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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 6, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live game night." tonight's guest, bill murray. and now jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: oh, that's enough, it's too much already. thank you. hello and thank you for joining us ahead of nba finals game four between the l.a. lakers and jimmy butler. what looked like it might be a sweep turned into a miami rout in game three. the lakers are now up 2-1 on the heat. now e, because the games are being played in the bubble, they've had virtual fans in the crowd. people like barack obama, shaquille o'neal and this notable gentleman. >> "jimmy kimmel live," new late tonight on abc. there's his guy. >> yeah, that's my guy. mike breen doesn't know your name, right? >> guillermo: no.
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>> jimmy: did you have fun? >> guillermo: a lot of fun. >> jimmy: what are you actually watching? >> guillermo: i'm watching a game on the computer. >> jimmy: not on tv? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: i don't like the virtual crowd thing. i would rather hear what the players are saying to each other. lebron dunks on jimmy butler and all you hear is canned applause that's probably lifted out of wrestlemania nine or something. you be you were great, guillermo. >> guillermo: thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: this was one of the more talked about moments from game three. tyler herro made a nice play to help the team seal the deal and then he did this, which i think was supposed to be intimidating, really looked more like a third grader with behavioral problems on picture day. that's a look that says, just because i'm in a boy band doesn't mean i ain't a bad ass, too. a lot of experts counted miami out, but doctors came in, they dosed them up with regeneron, remdesivir, and they came right back. now it's time to visit a ghost
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of "game night" past. because we are handcuffed by covid, we dug into the video vault to a time before hair had overtaken my fashion. we took a plastic bottle, filled it with pickle brine and we told children we were auditioning spokeskids for an exciting new sports drink called basketball juice. and we asked them to endorse it enthusiastically. have you ever done a commercial before? >> no. >> jimmy: okay, you're perfect for this then. you're untarnished. this is called basketball juice. it's a new drink, okay? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: so, hold this up to the camera and pretend you're doing a commercial and talk about how good it is. >> it makes you stronger and it makes really good energy for you, i think. and it really helps you run really faster.
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>> jimmy: i want you to take a drink of that and tell everybody what it tastes like. >> it's kind of good. >> jimmy: what does it taste like? >> tastes like a pickle. >> jimmy: kind of tastes like a pickle, huh? you know why it does? >> because it has a pickle inside it. >> jimmy: yeah, that's why. that would be a good thing for you to say. hold up a bottle up to the camera and goes, basketball juice, it comes with a pickle inside. >> basketball juice! >> it comes with a pickle inside! >> jimmy: action. >> my name is sarah. >> my name is jacob. and these are basketball -- this is a basketball juice. >> jimmy: what does it make you do? >> it makes me shoot baskets. >> jimmy: does it make your teeth fall out? >> sometimes it makes your teeth fall out. >> basketball juice! >> sometimes it makes your teeth fall out. >> i'm benjamin and i'm here for basketball juice. it's so good. >> jimmy: if you drink it, you'll learn to speak spanish? >> yes.
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>> jimmy: go ahead and say that. >> if you drink it, you learn to speak spanish. >> jimmy: open it up and take a drink and just really smile and say how much you love it. >> i love -- love it. >> jimmy: we're going to send this tape to the basketball juice people and hopefully they'll like it. >> hopefully. >> jimmy: we're going to have to cut the part where you almost threw up out. but otherwise, it was really good. welcome to the basketball juice family. >> thank you. >> basketball juice! >> i love -- i love it. >> jimmy: all right. those kids are all 40 now. we have to take a time-out. but we'll be back with bill murray, so stick around. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. we have a new show later tonight at our regular time with armie . that's why we're launching our most ambitious program ever. . . .
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>> jimmy: welcome back. we have a new show later tonight at our regular time with armie hammer, marlon wayans and music from jalen smith. regardless of how the nba finals turns out, our guest tonight taught us that it just doesn't matter. it just doesn't matter. and it really doesn't, if you think about it. his latest film with sofia coppola is called "on the rocks." you can see it in theaters now and apple tv plus starting october 23rd. please welcome bill murray. hello, bill. >> hello, jim. hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi. sorry we have a little bit of a delay so you are using the snoopy phone to help us out here. >> yes, it covers the world and it comes right back here. >> jimmy: you look great, by the way.
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>> jimmy: have you been working out? you look really good. >> thank you. i was working out a lot until july. >> jimmy: what happened? >> god, i wish we had done this months ago. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: about two weeks ago, you turned 70 years old. did you ever imagine yourself as a 70-year-old human being? >> no, i don't think anyone would or should. i don't think you should do that. it's not -- it's -- it's not the way we -- i don't even think of that anyway, i think -- i still think i'd be tried as a juvenile if i got into any trouble. >> jimmy: you had a birthday party at your son homer's new rockefeller center. you were careful, we have photographs from that event. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: you wore a mask to put your head in the cake. and everybody was wearing masks. was it fun with all the safety precautions in place? >> yes.
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i think you can have fun with safety. i mean, i really do. you know, there are those people who say, safety first, last and always. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> i usually hide from those people but now i'm looking for them, because -- and we had the place to ourselves. rockefeller center was strangely quiet, quieter than i've ever seen it. so, there were only, you know, a couple dozen people spread out over the entire ice skating rink area. and you could make all the noise you wanted and no one in the buildings was going to complain. it's nice. and i felt at home because i worked in that building. >> jimmy: bill, what is the closest you feel like you've ever come to not making it to 70 years old? was there an incident during which you felt you might lose your life? >> oh, yeah, there have been a lot. [ laughter ] i couldn't -- i really couldn't pick just one. i mean, i think just saying this on your show, people are going to be saying, yeah, there was a time i almost killed you, remember? [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: : you spent your 20th birthday in jail, is that correct? >> something like that. it was either 20 or 21. way back there, jimmy, i don't know. it's -- somebody wrote a song about it, i'm sure. but it was so long ago that i don't -- i don't -- i was cleared. >> jimmy: bill, as a man of great accomplishment and genuine wisdom, just seriously, what -- what can you tell us, now that you have the benefit of 70 years of life? is there something you could tell us that will help guide us through ours? >> well, i don't want to say anything that, you know, that anyone else has said before, but i would say that if you -- i read something today that said, youth is a gift and -- something like that, and age -- age is a work of art. and i think if you -- if you last long enough, that you've been smart enough and clever enough to get there and there's something that someone has been
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watching you, someone is watching you all the time, anyway, but i think someone watching you will pick up something, so -- you have to be careful that if you're going to live a long time, you better know that people are going to be watching you and making notes, taking notes. >> jimmy: when you say someone is watching you, do you mean god, do you mean, relatives, do you mean angels, what do you think when you say that? >> well, i think first and foremost, i think, if you have children, your children are watching you, and they will haunt yo stories that you can no longer remember, which is a real problem, too. but i think you base -- i also think that there's a real jimmy kimmel inside of jimmy kimmel that's watching jimmy kimmel all the time and so when he reminds -- there's -- it's that jimmy that taps you on the shoulder that goes, hey, yeah, remember? >> jimmy: yeah. strange, too, because i'm going,
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like, jimmy, what are you doing inside of me? get lost. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i asked permission to get inside of you, i want to make that very clear. bill, do you -- have you been watching these nba finals? >> yes. and it's really heartbreaking, because i just -- everyone's a great player and it's quite an accomplishment to live without your loved ones for so long and to live in a, you know, almost like a prison. >> jimmy: yeah. >> atmosphere for so long in the name of achieving this goal of a championship, but the real thing is to watch jimmy butler, who was a chicago bull, my team, and to watch him just be so great and it just -- i get down on one knee and say, michael, scottie, talk to somebody about this, can you do something? >> jimmy: yeah. well, bill, when we come back, bill murray is with us, he's got a new movie, it's called "on the rocks." we'll be right back with bill.
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does my foot smell funny? >> ew! we were watching "breaking bad." >> it's a great show. >> it's not for kids. >> what? was there something bad on? >> no. >> jimmy: that's bill murray with rashida jones and two very charming young ladies in the new movie "on the rocks," written and directed by sofia coppola. were those scenes were the kids improvised or was that something on the page? >> the stage mothers were
10:17 pm
removed from the set and the county so we could work and then we just tried to stay close to the camera. that's all -- it was crowd control more than acting or performing. >> jimmy: did you ever show movies or television shows to your own children that you later realized were not appropriate for kids their age? >> well, i took my one son to see "kingpin" when it came out and i hadn't seen most of the movie, i had only seen the scenes that i was in. and i was -- he was 10. and i thought it was a bowling movie. so i -- when i saw it, we walked out in total silence and we walked a long ways to a parking garage that was, like, 2 1/2, 3 blocks away and we finally got in the car, without a word, without any speech, he just said, you were good, dad. >> jimmy: you sing in this movie. once's goofing around in the car
10:18 pm
and i mean, i think everyone will agree when they see this, you sing in mexico and it's -- it's beautiful. it actually -- your voice is beautiful and the song itself is beautiful. >> yes, it's beautiful. the guitarist, john, one of the greatest guitarists in the world, so, it helped a lot to have him playing. and it's such -- it's a very beautiful place and i've got rashida coming out of the ocean, sort of, you know, coming out of a shell in the ocean, so, it wasn't that hard to do, but it's a beautiful scene, it's fun. >> jimmy: you did it -- it really was impressive, because i've seen you mostly joking when you sing and this -- in this particular performance, it seemed like you really -- you really meant it. >> i did. i really did mean it. >> jimmy: our producer josh went to see this movie at the drive-in theater. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i saw it in a drive-in, too,
10:19 pm
it was the opening of the new york film festival and they had it out right next to the arthur ashe tennis court and i watched it in a car with sofia and rashida and sofia's husband and it was fun. i rolled down the windows to get some air and when it was over, people all honked their horns, like they liked it. >> jimmy: when was the last time you were at a drive-in before that? >> it's probably, you know, just after the arrest, i guess. i don't know. way back then. >> jimmy: bill, that's your house, i presume, and my daughter has been doing show and tell on zoom school, they go to school over the internet now and i was thinking maybe it might be fun if you showed us some of the stuff from your house. >> yeah, i heard that. >> jimmy: you want to do that? >> yes. i have this. here it is. >> jimmy: what is that? >> that's a statue that my son won for most improved english achievement award.
10:20 pm
[ laughter ] and i guess his brothers resented it so much, i mean, he was born speaking english and they just hated that he won a trophy for it so they broke whatever the hell was on the top of this thing. all we got is the eagles down below anymore. that's -- >> jimmy: that's a beautiful item, yeah. >> well, i also was not in a prominent place and going to be from now on. >> jimmy: the headless trophy. >> yeah, yeah. the last thing i got is this thing, which i haven't really figured out, but i was -- it's knives, jimmy. it's a knife thing that i haven't really used since i bought it. i bought it at a yard sale and it's a handsome thing and you set it on the table. >> jimmy: it's beautiful, yeah. >> and then you insult someone and you pull out a knife real quick. but it's a set of steak knifes. this is the first day i pulled all six out and this is almost like a magic act, i pulled them out earlier.
10:21 pm
>> jimmy: it is, with hepatitis involved, yeah. >> it was a two-handed job before, but now i'm going to work on juggling them. >> jimmy: what did you pay for those? >> i -- you know, i -- i'm surprised that the price isn't still on it to be honest. i would guess -- someone just stared at that, stared at me, i tried to dress as poorly as possible when i go to yard sales and try to just say, oh, geez, i need a knife like that. i think i might have paid ten bucks for it. >> jimmy: well, looks like you got every penny's worth out of that one. >> just pulling it out. this is now a business expense. >> jimmy: it is now. for sure. thank you so much for phoning in with us. we appreciate it. the movie is called "on the rocks." it is in theaters now and will be on apple tv plus starting october 23rd. bill murray, thanks, bill. >> i heard you got marlon wayans on the show tonight. he's now my favorite wayans brother. >> jimmy: i'm going to tell him and keenen will be not be happy to hear it. but thanks. take care. bill murray. we'll be right back. when i was in high sch
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>> jimmy: welcome back to "jimmy kimmel live game night." the players respect the only ones in a bubble. we are, too, so, we are looking back at some of our favorite nba pregame moments. this is from 2011. obama was in his first term as president, lmfao topped the charts and the great shaquille o'neal had just announced his retirement from basketball, so, we sent our intrepid reporter guillermo to file this. >> guillermo: shaquille o'neal, one of the greatest centers in basketball history. he just retired. he invited me to his beautiful house here in orlando for exclusive interview, one and one, to find out what's next for shaquille o'neal.
10:26 pm
they call him shaq. the diesel. the big banana. the big shamrock. shaq-fu. the big aristotle. the big daddy. superman. the big agave. the big cactus. the big -- >> oh, that's enough with the names. geez, they get it. >> guillermo: so, what's next for shaquille? [ laughter ] >> aren't you a little too close, guillermo? >> i just want to know what's next -- >> okay, sit down, you're making me uncomfortable. sit down, man. ahh. >> guillermo: okay. >> making me uncomfortable. >> guillermo: all right. you have very good breath. >> thank you. >> guillermo: you're welcome. >> what's next? probably some movies, some tv.
10:27 pm
i don't know, just -- right now, i'm just hanging out. >> guillermo: what about cd? >> the rap cd, no, no more rap. >> guillermo: oh, thank god. >> are you making fun of me? >> guillermo: no, it's okay. >> trying to be funny? >> guillermo: no, i don't want no problem. can i go to the kitchen and check out your fridge? >> you can have whatever you like. >> guillermo: you want to do a cereal eating contest? >> you sure you want some of that? >> guillermo: yes. >> i'm the serial cereal eating champ. i'm gonna kill you. >> guillermo: you want to put money on this? >> if you beat me, i'm walk around my house in my underwear. >> guillermo: if you beat me, i'll walk around your house in your underwear pants. let's go to the kitchen. do you feel like crying now? >> like what? crying? i never cry, brother. >> guillermo: no? >> let's go. go! i quit. uno, dos, tres, go.
10:28 pm
i quit. you win. >> guillermo: all right. >> i quit. >> guillermo: i'm be over here. >> oh, my god, i quit. ♪ >> guillermo: hey, you're here. >> smack it, smack it. smack it! smack it! booty on the lap. booty on the lap. booty on the lap. ♪ did you touch my ass? >> guillermo: i want to put a dollar in there. ♪ ♪
10:29 pm
♪ ♪ >> and jump. >> guillermo: well, that's it for shaq's house! bye! >> and squeeze! >> guillermo: thank you. >> you're the cereal champ. my tie. >> guillermo: all right. >> you're not getting it back. see you later, baby. >> guillermo: go put on some pants. >> shut up. >> guillermo: wow. he's a terrible dancer. [ laughter ] beautifully done. that's our time. thanks to bill murray. apologies to mat. damon. join us later for our regular
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today. now the trump's covid outbreak has reached the


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