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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 24, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bergeron breonna taylor did not die in a vacuum. >> calls for justice for black women everywhere. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. >> there have been protests all over the country after a kentucky grand jury decided not to charge the police officers directly in breonna taylor's death. today the fallout continued in the bay area. in oakland, a group of black women gathered to express their outrage and calls for change. >> i have no more tears. i can't feel any deeper than what i'm feeling right now. >> one day after a louisville grand jury decided not to charge officers in the death of breonna taylor, black women stood shoulder to shoulder in downtown oakland to proclaim their own outrage. >> we've come together to say
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enough is enough is enough is enough. so i want to be really clear that what happened to breonna taylor was part and parcel and pattern of the war that is waging in our lives and we've got to start talking about it. >> reporter: for these women, what happened to taylor is extremely personal and staying silent is not an option. i won't tell you our lives matter. you know our lives matter. so what we need to garner is the power to demonstrate that our lives matter. >> this gathering came after hundreds of people marched through down oakland hours after the grand jury announcement in kentucky. so far in oakland, the protests around the breonna taylor decision have been entirely peaceful. wednesday night, police say there were no arrests and no reports of damage. some demonstrators did walk on
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to interstate 980 for a time. protesters and car caravans vowed to take their message to bay area bridges and even airports. >> it's a time to provide safe places and safe spaces for the freedom of speech. for the freedom of movement. >> oakland police advise residents to subscribe to alerts to get the latest on potential impacts from ongoing demonstrations. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> breonna taylor was killed in her home on a no knocks entrance. thanks for coming on virtually. it sounds self-explanatory. what is the traditional rationale support go the use by law enforcement? >> so there is an old common law
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rule. when police arrive, thou announce their presence. they have to say police and wait a reasonable time to open the door. and there are very good reasons for the knock and announce rule. it gives the people a chance to collect themselves before the police come in. it can prevent serious violence, tragedies lying the one that happened to breonna taylor and it guarantees the police can do their job without violence that's not necessary. nonetheless the supreme court decide ad case called hudson version michigan in 2006. they said if the police execute a warn and they don't knock and announce, the evidence doesn't get suppressed. so there is no penalty on the part of the police if they don't comply with a knock and announce rule. it makes a lot of sense. nonetheless, police can request that the judges put in a warn and note that they don't have to
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knock and announce. they're except from that out of fear the person inside might surprise them or might make the evidence disappear or something like that. i think that we're now seeing the chickens of. decision come home to roost. and i think in many ways, it is the indictment of the entire profession. >> the fear of drugs, i think that was the reason. why it is called breonna's law. how many states still use them? >> so no knock warrants are not necessary. the police can enter even if they dome have a no knock warrant if the circumstances merit it from the supreme court's perspective. i think they ask judges to do it for the most part because they want to make sure they're covered if there are consequences later. >> how would that play out in california
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california? >> so like the other states, we subscribe to the document that says police have the discretion not to knock if the circumstances require them to surprise the person inside. this is often not a wise way to go about it. >> so no additional requirements as we often have in california like a higher threshold or standard? >> unless the supreme court reverses had you had son versus michigan, it says there will be consequences that evidence will be suppressed, he with probably won't see real deterrence in how police do their jobs. >> the make-up of the court is shifting right now. so what you're talking about, we'll seeful there seems to be a strong tide against no knock. whether that will play out on that level, hard to say. thank you form insight. larry? >> thank you. downtown san jose, crews cleaned up a statue after some protesters covered it with graffiti and they seat fire overnight. the statue depicts thomas
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raising the flag. california was still part of mexico temperature. opponents of the statue unaffiliated with any of the vandalism, they want it removed saying it is a symbol of oppression. >> when i pass by it, it feels like slam in the face to the progress we've made. to all the struggles we've had. >> mayor sam liccardo says it is time for city residents and leaders to come one a plan and he's started talking to historians. >> what we need to do rather than burn, we need to learn. part of that may be facing some ugly truths about our history. >> there was also controversy when the statue was commissioned in 1988. the city decided to install four other statues to show more perspectives of city history. two new murals are close to being unveiled in san francisco's union square. one depicts victims police violence in the bay area as
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angels. another muralist paints females as wolves to show empowerment and liberation. >> it matters because we need to amplify every voice and every person. >> the murals are part of an initial i have the by local art. is and a group called page the void. if you're dealing with racial or social justice issues, we want to help you find an ally. go to the website for a list of resources. we had our reprieve but hot, windy weather is back in the forecast. pg&e is warning about potential shutoffs. right now the outages are not expected in the bay area.
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>> it's going to get hot and windy and dry. we'll see the low to mid 90s. we'll see some low 100s. on mob, from 100 to about 105 or 106 degrees. 80s on the coast. and what is driving that heat wave is the shift in our wind flow. we'll have strong offshore winds over the weekend. we'll dry out and speed up and that's a bad mix in terms of fire dangers. we have a first weather watch for the bay area and the inland east bay as well. i'll give you a further look at what we can expect over the weekend. >> all right.
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thank you. firefighters are really watching the weather carefully. we're expecting extreme fire conditions. that's less than a week after the blaze. a fast moving grass fire today was a big reminder for everybody that fire season is far from over. cal fire aircraft pounced on this fast moving fire thursday afternoon. the same spot where the tons fire burned homes in 2017. >> for all the new houses here. sad. but we got a great t-man though. cal fire. >> the fire burned close to the newly rebuilt college prem school, destroyed by the tons fire. it was too. for summit amy jones kerr. >> we're in full distance learning. my staff is back here. to have this happening right now is just, it is heart breaking.
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trying to hold it together. >> luckily fire crews stopped this fire at 12 acres. no homes or buildings were lost but a knew round of dangerous fire conditions coming this weekend. >> so the concern for us is that things remain dry. things are not getting better. we are concerned with the conditions, primarily being the heat and winds. >> fire crews are ready but it's bad. just weeks after the fire, thousands out of their homes. >> it's our new reality. so it is up to us to figure out how to be as prepared as possible. >> pga is watching the weather and has issued a power safety watch this weekend. it does be affect bay area. >> we are looking at the sierra nevada foot hills and the area north of sacramento.
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as for us in the bay area, stay safe and try to stay cool. >> governor newsom kicked off climate action day with a discussion on the aggressive climate agenda. it comes a day after signed an executive order banning the sale of new gas burning vehicles after 2035. during a conversation with news commentator vandal jones, the governor says taking action on climate change will have benefits that go far beyond. >> not only will you save billions on fuel and maintenance cost but job creation, export opportunities. you create economic opportunities that would otherwise never be present. >> the governor said there are 34 companies making electric vehicles and they are now the second biggest export. crops rotting.
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when being a fan on a budget gets tough... ...our agents do the legwork,... saving on auto insurance is... easy usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. we have some breaking news this afternoon. the pac-12 will play football this fall. our sister network espn reports that play will start november
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6th and the season will be seven games. last month conference officials said they would postpone until next year because of a pandemic. but all the major conferences are playing at this point. last week the big ten announced would it start its season october 24th. >> now here's a look at covid-19 cases in the u.s. according to johns hopkins, more than 6.9 million cases have ben reported. that includes of course most of the people, because they have recovered. the national death toll is at more than 202,000. the cdc forecasted between 3,400 and 7400 deaths in the next three weeks. here in the bay area, we're nearing 103,000 confirmed cases. united airlines is hoping to convince travellers to fly covid friendly skies to hawaii, partnering up to provide rapid results. this as hawaii will finally allow tourists. one way to avoid a 14-day quarantine start go mid-october. amy holly field has the details.
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>> before you check your bags, you may need to get checked yourself for covid. this video provided by united airlines shows the new testing center they've set up at san francisco international so the passengers can show the local government they donal have the virus. >> we want our customers to go into our hawaii markets and not have to be 14-day quarantine. >> talk at the test here and get the results in 15 minutes. or you can do a test at home which takes a bit more planning. >> if you're going to do the in-home, he with recommend about ten days out and it needs to be in the mail 72 hours out. and you get results within 24 to 48 hours. >> people say they've missed hawaii and glad to see it becoming more accessible. >> i'm glad to go back. and the covid test seems like reasonable way to visit. it soublds good to me. >> the test at the airport costs $250. and that rubs many the wrong
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way. with some saying this just emphasizes the need for more testing in this country. >> oh, no, no. that should be free. i'm sorry. testing for covid should be free. >> united says they're hoping the cost will come down and you'll need to confirm the hawaiian government will accept it. united has confirmed this test will be second. >> would you pay $250? >> no. >> you catch your flight in the domestic terminal but the test flight is in the international terminal on the very bottom level. they recommend you make an appointment. it will be open 9:00 to 6:00 but it starts october 15th.
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$250. that's pretty steam. if you're into northern california wines, mark down 2020 with a question mark basically. blame the smoke from fires earlier this month. and you've heard about smoke tan? now they're talking about vintage. >> fall should be the best time of year in sonoma county. so what's wrong this picture? it's nearly empty. >> have you ever seen a year like this? >> no. > steve, fifth generation of the family first planted grapes in his family, dealing with a fall season he would rather forget but will need to remember. even now he and other growers are dealing with the aftermath of our smoky september. >> you have to be prepared for the worst. you can't run this time of a business on a year to year basis. >> case in point, arriving into the vineyards. it will be the worst kind of
4:19 pm
show and tell. >> we're going to see grapes we can't pick? >> yes. >> it was left on the vines, ruined. it is all about taste. >> i'm picking up on my palate an ashy flavor. >> you can't fix that? >> no. everything seems to have couldn't spired against the grapes. hot temperatures, the smoke and then timing of the smoke. mostly red winds are affected because they ferment with the skin on and the skin has the taste of that smoke. >> in 2020, there will be no valley serat. >> in wine making, that equates to the loss of family where people pride themselves on working what nature gives they will. this is the rarest of occurrences. in here, what do you feel?
4:20 pm
>> it's not good. >> some roses and steve is hoping for some pinot he makes no guarantees about 2020. well, one guarantee, actually. >> it will be destroyed. and we don't know at this point what the real outcome will be. i can assure you, it will be a story forever. >> ashy. i know, spencer, it is sad. but i know it is such big business. that won't help us. it is a heart breaking story. people who devote their lives and lively hoods to their wine and look what it is doing to their wine.
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let's look at what's going on. weatherwise, we don't have much of a bank of coastal clouds yet. we've got a pretty strong onshore flow. and surface wind speeds are up in gusts. it is pretty windy just about everywhere. a nice view looking out over san francisco from sutro tower. lots of blue sky and we've got good air quality. 71 degrees in san francisco across the bay and oakland. 83 at mountain view. 80, 84 at gilroy. and here's a few from emeryville looking at the golden gate. you can see we don't have much of a marine layer forming. right now, 84 in santa rosa. 88. fairfield, concord, 82 in livermore. and looking across the breezy embark darr over from our roof top camera. this is the view. breezy and mild tomorrow. hot, dry and windy this weekend
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high fire danger and smokier skies. on top of everything else, a beach hazard statement. wave heights are elevated and there's an increased rigs of sneaker waves. we don't expect this to last very long. here's our overnight animation. you can see the fog. some of it getting blown away from the coastline. there will be little paxes. and tomorrow, a mainly sunny day. although there could be some thin low clouds near the coast. overnight lows will be in the upper 50s. mid to upper 50s. a little cooler in some spots. and tomorrow's highs from about 65 in half moon bay to 69 in the city. maimly, low to mid 70s along the bay shoreline. it had been mainly good
4:23 pm
tomorrow. the same picture tomorrow. it is looking pretty good in terms of air quality. mainly for the hills and the mountains and elevations above 1,000 feet. and for the east bay valleys as well. very hoe humidity and sharply rising temperatures. here's the seven-day forecast. windy over the weekend, sunday, monday, tuesday, inland highs, above 100 degrees. up to 80 at the coast and then temperatures will moderate going into late next week. >> thank you. from a lawsuit to shutting down streets. the unusual new effort to change the image of san francisco's tender loin neighborhood. plus, the pandemic has forced the food industry to reinvent
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the mayor of san francisco said today, this is worst she has ever seen the tenderloin neighborhood and that's saying something. in an effort to clean up and improve things there, the city is bringing outdoor dining plus law and order. abc7 news reporter has theas ths story. >> reporter: they are working to improve conditions there. now a bold experiment began
4:27 pm
today --. several streets including a section of larkin will be closed to traffic to allow for a wide open dining space. will they come? >> these are businesses that have taken a huge hit. it is already hard to operate a business in this neighbor, definitely during covid. so we're hoping that people will come out and support these businesses. >> the street closure there's begin at 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 p.m. thursday to sunday for the next three months. he owns a restaurant and praises the efforts to clean up the neighborhood. >> it's cheenl today and i'm happy. at least i can walk and people can feel that. >> reporter: meanwhile, not far from there, the city attorney was announcing a different approach to cleaning up the tender loin. >> last year alone, 441 people died from drug overdoses in the city. and the tenderloin had the highest mortality rate of any
4:28 pm
neighborhood in the city. >> reporter: 28 people identified as drug dealers will be for bidden from entering the area around market now called the protected zone. the 28 identified have been arrested at least twice for selling drugs in the past year. the arrests led to criminal charges for selling fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. >> if you come to the tenderloin, you'll be arrested and your drugs will be confiscated. >> reporter: city officials agree this has to be coupled with drug treatment options, mental health options, and ways to stop the suppliers. abc7 news. >> the state o
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you are looking at a tribute to those who have died from covid-19. each flag represents ten american lives lost to the virus. london breed participated in a virtual event with ucsf doctors about how the city has managed covid-19. the mayor addressed the fact that some communities have been hit harder than others. >> we're seeing the majority of the subsidies and the money that we issued, including her private philanthropy through give to sf. we've seen that mostly to go support the latino community but we still see the disparity. we're announcing a major investment in helping increase
4:32 pm
testing significantly, to increase our contact tracing efforts, to provide additional resources for food security. >> and the mayor just released details on that investment in the last 15 minutes. san francisco is launching $it was.5 million in support for latino residents. the funning will g toward health, housing, food and family support, and small businesses. so how are we doing overall when it comes to covid-19 in california? joining me now, special correspondent dr. patel. how do you think california fares overall? >> i think overall, california is in a good place. there is a good trajectory. people need to understand that california is made up of so many different parts. so it's easier to look at separate counties to try to understand what's happening with local outbreaks, where the different counties are sitting with respect to the risks, the case positivity, et cetera. but overall, our state
4:33 pm
positivity rate, our death rate, new infection rate, all of it seems to be in a good stable place. we just have to keep it there. >> so our numbers are holding up. other states, their numbers are going up. what are we doing right? what are they doing wrong? >> i think one of the most important things that california has been doing great is obviously, it is frustrating. the lockdowns, and that happened, material spikes, but think about it like this. in san francisco, he with haven't seen in the bay area, in california, we haven't seen as many of the anti-mask rallies or people saying that covid-19 is a hoax. we've seen it is a very evidence driven state. and there's been a lot of transparency from our state leadership about why certain orders are enacted. so even if people are frustrated, they at least understand it in their county. and there is no question about what the positivity rates are.
4:34 pm
we've had great testing options and contact tracing is important in making sure somewhere around you, someone is covid-19 positive. you have to watch your symptoms. so we've done relatively well compared to other states. >> specially as we head into cooler weather, fall and winter. ho concerned are you about a second wave? right now europe is getting hit and hard in some countries. >> absolutely. and i think every single person in health care, in the public health space, is concerned about a second wave. it is a total possibility. we've seen it with previous outbreaks. you think about the fact we don't actually know what natural immunity looks like. we don't have that many who have been exposed to it. then you start opening schools and businesses. there's a potential outbreak for schools and businesses. and end this you think about winter itself. we don't know how the virus will act in colder, drier air and
4:35 pm
people will be less likely to spend time outdoors. we had outbreaks after memorial day, fourth of july, we have halloween, thanksgiving coming up. so there are a lot more chances for people to be indoors, family gatherings and outbreaks. so winter will be a very telling season. >> when we spoke back this march, you said you thought it would be a year before we got through all of this. and i almost fell over when you said a year because we didn't know what we were dealing with at that point. does that still sound right to you? >> i remember that day clearly. you screamed. a year? i still think, i'm echoing sentiments from across the country, i think we're in it through winter and realistically we may not have a vaccine available widespread for people until mid summer. and even when we get a vaccine available. even if it is sooner than that. it will take time for that to
4:36 pm
have an effect within the community. you have to give people one or two shots, you have to see the effects of herd immunity. so we could be like this for possibly another year. people just need to be prepared. i would tell parents, prepare for an entire academic school year, with distance or hybrid learning. we have an entire winter season to get through. so those fashionable masks everybody is wearing, we'll get used to them. >> whether you like them or not. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. hunkering down. google has a new map feature. it is a color coded system that shows you the density of cases in any given area. it tells if you cases are trending up or down. google has critical information to tell you where to go and what to do while still staying safe. it is getting the data from multiple sources including john hopkins, "the new york times,"
4:37 pm
and wikipedia. you've seen the ring door bells and cameras. now there is a new twist. a drone. the four at 4:00 is next. right now, a live look from our mt. tam camera. we're streaming live. download the app to check it out
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all right. time now for the four at 4:00. uc perfectly may impose a ban from visitors setting foot on the campus. it is to help slow the spread of covid-19. it would apply to walkers, runners, cyclists, anyone not affiliated with the university. it is under clear how they would impose the ban other than signs at the main entrances. most instruction and work is being done virtually. anyone on the campus as i have been know that there are numerous ways to walk in. it would be super hard to end force. >> it is disappointing. anywhere i've lived, if it was near a college or university, i would go use the track during off hours.
4:41 pm
i've always enjoyed going into the hills. what is that lab over the top? >> lawrence? lawrence lab? >> exactly. it's too bad. i'm still wonder figure they'll actually enforce it. >> i get it. i understand. but good luck enforcing it. and i don't know. private verse -- wooalking on a sidewalk? it's a campus. is that considered private? notice she's staring at me. >> i'm not used to seeing anyone in person. >> it looks like ghost town. is it really necessary? is it that many people congregating? more struggles over masks, this time in ohio. a woman was tased and arrested. this was at a middle school football game after refusing to comply with mask mandates. you see her being cuffed and led away. she was charged with trespassing. parents and fans were told as
4:42 pm
they entered the stadium that masks were required. and they had signs. she appeared to have a mask in her back pocket. the athletic director said it is either wear a mask or no fans at games. i do feel somewhat sorry for the woman. i feel worse for the campus police and security who had to deal with this situation. in this situation, if you look at how empty it was, you know what? go up over there all by yourself and don't move. we'll let you stay there. in these situations where they're tasing people. is that too much? >> i don't know. i disagree with sending her off to one corner. that sends a signal, hey, just come in. you don't have to follow the mask wearing rule and stay here in this little area. what's to say she actually would? it's a tough situation for the guards and everything to put
4:43 pm
themselves in danger in those public confrontations. it is a lot to tase someone. what are you going to do? >> you pointed out that she had a mask in her hip pocket. >> yeah, just put it on. >> sitting on it doesn't stop the spread. >> my spread, it may stop the spread in one place but that's not what we're trying to do. >> what if she's a super spreader. it's a public health crisis. all right. amazon security company ring is taking home security to a whole new level. this can fly in your home for any room you want. yu can program it for a ring alarm system. it is expected to cost about $250 and will be available next year.
4:44 pm
>> it's great until the burglar is there. if you have cameras, you don't necessarily see the need for it. >> you know me. i'm a late tech adopter. it is a neat idea, i guess. >> shooting a nerf gun. >> hey, mom, i see you. if you love coffee, you're in the right place. san francisco writes second when it comes to being one of the biggest cities for coffee lovers in the u.s. san francisco finishing second only to seattle which happens to be our headquarters for starbucks. wallet hub considered several factors including the number of coffee shops, the average price for a cup of coffee.
4:45 pm
the rest of the top five, portland, oregon, miami and tampa, florida. that looks like our vanilla lattes that we have. >> i'm a cappuccino guy. i've been to seattle many times. dating back to before i even lived here in the bay area. it is a great town for coffee, for sure. it looks like we're catching up. by the way, portland, also, a great coffee town. >> what were you going to say, larry? i was going to say, ama, i usually coax you when we're in the studio together to get a cup of coffee. a caffeinated ama is usually a hamer ama. >> so i did have a half bottle of starbucks today. boy, do i need this. that's why i have a little people in my step. >> i thought it was just being in the presence of us. hey there! >> i don't know. with bill's and pete's, we should be tied for number one.
4:46 pm
maybe taking that spot about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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usaa insurance is made tis my 2020 census data safe? after sending your census response, your personal information is kept safe. by law, it can't be shared with any other government agency, law enforcement, or landlord. no one. so, take your 2020 census with peace of mind. ♪ shape your future. start here. visit the pandemic has forced the food industry to reinvent itself. that includes agencies that run food kitchens. ama daetz has a look at one organization that had to change the way it operates to keep feeding people in need. >> reporter: it's mid morning and callin ye arrives to pick up food. he's not working for a grocery
4:49 pm
delivery company. he is volunteering for food runners. >> i pick up donations from stores, bakeries, restaurants. the extra stuff they have, they would throw it away. it could go for people who really need it. >> reporter: the donations he picks up are perishable foods that grocery stores or restaurants can't sell. food runners has been collecting it for more than 30 years. >> any business in san francisco, a corner market, anybody, can call food runners and donate any food. >> reporter: before the pandemic, food runners was picking up about 18 tons of food a being. not just from stores. it got excess food from tech companies and catered events. the food was taken to shelters and food kitchens where it was couldn't verted into meals. that is in this covid-19 hit. >> a the lot of shelters are closed. the hungry people are not being fed in the dining room but being given individual meals on the sidewalk. >> reporter: food runners had to figure out another way to distribute the food it was
4:50 pm
getting so it started making its own meals. >> we playing it daily based on what we get. we may make bread puddings. >> reporter: they now give 12,000 meals a week. >> beef marsala. >> we have some sauce. it was to die for. >> reporter: groups like north beach citizens get meals daily that it hands out to the community. >> because they have these professional chefs, we've had potato leak assumes, bread puddings, and beautiful organic salads, and nutritional food that is really the key to ensuring our individuals that we're surfacing stay healthy. >> reporter: about 40 san francisco businesses donate excess food, including whole foods, trader joe's and molly stones. >> we'll pick up anywhere any time. take to it places feeding the hungry. there's no good reason to throw any food away in san francisco. >> do you want another bag?
4:51 pm
>> reporter: abc 7 news. the pandemic has hurt fundraising for charities like the susan g colden foundation. the more than pink run will be a zoom event. unfortunately, registration has plunged this year. there's still more than time to register. it begins on faibs at 9:30 this morning. registration is just 20. kate larson will be emceeing it virtually. and the weather for the virtual walk, spencer. >> not looking too bad. low to mid 50s for the most part. mid 70s at the bay shoreline to
4:52 pm
mid 80s inland. it will heat up over the weekend. we've been telling that you with a strong, gusty wind. we have high fire danger. from 11:00 tomb 8:00 a.m. monday. and here's the accuweather forecast. sty hydrated and seek shade. >> spencer, it's fall. so naturally it will be 104 degrees in a few days. it's the bay area. are you dreaming of a green thumb? up next, the plant whisperer sharing her tips to become a better plan parent. i need help. and ama? >> in so many ways. new at 5:00, the ballot measure now ranked as the most expensive in california history and it
4:53 pm
could decide the future of the economy. plus, arson caught on camera and the owner going around to different businesses to warn them of three things. and the chp officers who saved the boy who had no pulse.
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have you been wanting to become a plant parent or find your green thumb? look no further. penelope potts floral design has you covered. >> everyone comes in and sees these fiek cass plants, how do you keep these alive. i constantly kill mine. the key to it is don't overwater your plants. so you have to stop overloving your parents. i've actually worked with plants for about 13 years. i worked for a landscape architecture firm and i specified pot planting material and design material and it kind of ended up working out. the space was supposed to be an event space primarily that was going to be used for team building events, small dinners. that was going to be the main focus of that space. but since we were opening during the pandemic and that stuff couldn't happen, we had to shift our focus more towards the retail portion of it. it was always going to have some
4:57 pm
retail. however, we had to now go full retail and count on that. so naturally with the floral aspect and the gift aspect, web wanted to incorporate plants. obviously opening in a pandemic has been something that i think most people don't want to do. it's been really beautiful in the sense that we've had a really great response from the community. people have wanted to come out and support us t. plants are air cleaners, they releaks oxygen. the feeling they give you in their home, it looks like you have outdoors indoors. it's natural and makes for a more inviting environment. there's something about the environment that cheers you up and increases endorphins somehow. >> you can check out more great stories at, facebook and instagram. get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, more customization to get the news you want delivered
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you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. it's a mom and pop shop. they don't have a lot of resources. to have this happen at this time of the pandemic is especially cruel. >> next at 5:00, the arson caught on camera and the warning for other businesses. the san francisco neighborhood is very much on edge. also ahead, the hope that this fire response today is not a sign of things to come, but after a week of blue skies, we could see a return of triple digits and strong winds. >> happening right now, the protests planned to tie up traffic on three bay area bridges. the latest call for action after the killing of braeonna taylor. united airlines launches a pilot program of rapid covid-19 tests at sfo. could be a pivotal move. it's certainly pricey, but what does it mean for


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