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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 20, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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yellow. the first and only bay area county to graduate to the least restrictive tier of coronavirus limits opening gyms, churches, even your office. i'm wayne freedman in napa county. what's the difference between orange and red? can california bring back affirmative action. the pros and conns in 60 seconds. i'm michael finney. do you remember my report on the homeless mom and her 4-year-old child? i have an update and it is spectacular. open up the office, swing by the gym, get together for bowling. it's normal life with an asterisks because this is the year of the pandemic and life is anything but perfect. good evening and thank you for joining us.
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i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. as we hear about surges in coronavirus cases in other parts of the country. california's numbers have been fairly steady the past several weeks and that's helping us build a better bay area. >> nearly 3300 cases were reported with southern california remaining the hardist hit region. the two-week average is about 3200. >> there were another 22 deaths, which pushes california's total close to 17,000. more than 3100 people are hospitalized around the state with coronavirus. but there is very good news locally. san francisco is the first county in the bay area to move to the yellow covid-19 safety tier. that's the least restrictive tier that allows more businesses to expand and increase capacity indoors. abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra has the story. >> reporter: san francisco may start to feel alive again. the city officially moving into the yellow tier today granting the least restrictive rules for reopening. here are the big take aways. starting next tuesday,
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non-essential offices can reopen indoors at 25% kristen can't wait. >> i feel like you're constantly in zoom meeting after zoom meeting. >> reporter: he is a senior researcher. expects more than 60% of san francisco companies will have staff physically return to the office. >> there are a lot of tenants that really want to get back, need to get back into the office to have a culture again, to have that work relationship that they're missing right now. >> reporter: also next tuesday, indoor climbing and fitness gyms will be allowed to reopen at 25% capacity. this does not include cardio and aerobic classes, plus, masks are required. spa services can open at 25% capacity and colleges and universities can increase classes up to 25 people. starting november 3rd, all restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, places of
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worship, museums including zoos 50%. the timing is spot on. >> daylight savings times ends december 1st. it will be super cold and super dark early. this is perfect timing to allow restaurants to take advantage as safely as possible. >> reporter: november 3rd, indoor pools and bowling alleys can reopen and by mid november, bars not serving food are expected to reopen outdoors. >> we don't know what the guidelines are going to be for outside bars. i would imagine face masks need to be worn. >> reporter: the city's case count of covid-19 doesn't meet the threshold to qualify for the yellow tier, but mayor london breed explains the equity met trick do -- metric does. >> we need to be i canble in our approach and not just concentrating on the population
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but the entire city, especially those communities most impacted by the virus. >> reporter: stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. napa county has good news. as the number of covid-19 cases decreases, it will join alameda and santa clara in orange or moderate tier for precautionary restrictions. this will impact indoor capacities but as wayne freedman explains, there is at least one business that will finally get to open its doors after months of being closed. at the napa bowl, this is what moving from red to orange sounds like. >> i love to hear this sound again. it's been a long time. >> reporter: dan cannot talk about his place without bringing up decades of family owned history of switch months of closures, the place finally reopens. today a run through. >> these are all my people in the crew. >> reporter: guys like j.c., the custodian and guy friday was
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happy to be here. >> the lanes are great. i'm rusty. >> reporter: when napa goes from red to orange, the bowling alley may allow 25% capacity. >> 25% is better than no percent. >> reporter: it means the bar attracting customers again and same at the restaurant for alex soto. >> great. >> reporter: in napa, not only the bowling alley may reopen but wineries may open the indoor tasting rooms and same here in town. in downtown napa, adam has been serving customers outside beginning tomorrow, they may come in but. >> i just think the rules don't make sense now. they aren't consistent. why can i reopen but maybe some other business cannot? >> reporter: as napa goes orange, restaurants may expand indoor service to 50% but in practical terms, sean o'toole questions how much of a difference it will make. 50% he says is still not sustainable. >> at this point in time, 2020, i don't know what is right. >> reporter: but now in an orange county, they will have to
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settle for better. in napa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. state health officials issued guidelines today to reopen theme parks and prosporting events. the green light was given for the 49ers to allow a limited number of fans to attend games at levi stadium. santa clara county leaders stepped in saying it could create a super spreader event. here is david louie. >> reporter: it was long awaited guidelines on two key fronts, theme parks and pro sports. but it also exposed how county and state leaders are not on the same page. state health secretary mark galley said for example a pro team playing in an outdoor stadium in a tier three or orange county can allow fans up to 25% capacity. ticket sales would be restricted to a 120 mile radius. >> to limit the mixing and certainly discouraging out of state travel or far away travel for multiple days in order to enjoy a sporting event.
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>> reporter: the niners and levi stadium qualify under the guidelines with santa clara and orange county, however, county officials won't allow it. >> this is the worst thing in the world to be doing at a time period when california is beginning to see some light. this amounts to another step backwards. >> reporter: the 49ers front office issued a statement how it plans to proceed. our organization will continue to collaborate with local public health officials to implement a plan that protects the health and wellness of all san francisco 49ers and levi stadium employees, patrons and our community. as pressure builds from theme park operators, fans and unions representing thousands of laid off employees, the state gave hope smaller theme parks below 15,000 capacity could reopen in orange counties. attendances capped at 25% or up to 500 people. however, larger theme parks, such as disneyland must wait for a county to have tier four or yellow status. disneyland's resort home of orange county remains in the red
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category. dr. galley reasons large theme parks draw visitors from wide areas for multiple days and patronize surrounding businesses. >> people may keep their guard up while they're in, let's say, a theme park but milling around the community, their guard may go down and that could be just enough to create outbreaks and transmission risks that california just doesn't want to see. >> reporter: the industry group representing theme parks across the state said the guidelines will keep their facilities closed indefinitely prolong unemployment and harm the economy of local communities and businesses. disney is the parent company of abc 7. david louie, a bbc 7 news. >> we made it easy to keep tabs on the rules with this interactive reopening tracker is on ourabc a single mother that lost her job in the pandemic and couldn't get the unemployment
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benefits she needed from the edd. it left her and her 4-year-old boy living in a car. that hardship has turned to real hope and michael finney is live with an update. we're so glad to hear, michael. >> i got to tell you, dan, there is so much good news here i hardly know where to start. let me tell you that the edd came through and so did many, many others. >> i just started losing everything one by one. >> i told you about shelby hues. the single mom living a happy life with her 4-year-old boy kalan until the pandemic hit. shelby lost both of her jobs and then the edd cut off her benefits with no explanation. she and her son began living in their car. >> i tried to tell edd, too, i understand that i'm just another claim. i'm just another number, but to me, this is my life. i mean, honestly, i was heart broken. >> across the state, an overwhelming response.
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>> it brought become a lot of memories when i was a single mom. >> it just broke my heart to see her and her son in their car at night. >> i put myself in her situation and it was just one of those things that you just have to do what you have to do to help another mom. >> shelby told me about frightening nights alone and how kalan belonged to go to a swimming pool he had seen but could not have. offers of help came pouring in. >> you can tell her she can come here with her son and i have a pool and i saw he wanted to swim and i thought oh my gosh. >> patty in oak lley offered a room in her home and a pool. >> i have work available if it's a case of child care. >> karen in vallejo offered a job. >> we have guest quarters and they can come and wouldn't have to see us. they could come here and stay. >> that's doyle in napa. >> my husband and i just looked at our budget and we could
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afford to give her $1,000. >> and then there is janelle in redland. he started a go fund me. >> if it makes a difference if she gets help, that's great. you just want babies to be safe. >> it raised $58,000. >> first of all, i want to be able to say thank you to everybody and how much you're going to change my son's life. i could never thank all of you enough. >> and then the reason 7 on your side got involved in the first place. shelby finally got her benefits after our report aired or at least most of the benefits. >> i don't know, it is still all so surreal to me. >> the payments from last spring suddenly popped into her account. the edd tells us we're so very glad to hear this case was cleared up for shelby hughes. we hate to see any claim any clc up. >> no words describe how much
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peace my heart has right now. >> now, we ask edd what went wrong in this case siting privacy, they didn't answer. i don't care. i'm feeling so good about this and about the bay area. i'm sure you agree. >> absolutely. this broke all of our hearts. we knew people would respond but no idea it would be to this level. fantastic. thank you. great work. to show your support for shelby and to share this story with your friends, it's such a powerful story, look for it on abc 7 once you drop off your ballot, where does it go? how do you make sure it gets counted? i'm liz kreutz getting answers on voting two weeks before election day. >> i'm spencer christian. the weather is turning cooler but fire danger remains high. details in the accuweather forecast coming up. i just asked her what she wanted for dinner. >> it was the last conversation that man ever had with his wife. what happened next is a heartbreaking story
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the justice department filed an anti biggest confronatitation betwee government and tech giant in decades. chris nguyen explains how the technology giant is responding. >> reporter: today's filing of a landmark anti trust case against google could be the start of more action to come against some of the key players in silicon valley. >> this is one of the first real examples that we have of the government trying to actually do something about the tech
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industry. >> reporter: google's dominance in online search and advertising has been under the microscope for years with critics calling for the company to be broken up. the senior editor says that the company controls roughly 90% of web searches across the world. >> the big concern the government has is google's power is so big that it is almost impossible for competitors to be able to really grow and compete. >> reporter: the federal case alleges that the tech giant used billions of dollars collected from its search advertising revenues to pay phone manufacturers and companies like apple to ensure that google is the default search engine on their brouwers. google believes the lawsuit is flawed saying people use google because they choose to, not because they're forced to or because they can't find alternatives. this lawsuit would do nothing to help consumers. to the contrary it would artificially property up lower quality search alternatives, raise phone prices and make it
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harder for people to get search features. the company has a website with an outline to the competition and how people can change settings on their devices. >> the anti trust laws here in the united states are supposed to be to ill prove the welfare of consumers. >> reporter: professor donald dean at the santa clara university school of law says the government might have a hard time making its case. in fact, our anti trust laws were originally ran in the 1890s and centered around alcohol, tobacco and commodities at the time. >> they have to find ways to establish how the american public is being harmed by google's activities and not just the competitors that are -- have the ear of the government and complaining. >> reporter: the search engine is also free for consumers who have the ultimate say in whether or not they want to use it. the cybersecurity expert professor. >> you have to find a sweet spot to protect the data at the same time you're not slowing down the
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innovation, which is the spirit of the silicon valley. >> reporter: analysts say the lawsuit will be wrapped up in years to come in litigation. can you believe election day is just two weeks away? california we're seeing record early voting. so far more than 4 million people in the state returned their ballots. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz has a look why voters are anxious to get ballots in early. >> reporter: inside the santa clara county register of voter's office, boxes and boxes and boxes of ballots. >> we have over 218,000 that have already voted. >> reporter: that number is huge. it's three times the number of ballots theyed had received at this point in 2016. across the state there is record turnout with more than 4 million bl ballots returned. >> people are excited and want to turn out and vote. >> reporter: outside the register of voters office, we met a voter from campbell. >> i voted!
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yes! everybody needs to get out here and do this. >> reporter: robin says her enthusiasm is one reason she voted early but not the on one. >> because what is happening with the voting polls, with the post office, i didn't want to take any chance. >> reporter: like robin, voter after voter today had the same concern. >> i wanted to make certain of course there was no issues with regards to it possibly getting lost in the mail ordeal laid. >> we want to make sure it was right at the central location to be counted. >> reporter: once you drop off your ballot, you can track it. to make sure it ends up here. you can do that at wheres my once in the hands of the county, it gets sorted and counted. how do you keep the ballots secure? >> at the end of the night, this gate locked and they connect and it's secured and cameras are on this area. this is where all the ballots are. >> reporter: despite some voting anxieties, the numbers are clear. people are turning out. for 21-year-old laylanni it's the first time for a
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presidential election. >> it feels good. it's kind of scary because there's a lot on the line right now. >> reporter: in san jose, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. we're under a red flag warning again right now and the fire risk could lead to pg&e turning off the
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not as hot as it has been
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but donan, not out of the woods yet. >> spencer christian is tracking the weather. fire danger is imminent. >> you're so right, dan, and ama, we're going into a bit of a cooler pattern right now but the fire danger will be with us for a few more days. temperatures that are a few degrees warmer than they were -- few degrees higher than yesterday. so let's take a closeup look. this is a view from the last rays of the setting sun, embracing the higher buildings in san francisco. it's 65 in the city. 74 in oakland, 76 in mountain view, san jose 78 and 54 half moon bay and a nice view from mt. tam. mid 70s santa rosa and upper 70s napa. upper 80s fairfield and concord. here is a view of the setting sun from emeryville and the forecast features, high fire
6:24 pm
danger all week long even as it gets cooler we can expect dry, gusty winds from now throughout the end of the week and a l cooing pattern from now to thursday and continue through saturday. overnight, forecast animation looks like this. mostly clear skies over the bay and inland. little hint of a marine layer will form now but it won't push very far across the bay. we can expect mostly skies overnight and mostly sunny skies tomorrow. overnight low temperatures will range from low 50s at the coast and north bay valleys to mid 50s everywhere else and then tomorrow, look for highs ranging from 67 half moon bay to 73 san francisco and upper 70s in the bay and inland areas upper 80s to low 90s. le let's look at the fire danger. red flag warning is in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning for north bay locations, napa, sonoma and a good portion of lake county.
6:25 pm
now, this will expire tomorrow morning but then tomorrow night, at 10:00, an expanded red flag warning goes into effect for the same north bay areas and nearly all of the east bay there, the higher elevations and the inland east bay, the valleys, everything except the bay shoreline of the east bay and thursday morning, 1:00 a.m. to friday 8:00 a.m., the red flag warning goes into effect for the santa cruz mountains in the peninsula coast. excuse me. i'm losing my voice here. one more thing to show you in terms of fire danger, a fire weather watch will be in effect from 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, tomorrow night now to 8:00 a.m. friday. that's for parts of lake county and solano county. onto the accuweather seven-day forecast. you see the red flags through friday so even as it gets cooler going into the end of the week, we have high fire danger, bear that in mind and then it gets a lot cooler and more refreshing over the weekend as temperatures
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drop into a more seasonable range. 70s, inland, 60s around the bay, upper 50s to 60 on the coast. temperatures might bounce back a little bit around tuesday of next week. dan and ama. >> thank you very much. no question wild fires have gotten worse in california destroying homes and lives. >> just a little girl. she's 8 years old. >> a father lost his 8-year-old daughter and his wife. the family hopes you will stop when you're doing now and listen because they don
6:27 pm
but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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the pain is always around the corner.o wildfires that claim lives. here in the bay area, tonight a story from shasta county, the zogg fire killed four people. what happened is too familiar. fire investigators have parts of a pg&e line. >> the victims of the fire include an 8-year-old girl and her mom who died trying to
6:30 pm
escape the flames. their family is demanding change now that pg and grkg&e are investigation again. details are hard to listen to. >> reporter: faylay set foot in her playground again. she loved the animals so much she had the boys at her school bringing her the lizards they found. >> and she had her stuffed animals and she would play veterinari veterinarian. >> faylayh was with her mom the afternoon of the zogg fire. zack was on a grocery run. he just talked to his wife on the phone. >> i asked her what she wanted for dinner. >> reporter: it was the last time zack would ever hear his wife's voice. minutes later, the flames of the zogg fire came. elaina and faylah got in the
6:31 pm
truck to run for their lives. >> not an easy road to drive in the best conditions. >> reporter: the truck went off the road here. faylah and her mom didn't make it. >> she did her very best and i'm proud of her. >> reporter: days later, the family got another shock. >> my mom was in tears and what happened now? i couldn't ill mag gmagine bein anything worse than this. she said pg&e's equipment was seized. >> certainly, homicide is a potential given that four individuals have died. >> reporter: the zogg fire is now a homicide investigation. authorities have only named one suspect, pg&e. this pg&e power line the next road over from their house became a crime scene. only a few months ago, the company pleaded guilty to the biggest corporate homicide in american history.
6:32 pm
84 felony counts of manslaughter for the people they killed by starting the 2018 campfire through criminal negligence neglecting to find and replace this nearly 100-year-old hook. >> this is the hook that killed 84 people. >> reporter: prosecutors say pg&e skimped on safety work to save money. are you convinced personally that pg&e can in fact make this shift and start putting safety above profit? >> i absolutely am. i absolutely am. there is no question in my mind. it will happen. >> reporter: we won't see you back at one of these? >> no, sir. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the zogg fire broke out on an extremely windy day and p grg&e said be ready for proactive safety shut offs but the company says this one was
6:33 pm
not included in that shut off. we drove up to where the fire started and found a pg&e crew supervising a team of private investigators and evidence collection event, one pg&e worker told us sifting through what evidence the cal fire investigators hadn't already taken. >> too many families have been hurt. too many lives lost. too many homes destroyed. >> reporter: zack didn't want to see what happened to his wife and daughter happen to any of the other 16 million people that live in pg&e's monopoly. what do the people that work for pg&e need to know what your life has been like since the day of the fire. >> i feel broken. they have so many hopes and dreams and so many plans. we don't get to do that now. put yourself in my daughter's shoes, how scared she would be with flames all around you, wind and smoke. she was just a little girl. she's 8 years old.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: after the campfire, pg&e stood in court as an offender on probation because it had already committed felonies back in the san bruno gas explosion. federal judge william alsip almost ordered pg&e to shut off power lines on windy days. >> thank you to the judge for doing his best to try to take control. >> reporter: the judge ended up compromising with pg&e. the company would make the decisions about when and where to fix the most urgent safety problems. pg&e also kept control of deciding which power lines were too dangerous to leave on. >> i watched the judge practically beg pg&e's lawyers to considered, i'll order the blackouts. i'll take the heat. you can blame me but pg&e wanted to be in charge and today, they still are in charge. after the zogg fire, zack doesn't want pg&e to be in
6:35 pm
charge anymore. he's calling on the judge to take over. >> yeah, i think he should take control over it so that the power gets shut off when it needs to. >> reporter: the shut offs hurt people. they hurt small businesses, but today, zack has to wonder if pg&e had switched off this line, would little faylah and her mom elaina still be here? >> it's annoying when your power is shut off but trust me, you would much rather go a day or two without power than go through what we're going through. >> hard times for that family and hard questions for pg&e and we asked pg&e why this power line was left on. the company said the nearest weather stations did not show wind speeds high enough to trigger a shout off. >> the nearest weather station
6:36 pm
was more than three miles away in flatter lowing lying terrain. we asked governor newso m's office how they plan to protect people and we received no reply. >> we'll stay on it. still to come, pg&e is warning of a safety public power shut off starting tomorrow. we'll look at the preparations and the weather conditions for the next several days ahead. >> can california bring back affirmative action? it's up to you to decide on the election. we'll see what opponents and prophone innocents say about proposition 16 next. the final debate between president donald trump and joe biden will take place thursday. you can watch it live right here on abc 7. the debate begins at 6:00 p.m.
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will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19. of the 12 propositions on california ballots in this election, one of the most controversial is proposition 16. abc 7 news liz kreutz explains what it's about. >> proposition 16 affirmative action.
6:40 pm
t they brought it back to the ballot, a yes vote repeals prop 209. 24 years ago, prop 209 added a constitutional amendment prohibiti prohibiti prohibiting treatment for race, ethnicity and gender and in government contracts. a yes vote allows race, ethnicity and gender to be considered for admission to the state's higher education and public jobs and contracts. courts have ruled that racial quotas are unconstitutional but race may be considered when serving a compelling interest like diversity. social justice opponents say prop 16 is necessary to address deep seeded inequalities. opponents say californians shuld be treated equally and bring back affirmative action in public education and employment would have the opposite affect of inclusion by allowing discrimination and preference
6:41 pm
treatment. if voter as i prove prop 16, california will be one of the last states to bring it back. >> for more information, go to and we have mail in ballot versus in person voting information and key dates and deadlines. all right. as we continue, we're watching the weather very closely because the conditions are raising our risk of wildfires, spencer has the forecast next. heads up, there is a local contestant on jeopardy tonight. she's a pediatric neurology resident from san francisc
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which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. a moving farewell today for jason cortez, the season fran firefighter killed in a training accident two weeks ago. an honor guard escorted the casket carrying his body into oracle park. the family, friends and fellow firefighters expressed their deep sadness over the death of this 13 year veteran. they recalled how he dedicated himself to become a firefighter, his incredible work ethic and how he always smiled. what a great smile, too. jason is survived by his wife patty and sons grayson and jackson who were presented with
6:45 pm
a flag that flew over the u.s.he capitol. jason cortez was 42 years old. >> 34 people including several from the bay area were killed by a fire on a dive boat anchored off the southern california coast. the national transportation safety board said it was unable to determine the cause but a lack of oversight by the boat owner led to the deadly blaze. >> clear and frankly frankly heartbreaking opportunities to break the chain of circumstances which come naresulted in this catastrophe. >> reporter: 33 passengers and crew member were sleeping when a fire broke out in 2019. a crew member who had been sleeping in the upper deck, saw the fire but couldn't get below deck because of the flames. he and four other crew members jumped into the water after trying to save the people who were trapped. the ntsb said the crew could have saved lives if there was a roving patrol as required. >> the staff believes the
6:46 pm
absence of the required roving control, delayed detection and allowed for the growth of the fire, precluded fire fighting and evacuation efforts and directly led to the high number of fatalities. >> reporter: the ntsb said the determine what caused the fire but it began towards the the back of the area where passengers plugged in phones and devices with lithium ion batteries that can spread flames quickly. >> nobody anticipated this tragedy could happen in the way that it did. and sadly, we've learned otherwise. >> according to recent court documents, criminal charges against the ship's captain are imminent. families of 32 victims are filed claims against the boat owner, truth akwat tiquatiaquatics. nearly 7,000 people in the bay area could have their power shut off because of wildfire danger as early as tomorrow night. pg&e's map shows you where
6:47 pm
specifically in parts of seven bay area counties, alameda, contra cost ta, na. in alameda county, most of those affected include this business park. at least one business says it's going to take a financial hit. >> they're going to end up missing a day of unemployment. that's money out of the economy. you talk about this whole area, this is all a business complex. >> pg&e is staffing up and says it has opened the emergency operation center. if power is cut, the utility says its goal is to give customers four to 12 hours advanced notice. all right. let's get one last check on our weather. obviously, watching things closely, dan. >> spencer christian tracking an unfortunate turn, spencer, you always hope this time of year we're out of the woods but we're not yet, are we? >> we're not yet. you're right about that. as it starts to get cooler tomorrow, we're still under a red flag warning for high fire
6:48 pm
danger. let take a look at the one currently, in fact, this will expire tomorrow morning at 8:00 and covers much of the north bay, higher elevations in parts of marin. that will expire tomorrow morning but then an expanded red flag warning will be in effect starting tomorrow night at 10:00. that will be in effect until friday morning. 8:00. covering the same areas of the north bay plus virtually all of the east bay except the shoreline and then all the way down the diablo range and at 1:00 a.m. thursday for 1:00 a.m. thursday to 8:00 a.m. friday, the santa cruz mountains and peninsula coastline will be included in the red flag warning. high fire danger is going to be with us for a couple more days. during the overnight hours, mainly clear skies, look for low temperatures in the low to mid 50s. then tomorrow, a bright and sunny day and after the little patch of coastal fog that we have disappears. highs will range from 67 at half moon bay to 73 san francisco. 78 oakland and san mateo, 84
6:49 pm
down south san jose and upper 80s in the's bay and mid to upper 80s in the north bay. here is the seven-day forecast. notice the cooling trend. it will become more comfortable if you don't like the heat through friday but red flag warnings will be with us into friday and nice, cool fall like weather only in the 70s inland. upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. finally going to feel like fall. dan and ama. >> that will be nice, thanks. chris alvarez is in with the highlights. >> coming up in sports, we're a little over two weeks away from the start of the pac 12 football season and checking on cal and stanford as they prep for that and been nearly three years since the 49ers traded for jimmy garoppolo where he goes to a
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
there was initial excitement for the 49er faithful hoping to attend a game after the announcement the state would allow outdoor stadiums to open at 20% capacity however that was quickly shot down by santa clara county. the 49ers released a statement that despite the efforts to bring back fans and comment the to working with local public health officials to ensure a safe return to levis stadium. the niners will be on the road. first up sunday a game in new england as jimmy garoppolo returns to the team he was
6:53 pm
drafted by and won by two super bowls as an under study to tom brady. it been three years since the nines traderd for jimmy g. >> it will be cool. you know, get back to the old stomping grounds, see some familiar faces but get on the film for the patriots and everything tomorrow and yeah, this win will definitely give us a little momentum but next week will be another dog fight. >> i know he's pumped to go back to new england. i haven't been there for awhile. looking forward to watching him there. >> the 49ers are off today before they get ready to return to work tomorrow. robbie joined me this afternoon to raise awareness for the rg 9 kicks for kids charity campaign. he is donating $500 for every field goal he makes this season. it's a pediatric cancer non-profit that grants wishes for kids. if you go online to kicks for ki kids you see the banner there,
6:54 pm
you'll find a page you can donate to the cause. at last check, more than $6200 had been donated. the goal is $50,000. robbie says it's important to help families realize they aren't going through the fight alone. >> being around families going through pediatric cancer and their fight and joining them in this fight is something that's been really unique for me over the years but i think also gives me the opportunity to ease they're going through and not thinking about the pham. >> sitting with the families and going through the conversations with them, it opens my eyes to say there is something i can do here and this is a big part of that concept of let's get the families away from thinking about what they are going through, whether by granting wishes or, you know, finding a cure for pediatric cancer. >> really great stuff there. the pac 12 football season is right around the corner both cal and stanford kick off on
6:55 pm
saturday, november 7th. yesterday the conference came out with protocols and guidelines how to provide if a covid outbreak were to occur. both coach wilcox of cal and stanford are confident their squads are preparing safely for a new season. >> i'm confident. i think a lot of people put a lot of time and energy into it. to say it's going to go perfectly, i don't know that. i don't think anybody does. i think we're all doing the best we can with the protocols we have in place and we got to be ready to adjust if needed. >> at this point, honestly, all the work that's been put in by our student athletes, if we can play, we're going to try like crazy to play. we only have seven games guaranteed. would hate to lose one. if it's best for our student athletes not to participate, we won't but we'll try to do everything we can to play. >> the mountain west begins play this weekend. san jose state will open the eight-game regular season schedule saturday night the spar rains host air force 730 kick
6:56 pm
off. i want to head back to robbie, we talked for 20 minutes and are working on getting the audio podcast put up. go to my at which titwitter pag. they do a great job promoting players. the niners doing good off the field. championship organization on and off the field and doing great work. donate if you can for a worthy cause, guys. >> chris, you are so right. the 49ers are always very involved in the community and so fun to root for him all the time but now we have more reason to root for him every time he kicks. >> extra incentive for sure. >> be sure to join us at 11:00 as san francisco jumps to the yellow tier, bars closed since march could reopen. why bar owners aren't celebrating just yet. hollywood has come back to san francisco and you can see, they've sawed many muni bus in half. you can see behind it. this dump truck sitting here.
6:57 pm
it's a marvel production. i'll go into details about the movie they're putting together tonight at 11:00. >> be sure to join us for that. coming up tonight at 8:00, "the bachel bacheloret bachelorette" and "supermarket sweep". i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, chris alvar alvarez, all of us, appreciate ♪ 100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious.
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