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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 27, 2020 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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pg&e cuts the power, so when a business owner tries to do the
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right thing by turning on his generator, coming up, the cautionary tale that ends with a bigger loss. crews in solano county monitoring the fire situation after hundreds of acres went up in flames. i'll show you what it looked like. >> fire danger remains elevated. the holidays are on the horizon and food bandank banks desperate. 345,000 pg&e customers had their power cut as the utility tried to prevent wildfires, but we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to the fire danger, because the red flag warning has now been extended. we'll begin our coverage with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> critically dry conditions continue. take a look at the wind gusts right now. the diablo winds still going, not as strong as they were 24
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hours ago. 22 at knoxville creek. so we're still watching very dry conditions, antioch, fairfield, 15% in napa. that red flag warning for the east bay hills and solano county. gust 50-60 miles per hour not out of the question. the humidity 18% means fire danger is certainly possible. overnight, 3:00 a.m. you will notice 31-mile-per-hour winds, middletown, 26 miles per hour. i'll let you know how long this fire danger will remain elevated and what changes are ahead once the winds settle down. happening right now, pg&e says it's in the process of restoring electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers. at the height of the shutoff, 345,000 had their power turned off. they've restored power to more
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than 156,000 customers. >> the utility says its choppers already have begun looking at equipment. now a swath of the east bay was plunged into the darkness during planned power outages, and pg&e extended those shut offs in lafayette and moraga until tomorrow afternoon. three communities commonly called lamarinda. residents do have a sense of resiliency. >> lots of people are digging in and finding out how strong they can be in their core. >> four resource centers in contra costa county provide people with cell service and water. the zoo hinted it might be closed tomorrow.
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anyone who purchased tickets for the boo at the zoo event can use them on wednesday or thursday. a clear reminder of the fire danger as sky 7 was over a wildfire that very quickly grew to 300 acres. j.r. stone found out that it was likely a cigarette that sparked it. >> reporter: firefighters in solano county are now monitoring hot po hotspots after flames tore through a field on monday afternoon. >> i have a 6-year-old and 3 year old in the house at the time, so i was really worried about them, just trying to keep them calm. >> reporter: ryan de la cruz took these photos. a fire grew from five to 300 acres and sent smoke into contra costa county. this is what it looked like in walnut creek. justin vincent said winds were a
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major issue here. >> these wind events were dropping power lines and wreaking havoc throughout solano county. >> reporter: the fire was not caused by power lines. >> we did find a half-burned cigarette butt that was indicative of the start of the fire. >> it's frus greatitrating to h that. >> reporter: there was accident as vehicles drove into the smoke and crashed. everyone is okay. no structures burned and the fire was soon controlled. there's thousand there's now hope that what happened here doesn't happen again. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. generators are in high demand. a north bay restaurant decided to buy one. but as kate larsen tells us, the owner is now regretting that desis. >> i jumped on top of this with the fire extinguisher and put the flame out.
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>> reporter: the owner of the restaurant figured out immediately why his kitchen was on fire monday morning. >> right here. with the exhaust was just hitting that wall and just heated this wall up until inside that wall a fire started. >> reporter: after last year's pg&e power shut offs put him out $35,000 when his restaurant was left in the dark for four nights, paul decided to spend $7,000 to buy a new generator and have it professionally installed. but, with an extreme wind event hammering the north bay, pg&e cut power to paul's restaurant and 345,000 other customers sunday night. >> i was able to put on my generator, and i was the only place in town that had power. it was a success. >> reporter: until it wasn't. >> now i'm shut down minimum probably two weeks. i mean, it's a gut punch, after covid. >> reporter: lots of people have been buying generators because of the power shutoffs.
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what's your advice to them after this. >> make sure it's outside. and make sure there's a lot of room around it. make sure the exhaust is not up against anything. >> kate larsen reporting. howling winds are driving a huge fire in orange county and entire neighborhoods are in its path. southern california edison says their power lines are being investigated for causing a role. two firefighters have been left with critical burns. crews are joining the firefight down south. high winds are feeding the flames that have chased about 60,000 people from their homes in irvine. >> when you have the windy conditions, but we didn't see neg li anything like this coming this way. it's the first time something like this happened to us. >> this fire's going to continue to encroach upon the homes in multiple areas. our priority is getting people
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evacuated and out of the path of the fire. >> it has 0 containment and spreading. a woman died in a house fire and it there were serious concerns the flames would start a wildfire. neighbors tell abc 7 news the home was in pg&e's shut off zone. firefighters were able to keep the flames confined to the home. a man inside the house suffered smoke inhalation. tonight judge amy coney barrett is now justice amy coney barrett. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> she was officially sworn in as an associate justice by justice clarence thomas tonight. tomorrow justice roberts will administer the judicial oath. >> i will do my job without any fear or favor and i will do so
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independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences. >> the senate confirmed barrett by a 52-48 vote. maine senator collins was the only republican to vote against barrett. in the south bay there is a desperate call for volunteers at local food banks. the pandemic has created a hume need f huge need for donations. they are trying to get food supplies out the door. >> reporter: providing food to half a million people every month during the pandemic. second harvest says it has never seen this before. they operated three drive throughs and have since expanded to 130. but the food bank is finding itself short of volunteers. >> we normally get volunteers from a lot of corporate groups, a lot of seniors at our
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distribution sites. volunteers from school groups. >> reporter: distribution sites are operating at half of what they normally need. their services can be put at risk. >> the drive through goes that much slower if we don't have the volunteers. in the warehouse it can mean we can't pack the number of boxes we need. >> reporter: they've launched the san jose covid food relief program, delivering free groceries and meals to those most at risk. >> the idea is for those who need to stay home and can't be around other people to do so. >> reporter: boxes delivered are filled with produce from local agricultural entrepreneurs. >> the opportunity to build the program that helps those communities at the same time that we're helping people in need i think is totally unique. >> reporter: to volunteer or
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ally f apply for either resource, visit abc is california ready to accommodate a surge in covid testing for people planning holiday travel? and while we're talking about the pandemic, the milestone california hit today and what is behind the recent spike in cases. first here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan and ama. tonight's show is pumpkin spice. >> he doesn't do losing. other than three marriages. three casinos, four magazines, an airline, football league,
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california tops 900,000 diagnosed cases of the coronavirus today, the most in the united states. the 14-day case average has been trending upward and now at 3600. part of that is los angeles county clearing a backlog. the 14-day positivity rate is at 2.8%. and there is no doubt the
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holidays are going to look and feel a lot different this year because of the pandemic. governor newsom has pushed to expand testing across the state to prevent outbreaks during the holiday season. >> but is the state where it really needs to be to keep up with demand? we dig into whether we're ready. >> my mother linda and my dad robert. >> reporter: amanda and jared are longing for the holidays. both of them lost their fathers during the pandemic. a mere week' part. >> it's been incredibly hard mourning without our families. >> reporter: days after, ayman at that was h aymanda was hit in a motorcycle accident. >> i lost my primary job, and i had a lot of the stuff from my business basically dissolve. >> reporter: the two now anxious to travel home. >> his grandmother is 84 and has a lot of the health issues like
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diabetes. but even planning a month ahead there's a wait. se same story in san francisco. eight days to get a test. data analysis shows in nearly the past month, covid testing in california has increased by nearly 200,000 more tests per week. but national consumer advocacy group cal per says that's not enough to catch cases. >> the government announced more tests coming online soon, and that's a good step forward. clearly we need more. >> reporter: the brown school of public health calculated the level of testing needed that would effectively suppress the virus is eight times more than what california is reporting now. what would you tell families who are weighing whether or not to even travel during the holidays? >> it really depends on three key things if we're able to gather in a safer way. the first and foremost is
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lowering case numbers now. we're heading in the wrong direction. in most places in the country, cases are going up. that means it's hot sanot safe together with people outside your regular household. >> reporter: cases were the highest daily totals across the state since august. >> it's time to hunker down. >> reporter: dr. george rutherford says we need to go out of our way to keep transmission low. >> unfortunately, this is the time of holidays and travel and family reunions and parties. you know, and unfortunately, this year, the advice is going to be just don't do it. >> reporter: keep gatherings to immediate family, like annandaand jared. they know grieving through loss is not worth the risk. >> asymptomatic spread is risk. >> reporter: the governor did say he is open to travel from states where the level is high
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but there are no official plans for that yet. and today we focussed on health. the rest of the week we will look at how the holidays are affecting all of our building a better bay area consent areas, such as education, the economy, the changing workplace and race and social justice. all this week we hope you'll join us for that programming. now let's turn to the weather forecast. ama, the ferocious winds are finally beginning to die down around here. >> relief for some of the people getting hit hard. sandhya? >> yeah, at the lower elevations, the winds have eased quite a bit, ama and tadan, thd, hour by hour forecast shows the next round of winds will be picking up while you're sleeping. tomorrow at 4:00 a.m., 32 at fairfield. you will notice gusty winds are still in the same general generl
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vicinity. so the fire danger is still there. tomorrow afternoon the winds will be much lighter for the lower elevations and ease in the higher elevations as well. 8% humidity at lake berryessa, 9% in fairfield. when you look at the hour by hour forecast going into tomorrow afternoon, it is still very dry. we're talking desert dry in the bay area today and it looks pretty dry tomorrow. 12% in antioch and fairfield. also, as we head towards tomorrow morning, extreme fire danger for parts of the hillsides in the north bay. this is also being contributing to it. the drought, look at the situation here. most of the bay area, other than the south bay is in the severe to extreme category, which is not good. we need rain, and there are hints of it. i'll show you that in just a moment. look at this shot.
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it still gusty, 89-mile-per-hour winds hit mt. helena. leit live look be frfrom ourfrom ourr we are looking at mild afternoons the rest of the week. temperatures are falling anywhere from the h40s to the 50s. but it is going to be cooler tomorrow morning especially where the wind drops off. it will still be windy in the hills but it is one of those mornings where you'll need to layer up. 80 in san rafael. 78 oakland and san jose. i do want to show you this very quickly. this is one computer model early next week hinting at the
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possibility of showers monday night going into tuesday. stay tuned. high fire danger, celhilly mornings. halloween is looking good. don't forget, daylight saving time will be ending. >> keep reminding us all for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit,
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good evening. the 49ers have put together impressive back-to-back wins but man, they're losing players in the process. wilson, high ankle sprain. samuel, strained but the niner mind at the time, it's good to be a little insane. >> i could take to you a whole another level. i will always say usually the most aggressive team that messes up the least will win. i think we've got a lot of guys like that. when they watch one guy act like that i think they all feed off each other. >> monday night football, jared goff, everett here,24-3 rams
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late in the third. the bears have had miracle come backs this year. thank you very much. scoop and score, 24-10 game. but the star of the show, johnny hekker, pro bowler, flipped the field. all of them land inside the ten. that's like a punter scoring a touchdown. so he celebrates like it. rams win, 24-10. they're five and two. san jose state was supposed to play at new mexico, not going to happen. too many covid cases. the kickoff will be saturday, 4:00 >> mike nolan rubbing his eye, he had to abass coe sauce on hi finger. they paused the call. don't put tabasco in your eyes,
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and that is it for us for tonight. thank you so much for watching, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley, stay tuned for jimmy kimmel
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. welcome back. check it out. that's the headstone of susan b. anthony in rochester, new york, covered in "i voted" stickers. it's a tradition to place the stickers at the gravy of the woman's right activist. this year a plexiglass case covered the marker.


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