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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 18, 2020 1:42am-2:00am PDT

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hawaii is lifting its mandatory quarantine for visitors or thing october 15th. travelers must complete a nasal swab test within 72 hours of their flight to hawaii and show proof of a negative result in order to forgo the 14-day quarantine. a dentist in alaska will serve a sentence. 7th lockhart's case made headlines after video of him extracting a patient's tooth while standing on a hover board. a judge called his behavior outrageous, narcissistic, and crazy. amazon has opened its first amazon fresh supermarket in woodland hills, california. >> john gregory of kabc has that
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story. >> reporter: it may be the future of retail. amazon fresh is a high-tech shopping experience that has some customers thrilled. >> it was fabulous. it was really great. >> it's spectacular, it's easy. everything's perfect. >> extremely easy, clean, precise. the people are so friendly. >> reporter: the response from those who tried it is overwhelmingly positive. smartcarts scan items as they go in and adds up your costs as you go. when you're done shopping, it charges straight to your credit card. >> there's a little monitor here, and it tells how much you owe and how much you bought and what you bought. >> reporter: while the smartcarts are getting all the attention, they do have traditional shopping carts here too, and they still have clerks as well helping people check out. >> i happened to have used the cashier, but yes, had you not
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wanted to, put your cell phone in, pays, remembers everything. >> reporter: the high-tech shopping experience is especially timely in the age of the coronavirus. no checkout lines means less contact with others. >> i think in the day of everything that's happening, it's going to make everything smooth. >> reporter: it may not be for everyone, but amazon fresh makes a good first impression. a fast, high-tech experience that has these shoppers smiling. john gregory, abc 7 eyewitness news. >> oh, amazon. take all my money. a first of its kind store selling covid protection products in new york is open now. >> it's called cv-19 essential. we're talking way beyond masks and hand sanitizer. this place offers everything from portable air purifiers to plexiglas dividers. coming up next half hour, the latest development starring netflix star jerry harris, in jail facing child pornography charges. counting down to the emmy awards. we're hearing from the nominees next on "world news now." we're hearing from the nominees next on "world news now." messes with sprays. ough
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high ♪ some of the most famous names in hollywood are getting ready to turn out for their big night on sunday. >> we're counting down to the emmys this year being broadcast from 20 cities and 10 countries. our own will ganss is here with a preview. >> good morning. this year's emmy awards will be unlike any we've seen before. the slate of nominees more diverse, more talented, more exciting than any class before it. but don't ask me, let's ask the nominees themselves. >> what is your favorite season? >> awards. >> reporter: me too, moira. >> live from los angeles -- >> reporter: awards season is officially upon us. tv's biggest night promising an awards show like we've never seen before. the emmy awards bringing together 138 stars live from 114 locations across 10 different countries. how will they pull it off?
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who knows? one thing we do know, jimmy kimmel hosts from an empty staple centers in los angeles. he'll be joined by a few presenters, but everyone else will be live from their living room as the winners are announced. all eyes are on [ bleep ] creek and its leading lady, catherine o'hara. which scoops up awards this week. >> i'm sorry, i -- i guess i'm -- stressed. >> reporter: and watch out for "watchmen." it's the most-nominated show of the night and was named program of the year at the tcas. its star, regina king, by likely be one of many movie stars aiming to take home television's biggest honors sunday. holy hollywood. as for drama series, looks like a successful night's in store for "succession." bookies have the hbo show at 4-1 odds, though the force is strong
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with its competition, disney plus' "the mandalorian" could see baby yoda going home with his first-ever emmy award. the emmys are still promising to be full of the classic glamor and style we're used to. just ask best actress nominee zendaya. >> i definitely want to pull a living room carpet, you know? >> oh, zendaya and that look. jimmy kimmel saying, believe me, i'm not up for any challenge. there's a challenge i prefer to take a nap, but i figured since i said yes, i had to stick with it. it's going to be a more complicated jonathan it usually is. >> all right, thank you, will. it's going to be good to see jimmy kimmel because he's been off all summer. >> he has been. i'm sure he's downplaying it, bus he's excited to come back, we know. >> so many good nominees. i love all those shows. "watchmen." another one. coming up, the "welcome to" sign that was erected in the wrong city. and a goat gets a lollipop after its first haircut. our friday "mix" and a brand-new "polka" just for you.
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you better believe it. with olay body. ♪ it is time now for your friday "mix." oh, we love a good florida story. >> we sure do. >> so apparently this city in -- i believe it's hollywood, florida, they were erecting a new sign because they needed one. they didn't like the tiny little sign they already had. so they got a new one, check it out. >> okay, let's see it. oh, wait, wait, wait. >> welcome to dania beach. guess what, you're not in dania, you're in hollywood. >> oh. >> apparently people were like, whoa. it was bad enough to have a little sign, now you're welcomed to the wrong city? i'm pretty sure a resident of dania beach put that up. >> right. >> there has to be some kind of setup. >> no, no, no, wrong place. follow the gps, it will get you there, right?
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i remember my first haircut like it was yesterday. >> your last one, too. >> it was the last one. but this tennessee goat says, look, it's time to get fresh. >> oh! there's nothing like a fresh lineup. >> got a fresh lineup, go the a little haircut. then guess what? >> what? >> it got a lollipop right after. >> aww, feeling like a whole new goat. friday "polka," new one. please welcome back swedish sensation gooden hill carling and carling's darlings. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every
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