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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 3, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the record number of americans waking up in the hospital this morning. there is hope on the horizon. the rush to handle vaccines once they arrive here in the bay area. also at least two fires forcing people to evacuate their homes overnight. a look at the fast-moving flames in southern california this morning. good morning. it's thursday, december 3rd. >> we'll start with a look at your forecast. mike, what do you say? >> all right. hi, everybody. welcome to this thursday. we're dealing with just a little bit of high cloudiness outside and a bit of fog in the usual spots up in the north bay around petaluma. it is dangerously low, the visibility. that will hang around for the better part of the morning commute. san jose, no fog to deal with there. here's the winds. fairly calm to just a bit northeast to southwest. so that means any fog could drift further to the south. i think for the most part it will stay to the north bay. heading into the afternoon hours, high clouds and sunshine. a little more high cloudiness
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than yesterday. temperatures warmer than average. 61 at half moon bay to 66 today in santa rosa. places like san francisco, 62. oakland, 64. san jose 65. here's kumasi. >> thank you. new overnight in san diego county firefighters in rancho san diego stopped the spread of a fast-moving brush fire that destroyed one structure. it started just before 11:00 last night. it grew quickly to 25 acres fanned by santa ana winds. residents in the area have been evacuated. earlier last night san diego gas and electric shut off power to tens of thousands of customers because of the wildfire risk. in orange county more than 240 firefighters are battling this 1,500 acre blaze. it is threatening homes. mandatory evacuations have been issued for several areas this started with a house fire and the embers sparked new fires.
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more than 100,000 americans are hospitalized with covid-19 this morning. in santa clara county a dire warning. it could run out of hospital beds. but there is hope as plans to distribute vaccines are now in the works. here's dan ashley. >> i actually believe they'll be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. >> reporter: the director of the cdc issuing a stark warning about the next three months. the surge coincides with the rollout of a vaccine. >> any time several countries roll this out at once, it puts confidence in the population. >> reporter: president obama said he would take the vaccine if dr. fauci says it is safe. cnn says former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush are also on board and would do it on camera >> i was pleasantly surprised at the extraordinarily high degree of the efficacy of the vaccines. 94% and 95% is almost as good as
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it gets. >> reporter: states and counties are drawing up vaccine plans. the cdc says some industries like airlines and long-term care could ultimately mandate vaccination. interpol is warning governments to be on the lookout for advertising and sales of fake vaccines. >> that was dan ashley reporting. this morning bay area counties are working to make sure they have the specialized freezers to hold the covid-19 vacs once they arrive. amy hollyfield is live in novato where one group is helping out with that process. amy? >> hi. this is the buck institute for research on a.g., this is one place that has freezers. they're trying to clear them out and make space for the vaccine. counties across the bay area are looking around trying to secure freezer space wherever they can find it as they wait for vaccine shipments. the buck institute plans to loan marin county two or three freezers pore vaccine storage.
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dominican university of california says they will also offer freezer space. santa clara county is still rounding up cold storage equipment even as they assess what they have, more opportunities are coming in. >> before coming to the press conference i was on the phone with a group who said freerszze arrived on a truck as of yesterday. multiple freezers have been installed in parts of the country, buildings that we own and operate and additional freezers are being purchased and installed by other private health care providers as well. >> alameda county's website says they are still in the process of purchasing freezers and dry ice for the vaccine. the race is on in the private sector as well. sutter health says they have already invested $100,000 on 14 freezers. some of which are portable. this is all important because the vaccines made by pfizer require storage around negative 70 degrees.
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reporting live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. abc7 is keeping you informed about developments with the covid-19 vaccine. we have assembled the abc7 vaccine team to stay on top of all of it. count on us for updates as new information comes in. the mayor of los angeles says the city is close to a devastating tipping point because of a surge in cases. daily infections have tripled just since the beginning of november. mayor eric garcetti's daily briefing was met with a wave of confusion. the city issued a revised stay-at-home order telling everyone to avoid going out if possible. people thought this was new and garcetti was trending on twitter overnight, however the mayor's office said no new restrictions were added they just changed the language. a member of governor newsom's staff tested positive for covid-19. the unidentified staff member has not been around the governor or his family.
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staff members who were potentially exposed are quarantining. newsom and his family had to go into quarantine last week after three of their kids were exposed to a chp officer with covid-19. students and staff at one east bay alternative school are in quarantine. they all tested positive for coronavirus. it happened days after the class reopened for in-person learning. as cornell ber hard tearnard te despite the outbreak the school is still open. >> reporter: jan speaks to us at home from where she's been in isolation since contracting covid at dell >> we have 100%. >> five students and three students tested positive days after those who chose to returned to in-person learning. >> two of them had a fever temperature. >> reporter: temperature checks are not required at school.
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masks are a must, but some special education students are not able to wear them due to medical issues. >> i'm upset that we would be put in a situation with students to wear face masks or stay socially distanced. >> reporter: this woman's daughter was exposed on the school bus to one of the students who tested positive. mother and daughter now in quarantine. she says sending ellie back to the classroom was a tough choice. >> i want to protect my child, but it's so difficult for her to be learning at home. >> reporter: the superintendent says the classroom where the outbreak happened has been disinfected, but the del amigo campus remains open. >> we know some of our students need to be on campus. we do believe we can focus on health and safety. >> reporter: he says special education teachers have been issued ppe through guidance from the health department, but jan believes with covid spiking across the bay area returning to
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school is not safe. >> look what happened. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc7 news. two stanford university students are helping to build a better bay area. they're helping students connect for long distance learning. they built laptops and put them in the hands of 400 individuals around the area. we'll meet the two stanford students behind this mission coming up on "gma" at 7:00 after abc7 mornings. our blanket of high clouds has kept us milder this morning. temperatures up to 5 degrees milder than this time yesterday. let's look at some neighborhoods. along the east bay shore, 41 in fremont and castro valley. most of us in the mid 40s until you get to alameda, 51 degrees. we have fog up in the north bay, not unusual. mid to upper 30s there. we have 49 in san francisco. 41 in places like mountain view,
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san jose, also los gatos and out towards brentwood and antioch. pleasanton, 36. here's what will happen today as far as your activity planner. it's chilly this morning, comfortable if you're exercising today. if you're at home whether it's working or studying, i have a lot of sunshine today. and dangerous waves at our beaches. we still have high energy waves creating high to extreme risk of sneaker waves. so watch out if you're beach combing today. if you get caught in the water, it would pull you out quickly. that's through 4:00 today. here's our planner as far as temperatures. a few 40s inland by 9:00. most of us 50 to 52 degrees. you can see some sunshine once the morning high clouds pass. temperatures around 55 to 60. at 1:00, we're looking around 57 to 62. at 3:00, our warmest temperature, 60 to 63. if you're out and about this
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evening, dropping quickly into the low to mid 50s with increasing high clouds. we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. here is sue hall with a look at the morning commute. >> good morning. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, not much to look at here. just a few cars headed in the s westbound direction towards the toll plaza and over the incline section through the tunnel and on into san francisco for a ten-minute drive. the san mateo bridge, we didn't need to have that, that's your bay bridge backup. that was yesterday. just about a 14-minute drive to get from 880 to 101. one problem spot, this is the non-commute, the eastbound direction of 580, near north flynn on the altamont pass. a truck and a car got into it. it's partially blocking the right lane. the car is stuck underneath the truck. so they'll have to get a heavy duty tow truck out there.
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>> all right. thank you. sfmta could be forced to lay off 18% to 22% of muni employees as it faces a projected $68 million budget deficit. revenue has been devastated as people avoid public transit during the pandemic. without more federal funding officials say they need to lay off up to 1,200 full-time employees. president trump filed another federal lawsuit this time in wisconsin as he tries to litigate his way out of his loss in the 2020 presidential election. last night the president called on the courts to respond within 48 hours to the case. his attorneys are challenging the broad availability of mail-in voting for the state's residents which was granted because of the risks associated with covid-19. a lawyer calls this strategy frivolous and misleading. coming up, new pictures of captain cal and the rescue cub in his new home. a doctor in the bay area
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shocked at what he found while working to save a man battling covid-19. we'll hear from him. on the move, we'll show you what floated across the bay
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all right. let's look at what's going on outside as we're coming up on about 5:14. you can see just a few high clouds out there with our stars. 38 to 45 at 7:00. a little more sunshine at noon as we push 60, then the high clouds get thicker this afternoon. 57 to 63. low to mid 50s as you head out at 7:00 this evening. critical fire conditions continue in southern california through saturday. so many days of having to bowor about the fire threat down there. as far as the waves, they're a threat also the closer you are to the beach. 60s and 70s for us. here's the seven-day forecast for tahoe, it's stunningly quiet other than a few flurries possible monday and breezy conditions, temperatures will remain warmer than average with no snow. kumasi? >> thank you. we are hearing from an
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emergency room doctor who was shocked at what he found while battling a patient with covid-19. the doctor is jewish and the patient had nazi symbols on him. >> he was significantly ill, we had to intubate him. >> reporter: dr. taylor nichols is describing the moment he and his team worked to save a patient. a patient whose body was covered in nazi tattoos. >> being jewish, seeing that symbol of hate, knowing that that same compassion may not otherwise have been extended towards me if the roles were reversed really made me double down and look into myself. >> reporter: dr. nichols described the incident in 17 tweets on twitter that garnered thousands of views saying the
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swastika stood out boldly on his chest. ss at tus a s chest. ss at tus tattoos and other in that were covered by his shirt were obvious to the room. >> everybody noticed, commented outside the room as we prepared, but none of us questioned what we were doing. >> reporter: while the nazi tattoos were not enough to stop them from doing their work, they did have an impact on dr. nichols who is from the bay area. >> i knew that myself, my team, we were going to do the right thing. but i never quite had a moment like that where i did, physically paused. >> reporter: dr. nichols says as they were working to save the man, he said "don't let me die, doc." the hospital and doctor nichols are unsure if the man survived but say they did everything to try to save him. >> we did perform those life-saving measures and
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intubated him, but that moment caused me to question -- i never felt quite so challenged in that way in my compassion before. >> reporter: j.r. stone, abc7 news. okay. we have a very cool thing to share with you right now. i actually just passed it not long ago on my way into work. that is the first of its kind fire station that is now here in san francisco. it floated into place, can you believe that in this new video shows the station now living at pier 22 1/2 along the embarcadero and harrison street. crews moved it across the bay from treasure island overnight. you can see here, this is the path this took. sky 7 flew over it yesterday and that is where it now lives. the department decided to put it on the water instead of on land due to the effects of climate change. >> it's really exciting, it's going to be able to go up and
5:18 am
down with the tides. so we know that if there's going to be sea level rise, which we're expecting, there will be resilience for that. >> reporter: because it floats the station will be able to withstand earthquakes. it opens for service this spring. >> that's cool. the chronicles of captain cal continue. he is now at his new home with his adopted sisters. the oakland zoo shared these pictures of the three rescue lions saying success. the cubs arrived to columbus zoo safe and sound after a long day of travel by plane and car. the columbus keepers are excited to have these three musketeers. they jumped right into action continuing the cubs development. staff at the oakland zoo have been caring for the trea yo since they were rescued from the zog fire in shasta county. captain cal is not related to the two female cubs, but they have spent time together and now they're basically brother and sister and that's that. >> they're family now. >> they're family. >> mike, i hope that brings you
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joy this morning. >> i'm sad and joyful. it's a ying and yang type of thing. he's so adorable i'm happy for him. i had a perfect spot for all of them. they could have lived with me. >> what? >> that's great. i hope he lives his best life. what? >> i'm trying to understand what perfect spot you have for three mountain lion cubs in the house. >> i guess we'll never know now. >> i guess. >> all right. let's look at at today we have dry and quiet weather, no definitive chance of rain the next seven days. look at that, a heightened fire threat continues for sunday and monday. no fire weather watch. no red flag warning yet. it's a borderline event right
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now. those wouldn't be issued until about 48 hours in advance. you can see a wall of high clouds coming at us after the one that's over us dissipates a bit this morning. but the bulk of that moisture heading to the north. so they're going to misss once again. with high pressure controlling us, even with the high clouds, temperatures a little bit above average today. 61 at half moon bay. 62 in san francisco. how about san mateo and fremont and san rafael at 63. concord at 64. livermore and san jose at 64. tonight we're back into the middle 30s, upper 30s inland. low to mid 40s around the bay. a few high clouds hanging around once again or it would be cooler. tomorrow we'll see more sunshine and a degree or two of warmth. the breezes start to turn offshore saturday and sunday as another cold front passes us to the north. that will induce more of a sea breeze. that's why temperatures won't be quite as warm. pushing the fastest winds into
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monday, which is good news, which means you should be able to sleep better sunday night. but monday we'll keep an eye on that for the highest fire danger. >> thank you. coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning. u.p.s. pumping the brakes on picking up packages durin
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if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this morning. number one, a dire warning about coronavirus. santa clara county says they could run out of hospital beds soon. more than 100,000 people are hospitalized across the country right now. the cdc says 200,000 people could die in the next three months. number two, local counties rushing to secure refrigeration equipment wherever they can find it as they wait for covid-19 vaccine shipments. dominican university and the buck institute are offering space in their freezers. five sta members and three staff members at del amigo high school are isolating this morning after testing positive for covid-19. number four, president trump has filed a n lawsuit in wisconsin challenging mail-in voting during november's
5:24 am
election. last night his attorneys called on the courts to respond within 48 hours to the case. >> keeping an eye on sunday night into monday. the increasing fire threat. look at those winds, 25 to nearly 40 miles per hour. it's not unprecedented, but it's very unusual to have a red flag warning in december. number six, following your thursday morning drive. we go back to the bay bridge. we have a stall westbound just before treasure island. you can see there's no delays here at the toll plaza and towards the other side coming off the western span, traffic is moving fine here as well. be aware that stall is out there before the island. number seven, look at this. san francisco's first floating fire station is at its new home this morning. overnight it was moved to pier 22 1/2 near the bay bridge and it will open for service this spring. in today's "gma first look"
5:25 am
u.p.s. has told drivers to stop picking up packages from six major retailers. >> reporter: in this mornings "gma first look," holiday shipping crunch. this morning possible cracks in the shipping system. u.p.s. refusing to pick up packages from some stores after a record breaking cybermonday. u.p.s. directing drivers to stop collecting orders from six large retailers. >> they told these large shippers months ahead of time that, you know, this is the allocation for certain days for certain weeks but if you're going to go over that we won't pick up your packages. >> reporter: both u.p.s. and fedex asked retailers to help with demand by spreading out promotions and consider processing orders over the weekend as the pandemic sends online ordering soaring. how can you make sure you receive your packages on time? we'll have the tips you need at
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7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," i'm will reeve, abc news, new york. a tall silver column is now atop at -- i don't know. this is the third mysterious shiny metal column-like structure to be found out in nature. so last month a 2001 space odyssey-like monolith appeared in the utah desert. someone removed it. another one was discovered tuesday in romania. that one has since vanished. now we're at three. what is happening? >> i know that people need something to do and something to look forward to. this is not it for me. but if it's bringing joy, fine. >> it's like a little mystery. >> it's a little mystery. >> a little old worldish. >> yeah. >> you're not here for it? >> no.
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>> oh. i like it. >> do you? >> no one is getting hurt. >> no, it's totally harmless, unless aliens put it there and are about to take over. then we have a problem. or robots. that's probably not what's happening. if it is what's happening, we'll send a push alert so please subscribe to our alerts, and our abc7 news app. >> no. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the change that might lead you to spend more time on one social media app. >> and a local man in the national spotlight. the project he's been working on that's helping to build a better bay area. we've already surpassed our summer surge when it comes to covid cases, now bay area hospitals are ready and preparing for what's to come. i'm
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i actually believe they're
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going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. a dangerous covid-19 surge. hospitalizations and the death toll reaching levels our country has not seen since spring. we're hearing from local health providers on the front lines of this pandemic. >> marin county still the only bay area county not in the tier. the concern about people coming in to more severely affected areas. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> we're getting into the holiday spirit with the queen of christmas, mariah carey talking about her new special on "gma" this morning. really quick, i saw the funniest thing on twitter the other day. they were saying, you know, that song has always been low key shady because she's saying i don't want a lot for christmas, all i want is you. that's a backhanded compliment. we're here for it.
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>> it's up for interpretation. >> i got it. good morning on this thursday, december 3rd. >> before we get to those stories, let's check in with mike for a look at our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. let's look at what's going on from our tower cam in san francisco, sutro tower there. most of us are fog-free until you get up around petaluma. visibility just changed from nearly a quarter mile to four miles, which means the fog is moving a little bit. but the winds, yeah, only about 2 miles per hour to 3 miles per hour. it's not going to move far if it drifts south during the morning commute. temperatures today, high clouds and sunshine. low to mid 60s. 61 to 66. we'll look at that increasing fire threat sunday into monday coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. here's reggie with more news. the coronavirus warnings are getting more urgent as cases explode across the country. there are more than 100,000
5:32 am
americans now in hospitals with covid-19 symptoms. the cdc is warning 200,000 people could die by february. faith abubey has the impact on our health care system. >> reporter: the white house task force says the u.s. is in a dangerous place as 47 states now sit in the red zone for covid cases. the latest metrics for the coronavirus in the u.s. all pointing the wrong way this morning. new infections of covid-19 at an all-time high. hospitalizations and the death toll reaching lives this country has not seen since april. the cdc now warning 200,000 more americans could die from the virus within the next three months. the potential impact on an already taxed health care system worrying officials coast to coast. covid symptoms sent a record 100,000 americans to hospitals across the country.
5:33 am
>> we're very concerned at the number of cases that were present today. >> reporter: the white house saying they're very concerned. hopeful news on the vaccine front. pfizer hoping the vaccine will be available here starting december 15th. >> it's just making sure we have everything locked so when decision comes distribution to the american people becomes immediate within 24 hours. >> reporter: also dr. anthony fauci says the u.s. could be close to normal by next summer if at least 70% of the american population gets vaccinated. fate fate, abc news, washington. hospitals in santa clara county could exceed capacity in two weeks. this grim assessment forcing administrators to scramble to make sure there's enough beds in hospitals serving east san jose
5:34 am
and parts of the county in the south. fewer than a dozen icu beds are available in those areas now. >> hospitals throughout the county are working together, engaging in phone calls at least daily to redistribute patients as needed to ensure we're continuing to provide safe and high quality care. >> the impact on hospitals was one reason santa clara county implemented several new restrictions on monday including a travel quarantine. there's only so much our hospitals can do to help out the situation, and largely they have taken those steps. so they have a message for us this morning. julian glover is live in walnut creek. julian? >> reporter: good morning. for now, no major changes at area hospitals like here at john muir despite the surge in the number of covid cases. they are not canceling elective surgeries, for now that's a good sign. sutter health, ucsf, stanford, kaiser and john muir report
5:35 am
aequate capacity at the moment and say handling another surge is manageable. welcome news as the bay area surpasses that summer surge. the current average of covid cases topping the peak in sug. that's why preparations are under way to get things better. at john muir they're creating a temporary waiting room outside so patients can distance safely. >> we've been preparing ongoing for the last ten months. we have known there would be another surge headed our way. at this point it's manageable. >> you have to look at the greater good right now. that means wearing a mask, socially distancing. >> health care workers are begging us to play our part to help slow down the number of covid cases racking up daily here in the bay area. in the south bay, santa clara says they may run out of regular hospital beds by mid-december. icu capacity in hospitals in the eastern and southern parts of
5:36 am
santa clara county at 93%. reporting live in walnut creek. julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. in the north bay, sonoma county's top health says her county is doing better than many other bay area counties with infections. >> we continue to do better than much of the rest of the state at slowing the spread of the virus, which is advantageous as we entering the most challenging phase of the pandemic. >> sonoma county is expected to stay in purple, the most restrictive tier. the county's public health officer credits testing in communities hit hardest by the virus as key to limiting the spread. san mateo county is cracking down on businesses now that the county is in the purple tier. many can stay open as long as they follow certain health orders. a compliance team has been handing out warnings, now they're moving to the citation phase for any business not
5:37 am
complying. >> the message we're sending to everyone right now is this is the time to be extremely careful to really be vigilant and make sure you comply with all the regulations and requirements to operate businesses. >> the county manager says the most frequent complaints are not enforcing social distancing and not requiring masks. now to marin county where they're worried that visitors could impact their covid-19 trend. >> not wearing a mask? >> no, we don't do that in montana. we live free in montana. >> oh. >> what? >> oh. turn back around, sir. that was a visitor at marin county's vista point. marin county is the only bay area county not in the purple tier. sausalito is always a popular spot for visitors. some coming from more severe li infected areas. >> as we're more of an island where certain things are
5:38 am
allowable in marin and not allowed outside, the possibility of a destination is increasingly concerning. >> the county health officials looking at the numbers say the purple tier for them is not a matter of if but when. coming up, a couple arrested after a flight from sfo to hawaii. the charges for traveling after reportedly testing positive for covid-19. a local man in the national spotlight for the desks he's making by hand. we'll hear from one of the students who received one. first we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. let's start with neighborhood temperatures. on the peninsula, read city at 39. our cool spot, san ramon and fairfield at 34 degrees. we have 41 in antioch and san jose. 47 in oakland and hayward. 46 right now in san rafael.
5:39 am
watch out for that fog just to your north. it's pretty thick. here's a look at our commute for this morning on 87, looking north from the shark tank towards mineta san jose international. ferry ride, light breezes today. dry stops for mass transit a little bit of fog in the north bay for the morning. here's the drought monitor. it hasn't changed much. even though we're off to such a dry start. it will be updated within the hour. i will give you the newest data, i would expect it to get deeper. here's the next seven days, you can see the jet stream is well to the north. a cold front approaching us saturday and sunday. that will drop our temperatures a bit. a few more low clouds in our sky for the weekend. once we get on the backside of that, the breezes pick up. fire danger for monday. i'll talk about that coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. even tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week, still no strong sign of wet weather for us. we'll have the accuweather 7-day
5:40 am
forecast in a few. let's get over to sue and talk aout the commute you have a few issues this morning? >> a couple of issues. not on the golden gate bridge. there's no fog, just a few cars coming southbound. two lanes in the northbound direction and four lanes in the southbound. there was roadwork with that bridge barrier, that was picked up. not a problem getting from marin into san francisco where we do have a couple problems. the altamont pass, we have first an accident eastbound near north flynn, partially blocking the left lane. it involves a box truck and a car that's stuck underneath it. they're still waiting for a heavy duty tow truck to get that out of there. westbou westbound, the commute direction, an accident near grant line road. chp is trying to get us the exact location. we'll be back in a few minutes to tell you about
5:41 am
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high clouds for the rest of us in the north bay. 60 at noon. some of our brightest times will be around the lunch hour. high clouds will be on the increase again, so will temperatures. 47 to 63, low to mid 50s at 7:00. angry seas until 4:00 today. high to extreme risk of sneaker waves thanks to those high energy waves. rip currents will be an issue. we have that fire danger continuing all the way through saturday in southern california. santa ana wind event there. converse that with a very dry and quiet forecast across the sierra. a chance of flurries and breezy conditions monday. that's it.
5:44 am
kumasi? >> thank you. minutes ago the u.s. labor department released the latest weekly jobless claims report. they are reporting another 712,000 people filed for unemployment benefits last week. economists had forecast 780,000 new claims. 5.5 million people are still receiving state unemployment benefits. that's down from slightly more than 6 million the week before. november's jobs report will be released tomorrow and we will see how wall street reacts when the markets open in about 45 minutes. there was an overwhelming turnout at a food and holiday gift card distribution in the south bay. a constant flow of cars streamed in and out of the sunnyvale community services parking lot for this no-contact distribution. families who received donations were pre-registered with the non-profit. it serves people who are low-income in sunnyvale. >> well, we're expecting 2,500 families this year in total coming to us for the food and
5:45 am
the gift cards that we'll be distributing. that's going to be a slight increase from last year. but what we know is that the need for these families is even deeper. >> the non-profit expects to serve 2 t,500 families this season. >> so many people need help for the holidays. some for the first time. if you're in the giving spirit, now is a great time to give where you live. head to the home page of we have a donation link for several local charities. now to one of the most clicked on stories at a couple flying home to kaua'i from sfo face charges now. they were arrested because they boarded a united airlines flight reportedly with positive covid tests. the quarantine station at sfo says it told them to isolate and not get on the flight. once they discovered the man and woman boarded, sfo notified kaua'i police. after landing they were escorted
5:46 am
to an isolation room and face second degree reckless endangerment charges. the days of seeing emotional support animals like peacocks and ducks on board a flight are over. the department of transportation revised its service animal rules. it defines a service animal as a dog that's trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of someone with a disability. the flight attendants union backs the move. its president told "usa today" the days of noah's ark in the air are hopefully coming to an end. san francisco firefighters are not letting a thief steal their giving spirit. the members of fire station 13 bought, assembled and test drove 20 new tricycles. they will soon be delivered to kids. last week sub told 200 tricycles that were designated for -- this picture, for the toy drive. if you want information on how you can help out with the toy program, head to >> that's cute. he might not be can't ta
5:47 am
claus santa claus, instead of toys a man in clayton is giving a gift to help kids succeed. we introduced you to 80-year-old les and this was back in october. he is pretty handy. his wife suggested that maybe he should build desks for deserving kids who have to do learning at home. so he did. he kept building and building. last night he showed his work to a national audience on abc's "world news." he already has 50 more desks under construction. students say they really appreciate his effort. >> i just want to show you guys my desk, my new desk that was made by les. i'm grateful for it. thank you, les. >> so each of these desks costs about 65 bucks in materials, a gofundme account raised nearly $14,000 to cover the costs. >> i love this.
5:48 am
>> really nice desk. >> it is nice. >> how kind of him to use his skills. >> i remember when we first showed that story. i'm glad that he got some national attention. he totally deserves it. way to go. come on, les. >> desk for kids by grandpa. that's the name of it. that's cute. >> he's got tools and he's got skills. i appreciate that. that's great. here's what's going on from sutro tower. we have clear conditions there. fog up in the north bay in the usual spots. let's talk about your highlights for this forecast period. partly cloudy today. you'll need the sunglasses. a quiet pattern once again. seasonal temperatures tonight as the high clouds blanket us again with patchy fog in the north bay. it will change this weekend. more clouds, a little bit cooler as a cold front gets close. it doesn't bring us rain. what it does do is kick up winds that could cause a heightened fire danger sunday night into
5:49 am
monday. right now you can see all that moisture to our west. that is going to head to the north other than a few high clouds. look how close we are to the santa ana wind event. you can see that dry air backing its way from vegas across the high desert and heading towards southern california. that's why they're going to have such a high fire danger today through saturday. back here at home, 61 to 66 our highs today. couple degrees warmer than average. tonight, mid to upper 30s inland. low to mid 40s around the bay. that's close to average. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast. a little more sunshine, a degree or two warmer tomorrow. with the extra clouds and downshore breedow onshore breeze, slightly cooler saturday and sunday. monday, you don't have to worry about the winds being too destructive. 70s possible tuesday and wednesday. have a good one. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a south bay mall gets into the holiday spirit. where kids can get their
5:50 am
socially distanced photos with santa starting today. first a moment of zen. the striking sunset in napa county last night. and queen of christmas on ga "gma" this morning. mariah carey talking about her
5:51 am
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...and up to $300 off select mobile phones... ...for up to $500 in savings. this sale won't last, so click, call, or visit a store today! with the storm track to our north, the amounts of rain that will pile up in places like portland and seattjaseattle are extreme. three quarters of an inch to an inch and two-thirds, we have nothing. on the backside of some of those cold fronts, wind events develop. 4:00 sunday, most of sunday will be relatively quiet except along the coast, that's where the fastest breezes will be and out in the central valley. overnight hours, up in the north bay, specifically napa and
5:53 am
solano counties, you need to worry about the winds. look as they spread from 7:00 to the noon hour on monday, all of us up to 25 mp 30-mile-per-hour hour gusts. well, let's have a moment of zen this morning. this was the sunset in napa county last night. so many people were sharing pictures and video of it on social media. the person who shot this video said there are days when the sunset is the best part of the day. that is beautiful. in the south bay, the criminal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes is set to move forward before a socially distanced jury. according to the "mercury news," the federal courthouse in san jose will have the air filtration cranked to its highest level. holmes, a stanford university dropout is accused of making false claims saying her
5:54 am
technology could run hundreds of tests from a drop or two of blood. jury selection is set to start in march.ays it's going to be a different trial because of covid-19. witnesses will need to wear clear face masks and the room will be reconfigured. it may take longer to watch a tiktok video. some users are allowed to post videos up to three minutes long. it seems to be a test run for a possible video-time limit extension. the current limit is one minute. this morning we're hearing from the queen of christmas, mariah carey. she's talking about her upcoming holiday special. it features celebrity guests getting into the holiday spirit. mariah is on "good morning america" with a glimpse of what we can expect. >> snoop came through in a
5:55 am
festive way. tiffany haddishaddish. tiffany copeland -- it's early for me. the sugar plum fairy. >> you can watch mariah carey's christmas special on apple tv starting tomorrow. you have to watch the skinny legend on "gma" at 7:00 a.m. talking about her plans for the holidays and how she plans to celebrate safely. she looks so great. >> she does. i want all the outfits. like, she has the best onesies, whatever it is. fabulous. >> she's giving us a farrah fawcett moment with that hair. that's good. >> i'm here for it. new at 6:00, stanford students helping to build a better bay area. we'll hear about their mission to get kids connected for distance learning. as vaccines hed s head to area, the rush is on to find a place to store them. i'm amy hollyfield, that story coming up. look at this fire station
5:56 am
that just crossed san francisco bay. we'll explain the advantages of a floating firehouse. and it is 5:56. we'll leave you with a live look outside. hi, everyone. i know many of you are waiting for your unemployment or covid-19 payments. so i asked the edd what's going on? why can't our viewers get their money? >> there's a number of different things that could impact someone's eligibility. >> 7 on your side got your emails, hundreds of emails all about the edd and you deserve better. that's why i promise to keep asking the tough questions and getting answers. so,
5:57 am
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for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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we're doing that thing you do with your friends, looking for things that can be tossed out, increase the capacity. >> the bay area makes room for vaccines. the fda's meeting on pfizer's vaccine a week away, counties are forming a plan. how two stanford universities are lending a helping hand. good morning. it's thursday, december 3rd. before we get to those stories, let's check in with mike for a look at our forecast. let's start with some fog. novato, quarter mile visibility. 37 and 101 could be dicey for
6:00 am
the next couple of hours. that's really the only game in town until you get out to the marin county coast. 87 near the shark tank. looking north towards the airport, it's clear other than a few high clouds. winds are fairly calm to drifting just a little bit to the south. so that fog is going to stay in that same area. this afternoon, high clouds, sunshine, temperatures a bit above average from 61 in half moon bay and lake part to 66 in fairfield and in santa rosa. we'll talk about that wind event and the possible heightened fire conditions coming in the accuweather. now back to reggie. >> now to the covid-19 surge. the u.s. hit some grave records overnight. new numbers from johns hopkins university show more than 3,100 people died from covid yesterday. the previous record was set in april when 2,600 people died. right now more than 100,000 people are in the hosp


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