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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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area. mike is tracking the red flag warning, plus the timeline for when the power may be back on. also, a fast moving fire threatening thousands of homes in southern california. the investigation into what may have sparked that. and an alert for voters. the recommendation about something you should do today to make sure your voice gets counted. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, october 27th. i voted yesterday. it was exciting. so, i'm excited to tell people about that because it was a great experience. >> i'm so glad to hear it. i know you went in person at city hall. >> you know it. >> where is the sticker, though? >> where is your sticker? >> i wore it all day yesterday with pride. >> okay, good. check the gram, everyone. >> wanted to make sure everybody knew. i didn't follow you on social media yesterday. i apologize.
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so, let's jump right in to weather. let me take it from here. we have some issues out there as kumasi talked about. you can see it over my shoulder. the red flag warning in effect for the diablo range and east bay hills and also the north bay mountains and this goes through 5:00 this evening as winds could still gust 50 to 60. that is looking less likely but still possible but extremely dry out there. 8 to 18% relative humidity. we could have extreme fire behavior because of that. winds are still running anywhere from 35 to about 41 in knoxville. so, that is still pretty critical as far as fire starting and fire spreading. look at this. 8% in the oakland hills to about 10%, 11% relativi relative ty ty rest of us. for the rest of us extremely dry air and temperatures in the mid 70s to mid 80s. away from the coast in the mid
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70s. >> okay, mike. thank you. oakland police are investigating an incident along mcarthur boulevard. one person is dead and we have reached out to investigators for more info on what happened. video from overnight shows police taping off a section at 89th avenue and placing evidence markers on the street. happening right now, pg&e is in the process of restoring power to hundreds of thousands of customers this morning. jobina tracking all of this at the live desk. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, kumasi. pg&e has restored power to more than 156,000 customers so far. let's take a look at the utility website right now so you can see this is the map that shows the public safety shutoffs and all the purple triangles represent areas still without power and at the height of the shutoff 3,045 customers had their power turned off. most people will have their lights turned back on today. amy hollyfield is live in the east bay and have more on the
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impact of homeowners, as well as residents. back to you guys. >> hi, good morning, jobina. i'll take it from here. i want to show you how dark it is here in orinda. we lit it up with our lights but without our lights, it is dark here. no power here in downtown orinda. same situation in lafayette. businesses dark, again. a second day they will be losing money and they will be closed and except we noticed major grocery stores. they brought in generators to stay in business. and then, ok, several homes also without power. some people are frustrated. others are looking for the positive in all of this. >> after last year's one we restock and held stock on things like generators and cords for generators, oil for generators, gas cans and held much more stock than we would have
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normally in years past. >> the hardware store trying to prepare for these. well, pg&e set up resource centers for people where they can charge their devices and get a snack. the utility says now that the winds have died down, they will be able to launch their helicopters later this morning so they can inspect their equipment. once they determine everything is okay, the equipment is not damaged. they will start turning the power back on launching those helicopters should not be a problem today. the weather is very calm. there is no wind out here right now. live in orinda, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. fire investigators expect that a cigarette sparked a fire in solano county. the fire quickly grew to 300 acres as high winds fanned the flames. the fire chief says they found a half burned cigarette butt. that's all it takes. >> it's frustrating here
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especially in this area this time of year in california it happens around this time of year every year and people should know better. >> visibility issues from the smoke led to a crash on highway 12. thankfully everyone's okay. no structures burned here and the fire was soon brought under control. howling winds is driving a fire in orange county threatening thousands of homes. southern california edison said its power lines are being investigated for potentially playing a role in igniting the silverado fire. so far two firefighters have suffered critical burns. san mateo county, san jose, san francisco and mountain view crews are now joining in that firefight. high winds are fueling the flames that have chased about 60,000 people from their homes in irvine. >> when you have the windy conditions and we didn't see anything like this coming this way. it's our first time that something like this happened to us. >> this fire will continue to
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cross and encroach on the homes in multiple areas. our priority right now is getting people evacuated and out of the path of the fire. >> the fire is now at 7,200 acres and has zero percent containment. today the governor is expecte to give another update on the state's progress to the wildfires and also covid-19. last week the governor announced $200 million in new funding for converting hotels and other buildings into housing for the homeless. he's going to speak at noon today and you can watch his updath right here on nabc7 newsd app. more businesses can open in san francisco. the city is the first urban area to enter the state's least resfriktive tier. nonessential offices can open at 25% capacity. offices with less than 20 employees can reopen beyond 25% but still have to be spaced out. here's what else can open starting today. indoor climbing gyms, some
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indoor personal services that require limited face covering removal, for example, waxing and skin treatments and higher ed classes could increase capacity to 25 people. a big day for the 115th supreme court justice. amy coney barrett will take the judicial oath at the supreme court today and after that she'll get right to work. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> there it was officially sworn in as an associate justice of the supreme court by justice clarence thomas last night after a contentious confirmation vote in the senate. democrats fought the process until the very end arguing that it's too close to election day and that barrett's views threatened the future of affordable health care. the affordable health care act and civil and abortion rights. >> i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the
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political branches and of my own preferences. >> the senate confirmed barrett by a 52-48 vote last night. maine senator susan collins was the only republican to vote against barrett. barrett replaces ruth bader ginsburg who died last month. >> election day is just a week away now, if you are planning to vote by mail, the usps is recommending you send in your ballot by the end of today. so, here in california you can return your ballot as long as it's post marked by november 3rd. but the usps is asking voters to allow one week between when you put your ballot in the mail and the deadline to receive it. studies have found that a missed deadline is the major reason a lot of mail-in ballots are rejected. abc7 has voter resources for you. all you have to do is head to our website to find a breakdown of the propositions and much more. you can find out pretty much everything you need to know. go to and check out our abc7 news app.
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>> i have got everything laid out across the kitchen table and ready to dive in and get it f s finished. it is cooler this morning. up to 13 degrees cooler and 6 in san francisco and 5 in san jose and part of that is due to the exceptionally dry air out there, once again. not nearly as dry as it was yesterday but we still have one single digit dew point out there and you know what that means at livermore. the temperature will have to drop down to five degrees for fog or dew to form. that's pretty impressive. mid to upper 40s through most of the south bay. we have milpitas and san jose at 50 and up in the hills in los altos at 61 degrees and 60 right now in alameda and 62 in san francisco and 66 and kind of breezy in napa and danville was in the 40s yesterday. 64. little breezy there also. a look from our east bay hills camera where the winds are gusting 13 to 19.
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much more manageable than this time yesterday. still a little caution out there. try to unplug everyting before the power comes on so you don't get that surge. if you're going to be outside, it will be dry and dusty. winds at 6:00. fastest mainly across the north bay and east bay hills and the diablo range. by the time we get to noon the north bay and by 5:00 when the red flag warning ends, you can see why. the winds are almost below ten miles per hour. that's a good sign. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and update on halloween when we get jobina in here and take a look at the morning commute. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you. while mike was talking about the winds there, i'll pick it back up. the chp issued a high wind advisory for benicia bridge and antioch bridge. bay bridge toll plaza and no metering lights on yet and as we move over and do a live look showing you the san mateo bridge. traffic is beginning to pick up as people make their way westbound. also this morning a chp vehicle was rear ended in a crash on
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highway 4 this morning. take a look at this new video coming in of the damage. the bottom bumper has fallen off the car. the back window and trunk is smashed. the sedan that hit the chp has been completely destroyed. the crash happened on the eastbound lanes of highway 4 between 68 oand 242 near the solano way off ramp. we're working to confirm what led to the crash and we'll update you as we learn more information. reggie and kumasi. >> all right, jobina, thank you. fallout after the san francisco school board voted to change the admission policy at an elite high school. the harassment aimed at two board members. >> we had a wonderful life. >> we never had no problems. >> with our kids. reasons to celebrate. a couple marking 70 years together. they also went through
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after just waking up this morning you may notice that your throat is a little scratchy, little dry. your hands are a little slippery
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because of the lack of moisture. here's the reason why. relative humidities from 11% to even 60% in places like mountain view and fremont which is impressive and half moon bay which was down in the 20s yesterday. now up to 87. we're seeing a little bit of the marine layer moistening. but definitely not moist enough for clouds out there. you can see plenty of clear conditions from sutro tower where it's 66 with a northeast wind at 5 to 15. temperatures near 70 at noon and fall back to the 60 and 70s. if you're out and about still gets under jacket weather. red flag warning with temperatures hanging in the 70s and 80s. reggie. >> mike, thank you. this deadly house fire under investigation in marin county a woman was killed and there were concerns the flames would ignite a wildfire yesterday. you could see the house is in a wooded area on dutch valley lane. neighbors tell abc7 news the home was in pg&e's public safety
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shutoff zone. firefighters were able to keep the flames contained to that one home and a man inside the home suffered smoke inhalation. he is facing the possibility of life in jail. here's abc mona >> reporter: faceling up to life in prison for his role in the so-called sex cult. known as vanguard to his follows was a conman who used blackmail to have sexual relationship with him. he hadn't spoken publicly since he was convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering and conspiracy charges last year. >> keith raniera. >> an inmate at a federal prison. >> reporter: but this weekend with the help of followers he released a podcast from behind bars saying he is just trying to do good. >> in this particular case, i'm
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given a spotlight that is far greater than my personhood. > >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 what his victims and supporters are saying this morning. with your "gma first look" i'm mona kosar abdi. san francisco elected officials are showing support for two board members after they were targeted in social media posts after apparently the school board unanimously voted to use a lottery system for laurel high school. two dozen officials gathered in person to denounce what they say harassment. in a facebook post that was since taken down members of the school board were showing with racist symbols added. elementary schools in san rafael are planning to open for in-person learning next month. testing more than 1,000 students for coronavirus. if everything goes well,
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kindergarten through second grade will transition to hybrid learning the week of november 9th. third through fifth grade they will return the week of november 16th and the school district will host a forum on facebook live tonight at 6:00 to answer any questions that anyone might have about this. in the south bay, a desperate call for volunteers at a local food bank. the pandemic has created this huge need for donations especially with the holidays coming up. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo finding that charities are trying to get the food out the door. >> reporter: providing food to half a million people during the pandemic. second harvest of silicon valley has never seen before. pre-covid three distribution drive throughs and since expanded to 130. they are finding itself short of volunte volunteers. >> we normally have volunteers from corporate groups and get volunteer from school groups. >> reporter: the ceo says
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distribution sites are operating at half of what they normally need. without adequate staffing, it can put their services at risk. >> the drive-through distribution goes much slower if we don't have the volunteers we need and in our warehouse we can't pack the number of boxes we need for that distribut the next day. >> reporter: a second effort partners with off the grid. they launched the san jose covid food relief program delivering free groceries and meals to those most at risk. >> the idea is to allow people who need to stay home and can't be around other people the ability to do so. >> reporter: ceo and founder matthew cohen said boxes being delivered are filled with produce primarily from east san jose. >> the opportunity to build a program that helps those communities at the same time that we're helping people in need is totally unique. >> reporter: to volunteer or apply for either resource, visit
5:19 am amanda del castillo, abc7 news. a pennsylvania couple says they have a lot to be thankful for right now. and that is despite the fact that they both had covid-19 this year. they are celebrating 70 years of marriage. >> he's 72 and i'm 89. >> that is steve and marie orlando. they consider themselves very lucky to have survived their fight against covid-19. now he was in the hospital for two days. she actually recovered at home with the help of their six kids. the couple just celebrated their anniversary on saturday and they say they are so grateful for their wonderful life including their 15 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. so, congratulations to them. what was that, he didn't want her to reveal his age.
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>> he said she was telling too much of their business. >> it's interesting he thought that. >> yeah. >> she said, no. >> she was fine, right, mike? >> she is like i am this old and i'm proud. he's like, wait a minute. >> they're so cute. >> they are. i was thinking my wife and i would be in our early to mid 90s, also, if 70 years of marriage. >> i think it's going to happen. >> i'm ready to celebrate. >> i will call you in about 45 years and let you know. >> mark it down. >> all right. let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. hi, everybody. good morning to you. let's see what is going on in walnut creek. it's 46 degrees. so you may want to grab a jacket before you head out. southbound 680 towards 24. sunny and warm with a fire threat in our hills and that will end tonight and with the
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lack of breeze and dry air around and clear conditions, it will be even cooler than this morning and more 30s in our deepest valleys with 40s else where. and the weekend looking all treats except for a few spooky clouds in the morning as the marine layer tries to return. the progressive jet stream from hawaii all the way up into canada now and pushing all that moisture over that area of high pressure and deposit it in the rocky mountains and bring them much-needed snow. we are firmly entrenched in a very large area. that is almost 1,000 miles wide of dry air. here with a few high clouds and sunshine, we'll hit 75 to 79 in the south bay today. 75 to 78 on the peninsula. look at those low 70s along the coast this afternoon. to mid 70s at downtown and south san francisco and78 and then 80 to 84. warmest in the north bay thanks to the breezes up there. 74 to about 79 along the east bay shore.
5:22 am
tonight, you can see the 30s. that's the blue you see. especially up in the north bay valleys and a little bit as you head down towards gilroy. the rest is in the 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast. afternoon temperatures pretty steady through at least friday. we'll start to see a little bit of the marine layer return saturday, sunday and monday. more clouds in the morning but temperatures still well above average. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. coming up next, the seven things to know this morning. >> also the san francisco-based company that is now moving out of state and planning to lay off 1,000 employees. and feeling the heat. the unusual eye issue that had a former 49ers coach it provides property tax fairness for disabled homeowners like cynde,
5:23 am
stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen helps wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19.
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it is 5:24. if you're just joining us seven things to know this morning. number one, this morning pg&e is working to restore power to thousands of customers and the map you're seeing shows the outages still in effect. utility says the lights are back on for more than 156,000 customers across northern california. today is our last day of critical fire conditions, at least for this red flag warning. it is in the diablo range east
5:25 am
bay hills and the north bay mountains. critical fire conditions through 5:00 this afternoon. number three, power lines may have sparked a new wildfire in southern california. the silverado fire burned more than 7,000 acres in orange county. two firefighters suffered burns. governor newsom will give an update at noon right here on abc7 and streaming on and our apps. number five. new supreme court justice amy coney barrett could get to work today. she was sworn in at this white house ceremony last night. this morning she'll complete the swearing in at a private ceremony at the supreme court. number six. we do not have any major blocking issues or crashes to report right now for your morning commute, so we're going to take a nice look outside in san rafael showing you 101. and number seven. an iconic san francisco sign is coming down.
5:26 am
the neon coca-cola billboard at fifth and bryant streets for 80 years. >> i know this is silly, but i'm going to miss that sign. a lot of uproar on social media. charles schwab has completed its merger with td ameritrade and now plans to lay off 1,000 employees. overlapping or redundant roles. employees are losing their jobs have a leg up on open positions within the company. charles schwab merged with t.d. ameritrade earlier this month. they plan to move headquarters to texas as part of this $26 billion deal. now cowboys' tf coordinator is feeling the heat. he had is to step away from his zoom meeting because he had tabasco sauce in his eye. he was rubbing his eye and had the sauce on his finger and we all know how that goes. his eye started burning.
5:27 am
they had to pause the call while he went to clean out his eye. well, it's been that kind of season for nolan and the cowboys. they are on pace to allow 555 points this season. we always have to throw some shade in for people's teams, don't we? >> we really do. but, also, let me just pile on. if you live in texas and you can't handle where the hot sauce is with your fingers and all of that. this is very like remedial as far as i'm concerned. >> he's like, i got this, i got this and he's like, i don't have this. >> he's spreading it all around and now it's in both eyes. okay. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a cozy fire with a very distinct smell. we're going to tell you about this fire log that is in very high demand right now. >> all right. financial relief for san francisco entertainment and night life. the push to help them stay afloat with the mandatory
5:28 am
coronavirus restrictions right now. and also this morning what the first l
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rnl building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. pg&e in the process of restoring power. mike is tracking the red flag warning that is running through the evening. also regretting a decision to buy a power generator during the public safety power shutoffs. one business owner's warning. one week to go until election day and the candidates sparring on the home stretch of the campaign. that story coming up. and an election check in in the south bay. we're going to see how voting there has been going so far. >> did you bring a cheat sheet? >> that ballot is all day and night. so, i did it beforehand and
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then, you know, the mail-in ballot and then i just went and dropped it in. i like to be there and do it myself. it took me a minute. i felt what you were saying. this is why reggie said it took him all day to vote. >> mike, you need to have a full cup of tea and your laptop out and put a little nice music in the background and maybe light a candle because you're going to be there for a while, mike. >> really set the mood there. anti-anxiety candle and maybe a time clock candle. thankfully where i live not quite as many propositions as there are in san francisco but i'm going to spend a couple hours this weekend filling mine out and do the same thing. they walk in and here is my sticker and my ballot and walk out and then put it on social media. let's take a look at what is going on. revert to serious issues. still 35 miles per hour winds in
5:32 am
knoxville and humidity levels are low enough that that concern is elevated, if you will. that's why the red flag warning continues in the diablo range and east bay hills and the north bay mountains as gusts could reach up around 50 or 60 with that extra low humidity and extreme fire behavior is possible through 5:00 this afternoon. look at how warm these temperatures are. mid 70s in san francisco and mid 80s nin the north bay. not supposed to be this warm this time of year. all right. mike. some good news. we're starting to see people get their power turned back on. pg&e says it is in the process of doing that now at the height of the shutoff yesterday 345,000 customers had their power off. pg&e says it has restored electricity to more than 156,000 people. now, the unility says its helicopters began looking at the equipment in marin county. they have to do that before they turn everyone back on. here's a look at pg&e website that shows the public shutoffs
5:33 am
that remain and the triangles represent customers without power. amy hollyfield is live in the east bay and we'll check in on orinda this morning. >> reggie, don't let the people here hear you talk about other people getting their power back on. very dark here in orinda and all over la marinda that and this i last bay area section to be without power today. the lights went out sunday evening. this will be the second morning businesses will not be able to open. people are also in the dark in their homes trying to work from home and do distance learning. it's a lot. while some are frustrated, others tell us they are looking for the positive in all of this. >> lots of people are digging in and finding out how strong they can be in their core when they need to be and they're helping
5:34 am
everybody else out. which is the best part. >> that's sweet. pg&e set up resource centers for people and that's where they can go and charge their devices and get some water and get a snack. pg&e saying now that the winds have died down, they will be able to launch their helicopters this morning to inspect their equipment. once they determine that everything is okay, they will start turning the power back on. that should not be a problem today. no wind here today. it is very calm. in lafayette, police are using generators to power some intersections and traffic lights. don't forget if you come across an intersection and the lights aren't working, approach it and use it as a four-way stop. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. mill valley restaurant owner regrets his decision to buy a power generator after his business caught on fire. so, paul owns vasco restaurant. he spent $7,000 on this generator and had it professionally installed after last year's public safety
5:35 am
shutoffs so he thought he would be okay on sunday night. >> i was able to put on my generator and i was the only place in town that had power. it was a success. >> until he says that the generator's exhaust pipe because it was budded up against the wall started heating up and caught on fire and caused a lot of damage and now the restaurant will be closed for at least the next two weeks. it's tough. now to the wildfire emergency down in southern california. two major fires are burning out of control right now in orange county. jobina fortson is at the live desk with details on this. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, kumasi. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate because of these two huge fires burning in orange county right now. so the silverado fire is burning near irvine and has burned more than 7,200 acres within two hours. several firefighters suffered second and third degree burns and an evacuee is describing here how quickly the fire grew.
5:36 am
>> it jumped and we could see the flames from our house. i'm ready. i'm all packed. my wife and her kids are already gone. >> southern california edison says a power line may be to blame for the fire and there's also another wildfire called the blue ridge fire burning near yorba linda. a live look at that fire happening right now burned 6,600 acres. we'll stay on top of these fires and bring you the latest information as it comes in. reggie? >> jobina, thank you. first lady melania trump will make her first solo campaign appearance. she is scheduled to speak at an event in pennsylvania. you have to look back to june of 2019 to find her at a rally. president trump will make three stops today to deliver speeches in michigan, wisconsin and nebraska. joe biden will be in georgia. the pandemic continues to shape
5:37 am
the final sprint of the presidential campaigns. here's elizabeth schulze. >> one week to go and a record number of votes already cast. sparring over the election's defining issue, the pandemic. >> the bottom line is donald trump is the worst possible president, the worst possible person to try to lead us through this pandemic. >> he said that. he doesn't do these kind of rallies because of covid. you know. no, he doesn't do them because nobody shows up. that's why. >> covid-19 hospitalizations hit records in 16 states last week and deaths are now rising in 27 states. yet during three packed rallies in pennsylvania monday, president trump continued to dismiss the toll of the virus that has now led to more than 225,000 american deaths. >> covid, covid. all they talk about, the fake news. the president stood side by side with amy coney barrett. >> solemnly swear.
5:38 am
>> reporter: neither wearing masks even after the last event was a superspreader. the chief of staff claimed the virus cannot be controlled. joe biden firing back his administration will get control of the virus. >> the white house chief of staff mark meadows went on television to admit to the country that the administration wasn't even trying, trying any more to deal with the pandemic. and, look, folks, i promise you this. i will never give up. >> reporter: both candidates targeting the critical state of pennsylvania where a record number of people have voted by mail. the majority of those voters registered democrats while trump insists his supporters will deliver on election day. >> who is going to vote? >> reporter: nationally early voting records continue to be shattered with more than 64 million americans voting so far. that's approaching half of the total votes from 2016. elizabeth schulze, abc news,
5:39 am
washington. santa clara county officials say voting has been so far so good. they haven't received any reports of fake ballot boxes or efforts of voter intimidation or suppressi suppression. why they don't expect any problems, voters need to be aware of their rights. >> no one is allowed to intimidate you while you're voting. either at a vote dropoff box or at a vote center. no one is allowed to assemble uniformed or armed people in the vicinity of a vote center. in california, it's a crime to do these things and they will not be tolerated. >> and he says any intimidation efforts should be reported immediately to a pole worker or you can call 911. and a reminder there is still time to vote right now at an interactive map showing all the early voting and dropoff locations across the bay area. >> we've got floods.
5:40 am
and we had everything thrown at us. coming up, we're checking in with people in one area who are becoming very used to the high fire danger and power shutoffs. how they're coping. abc7 is looking at the new way to holiday during the pandemic. the airport experiment to figure out if you can get from the curb to the gate without touching anything. but, first, we get in touch with jobina fortson and a look at traffic. hey, jobina. >> what a transition. thank you. good morning, everybody. i have good news to bring you. we do not have any major crashes or blocking issues on our freeways around the bay area. we'll take a live look at walnut creek and showing you 680 right now. traffic is beginning to build there as people make their way southbound but still not a lot of brake lights or anything like that. our sensors are showing that things are slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza and we'll take a live look there. according to the chp, no metering lights and beginning to pick up and not nearly as bad as we've seen around this time.
5:41 am
only advisory i are high-wind advisories for benicia bridge and antioch bridge and mike nicco is looking at those winds, as well. good morning, mike. >> good morning, jobina. nice to see relatively quiet. it was quiet around 3:00 when i came through there, but you would expect that. 5:41. let's look at the wind out there. as you look at the forest ca, mainly up in the north bay and that is where we have our most critical fire condition through the morning. we're out of the 30s and still have gusts around 20 up there and by the time we get to 5:00 and the red flag warning expires and that's because the winds expire also. now, here's something interesting. look at danville. 63. but then you look at everybody else along the 680 corridor and we're in the upper 40s. 49 near bishop ranch and if you go up near the bridges, it's 65 degrees right now. that little elevation right there on crow canyon is a world of difference in temperature.
5:42 am
that's what we're dealing with right now. 62 in san francisco and 52 in oakland and 50 in san jose and 59 in napa where it's quite breezy like it is right now in danville and the western parts of san ramon. here's a look at your commute planner and other than the windy hills this morning, everything is pretty good. let's talk about the relative humidity and watch as it starts to come up a little bit as the marine layer starts to push in, but don't expect any clouds and don't expect this marine layer to cover all of us at least until early next week. all right. how about we flip the switch here and talk about something fun. all right. if you're off to the beach this weekend, check out how to do an incredible and creative sand castle on your daily clip from our sponsors at tiktok. ♪
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all right. let's take a look outside and show you what is going on at the golden gate bridge where it was really breezy this time yesterday and look at it now. calm conditions and little bit warmer than it should be. if it's a little breezy, expect 60s when you step outside and 70 at noon and as you head through your day planner. 70 to 77 at 4:00 and 60 to 68 at 7:00. still a lot of the state under a red flag warning today. that will also finally pass tomorrow. temperatures 70s and 80s in most neighborhoods and eureka for the cool spots. the outage left both traffic lights out in gurnville. the town of 5,000 people say they're running low on patience.
5:46 am
>> we had floods and everything thrown at us and whatever the lord wants to throw at us, but he expects us to handle it. >> santa rosa still recovering from the tubbs fire in 2017 which burned half of the campus. now because of the fire, cardinal newman was ahead of the game in dealing with remote learning. financial help coming for indoor bars and night clubs. mayor breed just announced the city will set aside $2.5 million to help the night life industry and license registration fees. all week here at abc7 we're looking at the new way to holiday. exploring how the things you might normally do this time of year are changing because of the pandemic. every day we'll dive into one of our five big focuses as we work to build a better bay area. today we're looking at air travel. if you're heading to the airport
5:47 am
for the first time this year, you'll notice things are different. went to oakland international to see if you could go from the curb to the gate without touching anything that you don't pack yourself. so you made it to your gate. and you sit down there's measures in place that no one sits next to you and you have a safe distance from your neighbor while you wait for your plane to board. the process is contactless. take your paper boarding ticket or your phone, scan it and, of course, there's hand sanitizer. >> now, we should call this piece drew's tour of airport hand sanitizer dispensers. here's a spoiler alert, he found it is pretty tough to get through the airport without touching anything but a lot of tools to help keep you clean. drew's full report airs on abc7 news at 4:00. a look at our whole lineup for the week. our focus is the economy and zeroing in on education, the
5:48 am
changing workplace and race and social justice. you can watch these stories on air and on our website and our new tv app. you can download that on apple tv, fire tv and roku and search for abc7 bay area and download it for free. an iconic san francisco sign that is more than 80 years old is coming down. the neon coca-cola billboard at fifth and bryant streets. the sign was put up in 1937. spokesperson for cola cola told chronicle they decided not to renew their lease so they could focus on digital advertising. who needs chestnuts roasting over an open fire when you have a scented chicken leg log. kfc, kentucky fried chicken is bringing back firelog. it is a log that smells like chicken with 11 herbs.
5:49 am
it is a big hit. it sold out for the last two years. so, you can get your own at select walmarts. smells like fried chicken. that could be comforting. you know how the smell of your grandma's food makes you feel good. but if your grandma brought you kfc. >> first of all, she would never. >> grandma would make it. >> that's true. >> not mildred roberts. no, no, no. she had her own herbs and spices. >> her own little special. >> you have to respect grandma's fried chicken. >> from the eastern shore of maryland she did. >> i like that. >> you know, i would try it. would you guys? >> yeah. >> would you? >> no. >> what fireplace? >> that's true. >> oh. you have to do a candle.
5:50 am
>> give me the candle. >> i forget some people don't have fireplaces. moving on. you just have to come over just bring the mashed potato scented sides and we'll be good. a look from the exploratorium where it's 60 degrees and milder than it should be with calm conditions outside in most of san francisco except for once you get up on twin peaks. a little breezy up there. fire danger highest in our hills and the dry air we're dealing with lasts almost all seven days of the forecast. don't look for the morning marine layer clouds any time soon. we may get whis whiisps of themt blanketed like we did over the weekend. mainly sunny afternoons and mainly we're looking at the winds and you can see a pretty stout off shore breeze. now, closer to the coast as we head into the afternoon hours, a little bit of a sea breeze develops and that means you're going to get a little more humidity while the rest of us are just bone dry.
5:51 am
here's a look at your temperatures. 75 to 79 in the south bay. pretty much the same thing on the peninsula. low 70s along the peninsula coast to mid 70s in downtown and south san francisco and upper 60s north bay coast. but 78 to 84 from sausalito up to calistoga. 74 to 79 along the east bay shore. 77 to 80 degrees. tonight temperatures uniform and cooler from 39 in santa rosa to san francisco, oakland, san mateo right around 50. look at how warm it is. 80s a main stay inland all seven days and even warmer this weekend where some 80s will make it into the bay with 70s near the coast. kumasi. >> thank you, mike. new at 6:00, the mandalorian himself is making an appearance himself. gives us a sneak peek on "gma" talking about the new season on disney plus. first, shopping scams. the surge the
5:52 am
5:53 am
[what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes.
5:54 am
all right. i thought we'd take a look at the temperatures this weekend. i just dwgave you a sneak peek how warm it would be. let me reach over and start the computer and you're going to be, i don't know if you're going to be surprised but they are awfully warm. look at this. 60s barely friday and saturday as the local marine layer takes over the coast. look at the mid 70s around the bay and 80s inland and look at the marine layer get pushed back. only upper 60s along the coast and 80s showing up around the bay and gets even warmer when daylight savings ends and we all get that extra hour of sleep. hard to sleep in with those types of temperatures. reggie? >> tree trimmers in the east bay responding to an uptick in emergency calls and because of the gusty winds that downed trees over the weekend. the owner of juliana tree care
5:55 am
said he received triple the number of calls than anticipated. >> down to berkeley and down to richmond. getting all the calls right now as we speak. somebody is in the line waiting for us to go and help them. >> nice of these people because they have been super busy. people should have an arborist inspect large trees before a wind event. the oakland zoo may be closed again today. the zoo closed yesterday and they hinted it might remain closed again today. anyone who has tickets for the zoo at the zoo can use them tomorrow or wednesday. thieves are trying to target all you online shoppers. ahead of the holiday season, the better business bureau is warning that they're already seeing a surge in online purchase scams. nearly 40% of scams reported so far this year were related to online shopping compared to just about 25% last year. and 80% of consumers say they have lost money.
5:56 am
money of them on purchases they made through facebook. it appears families are looking for good old-fashioned fun during this pandemic. sales of classic board games are soaring right now. for example, monopoly. h hasboro reported a 20% jump. star wars and mandalorian toys delivered strong growth and hasbro's overall growth dropped 4% because of tv delays. more help is here for bay area fire victims who have been through the worst this year. details on what kind of assistance is being announced today. bringing you live coverage of continued pg&e public safety shutdle o shutoffs. plus san francisco takes another step forward. we are breaking down the new round of reopenings taking effect today. and a major mail-in ballot
5:57 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. right now at 6:00, power outage marathon. the bay area slowly starting to see some lights flicker back on but for thousands of other people who haven't had power since sunday, pg&e says they will be in the dark even longer. san francisco given the green light. the first major city in the state to enter the next round of reopenings today. what you can and cannot do. good morning on this tuesday, october 27th. we'll get to those stories but, first, we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco to see how we're doing as far as fire danger this week. >> thank you, everybody, for joining us. red flag warning one for the diablo range and the red where we still have the critical fire
6:00 am
conditions through 5:00 this afternoon. current conditions we're gusting around 25 to 35 still across the north bay mountains and the east bay hills around 20 and with humidity levels running in the teen teens, yep, that's rapid spread of them. let's hope that doesn't happen. the by-product of that this afternoon, look at the 80s across the north bay and concord and mid to upper 70s else where. another warm day. happening now, pg&e is in the process of restoring power to thousands of customers this morning. jobina tracking all of this from the live desk. jobina? >> thank you, kumasi. good morning. pg&e says so far they have restored power to more than 156,000 customers. so, what we're also looking at here is the utility's website coming up because this map shows the public safety power shutoffs. all the pure


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