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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 24, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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to the streets of the bay area after the ruling in the breonna taylor case. peaceful demonstrations here as violence breaks oil ut in her hometown. encouraging news for students and families, what a new report reveals about a connection between classrooms and covid. and united launches a program for travelers, how it can make us feel safer the next time we take to the sky. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, september 24th. jobina is back. hey, we missed you. and drew is here with our forecast. >> good morning, everybody. yeah, today we have dense fog along the coast line and a little bit of drizzle as well. look at the golden gate bridge camera, you can see the thick fog. visibility along the coast down to less than a mile. there you can see the lights of one car. so early on this morning, we'll have the fog along the coastline, but today in the
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afternoon, it is really nice, a cooler afternoon compard to yesterday. and our air quality remains fresh. so later on today, temperatures away from the coast in the 70s to mid-80s. so a quick check of the air quality, no matter where you live, we're good to go. but changes are coming starting tomorrow. and this weekend we're tracking a heightened fire danger and also our next head wave. developing news this morning, protests erupted overnight from coast to coast after the ruling in the breonna taylor case. one of the largest was in new york city whereas you can see here, crowds of people were marching through the streets protesting the grand jury's indictment of just one officer in the case. those charges aren't even related to breonna taylor's death. and at the epicenter in louisville, protests turned violent and two police officers were shot. >> reporter: overnight, protests across the country following the
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grand jury's decision in the breonna taylor case. and in louisville, demonstrations continuing violent. >> officer down. >> reporter: investigators confirming two police officers were shot less than one hour before the city's curfew when a large crowd faced off with police in riot gear. both officers with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> i'm very concerned. >> reporter: kentucky's governor deploying roughly 500 members of the national guard to help. joe biden tweeting even amidst the anger, violence can never be the answer. the president tweeted that he was praying for the officers shot but refused to answer questions about breonna taylor protestors. >> it have a really big call. >> protesting in the streets, what is your message to them? >> reporter: only one of the three officers involved in taylor's shooting has been charged, but they aren't related to they death
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charges for allegedly endangering neighbors. he is now out of jail on bond. and the other officers were found to have used their weapons justifiably. cass flow a . >> the grand jury agreed that mattingly and cosgrove were justified in their return of deadly fire after having been fired upon by kenneth walker. >> reporter: walker, taylor's boyfriend, easy is he fired a warning shot from his legally owned gun when he did not hear police announce themselves. breonna taylor's attorney calls the decision offensive. the fbi says that it is looking into all aspects of the breonna taylor case including the information used to get that search warrant and whether or not it was legal. alex presha, abc news, washington. and he here in the bay area, protesters marched through the streets to demand justice for
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breonna. new video shows a crowd of about 100 people chanting breonna taylor's name. their destination was the mission police station where they held a rally calling to defund the police department. the crowd also held a moment of silence to honor breonna taylor. in the east bay, people joined together in what organizers called a revenge for breonna taylor rally. a crowd marched to police headquarters and faced off with dozens of officers. some demonstrators blocked access to some streets. they took a knee in the street, beating drums and chanting. another rally is scheduled for later this morning and we'll have more on that in our next half hour. most schools are still closed to in-person learning because of covid-19. and now we're learning more about what is happening in places where children have gone back to their schedules. jobina fortson is at the live desk with more. >> thank you. so this is the news many parents
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have been waiting for, according to the "washington post," there is little evidence that researchers have found here that covid-19 is spreading inside school buildings. it doesn't mean that there is not a risk here, researchers point out schools have only been own for a few weeks and in many areas there has been inconsistent reporting. so it may be difficult to have a full understanding of the situation here. meanwhile, the government's top infectious disease expert dr. f fauci yesterday on capitol hill he urged americans to take the vaccine when it becomes available. >> we feel strongly that if we are have a combination of adherence to the public health measures together with a vaccine that will be distributed to people in this country and worldwide, we may be able to turn around this terrible pandemic. >> but now president trump is accusing the fda of playing politics with the vaccine after reports that the fda will
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release tougher standards for vaccine makers. the head of the fda says he will let science guide decisions. as for the economic toll of this crisis, a new poll shows more than 40% of american households are facing financial problems during the pandemic. new this morning, united airlines is set to become 9 first carrier in the u.s. to launch a covid-19 testing program for travelers. the hope here is to make it easier to manage requirements for entering popular destinations. amy hollyfield is live at sfo with more. >> reporter: yeah, united will start using this testing on october 15 lt for tth for peopl to hawaii. this is video that they provided for their test site. your test can be taken the day of your flight and results should be available in 15 minutes. if a traveler tests negative for covid-19, they will not be required to quarantine for two
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weeks in hawaii. right now hawaii requires quarantining for two weeks after arriving and governor there plans to lift the requirement on october 15th if the traveler has a negative covid test. so youunited is hoping to help t process along and will be the first u.s. airline to provide covid testing and it plans to start this on october 15th right when those requirements shift for hawaii a bit and that is also when united plans to add more flights to hawaii. so if you were hoping to get to hawaii maybe for the holidays, everyone is doing what they can to try to make that a little bit easier. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and in accuweather, we are tracking dense fog. you can see close to the coast and we'll zoom in, sfo right now done to 7 mile
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is not bad. and the marine layer is pretty deep this morning, which will keep us on the cool side later this afternoon right now temperatures are pretty uniform. 61 in the city, 66 san jose. essentially everybody is in the low or mid-60s. so later on this afternoon, we'll find slow warming. by lunch, we're only if in the 60s to low 70s. and then in the afternoon, slightly cooler compared to yesterday. the warmest spots only going into the low and mid-80s. so enjoy today, a lot of sunshine later on. again, we have good air quality across the board. mid 70s to mid-80s litter on th -- later on this afternoon. but air quality will be changing. friday it goes into the moderate catego category. and now a check of the words wi -- roads with jobina. >> and so drew showed us, but i
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want to point out the golden gate bridge because the chp has issued a fog advisory there. so you can expect to run into that low visibility. and also check out an overall look at our maps, you can see that we pretty much have everything looking good across the bay area except that stretch of red coming out of tracy this morning. so we do have a crash -- not a crash, but a stalled big rig reported westbound 580 still blocking things. but once you hit livermore, you should be clear from there. and coming up, a w50i8wild encounter for a father and son as a bay area park. and changing the car culture, the new effort to get rid of gas powered cars and
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whether consumers are ready to drive the fight on climate change. and a one-two punch to women's health because of the pandemic. the growing concern among doctors and how you can take action today. and now a look outside, this is a live look at our exploratorium camera in san francisco. it is a beautiful start to our friday eve.
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join firefighters and emergency responders in voting 'yes' on 19. 5:12 a.m. and as we headed into the weekend on saturday, we'll find some changes to our winds which will prompt a fire weather watch to go into effect starting at 11:00 a.m. saturday and this will last a couple days, it will expire monday morning. what we're watching very closely, 24 tithis time of the when the winds are out of the north/northeast, that drags in dry air and it drops humidity levels very low, and also ushers in very warm temperatures. what we will watch is those winds sustained at about 10 to 20 miles per hour, which is the not all that bad.
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but we're watching these gusts that could go as high as 50 miles per hour. as we get closer to saturday, wouldn't be surprised if we get a red flag warning. health is one of the key pillars of our commitment to building a better bay area. could i diagnosing cancer patients early usually results in better outcomes, bruh becauut because pandemic, a lot of procedures have been delayed. kate larsen explains. >> while there is unfortunately a lot of patients struggling with covid, the number of patients with cancer is not going away either. >> reporter: dr. greenwood is a ucsf radiologist and specializes in breast imaging and treating breast cancer. >> several models have been published suggesting that breast
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cancer and colon cancer alone related to the pandemic in the next decade, there will be 10,000 more deaths that are just related to the fact that people are com rrnts comi coming in. >> reporter: and volume is not back up to about 90% of normal, but it is still a big concern. >> and everything is down. >> reporter: joanne is founder and ceo of susan g. komen san francisco branch, and the pandemicforced their walk to go to a virtual event. >> and it is heartbreaking because we want to help the breast cancer patient in the bay area. >> reporter: good news, there is still time to register for the walk and to schedule a cancer screening. kate larsen, abc 7 news.
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>> it costs $20 to register for the more than pink walk and it begins at 9:30 this sunday morning. abc 7 is a very proud sponsor and kate larsen will be emceeing virtually. we'll have all the information at a man and son walking their dog in golden gate park had a wild encounter. at they turned the corner, they came across some raccoons. 14 of them. look at this dog. this is in the middle of the day. most of the time raccoons come out at night the. the adventure was not over because not far away was a coyote. >> everybody has seen raccoons or occasionally a coyote, but that was just you literally out of a movie. there was like 14 coming right up to us. and i think we were too shocked to be scared.
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>> look, he's talking to them. he's having a conversation. animal control officers warn people to always maintain a safe distance from wildlife. although this looks pretty close. at your own risk, i guess. in russia, a pair of baby african penguins are gets used to the water. they are just three months old, they were introduced to the water for the first time at the zoo where they live so they could acclimate themselves. they are not sure what to make of the water at first, but they eventually went in and if you think you just throw them in, that is basically what they did. the zoo says the pool will be part of their everyday routine from now on. >> i think that they are comfy. >> those penguins are surrounded by love. they don't have a thing to worry about. >> and it is always like that when you first get in the pool, you know.
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you are like ooh. >> duane: a litt it is a little chilly. >> i'm always cannon balling. i'm like let's haves shock and move on with our lives. >> no, drew. not with you on that. i have to take my time. >> like a personal it will test, do you dip your toe or jump in in. >> toe. >> all right. that makes one of us. >> in my head, i don't know if this is true, kumasi has like a large brimmed hat the. >> oh, you know she's serving lukes out there. >> i do, friends, i do. >> she is just there to look great. today not such a pool day. but the weekend, summer will make a comeback. the calendar changed but mother nature did not. we're seeing fog along the coast, half moon bay down to it a mile, so some areas of dense fog and some coastal drizzle as the marine layer is pretty deep. this is great news with air
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quality. all these green dots mean fresh air across the entire bay area.. but that will change coming tomorrow. we have declining air quality as we head into the upcoming weekend. saturday, sunday and monday, it is moderate across the board so we'll have more haze coming our way as the winds to shift. so today, good air quality, 70s to mid-80s. tonight, not as much fog, the marine layer compresses a bit, so we're not expecting much in the way of coastal drizzle. but watch what happens with the temperatures as we head into the weekend, 80s and 90s begin to come back and then triple digits start in the forecast on sunday. and they will stick around for sever several days. so hazy and breezy on friday, there is that warmer weather coming our way starting on
5:19 am
sunday. and it will linger for four days. so get ready, another heatwave on the horizon. and your morning commute could be quite different in the coming years. by 2035, california will ban the sale of new gas powered cars. you have probably seen this story flooding your social media feeds. because the move is a drastic measure to address climate change. but as abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone reports, not everybody is ready to go all in on all electric. >> i don't like being told what i can buy or what i have to buy. >> reporter: that is a used car dealer's response to governor newsom who signed an executive order that all new cars and passenger trucks sold in the state be zero emissio emissio by 2035. >> i don't see how it is cost effective for lower income people. >> we don't need to drill
5:20 am
things, extract things in order to advance our economic goals and advance our mobility needs. >> reporter: to that those where the western states petroleum association sounded off. >> battery technology is based on a raw materials called lithium and cobalt. guess where they come from? the earth. you have to extract them. >> reporter: to many, the issue is much more basic. >> this is supposed to be a free country and it seems like all these rules we already in a pandemic, i mean we don't have enough to worry about but we got to be told what we can drive? >> reporter: peter drives a hybrid and says that it is about time someone takes a stand. >> i love the idea because climate change is ruining us. >> reporter: while the order has been signed, it doesn't affect new car sales for 15 years. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. and governor newsom's effort to get people talking when the environment is going to continue again today on this climate
5:21 am
action day. he will host a virtual round table to bring together world state, tribal and local looedea. governor newsom has been vocal about how the fires we're experiencing is evidence of climate change. and today's round table will be over innovations that can help california move forward. gla and co coming up, the 7 things to know. >> and a new controversy for -- what are we calling her? the tiger queen. how her turn on "dancing with the stars" may have landed carole baskin into some legal trouble. >> and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. that is why abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, to your loved ones and
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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if you are just joining us, here are the 7 things to know. a demonstration is set for today in the east bay after people marched to police headquarters in oakland last night in what was called a revehicvenge for ba taylor rally. [']it will be on 15th and broadway. and united airlines has
5:24 am
launched a covid-19 pilot testing program for passengers traveling between sfo and hawaii. tests will be available starting october 15. and number three, oakland unified plans to continue distance learning at least through december. the superintendent made this announcement yesterday even though alameda county is just two weeks away now from being allowed to resume in-person learning. number four, california is set to become the first state to ban the sale of gas powered vehicles. the governor wants only electric cars and trucks to be sold in the state by 2035. newsom says it will fight climate change. and number five, it is the final day of fresh air. soak it in. good air quality today, and it declines starting tomorrow and we'll stay in the moderate category over the weekend. number six, it is getting pretty busy out there in terms of traffic.
5:25 am
this is a live look showing you emeryville. people are making their way westbound on 80 this morning. no metering lights on yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. and look at this, this is number seven, a huge, and when i say huge, look, it is really huge. this is a robot in japan that is take being its first steps. why are we acting like it is somebody's newborn child? >> this 60 foot tall robot has been under construction since 2014. and it will live at a special attraction in yokohama. i'm bothered. >> well, see, i'm here for it because as a child of the '80s, i remember this show with this robot, and so this is a fantasy come true a bit. it is also extremely scary. >> it is scaredry.
5:26 am
why is it that big? does it need to be that big for your childhood dreams to come true? >> if you really want for feel the fantasy, yes. sorry, i don't make the rules. carole baskin of "tiger king" fame is now facing a lawsuit connected to the disappearance of her former husband. moton has the >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," new legal drama for darrel baskin. family of her former husband don lewis has filed a defamation lawsuit against the "tiger king" star. >> do you know who did this or if carole baskin was involved? >> i keep it inside and wait until everybody is gone before i can break down. >> reporter: the lawsuit is stemming from baskin's silence on "dancing with the stars" when lewis was referenced. she is currently appearing and is complicit with jokes about
5:27 am
don lewis' death is the >> reporter: much more coming up and also a look at a new documentary on the disappearance of lewis. with your "first look," i'm kenneth moton, abc news, new york. a texas millionaire is hoping president trump will pardon the "tiger king" joe exotic. eric love delivered a 257 page league legal document to the white house. love and a team of lawyers who call themselves team tiger say that the document proves joe exotic's innocence. he was convicted in a miles per hour for hire plot targeting carole baskin which was the subject of the netflix documentary "tiger king." >> so when you think about precious car go, it is yobbeyon pressure success because this is their entire life, this is freedom. >> a small crew from netflix is
5:28 am
also documenting love's journey. you know what, this is the topic that keeps on giving. isn't it? >> it will never end. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including a night of violence in lose victim over the breonna taylor case. and racial justice activist's thoughts on the ruling and the ongoing file for justice. >> reporter: and we saw large protests overnight in response to the decision in the breonna taylor case. and now we're learning that black women will come together today in oakland to say enough is enough. i'm julian glover with details about that demonstration. and trouble for teachers as some bay area schools look to return to the
5:29 am
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florida noti
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broken windows, are fires and resounding call for justice. the violence in louisville louie the breonna taylor case. peaceful protestors rally in the bay area to show solidarity against police violence. and teachers sound the alarm. why some say returning to class is a much higher risk than reward. and get ready to grab your bike and head out for a ride. the holiday that is about to kick off where you live. thanks for being here on this thursday, september 24. >> and first we want to check in with drew to see what our day will look like. >> good morning. we have comfortable temperatures, good air quality, just a fine fall day out there. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera here in san francisco. we do have witw have some fog o. and the made marine layer is
5:32 am
pretty deep. temperatures are in the 60s. and later this afternoon, we'll find a cooler afternoon compared to yesterday, so mid-70s to mid-80s in our warmest spots, that is very comfortable this time of the year. and good air quality does continue. we are in the green, but that changes though starting tomorrow and over the weekend, we'll find moderate air quality lingering for much of the seven day forecast. >> two police officers are recovering this morning after being shot when demonstrations turn violent in louisville. following a grand jury's decision in the shooting death of breonna taylor. jobina fortson is tracking what is happening at the live desk. >> no officers were charged direct pli in tli, instead one the three officers was charged for endangering the people living in the apartment next door to taylor. the frustration was spilling out into the streets in louisville
5:33 am
overnight. demonstrators broke glass and set fires, nearly 100 people have been arrested suspected of crimes committed during the protests. and activists believe that justice was not served. >> this was expected by many people and the fact that the system that killed breonna taylor can never deliver justice for her killing. >> if we simply abilie act on d motion or outrage, there is no justice. mob justice is in tnot justice. >> prosecutors say that the officers were justified in opening fire because boyfriend "national enquirer"fi. there will be more coming up on good morning america. >> a protest is planned this morning because of the breonna taylor case. and this is after bay area
5:34 am
families affected by police violence are joining in a show of solidarity. julian glover is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. demonstration in oakland is set for 11:00 this morning, it is being organized by the police terror project. it read that black women will come together to say enough is enough. and a similar message last night as people marched to police headquarters in oakland in what was called revenge for breonna taylor rally. they took a knee in the street and beating drums and chanting. earlier in the day, way area families lost a loved one to police killings gathered via zoom to share their thoughts on the breonna taylor case. >> all these faces together, when we show that this is not know single occurrence or isolated situation, but we bring all these families together, it is undeniable what is happening
5:35 am
when it comes to plooe police murder in this country. >> and that was the uncle of oscar grant, of course that is the man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police in 2009. again, the gathering planned today will staat the breonna tar mural. and i want to share with you one more comments from the organi r organizers of the facebook group, it reads breonna taylor was murdered and yet her neighbors walls got more justice than breonna taylor herself. reporting live, julian glover, abc 7 news. now to the south bay, new video showing about 30 people protesting following the jury's decision. and others made pro police statement. the police department sood by while the situation remained petitionful. >
5:36 am
in san jose, many held signs as the group chanted "black lives matter" and breonna taylor. and there is also a tent set up by organizers who brought shields just in case. and when it got dark, demonstrators painted a justice for breonna taylor mural. and we did get video of protestors setting a statue on fire in downtown san jose and also sprayed graffiti on it, the statue of the mayor has been a source of controversy saying that he is a symbol of the repression of mexicans. if you are dealing with racial or social justice issues, we do want to help you find an ally. you can go to action for a list of local resources. the return to school during the pandemic is a big part of our effort to build a better bay area. and while some local school districts are preparing for in-person instructions, many teachers say the risk is too
5:37 am
high. amanda del castillo has that story. >> reporter: the napa county office of education and four of its county school districts are taking on high briybrid learnin beginning october 26. >> we're starting very slowly. we want to make sure that we have everything perfect because the most important thing is the safe i did of o safety of students and faculty. >> reporter: and primarily two days a week with a morning and afternoon cohort. and meantime the teachers association is calling on the state to establish basic safety protections and secure testing to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> we have to have the testing, we have to have the contact tracing, the ventilation, the ppe, all of those things in order to go back to what is best for our students. >> reporter: while cta president boyd says what is best is in-person, but the lack of
5:38 am
federal support is making that difficult. >> i would say for the safety of our students and members there, is no compromise. >> reporter: but others say that there is a safety plan that they think will work. >> they need all the social and emotional skills that are hard to get when you are by yourself in your house. so we want to do it, we've been working towards this for months. >> reporter: amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. in the east bay, oakland unified school district superintendent issued more details on potentially learning in person. alameda county is now in the red tier and after two weeks there, in-person learning can resume if the county will allow it. but the superintendent says it is likely that most if not all instruction will remain distance learning through at least december. in the north bay the public schools across napa county will add in-person instruction starting on october 26. four school districts will
5:39 am
launch a hybrid model. they include napa valley unified, st. helena unified, calistoga joint unified and powell mountain. families will have the option to continue with full distance learning as well. coming up, the world and he largest retailer getting ready to hire for the holidays. what walmart wants you to know if you are looking for work. and if you need a cup of coffee or two to start the day, you are in the right place. we'll reveal the best bay area city to sip a cup of joe. but first, drew tuma, who is always alive, awake and enthusiastic. >> go get yourself some coffee while i talk about the weather. there are issues along the coast. you can see the number 10, that is unlimited advisability. but you can see half moon bay is done to zero miles before so
5:40 am
thick fog along the coastline. and we're also tracking coastal drizzle, the marine layer is pretty deep along the coastline, but that marine layer will be pulling back away from the coast later on today for some sunshine. air quality today with the marine layer, breathe it in, fresh air today, good to go no matter where you live, so no spare the air is in feblgt. numbers right now, good morning, we're basically in the low to mid-60s for. of the bay area this morning. and future tracker temperatures, later on this afternoon, it is really comfortable out there. 60s to mid 70s by lunchtime. so grab lunch outside, it will be a nice afternoon. highs today, 70 in the city, 76 in oakland, 79 in san jose, 82 in santa rosa. and this is the coolest day we have on the 7 day, we're tracking warmer weather, another heatwave, and also heightened fire danger, that in a few minutes. good morning, everyone.
5:41 am
since drew pointed out the fog in the area, i want to give you a head's up that we do have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. right now though, let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza because the traffic send are sores are showing that it is getting busy over there, but the live camera is not too bad. no official word on metering lights yet are. but it is busy there on westbound 80 as we move through emeryville. and in the east bay, we'll check out the walnut creek camera. we had an earlier issue on 680, but traffic is moving fine now southbound. a few brake lights popping up. we'll continue to watch that for you. and there are slowdowns out of tracy, but that is the typical spot.
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we're taking a live look at the bay bridge right now. we're streaming this live cam
5:44 am
and others from around the bay area 24/7 on our new tv connected apps. down load the app to 2k4ek it o check it out along with our newscasts. a lot of viewers want to see all the cameras, so this is a really good way to see what is happening in areas where you are not necessarily. w'll have a great sunrise from our tam cam in the next couple of hours. so outside, we're talking about fog, but over the weekend, we're talking about onshore wind s switching to offshore winds, so there is a fire weather watch that will go into effect starting at 11:00 a.m. on saturday. and this will last until monday morning. so with those offshore winds, we could see them gust as high as 50 miles per hour in our hills. it does
5:45 am
antioch, san jose. and we'll also have warm conditions. so any fires that could start could spread rapidly. and the next heatwave is also on the horizon. the u.s. labor department just released the latest weekly jobless claims numbers. jobina has that for us. >> this is really the latest indicator showing that the recovery of the u.s. economy here is slowing down. this morning 870,000 people filed for unemployment benefits last week. that is slightly higher than economists projections of 850,000. and higher than the previous week's numbers. but it is the fourth straight week new jobless claims are below 1 million, so that is a positive. and still nearly 12.6 million continuing claims, slightly lower than the previous week.
5:46 am
so we'll see how wall street reacts to all of this when the markets open up in about 45 minutes. happening today, best buy stores around the bay area are holding a job fair. the electronics retailer is gearing up for the holiday shopping season. job seekers can apply online. seasonal positions include sales, customer service, merchandising inventory and car install technicians. all employees will receive at least $15 an hour in pay. hiring fairs are set today and tomorrow at noon until 7:00 p.m. and then even more sessions are set for october 3 and 4. walmart says that it is also hiring for the holidays. it is looking for more than 20,000 seasonal workers for its e-commerce fulfillment centers. starting pay ranges between $15 to $23 an hour. and rebecca jarvis is talking about the job opportunities on
5:47 am
good morni"good morning america do you apply. >> reporter: how do you find a seen seasonal gig? you can apply on their website or use a free search engine like indeed, glass door oig or linkedin. and making that temporary position permanent, let them know that you would like to still around long term. >> macy he's also hi's also hir thousands. you can watch a full report on how to land seasonal job coming up on gma. and if you love coffee, you are in the right place. san francisco comes in number two when it comes to large cities and coffee lovers in the ugs. so san francisco finished second only to seattle which of course is headquarters for star bucks. so a bit of an unfair race. can considered several factors including the number of coffee shops apt and
5:48 am
average price. and of course the rest of the top five is portland, oregon and then miami which kind of surprised me and tampa, florida, which also surprised me. so y'all really like coffee in florida? >> don't do florida like that. we can enjoy cough tee too. >> but you're getting an iced coffee in. >> well, in miami, isn't it more like cuban coffee? >> that is true. >> tampa, i don't know. but you know, people in tampa like coffee. we'll just say that. >> i think reggie one of those people, would you get iced coffee year-round? >> no, i'm not really -- i mean i don't mind iced coffee, but first of all, that is an attack. i feel like i was just attacked. >> that was a read. >> that was a read. but second, we'll skip over that and just say that that is not really my thing. i'm a latte kind of guy, like a
5:49 am
regular latte. oat milk, sorry. kumasi and i don't do the cow's milk in the coffee. that is not our thing. >> interesting. okay. i've never tried it. your coffee went from like $2 to $8 in three seconds. good morning, we're tracking a really nice start to the day temperature-wise. the one issue early this morning, fog around half moon bay. we can zoom in, and you see down to zero. so there is very dense fog alone the coastline. you can see highway 1, we know this is usually an issue. so just take it easy. the fog should be burning away from the coast over the next several hours. air quality, we're good to go. green dots no matter where you live. we love to see this on our map. redwood city, fremont,
5:50 am
easy. but changes are coming. today looks to be our final day over the next seven to have that fresh air. air quality will start to decline starting friday and the moderate category will be back. we're tracking warmer weather coming our way saturday, we're back into the 80s and 90s in our hottest spots. and sunday triple digits make a comeback and they will stick around for several days. so the 7 day forecast, fog and drizzle along the coast today. hazy friday with the air quality declining. there is that warmer weather over the weekend along with the high fire danger, the offshore winds. and records are very likely early next week. happening today, san francisco is launching a census week of action. mayor breed will kick off the get counted san francisco event at civic center plaza this morning. this is the final push to make sure that every resident is
5:51 am
counted. census workers just wrapped up their overnight tally of san francisco's population that is experiencing homelessness. the final count is expected by the end of the month. this is my favorite thing of the day. it is bike to wherever day across the bay area. now, usually we celebrate this and call it bike to workday. but obviously a lot of you are not going to a physical work space right now. you are just staying at home. so bike to wherever day. the metropolitan transportation commission is sponsoring bike to wherever day and organizingers say that there are many ways that you can enjoy cycling, whether riding for fun through a park or perhaps running errands like going to the grocery store. many bike shops have seen a surge in sales since the pandemic began. i can speak to that here, the bike shop in my neighborhood has the longest line of any store that i've seen. >> that's good. support local business. >> absolutely. new at 6:00, movie theaters
5:52 am
are slowly opening back up, but marvel fans might have to wait longer for a film being pushed back yet again. and the slow streets program expands to a new neighborhood where the city another day, another chance tlet's do this.rd. by making internet speeds fast and reliable. so you can keep up with your customers. by ensuring those speeds have wireless internet backup. so if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. and by covering all your connected devices with serious security. so we can handle this. and this. while you get on with this. and this.
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welcome back. time is 5:54 a.m. on our thursday. and this is a man we love to maw love to see. the air quality is good across the board. we are breezing easy, but that t will change as we head into the weekend. we'll soee moderate air quality and pm 2.5 levels fluctuate between 51 and 100. so we do expect to see haze in
5:55 am
our at hot fear in our atmosphe weekend. this morning we do have fog along the coast. and temperatures will be slightly cooler than yesterday, mid-70s to mid-80s. happening today, a san francisco street will be closed to traffic for the opening of outdoor dining to help businesses in the tenderloins gourmet corridoridoridorido larkin street will be closed to traffic between eddie and ellis. tenderloin outdoor dining will be held every week thursday to sunday from noon to 7:00 p.m. and we've made it pretty easy for you to keep tabs on what is open where you live. so this interactive reopening tracker is on our website,, just look for it on the home page. new at 6:00, voters of a certain demographic are more
5:56 am
likely to have their mail-in ballots rejected. top reasons why their ballots aren't counted. plus protests across the nation after a grand jury decides not to charge the louisville police officers directly involved in breonna taylor's death. the demands put forth by protestors at a demonstration here in san francisco. >> reporter: want to go to hawaii for the who him dholiday? you will need a negatie covid-19 test and united airlines wants to help you get that accomplished. that story coming up. and we'll leave you with a live look outside from our abc 7 roof camera, you can see the
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. now at 6:00, protestors march through the streets of san francisco, the ruling in the
5:59 am
breonna taylor case in kentucky making waves here at home. and here is a live look at sfo where some united passengers can get tested for covid-19 starting next month. we are live at the international terminal where preparations are under way. good morning, everything. happy you are waking up with us this morning. let's check in with drew. >> and you saw that we have fog rolling in along the coast and it is thick especially in half moon bay. so a live look at the golden gate bridge camera, you can see the thick fog. visibility in some spots is down to less than a mile. the afternoon looks great. we'll have a ton of sunshine, air quality remains good. and temperatures a little bit cooler than we were yesterday. but things change this weekend with hot temperatures and we'll have that in a few minutes.
6:00 am
protests erupted from coast to coast after the ruling in the breonna taylor case. here in san francisco, protestors marched through the city's mission district demanding justice for breonna taylor. it went down to the mission place station where they held a rally calling to defund the police department. in louisville, protests turned violent as two police officers were shot. here is alex presha. >> reporter: we've seen protests from los angeles to new york, but now louisville is on high alert after those two police officers were shot. overnight protests across the country following the grand jury's decision in the breonna taylor case. >> officer down. >> reporter: investigators confirming two police officers were shot less than one hour before the city's curfew when a large crowd faced off with police in riot gear. both officers with


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