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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 9, 2020 1:41am-2:01am PST

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official is now saying about how aliens are real. and the effort to get fans of president trump to chip in and buy his boyhood home in queens. and later, this happened. the cake you cutting hack that's going viral. have we been doing it wrong this whole time? you're watching "world news now." news now."
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brea breaking overnight, an explosion at a chemical plant near charleston, west virginia. immediately after the blast, residents in a two-mile radius around the facility were told to shelter in place. at least two injuries have been reported. an investigation into the cause is under way. another lawyer connected to president trump has tested positive for covid. jenna ellis was diagnosed days after attending a christmas party at the white house where she was photographed without a mask. ellis had been traveling the country with rudy giuliani as part of the legal team disputing the election results. rudy giuliani also has the virus and remains hospitalized. the current owner of president trump's childhood home wants to give the home back to the president, but there's a catch. the five-bedroom failed to sell at auction, so the owner set up a gofundme, asking trump supporters to purchase the home as a parting gift to the president. after trump took office, the house sold for over $2 million,
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more than double the value of comparable homes. aliens exist and the u.s. is working with them, the claim from a former u.s.-israeli ministry worker. there is a galactic federation and humanity isn't ready for it. it's claimed there is a deal and that president trump is aware of the arrangement. neither the white house or israeli government have commented. >> why do i feel like the first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club? >> i just -- >> not everything. >> i don't want to say anything against it, what if it's true? >> i'm not saying it's true or not. i feel like, you have one job, don't tell people. >> some secrets should remain top secret. >> i do want to know, if he's listening, does it have anything to do with the monoliths?
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now they're popping up. >> yes, pin the dots. more candid words from olivia jade. the daughter of lori laughlin opens up about her family's part in the college admissions scandal. the otters that moved in together after meeting on a dating app. we otter know this was going to end happily ever after. re watching "world news now."
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welcome back. it's believed to be the biggest college admissions scandal in u.s. history. varsity blues in which lori laughlin became the public face. >> and caught in the crossfire, their daughter, olivia jade, is just now opening up about the scandal. will ganss is here with her story. >> caught in the crossfires, i don't know. some people say maybe a little more than that. lori laughlin's daughter is owning up to her family's big mistake, but not everyone is
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satisfied with her opening up. including one of the women she sat down with. lori laughlin has already spent more than half of her two-month prison sentence for her role in the varsity blues scandal. but with both her parents in jail, all we've seen of olivia jade lately is this. but now the social media influencer is speaking out. >> i'm not trying to victimize myself. i don't want pity, i don't deserve pity. we messed up. >> reporter: appearing on red table talk, acknowledging her family's part in the legal scheme that got olivia and her sister into usc. >> there is no justifying or excusing what happened, because what happened was wrong. and i think every single person in my family can be like, that was messed up. that was a big mistake. >> reporter: jada pinkett smith, her mother and her daughter not letting her off the hook easy. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted with everything
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that we have to deal with as a community, and i just don't have the energy. >> mm-hm. >> to put into the fact that you lost your endorsements. >> reporter: many echoing gammy's statement. on twitter where it trended. it is so scary to me that the bubble of privilege drives you to where you can't empathize with people below your class. >> that's embarrassing to admit, that's embarrassing of itself that i walked around my whole 20 years of life not realizing that you have insane privilege. you are like the poster child of white privilege. and you had no idea. >> reporter: and she has one idea why her father took illegal action to get his girls into usc. >> i think my dad has attachment issues and didn't want us to leave california for starters. >> reporter: as for any lessons
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she has learned? >> how much better of a person would you be if you used your blessings to help somebody else? >> reporter: the episode ended on a lighter note. >> you're a brave girl. i don't know too many young women in your position that would come and sit with the three of us. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: olivia jade revealed that she has not spoken to her mother or father since they began serving their prison sentences. we also learned it was olivia who reached out for her first interview and that the hosts almost declined. >> most interesting part was the first five minutes where they explained the back and forth between jada's mom and jada where she was like, yes, come on the show, jada's mom was saying no, i don't think this is the platform for her. it shows, i mean, there are three women from try different generations. jade says i see my children in olivia, her mother said i don't
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see that. coming up, this happened. s happened.
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coventry direct, redefining insurance. checkin' with this "this happened" with a love story. checking with this "this happened" with a love story. two otters, they lost their partner, sad. but this happened. they found each other because they were put together by a sanctuary. they got one mate named harris. >> it was the otters only dating app. they made the decision. you swipe left or right. >> it was the dating app, and they, wait, now we should, should we put up a blur on this? we should not be seein' this. >> we should put some very white up for this. ♪ let's get it on
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>> he did lose his partner, apricot. love in the time of corona. >> you know, they found each other, though, thanks to the dating app. >> yes. >> thanks to the dating app. this pakistani martial artist beat a world report, he punched through 62 clay targets. >> let me see, let me sigh. >> yaw, yaw, yaw, yaw. >> wow, look at him go. he's going there. >> he must have done it in record time. >> yeah, he definitely did. >> he did it in one minute. his name is mohammad rachid, and he has multiple world records under his belt. don't mess with mohammad. >> you definitely want to take him to a bar fight when we can go to bars again and fight in bars again. >> with that kind of martial artist in my corner, i'd pick all the fights. i would be like, hold me back, mohammad. hold me back. >> i have some friends, some girls, who were like that. i can't go out with you, you're trying to get me in trouble.
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>> my name's bennett and i ain't in it. >> i ain't fightin' for you. this happened here. a cutting cake hack. ♪ happy birthday to you >> how are you going to cut the cake? by the way, was she breathin' all over that cake during covid? this happened. come get your piece. we don't need a november up in here. we do this back in college. >> i was going to say, it seems >> but it's clean, look how clean it is. and you all get a bit of cake, cake, cake, cake. >> i think my mom would look at my like who raised you, eating cake like that. it's pretty smart, covid friendly. we all need to be pampered. >> yes. >> spa days. >> uh-huh. >> massage days. >> mm-hm. so does this hamster. take a look. >> this happened. >> oh, look at that hamster in a christmas-themed castle. >> a little latte. >> just enjoying himself. he's got the good life.
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>> oh, hamster, so cute.
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