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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 8, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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for ama ♪ this is an abc color presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, senator bernie sanders, kal penn, and music from haim. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome, greetings my fellow americans, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching in the aftermath of wrestlemania in cleveland tonight. it was the main event, sleepy versus sleazy. the first and hopefully the last debate between joe biden and donald trump. it got off to an interesting start, you know, they flipped a coin to determine who would get the first question, but when trump saw the quarter in the air, he said hey, that's how much i paid in taxes last year,
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and it went downhill from there. because of the pandemic, there's no opening handshake, no physical contact. the candidates remained socially distant the whole time. it was like date night with melania. biden faced an unusual challenge. how do you debate a pathological liar? it's like debating a parrot. you can make whatever points you want but you know the parrot's just going to say the same four things it knows and then maybe take a dump on "the new york times." there was plenty of back and forth. the candidates laid out their different views on a variety of subjects, including the integrity of the election. biden is for it, trump is against. really, it was a good debate. the candidates had a productive give-and-take, no, it was terrible. it was a terrible debate. i'd call it a nightmare, but at least during a nightmare you get some sleep. at one point guillermo and i, this is not a joke, we were trying to decide whether to move to vancouver or montreal. >> guillermo: that's right. >> jimmy: if you missed the debate tonight, basically it went like this. >> vote now.
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>> you going to pack the vote? >> make sure you in fact let people know, your senators -- >> answer the question. >> i'm not going to answer the question -- >> why wouldn't you answer the question? >> why wouldn't you answer the question? radical left -- >> will you shut up, man? >> who is on your list, joe? >> jimmy: trump treated chris wallace like eric asking for more lunch money. you know it's heated when the moderator pleads, "please, gentlemen, let's turn to the topic of race." trump has already declared the election a disaster. he's not even lost it yet, he's called it a disaster. he basically said he's not leaving if he doesn't like the outcome. team trump also stirred up a lot of q-anon nonsense. at the last minute the president's team demanded an inspector be brought in to check inside the ears of each candidate to make sure there were no trans admiters in them, for real. this is what donald trump does, accuses the other guy of something insane and acts like it's suspicious when the other guy ignores it. who would even do the inspecting?
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have you had to look inside a 77-year-old man's ear? it's like a chewbacca reunion in there. trump also demanded drug tests. he's repeatedly called for biden to be tested for performance-enhancing drugs. as if this is the tour de france or something. this is a debate, there are no drugs. what biden is doing is called reading. you should try it once in a while. but the president was looking for any excuse that he could get his baby-sized hands on. he released all his dogs to attack biden's mental faculties, including his good friend, rudy giuliani, a guy who puts the mensch in dementia. >> the man has dementia, there's no doubt about it. i've talked to doctors, i've had them look at a hundred different tapes of his five years ago and today. >> the biden people say he's fine. >> he can't recite the pledge of allegiance, and he's fine? >> jimmy: then he turned into a bat and flew away. there's no truth of this pledge of allegiance claim of rudy giuliani, but if those are his
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criteria for dementia, i hope he never has to see his boss try to sing "god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with a light from above ♪ >> jimmy: you notice they lost him at "stand beside her." that's not something donald trump does. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: rudy giuliani floated the allegation joe biden uses adderall, the political equivalent of, he who dealt it smelt it. the idea of anyone would accuse joe biden of using adderall, which is rich, i looked it up. let's go through the list. the telltale signs of adderall abuse may include being overly talkative, check. aggression, check. secretive behavior, check. financial difficulties, double-check. mania, check. impulsive behaviors, check. incomplete thought, check. appetite? hm.
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excessive weight loss? so he doesn't have all the signs but there are a lot of them there. cnn had a group of undecided voters standing by tonight which is hard to imagine anyone is still undecided, but i guess some people are. that is very interesting to me. we got in touch with an undecided voter to get his reaction to tonight's debate. let's welcome him here now, from perryville, pennsylvania. say hello to daniel hopkins, how are you? >> how am i? >> jimmy: yes. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: okay, well, did you come away from the debate tonight with an idea of who you're going to vote for? >> not really. >> jimmy: not really? >> i still go back and forth. >> jimmy: well, you know, you're going to have to make up your mind by november 3rd, right? >> i know. that's coming up, right? >> jimmy: yeah. right. >> yeah. well, that's why i started
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making lists of the pros and cons for each candidate. >> jimmy: that's a good idea. can you take us through that? can you show us the list? >> oh, yeah, sure. for biden, under cons, i have old, teeth too shiny, uses gross words like malarkey and seems like he eats persimmons to soften his stool. >> jimmy: okay. all right. what do you have for pros, daniel? >> let's see, sane, knows how to form a sentence and isn't a racist. >> jimmy: okay, all right. what about donald trump? >> hm. okay. under cons i have, also old, is a racist, is a narcissist, sexual predator, liar, con man, inept, and kind of blobby looking. >> jimmy: all right, now what about the pros? >> oh, i don't have any pros. >> jimmy: there are no pros for donald trump? >> nothing comes to mind. >> jimmy: shouldn't that tell you that you might not want to vote for him? >> it should.
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but for some reason, it doesn't. >> jimmy: so how will you make a decision then? >> i guess the same way i decided to marry my wife. i'll flip a coin. heads biden, tails trump. >> jimmy: that doesn't seem like a great way to decide. and? >> that's weird. >> jimmy: what? >> it landed on its edge. hey, maybe i could swallow it and see which side comes out first. >> jimmy: okay, yes. you know what, why don't you do that and let us know, okay? thank you, daniel, daniel hopkins, everybody. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's not covid approved. today joe biden released his tax returns for 2019. he paid around $300,000, which is just about $299,000 more than donald trump paid. as you know, "the new york times" got their hands on a bunch of years' worth of the president's tax returns. we learned a lot. for instance, did you know that a man who got paid $500,000 to do a double stuffed oreos
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commercial just nominated a justice for the supreme court? true. one of the most embarrassing parts of the story i thought, that trump would do a commercial for anything. mattresses, underpants, shady investment kits, laundry detergent. there he is with all -- you think he's ever laundered anything other than money? i doubt it. he would do anything. in 2005 he got paid $100,000 to record a bunch of ring tones. someone actually posted the footage of the recording session of this on youtube. i'd like you to stop now and imagine hearing this every time someone called you on the phone. >> this is donald trump. i have no choice but to tell you, you're getting a phone call. >> jimmy: that was perfect, donald. give us the next one. >> this is donald trump telling -- this is donald trump telling you to think big and live large. and also, answer your phone while you're at it. >> jimmy: oh, okay, well, that was -- you really nailed that
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one. let's try one more. >> i'm donald trump, i'm donald trump reminding, whoops. i'm donald trump reminding you that timing is everything, and it's time for you to pick up your phone. >> jimmy: that's right. timing is everything, see, now that's a perfect call right there. speaking of perfect. the geniuses at the trump campaign had a little snafu this afternoon. hours before the debate started, they sent this email to supporters, from donald trump, with the subject, "i finished debating joe biden." they sent it at 2:29 in the afternoon, 3 1/2 hours before the debate started. we had some fun with that too. we went on the street yesterday, we asked, who do you think won the debate? this was yesterday, the debate was still 24 hours away, but did that stop people from claiming to have seen it? no, it did not. as you will see in tonight's edition of "lie witness news." >> the debate on tv last night.
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who do you think was better, trump? or biden? >> trump. >> were you surprised last night at the beginning of the debate when president trump pulled up on that motorcycle? >> absolutely. >> what did you think? >> absolutely. >> describe it for people. for people who might not have seen it, describe it a little bit. >> his motorcycle -- you know, if i can describe it, i didn't get a glimpse of much. but i know he was on it. i seen him. he was like revving it a little bit, which was pretty great, and that, that's what i enjoyed. >> yeah. when he did the fonzie thing? >> exactly, did the fonzie thing. >> what was your favorite moment of the debate? was it when trump pulled up on the motorcycle? when kanye west pulled the microphone out of joe biden's hand? or when joe biden bit donald trump's arm? >> kanye. i like kanye. i didn't see anyone do it. i expected it but still, you did it? you actually did it? >> joslin, last night was the big presidential debate.
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i'm sure you watched. >> yeah. >> when president trump and joe biden tried to do a tiktok dance, what did that look like to you? >> i mean, it just looked like they were trying to be a tiktoker, i guess. you know? >> yeah, what did joe biden look like? >> he was kind of like being, he was very stiff. >> yeah. >> trump had more fun with it. >> did joe biden go too far when he called president trump a no good stinky dumbbell doodie loser? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> how did you feel when he called him that on the debate stage? >> i was frustrated and enraged. >> anything you want to say to vice president joe biden about calling president trump a no-good stinky dumbbell doodie loser? >> mr. biden, you need to stop calling our president -- >> a no good. >> no good. >> stinky. >> stinky. >> dumbbell. >> scum bell. >> dumbbell. >> dumbbell. >> doodie loser.
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>> doodie loser. >> jimmy: that's right. you know what? we're all very frustrated tonight. tot.e hryonow kaavl penn is with us tonight, worked at the white house, kal penn. and music from haim, and senator bernie sanders. [ cheers and applause ] knowing who we are is hard. it's hard. eliminate who you are not first, and you're going to find yourself where you need to be. ♪ the race is never over. the journey has no port. the adventure never ends, because we are always on the way. ♪ ♪
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adam sandler will be with us, followed by our new show at the regular time with julie bowen and my morning jacket. tune in for that. our first guest on this post-debate program is the only two-time candidate for president, senator from the great state of vermont, and the only guy over 70 who has cardi b's number in his cell phone. here to share his wise and learned perspective on what we saw tonight in cleveland, please welcome senator bernie sanders. [ cheers and applause ] hello, senator. >> hey, jimmy, how are you? >> jimmy: i'm okay. senator sanders, be honest, how many times did you yell at your television tonight watching the debate? >> uh, many. >> jimmy: many times, yeah. i would love to watch it with you and see what your reactions are. >> no, you wouldn't, no, you wouldn't. >> jimmy: i would. >> no. >> jimmy: you were a subject early on in the debate. they talked -- >> i heard that. i heard that. >> jimmy: did you feel that joe biden was distancing himself from you in some ways?
11:53 pm
>> look, i've been in a number of debates in my life, and taking on trump, who is a bully, who is a liar, who doesn't even respect the rules of the debate, is very, very difficult. but i think biden made a number of very, very important points tonight. while trump continues to lie in an incredible way. >> jimmy: how often do you spoke to joe biden? >> every now and then. joe and i have known each other for a long time. i'm working as hard as i can to see that he gets elected. we have held a number of virtual rallies. i'll probably be hitting the road fairly soon for him. i happen to think, and i think
11:54 pm
people saw this tonight, in donald trump we have the most dangerous president in the history of this country, somebody who not only lies all of the time, jimmy, but really doesn't believe in science. i think you saw that tonight, despite what he was saying about how wonderful and great the united states is doing in terms of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the highest death rate per capita of almost any country on earth. we have no national policy. we have a president who continues to reject science. that's true for the coronavirus. that is true for climate change as well. and what we need, and i think biden will give us, is a government that at least listens to science and develops legislation based on science. not somebody who rejects science or makes fun of scientists. >> jimmy: it did seem like joe was trying to distance himself from the new green deal. is that just politics that he's playing? or do you think -- >> well, look, jimmy, his views are different than mine.
11:55 pm
i happen to believe in the green new deal. joe's views are different. but the truth is, "a," he understands the climate change is an existential threat to the planet. and "b," the point that he made tonight is right. whether you agree with the green new deal or you take another approach, he has another approach. he has prepared to invest trillions of dollars in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. and when you do that, you can lead the world in moving away from fossil fuels, save the planet for our kids and grandchildren, and also create millions and millions of good-paying jobs. think about the jobs that we can create as we weatherize homes and buildings all over america, as we move toward more green transportation systems, changes in agriculture, investments in solar, wind and other sustainable energy.
11:56 pm
biden is absolutely right and trump is wrong. in terms of job creation, going in the direction of combating climate change and investing in sustainable energy, that is the economic smart thing to do. >> jimmy: do you think these televised debates are constructive? >> i'll tell you something. if you stop and think about it, i don't think tonight was a great night for america, and i think i was probably not the only person yelling at the tv. you know, if you stop and you think, jimmy, and you say, all right, look, let's calmly talk about what are the real issues facing the american people? we have 90 million americans who are uninsured or underinsured. we spend far more per capita on health care than the people of any other country, and we are the only major nation on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a human right. that's a real problem. >> jimmy: trump keeps saying that he is going to take care of people with pre-existing conditions. >> that's a lie.
11:57 pm
that's an absolute lie. >> jimmy: we know it's a lie, of course it's a lie, and of course trump, one way or another, we won't see him again after four years. what about the senators and the representatives who go along with this? do they think that we're going to forget about this in two years when there are millions of people who can't get health insurance anymore? >> you raised a very important point. it's one thing to talk about trump. but i will tell you what has really surprised me is the cowardice of my colleagues in the united states congress. with very few exceptions. very few. they have allowed themselves to be intimidated by donald trump. and in terms of health care, the simple truth is, and trump, i think, could not even deny it tonight, is he is now in the courts trying to end the affordable care act which will throw at least 20 million people
11:58 pm
off the health insurance they have. he says tonight, we have a plan. he's been president for almost four years. where is the plan other than throwing people off the health care they have and doing away with preexisting conditions? and in terms of prescriptions, of course we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. pharmaceutical industry is a bunch of crooks. but all trump has done is come up with bogus executive orders that will do absolutely nothing. he does not have the guts to take on the pharmaceutical industry, something if the democrats gain control of the united states senate, which i hope very much happens, i'm going to be chairman of the subcommittee on health, trust me, we will take on those crooks in the pharmaceutical industry. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: speaking of cowardice. i don't know if anything surprises us anymore. but i wonder if you were surprised when specifically asked if he would denounce white supremacists that the president dodged it and did not, did not
11:59 pm
do that? i mean, that -- i guess i -- it's hard to be shocked anymore, but that was shocking to me. i felt like he just left that sentence uncompleted. >> look, and it doesn't give me, honestly, any pleasure to say this. you have a president who is, in fact, a racist. and he has been using race for a very, very long time in trying to divide the american people up. and he's not only a racist. he is a xenophobe. god knows the kinds of ugly attacks he has made on the latino community. he is a religious bigot, and this is who we have as president of the united states right now. and that is why, you know, people say, well, bernie, why are you supporting joe biden? you disagree with him on health care, you disagree with him on that issue. and the answer is that it is
12:00 am
absolutely imperative that we get rid of the most dangerous president in the history of the united states of america. this is a guy who continues to say he may not lose office. you want to be shocked, jimmy? what about learning that you've got a guy in office now who says maybe i will lose the election, so what? that doesn't mean to say i'm going to leave office, because as you know, everything is fraudulent. if i lose, by definition the election is rigged. think about that. that's what he said tonight and what he has said on numerous occasions. the american people have got to make it clear. and i say this to republicans, and i say this to independents, not just democrats. if you believe in democracy, if you believe in the constitution and in the rule of law, trump has got to go. because he does not believe in the law. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll be back with senator bernie sanders. gold by andreya triana
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>> jimmy: we're back. kal penn and haim are on the way. senator bernie sanders is with us. thank you, senator, for being with us tonight. you've been in the senate for how long now? >> uh, 14 years. >> jimmy: have you ever seen a more brazen display of hypocrisy than lindsey graham saying he will vote to confirm a supreme court nominee, like six weeks before an election? >> and this is after he told us in front of the whole world, he said, "i will never do that, mark my words." >> jimmy: "use my tape against me," he said, yeah. >> yeah, it is, look, the hypocrisy is extraordinary. and it is so sad, because this is why the american people are losing faith in the political process. and, you know, the problem with the supreme court nominee is not only what she will do after she
12:07 am
gets on the bench, if she does. it is this entire process by which four days, we think, four days before the election, the republicans hope to have a vote on getting her confirmed. so the american people, in four days, will be voting for a president who has the power to make those nominations, and they want to rush this thing through. it is an outrage, and the hypocrisy is extraordinary. and here's the point, and i think some of my colleagues have been making. i know a lot of people think, well, supreme court nomination, it's an abstraction, how real, how important is it? it is enormously important. there is little doubt in my mind that judge barrett will vote to rule that the affordable care act is unconstitutional. that means 20 million people will lose their health care. if you are a woman who thinks you have a right to control your own body, which i certainly agree with that, that right may
12:08 am
very well be threatened. if you're a worker who thinks you have certain rights on the job, those rights may well be taken away as well. so it's a big deal, and it concerns me. >> jimmy: if the democrats win the senate, would you support adding more justices to tip the scales back? >> well, let me say this. chuck schumer's the democratic leader, said all options are on the table, and i agree with him. but this is what i believe absolutely, jimmy. i think at a time when so many people have lost faith in the political process, which is why trump does as well as he does. people say, nobody really cares about me, democrats don't care about me, republicans don't care about me, rich are getting richer, i'm getting poorer, my kid can't afford to go to college, i don't have any health care, i can't afford housing. who cares about me? i'm just an average working stiff. if the democrats do not come up with an agenda, and i'm going to work as hard as i can in the
12:09 am
first 100 days, greatly expanding health care to make it clear that health care is a human right and not a privilege, raising that minimum wage to at least 15 bucks an hour, making sure that women get equal pay for equal work, creating millions of jobs by dealing with climate change and transforming our energy system, making college available to all kids so that they don't have to leave school deeply in debt. if we cannot stand up for the working families of this country who are right now struggling so hard. people are trying to put food on the table. trying to feed their kid, trying to not get evicted from their homes. if we can't stand up for those people and take on the powerful special interests, then, you know, the democratic party will have me to contend with. >> jimmy: speaking of the special interests, senator -- [ applause ] -- i make a lot of money. i make millions of dollars, i pay about half of that in taxes. i don't understand how it's possible that donald trump gets
12:10 am
away with paying $750 and less in taxes. >> there are two reasons. two possible reasons, jimmy, both of which may end up being true. number one. trump lied a whole lot and instead of being a successful businessman, he may in fact have lost substantial sums of money for many, many years. that's possibility number one. possibility two more likely, he is a tax cheat and ends up paying less in income tax than the average worker would be paying. tonight, you know, trump denied the charge. the "new york times" had a detailed expose, paid $750 for the last few years, he said, no, no, i paid millions of dollars. well, mr. trump, if you paid millions of dollars, you can help us all understand that. release your tax returns! >> jimmy: seems very simple, doesn't it. [ applause ] >> very simple.
12:11 am
by the way, bottom line here is the tax system is totally corrupt. you've got major corporation after major corporation paying virtually nothing or nothing in taxes, and that has got to be changed as well. >> jimmy: and they call you a socialist, yes? so what do you say to, i see online people who supported you for president, who say i'm not going to vote for joe biden. he's not going to do the things that i want him to do. i'm going to write in, vote for a third party or not vote at all. what do you say to those people? >> jimmy, i would say that that is a very, very serious mistake. being political and thinking about things politically, you have to be tactical. it's not saying, oh, i disagree with biden, i'm not voting for him. please understand that the very essence of american democracy is at stake in this election. the future of the planet is at stake with a president who
12:12 am
rejects science with regard to climate change. the racial divisions in this country will only grow wider with a president who is a racist. and to those people who say that, let me just say this. i am in the united states senate, and here's my promise to you. as president, biden will not be a dictator. in the senate and house, we will develop legislation. if i have anything to say about it, we're going to bring forth the most progressive legislation, standing up for working people, standing up for young people, standing up for senior citizens, for our environment, for criminal justice. we are going to bring forth sweeping reforms that i think will allow the american people to regain faith in our democracy. >> jimmy: one last question, senator, if you will. trump said, he claimed he spent $70,000 on his hair. how much are you spending on your hair on an annual basis?
12:13 am
>> uh, clearly not enough. that's for sure. >> jimmy: actually, now that everyone's got this covid hair, all of a sudden, yours doesn't look so nutty. [ laughter ] well, i thank you for your time, senator. [ applause ] i thank you for everything you do. senator bernie sanders. we'll be right back with kal penn!
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rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from haim. next, an actor and activist and the only white house staffer to star in a "harold and kumar" movie. you can watch his new show, "kal penn approves this message," tuesdays on free form. please welcome kal penn. hi, kal. >> how you doin'? >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> good. >> jimmy: where are you right now? >> i'm in the studio that we shoot "kal penn approves this
12:25 am
message" in, in a house in toronto where i'm shooting another project. it's a combination of covid restrictions and keeping everything safe that i'm doing. i assume which you're doing. >> jimmy: is it legal to shoot a political show in canada? is that allowed? >> it is, we made sure that we did it in the right way, that we're doing it properly. properly and safely. >> jimmy: did you watch the debate tonight? >> so i didn't. >> jimmy: you didn't? >> which i assume might be surprising. i just didn't think it was -- i didn't think i was going to learn anything that would change my mind. >> jimmy: you were right. >> okay, good. i sort of thought like, why go through, like, if i'm going to turn on the tv, i don't watch much tv as it is. but like, you know -- if i've got 15 minutes and i'm scarfing down a sandwich, i'm going to turn on "golden girls." because i know exactly what i'm going to get. >> jimmy: you prefer to watch the debate between dorothy and blanche than trump and biden. >> yeah, exactly.
12:26 am
any time spent with betty white is not a bad thing. >> jimmy: won't this leave you at a bit of a disadvantage, hosting a political talk show? >> no. our show doesn't respond to the 24-hour news cycle. it's a six-episode miniseries leading up to the election, geared towards young people. each one is on a specific topic, so it doesn't matter what happened this week or in the last 24 hours. >> jimmy: for those who don't know, you did a very unusual thing. you're a movie star and you decided to take a job working for the obama administration in the white house. what years were you there? >> oh, man. i started in june of 2009 until the end of 2011, just over two years. >> jimmy: what was that adjustment like, going from doing what you did to working in such a structured and important environment? >> so, two things i will say. one is it's not as crazy of a story as you think. there are plenty of people who don't do what we do for a living, but they take a leave of absence from their private sector careers.
12:27 am
i worked with people who were pediatricians, taking leave of absence from law school, a factory, some people do it for six months, some people do it for a couple of years. it's one of the amazing things about what it means to be an american, right? that we can do this sort of thing. the second thing i will tell you, everything in government is acronyms. the real learning curve is i would get emails that were like, for example, the first word in the document you might get, might be like, it will spell out the name of an organization, and then in parentheses you'll see the acronym for the rest of the document. my first week, somebody forwarded me about a group in the philippines, the moral islamic liberation front and the rest of the email was "milf is a group in the philippines." "milf dangerous." "milf recruits men." i'm like, this is amazing. so i'm like texting my friends who are on this e-mail chain, oh, wait, don't do that.
12:28 am
you have a serious job, put on your serious face. that was the learning curve i think. just like keeping certain things to yourself. >> jimmy: is joking around discouraged? >> not at the time, no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so tell me about this show. what's the plan for the show, and how long are you doing it? >> yeah, so six episodes. the idea for it was myself and my writing partner, thought like most people agree on policy issues, unlike you're seeing today, where there's a huge generational shift, right?
12:29 am
my show was a little bit different. >> jimmy: has biden seen "harold and kumar"? >> god. i hope so. >> jimmy: you didn't discuss it with him? >> we didn't discuss it. but i would like to think he has, i don't know. >> jimmy: if harold and kumar fought bill and ted, who would win that fight? >> are bill and ted the same age they were in the movies? or however old they are now? same for us. >> jimmy: the original movie -- there's sequels now. yes, original ages. >> original both? i think i take ted, but bill takes john. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so tell me about this show. what's the plan for the show, and how long are you doing it? >> yeah, so six episodes. the idea for it was myself and my writing partner, ramen borsalino, thought like hey, we
12:30 am
love shows like ""the daily show" and samantha bee. we don't love responding to the 24-hour news cycle. what if you took that model of comedy and combined it with a "cbs sunday morning" where every episode makes you feel very good about the world? it's a late night format, monologue-fueled piece and then that third segment is actionable items about whatever we're talking about. our first episode is about the youth vote, second episode is about education and technology, so it leaves you with -- >> jimmy: you had hillary clinton on tonight, right? >> we did. we had secretary clinton on tonight. all of our guests, interesting. the next two episodes, tonight secretary clinton, next jonathan adler, a law professor who's very conservative, member of the federalist society. they advise the current president on his supreme court picks. and what we liked about these two guests is we want to offer young viewers an opportunity to access people with institutional memory. so there are plenty of great shows out there if you want an immediate reaction to policy and politics. but for us it was like, if you're a first-time voter, how do you consider the whole playing field before you know where to plug in?
12:31 am
secretary clinton was amazing with her time. bill nye. >> jimmy: it's called "kal penn approves this message." tuesdays, 10:30, on free form. if i saw ramen borcelino on the menu, i would order it in a heartbeat, it sounds delicious. we'll be right back with haim. thanks, kal. [ applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes benz, the best or nothing.
12:32 am
12:33 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank senator bernie sanders, kal penn. apologies to matt damon. and first, here from the lonely parking lot at the forum, the song is called "gasoline." haim. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:34 am
♪ you took me back ♪ but you shouldn't have ♪ now it's your fault if i mess around ♪ ♪ i took you back but i shouldn't have ♪ ♪ now i'm coughing up like i smoked the past ♪ ♪ gasoline ♪ pretty please i want to get up but you're such a tease ♪ ♪ grab the keys back to me go on and kick up your boots in the passenger seat ♪
12:35 am
♪ i get set you know i get sad ♪ and i can't get past when i set it down ♪ ♪ you took me back and i did it back ♪ ♪ you need ice for words what's wrong with that ♪ ♪ gasoline ♪ pretty please i want to get up but you're such a tease ♪ ♪ grab the keys back to me ♪ i want to kick back with boots in the passenger seat ♪ ♪
12:36 am
♪ we're watchin' the sun rise from the kitchen counter ♪ ♪ when you're lying between my legs it doesn't matter ♪ ♪ you say you want to go slow but i want to go faster ♪ ♪ faster and faster ♪ ♪ ♪ gasoline ♪ pretty please i want to get up but you're such a tease ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
right now, at this defining moment in right now, at this defining moment in america, there's so much on the line. from abc news, "my america, your america, our america." this is "turning point." tonight, facing racism. near the home of the kkk, these activists confronting hate head-on. >> come talk to us, come meet me, come shake my hand, come see for yourself that i am not anti-american, i am not hate-filled, i am not a terrorist. >> inviting bigots to a barbecue. >> would you go over to dinner to his house? >> yes. >> the head of the klan? >> i would listen to what he had to say about what his organization is telling. why do they hate us? you have to make them face their own demons. >> a woman rejecting the prejudice of her


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