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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 20, 2020 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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thanks for watching tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. this is an abc color presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, michael keaton. and music from blackpink. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hi. oh, that's me. thank you, hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for joining us. we're just talking about the games. a big night for baseball fans here in l.a. [ cheers and applause ] the world series is under way. between the tampa bay rays and the l.a. dodgers, and it could not have come at a better time, this city needs a win right now. it's been, what, a week since the lakers won? a wrong week.
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they should call this one "the end of the world series." it's hard to focus on sports with this election coming up. the election's two weeks from today, which means we are only six months away from knowing who our next president will be. in l.a. county, if you vote in person on election day, you will not be required to wear a mask. voters who refuse to wear a mask will not be turned away. instead, they'll be escorted to an outdoor area to fill out their ballots there. you've heard of the smoking section? this is a karen corral. [ laughter and applause ] i get it, you can't deny you a right to vote. they wouldn't let you vote if you showed up not wearing pants, right? huh? i don't know, maybe it's word a try. thursday night voters will get one more chance to see the candidates face-to-face. details for the second and final debate in nashville are being released because the last one went so far off the rails, the commission on presidential debates has come up with a way to cut down on all the potus
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bankruptus. they've come up with a mute button. biden and trump will be muted during the two-minute answer period so this doesn't turn into another senior citizen bum fights video. [ laughter ] this is the same -- muting the mics is the same strategy my daughter's teacher uses for zoom kindergarten. would a mute button even work on donald trump? i feel if you turn off his microphone, he'll just pull another one out of his hair or something. [ laughter ] emperor popitan is hot about the mics. he phoned into "fox & friends" to lash out about the debate commission. he announces that they're the plotting against him. in this case, even the guys running the sound system are plotting against him. >> the whole thing is crazy. this commission, i have problems with them four years ago where they stifled out my mic during my conversation with crooked hillary. and, you know, they muted my mic. they did a whole thing. they did this to me already.
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they modulated it at the time. they actually had to write me a letter of apology. >> jimmy: yeah they modulated his mic, interesting, because earlier this month he told sean hannity they oscillated it. >> they oscillated my mic, three debates with hillary. the first debate, they -- excuse me, on the first debate, they oscillated the mic. and they oscillated it very, very seriously. >> jimmy: yes. so seriously. really, really seriously. [ laughter ] they oscillated it, modulated it, constipated it. [ laughter ] these microphones are out to get the president. it's a told pitch hunt. [ laughter ] how many months after he loses do you think "fox & friends" stops taking his calls live on the show? the debate commission says six topics will be covered on thursday night. it's cute that they think topics will be covered on thursday night. but trump's strategy for the debate is they say he's going to try to be nicer. they want him to try to be funny.
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and he's hoping a fly lands on joe biden's head. >> will you take some time to answer the previous question like mike pence did and then answer their question? >> well, look, i do my own debating. i do fine. and i do my own debating. a lot of people said i won -- >> there are many who suggested if you just let joe biden share his ideas, america might not be too keen on those ideas. >> well, i may do that. the interesting thing they said, if you let him talk, he'll lose his train of thought because he's gonzo. >> jimmy: his chain of thought. i believe the phrase is train of thought but i'm not the president. president trump trump's campaign is a "chain wreck" right now. [ laughter and applause ] a poll on a subject of covid and credibility, 16% of the americans trust the coronavirus information they get from president trump, down from 23% in april. that is interesting because if that number's accurate, 16%, that means more than half of his supporters don't trust him to
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give hut information about the virus. why would you support someone you can't trust to warn you that something might kill you? the president was in erie, pennsylvania. melania was supposed to gin him there, expected to make her first appearance since orange face gave her covid. she canceled because three weeks after she tested positive, she stilt isn't feeling her be best, she's sick. [ laughter ] you know who did come out to support donald trump? second daughter, tiffany trump, who summoned all her trump family tried to help dadly win over lgbtq voters in tampa. >> jimmy: wow. what an entrance. [ laughter ] the black-eyed peas, too.
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the one time it would be appropriate to use ymca and they blew it. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: the one time. and it only got better from there. >> such an honor to be able to be here and speak truthfully, honestly, and from my heart. i know what my father believes in. prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians, the lgbtqia+ community, okay? >> jimmy: you forgot the "t." the woman named after a jewelry store forgot the "t." donald trump is not a friend to the lgbtq community. donald trump, he fought to give employers the right to discriminate based on sexual orientation. he proudly imposed a transgender military ban. he sided against trans students in the school bathroom lawsuit. he supported -- but all this must be news to tiffany. >> i have friends of mine who reach out and they say, they make up stories, how would you
11:42 pm
support your father? we know you, we know your best friends are gay, we know your best friends are this, this, this. i say, it's because my father has always supported all of you. >> jimmy: how would she know that? she has no idea what her father supports. her father even took her to dq. >> people can say whatever they want to say, but i'm here because my support my father, he supports all of you, and we are here to fight for equality, democracy, to keep america and make it better. yes! whoo! >> jimmy: look at that group, maybe two of those people are gay. [ laughter ] wait till these trump kids find out there's no money in the will. that's a show i would watch. [ laughter ] enough on politics for tonight. on abc the gods of love have
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gifted us with a new episode of "the bachelorette." the activity was a game of strip dodgeball. the winners of the game got a group date with clare, the losers got swollen testicles. [ laughter ] it was a weird show. the guys this season don't seem terribly eager to spend time with the bachelorette. it actually got her upset and the awkward moment of the night, that award went to a real estate agent, brandon, who had trouble closing the deal. >> i never thought i would do anything like this before. when i found out that you were the bachelorette, i just knew, i knew i had to be here. >> so what made you want to be on here for me? >> first of all, you're obviously absolutely gorgeous. >> oh, thank you. >> but other than that to be honest, i don't know really anything about you. i know that you're, you know, from sacramento. were you born and raised? or -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: should i just send myself home now? or how does it work? i typically know more about my
11:44 pm
uber driver by the end of the ride than brandon knew about clare. brandon did not get a rose, which is fine. i know we're only on the second episode, but this is a "done dale." clare and dale are practically dry humping in front of the other guys. it's obvious. >> i know how important they are to you, but it doesn't matter, you shouldn't feel like that, and like the fact that like i feel like knowing that you felt like that, i'd never want you to feel like that. to say like i have strong feelings for you, like hell yeah like, like, like, this whole like everything, like, like, like, like, like like like like like like like like like and like like and like like that bothered me. >> jimmy: that's a lot, that is a lot of likes. that's more likes than that guy skateboarding with the ocean spray. it's hard to find love, whether you're the oldest bachelorette, like clare, or an elementary
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school student. this is something we shot before the pandemic closed everything down. we created an app to help kids make love connections. as you'll see, we were having a lot of success. ♪ >> jimmy: do you know what tinder is? >> no. >> jimmy: tinder is an app that pairs eligible singles. and it finds friends for you. do you understand? now what i would like you to do is to look at some of these girls. >> okay. >> jimmy: if you like them, you swipe right. if you're not interested, you swipe left. >> i want right. >> jimmy: all right. here you go. look at that guy. no? okay. no? no? wow. very, very decisive. how about this little girl? carrie? i don't cry even when i get a shot, she says. >> what is her favorite color? >> jimmy: it doesn't say. >> okay. >> jimmy: is that important? >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: swiping eleventh on all these guys, huh?
11:46 pm
you don't like any of these guys? wait, wait, wait. what about this guy? he seems like a nice kid, right? all right. so let's swipe right on him. >> okay. >> jimmy: amiyah, 5 years old. i'm going to build houses when i grow up. >> nope. >> jimmy: i'm going to swipe right on her. you know what that means? >> what? >> jimmy: we're going to set you up on a date with her. >> no! >> jimmy: you don't have to commit to anything, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: just see how it goes. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. look at that. it's a match. it means amiyah likes you also. >> i can't look. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: well, i see you two are really hitting it off, huh? my name is -- bill. i'm your waiter. can i get you anything?
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>> i will have coffee. >> jimmy: you want some coffee? >> and i will have some diet coke. >> jimmy: did you introduce yourselv to each other? >> no. >> jimmy: oh. well, why don't you go ahead and do that? >> uh -- my name's atticus. >> jimmy: my name as amiyah. >> jimmy: atticus, amiyah, amiyah, atticus. fall in love. i'll be back. ♪ >> jimmy: ask him what he likes to do for fun. >> what do you like to do for fun? >> pretty much draw. >> jimmy: ask her what her favorite color is. >> what's her favorite color? >> pink and purple. >> jimmy: ask him what his favorite animal is. >> what is your favorite animal? >> uh -- gorilla?
11:48 pm
>> okay. >> >> jimmy: ask her if she has any kids. >> do you have any -- oh. that -- do you have any kids? >> no. >> i can't look. >> jimmy: all right. a coffee for you. and a diet coke for you. how's it going so far? do you know, amiyah that atticus swiped right on now? which means he thought you were beautiful. >> oh, he swiped right on you. >> jimmy: are you embarrassed? >> uh -- not a lot. >> jimmy: a little bit? >> okay, a lot. >> jimmy: you're a lot embarrassed, yeah. here's what we're going to do. i'm going to leave. we're going to draw a heart around the two of you. and we're going to tell everyone you're in love, okay? >> no! >> no! >> jimmy: yes, yes, here we go. just look at the camera for a
11:49 pm
second. >> what? >> jimmy: they're in love! >> no! [ applause ] >> jimmy: aww, isn't that sweet this we have a good show for you tonight. we have music from blackpink. we'll be right back with michael keaton! ♪ ♪ could put cookies & creme in twix...twix
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accused of rape. accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail. got out the same day. the senior citizen could not. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show, their new album is called "the album." music and conversation with blackpink. [ cheers and applause ] blackpink, if you don't know, if you're not in the know like i am, is an all-female k-pop group.
11:54 pm
blackpink is also the color of my aunt chippy's lungs did you know that? >> guillermo: yeah, i know that. >> jimmy: more the former than the latter. tonight, tracee ellis ross and marc-andre, music from tate mccray. my first guest is one of my favorite actors, from "batman" to "birdman." from bill place blasjowski." "the trial of the chicago 7" is in theaters and on netflix right now. please welcome michael keaton. [ cheers and applause ] hi, michael, how are you? >> very good. what's going on with the blackpink show? that's not pink, though, is it? >> jimmy: no, pink is a different person. >> okay, i thought maybe pink had another -- like andy kaufman when he was -- >> jimmy: no, pink doesn't have an alter ego, as far as i know, other than her actual personal identity. how are you doing? are you in montana at your ranch
11:55 pm
or here in l.a.? >> i'm back in l.a. i just got back a little while ago, couple of days ago, yeah. i was up there primarily through the whole -- i don't know how to refer to it anymore. people say the thing, or the virus. i avoid saying the china virus. >> jimmy: yes. that's a good -- i think that's a good policy. don't say that. unless you're the president of the united states. >> right. right, right. >> jimmy: you -- >> so i'm back, yeah. >> jimmy: you have a trailer, an airstream or something like that? >> i live in a trirl. >> jimmy: you live in a trailer? a nice trailer you're living in. >> yeah. good. wait a minute. i'm getting potential spam. i swear to god, just came up on my phone. >> jimmy: you just froze on the screen, it's a great shot of you smiling. [ applause ] >> how's that? >> jimmy: that's better. we can see you. you're moving now. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, wait a minute.
11:56 pm
it's door dash, hold on a sec. >> jimmy: are you getting a good delivery? >> no, no, i swear to god it was potential spam just came up. >> jimmy: i believe it, you did freeze. >> i went up in my airstream. i think you have one, right? >> jimmy: no. i have a winnebago. i am not driving a trailer, i'm driving a full rectangle. [ laughter ] >> probably a whole band would do. yeah, i'm not that cool. >> jimmy: yeah, i have the kids and my wife with me, and you know, snacks. we had a lot of fun. >> it is fun. >> jimmy: how do your neighbors up in montana react to your political leanings? you do a lot of posting. i know you made a bunch of videos supporting the democratic candidate for president. particularly focusing on your home state of pennsylvania. is that -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: does that ever get you in arguments up there? >> you know, that's a really good -- that's a very good question. i actually haven't been asked that question. no. things have been pretty cool. you know, you have to know how to navigate that stuff.
11:57 pm
in some rural states. and, you know, look. you know, for me, i understood to some degree why many people wanted a change. they aren't evil people because they voted for trump. we have very reasonable conversations. it never really comes up. they're pretty respectful. you have to watch what your bumper sticker says. but i really key in on pennsylvania, you know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i had to key in on pennsylvania. if biden doesn't win pennsylvania, he doesn't win. if he doesn't win western pennsylvania, where i'm from, he really doesn't win. you're right, i've done -- i keep a pretty low profile. in the past, i've introduced -- back in pittsburgh years ago, al gore. in montana i introduced obama. it's not like i've never done anything. but i keep a real low profile. this time i just thought, you know, you've got to pull the trigger. >> jimmy: you made a video that i would like to show just a bit
11:58 pm
of. because it's good. here we go. >> hi, i'm michael keaton. michael keaton douglas, from just outside of pittsburgh, western pennsylvania. and you can act like you don't want to listen to me and i wouldn't blame you. but let's be honest. i'm a pretty good batman. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's hard to argue with that. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad you brought this up. >> the first time i've played that card. >> jimmy: i'm glad you brought this up, because i read in i think august in "vanity fair," the director of "the flash" movie said that you will be playing batman in the "flash" movie. can you confirm that? >> i can't confirm anything. i can only say this, though. you're like a comic book guy? >> jimmy: yeah, i like them. >> yeah, yeah. still are. but if i recall, you're like a spider-man guy, right? >> jimmy: yeah, i'm going to be in the spider-man. you're going to be in the next
11:59 pm
spider-man? i'm playing craven the hunter in the next spider-man movie. that's where everybody's supposed to applaud. [ cheers and applause ] >> that wouldn't surprise me. that wouldn't surprise me. >> jimmy: yeah. it shouldn't. >> we're having discussions, as they say, we're talking, we'll see what happens. >> jimmy: let me talk about the other batmen. ben affleck is playing batman in this movie. does that mean val kilmer, george clooney, if not adam west, maybe kanye west filling in? [ laughter ] will there be a conclave of batmans, men? >> all 127 of them. >> jimmy: michael, who was the best batman? >> me. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and do you still -- do you keep the suit at home for like sex play or whatever, or anything? >> no. >> jimmy: no, you do not? >> no, but i will slip into it now and then. you know, if i'm feeling insecure, i slip into the suit,
12:00 am
makes me feel a whole lot better. i'll walk around the neighborhood a little bit. you know, when things -- anyway. when things around here get a little nervous, maybe, i put the suit on, and boy, things lighten the [ bleep ] up. [ cheers and applause ] by the way, can i -- >> jimmy: yes. >> -- share something with you? >> jimmy: what have you got? >> we were having technical difficulties. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you know, you have to position yourself and make sure the audio's on and everything. so they made me -- like i was 10 -- sit on pillows. >> oh, really? >> yeah. i ran out of pillows because i didn't have enough. i'll show you one of the things i'm sitting on. >> jimmy: okay. >> hold on a minute. i'm sitting on "the mueller report." [ applause ] which, by the way, he kind of did too. >> jimmy: like robert mueller himself, you're sitting on the mueller report. >> yes. >> jimmy: all right, we're going to take a break. when we come back, we're going
12:01 am
to see part of this movie, "the trial of the chicago seven." >> yes. >> jimmy: michael keaton is with us, we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by wendy's. download the app to get a free breakfast croissant sandwich with any purchase. and crispy oven baked bacon. you'll be telling everybody about the new breakfast you're seeing at wendy's. hurry in for the breakfast of your dreams today. who know an open mind is the only kind. who don't need to travel to find something new. who know where to escape, even just for a moment. who don't need a fortune to find a gem. and who know when you spend less, you can discover even more. and never, ever stop discovering. spend less, discover more. at t.j. maxx, marshalls, and homegoods.
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it's following your passion to bto the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. hey, bill. >> pleased to meet you, sir. this is wineglass. >> mr. wineglass.
12:06 am
>> and tom hayden. >> i know who tom hayden is. the fbi used to work for me. those two men are senior deputies with the justice department. that's mr. callie and mr. ackerman. >> well, i don't know why these men are here. >> i invited them. >> you invited them? >> i don't want the appearance of impropriety. >> there isn't any impropriety. >> and now there are witnesses to that. >> that is michael keaton in "the trial of the chicago 7" in theaters and on netflix right now. for those who are too young to remember or don't remember the details, this is an unbelievable trial even by today's standards. >> yeah. >> jimmy: explain. give us a bit of it, if you could. >> well, i had forgotten a lot of what had happened. i play ramsey clark. kind of a wild card who was an independent, very independent attorney general under johnson. he was -- he was his own man.
12:07 am
he made his own decisions about things. and they never expected that to happen. most of the stuff in this movie, almost all of it, was all based on fact. but what sorkin does so extraordinary, because just when you think you're in this long run, you get sucked into this long run of very dramatic treatise. you're right in the middle, just drop niece great little gems, these witty, funny lines that kind of lift everything up. so for those of you who didn't know, what happened during the democratic national convention in chicago where there were basically riots, andy hoffman, who was the head of the yippies, jerry brewman, the dsd, hampton, all the guys from the black panthers, it was an extraordinary time. it was wild, man. but a seminal point, a really, really seminal point in our history. >> jimmy: one of the defendants
12:08 am
was chained up in the courtroom to keep him quiet, like with chains. >> yes. literally. and that -- because julius -- judge hoffman, who's played by the great frank langella -- by the way, this cast is crazy good, unbelievably good -- was an amazing character. and he was pretty extreme in his treatment, you know, of how he treated these guys. when you see the movie, most of what you'll see might seem like -- a lot of what you'll see might seem like it could never really happen, until you pick up a newspaper, then you realize, yeah, that could really happen. >> jimmy: yeah. >> because we see it happening now. but then, you know, i had -- the whole sorkin thing is interesting. aaron sorkin. >> jimmy: had you worked before -- >> no. >> jimmy: yeah. >> a long time ago -- i bet you remember this. there was a show called "sports night." >> jimmy: yeah, sure, great show, yeah. >> yeah.
12:09 am
he had done -- i think he probably had done some things in television before, i don't really remember. but i remember thinking, man, who is this guy? and we have so many -- a friend in common who said, you want to go out? have lunch? i did and i just said, someday we have to do something together. that was like, i don't know how many years ago, 25, 30 years. whenever "sports night" was on. >> jimmy: right. >> finally it took all these years for us to finally do something. when he called -- i had done a play reading with him. but that's -- this is the only thing we've ever done. it was great. >> jimmy: yeah. you think he had you in his head for probably, what, "sports night" was probably 22 years ago, something like that? >> yeah, i live a life where i think everybody's kind of got me in their head. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: well, you are batman. if you need a robin -- will you need a robin for this batman movie? because i am available.
12:10 am
>> yeah, i think that's what you're angling for. [ cheers and applause ] ye yeah, i'd do it with you any frigging time. i just saw this thing, during this play reading. >> jimmy: yeah? >> sorkin's sitting, listening, we're all reading all these parts, great, really good actors, chris pine's in it. we're all reading. and i feel something hit me in the head. and i kind of look around. there's a rolled-up piece of paper. sorkin's like -- he'd rolled up a piece of paper, threw it down, hit me in the head. i looked at him. he gives me the thumbs-up. his direction is so great. he's really kind of -- he's really kind of blunt, you know? the only person i can compare him to, and i mean this, is larry david. >> jimmy: larry david, right. you did that movie with larry, right.
12:11 am
>> yeah, yeah. they're similar in that they just get right to the point. just get right to the point, man. jun, li you know, i said, hey, what do you think? there's no accent, right? what do you think? he looks at me like, yeah, i don't care. yeah, it's good. yeah, don't do that. yeah, just go get your work on. larry, exactly the same way. like me in the -- "inestimable." the fantastic cast that i was with when we did "clear history." bill hader. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> bill hader. so you know, we improvised everything. this is how larry david directs, which i frigging love. he goes, all right, you know, now remember, you come in, you know, you just met jon hamm, then you guys want to talk, you two go back, blah, blah, blah, let's just do it. improvise. then cut. then you come back.
12:12 am
larry david says something like this. he goes, yeah, okay -- uh, you know when you say that thing, you come out and said this? don't do that, that's not funny. don't do that anymore. >> jimmy: well, maybe larry and aaron could work together and not do anything together, you know? >> yes. you know what, it makes it -- it's so -- it makes it so much easier. all right. >> jimmy: well, i think you're one of the rare actors who would appreciate that. thanks, michael. it's great to see you. >> thanks man. >> jimmy: the trial of the chicago 7." >> real quickly, how about all those people -- i want to thank everybody. i think we should be really appreciative of all those people standing in the rain, voting early. they don't get enough credit. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's right. that's right. michael keaton, everybody. we'll be back with blackpink. my hygienist cleans with a round head, so does my oral-b. my hygienist personalizes my cleaning, so does my oral-b.
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welcome back to the show. blackpink is on the way. first, it's time to barge into your children's room and wake them up because virtual learning isn't just for daytime anymore, it's time for "homeschool corner with guillermo." >> welcome to "home corner with guillermo." today's question is, jimmy's meal costs $25. she wants to give a 20% tip. how much money should she leave
12:19 am
for a tip? $25, okay. her meal's $25. she wants to leave 20% tip. so 25 -- and 25 -- how much should she leave for a tip? okay. listen. right now, the restaurants, they're getting hit very hard. the waitress, everybody. so you just got to be nice with them. and forget about this and this. just give her $10 tip. okay? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. we'll be back with blackpink!
12:20 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. our next guests are the most popular all-female group in the vast realm of music known as k-pop. their debut album is titled "the album." joining from us seoul, south korea -- jee-sue, rose, blackpink. thank you for being with us. [ speaking korean ] >> what? >> wow. >> you're good. >> jimmy: we'll keep it in english for the rest of this interview. just for our u.s. viewers. thank you so much for being with us. i've never actually spoken to anyone from south korea on video chat before. i know you are very, very popular. are you even able to leave your homes? or would you get mobbed by fans?
12:26 am
>> i mean -- >> just as long as we're well covered up. >> yeah, as long as we're disguised. >> as long as we don't go around like this. >> jimmy: do you ever go out in disguises? i know masks are probably good. do you ever wear hats? maybe a moustache? or a beard or something like that? >> no. >> it's a big secret. we do wear, like, hats and hoodies to cover up. >> we try to dress really manly, and just like tough. >> jimmy: yeah, sure, that's what i do too. [ laughter ] your fans are known as blinks. is that a name that they gave themselves? or did you guys come up with that name for them? >> we actually came up with the name. when we made the name blackpink, right away. so yeah. >> jimmy: why did you decide to call the band blackpink? what does that represent? >> blackpink is -- we kind of felt like those two colors represented us the most.
12:27 am
because we're very girlie. but at the same time we're very savage too. so we have a song called "pretty savage." kind of goes with blackpink. so we thought it described us the best. >> jimmy: i cass told that jee-sue doesn't speak as much english as the rest of you. jee-sue, what is your favorite word in english? >> oh. my favorite english that's a pity. >> jimmy: that's a pity? oh. can i tell you something? my favorite phrase in spanish is [ speaking spanish ] which means "what a pity." true. >> high five. [ applause ] >> jimmy: guillermo likes that. last year you became the first female k-pop group to play coachella, which for those who
12:28 am
don't know is a big music festival here in the california desert. is that something you knew -- is coachella something that people get excited about in south korea? >> definitely. >> yeah, anybody who loves music in korea would love to go to coachella. it's like a dream. >> yeah. >> and for us, we would search the internet for videos, like who's going to be in the lineup. yeah. it was one of the most exciting parts, like to watch those stage. >> jimmy: lisa, did you meet anybody there you were really excited to meet? i know there were many famous performers. >> jaden, actually. jaden smith. >> jimmy: jaden smith, oh, wow. how about that. and was his dad with him? do you know about his dad? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, his dad was there, okay, yeah. did you know his dad was a rapper before he became a big movie star?
12:29 am
>> not actually. but yeah, i saw him rap on stage, and i was like, oh my god. so cool. >> jimmy: yes, he was the fresh prince. he was the fresh prince of bel air. he did the song "parents don't understand." that could be a good song for you guys to cover, because i think that's universal. [ speaking korean ] >> it's getting twisted a little bit towards the end. >> jimmy: your album, which i have here, is called "the album." were you guys working so hard in school that you just didn't have time to come up with a title for the album? >> no. we have like a bunch of ideas, but at the end of the day we knew that our fans were waiting so much for our album that we just, you know, we decided to go with something that just described it the best.
12:30 am
black pink "the album" sounded straightforward. >> jimmy: cardi b is one of the artists on your album. do you know cardi b? >> yeah, we used to listen to her all the time, we were such big fans. when we heard she was going to be a part of our album, we just started screaming and jumping up and down. >> so exciting. >> yay! >> party! >> jimmy: you know the song "wap"? >> we do it all the time! >> jimmy: all right. we're going to take a break, then you guys are going to do a performance for us. what song are you going to sing for us tonight? >> we're going to be doing our title song from the album, "lovesick girls." >> jimmy: "lovesick girls," all right. there they are, blackpink, "the album." we'll be right back with music from blackpink. thank you, ladies! >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is
12:31 am
presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. but that's tough to do on a fixed income. i'd be hit with a tax penalty for moving to another county, so i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19.
12:32 am
it limits property taxes and lets seniors transfer their home's current tax base to another home that's closer to family or medical care. being closer to family is important to me. how about you? voting 'yes' on prop 19.
12:33 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. >> i want to thank michael keaton, apologies to matt damon. first, this is their album, it's called "the album," with "lovesick girls." all the way from south korea, blackpink! ♪ ♪ ♪ lovesick girls lovesick girls ♪ ♪
12:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we are the lovesick girls ♪ we are the lovesick girls ♪ we were born to be in love we were born to be in love ♪ ♪ we were born to be in loved but we're still looking for love ♪
12:35 am
♪ looking for love no love letters no x and o's no love never ♪ ♪ my exes know no diamond rings that set in stone to the left ♪ ♪ better left alone didn't wanna be a princess i'm priceless a prince not ♪ ♪ even on my list love is a drug that i quit no doctor could ♪ ♪ help when i'm lovesick ♪ ♪ ♪ we are the lovesick girls you can't just end this love on your own ♪ ♪ we are the lovesick girls we were born to be alone ♪ ♪ we were born to be alone we were born to be alone ♪ ♪ why we're still looking for love ♪
12:36 am
♪ love is tipping and falling love is killing your darling ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are the lovesick girls we are the lovesick girls ♪ ♪ one two lovesick girls ♪ lovesick girls lovesick girls ♪ ♪ lovesick girls still looking for love ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, political landscape. we're deep in the heart of a battleground state with students who predicted that upset in 2016. >> this whole class is trump. >> so what do they have to say this time? plus the women who run. with record numbers of women of color vying for a seat in congress, we bring together hopefuls from both sides of the aisle. >> i have to say, if you're a democrat or a republican, i 100% agree with what you just said. >> how they plan to make history. we're all putting things off, especially in these times. but some things are too serious to be ignored. if you still have symptoms of crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis even after trying other medications,


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