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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 1, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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changes. >> reporter: san francisco's covid-19 cases have tripled over the last three weeks. >> our dangerous winter has arrived. >> reporter: with cases spiking and hospitalizations increasing, mayor london breed says the city has to take more restrictive action. >> what we're seeing now is a spike unlike anything we've seen since the beginning of the pandemic. >> reporter: after thousands of people traveled for the thanksgiving holiday, dr. grant colfax says the worst is likely yet to come. >> we have more virus circulating than ever before. >> reporter: dr. colfax said the city could see a shortage of hospital beds by christmas if current trends continue. saturday san francisco entered purple prompting more indoor businesses to close and a nightly kerr finight nightly curfew. city officials plan to offer more additional guidance as early as tomorrow. further reducing the number of people that can gather indoors and outdoors. officials are also looking to
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santa clara's travel order that requires a mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from a trip outside of santa clara county's borders. when asked if outdoor dining could be banned entirely. >> it could be a possibility. we can't say right now what that would mean in a timeline. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodro, abc 7 news. word of new possible restrictions comes as we're hearing about san francisco london breed's visit to the french laundry. breed joined switch otheven oth last month the day after governor gavin newsom went. they were in yellow tier and napa county was orange. both allowed indoor dining and outdoor dining at the time. >> governor newsom said a statewide is under consideration for the county's and state's
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most restrictive purple tier. what would a new lockdown look like? is liz kreutz. >> reporter: as we wait to see how the thanksgiving holiday impacted california's covid-19 case rate, we heard governor newsom this week said another stay at hope order could be coming. >> we're assessing this in realtime over the next day or two. >> reporter: nothing has been announced yet but remember, the last time newsom hinted of a purple restriction, the curfew, it happened a few days later. what might a new stay-at-home order look like? we asked dr. george rutherford. is this going to be exactly like we saw in march or modify snd. >> no, we've learned a lot of stuff, right. >> reporter: dr. rutherford says a stay-at-home order for purple counties would not necessarily need to include shutting down all outdoor dining and non-essential retail but counties may need to reduce allowed capacity. >> i think you can keep some retail shopping open that would
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help out small businesses. outdoor dining with low density and everybody wearing masks, maybe. >> reporter: what about schools? >> could conceive keeping preschools open and continuing to open elementary. >> reporter: something else to consider. newsom mentioned deep purple counties. >> deep purple moves. >> reporter: suggesting not all purple counties would be subject to the same restrictions. >> it is basically creating a second tier, fifth tier on top which i don't think -- i think is not inprudent to do. >> reporter: the silver lining, a vaccine is coming soon. >> this isn't infinite. this has an end point in it. >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc 7 news. >> today an advisory committee approved a plan for the centers for disease control that outlines who should get the covid-19 vaccine first. it's calling it phase one but there are three different groups. it recommends the first should be group a, which consists of health care workers and nursing
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home residents. essential workers would be in group b so like teachers, firefighters and police officers would be in this category then comes group c, which would be made up of adults over the age of 65 or who have a high risk medical condition. the recommendations head to the cdc. europeans may be getting the covid vaccine as soon as americans. they announced the plans to convene a meeting to decide if there is enough safety and effectiveness data to provide vaccines on december 29th and january 12th respectively. reports say pfizer's vaccine could be december 15th with moderna's coming a week later. we're committed to keeping you fully informed with developments regarding the covid-19 vaccine. we've asesembled the abc 7 vaccine team.
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basketball season is a few weeks away but two positive covid-19 tests are forcing the wor warriors to delay the start of individual player workouts. >> this isn't unexpected with the guys coming back in. it proves that the protocols in tsting are working. that was the whole point to catch these things before we began. >> general manager bob myers could not release the names of the two players due to federal privacy rules and the league's collective bargaining agreement. they were supposed to begin player workouts today and will begin tomorrow and training camp begins neck week. players must test negative for covid-19 three times in a matter of days in order to participate. the warriors will begin regular season play december 22nd or 23rd. after everything we have endured in the last three years, the tubs fire feels like ancient history. houses have been rebuilt, neighborhoods have come back to life but not all of them. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman went back to a well
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chronicled disaster zone today. >> reporter: three years after the tubs fire, journey's end in santa rosa isn't a shadow of what it used to be, more like a cleared over blank slate. >> this was wall to wall, wall to wall mobile homes. >> reporter: more than 160 of them all destroy in a low income housing nightmare that larry of the burbank housing non-profit hopes to resolve by building affordable apartments here. he thought they would be willing to wait by now. after through years you wonder what is the holdup? why is this gate here? the answer is money. roughly $50 million in federal funds sent to the state that have yet to make it to the ground at journey's end. >> in our opinion, three year was a long time. >> reporter: dave runs housing for santa rosa, both he and flooren describe difficulties getting money from fema. what got in the way? >> process. >> what was unique to santa rosa, a wildfire came into town. >> reporter: because no category existed for that disaster, for
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the human cost of those delays. >> i know. i can barely turn around here. >> reporter: linda, three years later waiting for that low income housing while living in a subsidized apartment so small she barely has room to move around. she's 80 years old and may never get out of here waiting for the new journey's end units to be built. >> federal government keeps showing how ineffective they are and unorganized they are and they don't know what they're doing and i sometimes wonder if the federal government actually talks to the state government. >> reporter: there is good news. santa rosa is likely to approve the journey's end project by next week. for the disaster funds to help build it? still waiting. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 san francisco supervisors are meeting now for smoking. it would exempt people with
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medical cannabis cards. repeat offenders could be fined $1,000 a day. if passed, san francisco would be the largest u.s. city with such a ban. the oakland city counsel also meeting right now and considering legislation to prohibit the use of natural gas in all newly constructed buildings. council member says oakland can't meet the climate goals without shifting quickly away from natural gas usage. the city says about three dozen california cities have banned or curtailed the use of natural gas in new building construction. san francisco now has a street crisis response team responding to mental health related 911 calls and that team was called upon today to diffusion a situation. the patrol unit saw a man threatening people with a bat at 11th and harrison streets this morning. the response team was called and a sheriffs official says the team talked to the man and will likely take him to a facility for mebntal health treatment. nobody was hurt. sales force is buying the work chat service slack.
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a deal is worth nearly $28 billion. the largest in the 21-year history of sales force. slack, which is also based in san francisco publicly launched in 2014 it's increasingly being used by companies as well as government agencies. hewlett packard enterprise, the latest company to move head quarters out of silicon valley. today the company announced it will be moving to houston, texas. the company was founded in 2015 after splitting off from h.p. no word yet on how many employees will be affected. playing politics, another politician caught not following their own covid guidelines. the day of giving, we'll share favorite charities and how you can give back today. gig economy, how the pan dell ma -- pandemic changed how we work. i'm spencer christian, how long will this dry pattern last? perhap
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the pandemic prompted changes no how we work. david louie looks into how tech companies may have to reevaluate some of their perks. >> reporter: we've seen the trend toward remote work with some employees enticeed to work out of state. now in a new survey indicates the pandemic is creating a shift
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to gig work, free lancers more interested in pay and time off than in perks so common in silicon valley like free or subsidized food. perks on their way out. >> these other perks we're providing, are they hurting the bottom line in a difficult economy? those conversations will be happening. >> reporter: prounlimited helps companies manage gig workers. it estimates 43% of gig workers are white color engineers and managers. >> she's going to work on a project for google or apple or facebook and do it for nine months and go tahoe and ski for three months, she's going to come back next year and, you know, let everybody bid on her services again. >> at what point will this lead to cut backs in perks? >> if you're the only one who is cutting down on it, then you're going to suffer. if the entire geographic area is cutting down on it, then it becomes the norm. >> reporter: don't be evil and do the right thing are well-known silicon valley mottos. only 8% of surveys said culture
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mattered. does that mean idealism is dead? >> sometimes ideas aren't as lofty. they have to do with flexibility, personal freedom, maximizing income. >> reporter: that could lead to a rebranding of what companies stand for as they compete for workers. david louie, abc 7 news. more than 8800 workers in santa clara county will be out of work by the end of the year. san jose spotlight went through notices with the labor department with permanent layoffs at pay bapal and more. the pandemic was one of the main contributors to the job loss. consumer news, here is michael finney with news about a company, kristen, that a lot of us didn't know about before but we all know about now. >> sure do, michael. >> hey, you guys. the better business bureau is warning zoom users of a
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scam. the bbb says scammers are e sending messages telling zoom users their account will be deactivated if they don't respond. another message says the user missed a meeting and asked him to click on a link. my advice, check email addresses carefully and never click on links in an unsolicited email. a new survey shows more than a third of full-time workers in the u.s. have had their pay cut during the past year. magnified money says 34% of us say we have received a pay cut because of the pandemic. both men and women experience the cuts at about the same rate. fewer full-time workers received raises, as well with only 54% getting a pay increase in 2020. this year's black friday was one for the records in addition to huge sales, shoppers downloaded a record-breaking 2.8 million shopping apps.
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that's up 8% over last year. now, according to app insight company center tower, shopping downloads were up for the entire month of november. delightfully due to retailers offering deals earlier than years past. walmart was the most popular download followed by amazon, of course, i'm sure youtube would automatically come to those two you would think those would be the two apps and indeed, they were. >> all right. >> there is few companies making a lot of money during the pandemic. >> yes, indeed. >> help now available. thanks, michael. help available for people looking to save money on electronics during this holiday season. the california public research group or calperg is out with the guide of buying electron in this cale electronics. the guide has locating reliable
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retailers and identifying high quality items and ensuring they're getting the best deals and helping consumers understand what they are buying. >> the terms open box, like new or refurbished can mean different things. our guide has taken out guess work and can point you to retailers with the best protections. >> buying refurbished helps the environment by preventing millions of bounds of hazardous electronic waste from ending up in landfills. for more information, go to speaking of the environment, looking good all week kristen, so far. >> it's very sunny environment for many of us, a little chilly. >> a little chilly during the overnight and early morning hours and nice and mild and sunny in the afternoon. so it's beautiful weather but so dry. we need some rain. let's take a look at a couple live pictures right now. here is the view from mt tam. currently 60 here in the city. 62 across the bay and oakland.
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that's mild for this time of the year. 58 mountain view. 62 san jose. gilroy 59 and 54 half moon bay. we're looking at blue skies right now looking northward from the golden gate bridge. temperature readings right now 66 santa rosa. fairfield 64, 66 concord and 63 at livermore. and we are now looking at a few clouds in the western sky, mainly offshore looking westward from emeryville across the golden gate or through the golden gate. these are the forecast futures, few patches of clouds near the coastline. chilly once again in the inland valleys but that's been the pattern for awhile now and this dry mild daytime pattern will continue into next week with little chance of rain before mid december unless something changes in the atmospheres right now look at overnight conditions, there is not much developing here in the forecast animation except you'll see the arrival of a few clouds, some high clouds, mid level clouds but not wide spread in the early morning hours. another bright day tomorrow.
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overnight low temperatures will be generally in the upper 30s and our inland valleys and around the bay shoreline, look for lows in the low 40s around 40 on the coast and then tomorrow's highs will range from about 58 at half moon bay to 61 san francisco around the bay, 64 and oakland 62, the expected high san mateo south bay 64. san jose 66 and morgan hill the inland east bay will top out in the mid 60s and north bay. as we look at the forecast animation beginning tomorrow afternoon and continuing through the week, you'll notice a pattern that i described yesterday. that is wet weather systems developing in the pacific northwest actually developing in the gulf of alaska and precipitation in the pacific northwest but that is not likely to reach the bay area. the closest we may get to the bay area is on saturday with a mix of rain and snow will push into the northern most part of the state but does not appear there will be moisture pushing further south.
4:20 pm
for the next week, we have a continuing dry mild pattern. here is the seven-day forecast. mix of sun and clouds. temperatures may drop a couple degrees but brighter and milder on friday. dry and sunny and mild right around through the weekend and early next week, monday and tuesday look for inland highs to be near 70 degrees. mid to upper 60s around the bay shoreline and 60s on the coast. larry and kristen? >> warm indeed. from black friday to giving tuesday, how you can
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first coming black friday and then cyber monday and today, giving tuesday. abc 7 and disney are hoping you'll consider supporting non-profit organizations that make our communities stronger. abc 7 news reporter david louie has a long standing relationship with a group in san francisco that focuses on improving the lives of young people. here is why he supports rock on the day of giving. >> reporter: the youth group rock, real options for city kids had real challenges. they had to make the summer camp program virtual. i supported them for over a decade for all it does in the visitation valley that counts on rock for after school, recreational and enrichment programs. the pandemic caused rock to celebrate the 26th anniversary with a virtual fundraiser, unknown appeal but high
4:24 pm
expectations. as an honorary board member i was asked to serve as emcee. the response was enthusiastient. still more is needed. >> our budget doesn't change and our needs are there. we have to do all we can to raise funds. >> reporter: the remarkable thing about rock is how it's changed lives to provide support that makes a difference in the lives of young people. they have achieved so much going to college becoming skilled trades people. >> just seeing the kids that i knew in second grade or younger and now they're adults and successful and healthy and remember me and rock. >> reporter: and that's why i support rock and other non-profits that make our community stronger. david louie, abc 7 news. >> rock on. sounds like a great program. you can join abc 7 and our parent company disney to feed the love this holiday season. disney partnering with three organizations to help families in need.
4:25 pm
one simple wish grants wishes for kids who are in foster care. feeding america is the largest hunger relief organization. they have a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. abc 7 and disney proud to donate $15,000 to the food bank. >> prior to the pandemic, we served about 178,000 clients every month and now that is over 280,000 every month. again, since shelter in place. how that translates into food, we're pushing on a lot more food, over 65% more pounds every month than a year ago in eeach f the last five months. we had the first million pound week distributed 1 million pounds one week in july. it's really not letting up and the need continues to grow. >> you can also help toys for tots now through december 13th.
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visit shop for tots to purchase a new toy to donate and disney will donate a dollar for each day. you can find out more to help the organizations we support at action. some of those toys are on sale today, just saying. it's world aids today, today looking back at that your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. well, dr. farrell, it feels really good... that's good. and... i'm sorry. baby, don't touch that... i don't want you to play with that... (singing) twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are... (still singing) up above the world so high... like a diamond in the sky.
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president elect joe biden formally unveiled his economic team today making history in the process. biden's team includes several
4:29 pm
women and people of color. he says the group will help lead the country out of the current economic crisis and make conditions better than before. his nominees include the former fed chair and economics professor janet yellen as treasury secretary. >> so many people struggling to put food on the table and pay bills and rent. it an american tragedy. and it's essential we move with urgency. >> other nominees cecilia rouse, if confirmed would be the black woman to hold the post and wally adeyemo will be the first black deputy t deputy treasury secretary and n ere n neera tan dam. >> a lot has been said about san francisco building an efforts to fight this covid pandemic by reaching back to the history when we had to confront the aids crisis without any support. so today, on world aids day as
4:30 pm
we remember the history fighting hiv aids, let's remember what we can do. >> san francisco london bride with the coronavirus and the aids epidemic as cases begin to increase available and infectious disease specialist thanks so much against aids and still works closely with the city to this day. do you see parallels between aids and covid-19? >> yes, i actually see a lot of parallels because i think what you just said is really important. ucsf and the department of public health have always worked hand and hand and i don't, can't think of another city where they are so closely connected. the academic medical center and the dph in fighting pandemics.
4:31 pm
beyond that, the infectious disease community in this city has been so focused on hiv, so focussed on reduction and so focused on prevention and treatment of an infectious disease we pivoted, many of us pivoted to the covid-19 pandemic and it's been exploring that at the same time. i'm hoping that we're learning lessons as we go for this to try to stop this one. >> one similarity that's unfortunate is that those who are the most vulnerable are hit hard by the diseases. >> yes, that is true unfort anytime l-- unfortunately in every infectious pandemic. the vulnerable, racial ethnic minorities, those who can't social distance and stay away from each other that will always be who have to go and work will be more inflected by a
4:32 pm
respiratory virus and we have to now that have been doing this with hiv and combat those for the sake of covid-19 and hiv today. >> given you're on the front lines of this fight, how frustrating has it been to see the lack of a coordinated national response to covid-19? every state is on their own doing whatever they think is best. >> i think that has been our biggest failure in this country. we've actually been the epicenter of the covid-19 pandemic since march 26th. and it's only been a pandemic since march 11th, two weeks later we got that position and we've been there ever since and i think it's exactly right it's the lack of a coordinated federal response and having 50 different victims and in the states and counties doing their own thing with mask mandates and a variety of recommendations. we needed that coordinated
4:33 pm
federal response, which i think well get in the next administration to combat this. i'm hopeful about the future. >> let's talk about the future. how do you see the next few months going with vaccine approval and distribution? >> i actually think the entire world is going to be focused on vaccine approval and distribution. these two vaccines, the moderna and pfizer have both applied for their emergency use authorizations to the fda already. one as of yesterday and one november 18th. o they will be passed quickly and i see a lot of hope for very smooth equatable distribution. the whole globe is a mess and on hold until we can get to herd immunity through mass vaccination and i'm hopeful we have the capability in this country and worldwide to make this happen quickly. i'm like not even worried about
4:34 pm
anti-vaxxe anti-vaxxers, i don't think it will happen. i think it will happen and we'll be out of this in the near future. >> i thought you were going sty x number of months but near future. we can take that. >> i'll give us until summer. i think everyone should start thinking ahead for the summer. think about getting back to normal for the summer. keep your masks on, keep social distancin distancing, think ahead to the summer. >> all right. i'm going to start thinking about my summertime plans. dr. gohondi, thank you for your time. >> thank you. the national aids memorial marked world aids day with a virtual event, dr. anthony fauci and dr. david ho were recognized for their lifelong commitment in advancing siencience, treatmentd education around aids. >> it wasn't a dark month or two or there but years. it was something that shaped, you know, how i looked about
4:35 pm
medicine and success and failure in the subsequent years. >> the national aids memorial also officially unveiled a virtual exhibition of the aids memorial quilt featuring more than 10,000 quilt panels representing all 50 states and the u.s. territories. coming up, george clooney's unusual style tips. you won't
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all right. time for the four at 4:00. this gets controversial again today. dp gavin newsom, nancy pelosi and sam liccardo. he attended dinner with eight people representing five households there at one point in the day. this goes against the guidelines that say no more than three households should have gathered on thanksgiving day. today the mayor apologized in a statement saying i understand my obligations as a public official to provide exempt larry compliance and not ignore them. i commit to do better. we're learning london breed did something similar to governor newsom. breed joined seven other people in the french laundry for a birthday party last month. napa county was in orange at the time. dan, what do you think? >> that's a good point. kristen, i suppose they should
4:39 pm
be held to a higher standard to set an example for us. we have to remember there are people, as well, entrusting in us to have a sense of normal si. that said, of usually, they have to practice what they preach because otherwise -- >> apparently we're not hearing you right now, dan. spencer, what do you think? [ laughter ] >> oh, no. everybody is asking what is up with the french laundry. spencer, what is your thought? >> i feel as dan feels but you didn't hear what he said. [ laughter ] >> just take it. >> basically, he said these public officials are like the rest of us. tired of the situation we're in and you can't blame them for wanting to venture out but having said that, we need to hold them to a higher standard because they're telling us how we need to behave differently these days in these covid times and when they go against advice they are giving public, it's bad optics. >> that's it exactly. >> heard you that time.
4:40 pm
>> exactly. >> this is -- >> yeah. >> i'm sorry, larry, i was going a add qui add quickly, march your breed said we may have tougher restrictions tomorrow. it's tough to follow when you see that. >> exactly. this is why we can't have nice things. it's simple. to a secret stash uncovered. a couple restoring a house in new york found several bottles of prohibition era booze hidden in the walls. the house apparently once belonged to a man rumored to be a german baron who turned to bootlegging in the 1920s during prohibition. in total, 66 bottles of alcohol were discovered. 13 of them full of booze. spencer, you're more of a fine wine guy as opposed to whisky but would you be intrigued to open a bottle from the 1920s? >> i would be curious, yeah, just to see if it's held up and,
4:41 pm
you know, what does it taste like now? i'd be more curious talking about fine wine, of course. i'm curious. >> oh, of course. dan, i'm hoping we can hear you now. >> not yet. there we go. maybe. can you hear me? >> i hear you. >> can you hear me a little? >> yes. >> oh, good. >> my mike is on. excellent. >> yeah. >> you know, what a fun little bit of something to discover at your home. spencer would prefer wine but neat. like the vault. nice >> al kapone's vault. they will keep one or two bottles and the other they are selling for $1,000 a bottle. good find. >> drink up. last week we told you about the finding in the desert in utah and over the weekend it
4:42 pm
disappeared. apparently removed by a youtube personality. they are similar to ones that appeared in the 1968 classic film "space odyssey" it plays a role in the development of human evolution. the romania pillar disappeared. the investigation is underway since it was installed. how bizarre. >> this goes to larry's theory, always, they're here. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> we all love a good conspiracy, right? area 51. just eat it up. the crop circles. >> spencer, i bet a lot more will pop up. you'll have copy cats because it's a cool concept that got attention. >> i'm losing my interest now. it's so last week. show me something new. >> keep it moving. >> exactly. >> i'm curious about how much money these youtube people are
4:43 pm
making given that they bop around the globe dropping them everywhere. >> they make a lot of money. >> a lot. >> something to be explored, i believe. >> uh-huh. >> anyway. george clooney -- yeah, makes a surprise grooming confession. the hollywood star says he's been cutting his own hair for 25 years. you look at that shot. he did not do his hair right there. i'm calling george clooney out now. that was styled. he looks perfect there. but he says he uses a flowby. >> what? >> google that. it's a 1980s contraction that attaches to a vacuum cleaner and cloony says his hair is like straw so it's easy to cut, only takes him about two minutes. the actor revealed the trick when he was asked during a tv interview how he adapted during the early months of the lockdown. dan, are you buying this? do you have a flowby? >> i do not have a flowby but
4:44 pm
what i do have in common with george clooney, other than staggering good looks, of course. >> wow. >> wow. >> is hair like straw. i can relate. you know, kristen has seen me. i'll trim my hair every now and then in the office, sure. >> he's done it before. i was stunned. i wasn't surprised by the george clooney revelation. i'm like don't all guys with great hairdo that? >> kristen, you tease me because i have those construction paper scissors. >> these huge ones you use to clip kids' artwork. >> i try not to cut my hair because there is so few of them left. >> every one counts, right? >> let them go, grow. >> be free. >> what can't george clooney do? >> my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this.
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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we have breaking news now. the captain of the dive boat that caught fire killing 34 people on board has been charged with manslaughter. a federal grand jury found he caused the deaths by his misconduct, negligence and inattention to his duties. 33 passengers including several from the bay area and one crew member died on "the conception" on labor day last year. one of the violations was failing to have a rovering night patrol. >> a day for you to show your generosity during the holiday season. we're getting a chance to share
4:48 pm
local charities we love on this day of giving, one of them close to my heart is help a mother out. joining me is the founder, a mother herself. li lisa, so great to see you again. >> thank you for having me. >> such my pleasure. i've had the honor of being on your advisory counsel and emceeing your fundraisers and i've seen you grow this out of your kitchen to a national network distributing 22 million diapers. can you share your story how an oprah segment inspired you? >> yes, 11 years ago, i was watching the oprah winfrey show while my 9 month old baby was napping in his bed. the episode was about the great recession and homeless families in california. i was just really inspired to want to help the community out. and so together with my co-founder, we started reaching out to social service organizations and come to find
4:49 pm
out that diapers were not easily donated very much by the public and what's more, what really shocked us and got us mad is there are no federal public assistance programs for diapers. >> that's almost hard to believe. i didn't know that before i got involved with your organization. the stories you heard from moms, though, what does it tell you? does not having clean diapers mean to them and deprive them of? >> it's such a small thing when you can afford diapers for your baby, you don't really think about it. it can have such a lasting big impact in a family's life. we've heard stories of moms confiding into social workers that, you know, they don't give their babies enough to drink because they don't want to change their diaper as much, especially because of the pandemic, we've seen the need for our services increase and
4:50 pm
people who have -- it's, again, people who have fallen on hard times and never had to ask for help are for the first time asking for help and again, because public assistance does not cover diapers, it's a gap in the safety net. >> look, i know you work with so many social service agencies throughout the bay area to distribute diapers and get them out to the moms but i got to ask you, i got to imagine the pandemic increased the need for diapers but what has happened to your fundraising? >> what's happened to the fundraising? at the very beginning of covid, you know, we spent the last 11 years really, you know, working on building our grass roots network of support and really, it's because of individuals in the bay area, a lot of our community members really stepped up to the plate at the very beginning of the pandemic to help us meet the need. two years ago, we were distributing 2.5 million diapers a year. and last fiscal year that we just ended june 30th, we
4:51 pm
distributed close to 8 million and that's been about 1 million diapers a month since march. so we are at 9 million and hopefully for december, we want to distribute another million for december making that 10 million since the pandemic but we need the must public's help because there are only so many grants and funding. it really does take a village. >> right. do you hope for cash like i know people can donate when they go to help a mother or do you hope for diapers? do you want them to pick up extras the next time they are at costco and drop them off somewhere? >> that's a really good question. normally before the pandemic we did a lot with grass roots organizations and having girl scout droops run drives for us. because of the pandemic, it important we keep our team members safe and we're honestly able to buy more with the dollars. so for instance, a diaper at a
4:52 pm
retail for 25 cents a unit and so we're able to really bulk purchase and actually have our own private label diaper and we can get more diapers into the hands of families in need when we can utilize money. >> great work there with help a mother out. i hope a lot of viewers will help you out today on giving tuesday. >> thanks for having me. >> awesome hearing about these organizations giving back. abc 7 and disney teaming up to support local non-profits helping our communities during the holidays. if you need help or if you can offer help, we have information at action. speaking of help, santa is getting help. up next, the people helping answer santa's letters and how you can get involved and dan is here with what is coming up at 5:00. suing over remote learning. why the state left minority
4:53 pm
students behind during the pandemic. plus, new numbers show how much santa clara county cracked down on retailers for failing to compile with social distancing requirements. and the hidden gem for kids at lake tahoe and why it needs your help today. those stories ♪ 100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious.
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. tonight, prime-time on abc 7, 8:00 is the bachelorette, who will she eliminate tonight?
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at 10:00 p.m., the new show, a hit, big sky, and then abc7news at 11:00. is obviously, heading into the holidays, christmas time, very busy time for santa, and he's getting some help in danville. yes. in danville. here's abc7news reporter amy hollyfield. >> dear santa, merry christmas. >> reporter: the sweetness is still the same. they are noticing something a bit different in this year's letters. concern for santa's health. >> i hope you're health illinois and wearing the mask because you're traveling armed the world. troipt they're promising children they'll get a response. they figured out a way to keep the tradition going, even in a pandemic. >> we would write letters back to the children but this year we had to work out a new way. we're going to give them letters, take home and write them and get them to santa by
4:57 pm
the 24th. >> a team of volunteers is ready to read the letters and respond. >> this is the time when i feel like i get to be a part of the community and lift up the spirits. >> she says she usually reads about three dozen letters a year. she makes sure to put a lot of love in santa's response. >> i put stickers in, i draw little pictures, i mix it up. i know those little details can make a huge difference. >> there is also a front runner for most requested gift this year. >> a lot of kids asking for puppies, so, you know, i think working from home and doing school from home, i think we just want another little friend to hang out with. >> they promise to read the letters before they're sent out. leer the mailboxes. there's one in front of the library. one in front of the community center. all letters are due by december 10th.
4:58 pm
amy hollyfield
4:59 pm
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next at 5:00, who's first in line for a vaccine? a cdc panel has just made a decision. plus santa clara county is cracking down on retailers. new numbers on who violated city covid orders. >> also ahead, two players test positive for covid-19. the general manager is talking about the impact. and what may be the first lawsuit of its kind. why bay area families say the state is denying minority students their fundamental right to an education. and we'll begin this evening with the race for a vaccine. late today a cdc advisory committee wrapped up an emergency session to see who gets


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