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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 2, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the first doses from pfizer going out in a matter of days. and the u.s. might not be far behind. no corners have been cut. >> will a vaccine be enough to end the pandemic? we're hearing from the chief scientific adviser for operation warp speed this morning. and as we wait for a vaccine, new covid-19 restrictions could be coming to san francisco and the whole state. what a new lockdown could look like. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, december 2nd. reggie, i like your blue. you have a nice blue thing happening this morning. >> hey now, thank you for noticing. this is my brand-new outfit. >> yes. >> we have a new shirt going on, a new suit going on. >> sharp. >> what i'm wearing beneath this is none of your business. from here up it looks very professional. we'll go to the always professional mike nicco. hey, mike. >> reggie has the mullet of suits, all business in the front, down below who knows.
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yes. everybody looks good. nice to see you kumasi and sue. thanks for joining us again. we'll get back to them in a second. let's talk about what to expectt by looking outside from the east bay hills camera. the lack of fog out there. there's a bit around santa rosa, but the visibility is good. 2 1/2 miles. a bit around half moon bay, definitely not going to be a repeat of yesterday. we have dry air and a light offshore breeze that will bring us mild temperatures even though we'll see increasing high clouds which will dim the sunshine a bit. 58 at half moon bay. 61 to 64 around the bay from san francisco to oakland. about 63 in antioch to 67 in santa rosa. those are your inland temperatures. all right. let's get back to -- where are we going? kumasi has more news. a big headline from overseas this morning, the uk has become the first country to approve pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. a government spokesperson says the vaccine will be made available next week.
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seniors and health care workers will have priority. in a statement pfizer's ceo is calling the uk's move a historic move in the fight against covid-19. the vaccine, which was developed with biogen-tech is 95%% effective. the u.s. will likely approve pfizer's vaccine next thursday. moderna also applied for emergency use authorization. a cdc committee released guide lines on who should get vaccinated first. priority will be given to health care workers and people living in nursing homes, then police officers, firefighters and teachers. the third group consists of americans who are most vulnerable to covid-19. state officials ultimately decide on the vaccination order. this morning we're hearing from local doctors who are eager to get the vaccine themselves. julian glover is live to explain the challenges distributing this
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in california. julian? >> good morning. as you mentioned, the state's decision, california's advisory committee on immunization practices voted that health care workers and nursing home residents would be the first to be prioritized to get vaccinated when the first shipment of covid-19 vaccines gets here in a few weeks. covid patients put er staffs and other hospital employees at increased risk. dr. lily muldune treats covid patients and says even though she personally knows about 20 fellow health care workers who have been infected with covid-19, she's surprised how many of her colleagues are skeptical about the vaccine. she's eager to get vaccinated to keep herself safe while caring for patients. >> it is unavoidable for me to be in close contact with people who have covid. the potential of a vaccine makes
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me at ease. >> it's an algorithm you need to develop based on somebody's risk of being infected in the community and somebody's risk of exposing individuals at the hospital. >> the algorithm you just heard dr. muldow, a stanford epidemiologist said that will determine who gets vaccinated first. the 327,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine that california will receive in a matter of weeks, while significant in the fight to save lives is just a small number of the 2.4 million health care workers in the state of california alone. the reporting live this morning, julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. a crucial part of the vaccine rollout plan is getting enough people to get vaccinated to end this pandemic. the chief scientific adviser for warp speed spoke on "gma" this morning.
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>> i'd like to retell the american people that no corners have been cut. the development has been done very quickly because we had great science to allow us to do all the discovery work in weeks rather than in years and then the clinical work, the most important part that must demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine and its safety has been done to a higher standard than what's done in a larger number of people. >> the doctor said if people listen to health officials and medical experts they trust many of them will choose to get the vaccine. that full interview is on "gma" after abc7 news. we have to stay vigilant about the spread of the virus. as soon as today san francisco could reveal even tighter restrictions. that could include new limits on retail capacity, new limits on gatherings and a more stringent travel quarantine. mayor london breed said more restrictive action is necessary. >> this is about saving lives. everything we are asking you to do over the coming weeks and months is about that, saving
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lives. >> the city says the san francisco covid-19 cases tripled over the past three weeks. we expect covid-19 updates from three local counties today. santa clara count public health department will hold a meeting at 10:00. san mateo county will hold a briefing at 1:30 and sonoma county will hold a briefing at 3:30. you can stream these on governor newsom said a new stay-at-home order is under consideration. he hinted this would likely be for the counties in the purple tier. that's pretty much all of the bay area except for marin county. liz kreutz shows us what a new lockdown could look like. >> reporter: the last time newsom hinted about a new purple tier restriction, the curfew happened a few days later. so what might a new stay at home order look like? we asked dr. george rutherford. >> is this going to be exactly
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like what we saw in march or modified? >> i think we learned a lot of stuff. >> reporter: dr. rutherford said a stay-at-home order for purple counties would not need to include shutting down all outdoor dining and nonessential retail but counties may need to reduce the allowed capacity. >> you can probably keep some retail shopping open that would help out a lot of small businesses. after dining with low density and everybody wearing masks, you know, maybe. >> reporter: and what about schools? >> you could conceive of keeping preschools open and maybe continue to open elementary schools. >> reporter: something else to consider, newsom mentioned deep purple counties. suggesting that not all purple counties would be subject to the same restrictions. >> basically creating a second tier, fifth tier on top which i don't think is inprudent to do. >> reporter: the silver lining, a vaccine is coming very soon. >> this is not infinite. this has an end. this has an end point in it. >> liz kreutz, abc7 news.
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all right. let's look at some neighborhood temperatures, see how warmly you have to dress before you head outside and sadly leave us this morning. we have 39 in castro valley. also in union city. 40 in san leandro. 47 in fremont. those are our cool spots. everyone else in the low to mid 40s. a little bit of fog around santa rosa and sebastopol at 34 degrees. we'll keep an eye on that. we had some black ice yesterday. temperatures mainly in the mid 30s to 40s until you get to san francisco and pacifica. upper 40s for you. sutro tower tower, 49 degrees. as far as your exercising, just be vigilant when out in nature. we're nearing record levels for the dryness of the vegetation, which means the fire danger is starting to get high once again. it could be really high sunday and monday. we'll talk about that coming up. early sunshine on the bay. we have high to extreme risk of
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sneaker waves. don't turn your back on the water. beach combing not advised from 10:00 today until 30 hours later, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at our planner for today. increasing high clouds by 9:00, still in the mid 40s to low 50s. about 55 to 59 at 11:00. we'll crack the 60s a few low 60s around 1:00. at 3:00, mainly in the low to mid 60s away from the coast. by 7:00, back into the low to mid 50s. we'll look at that seven-day forecast coming up. here is sue with the commute. >> good morning. pretty light out there. very few incidents to report to you. a first look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is getting by at the limit all the way into san francisco. no metering lights obviously at the tolls yet. we'll pop down to the san mateo bridge. yesterday about this time we couldn't even see the traffic on the span because of the fog. this morning a different picture. it's clear and those headlights are headed westbound across the
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causeway and over towards foster city. our one problem spot is up on skyline boulevard. state route 35 is closed due to police activity. there is a sigalert in effect between highway 92 and quail court. chp said when it gets light out this morning there's a good chance they will lift that sigalert and reopen the roadway. more coming up in a few. >> thank you. coming up, president obama's "mistake." the one thing he says he wishes he would have done while in office. and it's been four years since the ghost ship warehouse fire. the virtual memorial planned tonight. and covid-19 trouble for the warriors before the nba season even begins. first a look outsid
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. all right. welcome back. let's look at your day planner for today. we'll start off fairly clear this morning. increasing high clouds. you'll need the sunglasses today. a degree or two maybe cooler than yesterday. won't even be noticeable.
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it will help hold the temperatures up a bit this evening, 49 to 53 at 7:00. sun sets at 4:50. day two of our earliest sunset time. red flag warning, critical fire conditions. category down in southern california as we talked about their fire conditions are much worse than ours. 78 in l.a. today. 64 in sacramento. 49 in tahoe where we're looking at absolutely no snow all the way through tuesday. one model says you may get a few flurries sunday, right now we'll keep it try. today marks the fourth anniversary of the ghost ship fire in oakland. 36 people died when the warehouse went up in flames. voices of silicon valley will hold a virtual memorial concert at 6:00 tonight. bay area musicians will celebrate the lives and artistic accomplishments of the victims of the ghost ship.
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in today's "gma" first look, there are growing questions about the death of the former ceo of zappos. he died more than a week after being pulled from a burning home in connecticut. here's kenneth mouton. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, new questions surrounding the death of tony shea. >> the fire happened in the early morning hours of november 18th. according to police, he was locked inside that storage area in the back of the home when firefighters arrived. >> the male is barricaded inside and is not answering the door. everyone else is outside. >> we have a report of a person trapped. make sure paramedics are responding. >> reporter: hsieh was transported to the hospital where he died. the medical examiner contributed his death to smoke inhalation. hsieh was known as the most unconventional boss in america. >> not a lot of people give you
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permission to be yourself always. >> we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," i'm kenneth mouton, abc news, new york. two bay area cities approved natural gas bans. san jose and oakland city councils voted in favor of using natural gas in newly constructed apartment and retail buildings with some exemptions. it's to reduce emissions and meet climate goals. now to a possible scheme to bribe the white house for a presidential pardon. faith abubey reports it comes as we learn about a new push to pardon president trump's family members. and even rudy wgiuliani who was leading the effort to overturn the election. >> reporter: this morning a bombshell investigation into a possible scheme to illegally obtain a presidential pardon. newly unsealed court documents show the justice department is looking into allegations that lobbyists may have tried to bribe white house officials.
5:16 am
according to the documents, the bribery conspiracy includes an offer of a substantial political contribution in exchange for a presidential pardon or reprieve of sentence. the white house is declining to comment. overnight the justice department saying, no government official was or is currently a subject or target of the investigation disclosed in this filing. the 18-page court document is partially redacted. the names of the people under investigation blacked out as is the name of the person to be pardoned under the alleged plan and comes as sources tell abc news that rudy giuliani has discussed with the president the possibility of getting a preemptive pardon for himself. several of giuliani's associates are currently under indictment. >> it's disgraceful what happened. >> reporter: as giuliani leads the president's unsuccessful legal efforts to overturn the election results. according to "the new york times," trump has also discussed with advisers whether to grant preemptive pardons to his adult children and his son-in-law jared kushner. no member of the trump family has been accused of a federal crime. in the meantime, attorney general william barr seen leaving the white house tuesday, and minutes before his arrival, barr who is among the president's most steadfast
5:17 am
defenders dealt a blow to trump's unfounded claims about the election. barr saying to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. former president obama admits he made a major mistake while in office. he says he wishes he awarded dolly parton the presidential medal of freedom. obama made the comments in an interview with stephen colbert. the singer is one of the most beloved icons in music. colbert wants to know how does she not have a presidential medal of freedom. mr. obama said that was a screw up. he then offered to try to fix the mistake and would call president-elect joe biden. we have to partially thank dolly parton for the vaccine. she's also a medical pioneer. >> just adding more things to the list. >> let's not forget about dollywood. never forget.
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>> it's not the first time she's donated more than $1 million to vanderbilt. she's given millions away across the world. she is quietly that strong southern woman who does so much behind the scenes. makes everybody feel good. >> yeah. where is joelene now? you know what i'm saying? >> on point this morning. good job. let's look at what's going on. hi, everybody. here's a look from -- i was going to show you the east bay hills, i messed up the camera there, the reason is because we have that offshore breeze at 17 to 28 miles per hour. that's the reason why we're having a hard time getting fog going this morning. increasing high clouds as another storm system waves at us as it passes to the west and heads north. a mild afternoon on the way. an extended period of without rain continues. fire danger is possible sunday into monday. we could be under a red flag warning during that time. that's something we'll keep an
5:19 am
eye on. here's your fog forecast. tule fog in the central valley, notice as we head through the day, that offshore breeze clears out the lower levels, you can see those gray masses moving in from the west. those are the high clouds blowing off from the showers to our west. that passing storm will have about no effect op our weather other than maybe cooling us off a degree or two. tomorrow, maybe more fog along the coast and as you head into the north bay compared to this morning. 58 at half moon bay to 65 at santa cruz and along the coast. 61 to 64 around the bay. 63 to 67 degrees inland. for tonight, mid 30s inland to low to mid 40s around the bay. the warm spot will be san francisco at 47. all right. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast, what you're going to see are minor fluctuations in temperatures. 58 at the coast to 68 inland. we could get near 70 next tuesday. that doesn't bode well for rain if temperatures are going up
5:20 am
when we start the new week. >> all right. thank you. help is now available if you're looking to save money on electronics this holiday season. the california public interest research group is out with its updated guide to buying refurbished electronics. this is a cost effective alternative to buying new computers, new phones, tvs and game consoles. the guide includes tips on how to find reliable retailers, identifying high quality items, making sure you get the best deal and making sure you understand what you're buying. >> the terms open-box, like-new or refurbished can mean didn't things. our guide has taken out some of the guesswork and can point you to the retailers with the best protections. >> the organization says buying refurbished also helps the environment by preventing millions of pounds of hazardous electronic waste from ending up in landfills. for more information on the guide, go to coming up next, the 7 things
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to know this morning. and your year in review
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it's 5:22. if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this morning. the uk approved pfizer's
5:23 am
covid-19 vaccine. people with high priority can get vaccinated starting next week. the now here in the u.s. the fda is expected to review pfizer's vaccine next thursday. san francisco officials could announce new covid restrictions as soon as today. that could include limits on retail, gatherings and a travel quarantine. number three, the cdc is getting ready to announce new guidelines reducing the number of days in quarantine if you're exposed to someone with quarantine. you now need to spend 7 to 10 days in isolation instead of 14. oakland unified submitted a plan to have kids back in class starting january 25th. the district has to get the teachers union on board and alameda county would have to be out of the purple tier. and number five, good news for your morning commute as you look from the east bay hills, less fog. visibility seven miles or greater. maybe a patch of fog in the north bay. otherwise enjoy the clear commute.
5:24 am
we are starting off to a light commute on this hump day at 5:23 this morning. looking at your drive times. just about 30 minutes from tracy into dublin west on 580. highway 4 to concord, less than 15. less than 20 from san rafael to the city. number seven, an old favorite is returning to mcdonald's today. the mcrib making a comeback. this is a boneless pork sandwich with barbecue sauce, onions and pickles. if you buy one today, mcdonald's says it will donate to cancer research. >> the warriors will begin individual player workouts today. they were supposed to start yesterday but the team had to delay that because two players tested positive. >> i don't think this is unexpected with all the guys coming back in. it proves that the protocols and testing is working. that was the point to catch these things before we begin. >> bob myers couldn't release the names of the players that tested positive for covid-19.
5:25 am
training camp begins next week. the regular season begins in 2 1/2 weeks, december 22nd. this afternoon the 49ers are flying to arizona to set up shop at their team hotel near the cardinals practice facility and state farm stadium in glendale. the niners were forced to relocate because of santa clara county's rule banning contact sports. they will begin practice tomorrow and play the bills on monday. they will play washington the following weekend. you probably have seen this all over social media. spot if i users sharing their most played songs in 2020. so spotify wrapped is back this year, so you can find an overview of your top played songs and your favorite artists on the app. there are new features this year like in-app quizzes, personalized play list and a story of your 2020. i saw your post. >> you did? were you embarrassed to know me?
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>> can you remind me? i've seen a lot of people posting what their songs are. >> i don't know why this gives me joy every year. my number one song was "magic happens" from the disneyland parade. >> that's fine. >> my number one artist, though, was lady gaga. >> not surprised. >> and then it was la show tunes. this is feeling like i'm unveiling stereotype after stereotype after stereotype. >> you're just confirming -- >> i'm confirming who i am. >> the beautiful person we know who you are. we know how you dance and party in the house. we've seen the videos. >> it's true. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a major holiday spirit in an east bay neighborhood and all for a great cause. and two more local politicians facing criticism for gathering with people not in their households. it's been the week of hints. first it was the governor, up
5:27 am
next we'll tell you who is now talking about issuing more restrictions to her city. and a powerful message from a star known for rolls in juno and the um bella academy. elliott page announced he's tansgender. first a look 5:27. a little windy
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now at 5:30, surging covid-19 cases. new restrictions that could be coming in san francisco as soon as today. a break through in the race for a covid-19 vaccine. pfizer has been approved for use in the uk. how soon doses are expected to go out. it's hard not being able to see my friends. that could be changing soon. one of the bay area's biggest
5:30 am
school districts announces a plan for kids to return to class. good morning on this wednesday, december 2nd. >> before we get to those stories we want to check in with meteorologist mike nicco for a look at the day ahead. >> thank you for joining us on this wednesday. here's live doppler 7, you can see how clear it is. just a few clouds off the coast. another storm system passes us by. it's like a crews ship, we're on the shore waving to it as it goes off to a better place. it will bring rain to the pacific northwest but not us. let's look at what will happen today. increasing high clouds as it rolls by. that may shave a degree or two off of yesterday's high. 58 at half moon bay to 65 in santa cruz. 61 in san francisco. about 64 in oakland around the bay. and 63 in antioch to 67 in santa rosa. that's your spread inland. some temperatures are nearing freezing levels. i'll show you those coming up. >> this morning new coronavirus
5:31 am
cases are overwhelming hospitals across the country. nearly 100,000 americans are waking up in hospital beds battling covid-19. this is another new record amid a nationwide surge in cases. >> we at some point might get to a breaking point. >> it doesn't get easier. >> 43 states as well as washington, d.c. and puerto rico are all seeing their hospitalizations rise. in los angeles icus could reach 112% capacity by christmas eve. we know san francisco is about to strengthen our already tight covid restrictions. what we don't know is how much is on the chopping block, though city leaders have been dropping hints. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in the city for us this morning. it's been the week of teases. first the governor teasing that maybe a stay-at-home order was coming. now the mayor of san francisco hinting that more restrictions are coming this city's way.
5:32 am
she says that announcement could be coming soon. as you see, people are getting tested for covid after the thanksgiving break. the number of cases are going up. the mayor says our dangerous winter has arrived. we have to take action. she was asked if she will ban outdoor dining. she would not say or give any other specifics, just hints at this point. >> while we are still working out the exact details we are looking at examples like santa clara county which is seeing alarming rates of increase. they reduced capacities at business and limited gatherings. these are things we have to consider. as well as other ideas that will help us stop the spread. >> health officials say the number of positive covid cases that tripled in the last three weeks. if this continues they're worried we'll have a shortage of hospital beds by christmas. the mayor said new restrictions
5:33 am
could be announced as early as today. we will keep you posted. test sites like this one here on the embarcadero are struggling to keep up with the demand. i went online to try to look at appointments at this site, nothing available for the next two weeks. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> that has been a real frustration. thank you. the cdc is changing its quarantine recommendations for people exposed to covid-19. two white house officials say the change was discussed during a coronavirus task force meeting yesterday. now, you would need to quarantine for 7 to 10 days after exposure under the new rules. currently the rules are 14 days. people can end their quarantine after seven days if they receive a negative test. if you don't get tested, the cdc says you should wait out the entire ten days. a break through in the race for a covid-19 vaccine. overnight pfizer's vaccine was approved in the uk. so people with high priority can start being vaccinated next
5:34 am
week. the u.s. is expected to approve the vaccine at an fda meeting next thursday. yesterday the cdc released new recommendations on who should be given priority. at the top of the list health care workers and people who live in nursing homes. next, essential workers, followed by people 65 and older and people with a high risk medical condition. >> if we can pull together in the country and in the next 60 days vaccinate all of these residents, we can cut the death rate almost in half. >> the cdc can't set guidelines for priorities, but states have the final say. you can get more on our app and our website, students in oakland could be back to class starting january 25th. that is the target date in the district's covid-19 reopening plan. j.r. stone spoke with school leaders, teacher ts and parents about what could be next.
5:35 am
>> it's hard not seeing my friends. >> reporter: so this brother an sister can't wait to go back to school. they can only play on the blacktop with each other and a select bubble of people. >> i want to. first of all, i can see all my friends. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district submitted an in-person reopening plan with a target start date of january 25th. the teachers union wants s gs o back, but they say it needs to be safe to do so. >> community is serving our black and brown students have, you know, high covid rates. i am not optimistic. >> reporter: those in the district understand that and currently the county is in a purple tier and can't open schools until you are in a red tier. but oakland unified as a goal of opening in orange tier. >> some people said january 25, 2021 they'll be reopening.
5:36 am
based on what's happening now, it's arguably possible that is not going to happen. >> that is reassuring news to sofia's dad, juan. >> i don't feel comfortable. we are seeing the third wave. all of the talks about the vaccines. who knows when it would be available. >> j.r. stone, abc 7 news. starting tomorrow the san francisco unified school district will begin offering free food to all children living in the city. anyone under the age of 18 can pick up two days worth of prepared meals, snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables and milk. 18 school sites have been designated by the district. families only need to provide their child's name and birth date to receive a grab and go card they can use to pick up their food. san francisco mayor london breed's office confirms she attended a dinner party at the french laundry restaurant. breed's office said she attended a family friend's birthday
5:37 am
dinner with seven other people at an open air dinner. at the time indoor and outdoor dining were allowed, though state guidelines imposed a three household limit. the mayor's office says she has dined out to support local businesses but is always cautious when dining out. san jose's mayor admits he went against covid-19 recommendations. sam liccardo wrote on twitter i apologize for gathering for thanksgiving with my family contrary to the rules. attended an outdoor dinner in saratoga with people from five households. coming up, a bay area tech giant leaving california. reaction from leaders in silicon valley. tunnels of joy in the east bay. how you can get in this holiday fun and the giving spirit. first we check in with meteorologist mike nicco.
5:38 am
>> that looks nice. let's talk about what's going on outside. we may have a little sparkle or two from early sunlight on some frost. the air is super dry. it's hard for any frost to form at this time because of the dry air. if it could, it will because of the temperatures are nearing the freezing mark in the tri valley. 33 in vanville right now to 34 in places like san ramon, dublin we have 43 in antioch, one of the warm spots. elsewhere, 33 right now in santa rosa. our thickest fog is there. visibility about a mile there. that's the only place where the fog is right now. mid 30s to mid 40s around the bay. there you go. now it just changed in santa rosa, half moon bay at nine miles. sutro tower, we can see everywhere this morning the twinkling lights of the early morning. for today, everything is good. a heavy coat this morning. a lighter coat this afternoon.
5:39 am
the ferry ride will have some light breezes. jumping ahead to friday and going into next week. there's one storm getting close saturday, but it falls apart. no rain there. maybe slightly cooler temperatures saturday. as it moves into the great basin it will create a higher fire danger for us sunday and monday. storm systems through tuesday get close once again, but again it misses out. tuesday into wednesday we could get a little bit of snow around tahoe. they desperately need it. you can see the best chance of rain from redding northward the next seven days. we'll look at that accuweather 7-day foup. how about traffic? here is sue. >> good morning. it's light. it's wednesday light. look at san rafael, taillights headed southbound past the north gate mall and the civic center into central san rafael, it is moving at the limit. let's look at the golden gate bridge. you come up and over the waldo grade, there was some roadwork, but it was in the northbound
5:40 am
direction early this morning. that has been picked up. four lanes headed north and two lanes headed south right now due to that road work. they're probably in the process of getting that cleaned up. a little bit of traffic slow out of the altamont pass. a 40-minute drive. this road closure is up on skyline boulevard, state route 35, there is policeity there. they closed highway 32 between highway 92 and quail court. they hope to have it reopened by the time the sun
5:41 am
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one of the reasons why we're having a hard time getting fog to form, look at the breezes in the hills, out of the northeast 19 to 29, also bringing in slightly drier air. let's talk about your day.
5:43 am
increasing high clouds and about a degree or cooler than yesterday. that puts us average to a bit above average with 50s at the coast, 60s for the rest of us heading into the afternoon hours. fire danger is highest starting today at 6:00 through saturday at 10:00. several days of critical fire conditions. that's in the medium range. there is elevated, critical and extreme. a few high clouds from northward. no snow coming to tahoe. maybe a 10% chance on monday. that's sad. kumasi? >> all right. thank you. new tasers are coming to the san jose police department. the city council approved a $5 million contract to buy them peven though there were objections. community leaders and advocacy groups said the money should be used for community programs.
5:44 am
police say the tasers are an essential less lethal tool and say the current tasers are reaching their seven-year shelf life and are breaking down on a regular basis. smoking will be off limits in most condo buildings and apartments in san francisco. cannabis is exempt. the anti-smoking policy applies to buildings with three or more units. violators could face fines up to a million. san jose county is buying the pacific inn hotel and the towne place suites owe hell in redwood city to provide 170 rooms for people of need. the community development is funding that project. one of the oldest tech giants is moving out of the state. hewlett-packard is moving to houston. anser hassan spoke to some leaders about whether this is a sign of a silicon valley exodus.
5:45 am
>> reporter: when an icon that built silicon valley decides to leave silicon valley it may not be that big of a deal. >> companies come and go. what is important is that we continue to build a pipeline of the next addition of builders who will create the amazing brands. >> reporter: he's the chairman of the entrepreneurship task force, and says when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, nothing beats silicon valley. but despite that, hewlett-packard is headed to houston. another tech company to break from silicon valley. many cite the high cost of living and taxes. he admits there is room for reform but he doesn't see this as a trend. >> what you think about is who is the team. where can i find the best talent. who are my investors that i can work with. where are the companies i can get advice from. >> situations like this are a wake up call. >> reporter: ahmad thomas is the
5:46 am
ceo of the silicon valley leadership group, along with changes to tax policy it is critical to see investment in infrastructure like transportation and affordable housing if they want businesses to stay. >> allow our companies to keep and to preserve capital so they can reinvest and build and grow. >> reporter: in the silicon valley, anser hassan, abc7 news. a neighborhood in the east bay is all decked out in the holiday spirit. abc7 news was in brentwood where neighbors on la costa drive and surrounding streets created their annual tunnels of joy. as you can see, the annual light display raises money for the family of someone who is battling cancer. this year it's a 14-year-old boy in discovery bay. >> we feel blessed to gather all of the money up that is just flowing with generosity from the community and be able to hand it over to a family who's ineed. it's a special thing. >> the tunnels of joy is named after a woman who died from cancer several years ago, joy
5:47 am
burch. you can check out the light display from 5:00 to 9:00 every night and nearly 100 homes are taking part. that does look nice. >> i know. i'm wearing my mask. we're having technical problems up here. i'm very close to someone else. i'm trying to be polite. >> put it on the right way. >> what do you mean? >> it's upside down. >> disneyland is in distress. >> is my mask upside down? >> it's perfect. is it upside down? i'm confused. >> can someone tell me if my mask is upside down? >> it's upside down. >> that's not the point. >> maybe that's the -- the point is -- >> yes? >> what is the point? >> i don't know. i'm waiting on you. >> oh. there's no point. the point is that there's someone very close to me right now. i'm trying to wear this to be polite.
5:48 am
that's why. >> okay. that's good, friend. we have to be careful. >> leading by example. >> but also disneyland is real mad at me. >> you tried. >> the faster we can get off this shot the better. >> no bonus for you this year. going back to that brentwood lights, those were amazing. the it's for a good cause. i see a road trip in my future this weekend. here's sutro tower, we're about 49 degrees and under clear conditions out there other than around santa rosa, some fog. mild afternoon with increasing high clouds. they'll stick around tonight and that will keep most of us from being foggy. the usual spots around santa rosa and half moon bay could have fog tomorrow morning. we'll stay the course. this dry pattern through the weekend. but unfortunately the winds will be faster in the hills. there's a heightened fire danger sunday and monday. no watches, no warnings right now. it's something we'll keep an eye on. you can see the fog in the central valley and well out on to the coast thanks to the northeasterly offshore breezes. watch the high clouds roll in as
5:49 am
that system passes us to the west during the afternoon, evening and overnight hours. a little bit of fog you can see there around san francisco, half moon bay and up into santa rosa tonight. heading through tomorrow, it will be pushed away also. let's look at our temperatures for today. our warmest, 67 in fairfield and santa rosa. our coolest as you would expect, 58 in half moon bay. most of us in the low to mid 60s today. tonight, mid 30s inland to a few mid 40s around the bay. 47 in san francisco. my accuweather 7-day forecast, temperatures about the same tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer with extra sunshine friday. another storm system passes us to the west saturday. that will drop our temperatures down a degree or two with increasing high clouds. monday and tuesday, 70 possible? it will get even warmer next week. we'll look at the 14-day forecast and see if we can find some rain coming up. >> thank you. southwest airlines once again booking those middle seats
5:50 am
on all of its flights. passengers are still required to wear masks. in october southwest said they would start selling every seat on december 1st and it's now fulfilling that promise. the decision comes after the carrier reported a record 1$1.2 billion third quarter loss because of the pandemic. southwest says it will notify you ahead of time if your flight has more than 65% of the seats sold. happening today, you can apply for a job without leaving your house. the united states postal service is looking for help for the holidays. usps and alameda social services agency are holding a hiring fair over zoom at 10:00 this morning. you have to register online, we have that link on our website, the usps has two more virtual job fairs planned for this month and one is next wednesday. walmart is waiving shipping fees for its plus members. right now walmart plus shoppers need to place a minimum of $35
5:51 am
in their order to qualify for free shipping, but that requirement will be dropped starting on friday. walmart launched its membership service earlier this year to compete with amazon prime. >> can amazon prime do that, too? sometimes i don't want all that. i want one thing. new at 6:00, the mcrib madness is here. whether we like it or not. what mcdonald's is calling the sauciest moment of the year and something the bay area has not had in years. we'll tell you what's different about the sandwich this time around. first the star of juno and the umbrella academy says he is transgender. and the new gaming system that i
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a big show of support for elliott page who just came out as transgender saying his joy is real but fragile. formerly known as ellen page he wrote on social media i want to share with you i'm trans, my pronouns are he/they. i feel lucky to be writing this, to be here and arrive at this place in my life. his wife of two years commented love you so much, elliott. and miley cyrus wrote elliott rules. >> most people think they have not met somebody transgender yet in their life, but they probably have and just don't know it. when elliott page says he's a transgender person it helps them understand more about what it means to be trans. >> page is starring in "the umbrella academy" on netflix.
5:55 am
police are warning to be extremely cautious when buying the new playstation 5 on websites like craigslist, ebay or facebook marketplace. police recommend you only buy it from trusted retailers. the better business bureau says never paid with a prepaid gift card, through cash app or venmo. they advise using a credit card so you're protected. >> you have to watch out for those people with their grinch bots offering you $150 to get on their list because they'll be the next one to get the playstation 5 because of the glifrnlg b grinch bots. terrible. december 7th through 11. it's bone dry across most of the country other than around mexico and west texas, up around maine. we have a 40% chance of below
5:56 am
average precipitation and notice as we head to december 9th through the 15th, halfway through the month, we still have only a 40% -- we have a 40% chance of below average precipitation. i don't see any storms coming our way. notes aatmospheric rivers untile middle of the month. new guidelines outline who should get the covid-19 vaccine first. why one group in the bay area says they should be moved to the front of the line. and california's new vaccine challenge. >> as we learn that health care workers in the state of california will be the first to get vaccinated, the challenge that the state now faces is how to get enough of those doses to that group quickly enough. i'm julian glover with what we're hearing from doctors on the front line. and governor newsom's new threat and how it could be
5:57 am
different from the first. and left in the ashes. the alarming report showing
5:58 am
abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden. [[sfx: bing bing bing ]
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[sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. if we can pull together as a country and in the next 60 days vaccinate all of these residents we can cut the death rate almost in half. making news now at 6:00, the covid-19 vaccine challenge.
6:00 am
it's what's top of mind to try and climb out of the country's crisis, even with promising news from pfizer overnight, plenty of questions remain. this morning local doctors are giving us hints about a first dose and why california has a long way to go. good morning. it's wednesday, december 2nd. before we get to those stories, let's check in with mike. >> all right. let's look at what's going on outside. i want to show you quite a bit of a difference from yesterday to today. you can see from the east bay h hills camera how clean that air is. let's look at the visibility. you can see it's about 6 in napa. that's as low as it gets. it's about as low as 1 in santa rosa. a bit of an ebb and flow to the fog there. there's tule fog out in the central valley. we'll see if that's drawn in late into the morning commute and into the east bay. right now it's not looking


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