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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 2, 2020 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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tonight thanks for watching. >> right now on jimmy kim em, ♪ this is an abc color presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, shaquille o'neill, rachel nichols, and music from m asap ferg. now, jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. we are here on a friday night. a very unusual friday night. just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any 2020-er, last night, it's around 10:00, i just got home from throwing my ballots in the river. my wife and i are on the bed. making love. which means i'm on my computer, she's on her phone. and all of a sudden, everyone we know is texting us. everyone. our friends, co-workers, my
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parents, her parents, their parents. who have been deceased for years. it was a text-plosion. because the president wrote on twitter. "tonight, @flotus and i tested positive for covid-19. we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. we will get through this together!" which. i don't know who's writing this year, but it's too much. it's not even believable anymore. it's ridiculous. aides said the president appeared to be lethargic over the past few days. they got worried yesterday morning, when he couldn't smell his mcgriddle. trump was said to be experiencing "mild" symptoms. at around 6:20, he was taken in marine one to walter reed hospital, where he is expected to remain for a few days. the president walked to the helicopter on his own. we don't know the full extent of his symptoms. his staff says he had a fever, so they sent him to the hospital just to be safe. he is high risk because of his age and weight. fortunately, he has obamacare, so he's covered on those pre-existing conditions.
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[ applause ] the other storyline, one that's happening off tv, is people wondering if he really does have the virus. some people don't believe he has it. some people think it's a ploy to win him the election. and others think someone gave it to him. this is a theory from a far right person named deanna lorraine. which is really all you need to know. she scored the tinfoil hat trick with, "i'm just going to say what we're all thinking. trump was fine until the debate, where they set up microphones and podiums for him. incubation period is usually 2-3 days. he tests positive a couple of days after the debate. i put nothing past the left. nothing." i wouldn't say we're all thinking that. it might be just you. and then, she went all in. "does anyone else find it odd that no prominent democrats have had the virus but the list of republicans goes on and on?" you know what else is weird? it's weird how skydivers who use parachutes are fine, but the ones who don't get splattered
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like a bag of coleslaw. that's also odd. and, of course, no reasonable person wants anyone to get this terrible disease, but you cannot look past the fact that over and over again, trump has been making fun of joe biden for wearing a mask. >> he could be speaking 200 feet away and shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen. >> he walks on the stage with a mask, he's got the largest mask i've ever seen. >> he comes up with a mask. he's like 100 yards from the nearest human beings. >> maybe he doesn't want to expose his face. >> did you ever see a man who likes a mask as much as him? what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he's going to cover it up with a mask? >> jimmy: ha, ha, and ha.
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masks protect us from the coronavirus. they protect us from getting it and spreading it. that is a fact. if everyone wore a mask, we might not have any of this anymore. we would definitely have less. but this president doesn't think they look good. so now he has the virus, his wife has it, and every staffer who may have come into contact with the president is at risk. basically, the white house is like a summer camp with lice. there are a lot of covid dots to connect. here's trump with his chief of staff mark meadows. he spent a lot of time with his nominee for the supreme court. amy coney barrett, who went for a stroll with vice poodle, mike pence. they were both with mitch mcconnell on tuesday. which was the same day. his family showed up at the debate not wearing masks, which was against the rules, and when a doctor from the cleveland clinic who was overseeing it went over and asked them to put them on, they ignored her. hope hicks, who is white house patient zero, was at the debate. she traveled to minnesota with trump on wednesday. there she is with a number of staffers, no masks or social distancing. hope was also clapping along to "ymca" at a rally in pennsylvania saturday, again, no
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mask. so after he found out hope hicks tested positive, trump flew to new jersey to attend a fundraiser indoors where he came in contact with around a hundred donors. he knew someone in his inner circle had covid. he wasn't feeling well, and still, he had a roundtable with supporters. i don't know about you, but i would ask for my money back. at that particular fundraiser. and it wasn't just the executive branch that got hit with this. here were more positive results at the white house today and on capitol hill. senator mike lee of utah tested positive. there he is. he was out giving hugs on the white house lawn saturday. mike lee is what they call a "stupid spreader." vice president mike pence tested negative. this was a weird thing. when the trumps got home after testing positive? mike and karen pence were in their bed. pence tweeted, "karen and i send our love and prayers to our dear friends president @realdonaldtrump and @flotus melania trump. we join millions across america praying for their full and swift recovery. god bless you president trump and our wonderful first lady melania." pence is planning to make a
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longer statement to the press, as soon as his staff can get him to stop whistling "zipadeedoodah." mike pence, of course, is the head of the covid task force. so he's in trouble. as soon as trump's back up on his feet, someone's getting a swirly in the lincoln commode! this is interesting. team trump reportedly did not give the biden campaign a heads-up that they may have been exposed to the virus. joe biden tested negative, but that doesn't mean anything. the virus has to be in you three to five days before you can even get a positive result. trump was 12 feet away, screaming at his face on tuesday. so that debate may have been an even bigger disaster than we thought. so we hope the president will be okay. before he left for the hospital, he made a video to assure us that he will be fine. >> i want to thank everybody for the tremendous support. i'm going to walter reed hospital. i think i'm doing very well, but where h we're going to make sure that things work out. the first lady is doing very well. thank you, i appreciate it. i will never forget did, thank
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you. >> jimmy: in other words, to mike pence, stay the hell out of my office! another crazy old person i've been worried about right now is my aunt chippy. guillermo, you're going to love this. she's been very good quarantining in las vegas, but she loves the egg rolls at jack in a box. she is crazy for them. she will order three, eat one right away and take the rest home. sometimes she orders six. so my mother sent me a text. and the text says i've got a great aunt chippy story for you. apparently, she's in a war with jack-in-the-box. i'm bad at describes this stuff, but this one is a butte. she has a gift card they won't accept. to quote her, i'm their best egg roll customer. she left a message for the manager to call her, and he
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hasn't. she's mad. i thought since he hasn't called her, it would be wise to call her and pretend i'm the manager for jack-in-the-box. she doesn't know we're watching her at all right now, and yes, that really is her refrigerator. dial her up, and i'm going to pretend to be the manager, finally calling her back. >> hello. >> hello, can i speak to mrs. hippy, please? >> who is this? >> this is tom, the manager at jack-in-the-box. >> you got to be kidding. really? >> yeah, you left a note? >> i left a note over a week ago, i've been trying to get you guys for the last two weeks. >> i'm very sorry, we've been very busy with our breakfast menu. have you had the new extreme sausage sandwich? >> no, i haven't had anything, i want to tell you what the problem is. >> go ahead. let me grab a pen. >> i have been using you for
11:44 pm
years and years and years whether you put the egg rolls on the lunch menu, and i called there and said we have lunch at 9:00 on the morning, and they put it on the menu for a full day. that's how long i've been a customer of yours. >> okay, i'm back with the pen now. go ahead. >> did you hear what i said? >> no, i missed all of that. >> okay. i said i've been a customer of yours when you first put the egg rolls on the lunch menu. >> these are the crispy egg rolls. >> yes, egg rolls. >> yes, all right. >> okay, well i got a gift certificate for $40 from my grandchildren. >> okay. >> i came, i used it one time, no problem. the second team, and i come in once, twice a week. go the second time, okay. the third time i went by, they said the gift certificate isn't working. >> these are egg rolls. >> everything! i order egg rolls, the cheeseburgers, a whole bunch of
11:45 pm
stuff, okay? >> okay, this is just for your use or for others? >> no, it's for me. >> okay, let me grab a pen. >> again, with the pen? >> yes, it's out, it's not working. i'll be right back. okay, i'm back. >> so anyway, i go there again. >> where? >> i get to -- >> where, to the jack-in-the-box sfloix. >> location? >> yeah, where else would i go? the coney island hospital? i order, oh, your gift card isn't working again. >> where are you from? may i ask where you're from? >> did doesn't matter. i've been here 45 years. >> jimmy: you sound like you're from a mean place. we could kick this up to corporate. >> you ain't getting my social security number. get my address.
11:46 pm
you come to my house, i'll put the freakin' hose on you. >> let's go back you through this. >> i go to order. i get to the window, oh, your gift card doesn't work again, you know what i did? i left them with the stuff and drove away. >> i remember that. i actually ate those egg rolls for lunch that day. hello? >> you ate my egg rolls? >> well, yes, because they are quite delicious, the crispy egg rolls. >> you know, i think you jerking my chain. is this my nephew? jimmy, is this you, you little [ bleep ]? >> i'm sorry, i don't know what you're talkin' about, ma'am. >> well, you know what? give me my $20 back. and you can keep your gift card. you can keep your gift card. i'll tell all my relatives, don't send me no gift cards.
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>> is there anything i can do to help you make you more quiet? >> no. have a nice day whoever you are. good-bye. >> ma'am, ma'am. >> send in the thing. send in the [ doorbell ] >> what, are you kiddin' >> hello? >> hello, ma'am? did you get what we sent? did you -- >> who are you talkin' to? >> who are you talkin' to? >> i'm talkin' tomy neighb my n. you brought me 5,000 egg rolls and -- >> jimmy: can you show those up to the camera? >> the camera? >> jimmy: the camera you're on right now, the camera, aunt
11:48 pm
chippy, yeah, aunt chippy. >> jimmy, you little son of a -- hold on a minute. is he on that thing? unbelievable. son [ laughter ] yeah, we just wanted to make sure you're happy with the product. >> what the hell is wrong with you! >> jimmy: i heard you were waiting for a call back! >> i've been waiting for three weeks for a call back. >> jimmy: well, now you got it. there you go, that's got to be at least $20 worth of egg rolls. >> oh, my god. i swear to god, jimmy, but i really think that after i die you'll make sure that you get in touch with me. >> jimmy: if those egg rolls don't kill you, i don't know what will. [ laughter ] all right, aunt chippy, i love you. enjoy the egg rolls. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: you're gettin' nothing but egg rolls from here on out. we've got a great show for you
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tonight. rachel nichols is here. we've got music from a$ap ferg and we'll be right back with shaquille o'neal. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by all state. ♪ this is the feeling of total protection now that we protect your identity, mobile phone, auto, home and life you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today you've never been in better hands allstate but i think i've aged you well. some might say perfect. so who's ready to show them who's the cheesiest?! i woke up feeling the cheesiest coach! cheese! cheese! cheese! cheez-it! official sponsor of the college football playoff!
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♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. coming up, his album is called "floor seats ii." music from a$ap ferg featuring tyga. they're doing a song called "dennis rodman." which is named after the basketball player, dennis rodman, who i understand is making an appearance in their song tonight. next week, we have all new shows with armie hammer, marlon wayans, liam neeson will join us, and we'll have music from jaden smith and
11:54 pm
nathanael cano. so please join us then. and we will be back in primetime for more nba game night specials with bill murray and jamie foxx. our first guest played for both miami and l.a. and won nba titles for each. starting wednesday on netflix, you can see him alongside adam sandler in "hubie halloween." please welcome the enormous and enormously entertaining shaquille o'neal. [cheers and applause] hey, shaq. >> what's up, brother, how are you? >> jimmy: you look good, you look good and have a glow about you. >> thank you. it's called lighting. i got the light shining right here. how are you? >> jimmy: i'm well, most people don't have lighting in their houses, but most people aren't shaq. do you ever wake up in the morning and imagine you have covid? >> no, why would i do that? >> jimmy: i don't know, i do, so i thought maybe other people do. >> you know what? since we've been friends for over 20 years, i had a cold one time and thought i had covid. i wanted to wait it out.
11:55 pm
took all the home remedies, and finally, i took the covid test. the lady got the q-tip so far fr my nose i thought i was going to die. from my experience, can you have a cold without catching covid. >> jimmy: do you feel you are more or less susceptible to covid be beiing so tall. do you feel like you're out of range of most people's sneezing and coughing? our do you think it goes up. >> i would say i'm out of range. but i like kids, and a lot of times when we're out, i have a hard time saying no, so i'm still taking pictures and shaking hands, but i'm being as safe as possible. >> jimmy: a lot of people are able to get away with putting on a mask and not being recognized.
11:56 pm
that probably doesn't work for you. >> you're right, it doesn't. >> jimmy: i was mentioning in your introduction you played for both teams and won titled for both teams, are your loyalties in any way split? or are you a lakers guy? >> i am a lakers guy and a a a a guy. i'm going to step out of this and be a fan. in a perfect world, i'd like them to go seven games, not for myself but for the fans and the state of basketball. they've been producing some really excellent basketball in the bubble. i think it would be unfair for me to say i'm with this side or that side. i have four championships. i just want to see some great basketball. may the best team win. >> jimmy: and yet you have a bet with wade, and you chose lakers. tell us what the bet is exactly. this sounds like a crazy bet to me. >> the bet is, if the heat beat the lakers, i'll give him one of my mvp trophies, and i have it
11:57 pm
right here, i always have it next to me, jimmy. i will give it to him for him to keep at his house so him and his lovely wife gabriele can look at it every night. >> jimmy: and on the flip side? >> on the flip side, if the lakers win, he has to give me one of his. >> jimmy: do you really think he's going to give you one of his? i don't think he will. >> he's a man of his word. i've known him a long time. i consider him very, very trustworthy. >> jimmy: how great must it be to have so many mvp trophies and bet one and give it away and not feel like you've lost anything. >> it's a nice feeling, trust me. >> jimmy: i know this has been a weird season and the guys are in the bubble and all that stuff. from a human being standpoint. first game, the heat get blown out, we don't know what happened, but let's say they get
11:58 pm
blown out again, do they keep going hard or do they go hey, we've had enough of be being at disney world, it's time to go sonoma. >> knowing the heat, they will never, ever quit. they will finish. but, again, you know, crazy thing about basketball is you can always, you know, dream about what you're going to do, but sometimes it doesn't happlie that. and you got to hit shots. the lakers hit a lot of big shots the other night. >> jimmy: 20 years ago you and kobe won your first of three titles together. i want to show a photograph here, because after you won the first one you got those jackets. can you see those? can you see that on-screen? >> yes, i see it. >> jimmy: who made those jackets, do you know? >> i want to say a fellow by the name of jeff hamilton. >> jimmy: and then you won again and got another jacket. >> yeah.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: and you won again and the jackets got more elaborate each year. do you still have those jackets? do you still put them on and where do you keep them? >> they're in my trophy presentation room that i dedicated to my father when he passed away. >> jimmy: have you ever thought about opening a museum of some kind where people could come and look at all of this stuff? >> i already have a museum. it's called google. you want to know anything about me, just google, and it's free. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, but you can't smell the leather from those jackets on google, can you. >> you're right, you're right. >> jimmy: how do you think you would have done in the bubble? i think you would have figured out a way to pop it. >> try and pop it. >> jimmy: like get around some of the rules. >> am i a single man or a man. >> jimmy: a single man.
12:00 am
>> a single man. what i would have done is i would have spread some of the cash around to the maids, not to be with a maid, but to retrieve a uniform, now when we retrieve the uniform, i would go out late at night and, you know, look for disney fencing that had some loopholes, i'd take my pliers and cut it and leave a little opening and leave the maid yes, sir sir, on top of the thing, clean my room. >> jimmy: that is diabolical thinking, that's like secret agent kind of thinking. >> do you ever talk to any of these guys, and do you think these guys are up to anything like that? >> i don't think they are, you know. i think i've heard of one incident, but, you know, overall, it's been no positive covid tests. the play has been great. a lot of people thought houston was going to make it, the
12:01 am
clippers were going to make it. lebron's playing great basketball. those two teams that were not in the playoffs last year are now in the finals, so it's been some good basketball. >> jimmy: i was hoping we would get to hear everything said on the court knowing there wouldn't and crowd there. i didn't know the plan was to pump in so much fake crowd noise. i would love to hear all that stuff. wouldn't that be the best? >> yeah, you would hear did, but it would have a lot of ssss, sss. >> jimmy: you don't think the guys would have been able to control themselves? >> no. >> jimmy: i assume they're eating like room service. >> right. >> jimmy: what was your game diet? did you have a regimen or just eat whatever you wanted? >> no, i'm a creature of habit. i would wake up, eat a sausage and cheese omelet and orange juice, go to shoot-around, drive
12:02 am
back to the house, when i got home, two turkey club sandwiches, fries and pineapple soda. take a three-hour nap. wake up and have steak, mashed totes and asparagus. when i got home, i would have four pine apple sodas. >> jimmy: like paul bunyan. more with shaquille o'neill who's in "hubie halloween." on netflix right after this. ♪ back! on october 13th and 14th, get two days to save big on everything you need and love. from amazon devices to fashion ♪ to gifts ♪ to electronics and everything you need to start your holiday shopping early.
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♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ♪ >> jimmy: that is shaq's son and fellow lsu tiger reacting to some photos that he had not seen. did you know he was going to post that on tiktok? >> no, i did not. >> jimmy: he does not ask you beforehand? >> no, he's actually an adult now, so he doesn't need my permission. >> jimmy: i see. speaking of young people and your foundation, tell us what you guys are doing, you have a program called "get game ready." >> yes, for every icy hot product sold we're donating a dollar do my foundation.
12:08 am
because of covid, as you know, a lot of school programs have been hit. sports programs have been hit. so we have schools start to open up, a lot of these schools don't have enough money to handle the protocols and get their athletic programs running. so myself, along with icy hot and my foundation, we're raising money to get these schools back on track. >> jimmy: have you ever used icy hot for evil purposes, such as putting it into someone's jockstrap? >> yes, i have. a lot of rookies, a lot of rookies. >> jimmy: that's one for the rookies to watch out for? >> yeah, a lot of rookies. >> jimmy: i mentioned earlier, you're in "hubie halloween." what was that like shooting that movie with adam sandler? >> adam is the reason why i have three championships. i'll tell you why. >> jimmy: why? >> because after i did my illustrious hall of fame
12:09 am
"kazam." i said put me in the movie. he said win a championship. i said put kneeme in a movie, h said win a championship. so adam called and said i want you to be in this movie. when adam calls, i will never say no. i'm not a proclaimed actor and all that, i have 15 movies, eight because i had them. >> jimmy: that's good. >> sandler, wherever you are, thank you very much. >> jimmy: he's in philadelphia doing a movie with lebron. >> what? >> jimmy: sorry to break it to you. >> oh, man. >> jimmy: he's cheating on you. >> oh, yes. he is. >> jimmy: i have random questions for you. i don't know if these stories are true or not. michael jackson tried to buy
12:10 am
your house. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's true? and did he come to your house? >> yes, he came to my house. he came to my house in disguise. the first time, he was, he had on overalls and a big hat and a beard. and he just came to the house. he just showed up. and of course it's michael jackson, i'm not going to say no. and he walked around the house. and i got this bed that fits 50 people, so he sat on the bed indian style and was up there for a couple hours. >> jimmy: what? >> he was just up there relaxing, chill, i had a big tv and feireplace. i actually forgot, mike's up there, shaq i want to buy your house. mike, it's not for sale, i want to buy your house. mike, it's not for sale. he left and came back about two days later and did the same thing. michael was very nice.
12:11 am
very respectful, and i know the world misses him. i definitely miss him. >> jimmy: you once tried parasailing. >> yes. >> jimmy: how is that even physically possible? >> i tried parasailing. i asked a guy, can it hold my weight? he said yeah. as i got up there, i saw the string start to uncoil, and it snaps, so i'm in the air like this, and i'm terrified, but i'm laughing at the same time. [ bleep ]. and then i come down like a bat out of hell. so when i hit the water, the parachute's over me, but of course i'm a ninja and excellent swimmer, so i swim below the parachute, open my eyes and see where i'm at, but i was worried about sharks and all that. the people with boats got there so fast, they thought i was going to sue'em and all that. >> jimmy: the shark's are probably like, "get the hell out of here, shaq's in the water." is it true you watched your dad fight a bunch of monkeys with a
12:12 am
baseball bat. >> i'm not going to answer that, because i don't want the animal activist people to say anything. but look, we used to go to this place called great adventure. my dad had bought this brand new car. them monkeys started ripping of the windshield and mirrors, and, you know, he was pissed. >> jimmy: is it true that you got interested in pet tigers because you visited mike tyson? >> yes, it is. i went to mike tyson's house, you know, he was just standing there, and he whistled, and these tigers come flying down the stairs, and he's wrestling with them, hugging them and doing that. but his tigers are buchlt aeaut. later that night i went to a siegfried & roy show. every time fwi i go to a tiger g
12:13 am
softwa sanctuary i try to donate some money. that almost got me in trouble that last time. >> jimmy: it's go to get g game ready. we'll be right back with rachel nichols. ♪ icy chicken mcnuggets are just the right amount of spicy. a small-to-medium sprite kind of spicy. a... "let's get a mcflurry after this" kind of spicy. but if you get the mighty hot sauce... it's a... "napkins are for foreheads now" kind of spicy. a... "this came from mcdonald's?" kind of spicy. because our spicy chicken mcnuggets breaded in tempura, made with cayenne are just the right amount of spicy. unless... you remember what i said about the sauce. ♪ba da ba ba ba
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♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. our next guest has been living in a real-life version of the movie "bio-dome," but with lebron james instead of pauly shore. she's been covering the nba finals as host of "the jump," it airs weekdays on espn. please welcome rachel nichols. hi, rachel! >> hello! i'm very good. i think that's a good trade. pauley shore, lebron. >> jimmy: that's a very good trade. how are you doing? you've been in the bubble, too, right? >> i am on day 63 in the bubble, jimmy kimmel. and all i have to say is, i miss
12:25 am
real life. i do. we are very lucky to be here. we're in the country's largest science experiment. and we're going to crown a nba champion in a few days. >> jimmy: you think the lakers are going to win this thing? >> i don't think they're going to win it in three. >> jimmy: based on game one, it's possible. >> you never know. no mercy rule in professional basketball yet, but hey, it's a bubble. things happen. >> jimmy: are you staying in the same hotel as the players? >> we are, which is both cool and strange and weird and in a way that is completely understandable. there were concerns from the players association going in saying i don't know if we want reporters around us all the time, 24/7. so they roped off a part of the hotel for them, and part of the hotel for us. and there's this very pretty man
12:26 am
made lake, the part they have roped up for us, the path is only about .2 of a mile. you have to run for .2 and turn around. >> jimmy: i just don't jog. that's the way i handle that. no exercise whatsoever. so, if you do see something and you're in the hotel, i mean, are you, do you give them more slack when you're living with these people? or as a reporter, are you required by oath to report on what you see? >> i wish a situation had come up that had required me to make one of those incredibly tough decisions. instead, mostly what i've seen is nba players fishing. i don't know if that qualifies as scandalous. >> jimmy: it doesn't, no. >> you have a bunch of 6'8" guys who for some reason hit the town here in orlando and immediately, it was all they wanted to do for a couple weeks, morning, noon,
12:27 am
night, a cummiouple incidents, good at throwing the fish back. one threw a fish back and it had to go into concussion protocol. and "the wall street journal" did an investigation over whether disney had overstocked the lake to make the nba players feel better about being here. nba said they didn't. that's the level of journalistic investigation i've got going on. >> jimmy: with all the nonsense going on in the world right now, that's charming that somebody maybe overstocked the lake. jimmy butler and his coffee shop or whatever you want to call it. i think we have a photograph of this. so jimmy butler of the heat is running a coffee shop. he makes the coffee, yes? >> yes, he has a pourover that he brought to the bubble. you can see on that sign he charges 2k charges 2 charges $20 for a small, medium
12:28 am
or large. they're all nba players. he calls it "big face coffee. ce lululemon has reached out to the merch for it. this is while competing in the nba finals. the issue is that not everybody can afford $20 a cup. some of the staff decided a couple doors down someone started "little face coffee", they're only $5 a cup, but they only serve black coffee. >> jimmy: it's like a microcosm of the world you have there. >> fishing and coffee. >> jimmy: no discounted rate for non-nba players. >> i asked, if they win that title for the one day, does the entire heat organization get free coffee? and he said no, i'm going to upcharge to 50, because they'll be champions.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: have you bought any coffee from him? >> i have held off so far, but the coffee situation down here is a little bit desperate. so we'll see how long it can last. >> jimmy: you don't have to be there that much longer, i know shaquille o'neill, you've known shaq for a pretty long time. we have a photo of you. >> i don't know what's more striking, the size difference, it looks like we are different species. i may be from munchkin land and he's from the real world. >> jimmy: that's like a big foot sighting, really. >> and i'm very, very short. i'm concerned because you and i both work for disney, our parent corporation and i'm a little worried that they will not allow me to leave here and make me work at the seven dwarfs ride. >> jimmy: don't worry, eight dwarfs would frighten children. this is almost over for you. >> i'm excited, though, i have to say with all the time that we
12:30 am
have put in, being able to have it all work and with all the news, nationally over the past couple days, it still obviously is a difficult and dangerous in terms of health time for a lot of people in this country, and the fact that the nba has been able to have literally thousands of people operate in this bubble and have it stay safe. they've had zero cases of coronavirus. >> jimmy: it is unbelievable. the nba and journalists and players are better at handling this virus than the white house. everything has turned upside down. and who would have imagined that you would rather be in disney world, i mean, that seems like the last place on earth you would want to be, and it turns out it really is the happiest. >> there you go. i'm seeing mickey mouse in my sleep, but i'm sure that will fade. >> jimmy: rachel, i wish you freedom soon. "the jump" on espn. rachel nichols, everybody.
12:31 am
we'll be right back with a$ap ferg. ♪
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12:33 am
♪ >> jimmy: i want to thank shaquille o'neal and rachel nichols, apologies to matt damon. my aunt chippy. "nightline" is next, but first, his album is called "floor seats ii." here with the song, "dennis rodman," with help from tyga, a$ap ferg! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ the party it's popping she whip it she mop it she lick it she top it ♪ ♪ they swapping its sloppy its slimy its ratchet ♪ ♪ its grimey i'm sinning i'm winning ♪ ♪ i'm dennis rodman hit a with a mean lil fade away woo ♪ ♪ you not my type tell her stay the way the party it's popping she whip it she mop it ♪ ♪ she lick it she top it they swapping ♪ ♪ don't try me it's by me feel me it's on me supersonic ♪ ♪ ain't like sony pocket rocket pop it lock it
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i call it headband you dyed hair dennis rodman ♪ ♪ it feel like we won the finals we got five rings ♪ ♪ we live in a series of 30 for 30 i shake em like kyrie ♪ ♪ you stuck on that bull i ain't talking about dennis we the ballers in the game feel like we running ♪ ♪ the scrimmage i'm the best put a in the guiness ♪ ♪ my is bad trinidad red stripe and a guiness we paint our nails hit nene for the manicure ♪ ♪ only thing we ever ducking is them lammy doors ♪ ♪ the party it's hold the up run that ♪ ♪ here with the tyga king but i'm the king when it come to this rhyming thing ♪ ♪ all of my songs hit badda bing in the pandemic but i do not feel a thing ♪ ♪ last week bought four of them chains glowing up until i'm touring again ♪ ♪ disturbing the game rappers is whiling ♪ ♪ baptized them now drowned them trap album now they silent ♪ ♪ made a mil talking about violence while on a island ♪ ♪ beautiful view from my palace talking about shoes with my stylist ♪ ♪ you were a coward
12:36 am
not really valid mixing the hustle with talent ♪ ♪ she lick it ♪ it's poppin' ♪ they ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight. president trump helicoptered to the hospital. testing positive for coronavirus. showing signature symptoms. the drug dock talcocktail presi trump is getting. >> i think i'm doing very well, but we're going to make sure that things work out. >> now, retracing the chief executive's steps days before the diagnosis. just who had close contact with the commander in chief? >> we actually called some of the people who had been traveling and in close contact. >> connecting the dots. senior staff and others who could be at risk. what it means for the election and the presidential prognosis. >> "nightline" starts right now. with byron pitts. >> good evening. thank you for joi


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