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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 2, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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students and staff at this east bay school test positive for covid a week after returning to-in person learning. a jewish er doctor treats a covid patient covered in nazi tattoos. >> we're weeks away from vaccine in the bay area. locked into this pattern of chil chilly nights, mild days. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> we were there four days and all ended up covid positive. >> students and staff at one east bay alternative school are in quarantine tonight after they all tested positive for
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coronavirus. it happened just days after the classroom reopened for in-person learning. >> the abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is in danville tonight where despite the outbreak, that school remains opened. >> reporte >> reporter: jan speaks to us at home after contracted covid. >> of all the people who could get covid in our classroom, we have 100%. >> reporter: 5 staff members and 3 students in the adult transition program all tested positive just days after those who chose to returned to in-person learning. >> two of them had a fever temperature. >> reporter: temperature checks are not required at school. masks are a must, but some special education students are not able to wear them due to medical issues. >> i'm upset that we would be put in a situation with students out of their control to wear face masks or stay socially
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distanced. >> reporter: sharon says her daughter was exposed on the school bus to one of the students who tested positive. mother and daughter now in quarantine. she says sending ellie back to the classroom was a tough choice. >> i want to protect my child, but it's so difficult for her to be learning at home. >> reporter: superintendent jsas the classroom has been disinfected but the campus remains open. >> we know some of our students need to be on campus, and we do believe we can focus on health and safety. >> reporter: he says special education teachers have been issued ppe through guidance from the health department. jan believes with covid spiking across the bay area, returning to school isn't safe. >> look what happened. rord cornell barnard, abc 7 news. new at 11:00, a member of governor newsom's staff has tested positive for covid-19. the unidentified staff member
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has not been around the governor or his family. staff members who were potentially exposed are quarantining. newsom and his family had to go into quarantine last week after three of the governor's kids were exposed to a chp officer with covid. the mayor of los angeles says the city is close to a quote, devastating tipping point. mayor garcetti issued emergency order that requires everyone remain in their homes as much as possible. the mayor's office says the order was simply revised to match the county's latest language and that the city did not add any restrictions. several troubling state covid records were set today. for the first time the daily case count is above 20,000. the number of covid patients in the hospital set another record for the fourth straight day at 8,500. that's 100% increase from two weeks ago. california's test positivity rate over the past seven days is
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at 7.3%, marked increase. that rate was 6.9% over the past 14 days but was much higher in may. in the south bay data shows hospitals could exceed capacity in two weeks. scramble to ensure there are enough beds, especially in hospitals serving east san jose and southern parts of the county where fewer than a dozen hospital icu beds are available. >> hospitals are engaging in phone calls at least daily to redistribute patients as needed to ensure we're providing safe and high quality care. >> the impact on hospitals was one reason one county implemented restrictions. more than 272,000 people have now died from covid-19 across the country since the pandemic began. according to the covid tracking project, for the first time, more than 100,000 americans are hospitalized right now with the
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virus. but there is hope, as plans to distribute vaccines begin to pick up speed. >> i actually believe they're going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. >> reporter: the director of the cdc issuing a stark warning about the next three months, the surge coincides with the anticipated rollout of vaccines, the united kingdom is giving mench si approval to pfizer's vaccine. >> i think any time several countries roll it out at once, it gives confidence. >> reporter: in a new radio interview, president obama said he would take the vaccine if dr. fauci said it was safe. presidents bush and clinton are also on board and would do it on camera. >> i was pleasantly surprised at the extraordinarily high degree of efficacy of the vaccines. 94% and 95% is almost as good as it gets. >> reporter: states and counties are drawing up vaccine distribution plans. the cdc says some airlines could
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ultimately mandate vaccination. meantime, interpol is warning governments to be on the lookout for advertising and sales of fake vaccines. tonight the race is on to find specialized freezers for the the covid vaccine arrives. the first doses are expected mid-december. matt boone looks into how different bay area counties are securing the refrigeration equipment. >> we're doing that thing you do at home looking for things that can be tossed out and increase capacity. >> reporter: gordon lithgo wanted to help with vaccine distribution. >> if i was standing in front of one right now, it would be a bit bigger than myself. these are enormous big freezers. >> reporter: dominican university says it will also be offering space in their freezers which can reach temperatures of negative 80 degrees celsius.
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in santa clara county, health officials say they're also still rounding up cold storage equipment as they wait to get a limited shipment of vaccines. >> before i came to the press conference i was on the phone with a group that was telling me freezers arrived oan i truck as of yesterday. >> reporter: dr. jennifer tong teemed confident they would have enough freezers. >> we are prepared to store and then distribute the full volume of what we do receive. >> reporter: alameda county's website says they're still in the process of purchasing freezers and dry ice to support cold chain management. suter health says they've already invested $100,000 on 14 freezers, some of which are portable. matt boone, abc 7 news. and abc 7 is committed to keeping you informed about developments with the covid-19 vaccine. we've assembled the abc 7 vaccine team to stay on top of it all. you can count on them for updates as new information comes
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in. a jewish emergency room doctor was shocked while working to save a patient, underneath his shirt he was covered in nazi tattoos. he says it was the first time he questioned what he would do. >> he was significantly ill and we had to intubate him, which is to put a breathing tube down his throat. >> dr. terry nickels is describing the moment he and his team worked to save a man battling covid-19 outside sacramento, a patient whose body was covered in nazi tattoos. >> being jewish, seeing that symbol of hate, knowing that, you know, that same compassion may not otherwise have been extended towards me if the roles were reversed really made me double down and look into myself. >> reporter: dr. nichols described the incident in 17
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tweets on twitter saying the swastika stood out boldly on his chest, ss tattoos and other insignia that had previously been covered by his shirt were now obvious to the room, a room where the jewish doctor was working side by side with a black nurse and asian respiratory therapist. >> everybody noticed, commented outside the room as we prepared. but none of us questioned what we were doing. >> while the nazi tattoos weren't enough to stop them from doing their work, they did have an um pact on dr. nichols who is from the the bay area. >> i knew myself and my team were going to do the right thing. but i never had a moment where i did physically pause. >> reporter: dr. nichols says as they were working to save the man, he said, don't let me die, doc. the hospital and dr. nichols are unsure if the man survived but did everything they could to try
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to save him. >> we did perform those life saving measures and intubated him. but that moment caused me to question. i've never felt quite so challenged in that way in my compassion before. >> j.r. stone, abc 7 news. new video tonight of a packed white house christmas party, what president trump revealed to the crowd. >> we introduced you to this bay area grandfather who's building desks for students. now they're getting delivered. and san francisco firefighters may have saved christmas for some lucky kids. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we're weeks away from christmas and we're talking fire danger. i'll let you know exactly when coming right up. >> thanks sandhya. there's a lot more ahead. but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and ama, i've been cooking this all day for you. you do it that fast?
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. despite from president trump's own coronavirus task force, there's new video of of a christmas party at the white house. and as abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan car reports, president trump is already talking about 2024. >> just as the president's own coronavirus task force has issued its most dire warning yet, saying the risk is at an historic high, the white house is defying public health guidelines. >> we love you president. >> reporter: this video shows an indoor white house christmas party last night, guests packed shoulder to shoulder.
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it's not just one party the white house scheduled this month. there are multiple holiday parties. >> we will engage in the celebration of christmas and there will be a hanukkah celebration as well. >> at the party last night, trump spoke to his guests not about the rising covid death toll but about his own political future, floating the possibility he may run for president again in 2024. >> it's been an amazing four years. we're trying to do another four years. otherwise, i'll see you in four years. >> reporter: the president continues to lie about election fraud. just today releasing a 46-minute video repeating fact-free conspiracy theories about the election being stolen. this even after his attorney general told the associated press yesterday, quote, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. the president also suggesting he's concerned he may be prosecuted after leaving office, just as his allies are talking
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about pre-emptive pardons for members of the trump family and trump himself. it's unclear if he could pardon himself, but in the past he has said he has the pow tore do it. >> yes, i do have an absolute right to pardon myself but i'll never have to do it because i didn't do anything wrong and everybody knows it. >> reporter: while the presidenti presidential power to pardon is vast, it is entirely unclear whether he could actually pardon himself. jonathan karl, abc news washington. we have new happy developments in a story we first brought you last week. >> we sure do. san francisco firefighters are back in the giving spirit after someone stole 200 tricycles designated for their toy drive. the members of fire station 13 bought, assembled and test drove 20 new bicycles. they'll soon be delivered to kids. if you want info on how to help the toy program, head to well, he may not be insanity clause but he has taken up the
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cause. >> yes. instead of toys a man in clayton is giving a gift to help children succeed. we first introduced you to 80-year-oldless. he's handy and his wife suggests he builds desks for children now learning at home. tonight he showed his work. he has 50 more desks under construction. students say they appreciate his effort. >> i just wanted to show you guys my new desk that was made by les. i'm very grateful for that. thank you, les. >> each desk costs about $65 in materials. a gofundme account has raised nearly $14,000 to help cover the costs and allow les to keep building desks. what a nice man to do that. >> absolutely, giving his time, his skill and a lot of kids need it because this has been a curveball for so many of us.
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>> it has indeed. let's talk a little bit about the weather forecast inching a little closer to the weekend. >> hi sandhya. >> yeah, and it is -- hi. it is looking fantastic. i was just so moved by that story. it's such a nice guy to do that, especially since kids definitely need those desks doing school from home. many of them. i want to show you a beautiful view right now from our santa cruz camera. this was at sunset at 4:50. look at the colors. all the high clouds around made up of ice crystals giving us a beautiful color. a serene day at the beach. the surf is building. we'll talk about buoy reports in a moment. let's talk about the changes happening right now on live doppler 7. we've got fog near the coastline, higher clouds offshore. 8 miles in half moon bay where they are reporting fog and a lbl of mist. so, things are changing but temperatures are about where
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they were yesterday. it is chilly once again, upper 30s to the low 50s. the beach hazard statement is in effect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. swell heights are 6 to 8 feet right now. so, just in case you want to spend your thursday at the coast, be careful. suitor tower camera, a sparkling view of san francisco downtown. chilly nights, mild days into next week, gusty winds and fire danger late sunday going into monday. we still have no rain in sight over the next seven plus days. watch out for fog tomorrow morning, visibility will be low. bundle up. low 30s to upper 40s. despite the fact we have the fog around and higher clouds around. for the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, but i think temperatures are going to drop a few degrees over today's highs. 62 in san francisco, 61 half moon bay, 63 san rafael, 64 in concord. as you take a look at the storm
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track, it's well to our north. saturday, a system tries to clip the far northern end of california. just misses us here in the bay area. we are running so behind. and that trend carries over right on through december 9th, possibly longer. rainfall percentage of normal. we're 4% to 21% of average. sunday night watching winds. watch what happens sunday night into monday morning, gusting to 40-miles-per-hour, middle town, calistoga going into monday, gusty offshore wind with record dry fuels and that smells high fire danger. here's a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. morning clouds and fog. we are looking at the chilly mornings and mild afternoons. a little cooler over the weekend. gusty winds will bring heightened fire danger sunday night into monday. it's december and we're talking 70s tuesday and wednesday inland. so, it's just unbelievable. still waiting for that rain, ama and dan. >>
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new at 11:00, firefighters tonight had to hoist a person from over the side of cliffs. this is in pacifica along highway 1 just south of the devil's slide tunnel. it's unclear how the person got stuck over the cliffs and if they have any injuries, but they were able to pull them up.
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good evening. steph curry is going to spend quality time with kevin durant
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and giannis. steph was on instagram with former president obama who had a get well message for klay thompson. >> listen, i can't wait for the season. give klay my love. >> absolutely. i appreciate that. >> and respect. i can only imagine what he's going through. >> the nba releasing selected dates for the upcoming season. the warriors open december 22nd at brooklyn versus durant, christmas day dubs versus milwaukee. curry says he's excited about big advantages from the jump. >> family but just teams expected to be at the top of each conference, kind of get a good gauge of where we are out the gate. the excitement of the nba being back and the christmas day slate and all that. it's going to be dope. i've got to figure out what we're going to do in milwaukee for christmas. >> russell westbrook wanted out
11:30 pm
and he's out. wall and westbrook both make over $40 million per season. like the 49ers and san jose state, stanford had to hit the road to play games. football in seattle staying in the pacific northwest playing washington and oregon state. david shaw says the school is taking these extraordinary murs because his players want to play. >> if our student athletes said we adopt wadon't want to do thi wouldn't do it. we wouldn't do it. this is part of the reason they went to the universities they went to. yes to get an education, but yes to play their sports. >> stanford hoops taking on indiana, third place in the maui invitational in maui, north carolina. trace jackson davis. this game turned into a du
11:31 pm
dunk-a-thon. stanford would fall 79-63. they're going to stay in north carolina for the time being. there's no point coming back. can't do anything here. >> usf takes down previously undefeated nevada with 15 3s. james bu yea here. and they win easily. >> abc
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and that'll do it for this wednesday. thank you so much for watching tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. it is wednesday already. wow. >> it is. >> from sandhya patel, larry beil, all of us here, we apleeshiate your time as always.
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stay tuned for jimmy kimmel. george cloon knee is on. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, george clooney. amanda seyfried. music from tones and i. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, hi. thank you. hello, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching me on television. wow, this is a big day today. today was the day that we found out how many times we listened to taylor swift on spotify this year. [ laughter ] i'd say, i don't know if i've been hacked or my kids are using my account or if i'm just losing my mind. my number one most listened to song of the year this year, i've never heard of it before, swear to god. i looked at the phone what the hell is this? even now i don't remember what it is. [ laughter ] i do know who my number one artist of the year is, 36th


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