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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 29, 2020 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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chains including burger king and scientists in washington state have made a major discovery inside a recently-located murder hornet
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nest. they found two of the queen hornets after taking down the tree where the nest was found about 110 miles north of seattle. more research needs to be done with the queens. nearly 100 murder hornets were captured last weekend. turning now to the battle against covid-19 and the mounting number of new cases. in just the past 24 hours the virus has killed nearly 1100 americans with cases rising in 45 states. as holiday gatherings and celebrations across the nation have been put on hold, officials say the boston marathon has been pushed back until at least the fall of 2021. it does come amid some potentially good news about the number of new hospitalizations relative to the number of fatalities. i spoke earlier with dr. ryan rivera. >> dr. rivera, good morning. we appreciate you making time for us, as always. we're seeing rising covid cases, rising hospitalizations surging across the country. we want to focus on what could be considered encouraging news. at least you could file it under
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things could be worse. that is the gap between the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths. that gap is getting wider. could you explain what that means? >> one, i think hospitals are all over staffed now. we know that has a big impact on mortality. we're seeing more young people without preexisting conditions, which might be a little concerning in and of itself, but i think they're more likely to recover, so the mortality rate is going. third, we are getting some tools in our toolbox here to combat coronavirus finally. >> we have some clues on how long you might be immune after you get covid. what are you hearing? >> so there's an interesting study released today. there are a couple of main take-aways from this study. one, it did kind of demonstrate that antibodies to covid that the body forms are pretty likely to neutralize the virus and prevent reinfection. that's very exciting. two, they looked at patients who are infected with covid and saw they produced a sufficient
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amount of those antibodies for up to five months. five months is the longest time they tested in this study. it very well could be the case that immunity is conferred for longer than that, though they did find that immunity seemed to wane over time. >> we continue to hear some people argue in favor of herd immunity, like if everyone just got covid-19, then we'd all be better off. almost like we're treating it like the chickenpox. when somebody gets that, you want to get all the kids together. what is the data showing in terms of that argument in your opinion? >> i don't think we could depend on immunity lasting a whole lot longer than that. it's very different from chickenpox where immunity essentially lasts your entire life. we're talking about best about a
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year from many people based on some of the early studies. herd immunity is not going to be a long-term solution. >> dr. ryan rivera. coming up, tasty treats for halloween. >> america's chief entertaining officer tim laird is going to join us. ntertaining officer tim laird is going to join us. it's hard to be stuck at home right now...
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but we want to say thank you... because you're being a big helper. when you stay home... you're protecting other people from getting sick. by calling a someone you love who's stuck inside, you're giving them a smile... and they need it! when you wash your hands- for like the hundredth time today... you're keeping your family safe. and by being brave... you're helping us all be brave. we know it's not easy... but helping will make everything go back to normal again as soon as possible. you're part of a big family of helpers around the world. and you're making a big difference. find ways to help children feel safe at that's is
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♪ this year is shaping up to look a lot different than past years but you don't have to let social distancing drive you bananas. there are plenty of other appealing options. america's chief entertaining officer tim laird is here now with some tricks that are guaranteed to be a treat. how is it going, tim? >> absolutely great. you know, will, you are always top banana in my book. >> there it is. >> i have some fun treats for a little halloween get together. it starts with a fun cocktail. i found the perfect spirit. it's the kraken black spiced
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rum. it has the kraken monster on the label. legend has it that the kraken sunk a sailing ship full of spiced rum and the only thing that was saved was one barrel of spiced rum that turned black because of the squid's ink. i think this will make a first great cocktail. this is my krak-o-lantern cocktail. very easy. i'm going to put in a half ounce of the kraken. that goes in. half ounce of pumpkin pie syrup, which you can buy anywhere, mixed with half an ounce of water. i give it a quick stir and finally garnish it with a little bit of cinnamon on top, boom, just like that. and for a festive presentation, you can hollow out a small pumpkin, put your cocktail in a plastic glass right in the pumpkin, a little sipping straw and away you go. if you want a pitcher full, you can hollow out a larger pumpkin and ladle it out. that's my krak-o-lantern cocktail. another fun cocktail is my
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screaming orange. it's basically an half of that kraken rum and four ounces of orange use going on top of that. and then i drizzle it with a little grenadine. it gives it a nice eerie effect, if you will. and then i have a black licorice stick as a stir straw. there it is. how about some devilish crab devilled eggs are coming back? i just add a little crab. i put paprika on there, maybe a little chive for a stem. this is a great treat. here it is, my caribbean pork tenderloin. i have that on a little pumpkin bread. i use a little pumpkin cookie cutter, stamp out the bread and use that as the base. what i love about these pork tenderloins, it has a little bit of the kraken rum, it's a marinade, brown sugar, soy. also some pineapple juice and a couple other ingredients and it
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tastes great. >> i want to make sure we get to the piece de resistance. >> this is my candy corn crunch. it's delicious. take a microwave safe bowl. put a little bit of chex cereal, pretzels. i got some chocolate chips, raisins, nuts. mix it up in the microwave, stir it and then pour on these candy corn, put it in the freezer on a sheet tray and freeze. keep it in there until you're ready to serve. break out individual serving dishes. they are delicious. it's addictive. >> it is so addictive. everything always so exciting, so festive. i can't wait to try a few of those exciting ideas. these are all on our website america's chief entertaining officer tim laird. thank you for joining us.
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we'll be right back. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." test tt te test test test
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. ♪ all right. it's time for the pet. >> the what? >> welcome back to the pet. >> welcome back to the pet. yesterday we had like three dog stories. >> right, this is the pet. >> welcome to "the mix" starting with a pet story. number one is a little bit triggering for both parents and children alike, because the numbers are in and the average american child asks their parents for a pet 1,584 times before turning 18. that averages out to 11 times per month starting at the age of 6. i was just telling trevor and our stage manager mark that i wrote a letter trying to explain all the reasons why i needed one. i did eventually get my way.
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actually, it was effective about two-thirds of the time. that's how often parents give in after their child has been asking for three years on average. keep going. >> we've got to show you some nice engineering here. there is a new world record lego bridge. this is built at a british museum, 110 feet, 205,000 lego bricks. it doubled the previous record. suspension bridge. shattering the previous record there. >> got to love it. take a look at this lobster. it is perfect and on brand for october as we approach halloween, the spooky season. this is called a ghost lobster. a maine fisherman was able to catch it. it's very rare. the odds of catching the elusive ghost lobster has been reported to be 1 in 100 million. >> wow.
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>> lobsterman could not keep the v-notched female lobster so they'll protect her for years to come until she sheds her shell. anyway, i thought it was like that rare blue lobster that is also super hard to catch. >> ghost lobster was my user name on okcupid also. >> i'm sure you had a lot of hits. finally, we've got some really enjoyable things from the oregon zoo. smashing pumpkins. >> like the band, get it? >> just like the band. >> this is out of portland. >> we ought to talk about your user name. were you trying to go to red lobster? >> are you trying to not go to red lobster? >> this has been the pet.
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new series, "my big italian adventure," lorraine bracco. and a firefighter from south carolina giving us our good news story of the day. plus, we are looking back at the wild, though wacky, as we continue "live" "live's countdown to halloween." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hi. good morning. how are you? we are midweek. two days away from our big halloween extravaganza. >> kelly: and you are not going to want to miss it. i am told it is quite good. >> ryan: the best ever, as we have been saying. >> kelly: virtually.


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