeah, that'd really be a lot of help. my pleasure. mike's the best. i know you cherish every minute you have left with him. ♪ [ sighs ] guess what, dad. you're gonna be going...
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to turning woods real soon. i'd say we should -- we should watch baseball, but i already checked, they don't have a day game on the schedule. wait... till next season. yeah, till next season. evelyn: ah, yes. hmm. is there any way you can trace it? there might be. the original piece was divided, but i think i know the craftsman. i'll do some research and get back to you. great. fantastic. is there any way that you could at least -- a woman of few words. yes, but every word counts. she obviously picked up on something. right? so chin up, nina. this could be the break that you were -- that you were hoping for.
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you need to pace yourself. court proceedings rarely go quickly. i'm sure it's gonna take a while. i told you, it's better i'm not in there. i have no idea how michael stays so calm. the most important factor and the court's primary concern in deciding which parent deserves custody is the health, safety, and welfare of the child -- in this case, wiley quartermaine corinthos. let's be clear, there are no angels in this courtroom. both mrs. jerome and mr. corinthos have served time in prison on very serious charges. both paid for their crimes and have been released or on parole. so i look to their current situations, both married rather precipitously. both claim it was due to their desire to provide wiley a loving family. in the case of michael and willow corinthos, it was clear to the court that both share a deep and abiding love for the child,
3:09 am
long before he realized the child was actually his. at the same time, wiley's birth mother also married, and while her witness claimed devious and illegal intent, the same witness could not provide evidence to support her accusations. however, the court can't help but feel that showing up in her wedding dress was a stunt performed by mrs. jerome to upstage michael and willow corinthos. mrs. jerome, i see a record of selfish, cynical, and manipulative behavior, not only in how you conduct your life, but also in how you treat your child. therefore, the court grants sole custody of wiley quartermaine corinthos to michael and willow corinthos. diane: [ laughs ] oh! ♪ [ exhales sharply ]
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...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time. indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy. -sole custody? -sole custody. [ laughing ] oh, my gosh! oh! wiley's ours. oh, my god. wiley's ours. you did it. no, we did it. uh, with a little help. diane, you were amazing. thank you very much. of course, it wasn't too difficult to sell
3:14 am
these two as the perfect parents. carly, congratulations. not one outburst. oh, thank you. you're improving. i try. what about visitation? no visitation. the judge has terminated nelle's visitation effective immediately. yes! [ laughs ] you cannot pretendou visation. you failed your son when you accused an innocent person of pushing you down the stairs, confessing to the murder of your fiancé. listen, i admit that i have made mistakes, but i have grown. i have moved on. i-i -- mrs. jerome, if you see this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, to truly put wiley above your own selfish interests, you can file an appeal, and the court will revisit the question of limited visitation at another date.
3:15 am
♪ it's not fair. nelle, you need to leave it. where are you going? i'm not done yet. ♪ how'd you get rid of dolores? i just reached out to somebody who could, you know, help me deal with her. who? valentin cassadine. what in the world were you thinking? i was thinking that i had to get out of my contract with linc, and the only way he'd let me was if i gave him the shares. and by the time i figured out that linc was just a front for valentin, there was nothing i could do. why didn't you warn me? you knew how serious this was, and yet you chose to do nothing, say nothing. look, never mind the family. we will survive.
3:16 am
but the hospital. i didn't know the vote would be about g.h. of course you didn't. you don't know anything except how to take what you want, regardless of the consequences. okay, okay. you both need to take a step back here. you want to talk consequences? look in the mirror. you had a million chances to help me, but you wouldn't or couldn't, so i had to help myself. congratulations, michael, willow. judge has made his decision, so i have no choice but to accept it. and we'll leave it at that. right. thank you so much, nelle. alright. i've got other clients to see, and i know you all want to spread the good news. nelle: except i'm not finished. you may have won this round, but i am still wiley's mother. so no matter what the judge says, i will always have a part in his life. so much for taking the high road. alright, let's go. you could have had wiley. you could have had your son, a loving little boy
3:17 am
with a great smile and endless curiosity, who's happy all the time and makes everyone around him happy, but instead, you chose to hurt michael because for some insane reason, you thought revenge would be more rewarding than loving your baby. i feel sorry for you. yes, well, i'm gonna head home, which is also, thankfully, a bar. julian, it would be great if you could wait for me. we have some things to discuss. whatever you say, dearest. i'd like to talk to nelle alone. of course. you're both consenting adults. as long as there's no bloodshed. the judge made the right decision for wiley.
3:18 am
according to you. you don't know how to parent, nelle, and that's not entirely your fault. i mean, where did you learn it from -- frank? did he show you one moment of genuine love or did he just use you? that must be where you learned that from because it's all you know how to do, and that's not good for wiley. so i should be happy that my son is with you and away from my terrible influence? you should be happy that your son is going to have a chance at a life that you never did, a home with two people who love him. it was never my intention to take wiley away from michael. all i wanted was to have a spot in my son's life. and i will. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. because every day matters. and having more of them
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charmin ultra soft is so soft much are you hon? you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. what did valentin want in exchange for getting dolores off your back? he wanted danny and scout's elq proxy so he could vote their shares until they come of age. when -- when did this happen? he made me the offer before your accident. danny and scout's voting proxy in exchange for solving my dolores problem.
3:23 am
i didn't take the offer at first, but when dolores showed up here last night, i called valentin and i took the deal. why? why would you trust valentin? how dare you make me choose between deception and general hospital. you know what? you -- you, sir, are truly heartless. lucy, i am a businessman. i want elq to focus on reinvestment and increasing profitability. i do not want to see it losing money on some hopeless hospital. besides, you said yourself that cyrus renault is willing to swoop in and rescue g.h. from its own mismanagement. this is not just about the hospital. it's also about the quartermaines. i happen to care about them. you know, despite our differences and checkered past, they -- they now are going to resent me more than they already do. i'm sorry about that, but i don't have an ax to grind with the family, so they'll come around. but i want elq to focus on getting stronger and more profitable. oh, gee, whatever. you know what? why don't you toodle on
3:24 am
and have your own celebration drink just with yourself? because i'm afraid if i have one, i am gonna dump that sucker right in your snarky face. no, no, no, no, no, no. you're coming with me. we're gonna deliver some good news about elq. hello, jax. hello, nina. we're not interrupting, are we? as a matter of fact, you are. well, i wanted to offer you an inside scoop you can give to your folks at aurora media. elq has a new ceo. really? what happened to michael? he's out. yeah, he's been reassigned to a position more fitting his skill set. ned, similarly, will be focusing on his short game. alright. well, the suspense is killing me, so...who's calling the shots now? me. i am. ♪ when i needed you most, you chose valentin cassadine over your family. okay. that is a bit of an exaggeration. at least valentin believes in me. he's encouraging my talent, boosting my career.
3:25 am
oh, really? boosting your career? what, is he renting out a stadium for your next concert? he convinced linc to shred my contract -- something you couldn't do. i tried to buy out your contract. valentin succeeded. "grow up," you said. "stop asking me to come to your rescue." that's all i kept hearing from you. well, guess what -- i'm all grown up, and i came to my own rescue just like any good quartermaine would. so how do you like me now? get out. you are no longer welcome in this house. get out! ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ sonny, sorry for interrupting. mike has visitors. well, you know what, he's kind of tired. can you tell them to wait? hey. sorry, we just -- we couldn't wait to share the news. the judge had a decision. yes. full custody.
3:26 am
wiley's ours, now and forever. congratulations to all three of you. i don't -- i got to tell you, i don't think he could have done it without you. yeah, neither do i. it was a group effort. everyone played a part. well, the thing that matters is wiley stays with the people who love him. [ chuckles ] the appeals court might feel differently about my ability to mother wiley. you can't change your testimony and you can't change your past actions, and it's only a matter of time before you get into trouble again, so just give wiley what he really needs -- a life with a family that doesn't include you. how would you feel in my place, carly? how would you feel if the person who took everything else from you wanted your only child, too? i didn't take wiley. you gave him away the night he was born, the night you passed him off as willow's baby. you did all this. so if you don't like what's going on,
3:27 am
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3:32 am
he's not gonna do anything to harm the company. sam, it's not about harm. i've never cared about elq one way or the other, but my grandfather built that company. and the family wants to keep it in the family. they don't want valentin anywhere near it. nina: you're the new ceo of elq? how did that happen? yeah, i didn't realize you had any connections to the quartermaines. well, there's a lot you don't know about me, jax. see, when nikolas took over cassadine industries, i, uh -- i had to find a new situation. so i spent the last few months consolidating specific resources and making a whole host of new friends. lucy, you are still the tie-breaking vote at elq, right? so what does valentin have on you? jax, you know me. i hope you will continue your financial support of a most worthy cause. you know the nurse-- you can always count on my support
3:33 am
when it comes to that. but i really think that you should ask the quartermaines as well. i'm sure they're just thrilled with your loyalty. [ sighs ] isn't she great? very productive. when she's not promoting the nurses' ball, she's also running deception and selling real estate. selling herself out to you. you're strangely quiet. congratulations. valentin, i hope you've finally found what you wanted. ♪ you remember wiley, don't you, grandpa? you knew right away that he was my son. well, the, uh -- the judge just made it official. he's -- he's going to stay with me and willow, and no one can take him from his home. ♪
3:34 am
home. ♪ well, i've played the part of the doting husband long enough. now that you've lost, it's time to get this farce of a marriage annulled. nothing more i can do for you, nelle. oh, isn't there? i'll be in touch. ♪ ♪ hey. so, it's finally over? that's right, wiley is staying with his family, where he belongs. see, there, that is wiley with his favorite stuffed animal, mr. hopsicle. yeah, he takes him everywhere. maybe wiley could sense that mr. hopsicle brings good luck. a lucky kangaroo? how can you doubt it when the proof is right in front of you? [ chuckles ] you know, maybe you're right. we were -- we were definitely lucky today.
3:35 am
♪ tracking device is still working. hang on to that kangaroo, boy. mom's coming.
3:36 am
city is now working to get all residents there tested as the world awaits a vaccine, criminals are preying on the vulnerable. colombian officials say they arrested two florida men wanted in the u.s. on charges they illegally sold a bleach-like chemical as a miracle cure. and frustrations mounting as businesses still closed.
3:37 am
outside michigan's capitol, protesters from the bowling industry upset they've been shut down for months with no word on when they can reopen. meanwhile, amc announcing they'll open 100 theaters by august 20th and plan to open two-thirds of their theaters by september 3rd. kenneth, mona? >> andrea, thank you. the u.s. military is raising concerns about isis regrouping in syria. the top u.s. commander in the middle east says the situation is as bad or worse than before the group's rise in 2014, and that u.s. troop levels in both syria and iraq will likely shrink over the coming months. about 500 troops are fighting isis in northeast syria. and we are following breaking news from southern california where a wildfire officials describe as explosive is burning near lake hughes north of los angeles.
3:38 am
this so-called lake fire has already consumed at least 10,000 acres with zero containment, and it's threatening homes. mandatory evacuations are currently under way. thick smoke from the fire is visible for miles. stay-at-home kids can now just be like their work-from-home parents during this pandemic. >> toymaker fisher-price has come out with my home office set. for just $25, you caget your child a wooden smartphone, a headset, a plastic laptop and a travel coffee cup. there is also a weight set called baby bicep that comes with a barbell, kettle bell and smoothie cup. >> okay, that's cute. look at that right there. >> so you can work out with momma or daddy. >> i love that. mom said when you talk into the microphone, your voice echos into the earpiece so it sounds like a real call. baby's going to love that. >> i will say when i little, this is before fisher-price came out with this, i used to take the headsets that were for video chat calls and i would pretend i was a secretary and be typing away. excuse me, did i say next? >> i love it.
3:39 am
>> i had big dreams. >> little mona. >> yes. >> she was so cute. >> i might buy that just for nostalgia purposes. all right. coming up, the artists who are singing the praises literally of dr. anthony fauci.on a 7-year-o the life of his mother. what he did to assist first responders. and what dolly parton is about to do for the first time in 30 years. that's later in "the skinny." you're watching world news now. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene ♪ i'm begging you please don't take my man ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, please don't take him just because you can ♪ cause you can ♪
3:40 am
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for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days.
3:42 am
reports say a landslide may have led to a deadly derailment in scotland. three people were killed and six injured when a train heading from aberdeen to glasgow left the tracks wednesday afternoon. prime minister boris johnson said heavy rains in a short period may have made the area unstable. a little boy in north lauderdale, florida is now a hero, all because of a phone call. >> he managed to keep his cool while his mom was in trouble and wound up being a real
3:43 am
life-saver. >> reporter: this is south florida's newest junior firefighter. at just 7 years old, this boy saved his mom's life. >> 911, what's the address of the emergency? >> hello? >> hi. >> my -- my mommy is choking. she can't breathe. >> reporter: aidyn toban stayed calm as he explained his mom's condition. >> is your mommy completely alert? >> what does that mean? >> like are her eyes open? like if you talk to her, is she responding to you? no, she's not responding, but her eyes is open. >> reporter: aidyn was able to tell the dispatcher that his mother recently had a seizure, and he provided their address. >> oh, my god, if all callers were like him, stay calm, answer
3:44 am
the questions. >> if i could read, and then i said yes. and then i read a mail and gave her where i live, and then they came. >> it was awesome hearing the actual dispatch's call that we got to hear, and just how he articulated and how he sounded so good. >> is that the police? >> yes. >> okay. aidyn, you did such a great job. you're such a hero. thank you for helping your mommy. >> as he walked in, aidyn was there and his mom was there. so we established contact. he was really good about getting us access in. >> we provided first aid. and after speaking with aidyn, he told us a little more of what was going on and we were able to treat mom. >> i'm very grateful, and i'm very proud of him. very, very proud of him. >> reporter: the rescue crew went back to visit aidyn this week. >> we think you did a fabulous job. you're a hero in our eyes. you were a hero to your mommy. >> reporter: letting him take the whg of gift, including a firefighter's hat.
3:45 am
>> thank you for helping my mommy. >> he does deserve all of this. and i want him to be extremely proud of everything he's done. >> we're proud too. >> the pride and joy of broward county down there in south florida. aydin, very well job done. mom is recovering as you see there. this is pretty cool. >> 7 going on 30. he was so calm. and shout out to the dispatcher as well for being calm, being patient with him, talking him through. i think this went flawless. >> definitely. all right. when we come back, the new digs for harry and meghan. and that stunt that david blaine is gearing up for that involves helium balloons. "the skinny" is next. nooooo... noooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and each sheet is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. ahoy!
3:46 am
(laughing) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
3:47 am
♪ skinny just give me the skinny ♪ "skinny" time, starting with the big move from harry and meghan. >> the duke and duchess have reportedly ditched tyler perry's mansion for a place of their own. "page 6" reports the royal couple has secretly purchased a private home in santa barbara, california, where the couple is said to plan to put down
3:48 am
permanent roots. >> secretly, huh? how secret if we know about it here at "world news now." "page 6" reports the couple has been living in the home now since july in an upscale community where the neighbors include oprah and ellen. just need one name to live in this neighborhood, oprah, ellen. >> santa barbara clearly is one of the wealthiest communities in the country. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. next, david blaine getting ready for his first stunt in nearly a decade. >> the magician and performance artist is known for his over-the-top and death-defying feats that make me confused and upset, frustrated, angry, because i never know how he does it. some of his most notable stunts include a test of endurance in which he was sealed inside a plexiglas case in london back in 2003. >> three years later, he spent an entire week submerged inside an eight-foot snow globe-like tank right outside of our atc ws sdihinghr an air tube and taking in only liquid nutrients. >> the lincoln center with a
3:49 am
giant crowd. i go by there all the time. i miss crowds. anyway, at least this latest stunt has nothing to do with his claustrophobia and everything to do with "up." blaine has now set to attempt to float through the air suspended by helium balloons from new jersey across the hudson river into manhattan, just like the movie. >> the event will be streamed live exclusively on youtube on monday, august 31st. my thing is he'll always do things like, oh, i'm going to be buried six feet in a coffin, and you're like okay. under a three gallon ton tank. why do you have to be underwater, breathing through one tube, no nutrients. like what? >> so the "up" thing will be impressive, but it will be really, really, really impressive if like "up" he turns into an old man by the time he gets over the river. >> hey. you can expect anything from him. next, it's no stunt. dolly parton is set to release a
3:50 am
brand-new album. >> christmas is coming early from the queen of country who is releasing her first holiday album in 30 years. >> wow. >> a holly holiday christmas will feature a mix of original and holiday standards as well as duets with big name friends such as billy ray cyrus, goddaughter miley cyrus, willie nelson and even jimmy fallon. >> a holly dolly christmas, the first sing legal be cuddle up, cozy down christmas with michael buble. the entire album is set for release on october 2nd. >> everything is just cancelling this year, right? right to christmas. another october release from another big name. matthew mcconaughey says he has been working on a memoir titled "green lights" but he may have had to contend with writing it with no lights at all. >> the actor went way into the desert by himself for 12 days with no electricity to get it done. he says he has been keeping a diary for 36 years, saying it was his wife who told him you've been talking about sitting down with those journals for 36
3:51 am
years. now's the time to get out of here. >> he said all right, all right, all right! "green lights" will be matthew mcconaughey's first ever book. it's set to release on october 20th. >> okay. and finally, speaking of sifting through the sands of time, david beckham is giving us all an earful this morning. >> the 45-year-old retired soccer star recreated a popular photo taken of himself that was taken 15 years ago by celebrity photographer annie leibovitz. next to an updated photo snapped by his son brooklyn. >> look at that image. wait, okay, okay. i really thought that was him on the left. >> it is him on the left. >> wait, that is him? >> yeah. >> so where is his son? >> no, his son took the picture. >> so maybe i should have been listening to you, mona, when you read thor to story. i was too busy looking at the picture. >> let's try this again. >> i was distracted by the picture. >> it's him 15 years later. >> okay. >> looking like fine wine, or aging like fine wine. >> and then the son took the other picture.
3:52 am
>> he did. his name is brooklyn. >> i don't know why i was so distracted. >> his wife is victoria. >> i don't know why.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ doctor, doctor, give me the news, i've got a bad case of loving you it see smany arins loving a certain epidemiologist these days. >> dr. anthony fans are getting creative in quarantine. will ganss is here with more, checking his pulse as we speak. >> all good, all good. so many long-time stage and stadium performers don't have a stage right now, but they do have a platform, and they're putting new twists on old classics, many focused on a certain doctor we've all come to know. ♪ good morning, quarantine >> reporter: the sounds of quarantine. surprisingly cheerful and exceptionally creative artists in lockdown. and lately, the muse of these quarantine tunes -- ♪ to anthony fauci, my name is
3:56 am
dr. anthony fauci ♪ >> three-time grammy winner scott hoyne telling us it was serendipitous. >> dr. anthony fauci happens to be the exact same amount of syllables as alexander hamilton. so it was a match made in heaven. >> reporter: scott and his collaborators are not the only ones who are singing fauci's praises. ♪ fauci is fighting for you ♪ vp, dr. fauci making the motions ♪ ♪ might find a new vaccine, dr. fauci ♪ >> reporter: while not everyone loves the doctor as much as these musicians might -- >> i do have a question. i think he is a magician. ♪ i so admire you >> reporter: scott's quarantine creation seems to have the internet stamp of approval. >> 4.2 million tiktok likes later for two hours worth of work. has the reaction surprised you? >> this one really took off. a bunch of celebrities, kristen bell were posting it.
3:57 am
obviously exciting to see people enjoying this lighthearted art that we're trying to put out in the world. >> reporter: music made in lockdown providing some extra joy for so many. why do you think people enjoy it as much as they do? >> a lot of people love fauci so much. he is such a light and he is someone we can look to. >> reporter: someone to look to, sure. or if you're talented enough, sing about. ♪ dr. anthony fauci >> reporter: while their in-person performing careers are on hold, the artists that you saw in that piece plan to continue singing on social media for now. by the way, from conception to writing to editing, i don't know if you caught it in there, it only took scott about two hours to write that fauci/hamilton spoof. impressive, you guys. >> oh, dr. dre is upset. he said you forgot about dre. >> yeah. that song is now stuck in my he
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
breaking news in america this morning, fire emergency. a fast-burning wildfire exploding in california overnight. new images coming in as residents flee under mandatory evacuations. thousands of acres burning in a matter of minutes. the big concern right now about the conditions. campaign kickoff. >> this is a serious moment for our nation. >> joe biden and kamala harris hitting the ground running. the fund-raising numbers just in overnight, and vice president mike pence on the attack this morning. his claim about senator kamala harris. a perfect storm. the new warning from the head of the cdc about the fall and the thes mosk. and the new push from students despite outbreaks in schools. plus, nine days without power.


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