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tv   The Democratic National Convention -- Your Voice Your Vote 2020  ABC  August 18, 2020 7:00pm-7:59pm PDT

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this is it's night two of the digital dnc and all eyes are online. happening now, the roll call of states. also tonight, former president bill clinton. then, joe biden's closest adviser, the woman who wants to be the next first lady, dr. jill biden. live from new york city and across the country, the democratic national convention. now reporting, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> good evening and welcome to day two of the democ national convention. a racti night designed by the democrats to bridge the past and future of the party. coming off michelle obama's fierce call to action last night, dr. jill biden will introduce herself to much of the country tonight. we've seen the 17 rising stars
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who kicked off tonight with a keynote. plus two former presidents, jimmy carter and bill clinton. and one of america's most prominent republicans, general colin powell. it is also a night for some traditional convention business and like everything else this year, it's being done in a brand new way. the roll call of the states from the states. starting with alabama, in selma. delaware will secure the nomination for favorite son joe biden at the close. let's check in now with the state of nebraska. >> a lot of us don't have paid sick leave or even quality protective equipment. we are human beings, not robots, not disposable. we want to help you feed your family, but we need a president that will have our backs. nebraska casts 33 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> nevada. >> working people are the backbone of our economy and the key torecovery. joe biden knows it's not enough to praise them, we have to reward them. so, let's raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, empower workerss
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and safer workplaces and make it easier to pay for things like health care and hher education. i am proud to cast 24 votes for bernie sanders and 25 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> new hampshire. >> hello from the granite state. we trust joe joe prodesden. the leadership necessary to bring us back from this awful pandemic. joe has a plan to attack global decency and trust to the white house. reunite all americans and build a better future for all. the great state of new hampshire awards nine delegates to our friend and neighbor, bernie sanders and 24 delegates to the next president of the united states, joe biden. >> he did not win new hampshire, but got the delegates there. the roll call continues right there. much business to come. we're going to come back as delaware puts joe biden over the top. let's talk about tonight, "world
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news tonight" anchor david muir is here. what are you looking for most? >> who is going to break through tonight? michelle obama last night, 24 hours ago, you know, it was the big test. this grand experiment, this all virtual convention, george, would they be able to pull it off? a lot of talk about the pregnant pauses with the live shots, some of that is charming, it reflects the moment we're all in with our zoom calls with our family and friendcoworkers, but if there was any question that a taped message could land, michelle obama put that to rest. she talked about donald trump, she said, he simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. she talked about empathy and teeing up who will be the headliner this hour, all eyes are on dr. jill biden. she is expected to make the case, she'll be live, talking about her husband and the empathy that michelle obama was talking about last night, that her husband, she believes, possesses the empathy needed in this moment to help bring this country back together. and we all remember that she was the first second lady to keep her job, she was teaching at a community college in northern
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virginia. michelle obama, the first to sort of endorse jill biden tonight before she even heard her, she's put out on instagram, i can't wait to hear jill biden's speech tonight. i have no doubt in my mind that she will make a wonderful first lady. we know that they were sort of partners in crime, as michelle obama has said. dear friends. and she'll be cheering her on tonight and she teed up jill biden's speech tonight. >> linsey davis here, as well. we saw some faces of the future 7 1the 9:00 hour, the keynoters. >> and among those, well, not one of the 17, but one of the faces of the future, aoc, she's now trending on twitter, as you'd likely imagine. jill biden, somebody that many people want to hear from, because she is his lifelong running mate. took five times for him to keep asking her to marry him until she said yes. another word i was thinking about, empathy, as david said.
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diversity's emerged, not just coming from the convention, but a theme that's been consistently used to describe and talk about joe biden. there's a book, "who you lookin of the most powerful character witnesses so far tonight was the elevator operator who said that he saw me. and i think that really resonates at a time when people are feeling in this country especially that they need to feel seen and feel heard. and i think additionally, chuck schumer, another message, another takeaway that they're hoping that you take away from this convention is america, donald trump has quit on you. >> linsey davis, thank you. we heard from the former presidents in the first hour. we're going to show jimmy carter and bill clinton now. >> i ran for president in 1976, joe biden was my first and most effeive supporter in the senate. for decades, he's been my loyal and dedicated friend. joe has the experienc
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decency to restore america's greatness. you deserve a person with integrity and judgment. someone who understands fair. someone who is committed to what is best for the american people. joe is an excellent leader and the right person for this moment in our nation's sthi he understands dignity. that's what we need. during these uncertain times, joe biden realizes that many american lives can be saved each day with the use of masks and testing as recommending by medical experts. joe biden must be our next president. >> good evening. at the end, we hire a leader to opportunities and give our kids better tomorrows. that's a tall order this year, with the covid-19 outbreak on a path to killing 200,000 people
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and destroying millions of jobs and small businesses. how did donald trump respond? at first, he said the virus was under control and would soon disappear. when it didn't, he was on tv every d great job he was doing. when our scientists waited to give us vital information. when heli the expert advice he was given, he ignored it. only when covid exploded in even more states did he encounsel people to wear masks. by then, many more we dying. eneduturge in deaths, he shrugged and said, "it is what it is." but did it have to be this way? no. covid hit us much harder than it had to. e have just 4% of the world's world's covid cases. our unemployment rate is more than twice as high as south korea's, 2 1/2 times the united kingdom, more than three times japan's.
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donald trump says we're leading the world. well, we are the only major industrial economy to have its unemployment rate triple. at a time like this, the oval office should be a command center. instead, it's a storm ce.ernt c. just one thing never changes -- his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. the buck never stops there. now, you have to to renew his contract or hire someone president who defines the job as spending hours a day watching tv and zapping people on social media, he's your man. denying and distracting is great when you are trying to entertain or enflame. but in a real crisis, it collapses like a house of oe'tr any of that. to beat it, you've got to actually go to work and deal with the facts. our party is united in offering you a very different choice.
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a go to work president. a down to earth, get the job done guy. a man with a mission to take responsibility, not shift the blame. concentrate, not district, unite, not divide. our choice is joe biden. joe helped bring us back from a recession before and he can do it2009, barack obama and joe ecen started with the worst ony depression. and when they were done, they delivereded more than six straight years of job growth. what did joe do? he accepted responsibility for impletting the recovery act. his work created a lot of new jobs and started many new companies in communities across our country. now, joe is committed to back a. how? he's given us smart, detailed plans to invest in areas vital to our future. innovative financing for modern factories and small businesses. good jobs in green energy.
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a modern infrastructure that brings small town and rural america the connectivity and investment others take for granted. and a plan to ensure that black americans, latino americans, native americans, women, immigrants and other communities left behind are full particip t participants in our economy and an society. economy far better suited to our changing world. better for young people. better for families working and raising their kids. better for people who lost jobs and need new ones. better for farmers, tired of being collateral damage in trade wars. better because of a living wage and access to affordable higher education and health care, including prescription drugs. and tohi c secure retirement and for the first time, paid family and medical leave. joe won't just put his signature on a check and try to fool you
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into thinking it came from him. he'll work to make sure that your paycheck reflects your contribution to and your stake in a growing economy. and this job interview, the difference is stark. you know what donald trump will do with four more years. blame, bully and belittle. and you know what joe biden will do. build back better. it's trump's us versus them america against joe biden's america, where we all live and work together. it's a clear choice. the future of our country is riding on it. thank you. >> bcll ilnin 11th democratic convention speech, spoken at every con vings since 1980. rahm emanuel, we worked with him in 1992, in many ways, a vintage clinton speech, but on a very small screen and small stage. >> tunderstatement of hathe year.s e thi entryve back today and look at what he said in 1992, talking about the people that work hard, pay taxes, trying to raise their
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kids right and know the difference between right and wrong. he actually spoke at that point after democrats having lost five of the last six presidential elections, he was the first democrat to win since roosevelt, not only the election, but the re-election. he's the first president actually that also then reshifted the party to a new direction and talked about a bridge to the 21st century. i think he did one other thing here about the stark choice. both david and linsey talked about empathy about joe biden. i would add two es. experience and endurance. we've gotten the empathy point. but i would start to fill out contrast perfectly like the espr that's here. the experience to govern and the endurance to do this. the american people know we have a long haul here and his own personal story of what he's persevered over, joe biden, that endurance, that experience, complimented by empathy. empathy's come through. we have to fill out the whole picture. i think the president did a
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great job of starting that process. >> one of the pitfalls of experience is that something that joe biden faced during the campaign from progressives in the party, voting for the clinton era, 1994 crime bill. questions about how he questio about his votes on the iraq war. so, experience can be a double-edged sword. >> especially when you think about the dynamic that's happening with the party, where we talk about the past versus the future. what we have to be doing to invigorate the future of our party. here's another thing, george. i think at this time, we know that the democrats are setting up this no trump, trump's a disaster, but this is a great im td analkanpo to the 50 some million people who are on unemployment or the families of the 200,000 people. we know trump messed it up. but we're not hearing, what are you going to do? this pandemic will still be with us, particularly in january, for all the people who are worried about paying rent in the next month, what are you going to do? and i would love to hear more of that.
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>> it wilet's dip back into the call. the state of virginia. >> three years ago, my beloved was attacked by white supremacists and a young woman was killed. we were attacked again when donald trump praised those racists, turning his back on a community that just wanted peace. that was the day joe biden decided to join this battle for the soul of america. over time, my wife and i have come to know his soul. he's a decent, compassionate man. he will bring this nation together. virginia casts 32votes for bernie sanders and 91 votes for our president, joe biden. >> gold star father, spoke at convention, also the 2020 democratic convention. he went back to the moment that e biden chose to start his lo trestt char
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e.llyeah, that wasn't a great moment for the president. and, you know, he has to fure out how to unite this country and, you know, i think chris would say if he was jump in, he trump. but the reality is, for the president, he has to focus on the pandemic and getting that under control and getting back to the economy. when we're talking about the economy, donald trump is winning. >> still where he leads in the polls on handling the economy. >> he does lead. he still has almost a 50% job approval on handling the economy. we had a great economy before this pandemic. it was one ofbest, african-amer hispanics, with the unemployment rate. he has things to talk about. he's got to get back to that place. >> chris christie, president trump, of course, went after khan, already tweeting tonight,
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responding to bill clinton. >> well, that's who he is. i find it always interesting that people are surprised by this. this is what you're going to get. he -- i told you last night, he'll be watching the entire time and he'll be reacting. this is who the and this is who we voted for four years ago, who the american people elected four yea ago. and so, of courrsse, he's goingo donsp he'll respond to everybody who speaks tonight. >> i guess the question is, does being a disruptor work for an incumbe incumbent? >> it's who he is. if he were to go, you know, awol pleohis stuff, pe wondering, where the hell is he? and the questions would be, what happened to the president? do they have him in captivity? has he been drugged? at the end of the day, this is who he is. >> and the roll call is wrappini leup people fighting to provide for their families and to build a better future.
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we know that we build a better future for our nation by channeling wisconsin's legacy as the birthplace of the labor and movementndnitissreog arivound ae bold, inclusive age. in the pursuit of a more just future, one that recognizes health care as a human right, one that tackles the climate crisis and takes on racial and economic injustice. wisconsin casts 30 votes for bernie sanders and 67 for the next president of states of america, joseph r. biden. >> delaware. >> long before this train me, you'd see joe biden up here on the platform with the rest of the crowd, on his way going to work or going home to his family. that's always been his north star, delivering for families like his own. working people who struggle in sacrifice to b aldui life. nobody has ever had to wonder who joe biden's in it for. >> our nation facing daunting
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biden for 40 years and there's nobody i trust more to stre wor. he's humble. he tells the truth. encounters with respect and wa. he is a leader made for this moment and the finestani've eve. >> delaware is proud to votes f and our next >> our friend -- >> delaware's joe biden. >> well, we don't have balloon drop. instd, you sha digital map of america, celebrating joe biden as the 2020 democratic presidential nominee. these arelivestreams coming in from all across the country and we have some stationary balloons. >> all right! hey, guys. how are you?
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>>an granidss f kor jidoe biden right there. supporters across the country. not quite the same. ♪ celebrate good times come on ♪ there's a party going on right rehe celebration ♪ >> makes you think of all the e happening across the country since this pandemic began. >> i'm pleased to announce that vice president joe biden has officially been nominated by the democratic partyur candidate for president of the united states. vice president biden is hereby invited to deliver ancc ancep >> well, thank you very, very much, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, all. it means theldor wo t family and i'll see you on
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thursday. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> joe biden and his family supporters celebrating. his nomination and putting on that mask. we'll be right back.
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back at jack in the box. ♪ the democratic national convention. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> this job is not about me, it's about you. it's about us. >> how are you? you handsome boy. >> vice president biden starting a conversation on health care. >> a heart condition and ended up requiring a transplant and thankfully, the -- >> this is going to be one of the issues democrats hope to hammer home in these final days of the election coming out of the convention. i went to bring in mary bruce and jon karl for more on this right now, andmary, health care was one of the major dividing
7:25 pm
lines during the primaries in these democratic primaries, medicare for all, the signature of elizabeth warren, of bernie sanders, joe biden stood against it. he prevailed but he's still facing some pressure inside the party. >> george, he is facing, still, growing pressure to support medicare for all, but he has resisted those calls. instead, joe biden's plan is to expand upon obamacare and to create a public option that americans can choose from. we are about from a fierce advocate for medicare for all and a champion of this, and the fact that he's given this prime time slot really speaks to how much support for this movement has grown. the argument, though, that we are going to hear fro hmrd h a progressives throughout this convention is despite their differences, the risk here is simply too great, that if donald trump is re-elected, they argue that health care for millions of americans could be on the line. so, they hav to put those differences aside.
7:26 pm
and as you mentioned, health care, even before the pandemic, was the number one issue foravef americans lose their job, lose their health care coverage, this issue is even more urgent and joe biden is eager to remind voters of the role he played in creating obamacare and his plan going forward to try to preserve health care for so many millions of americans. >> and jon karl, the president was certainly hoping thater endsa plan would be at the center of this campaign, he wanted to call it a socialist health care plan. now, he could be a built on the defensive because his administration has supported this lawsuit to do away with obamacare, which is still popular. the very day, donald trump's very first day of president, he signed an executive order vowing to begin the process of dismantling obamacare. he has largely succeeded in gutting much of what was obamacare, buthe absolutely not. and if ykoo l a
7:27 pm
elections, 2018, republicans lost 37 seats and the central policy issue for democrats n i that campaign was health care. so, nowleor about it at the white house. president trump a month ago yesterday promised that within two weeks he would sign - n - fuland mplete health care plan into law. when the twoks cen with nothing, he said he'd have something by the end of this month, but i've got to tell you, i've talkedly with senioreg warhi rte house offuli about this, there's nothing coming in terms of a specific health care from donald trump, annd i p expect democrat will, again, make that a top policy issue in this campaign. >> and terry moran, that issue even more pressing given the pandemic. >> absolutely. this is a moment in our history, a crisis which has brought everyone face-to-face with the prospect of needing lots of health care. loved ones needing health care.
7:28 pm
and as jon just pointed out, president trump is coming to this fight over this issue without a plan, without anything at hand. and that is political suicide, you would think. it is entractable problem. it's a huge problem. obamacare was very unpopular until donald trump started threatening taking it away. people realized, well, it'ste n least there is a plan there, that what they hear from president trump is a lot of rhetoric, no plan. >> health care central issue in this campaign. as mary mentioned, we're going to hear from eddie barkin, who has a.l.s. and become one of the most prominent health care advocates in the entire country. little bit.ry talk about this a he was one of the most fierce progressive activists during the primaries, an inspiring story and was actually quite tough on joe biden during the primaries. >> yes, he was. and he is certainly, i think, a central figure for us inhe t mo.
7:29 pm
he's been a great advocate, he's put his money where his mouth is. this is something he's a spokesperson for. it is heart-breaking to watch what happened with him and not realize how important health care is in this country. and so i thinke'th hgs that can message, because he's been about this for awhile and this is something that really hits home for him. and so it will be interesting to hear from him. >> we're going to hear right now. >> to strengthen the affordable care act so that diseases like cancer don't go undetected. ♪ >> it's dame, by the time you're watchingto be strong and courageous, i don't know how much longer i'll be around for you. i was diagnosed with a.l.s. today.
7:30 pm
which is a deadly, debilitating disease. after i was diagnosed, the president passed a tax bill that put my health care at risk. so, i went to washington, d.c. >> my next guest made headlines when he confronted a republican nator neon. >> you can be an american hero. i wanted to help create a better country for you to live in. democracy is beautiful. >> democrat is beautiful. >> all that matters to me is to make you proud because i'm already so proud of you. >> hello, america. my name is audi barkin and i am speaking to you through this computer voice because i have been paralyzed by a.l.s. like so many of you, i have
7:31 pm
experienced the ways our health care system is fundamentally broken. enormous costs, denied claims, dehumanizing treatment when we are most in need. since my shocking diagnosis, i have traveled the country meeting countless patients like me, demanding more of our representatives and our democracy. today, we are witnessing the tragic consequences of our failing health care system. americans do a em not have sufficient health insurance. en good insurance dot cover essential needs like long-term care. our loved ones are dying infeur. our nurses are overwhelmed and unprotected and our essential workers are treated as we live in the richest country in history and yet we do not guarantee this most basic human right. everyone living in america should get the health care they need, regardless of their employment status or ability to
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pay. even during this terrible isdon republican politicians are trying to take away millions of people's health insurance. with the extensive threat of another four years of this president, we all have a profound obligation to act. vote but to make su iehand tres,t family and neighbors vote, as well. we must elect joe biden. ach of us mus herort ouer communities, for our county and then, with a compassionate and intelligent president, we must act together and put on his desk aill that guarantees us all the health care we deserve. text vote to 30330 to learn how to vote safely. because our lives depend on it. th ady barkin dringvi impoertance of health care. now the focus is going to switch to national security and joe biden's expeence has promised to restore america's relations to the world. i wasn't to bring in martha
7:33 pm
radda raddatz for more on that. >> george, i think what we're going to hear tonight, isat thc pandem. but it's bigger than that. what is america's place in the world? what has donald trump done to foreign policy? and i'm sure you'll hear a lot about iran, i'm sure you'll hear a lot about north korea. north korea, he made history, donald trump, by meetingm jong- come of thaast in terms of denuclearization. and iran. we have john kerry's signature deal, the ira nuclear deal, that presidentmpruain, no progr. iran is now violattgin agreemen course other countries are still involved with that, france, germany, china, russia, but i'm sure they will bring up things like that, what the president has done. but there is a weak spot for joe biden, and that is iraq. he voted for the war in iraq, he also with president namoba,
7:34 pm
troops in 2011 and that was the rise of isis and president trump can certainly take credit for helping to get rid of isis. >> to imagine that's going av h toe come up in the middle of these presidential debates, martha. >> i have to imagine it will and i'm sure we'll all go back and see what joe biden has said about that before and iraq. in fact, i looked at the 2012 debate today between joe biden andl . joe biden also talked about getting out of afghanistan, getting all the troops out of afghanistan, that didn't happen when he was vice president and it still hasn't happened. >> okay, martha, thank y ch. noer vou formery senator, forme democratic candidate for president and secretary of state, john kerry. >> hi, i'm john kerry. for the eight years of the
7:35 pm
obama/biden administration, we led by example. we eliminated the threat of an iran with a nuclear weapon. we built a 68-nation coalition ackmappli cte ebola before it became a pa.ruicem inherited ao world and like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it. when this presides ioe g't a g. he breaks up with o writes love letters to dictators. america deserves a president who is looked up to, not laughed at. donald trump pretends russia didn't attack our elections and now he does nothing about russia putting y on ourntaou troops. so, he won't defend our country, he doesn'twnoow h our troops. the only person he's interested in defending is himself. this is the bottom line. our interests, our ideals and
7:36 pm
our brave men and women in uniform can't afford four more our troops can't get out of harm's way by hiding in the white house bunker. they need a president who will them and president biden will. joe's moral compassas hlw a rig from the fight to break the bk of apartheid to the struggle to wake up the world to genocide in the balkans. joe understands that none of the issues of this world, not nuclear weapons, not the challenge of building back better after covid, terrorism, certainly not the climate crisisan be resolved c newithnoout building nations together with strength and humility. joe understands our values don't limit our power, they magnify it. he knows you can't spread democracldy aroundhe t if w you don't practice it at home. and he knows that even the united states of america needs friends on this planet.
7:37 pm
before donald trump, we used to talk about american .sm exceptional aboutnt trump f policy is that it has made our nation more isolated than ever before. joe biden know we aren't exceptional because we bluster exemptional because we do on june 6th, 1944er,icans gavei liberatehe t wtyranny. out of the ashes of that war, we made peace and rebuilt the world. that was and remains exceptional. it is the opposite of everything donald trump stands for. this moment is a fight for the security of america and the world. only joe biden can make america lead like america again. if you agree, text join to
7:38 pm
30330. thank you. >> boy, that has come up again and again. john kerry speaking on joe biden and foreign policy. want to bring in pierre thomas for more on this. hehat donald trump pretends that russia did not interfere in our election, it comes on the day that the senate intelligence committee released a report which they say the democrats in the committee say details numerous contacts between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 campaign and also reaffirms that russia clearly interfered in the 2016 campaign. >> that's right, george. bipartisan.t thing about this committee is led by republicans and despite whatever mistakes efbad m this committee eressweentially blows the notion that the russiabero e been launched. the report concludes that the russians did try to help trump campaign and t that associates of the trump campaign did try to benefit from that help. now, george, they did not find conclusive evidence of a conspiracy of collusiitru wonia
7:39 pm
really damning things. the most specific one is that and chair paulafan mtor russian intelligence and george, in an extraorr.dinae mare move, the committee determined that manafort quote, a graves, wa counterintelligence threat. we're talking about a former campaign manager. >> right. and there the suggest wion as that the russian intelligence operativas webl a te targeting infor aonti terft emas mary bruce has more on this. bi report, but on this issue of how the trump campaign engaged with the russians, very drentif and some republicans. >> george, no surprise here, the two parties are walking away with very different conclusions out of this. republicans on the hill are seizing on this report, saying that itou f conclusion of collusion here, declare that this e exacty
7:40 pm
is what collusion looks like, actions of trump's former campaign manager paul manafort, who is described in this report as a grave counterintelligence threat. this report is s iit arnethi bipartisan committee ant does detail, in mucheteor mive the contacts and links between those close to the trump campaign and russia. and russia's attempts to medel in the 2016 election. again, the two partiesngkial ve conclusions here, but of courseb cllingit towards election day and as there are continued concerns about this election's security and, of course, as joe biden's team is eager to show that he is the one who can lead this country on a global stage going forward into the future. >> mary bruce, thank you. the next speaker, another former secretary of state, this one you a republican. general colin powell. he endorsed barack obama, he endorsed hillary clinton, he is
7:41 pm
endorsing joe biden, as well, but he remains a republican. we're hearing now from general colin powell. >> hi, i'm former secretary of state colin powell. 100 years ago, a young immigrant left a dirt farm in jamaica and set out for america. three years later, a ship pulled into new york harbor and a ynze statue of liberty for the first time. they became my parents and insped m to finh college and join t army. thishe became a journey of serve that wouldtake me from basic training to combat in vietnam up the ranks to serve as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of state. the values i learned growing upn serving in uniform were the same values that joe biden's parents instilled in him in scranton, pennsylvania. i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still define him and we need to restore those values to the white house. our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops in the same way he would
7:42 pm
his own family. for joe biden, com wit thexperncee wyarar familiesshil, sending his belov son off to war and praying to god he would come home safe. joe biden will be a president we will all be proud to salute. with joe biden in the white house, you will never doubt and stand up to our adversaries, never the other way around. he will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots. he will make it hisob when anyone dares to threan to adversaries withtrength and experience. they will know he means business. i support joe biden because beginning on day one, he will restore america's leadership and our moral authority. he'll be a president who knows that america is strong egshe wn the power of our example and the example of our power. he will restore america's
7:43 pm
leadership in the world restore the alliances we need ad address the dangers that threaten our nation. from climate change to nuclear proliferation. today, we are a country divided and weapon have a president it. epked th u what a difference it will make to have a president who unites us, who restores our strength and soul. i still believe that in our hearts we are the same america that brought my parents to our shores t world. k at's the america joe biden an you very mucwih. l >> it was a friendship that shouldn't have worked. john, a former navy pilot, just orpron f.rom a north vietnamese but in the 1970s, joe was assigned a military aide for a
7:44 pm
trip overseas. >> i was a navy sedateno carry overseas trips. >> the son of a gun never carried my bags. he was supposed to carry my bags, damn it, but he never carried my bags. >> john and joe traveled thousas of miles together. the families got to know each other, gathering for picnics in the biden's backyard. they would just sit and joke. it was like a comedy show sometimes,o watch the two of them. but when jn was elected to the senate as a republican from arizona, they found themselves on opposing sides. >> we're in different parties and we hold different views on . > they'd be going at it on the guys must really, really dislike each other. th together.e ha dngvir nein
7:45 pm
>> senator biden had great respect for the institution of the senate. he built relationships that were cordial, that were personal. >> we've always been willing when we thought the other guy s right to cross the aisle and lock arms. it's good for the country. >> it takes trust done in a divided government. and i think with joe biden, his colleagues knew that your pointe >> even if a deal seemed out of reach, was always joe who tried to cross the aisle. >> he was like a natural for n ve up your principles. >> for three des adecaboele j, toove his colleag find a way forward. on violence against women. banning chemical weapons. assault weapons. and controlling nuclear arms. >> it was s a ofha you don't
7:46 pm
find much anymore. >> and when millions of americans were faced with losing their health insurance, it was by crossing the aisle. >> mccain cast his vote with a thumb's down. >> john ind aiven several awards about weon't und should get an award for bipartis bipartisanship. >> thank you for your example and how to reamooinma guy that you wer te when you fit got here. most oal for your nd fr tiehend lives of many have been enriched by it. >> john on his friendship with joe biden. we heard from his wife cindy mccain. and we'll be right back with dr. jill biden, you see her right there.
7:47 pm
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♪ ackowithaywo t ohef democratic convention. drc dr. jill biden is coming up. first, i want to check in with
7:51 pm
tom llamas. and tom, one of the things we've been talking about this week, president trump is going to be h this draem today in the key battleground state of arizona, talking about one of his favorite issues. >> that's right, immigration. arizona, a border state, as you mentioned, a battleground state. and today, president trump took a trip back in time, back to 2015, using the same type of language, painting the same types of pictures of immigrants. he said, if democrats were to be elected, they would run rampant across the u.s., stoking fear about immigrants, saying immigrants would be stealing jobs. he used a slur to describe the children of undocumented immigrants. and he also said that the wall, his main promise from 2016, has been built. now, 300 miles of the wlalre hi miles of new wall has actually been built. that according to the army corps of engineers. he says he may start charging mexico a toll to help pay for that new part of the wall.
7:52 pm
and george, if we want to know how the trump campaign is going to run in 2020, he's showing us right now. just look at 2016. it's almost identical. the language is almost identical. but i will say this, he is out there, he is campaigning hard. it does remind me of what happened in the campaign four years ago. >> you were there at the beginning of the campaign four hucmoments, even y reminded you hisorge, it's triple digit heat in arizona. the heat's coming down, he's sweating and he'sai stitoit hpst one or two, it's more than that. he was in wisconsin yesterday, he's in arizona today, he's going to keep doing this. he's broken that record of sort of that unspoken rule of not oe democrats do have t ioe r bemem years ago, when the clinton campaign was saying, oh, they don't know where they're going, the republicans have no idea where they're going, well, they were going to places like minnesota, michigan, like
7:53 pm
pennsylvania, it worked out f>>. postal service has been at issue with all the mail-in voting coming during the pandemic and the reforms in the postal service. noahw ,they'v teheee po george, making this huge reversal today, saying some of the changes that he wanted implemented will be pushed back past the election. he's talking about things like changing hours at post offices, removing from streets those blue mailboxes that we see o street corners. 20 attorneys general, democrat attorneys general threatened to sue over this, saying service had been disrupted. tbu ryea at the veeen hngriearo doubt over the election and the quality of votes cast if mail-in ballots are used as much as we expect them to be used during this cybuge,clhe tics of this president are saying this reversal by the postmaster general may be too little too late because some of the changes had been implemented. >> but they are still going to
7:54 pm
call the postmaster general for will still vote on saturday on their funding bill for the postal service. thank you, cecilia. now, it is time for dr. jill biden. she's going to be speaking from. she's going to bepe s23g2,inak . let's check in with the end of the video introducing dr. jill biden. >> the future first lady of the united states. >> that's right. there you go. >> if dr. biden is our first lady, the country will be getting one ofumans that we have. >> she has been through some really tough things in her own life and she knows how hard it can be.>>rin people in theirl like hell for them. >> we all ndeecommunity. dewedeeo t others for ne.thed each other.
7:55 pm
>> and now, please welcome dr. jill biden. >> i have always loved the sounds of a classrm. the quiet that sparks with possibility just before students shuffle in. the murmur of ideas bouncing back and forth as we explore the world together. the laughter and tiny moments of surprise you find in terms aungve taught a million times. herenwh a it brandywine high school, i would spend my summer school year abo filled with anticipation. but this quiet is heavy.iety th.
7:56 pm
there's no scent of new notebooks or freshly waxed floors. the rooms arear d brikght young faces that sho fdull them are now confined to boxes on a computer screen. i hear it from so many of you. the frustration of parents juggling work while they support their children's learning are afraid that their kids might get sick from school the concern of every person working without enough protection. the despair in the lines that stretch out befanks. borfoe odi that follows every lonely last breath when the off. as agrandmother, as an american, i am heartbroken by the m tniagtu ode failure to
7:57 pm
communities. by every precious and irreplaceable life gone. like so many of you, i'm left asking, how do i keep my family safe? you know, motherhood came to me in a way i never expected. o lillfetti le boys standing in wreckage of unthinkable loss. mourning a wifend mother, a daughter and sister. i never imat the agegi ad of 26 i would be asking myself, how do you make a broken family whole? still, joe always told the boys, mommy sent jill to us, and how could i argue with her? and so, we figured it out together in those big moments
7:58 pm
that would go by too fast. thanksgivings and state championships, birthdays and weddings. in the mundane ones that we didn't even know were shaping our lives. reading stories piled on the couch, rowdy sunday dinners and silly arment listening to the faint sounds of laughter that would float downstairs as joe put the kids to bed every night while i studied for grad schl or graded papers under the pale yellow kitchen lamp. the dinner dishesai w we found that love holds a family together. love makes us flexible and resilient. it allows us toec beom m ourselves together. and though it can't protect us from the sorrows of life, it givese.s you make a broken fami
7:59 pm
whole? the same way you make a nation whole. with love and understanding and with small acts of kindness with bravery, with unwavering faith. you show up for each other in big waysaianndd aagain it's what so many of you are doing right now ones, for complete strangers, for your communities. are thosel us that our country is de that differences are irreconcilable. but that's not what i've seen over these last few months. we're coming together and holding onto each other. we're finding mercy and grace in the moments we might have once a redior granted.hat our
8:00 pm
precious and our similarities infinite. we have shown that the heart of this nation still beats with kindness and courage. that's the soul o afca jrimeoe bi fisn inhtig after our son beau died of cancer, ide w would ever smile or feel joy again. s warmth left for me. four days after beau's tune rfu i watched joe sahave and put on his suit. i watched him steel himself in the mirror, take a breath, put his shoulders back and walk out he went back to work. i couldn'
8:01 pm
even imagine how he did it. how he put one foot in fro ontn. but i've always understood why he did it. for the daughter who convinces her mom to finally get a breast cancer screening and misses work to drive her to the clinic. for the community college student who has faced usab toe, finish herme degree and make a good li or f boy whose mom is serving as a marine in iraq, who puts on a brave face in his video call and doesn't complain when the only thinge h wants f pero events. is to be with her.a the ones he talked to for hours after dinner, helping them smile
8:02 pm
through their loss,ngowtiethat . he does it for you. joe's purpose has always driven him forward. his strength of will is unstoppable and his faith is unshakable. because it's not in politicians or political partiesr in himself. it's in the providence of god. his faith is in you, in us. yes, so many classrooms are quiet right now. the playgrounds are still but if you listen closely can hear the sparks of change in the country, of life irst responders, wks are putting their shoulders ckba


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