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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 2, 2020 11:35pm-12:06am PDT

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on this wednesday night. i believe that's correct. right now on jimmy kimmel, guest host anthony anderson with yara >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," with guest host, anthony anderson. tonight, yara shahidi and cori bush. and now, anthony anderson. >> welcome to jimmy kimmel live, i'm anthony anderson. and i will be your guest host for the night. again. for the third time this summer. you know, when i told jimmy that i'm always happy to fill in for him, i didn't literally mean always. but i do wanna say thanks to jimmy, having to put on pants and haul my ass back to this abandoned house was by far the best birthday present i got. for those of you who don't know,
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i turned 50 on saturday, which was a lot of fun. we did one of those drive by parties. where i grew up in compton, you didn't want to be associated with a drive by. but this was fun. my friends and family shouted muffled "happy birthdays" from their cars while wearing festive masks. it was like my own personal version of "the masked singer." who is that, my mama or chaka khan? and this was an extra special birthday for me, because on friday, i got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. of course, they say you don't really have a star on the walk of fame until someone dressed as elmo throws up on it. and that happened on tuesday! i can't wait to take my grandkids to hollywood boulevard someday and say "see where that meth head is break dancing? that's right on top of your grand daddy's name" i need all the victories i can get right now, because next month there's a pretty good chance they're
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gonna give my emmy away to someone else again. i'm nominated for lead actor in a comedy series, and these are the odds for my category. i'm the least favored to win. and look, it's great to be nominated and all, but the truth is i don't do this for the awards. i do it for the money. i've been nominated for my role on "blackish" six years in a row. haven't won. i'm 0 for 6. that means i've had my same acceptance speech. this acceptance speech in my pocket, for six long years, since september of 2015. and now it's time for america to finally hear it. guillermo? announce me. >> guillermo: just a second! and the emmy goes to mr. anthony anderson! >> what?
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we did it! we did it! we did it, mama, we won, oh, my god. i have so many people to thank. god, the academy, all my followers on vine. shout out to my fellow "toys r' us" shareholders. this year is gonna be huge! i will never take this honor for granted because who knows? one day we may not be able to do the things we love with the people we love. one day we may not be able to gather in large crowds like this or get within six feet of each other without a mask. i can't think of any reason why that would happen, i'm just saying. i am so proud to be an american. we have elected a black
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president twice. now i'm getting this award. so yeah, racism is pretty much solved. we're good now. winning this means the world to me. i would hate to be one of those guys who just kept getting nominated year after year, over and over, until he becomes a joke and it's just sad. but here i am! and if i can win an emmy, anything is possible. like the words of a great song, by an even greater artist. "i believe i can fly!" "i believe i can" yeah you know what i should probably update this before the emmys. okay, now for something fun and helpful. since you can't really go to a restaurant right now, a lot of people are signing up for those meal delivery services.
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and i'm getting in on the action, with a delicious and nutritious new business venture. >> these days we're all doing a lot less eating out and a lot more cooking at home. but it can be hard to find a delive delivery mole service that's right for you until now. introducing anthony anderson's back of the pantry collection. the only meal delivery service that gives you the ingredient anthony anderson was able to find in the back of his pantry. >> i checked the expiration dates myself. >> every week, you will find a box of ingredients that he purchased sometime in the bush administration delivered to your door. >> pickled jalapeno peppers, turkey jerky, artichoke hearts and rice-a-roni, from 2007. legally speaking, it's still good. >> and each box comes with a recipe card, giving you detailed instructions on how to use those ingredients to cook the perfect meal. >> people always ask me, is this
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really a meal service or just a way to sell weird crap in my cupboard. to them i say, shut up and eat your [ bleep ] lentils. mama! we got another box ready! >> anthony anderson's back of the pantry meal service. what are you going to do? go to a store? eat at your own risk. >> what will i think of next? we've got a great show for you tonight, missouri congressional candidate cori bush is here. we'll be right back with yara shahidi. >> and sitting in with the cletones tonight is an amazing street performer from detroit, deon forrest. take it away deon! ♪ ♪ >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by marvel's avengers.
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stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. ♪ >> good stuff deon. that's deon forrest everybody. welcome back to jimmy kimmel live, i'm anthony anderson. next week, the show has a whole new line-up of guest hosts for you including david spade, jason derulo, and lil rel howery. my first guest tonight has played my tv daughter on black-ish since 2014. now she plays that character on her own show, attends harvard and is here to promote a movie i have nothing to do with. it's just like that song "cat's in the cradle", only more heartbreaking. she co-stars in the animated
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comedy adventure "fearless." >> please help me, just until i can send them back where they came from. >> wrangling space babies is not part of my schedule today, okay? >> hmm, you are pathetic. i've got to call my parents. >> thank you. >> mom, yeah. i know. this big project just got a lot bigger than i thought. >> "fearless" is currently available on netflix. please welcome yara shahidi. oh, my baby, my baby! >> hi! >> yara, so let's get straight to it. how have you been spending your quarantine time? what's been going on with you and the family? >> it's been pretty chill. we usually don't leave our house very often. i think it was five months in the first time my brother stepped his foot in a store with a mask on. taking it extremely seriously but keeping it a little fun. mama's birthday was yesterday, so trying to be a little creative. >> speaking of birthdays, you
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are surrounded by leos, your mother being one, myself, be another, kenya barris being another, and marseille being another and lawrence being another. that's five leos in your life that you're around on a daily basis. what did you do for your mother's birthday this past week? >> well, we kept it a little chill, you know, work has been non-stop, as i know it's been for you. and so we went to the beach and did a very socially-distant workout class on the beach, which was beautiful. and, like had her favorite dessert. we had her favorite ice cream flown in from hawaii that she hasn't had in years and her favorite cupcakes. one of our dear friends makes the best cupcakes and made them especially for her birthday. so a lot of food. >> okay. that's all fine and good. >> ah-oh.
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>> i have a slight issue. you did all of that, but yet you couldn't come to hollywood boulevard for your tv daddy's star on the walk of fame? and if that was going to be too hectic, you couldn't do a drive by to my 50th drive by birthday celebration at my house? you live in the foothills of the foothills, and you went all the way to the beach to play in the sand with your mama and her friends and melted ice cream from hawaii. >> okay. first and foremost, we celebrated from a distance your star. i've not been in the hollywood vicinity, i'm a little offended. i don't remember receiving a drive by invite. you know we would have pulled up. >> i have the receipts. i will go to my phone and pull up the receipts where you asked me for your address so you can come by, and i sent an address to you. >> i asked you for your address to send you a gift. it wasn't related to a drive by. >> okay. and i still haven't received said gift in the mail.
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why is that? >> thank you, usps. >> oh. okay. all right, i'm still proud of you. so at 20 years old, you are a student at harvard university. you are the star of your own television show. and you've launched your own company, and you have a deal at disney, an overall deal at disney now. how do you manage it all? >> with an incredible team of folks. i have the best support network. i mean, you know my whole family, and i think we operate very similarly, just always having our families involved in every step of the process. but i think fortunately i've been surrounded by people who encourage me to do it all. i remember thinking back to even first season of "blackish". i was telling this story the other day. i remember how well
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felt in the "black-ish" producer sections with you. it was one of the only audition sessions i walked out and was, i don't care if i don't get this because i had the best time. i was so happy with the experience itself. what it spoke to was my first days on set, everyone supporting how to figure out the balance of my education and this show and every other passion i've had has always been encouraged by everyone. so thank you for that. >> oh, my pleasure. and thank you for blessing me with your talent. now i want to bring up something from the past. my real-life son took my real-life tv daughter to his prom. how was that experience hanging out with my son nate, and how did that come about? >> i realize it doesn't sound right as i explain it and you position us as tv brothers and sisters, but he played our tv cousin in season one of "blackish", and i think we all became pretty much instant friends throughout the years. when it came time for his prom, i got to join him. and we had the best time. those were the fur coats my brother brought out for us to
11:52 pm
celebrate. but we had such a good time. he asked me actually at one of the "blackish" events. so everything has happened, all these milestones on the "black-ish" lot. and his entire friend group i've known for the past couple years too. he hangs out with other blursion people. so we had a great time. >> i was looking forward to paying for my real-life tv daughter's son to my real life son who played my tv nephew. one other question, you're 20 years old, yara, and you don't have a driver's license, what's going on with that? and let's clear something else up. everybody thinks i promised every kid on "blackish" a car. that is not true. i only -- no, no, did i promise you a car, too? >> yes. i've really, honestly been waiting on the car.
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>> really? huh? what's that, huh, nasa? we'll be right back with cori bush. we're coming up to you right now. i got you. nasa. ♪ ♪ ♪ one, two, three! my baby don't mess around because she loves me so this i know fo sho! c'mon! hey ya! hey ya! shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake, shake it shake it like a polaroid picture! (you know what to do!) hey ya! hey ya! hey...♪ today's the day to get to your toyota dealer. but hurry, they're going fast. toyota. let's go places
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i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back. do your part to lower the risk. ♪ >> welcome back to jimmy kimmel live, i'm anthony anderson. our next guest's life story is truly remarkable. it includes chapters on homelessness, nursing,
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pastoring, activism, and now - candidacy for the u.s. house of representatives. a few weeks back, she defeated a 10-term incumbent in the primary, after defeating covid-19. please welcome the democratic nominee from missouri's first congressional district, cori bush. >> woo! >> all right, cori, congratulations on your huge victory, not unlike the upset victory that the trail blazers had over the lakers this, earlier this week. now tell me about this. what was election night like for you, since you are, or you were the underdog. you unseated or you beat a ten-term incumbent, and this seat has been held from 1968 up until now by two people. a father and a son. tell me, how were you able to do this, and how did you feel with
11:58 pm
this accomplishment? >> let me just say, it was no small thing, but we believed, like in my heart i believed i could do it. the team believed we could do it, but, you know, with all the adversity we kept going, you're the underdog, you don't have any money, you don't have any name. your name is bush. oh, you're a black woman, oh, you have dark skin, oh, you have braids. but, you know, we kept going. the day of the election i felt in my heart i was going to win this. i'm a nurse, i've gone through my covid experience. i'm an activist that's been on the ground since ferguson. people know who i am. let me say, when we made it back to the office, i was out, you know, just talking to people at the polls. the excitement was there, so when i made it back, people were already gathering. the press and everybody. so i hopped out the van and the deejay was like playing music, so i'm ready, you know, i'm like, okay, let's dance.
11:59 pm
we're just having a ball outside the campaign office, and all of a sudden my team was like pssst, what? they ushered me into the office, and they said they called the race for the incumbent, and i'm like, it's 1% reporting, like i was crushed. so i said okay, i'm just going to turn on, i'm not going to look at my phone, i'm going to turn on my ipad and go and watch a movie. so i'm trying to watch a movie, and all of a sudden there's this notification i was in the lead. okay, wait, wait, wait, everybody stop. then i peeked up again, and all i saw was "cori defeats." and i was like somebody verify this. i'm like, okay, i got to pee! what happened? >> you are so st. louis. >> i'm so st. louis, yes. >> tell me this. in the middle of your campaign,
12:00 am
you were fighting and battling covid-19. how were you able to campaign from a hospital bed while battling this disease? and running for office? >> you know, it was, it was really a mind thing, because i couldn't breathe, like breathing was, you know, every second of the day, like every breath i had to, you know, force an inhale and an exhale. and as a nurse, it was like oh, my gosh, i just felt like i knew what this could mean. and i couldn't sleep, you know, but my team kept fighting. so they would call me, and they would try to only come at me with a bunch of things at once so i wouldn't have to talk a lot throughout the day. that's how we managed on the really, really bad days. i'm on a bed, on a live stream, only audio, you're not going to see what my hair looks like, you know, it was just really, you know, and i'm talking like this. and they're like, you know what? you sound terrible, get off the live stream. we need to call an ambulance.
12:01 am
but the team is amazing, and we kept going. i was not going to let, look, i was not going to let covid-19 or the symptoms of it stop me from reaching this goal because i felt like i can't breathe right now, but it's temporary. but my people in this district, we haven't been able to breathe for a long time, and we won't be able to breathe with all of our struggles unless somebody steps up that really cares. >> all right, i'm not going to say "if elected", when elected, what is the number one issue for you? what are you going to do in office? >> so, number one issue is equity. that's going to affect everything. it's going to be racial equity, economic equity, making sure our people are connected with the health care they need, come coming in the door i need some covid-19 relief. this community is hurting so bad. you know, we got high homicide and, you know, it's time out for that. i'm tired of surviving st. louis. it's time for us to live. like i said, murphy lee said at
12:02 am
that best. i'm so st. louis. so i'm representing the people. i don't have health insurance myself right now. i'm a representative of the people, and i'm about to change that. >> yes, you are. yes, you are. and to all the beautiful brown sisters out there with tattoos, with braids, you represent them well, congratulations, i can't wait for you to get into office, and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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jimmy kimmel, and sorry to matt damon. nobody likes you. nightline is next. goodnight. hi, mama! this is "nightline." tonight, q aenon. inside the evolution of a baseless conspiracy theory. from political rallies to the briefing room. >> i don't know much about the movement other than i understand they like me very much which i appreciate. >> now, it's triggering real-life violence, and how the q conspiracy may be making its way into the nation's halls of power. >> do you believe in this conspiracy theory that there is a satan-worshipping global cabal who are pedophiles.
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