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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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it's rising. the pain is coming.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are back on our election special heading into the fourth full day of counting. a lot of key states still out there. a year ago, 2019, joe biden was the front-runner for the
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nomination most of year. 2020 hit, he ran into some head winds. headed into south carolina in february 29th on life support. rachel scott was there. rachel? >> reporter: george, i vividly remember campaign aides holding their breath just to get to south carolina. i interviewed joe biden just days before the south carolina primary, and i asked him if he was dropping out of the race. he was being outfundraised, outspent, he was pushing this electability argument, but he had nothing to show for it. he was losing in those very early contests. but all of that changed during the south carolina primary when we saw jim clyburn endorse joe biden. that really did yamm die thannics of the race. >> rachel, thank you. i want to bring in thet man
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himself, jim clyburn. thank you for joining us right now. most democrats think you're a kingmaker. >> thank you very much for having me. >> are you pretty confident now this is wrapped up for joe biden? >> i'm sorry, i didn't -- >> sorry, are you pretty confident now this is wrapped up for joe biden? >> oh, yes, i am. i think that joe biden has run a great campaign. i think the numbers are coming in very clearly in his favor. i do believe that when things the are said and done over the next 24 hours, he will be declared the winner. all of us are looking forward to that. joe biden is just a great guy. and exactly what the country needs at this particular point. >> that's what you said back in february. take us back to that moment. i think it was the monday before the south carolina primary. you came out and said it was
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time to embrace and endorse joe biden. walk us through your decision-making process. could you imagine it would have had the impact it had? >> no, i did not imagine that, but i do know i was working hard to try to not only make an endorsement but to do it in such a way that it would give him a surge, which is what he needed. he had just come out of the three primaries, had lost all of them, did okay in nevada, but it was really his campaign was on life support. and i knew -- or at least i felt i knew that he was just the kind of guy that we needed to have an our nomination. i think joe biden could stand up to donald trump's insults better than anybody. he would heap insult upon anybody. but the question was, of all the candidates that we had, which one of them was best to
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withstand these assaults? i thought it was joe biden. and i think that my -- my thoughts proved to be pretty factual. >> your judgment turned out to be pretty good on that. what's the -- you're taking away from the election results four days out? >> yes, sir. >> so what is the message you're taking away from the election four days out for congress, for democrats in the congress across the country? >> well, i think that what we saw was a candidate that could really reflect what this country is all about -- this democracy that we have is just an experiment. and it's been with us for a long, long time. but it's not perfect. we are always in pursuit of a more perfect union, and i
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thought that we should continue that pursuit, and i just thought that joe biden would do well with that. we have for the last four years retrogression taking place in this country and what i thought we needed wuss somebody that could bring this country together. i don't understand why people keep talking about how divided this country is. this country's always been divided. since the blacks first came here, we had 244 years of slavery, another 100 years of aparthe apartheid. it was not until the 1954 supreme court decision this country really came face-to-face with the things we needed to do to get beyond the racial divide in this country. and we have been doing a very good job of that for a long timtim time, but then all of a sudden now we got a president who decided that he wanted to take us back to that period in time
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that a lot of us would like to get behind us. and i just think and thought at that time and think to this day that joe biden has the right background, the right experience to help us continue this pursuit of a more perfect union. >> how do you want joe biden to pay you back? >> i'm sorry? >> how do you want joe biden to pay you back? >> pay me back? i don't want anything out of this. all i want is a country that my children and grandchildren can be able to develop in and be able to pursue their dreams and aspirations. i have been around -- i'm four scores. i'm beyond the promise. so i'm not here for me. no, this is not about me at all. >> i think you have a lot of promise left. congressman clyburn, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> byron pitts, let me bring that to you.
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he says he doesn't want any pay back, but he made all the difference. >> no question. clyburn is old school cool. he was cucumber calm during the time everyone thought joe biden's campaign was dead. he talked about the racial divide in our nation as we've talked about several nights here on the air. today i spent time at the water's edge. there's pain on both sides. i talked to a number of people in georgia, north carolina, who supported president trump. people in pennsylvania who supported joe biden. and my takeaway was at least in this moment -- and people with getting a little impatient. they want this resolved soon, but in this moment i saw a great amount of both patience and -- two conversations i had with two people today. the first is a guy named tony lombardi. i've known him since i was 13
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years old. he's a white guy who voted for donald trump because he did not trust the democratic party and all his concerns about socialism. so he wasn't pleased with the election about the way it's going. hear's what he wrote to me. first and foremost we are americans. as such we must place our trust in a process the founding fathers founded otherwise we parish as a nation. i spoke with an african-american woman, 27 years old, who feels that fear and divide. this is a young woman who participate in the a black lives matter march in new york city. was pushed to the ground by a new york city police officer. this is what she was wrote. she was raised part of her life in georgia and was really exc e excited about what's happening in georgia. she wrote, the first time i saw the k kkk in full congregation s in georgia. the first time i heard a person
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use the "n" word with us in georgia. i've always soeassociated the se with racism. that is my daughter. we all know people in our personal space who are on very different sides of the election. one of the sense we get from all people we talk to is the sense of puzzlement. i think what i heard from tony and chris and other people i talked to i don't know as well is that in this moment, they're willing to be patient, they're willing to, as congressman clyburn talked about, believe in the promise of america, and to give -- if it ends up being vice president biden, a chance to lead this nation to a place that people on both sides of the river can feel comfortable with. >> and we can all hope your conversations are a good sign of where the country is right now.
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welcome back to our election coverage. we are where we have been for several days right now. you see right there donald trump has 214 electoral votes to 253 for joe biden. still waiting on those states that we have been waiting for, pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia, arizona, and nevada. i want to go to arizona right now. whit johnson is there. whit, we have just gotten a major new drop of votes from maricopa county, major county in arizona. >> that's right, we're getting numbers and di secting them right now. marco pa county released another 73,000 ballots and donald trump
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has moved within one percentage point of joe biden. biden now up by 29,000 votes. he was at 36,000 votes. so now the number of outstanding ballots across the state drops bl below 200,000. we haven't been able to calculate this math yet, but coming in, donald trump needed to earn about 60% of the remaining votes in order to get the win. but right here, again, the margin continues to slim. and there are a couple of things to keep in mind here -- maricopa county tells us they're hoping to give their final round of results tomorrow morning, but there are some counties out there we're not going to hear from until next week. pinal county, which generally leans republican still has 30,000 votes out there and they're not planning to count them other the weekend. they won't start until monday or tuesday, so we could wibe be wa
6:20 pm
for results for days. donald trump is at the plate, down one run, but still has swings left. >> nate silver about this. what do you make of those new votes? are they coming in in a way that gives donald trump more hope? >> it's much more of a climax bottom of the ninth. it's been groundhog day instead. trump needs to win new batches of votes by 15%. he won this one by 10%. you can't count him out entirely. conservative counties with ballots out. it's the same thing. a couple of days ago he was hitting his marks. now he's a little bit below them, but i don't think you're going the see anybody call the state until there's more of maricopa in. >> the counties that are coming in, particularly the county that has 30,000 votes they're now going to have to come in above the marks that he's been hitting
6:21 pm
so far. >> yeah, what's tricky is you have different ballots. election day dropoffs. the late earlies, a handful of provisionals or election day that was kind of forgotten about here and there. it's kind of all over the place. the transparency is not agreemegreat. the numbers of how many ballots are out there are squishy. that's why a lot of cautions on arizona. this batch lowered trump's chances but hasn't radically changed the trajectory. he has to tighten at a faster rate. he went here you have to go here. >> you explain it well. let's go to matt gutman in nevada. >> just got the latest count from the secretary of state. what the people at home need to know is there are 124,500 approximately ballots left to be counted. 90% of them are here in clark county.
6:22 pm
again, this is where joe biden has been leading donald trump by about a 2-1 margin, so again, heavily favors joe biden at this point. now, it's just -- i think it's worth noting how up and down the numbers have been just over the past four hours. i've received four sets of numbers. it's been all over the map, partly because earlier today, clark county election registrar said they overcounted about 20,000 ballots, overestimated the amount left here. they rejiggered the numbers. now they think they've got it. bottom line, lots of votes left to be counted which heavily favors the vice president, and joe biden's team thinks that they have this locked up, george. >> nate silver thinks that as well, so i'm not going to go back to him. but i am going to go to steve osunsami in atlanta. we have seen joe biden expand his lead over the today. we're talking about the
6:23 pm
provisional ballots and maybe a recount. >> the military ballots had to be in by 5:00 today. they had to be postmarked by election day, but they have slightly different rules than some of the other ballots. there is a large universe of military and overseas ballots, but like i said earlier, one county we checked with said only about half of the balls came in. i've heard you talk about the provisional ballots. those are being counted as well, a ballot where a voter had an issue that couldn't be solved. they were given a temporaryish ballot and the decision would be made today if those would count. they're being counted. we're seeing something that is explaining how difficult this is, and that is that even tonight, counties that have already reported are reporting an additional numbers, some from the provisional ballots, some from the overseas ballots.
6:24 pm
we're going to keep seeing this happen perhaps for the next couple of days as they continue to count. the secretary of state is hoping here to have what they're calling more final numbers tomorrow, but we all know this is going to a recount. i will say, george, one thing the secretary of state said earlier this week, because of the way the votes are tabulate here, he didn't think that even with a recount, which has to be requested by one of the candidates, that it would change the vote totals that much, and that's something to remember. >> it is. steve osunsami, thanks very much. we're going to get results from pennsylvania right after this commercial. that came from me. really. my first idea was "in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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back now, election 2020. it's friday night and it's looking increasingly clear we're not going to have any final projections tonight. i want to bring in rick klein, our capitol hill director. why? >> we had high hopes for a lot of new information out of nevada and we didn't get the numbers we were expecting. out of arizona we got significant new data but it got
6:28 pm
the margin closer. doesn't mean the final result is going to be closer it just means we're not seeing enough to advance the ball and pennsylvania, of course, the big prize, still on the board and the margin remained too close for comfort given the number of uncounted ballots and provisional ballots still lingering out there. in facting in fa in fact, a close alley of joe biden, chris coons said he doesn't think they're going to see it tonight, but they have eyes on tomorrow potentially putting him over the top. >> what level of certainty are the news organizations looking for? >> the way we handle it, we want 99.5% certainty. we want to know for sure. we also want to know the margin is big enough it won't be in pursuit. those are the two standards that make it difficult. we're looking at the numbers. we want to see what the actual vote is. the american people have voted and the count is happening
6:29 pm
exactly as it was opposed to happen. that's why we're taking our time. >> marry alice parks? >> joe biden has been presenting calm, but his staff is nervous. they know they need to get these statements right. they don't want to look like they're claiming a victory that isn't there. they're worried if it stretches on for days it allows a vacuum for the president to muddy the waters. >> one final question for you -- are we being too cautious? or given the stakes is that the right choice? you said you're pretty clear on arizona nevada and georgia right now. >> do i think joe biden has a chance of winning pennsylvania 99.5%? no, i do not. but sit hard. it's a lot of pressure to distinguish the merely unlikely from almost impossible, is really hard. i don't envy anybody in the process, but i would not think
6:30 pm
trump has a 0.5% chance. it's lower than that. >> we'll be right back. snooifrmgts shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. where? at your pharmacy, your doctor's - hold on! don't want to go through that! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles. now. try nature's bounty hair, skin and nails gummies. the number one brand to support beautiful hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails. and try advanced, now with two times more biotin.
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we're back on this friday night, election 2020. i want to go to mary bruce in wilmington, delaware. mary, the -- i was going to say trump campaign. the biden campaign did not get their wish. doesn't look like they're going to get projections tonight, but we're still going to hear from the president? >> we're told we're likely to
6:34 pm
hear even if there's not a call in this race, but he's not co coming out to declare victory. instead he'll project confidence they are on track to hitting 270 and they're optimistic about what they're seeing in pennsylvania, georgia, and nevada, and arizona. but to the conversation we were having earlier, there is a fine line the biden team has to walk. this will be the fourth time in as many days biden has come out and addressed the nation in one way or the other. it's an opportunity to urge the country to be calm and patient but also stress the system is working. there is some concern on the campaign that the longer this goes on, that is more time for the president to try to sew doubt about the electoral process as we have seen him do and for trump to create a cloud, which is how the biden campaign has been describing his efforts. they don't think he has a legal ground to stand on. and that any attempts by the
6:35 pm
president to undermine this process, they have said, will be defeated, will fail. but there's a concern about the narrative that can be created here. tough remember joe biden is trying to project leadership. he is trying to project this image that he is someone ready to take on the mantel of the white house. and he's doing that at an incredibly divided time to try to take over the office,s is a huge challenge and biden and his team are well aware of that. >> do you have a sense they have a concrete plan ready to go for the days after he does declare victory once it comes? >> they have been publicly trying not to get too far ahead but we know they are taking steps towards the transition. all you have to do is look online. they have launched their official transition website. those conversations have been going on behind the scenes for weeks. it's just a matter of getting the ball rolling but they are
6:36 pm
not going to come out and publicly discuss that until they have hit the 270 mark and they can come out and declare victory, which is imminent. >> if that came tomorrow, rahm emanuel, what should we be prepared to see sunday? >> first he has to address the country. i think it's smart to not give a target to trump. they have not been an easy target so, that's why trump as ire is towards the courts, nothing biden and his team have done. second, there's a couple of places you got to operate two tracks. one about public health, a team, a task force very quickly. this is the people that are going to be working on covid and dealing with that. second, i do believe this is -- you know this, george -- you got to get your white house team up and running. this is going to be the operation. >> appointing chief of staff first or second day after the victory, correct? >> yes, exactly. but the difference is -- this goes back to clinton and obama differences -- the white house came at the end of the
6:37 pm
transition for clinton. i think that was a mistake. we did the white house very early in obama, first two to three weeks. that is your operable team, so by the time the president-elect puts his hand on the bible you have a team operating for two months. we knew day one, he's going to sign that bill. day one, the children's health care -- 10 million kids get health care. three weeks later, the stimulus bill. four weeks later what we were going to do because president bush gave us a favor, what we had on the auto task force. the white house has to set the politics. people will look for a cabinet, but you want to white house team on the front, not the back end. >> chris, you were the original transition director for president trump last time around. do you think beneath the biden trump level, the teams will get together pretty quickly? >> they already have. ted kaufman is running his transition. he's already been talking to chris slidell in the white
6:38 pm
house. i think what you'll see now with the transition is they have to get landing teams in every department as well. but i agree with rahm, the thing we recommended to trump in 2016 was decide who your chief of staff is going to be, get your senior white house people in place, and then have them be part of the decision-making process on how you put a cabinet together while they're also getting your agenda ready to go. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back. back off! you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females... and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. but you can help protect your child by taking a first step. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey cancer! not... my... child. don't wait... talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. black friday deals that are too great to wait! don't wait... plus, take an extra 20% off! get keurig or an air fryer - $79.99... toys - $20 and under...
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welcome back. we know now these final projections are going to go into tomorrow, but we have new information coming out of the state of pennsylvania. let's go to eva pilgrim. eva? >> reporter: hey, george, yeah, we are expecting to have another ballot drop from allegheny county later tonight. that is the county that is pittsburgh suburb area, and is not expected to be a significant drop at this time. but we are watching, because they have the largest chunk of outstanding mail-in ballots that are still out there. there's about 95,000 mail-in ballots that remain to be counted. and there's 100,000 provisional ballots that also need to be counted. those are those ballots that were filled out in-person on
6:43 pm
election day because of a variety of issues like addresses that are changed or someone reported to the wrong precinct. biden is in the lead by about 20,000 votes at this time, and 96% of the votes are in. we are not expecting to have any more updates from philadelphia at this time. just to give you a sense of the mood here in philadelphia, we have seen several marches, these count every vote marchs in new york city over the last several days. there's expected to be a rally here on independence mall that is supposed to happen tomorrow. people are very adamant. they want to make sure that their votes are counted. there's been some dispute over those mail-in ballots that come in after election day that were postmarked on election day. they're being held. they're coming here to show that they want those ballots that were sent in legally -- and they are considered to be legal by the city -- they want them to be counted.
6:44 pm
and you have to remember, george, this is the place that democracy started here in our country. it happened in that building right behind us here, independence hall. >> eva, i know you said we're waiting for new votes to come in from allegheny county, but we got new votes from the philadelphia suburbs? >> i have not seen those new numbers as of right now, george. i apologize. >> i apologize to you. we just got an email that shows biden's edge has gone up to 27,000 right now, but as you said, we're waiting for new numbers from allegheny and pittsburgh as well. eva pilgrim, thanks very much. want to bring in the pennsylvania attorney general, josh shapiro. thanks for joining us again. i think we first talked wednesday morning. you said your kids were bugging you, when are we going to get a result? are they still bugs you? >> they're still bugging me, but we're getting closer. the ballots are being counted
6:45 pm
and nothing is stopping that. we just got late word from the supreme court of the united states where the trump campaign tried to go to again to stop the counting of some ballots. this is their third attempt. not only did they not intervene again, but justice alito ordered each of the pennsylvania's 67 counties to count all of the votes, including those that were mailed prior to the close of election day but not received until wednesday, thursday, or today, friday, after the election. so yet another significant legal decision that allows the counting to continue. >> i assume part of the reason you're taking this extra care is to provide a solid defense against any future legal challenges. >> look, you never know what legal challenges are going to come. i can tell you, we're prepared. they were six challenges to our election laws prior to election day. we went 6-0. we guarded and protected every legal vote and voter here in
6:46 pm
pennsylvania. and if we need to do it again and again and again, we'll do that. the bottom line here is, george, as i have been saying for months we're going to secure, protect, and count these legal votes. >> what's your sense of how far we are, how much longer it's going to take? >> i think you heard the counties are reporting somewhat more quickly. i realize it's slow for folks, and i get that. there's some number of the ballots left. the department of the state can give you the official number. but my sense is that they're going to have the bulk of these done tomorrow based on the comments that have been coming from the officials, particularly in your two biggest regions, allegheny county and philadelphia county, where there were still some number of ballots left. >> finally, can you give us a simple explanation of what's at take with the so-called provisional ballots? >> i think we got to caution not to make too big of a deal out of this. the secretary of state's office
6:47 pm
said there were roughly 100,000 provisional ballots. this is when a voter shows up at a poll and maybe a piece of paper work is out of order or perhaps they ordered a mail-in ballot, never got it and wanted to come and vote on election day. in order to make sure that person isn't voting twice or violating the rules or what have you, they cast what's called a provisional ballot. then in those counties they go back and determine whether or not that's a valid ballot. that's the process under way. folks are trying to figure out, which way are the provisional ballots going to split? i have no idea. but let me lay this out to you based on history. historically, those provisional ballots kind of generally track what happened in the region they came from. so if a region is overwhelmingly voting for president trump, one could conclude those provisional ballots would follow. again, don't know, but generally what's happened. if you look at the state writ
6:48 pm
large, where it's roughly equally divided but deduce from that this provisional ballots would follow suit, it's clear it might not have a change on the overall margin. that said, it's important to make sure that we have an accurate count. it's important to make sure that those provisional ballots, which should be counted are, and the counties are doing their best to get through that process as quickly as possible. >> general shapiro, thanks for your time again tonight. we'll be right back. merry christmas. mom, open the blue one! look, the present's me! you're supposed to hug it when you can't see us. i miss you, grandma. see you really soon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're coming up at 10:00. let's give you a look at where things stand on this friday night. joe biden, 253 electoral votes. he's won 22 states, close to the 270 he needs but not there yet. donald trump has won 23 states. i want to bring tom llamas back up. let's run through where things stand. we've gotten a lot of votes in the. >> we have a few headlines to tell our viewers. the big headline is joe biden's lead has increased in the state of pennsylvania. he's now at 27,000 votes ahead of the president. there's still about 81,000
6:53 pm
outstanding ballots and as we heard, some provisional ballots as well. so they're still counting the votes in pennsylvania. north carolina, the president remains on top there, 116,000 ballots still remaining to be counted. we're going to get those results in the coming days. north carolina we're not expecting any time soon. georgia, joe biden on top, about 4,000 votes. still very close. there could be up to 25,000 ballots that still need to be counted. we're talking about members of the military who mailed in those ballots. also, people from georgia who work overseas mailed in ballots. we're not sure where that number stands. we'll get a better handle in the coming days. nevada, joe biden still on top. 130,000 votes remaining. arizona, joe biden on top, but the lead is shrinking slightly and this is news -- more ballot res maining. if you have been following arizona closely, we're being told maricopa downty says there's more ballots and that's
6:54 pm
why that number increased. >> nate, i think you said 1 in 20,000 chance that donald trump overtakes job in the state of pennsylvania. if you add up arizona, nevada, pennsylvania, and georgia all together, can you put a number on the president's chances? >> look, when you get on to the tails of the graph you want to be cautious -- pennsylvania is the clearest case. we've gotten more votes from allegheny county. i think msnbc was talking about will call if it's 0.5. that's a week threshold. i don't know. seems like -- under any obligation to wait for us. if you want wide ton win you can go out and have a drink or something, right? >> dr. silver. >> you should start drinking, pal. >> we're going to be careful, but you don't have to be. >> nate, people are a little nerdy there, buddy.
6:55 pm
>> nate, you must get called all the time. when you get called for texts you just tell them this is over. >> at this point, yeah. >> can i get a graph on that one? why are we still here then? >> we only have 20 seconds. >> has he been drinking all night? >> what is it going to take to convince the president that it's time to go out and give the speech? >> i think all the states being called. i don't think he's going to do anything until every state is called and then he'll sit with his family, most importantly, who are and continue to be his most important advisers, and that will be that the. >> got take one more break. thanks very much. care of yours. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers... ...even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk.
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that is all for us right now, but we will be back when joe biden comes and addresses his supporters out in wilmington, delaware tonight. we expect that within the next hour. we'll also come back if we have any projections. doesn't look like that's likely tonight, but we'll be here ready to go. have a good night.
7:00 pm
♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are-- a project engineer from palm springs, california... a copy editor from anaheim, california... and our returning champion, an academic coach from bakersfield, california... ...whose 2 day cash winnings total $52,204. [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. good to have you with us.


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