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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 27, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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te yes on 15. this is an abc color presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, anne hathaway. david muir. and music from h.e.r. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: well, thank you. hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching. welcome, welcome. it's tuesday night, a week away from e.d., election day. i feel like i'm waiting for the results of a biopsy right now. that's the mood i'm in. you try to put it out of your mind, you try to think of other things, then you turn on the tv and they pull you right back in. >> do you believe it's already tuesday? >> a week away from election day. >> just seven days. >> it is one week until election
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day. >> exactly one week until election day. >> exactly a week until election day. >> exactly one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week to election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> one week until election day. >> election day is one week from today. you believe it? >> election day, one week away, can you believe it? >> one week until election day, can you believe it? >> election day, can you believe a week from today? >> one week until election day. >> can you believe election day is one week from today? >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: it is, it's really unbelievable. [ applause ] no, it's not unbelievable. guillermo, do you know when the election is, election day? >> guillermo: next tuesday. >> jimmy: wits a week away. did you vote yet? >> guillermo: yeah, tonight -- tomorrow, i think.
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[ laughter ] vote by mail. >> jimmy: did you fill out the ballot? >> guillermo: no, not yet. >> jimmy: why not? >> guillermo: i don't know. you know. >> jimmy: what about your wife did she vote? >> guillermo: yeah, she vote too. >> jimmy: voted? yeah, all right. you don't have to go out in the ocean to vote. >> guillermo: no, no, i'm going to mail it either tomorrow or -- or thursday. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is why we're in a lot of trouble. you know when the dodger game is though, right? >> guillermo: yeah, tonight! >> jimmy: yeah, that you know. the dodgers are a win away from their first world series title in 32 years. we're taping the show as the game's getting started. if my car is tipped over when i leave the studio tonight, i'll know we won. [ laughter ] between the dodgers and the lakers, this has probably been the biggest month ever for l.a. sports fans. but that's not all good. l.a. county health officials say the recent spike in covid cases here was due in part to the big public celebrations after the lakers won. hey, you know what? you have to be willing to die for your team, simple as that.
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[ laughter ] donald trump's doing his best to keep the covid going. he had three rallies today, two more tomorrow. despite the fact that, at his rallies in minnesota last month, each one of those rallies was the site of a virus outbreak. they traced them back to the president's events. minnesota, as you know, is the gopher state, as in, you better go for a test because the president gave you covid. ironically, this is what the president said at one of the rallies where the dummies got the virus. >> they were tough, they were strong, you have good genes, you know that, right? you have good genes. a lot of it's about the genes, isn't it? don't you believe? the resource theory, you think we're different? good genes in minnesota. >> jimmy: yeah, that's when the kids call going the full hitler. [ laughter ] anyway, i guess the genes weren't quite good enough, because a lot of people got covid at that rally.
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i remember the good old days when the only disease we worried about donald trump spreading was syphilis, you know? [ laughter ] the newspeople are getting sick at his campaign events might give some presidents pause, but not tandy don. he's tripling down. today alone, trump and his succubi hosted all of these events. masks, schmasks. every trump us on the there. charles manson cared more about his family than donald trump does. [ laughter ] even though the pandemic appears to be getting worse, even though the virus is on the rise in almost every state and all over the world, fear not, because the president says we're rounding the corner. >> we're rouning the corner. i really do believe we're rounding the corner. we're really rounding the corner. rounding the dirt, rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner on the plague. we're rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner. rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner.
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we're rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner regardless. it's rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner. you'll see it, we're rounding. that pandemic is rounding the corner. we're rounding the corner beautifully. we are absolutely rounding the corner. other than the fake news wants to scare everybody, we are absolutely rounding the corner, go ahead. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we've rounded so many corners, we're about to throw up. is it possible that trump knows he's going to lose, he decided to take as many of us with him as possible? like a pharaoh who wants to be buried with his minions? and king tutankhamun is who's running this country? on top of everything else, last night trump hosted another event for judge amy coney barrett at the white house. the first one everybody got sick. what is he thinking? this is like the "game of thrones," the starks decided to have a second red wedding. well, the first one wasn't great. but the appointment of justice
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barrett, the court will now lean hard to the right, possibly for generations to come. health care, women's rights, same-sex marriage, all are suddenly endangered species. but djtj, the prod carlson, doesn't understand what everybody's so upset about. >> we're looking to rotate supreme court justices because your dad appointed someone last night. so -- >> yeah i mean, he appointed an incredible woman, just a rock star. and now, you know, the liberals and the feminists, they hate that. i don't know, i don't understand what they want. >> jimmy: uh uh uh! add that to the list of the many things you don't understand. the president is well behind in the polls, but not much time to turn it around, so his strategy now even more than ever is to just make things up. >> he's a radical left, people, they want to turn our country into a socialist state. they want to, as an example, in texas, or pennsylvania, or oklahoma, or north dakota, or
11:42 pm
ohio, they want to take away your fracking, they want to take away your energy. frankly, no oil, no guns, no god. very simple. no oil, no guns, no god. >> jimmy: finally, the long-awaited sequel to "person, woman, man, camera, tv." "no oil, no guns, no god." joe biden, who wants no god, actually goes to mass on sundays. not just once a year when he gets invited by a preacher with a private jet. no oil, no guns, no god. is also the plot to the new "mad max" movie. the "ogg tour" made a stop in lansing, michigan, today where trump provided yet another vile and dangerous take on the tinfoil plot to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer. >> your governor, i don't think she likes me too much. hey, hey, hey. i'm the one -- it was our people that helped her out with her problem. and we want to see if it's a
11:43 pm
problem, right? people are entitled to say, maybe it was a problem, maybe -- it was our people, my people, our people, that helped her out. >> jimmy: uh-huh. oh, good, he's defending the kidnappers. there's a twist i didn't see coming. and we know they weren't kidding-nappers, we don't know! meanwhile, barack obama has been stumping for biden. he had a -- gave a speech for joe in orlando today. he seems to be having fun with this. >> this week, with everything that's happening, you know what he brought up? he was fussing about the crowd size at the inauguration again. saying his was bigger. who is thinking about that right now? >> jimmy: um -- the obese toddler whose wife wishes she married you? [ laughter ] that's who. the other election ad that's keeping us up late at night is, of course, "the bachelorette."
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what an episode tonight. [ laughter ] things finally came to a head between clare and a medical device salesman name s yosef. appalled clare made the guys play strip dodgeball, as if she has anything to do with the stupid competitions they come up with. yosef i guess was upset clare had violated the sanctity of their organized sex competition and let her know. >> let me tell you something, the way you're talking to me right now, never in a million kamala harris years -- >> claire, no -- >> never in a million years did i think i would have to utter these words again. do not talk to me like that. i never thought i'd ever have to tell any man i'd never want them being the father of my child, and i stand by that. i would never want my children having a father like you. get out of here. >> clare, listen to me --
11:45 pm
>> no -- [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: yosef had plenty to say on his way to the limo. this is the kind of thing i man jane will be going on at the white house around january 20th. >> you're not fit to be a mother to my child. that ain't right. [ bleep ]. >> get out of here. >> clare, is everything all right? you okay? >> you're completely classless, clare, classly. >> are you serious? >> bro. >> calm down there. >> chill out. >> i expected way more from the oldest bachelorette in history. >> bro, what are you talking about? go home. >> remember, you're almost 40. >> take your ass home, bro. >> jimmy: bro, yo, bro, i mean, bro, yo. yo, bro. when the bros start flying, that's when you know we've got trouble on the show. the leading man right now by a mile is dale bro.
11:46 pm
dale is clearly the guy she's picking. this is over by next week, by the way, the whole show. for whatever reason deci, clare decided it would be good to have a roast, to have the guys get up on stage and insult each other, and of course they all went after dale. >> dale has been given the front-runner words thrown around. i think it's totally ridiculous and complete b.s. and clare needs to hear it. >> how long is it going to take clare to figure out you're here trying to campaign for president and actually have no interest in her? >> zing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: zing. not zing. what's the opposite of zing? that's what that was. this was the worst roast i've ever seen, and i was at the one where courtney love showed pamela anderson her vagina, this one's worse. [ laughter ] dale is clearly the only choice for clare. former football player, they say he used to be a model, sounds
11:47 pm
good, used did be a model. but tmz found some photos from 2017 when he was a model. he was a model, these are not fake, he was a model for party city, the website. and there he is as a taco model. and clare is now his taco belle, i guess. [ applause ] the big bombshell is next week, clare is expected to grab dale and leave the show, which leaves us with a big question. who will abc tap to finish out the season? >> next week on "the bachelorette" -- >> the path we're on right now, it doesn't end well. you've just blown up "the bachelorette." >> clare's gone, and i still haven't fully comprehended what the hell's going on. >> what's up? >> the man himself. >> have a seat, have a seat. congratulations. my husband is in this room.
11:48 pm
>> everything was great, then it went -- >> doesn't seem to make sense to me right now. >> i'm going to freak the [ bleep ] out. what the [ bleep ] just happened? >> how you doing, man? >> good, how are you? >> i know i'm not the dinner date you were expecting. may i have a seat for a sec? >> i'm confused as all hell. >> it's finally time to get this show going. >> jimmy: well, you know what? good for chris harrison. [ applause ] whatever he -- we've got a good show tonight. from "world news tonight," anchor david muir is with us. [ cheers and applause ] we have music from h.e.r., and we'll be right back with anne hathaway, so stay up!
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show, david muir is with us. and then later, the song is called "damage." she is great. h.e.r. from the pandora live show at academy l.a. [ applause ] if you're so inclined, rsvp to see a full show from h.e.r. thursday night at 9:00 at the web address below, go ahead and do it now, we'll wait. [ applause ] okay, tomorrow night -- we got a big show tomorrow night. david letterman and gillian jacobs will join us with music from gracie abrams. our first guest is an oscar, emmy, and golden globe-winning
11:54 pm
actor who's played catwoman, an astronaut, a princess, pretty much all my halloween costumes from kindergarten through the fourth grade. she adds witch to her resume. she stars alongside octavia spencer in roald dahl's "the witches" now on hbo max. please say hello to anne hathaway. how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> jimmy: i lime what you're wearing there. i'm doing well. what is that, address, a shirt, what's going on? >> it's a casual sparkle dress, thank you. >> jimmy: oh, casual -- i didn't know they made casual sparkle dresses. >> you learn something new every day. >> jimmy: yeah, well, usually. >> how are you? how are you doing? >> jimmy: i'm doing great. how are you? you had a baby since the last time i spoke to you. >> yes, yeah, he's almost 11 months now, so it's been a minute. >> jimmy: 11 months. what did you name him? >> jack. >> jimmy: jack, that's good. solid, regular name, jack, right? >> yes, it is. a jonathan and a jack. >> jimmy: my family is all js. >> are they? >> jimmy: a brother jonathan,
11:55 pm
sister jill. yeah. all js. >> are you angling for me to go for a third and name him jimmy? >> jimmy: yes, i am, yeah. [ laughter ] or her. you can name her -- or jazzy jeff is nice too, you could go with. >> there we go, i love the options, thank you. >> jimmy: are you thinking about having another one? is this something that you've been talking about? you don't have to answer if you don't want to. >> sorry, i didn't mean to blink, blink my thoughts out. yeah, i don't know. i don't know. it's -- the world is really -- like some minutes i'm like, yes, absolutely. some minutes the world scares me too much and i think i've got two healthy ones and that feels really great. so i don't really know yet. >> jimmy: do you feel guilt at all knowing all the terrible thins that are going on right now, you brought these children into this world, that they're going to have to manage and deal with in 30, 40, 50 years? >> now that you heaped it on me, yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think i'm projecting
11:56 pm
is what's happening. >> i think we all do, man, i think we're all worried about that. you know, and it still feels like we've got -- it's a slim window. it's a closing window. it still feels like we have that opportunity that we can give them a better future than the worst, worst, worst prognosis. but it's now, it's happening, it's that time. >> jimmy: when this all started with the quarantine, the lockdown, back in march what approach did you take? did you overdo it? did you underdo it? did you get it just right? how did you handle it? >> no, just -- so embarrassing. i just -- i don't know what i was thinking. but i was -- i just -- you know those little magical thoughts that you have that kind of keep you going, keep your anxiety at bay, you're just like, as long as i do this thing, everything's going to be fine? >> jimmy: yes? >> so i decided that it would keep my family safe -- if i put tape around all of our light switches and our doorknobs. because i was just like, it's -- i'm so smart, i'm so smart, these are the most off the
11:57 pm
touched surfaces, we'll remember to wash our hands and put lysol on them. my husband saw what i was working on and he was just like -- what? why? why? and i had -- and i explained the ro reason to him. then it was so embarrassing. because they did nothing. and then they started to peel. and we just had sad tape coming off of everything for months. and he continued to make fun of me. that was really -- so no, it was so, so dumb. >> jimmy: what tape were you using? like a masking tape to make a visual reminder? was it right on the switch so that you -- >> so it's the worst. it was like -- like tiny, expensive, skinny japanese tape. >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] >> which i'm sure you have so much of. but -- yeah. no, there's -- there's nothing redeeming about this story. [ laughter ] that wasn't even the stupidest thing that i did. i was so i think freaked out about everything that i convinced myself that if i just -- if i just wore a pair of sensible heels, everything would
11:58 pm
be fine. >> jimmy: what? you mean just like around the house? >> why am i saying this stuff out loud on your show? yes. i was convinced -- i had just got a really sensible pair of heels from everlane. i was convinced if i wore it, somehow it would give me special organizational powers. >> jimmy: is the idea it would keep your farther off the ground, then you would be more -- you'd be farther from the germs? >> it's so generous of you that you thought there was an idea behind it. [ laughter ] it was a feeling. it was a really dumb feeling. it lasted exactly five hours. and again, it gave my son -- my husband -- my husband teased me about it yesterday, like i was talking about -- sorry. >> jimmy: i don't blame him for teasing you about this. are you teasing him about it? is he doing anything weird that you need to report to all of us? >> oh, he's -- he's so perfect. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i know i shouldn't say that. it's too much, too much
11:59 pm
pressure. but no, he's really -- he's got a -- he's a really easy going guy. so he usually hits the bull's-eye pretty right. i'm the one that spins out a little bit. i'm very lucky i married him. >> jimmy: does your 4-year-old know what mom does for work what your job is? >> no. i wasn't sure where we were at with that, because we showed him "rio" recently. and he didn't notice that one of the birds sounded like me. >> jimmy: right. >> so he knows that mom migos to work. and i recently left to go to a -- to do a project. and kind of getting him ready because i was going to be gone for a little bit. okay, so mommy's going to work, mommy's going to work. he stopped and looked me really deep this my eyes and he goes, mommy? are you going to work at the library? >> jimmy: why does he think that? no idea? >> your guess is as good as mine. we went with it. and i was like, yes. yes, mommy is going to work at
12:00 am
the library. so he thinks i'm a librarian, which is a form of storytelling, so we're going with that till further notice. >> jimmy: are the kids dressing up for halloween or are you going to skip it this we're? what are they going as? >> no, we're going to dress up. we've got a small socially distanced plan, socially distanced idea. sorry, i don't know what it is about you, i can't talk in front of you. >> jimmy: really? >> it's so embarrassing. i've always had this thing. i get butterflies. like my anxiety door is closed and i can't get the words out. you have to excuse me. >> jimmy: i bring out the worst in people. [ laughter ] it's one of my qualities. >> i just -- i don't know what it is. i think it's because i admire you so much. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm sure that's what it is. [ laughter ] >> i think it's because you're good at all the things i want to be good at. >> jimmy: well, you should see the way i taped up my light switches at my house. [ laughter ] >> was it really impressive? >> jimmy: i'm going to help you, yeah. i can really help you with that.
12:01 am
so -- okay, so you're having -- >> we've got a plan. we're doing a thing. socially distanced. small group of people. we're going to hide candy in the backyard. jonathan loves the movie "cars," so adam is going to dress up as doc hudson, jonathan's going to be lighting the queen. jack climbs on everything so he's going to be a monkey. i figure i'm going to hold him the entire time, so i'm going to be a tree. >> jimmy: the whole family dressed up, that was good. are you going to bob for apples? or no? >> that doesn't seem like the right thing to do this year. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes, unless you fill the thing with purell. something to think about. [ laughter ] we'll take a break. and we'll come back -- >> i'm starting to admire you a little bit less. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's usually how it goes. we'll be back with anne hathaway after this. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by geico. you could save even more by bundling home and car insurance.
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and your daughter waved at me. the time comes that all the little friends of yours -- >> it was you. you're the filthy witch who turned alice. >> oh, that's nasty.
12:07 am
>> jimmy: that is octavia spencer and anne hathaway in roald dahl's "the witches" on hbo max right now. you're very good in this movie. very scary. >> thank you. >> jimmy: but in a funny way, but still very scary. that accent did you model it on anyone or anything in particular? >> i found a guy on the internet, how many stories begin that way these days? and he's -- it was -- my dialect coach gave me the idea of maybe exploring old norse. i found a guy who was reciting norse poetry on the internet in front of a mountain. it was so mystical and sinister-sounding. then he translated the poem that he was reading and it was something like, the cows have come in from the field and need to be milked. so banal. and so i decided to try it and
12:08 am
i'm like, what's the most straightforward thing you could say? and i was like, "i would like a big mac with frrries." and i was like, this works, this works! everything sounds weird and spooky and sinister in an old norse accent. >> do you think that guy has any idea you based the accent on him? >> i've been talking about it a fair bit, so i wonder if he's like, do you think it's me, the old norse poet priest scholar, standing in front of the mountain? i'd love to hear from him, thank him. >> jimmy: let's take a look at a photograph what was you had to go through to get into character here. that looks uncomfortable. very uncomfortable, actually. and also awesome. >> that one was okay. thank you. when bob showed me that that's where we were going with it, i had to take a moment. because i did syndrome when i saw it. atmosphere i thought, that's the part that's going to terrify this generation of kids. and it was great. we kind of decided to make the rest of the performance -- we tried to make this funny as
12:09 am
possible to balance out that horror. >> jimmy: is that the most uncomfortable costume, makeup, whatever, that you've endured? >> no, no, no. that -- i mean, it was a long time in the hair and makeup chair, but the rest of the costume was fine. the worst costume i've ever had was on "interstellar." >> jimmy: oh, yes, yeah. >> oh, gosh. oh, those spacesuits, they were hard. and you know, and we were in pretty rugged conditions. we were in iceland, running through water, climbing glaciers. maybe i put too much pressure on myself, but i was the only girl on the crew who was wearing one, so i thought, i can't complain about this, it can't be me that breaks. then your buddy, matt damon, started his first day. two hours into it he pitched forward, this is the worst [ bleep ] costume ever. it was okay, because once matt damon said it, the rest of us
12:10 am
could complain. >> jimmy: matt damon was the baby there is what happened there. [ laughter ] of course damon was the one to complain, that makes so much sense to me, it really does. and he was -- wasn't he crazy, glued to greg kinnear in a movie? and he's complain about this? really. >> to be fair, they were really rough costumes. >> jimmy: what about the cat woman costume, do you own that? >> no, i don't, i wish i did. i was too shy to ask for any of this. >> jimmy: you've got to ask for this stuff. i have good news for you, i know where it is. it's in very good hands. >> oh my god, it's like looking in a mirror. >> jimmy: you know what, whenever i get a little down, guillermo puts the cat woman costume on. guillermo, will you wear that while we watch the dodgers game after the show? >> guillermo: yeah, good, whatever you say. >> jimmy: good, all right. >> guillermo, i love you forever, oh my god, that's
12:11 am
beautiful. >> guillermo: thank you, anne. >> jimmy: guillermo's planning to vote sometime in the next few months. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> guillermo: no, tonight or tomorrow. >> jimmy: anne, it's great to see you. congratulations on the baby. roald dahl's "the witches" is on hbo max now. we'll be back with david muir. thanks, anne! ♪ hey baby, hey, hey ♪ you got me feelin' punchdrunk crazy, so crazy ♪ ♪ it's everything i want, now maybe, ooh, ooh, ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh ♪ can we do it again? ♪ your blessing's all i ever wanted ♪ ♪ i'm stressed, you got me feelin' nauseous ♪ ♪ wow-wow-wow-wow-wow ♪ wow-wow-wow-wow-wow ♪ wow listen. i don't want to but the rivers need me. do you think we want to sit around all day playing video games? no. but i am doing it for the rivers.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. david muir and h.e.r. are on the way. since we'll be spending halloween at home this year, our friends at geico have a message about insuring that home. >> i love my new house, charming bungalow in a great school district. the only thing i don't like is the shower head. >> oh ho ho, there he is! what's up, uh, tiger? >> it's guillermo. >> guillermo, yeah. don't worry, i'll get it. i i'd forget my own head if it weren't permanently affixed to your shower. sorry, got hungry last night and ate your loofa. it was good. come on, think about it. how do you know the earth is actually round? i mean, you don't feel it moving, do you, right? i mean -- hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! so, what, you're just never going to wash behind your ears? >> at least geico make it easy
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. music from h.e.r. on the way. depending on your point of view, this is the best or worst time ever to be the face of network news. our next guest would know. he anchors "world news tonight" on abc. please welcome david muir. how are you, david? how? >> i'm great. good to be with you, jimmy. there's no shortage of things to talk about, that's for sure, every night at 6:30. i feel kind of badly when people see me walking down the street towards them, they think i'm going to bring them even more bad news. >> jimmy: you feel like a harbinger of death? >> i do recognize and i hope that even in sort of an unsettling time in this country, while this has really been a
12:24 am
prolonged moment, hasn't it, that we're doing something to help calm people down, reassure them that we're just going to get through this at some point. but it is, and i recognize it, every single night, i try to remember who we're talking to. we're in people's living rooms and kitchens. i hope that we've been calm and steady, and no matter how dire the facts are, that we're reassuring people that we'll get to the other side of this. >> jimmy: obviously you have, because a lot of people are watching and the show's doing very, very well. i think you were the most-watched show on all of television over the summer, which is an incredible thing. especially in this day and age where people are going and watching streaming and all these 24-hour cable channels. and people are coming to you for the news. and the sheer tonnage is what i wonder about. because i have a -- you know, i don't have to cover the news of the day. we could do whatever we want. we choose to talk about what stories we want to talk about.
12:25 am
but for you, are you still having to rewrite the broadcast moments before air all the time? >> i mean, you know, it used to be sort of an anomaly, a big breaking news night. but we really do sort of throw out the news every single night, right up until the moment we come on the air. anyone who sort of knows me, knows that i'm in sort of the pages i'm about to read through the entire newscast. you mention being the most-watched program. i don't think that that's because of me or the team here, even though i love them. there have been so many great people working from home, coming in with their masks since this pandemic started. i really think, jimmy, and i know you believe this too, one of the silver linings about such an unsettling time in the country is that our viewers in america are hungry for information, for the truth, for facts. and i think that that is one of the silver linings in a difficult time for our country. you know, listen, we've got a once in a century pandemic. we've got an economy being
12:26 am
tested, tens of millions out of work. throw on top of that a presidential election. i do feel for people at home, but i do recognize that, you know, we've got a responsibility here every night. we've talked a lot about going on the road so often, so many years, that's the dna of what we do, take the news all over the world. i've recognized that since this pandemic began, i've gone coming into the studio, really ever since the start -- had the studio at home just in case, but i've been blessed in that i haven't had the virus so i've been able to come in with the few who have been able to come in too. i recognize that it's kind of -- the inverse is kind of true. i think the audience expected to see us out in the field for so long, and now i sense that just showing up, being here at 6:30 every night, at least i hope, is sort of a calming presence and hopefully somewhat reassuring, given, as you say, no shortage of news from which to choose. every night, every night we enter the show three or four
12:27 am
minutes heavy with news. >> jimmy: i'm sure there is an element of that. does that mean you will travel less when, god willing, all this craziness subsides? >> i think once we turn the corner on this, i'll be back out. >> jimmy: back on the road, okay. >> i mean, it's funny. i've probably spent more time at the desk than since i started, not only in this role, but in years here, as sort of like a traveling reporter. but you know, i know how interested in politics and in the country you are. and you use humor to bring light to all these important issues. but i just have to say, in this time, i think it's really important for journalists to have each other's back. and for example, i mentioned our dedicated team. kristen welker of nbc did such a great job with that final debate. i think she did a service to the country by helping to sort of navigate a more coherent debate, more of a debate over policy than certainly what we saw in the first debate. i think that we have to have each other's backs.
12:28 am
i mean, this is an important time in our country and the news matter. >> you were the first network news anchor to interview the president at the beginning of the pandemic. we have a clip of that, let's play that. >> don't forget, the cupboard was bare. the other administration, the last administration, left us nothing. >> you're three years into your first term, now applying for the job again. what did you do when you became president to restock those cupboards you say were bare? >> i'll be honest, i have a lot of things going on. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he has a lot of things going on. very, very busy. i also feel like your hair looks like he thinks his hair looks like. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i'm not going to touch that one. but i did think, you know -- it's interesting in that moment that you speak of there, we'd heard a lot of critique of the obama administration. i thought it was just an obvious moment to press, you know. once you've been the president for 3 1/2 years, you're going to be re-elected, it's, what have you done? not what did the president
12:29 am
before you do. there was something else about that interview. toward the end, i remember asking president trump, is he comfortable with the idea that this election could very well be a referendum on his handling of the pandemic? and he sort of paused and he said, well, i am and i'm not. and you laugh but i knew in that moment that the president recognized that that's very well what could happen, and look where we are just a week out from election day. voters, issue number one is coronavirus, the pandemic, and everything that's interconnected. the economy, jobs, health care. it's really touched us all. and i think america's exhausted. and i don't think there's one side of the country that believes in staying closed and wearing masks and the other side wants to reopen. i think that most people are somewhere in the middle. they want to get the economy back up and running but they want to be safe, they want to know their kids are safe going to school, and thanksgiving now a couple of weeks away, what's that going to look like? are grandparents finally going
12:30 am
to be able to see their grandchildren? they're conversations that we have in my family. we just have to remember that every night. >> jimmy: i know you've got a big night coming up on election night. do me a favor. in the eventuality joe biden wins, rather than saying "abc projects joe biden is the winner," will you say, "abc projects donald trump is the loser"? [ cheers and applause ] >> well -- i think that's where that open will play, "we interrupt this special coverage for a message from jimmy kimmel." you've been pushing for that open for years. >> jimmy: i'll be standing by. i'll be standing right here at my desk, ready for you. just give me the signal. >> by the way, i think you'll have opportunity over the course of maybe several nights for that, because this is going to be a really tricky election. >> jimmy: right. >> the number we reported tonight, 69 million americans have already voted early. that's about half of the entire vote, four years ago. and i think there are 28 states that don't even start counting those mail-in, absentee votes until election day, including
12:31 am
battlegrounds. pennsylvania, virginia, michigan. they start counting on election day. one thing, florida and north carolina, they begin processing those early votes days before election day, so we might have some clues how election night could go. if we don't get clues from those states, it could be, well -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> you might have a lot of opportunities to contribute. >> jimmy: it could be a christmas decision. thank you so much for joining us. "world news tonight" weeknights here on abc. david muir, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thanks, david. be right back with h.e.r. >> dicky: tonight's performance by h.e.r. on "jimmy kimmel live" presented by pandora.
12:32 am
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12:33 am
>> jimmy: thanks to anne hathaway and david muir. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next. but first, here with the song "damage," h.e.r.! ♪
12:34 am
♪ if you got it it ain't a question it ain't no room for guessing ♪ >> jimmy: no more than emotionally invested showing you all my imperfections no ♪ ♪ if i let you don't take me for granted if i'm worth more than you could manage ♪ ♪ open with me oh you could be honest closer to me oh giving me solace ♪ ♪ promise that you won't let me fall ♪ ♪ holding me tight loving me right giving my life all night ♪ ♪ you could be tellin me lies making me cry wasting my time ♪ ♪ the whole time so just be ♪ ♪ careful what you take for granted
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♪ careful what you take for granted cuz with me know you could do damage ♪ ♪ do damage ♪ you you could do damage oh ♪ you could do damage oh you could do damage yeah ♪ ♪ oh you could do damage yeah yeah yeah oh ♪ ♪ you could do damage oh yeah ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, comedy for a cause. george lopez sharpening his image, championing his community. >> what changed, in your mind that changed your act a little bit? >> the simple answer would be donald trump. >> spotlighting the power ofthe latino vote in america. and standing up for the most vulnerable. >> i think my vote matters for the people who are in the fields or cleaning the hotels. >> could energizing the largest nonwhite voting group help decide the presidential race? plus, bearing the brunt of covid-19. >> what we're seeing, really, is historic decimation among the hispanic community by this virus. >> latinos, some of the hardest hit. >> i


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