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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 26, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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for jimmy kimmel ♪ >> announcer: this is an abc presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight bill maher, louis partridge, and music from 24 k golden. now kimmel. >> jimmy: hello. thanks everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for not turning the television off. we are eight days away from something. what, i don't know. no one knows. election day is a week from tomorrow. and we don't even know if we'll know who won. according to the polls,
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joe biden has a big lead. you know, it's interesting, the republicans are saying "don't pay attention to the polls, we are going to win!" and democrats are saying, "don't pay attention to the polls, there's a good chance we'll lose!" so, finally, something we agree on. i guess. the republican re-election strategy seems to be centered around making it as difficult as possible for us to vote. in texas, the governor, even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, banned additional mail-in drop-off boxes. there is only one ballot drop box per county in texas, the biggest county in texas has almost 5 million people! one box. the governor, greg abbott, is apparently worried that if each county has more than one ballot box, people might put their ballots in them and have those ballots counted, which could lead to democracy. then who knows what. and, of course, trump, because he needs an excuse if he loses, keeps screaming that the early-voting effort is fixed by the government, that he runs. meanwhile, guess who voted early? ivanka trump today, tweeted, "i'll give you one guess who
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we're voting for." okay, could it be the man bankrolling your life? and there they are with their mail-in ballots. that go directly in the river! president himself decided to vote in person this time around for a change. the president cast a vote of confidence for himself on saturday at a library in west palm beach, i'm guessing it was his first visit to the library. trump usually votes by mail, but he took the plane to florida to once again cast a big orange shadow of doubt on those who choose not to vote in person. >> any complications in there? >> not much, very secure vote. much more secure than when you send in a ballot, i can tell you that. everything was perfect, very strict. by the rules. when you send in ballot, could never be secure like that. done a fantastic job over here. great people inside.
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>> who did you vote for today? >> i voted for a guy named trump. thank you everybody. >> jimmy: thank you. melania voted for a guy named kanye. trump was in the booth for 16 minutes. what could possibly have taken him so long? there's no way he voted on anything other than himself, right? how long does it take to fill in a bubble next to your name? it probably took him 30 seconds to vote for himself, and 15 and a half minutes to soften his erection. before he came out. i learned this this weekend. did you know he calls his penis lou dobbs? that's true. and, one other question, let's see the top of that voting clip again. this is library, those are all dvds, hundreds of dvds. in florida, they put up signs that say "library" on all the old blockbuster video stores. the president and first lady were trick or treatin' it up last night for the annual south lawn halloween bash.
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no reason to cancel that! trump did a fun thing, he had them turn off all the lights at the white house, then he put eric and don jr. in a bucket on the porch with a sign saying, "please take both." they did take extra precautions this year because of covid. while they handed out candy, they also disinfected the children for safety of course. you can't be too careful nowadays. there you go. sorry kid. it was a family event. guests older than two were required to wear a face covering, which explains why the president did not. the one holiday where everyone wears a mask, still can't put one on. the president is busy rallying hard. he had a triple header in pennsylvania today. on friday he stopped by "the villages," which is a retirement community in florida, to warn seniors of the horrors the biden administration has planned!
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>> biden's plan would be in america seniors have no air conditioning during the summer. >> jimmy: and he will remove the orthotics from your shoes. at least his lies are getting funnier. yesterday, regenerdon was in londonderry, new hampshire, where, all on their own,the crowd came up with an exciting new chant. >> i took something called regeneron, the following morning i felt so good, like superman. >> superman! yeah. >> i didn't want to cancel anything. >> super trump. super trump, super trump, super trump, super trump. >> now we didn't want to be canceled. >> jimmy: super trump! fatter than a speeding bullet! able to bankrupt tall buildings with a single bound!
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this was not super for trump. not only is the president trailing joe biden among seniors, he's also polling poorly among the deceased. >> georgia may atkins died of stroke, obituary included in lieu of flowers, georgia preferred that you do not vote for trump. >> good for georgia. florida, please, listen to georgia! it was her dying wish. the main event in washington today was the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett. who is america's next top supreme court justice, tilting the balance of the court even heavier to the right. mitch mcconnell rushed this one through faster than his morning dulcolax kicks in. republicans made a big power grab before an election that could very well wipe out their majority in the senate. usually when this many white people get together for one last heist, it's an "ocean's eleven" movie.
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right guillermo? >> guillermo: that's right jimmy. >> jimmy: mike pence did not as was planned, preside over the confirmation. because at least five of his aides have tested positive for covid-19. even mike pence's aides have covid-19. i don't know what that means. that's right, the coronavirus task force has tested positive for the coronavirus. fortunately, the vice president himself tested negative again. as far as we know, the virus cannot be transmitted between humans and poodles. and even though pence is surrounded by highly infectious people, he's still on the road! the white collar comedy tour was in lakeland, florida this weekend, slaying the crowds the way only mike pence can. >> he's not going to tell the american people whether he'll pack the court until months after the election. to borrow a phrase -- come on man. >> jimmy: then he did clinton,
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he did austin powers, he's a very gifted. white house's new plan to stop the virus is to stop trying to stop it. yesterday, trump's chief of staff, mark meadows, went on cnn, where he admitted to jake tapper, "we're not going to control the pandemic." of course, trump contradicted him not even 24 hours later. he said, "just the opposite. absolutely the opposite." which is interesting because the president hasn't even had a meeting with the covid task force in months. this is like if you were drowning and refused to meet with the lifeguard. this is ridiculous. cases are surging like they haven't before but donald trump is sick and tired of hearing about it! >> it's all about covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid-19, pandemic, covid. covid-19, covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid.
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>> jimmy: you know what, i think i figured it out, he's jealous of the virus. he's upset that covid is getting more attention than he is. melania trump has recovered and is expected to hit the campaign trail tomorrow. the real melania, not the fake one everybody's tweeting about. did you see this? over the weekend, people went nuts over this photo of melania boarding marine one. the helicopter. a lot of tweeters were convinced it's a body double. the alarm went off when they saw her smiling. that's what melania would look like if she was married to anyone else. melania is headlining a campaign event in pennsylvania tomorrow. she'll be sharing a stage with kellyanne conway, while the president spends the day dancing with himself. ♪
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♪ young man, there's no need to feel down ♪ ♪ i said young man >> jimmy: he hears young man and assumes they're singing about him. the idea that this is his anthem is just incredible to me. almost every song they play at these rallies is puzzling to say the least. i wanted to know more about the -- who is choosing songs for the president's playlist, so we did some investigating and we were able to get in touch with trump's music coordinator. he is with us tonight, please welcome rally dj, rod trainer. hello rod. >> oh hey! good. i was just spinning some hot tracks on the ones and twos! >> jimmy: i can see that. so, dj rod, you are the guy who picks the songs for trump's rallies? >> thank you. >> jimmy: that wasn't really a compliment, i was just asking. if you were the guy.
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>> oh. yeah. that's me. my job is to get the president's supporters so pumped, they rip off their face masks and throw them in the air like they just don't care! >> jimmy: that doesn't sound very safe from a virus standpoint. >> man. you sound like one of those "doctors" we're always ignoring! >> jimmy: anyway,- i'm curious about the music you pick. take us through some of your go-to rally songs. >> be happy to. this is a great one that always gets the crowd going, creedence clearwater revival's "fortunate son!" ♪ some folks are born made to wave the flag ooh that red white and blue ♪ >> jimmy: but isn't that song about rich kids whose parents got them out of serving in vietnam, like president trump? >> i don't think so. >> jimmy: what downhill do you think it's about? >> i always heard it as about
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don jr., you know, how fortunate he is to be the son of the best dad ever. that's a fortunate son. >> jimmy: no. in fact, i've heard the lead singer, john fogerty, say it's about what i said. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> whoops! >> jimmy: that's a whoops all right, huh? >> yeah. i guess the president was right, i am a moron unworthy of love! >> jimmy: he said that to you? >> many times. poked me in the chest when he does it too. coughs on me on purpose. >> jimmy: i'm sorry to hear that. that's not nice at all. so you don't read the lyrics from these songs before you play them? >> what is this, "reading rainbow"? songs are for rocking, not reading, okay, levar burton? >> jimmy: fine. what are some of the other songs you're playing at the rallies? >> the usual, "sympathy for the devil," "bad moon rising," "everybody hurts," "you can't always get what you want," "it's the end of the world as we know it." >> jimmy: and you don't see any irony with the names of the
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songs you just mentioned? >> no, i do not. i don't know what irony is. you know what else i play? >> jimmy: what? >> just to show people how strong and heterosexual our president is, i've been playing "macho man" by the village people. >> jimmy: i've heard that and "ymca," have you ever looked at that album cover? >> i've only ever looked at the back cover to see titles and how long they are. >> jimmy: look at cover and -- >> that's interesting. you don't suppose these guys might be -- >> jimmy: i do suppose that. that's why i thought it was odd. >> that's the guy that made me think so first, then maybe him too. that's interesting. >> jimmy: okay. and rod -- >> look, jimmy. there's a cop in there.
11:49 pm
the blue lives matter crowd will get jiggy with that. >> jimmy: now with all these big crowds singing along with no masks on, are you worried about getting sick? >> a little, but whenever i do, i just relax by playing my favorite phil collins song, "in the air tonight." i have it cued up! let's go, yeah, hear that, jimmy? >> jimmy: no, we don't hear anything. >> what? >> jimmy: the needle isn't even on the turntable. >> the new tables don't need needles. guess you haven't had one in a while. >> jimmy: needleless turntables now? i'm going to leave you rod, thanks for your time, i appreciate it. dj rod. thank you. we've got one heck of a show for you tonight, louie partridge is with us,
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show, new teen heartthrob, louis partridge is with us. all the way from england. and after louis, his song is called "mood." music from 24kgolden with help from iann dior. tomorrow night, anne hathaway and david muir will join us with music from her. and later this week, more new shows with chris evans, gillian jacobs, and
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david letterman, with music from perfume genius and gracie abrams. please join us for all that. the last time our first guest was here, it was two days prior to donald trump's inauguration and things have gone great since then. watch season 18 of "real time with bill maher" friday nights on hbo, please welcome bill maher. great to see you. you can have that. how you doing? >> you hand me a prop but for rest of the night doing this. >> jimmy: is that a rudy giuliani or has jeffrey toobin saved him? >> did you see the "borat"?
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: i did. enjoyed it. see the stills before? >> only the movie. >> jimmy: released a series of stills before the movie came out. really didn't know what the hell was going on. then got to see the movie. >> i don't think he was wanking in that scene but definitely was flirting with that girl. >> jimmy: sure, he was. >> which is great. i just mean a man of his age. prostate surgery and -- you know. >> jimmy: you found it to be inspiring? >> very inspiring. i'm 64, that's what i took from that whole thing. thought it was fantastic. what a good crowd you have here. >> jimmy: well, a lot of -- >> how many people are you allowed to have? >> jimmy: however many there are here. >> feel like more than i'm
11:57 pm
allowed. >> jimmy: 20. >> that's a good sound for 20 people. got to tell you, backstage, i remember always coming to your show, bustling and -- now funeral out there, lugubrious. can you say lugubrious? >> jimmy: you can, we have -- it is different than it was. watching your show from friday night and i noticed a couple of things. first of all, got your staff there, we know it's weird thing because expecting people that see you all day and work with you for many, many years to laugh when you make jokes, which they don't really do. >> no. they're not there, only have a few people there. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i think you got a better deal than i do. >> jimmy: i think our room's a little -- >> that guy. >> jimmy: guillermo is happy. >> guillermo: you have beers?
11:58 pm
on your show? >> jimmy: you have beers, he's there. you've got your audience, i've been wanting to talk to somebody about this. it's your staff. >> so great just to have any warm body back. >> jimmy: that's how we feel about having you here. that's why they're so excited, because mostly talking over video chat to people. >> you're saying i'm just a warm body? >> jimmy: more than a warm body, you're a hot body, bill. >> i kissed the ground, getting laid after long stretch in prison. >> jimmy: what was longest amount of time -- >> what a segue, jimmy. >> jimmy: without being in front of audience. stand-up since you were a kid, how long before this you had not appeared in front of audience? >> forever, probably 40 years.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: see, becomes part of your life. >> it is part of my life. hardest part of me, i miss it like a dead friend. every other weekend i was on the road. briefly, i did weekends. but it broke up the month. i mean i like l.a., i don't like it that much. especially when it's on fire half the time. >> jimmy: it's nice to leave. >> being on the road fed my other show, also i was in front of a real crowd. my studio audience, i love them but i fight with them because they're too politically correct. whereas the crowd on the road which pays to come -- >> jimmy: they're all in. >> they want me to be fully who i am. and i am on the show too but that's why i fight with them sometimes. >> jimmy: you do sometimes fight with the audience, i like that. >> because they're wrong. >> jimmy: i enjoy when you fight with the audience. when i was there you fought with
12:00 am
the audience. it's nice telling people how to react. >> not telling them how to react, just when they're wrong. when i started "politically incorrect," no wait. which show did you take over for me? >> jimmy: "politically incorrect," no it was the time slot. >> jimmy: no, i didn't take over that time slot, no. how much weed are you smoking? there's a great -- not great moment but sad and amazing moment on your show last month, justice ruth bader ginsburg passed away and you were on the air live. someone sent you a message and you had to talk about it on the spot, what's interesting if you look at that clip, i did that today, you were exactly right about what was going to happen,
12:01 am
without preparation. >> not like her death was a shock. >> jimmy: it was really. >> she was 100 and had cancer a million times. was a great justice but should have quit. >> jimmy: can't even give you a compliment, impossible. >> it was very walter cronkite, a flash from dallas, should have taken my glasses off. ruth bader ginsburg died at 1:10. but should have quit. >> y >>. >> jimmy: you think so? >> of course, then we wouldn't have nutso -- >> jimmy: when? >> the democratic plan for the supreme court was ruth bader ginsburg doesn't die. and that's why they're such a loser party. i vote for them but they don't know how to do politics. obama did have her over to the office when he was still in office to hint. >> jimmy: you think that's why? >> of course, we know that's
12:02 am
why. he wasn't meeting to hichlt om. oh, boy, supreme court is important place, and you're getting up in age. you know. she should have taken the hint. great as she was in many ways, that really put us in a bad place because as i keep trying to say on my show, power begets power. when you lose power you keep losing it. arm wrestling, here you can get it back, here, it's very hard. that's where we are now. lose presidential elections, they appoint justices, now the supreme court is 6-3, that's going to go on for a very long time. if the election winds up in the court, who do you think they're going to go with? we saw what happened with bush versus gore. that's what i mean, you lose power, then you lose it again.
12:03 am
>> jimmy: you're attracted to losers, is that why you're for the mets? >> not atracked to losers, trying to get them to be winners but tough row to hoe. >> jimmy: let's go to break. bill maher will be with us. >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by, geico, you could save even more by bundling home and car insurance! dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy! drink it all up. good! could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. we have bill maher with us tonight. bill maher's show is "real time"
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on hbo every friday night. you have a different approach. is it fair to say you're in the middle when it comes to how careful we should be? >> careful, with what? the virus? >> jimmy: sure. >> no, i think we should be careful, but first i have issues with consistency. way it's been handled, obviously we expected trump to be bad and he was. but i don't understand for example, i was out to dinner the other night, have you been out? >> jimmy: i have. >> in parking lots or -- >> jimmy: yeah, all the meals in the lot. >> some restaurants were actually like the polo lounge, built for this virus. because they have outdoor section anyway. >> jimmy: right. >> i'm not going to eat in parking lot. >> jimmy: i've been in parking space on the street. >> that's not going to happen. but you go to restaurant now, and you have to wear a mask when you walk in, when you go to the
12:09 am
bathroom. as soon as you sit down, you're on base. like the virus is saying, well we're not going to jump in his mouth while he's eating. >> jimmy: he's eating! >> he's with people, we're a virus, not a monster. it's so stupid. like planes, planes are flying. plenty of people, you're sitting there breathing in recycled coughs and >> jimmy: i've never known anyone to fart on a plane. >> got to be less safe than going to baseball game. >> jimmy: probably but don't they say circulation system in plane is safer than some places? >> probably. my beef with medical establishment in this country is that they're cowards. never say to people that best way to fight this, i'll wear masks or whatever we need to do
12:10 am
externally, but best way to fight this is internally, improve your immune system. one reason this country has suffered so badly compared to other countries is we're not in good health to begin with. we're not in good metabolic health. if you have -- i'm not afraid of getting this virus. don't want to get it, don't want to get sick, but couldn't kill chris christie. couldn't kill trump. who had it? harvey weinstein, old, fat, stressed out in, in prison. >> jimmy: i forgot he had it. >> couldn't get him. of course could get you, take all the precautions. distancing and fake arms and masks. >> jimmy: fake arms is all we need. >> my way to handle this, best way, get yourself in better internal shape because there are pathogens that would scare the heart out of me.
12:11 am
this is not that one. don't want to get it, don't want anyone else to get it. but should have targeted better to protect the vulnerable and let people not likely to get it lead a more normal life. >> jimmy: you asked a great question on your show friday night, guest was an author, sheehan right? >> ben sheehan. >> jimmy: you asked him when we'll know the results of the election. >> that's true. people say are you nervous about the election? of course. but it's not election night, it's november 4th to january 20th and after. i'm the guy who has been saying forever that trump's not going to -- it's impossible to imagine i think trump losing and then saying well, we fought the good fight but best man won, and i'm telling my staff to graciously allow biden -- no, he's never going to do that. he's going to lose, my prediction -- last time i didn't
12:12 am
say hillary was going to win when most people did. i do think biden is going to win by large numbers popular vote and even the electoral vote, then trump is going to go ape [ bleep ]. that's what he does. doesn't do losing. other than three marriages, three casinos, four magazines, an airline, a football league, a charity. steaks. vodka. and a university he's never lost anything. so he's not going to go gently into the night. that's what i worry about. and he's a master of it isn't written down, so i can do it. you know, there's phrase in declaration of independence, self-evident, we take these truths to be self-evident. our system is an honor system and he has no honor. so everything they thought we
12:13 am
didn't have to write down, don't keep your business empire going when you're president. he does it. don't use foreign countries to help you win an election. if you're with putin, side with the country named america. little things we didn't think we had to write down. >> jimmy: it's the little things. >> and -- just what i call a columbugus. there was a movie "gus". >> jimmy: disney film. >> about a mule and football team signs him because he can kick flield goals because he's mule with a powerful leg. other teams object, we looked at rule book, doesn't specifically say you can't have mule on the team, because who would think about that? that's trump. if you don't write it down, he will do it.
12:14 am
and we go -- we don't have direct elections, we have electoral college. we've always just assumed that person who won the popular vote in the state gets all the electors from that state. but that's not written down. it's not in the constitution. hello, gus. so my guess is he's going to try to game the system with that. >> jimmy: yeah. >> or something else. but he's not just going to go. >> jimmy: good luck to everyone sleeping tonight. bill, you're painting a rosy picture for us. >> we'll see. >> jimmy: glad you did. i'm scared because you're right almost all the time. bill maher, everybody. "real time with bill maher," fridays, 10:00 with hbo. thanks bill. we'll be right back with louis partridge.
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12:26 am
up. our next guest got the news he was starring in a movie with henry cavill and millie bobby brown hours before taking the british s.a.t.s. now he never has to go to school again. his movie, "enola holmes," is on netflix now. all the way from jolly old england, please welcome louis partridge. hi louis, how you doing? >> good. >> jimmy: zooming in from your house right now? >> my house is south london yeah, quite late over here, excuse me if i yawn. >> jimmy: do you live in apple commercial? just a very white wall behind you, almost looks like photo booth. >> i had to move things around. i'm good, thank you. i'm tired, it's midnight over here. what about you? >> jimmy: it's not midnight although this is airing at midnight here so you're in right frame of mind right now. thank you for staying up. are you still in school? >> i am, in 17, in last year,
12:27 am
think it's senior -- i'm really bad with grades and years but last year before college. >> jimmy: we call it senior year here. you're getting ready to go to college. you have school in the morning? >> no, i don't, thank god, on half term. otherwise be up at 6:45 getting the bus. >> jimmy: you were on the bus on the way to school when it came out, correct? >> yes, with the "enola holmes" poster on the side of the bus, started popping up all around london. weird popping on bus with your face on it. i was with a few mates and we cheered. >> jimmy: friends knew it was maybe going to happen, we all cheered, then you got the news? >> i got everyone involved, on the way to school, guys, come on, this is a big moment. everybody got involved.
12:28 am
yeah. >> jimmy: in high school making a movie like this, do your parents come with you to set or are you able to do it by yourself? >> i think 16 is the age they stop coming to set. when i turned 16, my mom didn't have to turn up with me every day. no, they have a bad track record with that. when i was filming enola, they left me for two weeks in holiday in greece, leaving me alone in the house. not only time, two other instances i was left alone while they jetted off on holiday. >> jimmy: you sound upset, there was no greater time in my life than parents left. >> there were a few incidents, egg on the ceiling. went down badly. >> jimmy: go crazy, make upside down omelettes. are your parents still allowed to discipline you or anything now that you're a movie star?
12:29 am
you wouldn't accept that right? >> i was cleaning leaves out of the gutter for pocket money, so very much so. chores around the house. >> jimmy: how much did you get? >> my rate is 10 pound an hour, after the film i upped it from 8 pound. >> jimmy: millie bobby brown is your costar and a producer in the movie, i imagine she had some hand choosing you for the role. >> i think she probably did. we had a few chemistry tests and about two weeks after last audition i did, saw she followed me on instagram, i thought is this good sign? i don't know, overthinking it massively as you can imagine. is this a sympathy follow, following meg because sorry for me because didn't get the part or following me because new costar, and asked her about it when i found out i got the part,
12:30 am
she said i thought you knew, assumed you knew you had the part. i was like come on, waiting every single night for the phone to ring. but there you go. and it happened on the day of the exam you were talking about, which was -- >> jimmy: how did you do on the examine by the way? >> worst out of any exam i took, i think 26 out of 70. which it was english essay, i think "macbeth" and went awfully and i decided to take it for a-level, probably silly idea. thinking about the part. literally in the exam and mind blanked. >> jimmy: tell me what happened to your instagram account when the movie premiered? >> oh, wow, just went crazy. i was at school, i remember i had a games period, in there 1 1/2 hours.
12:31 am
start had 200,000, end i had 600,000 followers, i was making bets with my mates seeing how much it would go up, no idea would get this crazy but it has done. >> jimmy: people treating you differently at school now? >> you know what, people ask that, and i can honestly say they're not, if anything taking the mick more, get called lord for the hair, not starstruck, literally get the piss taken out of me for it. which is probably -- keeps me grounded. >> jimmy: congratulations, i was not in any movies in high school, barely had a video camera. congratulations. movie is called "enola holmes," on netflix now, that's louis partridge, appreciate your time, go back to sleep. we'll be back with 24kgolden.
12:32 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. who's supporting prop 15? joe biden. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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>> dicky: "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to bill maher, louis partridge, and andy daly, apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next, but first, here with the song, "mood," with help from iann dior, 24kgolden! ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪ ♪ i could never get attached when i start to feel i unattach ♪ ♪ somehow i always end up feeling bad baby i am not your dad ♪ ♪ it's not all
12:35 am
you want from me i just want your company ♪ ♪ girl it's obvious elephant in the room and we're a part of it don't act so confused ♪ ♪ and you love starting it now i'm in a mood now we arguing in my bedroom ♪ ♪ we play games of love to avoid the depression we been here before and i won't be your victim ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪ ♪ so why you trying to fake your love on the regular when you could be blowing up just like my cellular ♪ ♪ i won't ever let a shorty go and set me up only thing i need to know is if you wet enough ♪ ♪ i'm talking slick back kick back gang sipping forties ♪ ♪ you keep playin
12:36 am
not another day with you shorty ♪ ♪ mismatched fits that was way before you know me got a lot of love well you better save it for me ♪ ♪ we play games of love to avoid the depression we been here before and i won't be your victim ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪ ♪ why you always in a mood round actin' brand new i ain't trying to tell you what to do ♪ ♪ but try to play it cool ♪ ♪ baby i ain't playing by your rules everything looks better with a view ♪
12:37 am
>> announcer: this is "nightline." >> tonight, she who votes, the power of women of color. >> i'm going to tell you something right now, women of color can make this happen. >> at the ballot box. >> i'm determined to make my vote count. >> get your tias and abul las and come out to vote. >> and -- >> could they be key to delivering the democrats the white house? reconciliation camp. >> opportunity to come together, not be color blind, need to celebrate each other's differences. >> lessons learned here may help
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