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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 18, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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>> we will let you know when the air quality declines again. >> a robot on a mission in the south bay, their job more important in the pandemic. abc7 news starts right now. >> delivering better bay area, for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. this feeling of a stranger who violated my mother, being a part of me is deeply disturbing. how do you deal with that? >> a shocking discovery for a mother in the east bay. >> a shocking and disturbing, she thought she was artificially inseminated with an anonymous sperm donor and she may be the victim of fertility fraud. >> kate larson is here to explain how 40 years later family found out that they are biologically linked to a doctor that was a fraud and predator. >> at home dna test is
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responsible for unraveling a painful history. >> sometimes i don't see myself, i see him. >> him, dr. michael keegan, seen here in a 2011 facebook post. at 40 years old, she discovered that he is her biological father. >> no one should have to find out that they are the product of a predator. >> this had dates back to when my husband and i were newly weds and trying to conceive a child. >> livermore resident catherine richards is julie's mother, she sought fertility treatment at the practice starting in 1978. on wednesday, she filed this lawsuit against keegan, alleging battery and fraud. the suit characterizes the act as medical rain. >> the doctor lied to us. >> last year,heancestry dna tes.
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>> i was 50% jewish and i had a half brother that i never knew about. made me start to question things. i got connect with a geneologst and made the connection to the doctor. >> we tested her brother, and found they had the same biological father. >> he needs to answer what he did did. >> the boy in the richards neighborhood was the you result of kegan's deceitful insemination. >> we are aware of three children who were the product of dr. kegan's violations. we don't know if there are any otherser something we will find out through the lawsuit. >> so kegan now lives in virginia, where he is still license willed to practice medicine, but his former clinic told abc7 that he has not worked there for ten years. i did speak to kegan's attorney
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who said i don't have a comment and i don't speak to reporters. >> kate, thank you. >> the armenian community is rattled again tonight, fire has gutt eted part of a community center owned by a armenian arme church and church leeaders they suspect it was arson. we explain why the community has been on edge for months. >> everything is gone. everything is in terrible shape. >> reporter: th >> reporter: they are describing the inside of the community church building after fire tore through it early thursday morning. the cause of the fire under vacation, but they believe somebody purposely did it, and used one molotov cocktail to start it. >> it's awful. i was in tears.
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everything, my desk is gone. >> reporter: that includes pictures of her late husband. >> even after 100 years, we are still a target. it's terrible. >> reporter: in in jujuly, the l located in a different area of san francisco was hit by vandals, and messages about armenians were written with graffiti and now this fire. >> there are people, that we think, don't like armenians and somehow, through their hate, this is how they take their revenge. >> reporter: you are looking at the windows of the community center that burned and they have been boarded up. you can see the soot on the ground. church leaders believe somebody is to blame here, they are offering a $25,000 reward. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> new developments, a of a viral incident is scheduled
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to be paved over, the day after it was painted it was vandalized and the next man a man was arrested for waving a gun at a neighborhood nearby and since then, it has been suffering wear and tear. the street will be repaved in october as part of a larger downtown project. >> now to the massive california wildfires, starting with the largest in state history, the august complex in mendocino humbolt counties are 30% contained and the north complex, 40% contained and the creek fire south of smoke from the creek fire, forced yosemite park to close to visitors tonight. this is new time lapse video from yosemite valley and you cannot see much of anything right there. it's invisible. the air quality is projected to
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be in the you be healthy to hazardous range in the next several days the park expects the closure to last through the weekend. >> that's just sad looking. all right will, well certified crews had started going through homes burned in sonoma county to remove any hazardous materials. they are focusing on the hundreds of homes that burned. both part of the lightning complex. county supervisors are saying that the supervisors are spread thin. but they expect the process will only tie a few works. >> it ensures that again, the waste will be properly disposed of, not just thrown in to our landfill. which could be a problem. it ensures that the employees of the, any contractor coming on the site are going to be safe and homeowners themselves. >> tuesday supervisors eased some residentsy restrictions in an amendment to get people back on their property sooner. >> abc7 has partnered with the red cross and more than a dozen money for wild fire evacuees, we got new
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numbers in for our day of giving. so far, $538,366 has been donated and you can donate online right now, go to red,/abc, i'm in san jose, south bay residents may come across a crew of robots. their purpose during the covid-19 pandemic. >> plus, redefining the classroom to help build a better bay area. meet the local educators especially powering young black students. >> pack your bags, hawaii is preparing to welcome back travelers, but there's one thing you have to do first. >> i'm meteorologist sandia
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without the immediate threat of covid-19 or bad air quality. kiwi bot is a berkley based start up. they pair robots with restaurants in san jose. we report on how business owners, they are saying this is a potential life line during the pandemic. >> on the day skies turned orange across the bay area, and an abc7 photo journalist captured this scene, about a dozen robots rolling through downtown. we were led here to paper moon cafe, where take-out, meets tech. he turned to kiwi bot, the delivery robot start up, providing people with a contactless experience. >> the pandemic has been able to help us realize this stuff and incorporate our ability to put the robots in our lives. >> they bat their eyes and keep contents locked inside until they reach the right customers.
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the owner said that clean energy was the inspiration. >> what we create is a solution for us as a society. in the last six months, definitely our pipeline has grown. >> his robot crew eliminates person to person contact. keeps people inside to avoid smokey air, and helps small businesses. >> well, we have done well, we had to figure out how to get established in the middle of a pandemic and a challenge is people don't want to come outside anymore. >> kiwi bots were launched for beta testing, this is the first city to be integrated with the robot company. abc7 news. >> i know you want a kiwi bot after seeing that. >> yeah, right. >> they are adorable. the pandemic is put us in a unique position for the past six months.lein told to isolate fro another as much as possible. >> yeah, it's just so odd and
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outside the san francisco ferry building we asked what it's been like. >> it's been an experience that is hopefully once in a lifetime. i'm sad to see what it's done to the city. >> it's getting tiring and it's getting on everybody nerves. >> getting boring. >> my cooking routine is getting boring. >> and i think we are all emotionally spent. well, we have turned online more and more because of the pandemic. for a look back at the coverage when the shut down started and some of our most popular and compelling stories from the last six months. download the abc news connected tv app. it's on apple tv, fire tv, and roku. >> those segments are good. a woman is recovering after a coyote bit her while hiking on tennessee beach the woman has minor injuries. park officials told the paper they were attempting to collect a sample of a coyotes dna from the woman's clothing to hopefully identify and track the animal. >> we are focusing on race and
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social justice this week. in our effort to build a better bay area. and we are launching a new series. it's where you will hear many of the diverse voices had in our community on a variety of issues. here is abc7 news anchor -- to kick it off. >> reporter: we are doing something new here at abc7, we are turning our mics to people in the community for a segment we are calling for the better. we will introduce you to people in the neighborhoods who are working hard to build a better bay area. today, you will hear from tyson amir and mike davis, from the black literacy collective. it promotes literacy and comprehension, that involves socially and culturally content. >> you know if you were here last week, i write heavy ball. we want to break it down. >> the black program is an evoluti evolutionary program, they are going get the writing skills,
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and the skills that allows them to touch on the content standards that the state of california and the united states wants them to be exposed to in school. but in addition to that, they are going get the social, the political, the cultural, historical foundation that they should have we know the school system is not going give them, because the school system is never set up to education our community properly. as a collective of writers, we can help bridge the gap or interrupt and bring in the revolutionar educational experience that so many young people are hungry for. >> i use poetry to explore childhood trauma. i wanted to share it with young people so they can learn to articulate their emotions, identify, you know, certain triggers or tramas that impact them. and provide them a platform to express thengzs. often times, the classroom
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setting, >> that's an expression with tyson and mike, and we will see what is going on. this is just the beginning. every couple of weeks, you will hear from people all over the bay area. who are trying to make a difference in their very diverse communities. abc7 news. >> thank you. aloha means hello after multiple delays, hawaii will finally lift its mandatory quarantine rules for visitors who can show a negative covid-19 test. that program will start october 15th. you have to get the test in 72 hours before you arrive in the islands. cvs and keiser are working to provide the test, it could be just the thing for people that want to get away. >> getting off the plane with
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100, or 150 other people that have already been tested too, is a relatively safe choice, i think, and i think a lot of people will probably jump at the chance to get on a plane and go to hawaii. >> the pretest program was supposed to start in august. but was pushed back several times because of surges in covid-19. looks good. doesn't it. >> i'm thinking, in the 72 hours what may have happened. >> okay. >> i know. >> i'm just cautious. >> okay. all right had. >> our tower camera.
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it's san francisco tonight, it's a cooler day, and the marine lay er. probably noticed above that. the air quality was terrific. and right now -- the area from santa rosa, and jose, at least for tomorrow. you have a chance to enjoy fresh air, get outside for a few minutes. not so fresh. some of the area where the fires are burning, why the air quality alert is iaffect uil all ou u have good air quality. the blues are indicating less smoke around the region. thanks to a sea breeze, cooler air and a low pressure moving through. things started to change as the
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wind switches direction. you start to see the pink showing up, all the way in to sunday, that's an indication that the smoke starts coming back down from the north, even the east and it's going to get worse as we head towards the weekend. air quality advisory, due to smoke impacts from the wildfires for tomorrow, good to moderate air quality in the bay area and the upper layer will continue to see smoke from time to time. live doppler 7 showing the fog and mid and high level clouds. that is remnants of tropical storm karina, the low pressure storm that we are watching is going to push off in the pacific northwest, bring the much needed rain. northern california gets a few showers and here in the bay area, it will be in the form of drizzle. look how mild it is. 60ss for most areas and that is because we don't have the upwelling of the water. look at the sea surface temperatures. it's 64 at point rays, sfo camera, could face delays because of the low ceilings.
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cooler, breezy er, tomorrow afternoon and smokeyer and windier, warmer this weekend. drizzle in the morning. and then, in the afternoon, we are going see pps, to the mid 60s. afternoon highs, they are coming down, low 80s. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, it will be increasing smoke for the weekend and warmer weather. autumn arrives on tuesday. it will cool. ready for hawaii? >> yeah, you know? you guys stay cautious, i will go and i will report back from the beach. okay? thank you. tomorrow on good morning america, kiersey clemons
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the giants entered the game with 12 games to go. the bay area is on the horizon. they finished the season with seattle as the road team inside oracle park. they moved to the bay area because of the bad air quality in in seattle. the homer to left, 1-0 giants. bottom two, seattle up 2-1. two on for j.p. crawford, it's a 2rb knock to left. that capped a four-run inning. giants star tyler anderson was ejected with the third, there he goes, for arguing balls and strikes. top six, the giants respond, bases loaded for evan longoria. makes it a 4-2 game, giants now down 4-of 3 in the seventh. two on for wilmer flores, shoots the gap for right center. two runs scores, as flores slides in with a triple. the giants win 6-4 and had they head to oakland for a three-game weekend set. the 49ers will see a familiar
1:35 am
face, the ageless wonder, frank gore is seeing the 16th season, second time ever he suited up against san francisco, he is a future hall of famer and the 49ers all-time leading rusher. with bell out sunday. gore will get a start and a bulk on of the carries for gang green on sunday. >> i love frank gore, he is one of the best running backs to ever play. he is one of the more underrated running backs to ever play. >> this squirrel busy replacing divots, shot out of the rougheneds up being rough. woods frustrated with the score. and the squirrel will have work to do on that one. here is patrick reed's shot, 165 yards out, a bounce and? and he scored under 66, the entire field chasing justin thomas, and play was suspended due to darkness, zach johnson with his due to 70, you can see s that you will
1:36 am
ever see. i found the bottom of the cup. and nba playoffs, cal's jaylen browns, the celtics evening up the eastern conference finals. with just over three to go. miami down two. butler ties it up. he 14 points for the heat. under a minute to go, miami up four now, dragic, game high, 25, six point lead for the heat, ensuing celtics possession. get to cal's jaylen brown, the triple, he had 21. that brought the celtics within three. they are down three hear, wide open corner three for brown. and he misses.
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in-and-out's double-double. number two, five guys bacon cheeseburger. five guys hamburger. five guys cheeseburger. whataburger's. >> five guys, definitely. >> five guys, two on the list, woo. >> i don't go to five guys and shake shack a lot because i know what will happen is i'll just go there all the time to get a burger. but -- god, i love the burgers, i really do. >> listen, there is nothing better than in-and-out burger, that's the hill i'm going to die on. >> she's such a californian. they say people from california love talking about in-and-out. >> yes! the secret menu, you don't understand. >> always talking about in-and-out like it's the best thing in the world. >> it is. >> got to go to california, got to go to in-and-out. there's a whole meme about you guys and in-and-out. >> you'ru went to l.a., you cou get it, the line was too long. >> i went, i went, yeah, i went.
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