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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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west. ups will handle those chores in the east. kris reyes listened to the fda hearing all day long today. kris, what's next? >> i did. it was a long one. pfizer and many other wills celebrate this very significant recommendation after a rigorous nine hours of questions and deliberation. this panel's yes vote isn't the final seal of approval but a crucial step in that direction. >> based on the totality of scientific evidence available, the benefits pfizer-biontech out weighs the risk of individuals 16 years of age and older. >> 17 said yes, four no and one abstained. >> we have a favorable vote and that concludes this portion of the meeting. >> and before today we take into consideration when deciding not only the issuing here but also
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how to move on. >> reporter: the vote happened after more than eight hours where the 23-member panel made up of the leading independent scientists and health care experts raised their questions and concerns. >> because the stakes are so high, i think having an outside group look and ask hard questions not only of pfizer but the fda and get those questions answered, that seems to be a smart thing. >> reporter: pfizer's executive team led the presentations and analyzed questions about their vaccine and its lightning speed development. >> we were able to enroll over 40,000 participants in the record six weeks, give them each two doses of vaccine and ensure their safety while conducting the trial with strict compliance and uncompromising quality. >> reporter: the main concerns raised possible allergic reactions to the vaccine and pfizer's plans to monitor those who get vaccinated for possible side effects. while the committee's yes vote is not the final seal of approval, their green light does
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make a huge difference. >> i think they'll probably take a couple overdf days to review committ committee's report and data and an internal fd arka committee meeting. i expect a final verdict in a few days. >> reporter: the new england journal of medicine published the study that concluded the two-dose vaccine is 95% effective in protecting against covid-19. reexpect we expect to hear the final decision in a few days. >> break down the committee's votes for us. who voted no? >> a director of the national institute of health and a doctor with u.s. public health services and a professor from the university of michigan. we'll hear about their concerns. >> that will be interesting, kris. we want to know why they felt that way. thank you. some people are apprehensive about the vaccine but not dr. patel, part of the abc 7 vaccine team.
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he spoke live with larry beil at 4:00. >> would you take the vaccine as a front line worker? >> absolutely, larry. i'll take it on live television. it's approved. my colleagues are taking it. we'll have the nation's experts recommending it. when we get to that point, absolutely. >> now, we're dedicating next week to bring you in depth coverage of the vaccine. our team of reporters and medical experts including dr. patel you heard from will answer the big questions from safety to distribution to side effects and much more and monday night at 10:00 a special edition of " "20/20, the shot race for the vaccine" will cover the safety, timing and access to the vaccine. download our abc 7 news app as well and enable the push alerts whenever you need it, we'll update you right there on your phone. we are urgently in need of help to slow the spread of coronavirus. today california reported a record number of deaths eclipsing the previous record set four months ago during our summer surge. the number of patients sick
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enough to be in the icu set a record for the seventh straight day and hospitalizations overall are at record high levels. icu availability in the bay area region shown on this map is dropping pfrom 25% monday to les than 18% today. if it drops below 15%, all of these 11 counties have to enact the state's regional stay-at-home order. more than half already have. sonoma said it will start saturday and monterey will start sunday. that limits restaurants to take out and delivery service. no more indoor or outdoor dining. some restaurant owners say they are being unfairly targeted. chris nguyen found some very rayed responses in the bay area. >> reporter: in downtown lose altos, a change of plans as employees at the post began moving furniture back inside. >> it's been hard the last couple weeks to try and anticipate what to do. >> reporter: victoria was planning to reopen for outdoor dining this afternoon in
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defiance of the health order to keep paying her staff but word got out and she was contacted by local officials about the consequences that she could face including the possibility of losing her liquor license. >> i was definitely willing to pay fines and even potentially be arrested. >> reporter: the county released a statement saying in part, the safety measures are not optional and businesses have a legal obligation to compile with all directives. the county will take further action as necessary to bring businesses into compliance. she isn't alone in her frustration as some restaurants push back on the state's insistence that outdoor dining is too dangerous at this point in the pandemic. in danville, rodney worth is looking at reopening his outdoor patio at the pes sent and pear. >> losing money hand over fist. we don't know what we'll do one day to the other. >> reporter: in campbell, sushi confidential is compiling with the rules but called out governor gavin newsom bringing
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attention to his outing at the french laundry. she is considering legal action against the county and will stay open for takeout as long as she can. >> why are we being held accountable and being the scr e scapegoat? it's important to stand up and i'll continue to do it however i can. >> reporter: restaurant owners fighting back in their own ways. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the dmv is suspending behind the wheel driving tests for at least two weeks starting on monday. officials say having an examiner inside a vehicle with a driver isn't safe with the current surge in covid-19 cases. customers scheduled tests at a later date. california public health officials are urging folks to use c.a. notify. that's a free and voluntarily smart phone based covid-19 exposure notification tool we've been talking about. it launched this week.
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apple users can opt in on their mobile devices but enabling exposure notifications in the settings. android users can download the app from the google store. people who test positive can enter a code supplied by the state that alerts others they are infectious. >> tokenoloechnology is the wayd for these things. i believe this can have an impact. >> reporter: officials say the app uses blue tooth wireless signals to detect when two phones are within six feet of each other for 15 minutes. we're told there is no tracking of this. a silicon valley energy company is expanding covid test lab capacity in the hopes that it could speed up the return of businesses and get schools back operating normally. abc 7 news reporter david louie gives you the first look inside bloom energy's lab and the impact it hopes to achieve across the region. >> this $1.5 million laboratory
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represents a unique private p partnership to add coronavirus testing. >> this economy cannot wait for months to get back so we think it's really essential. >> reporter: with the promise of vaccines, bloom energy believes this lab will accelerate for schools and universities to return to normal using a system developed by the university of illinois, it can process 10,000 tests per day with same-day results using a saliva test. >> every private citizen and organization needs to step in and say how can i help? >> reporter: the university of illinois system has been doing routine testing on the campus of 50,000 with 1 million tests performed. >> i like to think of crushing this virus. you don't watch it and monitor it but step in to make sure it doesn't transmit. that's where minutes count. >> reporter: bloom energy is inviting ceos across the region to take advantage of the lab. the projected cost is $35 per
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test. el camino health is a partner. >> the earlier you can identify a positive case, the earlier you can intervene and quarantine and stop the spread of the virus. >> reporter: for every six tests performed, one will be donated to gardener health services which is trying to reduce double digit infection rates in east san jose. each once it has the capacity to test 1,000 patients but can only do 743 yesterday due to a limited county lab capacity. he turned away 96 patients whose unknown status could spread covid-19. bloom energy's website has more details for employers ask schools. david louie, abc 7 news. it's a time to celebrate hanukkah begins tonight and like all holidays in the pandemic, traditions are taking on a new look. i'm spencer christian. it's turning cooler. it will get wetter and it seems almost like winter. i'll have the accuweather forecast. i'm dan noyes. there is fallout from an i-team
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report. east bay par
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♪ ♪ a major development. the east bay park district suspended a program to shoot and kill cats. park staff opened fire killing at least a dozen over the past month to try to protect birds. abc 7 news reporter dan noyes is live with an i-team update for us. dan? >> well, dan, i've been talking to animal welfare groups around the bay area and they couldn't believe the park staff were shooting cats they say. it's a thing of the past. but they're glad it's finally ending once and for all.
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it's been four days since the i-team first reported that east bay regional park district staff shot and killed at least 18 cats this year. trying to protect endangered birds. 12 cats killed over the past month in this colony alone. she spent the past year feeding them, adopting out kittens and getting adults spayed and neutered. she's devastated. >> i hope they shot them quickly and did know what they were doing and i hope they didn't see each other get shot. >> reporter: the park district is flooded with angry messages from cat lovers and rescue groups and a petition soared past 4,000 signatures and board members said they suspended the shooting of cats. dave is the incoming board president. >> is it your intention to have the cats banned permanently? >> it will be to see how it goes. >> we can make sure we protect
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endangered species without shooting cats. >> reporter: she represents the martin luther king shoreline. she was shocked to hear park staff opened fire on cat staff there. >> the board will be asking tough questions and get a report on what happened and we asked for an investigation. >> reporter: did park rangers warn her cat colony would be targeted? i interviewed dave mason last week. >> why not give her a deadline why not say if the cats are gone by this day we would use lethal means? >> we did reach out. >> she never got the messages. her address was misspelled. they tracked several of the cats that survived and four are at marin human society. they will be available for adoption. if you'd like to adopt the cats
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or support the groups helping them, i'm posting links at for the i-team, doan noyes, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. well, tonight is the first night of hanukkah. here in san francisco just in the past hour or so, the giant menorah was lit in union scaqua. it's a decade's old tradition but looked different this year. melanie woodro explains. crowds of people have traditionally filled san francisco's union square every hanukkah for the bill gram menorah lighting. this year however, father and son rabbis are asking people to stay home. >> that's what we're trying to persuade people to stay at home and make the party home in your family. >> to save one life is like saving the world. it's called the mama menorah
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because there is 15,000 public manenorahs across the world. >> reporter: a symbol of light and hope. he says ambassadors of light are available to deliver a menorah to any one store staff. >> this pandemic really caused us to dig deeper and further within ourselves to light and positivity within us and the world and uncover that and shine it bright. >> reporter: many are finding ways to incorporate tradition. this bakery was buzzing as people picked up orders for traditional hanukkah jelly donuts. >> this is what the promise is, light will continue to shine no matter the obstacle. >> reporter: melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> there was holiday cheer for oakland unified school district families today at the food grab and go event. some people also received school supplies at a christmas tree.
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the prelit trees are courtesy of l lowes that donated a million dollars worth. the shark's foundation and citizens equity first credit union are teaming up to help the counseling center. the groups donated $10,000 to buy and wrap gifts for families in need. >> some families, some school-aged kids asking for basics, shoes, shirts, sweaters, jackets and so it's humblin it's a reminder where the need is. >> they primarily serve the community of east san jose. do you know where your umbrella is? maybe your hoodie? haven't needed one for awhile but you wil
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it's official, every part of california is in some level of drought. take a look at the map released by the u.s. drought monitor. compared to last week, you can see the difference. the drought has worsened statewide and now everywhere and to really get perspective, compared to last year when the story was the opposite. 96% of the state was not in a drought. we need this rain and more.
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>> we have a bout of rain and getting more. perhaps we'll get more in the coming weeks. it's dry and a pleasant evening around the bay area. here is a view of san francisco, the city scape. 5 th 52 degrees in san francisco and 49 right now in mountain view. it going to be turning much cooler tomorrow. 54 san jose, 54 and half moon bay down to 46 and here is a view from the east bay hills camera. 57 right now at santa rosa and 51 napa and 52 livermore and the view from the rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. forecast features, clouds increasing overnight and cooler tomorrow as i pointed out, quite a bit as a matter of fact with rain developing tomorrow night first in the north bay then more wide spread rain will develop
6:22 pm
over the weekend. it will be steadier and even heavier at times. tonight, all we can expect is an increase in clouds during the overnight and early morning hours and that will lead to a mainly cloudy day for much of the bay area in the north bay where the rain will begin tomorrow evening. overnight low temperatures will be machb ly mid to upper 30s an tomorrow as the rain begins up north, we'll have mainly, well, partly cloudy, partly sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures mainly mid 50s, 56 at santa clara san jose in fact on the peninsula, similar range of high temperatures. on the coastline, low to mid 50s at pacificia and half moon bay. downtown san francisco 50. tomorrow highs of 52 sat 52 s o and napa. look for highs in the mid 50s.
6:23 pm
54 to 56 in most locations there and the inland east bay we'll see highs soaring into the upper 50s, about 57 at pittsburgh, livermore and pleasantopleasant. some locations will reach mid 50s. let's bring in the storm impact scale. the approaching system ranks a one. again, the rain begins light rain tomorrow night in the north bay. heavier and steadier over the weekend on sunday and there will be no flooding we don't think in the burn scar areas. here is the forecast animation for the storm beginning at noon tomorrow. taking us into the nighttime hours we'll see rain spreading across the north bay then overnight tomorrow night into saturday we'll see rain reaching other parts. it will be light and widely scattered at times but a more concentrated wave of rain late saturday night spread across the bay area on sunday to reach all parts of the bay area. sunday will be the wetter of the two days. we expect rainfall totals to be
6:24 pm
generally under a quarter of an inch for most of the bay area and north bay we can see quarter of an inch to a half inch. here is the seven-day forecast. it will be a cooler, wetter pattern over the next few days over the weekend. on monday and tuesday, it gets brighter and drier, doesn't get any warmer, though and midweek next week by wednesday or so, we expect another wave of rain to approach with a second storm that might even develop into a wetter system than the one coming our way this weekend. we can only hope, right, dan and ama? >> yeah, that's encouraging, thank you, spencer. >> we're all eagerly anticipating a coronavirus vaccine but who gets it first? a berkeley company is working to figure that out. see what your place in line is next in a story only on abc 7 news. bank of america says it paid hundreds of millions of dollars to edd fraud. i'm michael finney, ahead, how that's hurting unemployed workers.
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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let's get you up to date on today's coronavirus headlines. it will take less than a minute. an fda committee approved pfizer's vaccine providing hope we desperately need. it comes a day after the worst daily death toll yet, 3,124 lives lost. >> today california set its own daily death toll record losing 220 coronavirus patients. the san joaquin valley region has less than 2% of icu beds left available in dire straights. >> new figures show that more than half of california's work force has filed for unemployment since the pandemic started. a bay area company could soon land a federal contract to help determine when many of us will get the covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available. >> those at higher risk could get priority. those factors could be
6:29 pm
determined right down to your zip code. reporter cornell bernard now with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> berkeley based data science company is about to make headlines in the vaccine world. >> that's the translation deep thought, deep thinker. >> reporter: the ceo gary velasquez has been thinking for months how to help those at risk get the covid-19 vaccine first. they are partnering with blue shield of california on a new algorithm mixed with data with those most vulnerable. >> vulnerability was defined as probability of hospitalization and icu. >> using private and public determine who is high risk right down to their zip code. >> we can tell you within the five digit level, how many individuals are vulnerable to hospitalization within that five digit zip code.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the projected number of hospitalizations are high. data shows more than 50,000 in sonoma county and 43 therz pl,0n san francisco and 100,000 in alameda county. a person's age and medical history are factored in and more. >> it incorporates factors like the place you live and presence and absence of pharmacies and the quality of the air. >> reporter: the information could help counties pinpoint areas where the vaccine should be distributed first. they are negotiating with federal and state governments about a partnership. velasquez founded the company long before covid and hopes the science can help those get the vaccine. >> i think we happen to be at the right place at the right time with the right relationships. >> reporter: cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> there are a lot of questions about the vaccine and we're here
6:31 pm
to help find answers. click on the big story and it will take you to a form where you can send your question directly to abc 7. news happens fast so get the latest information sent to your phone. enable push alerts. we've reported how edd paid scammers at least a billion dollars in phony unemployment claims and now a stunning development tonight. bank of america paid edd fraud sters hundreds of millions of dollars, too. the scammers had made false claims of fraud lengulent use o their edd debit cards and it was fraud sters claiming fraud. they are trying to call back the money from criminals but also taking money from honest workers with legitimate claims. michael finney uncovered this latest twist live with this story. michael, this twist is bizarre. >> dan, i'm hearing about this. it is happening a great deal. now, remember all of this came out after state lawmakers demanded to know why bank of
6:32 pm
america was draining edd accounts. now, the bank didn't really answer but says scammers ripping off the bank and it's trying to real the money back in unfortunately, it's taking money from honest workers, too. >> you lose your job, you're frantically trying to keep money together. >> reporter: kathryn houser lost her job at the ymcs when the pandemic hit. unemployment kept her going until her edd account got hacked. >> i had $4,000 that was gone. >> reporter: she believes someone skimmed her card at a gas station and ran up charges in texas. >> at a target and cvs store. >> reporter: the bank gave her back $4,000 and said the credits were permanent but were they. >> i was told my account was under investigtion return bank of america suddenly pulled $700 out of her account. the bank said there was suspicious activity on the card.
6:33 pm
>> she said if you have filed a claim for fraud, you will be thrown into the mix of people who are actually committing fraud. which really made me angry. >> reporter: it is happening to workers across california. >> the money got taken away. they froze my account and took my money. >> money wasn't there. >> reporter: bank of america says it's reversing credits on some edd akoubccounts as part o crackdown. workers are unfairly lumped in with scammers. >> i'm the victim and i'm being treated like the criminal. >> reporter: ann marie found thieves ran up $14,000 in charges on her edd account. including $2,000 at sacks fifth avenue all of that before she even got her debit card in the mail. bank of america immediately replaced the money but then took all $14,000 back out. >> i don't believe they treat their bank customers this way so they shouldn't treat the california unemployed customers this way. >> reporter: 59 state lawmakers
6:34 pm
fired off a letter to the bank of america ceo demanding to know why the bank is draining legitimate accounts. >> we have so many honest constituents who are december 13r -- desperately trying to get the money they need to pay the rent and put food on the table. >> reporter: the bank response was vague identifying cla claims from fraud is time consuming. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: the letter said some criminals were actually double dipping. they received edd benefits and then also filed false claims of fraud on their cards. b of a said they received credit from bank of america in hundreds of millions of dollars after filing false claims of loss attempting to double dip. now the bank is reversing the phony credits but it appears thousands of legitimate claims are being thrown out, too. >> it's a terrible feeling to be
6:35 pm
stolen from to be a victim and the perpetrator. after 7 on your side intervened. bank of america did give kathryn her money back. ann marie is getting her benefits by check instead of trusting the bank and law mangers are still seeking answers and i want to know if this is happened to you. if so, contact me here at the station. dan? >> gosh, it's all just jaw dropping. thanks, michael, so much. the family of oscar grant says there is little progress in the investigation into his
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entrust your heart to entresto. new details in the killing of oscar grant more than 11 years after he was killed, hiss fami ph -- his family is demanding another officer be charged with murder. >> we have been seeking justice for almost 12 years now. >> reporter: wonda johnson is the mother of oscar grant killed by bart police in 2009. the officer was convicted of involuntarily manslaughter and served his time but the family says there is more to this case.
6:39 pm
>> district attorney nancy o'malley said she was reopening the case and we're still waiting to find out what charges they're going to bring against the officer. >> reporter: that would be officer anthony a previously concealed independent investigation by the law firm claims the officer used repeated, unreasonable and unnecessary use of force. it states that he quote was in large part responsible for setting the stage even if inadvertent for the shooting of oscar grant. the family wants him to be charged with felony murder. >> bring charges against officer peroni. >> reporter: in an email, o'malley's office said it's working diligently to conduct a thorough review of the case but quote as our policy on any open investigation, we cannot comment further. officer keith garcia, president of the bart police officer's association tells abc 7 news he
6:40 pm
won't issue a statement unless the d.a. brings any charges but he raises doubts about a felony murder charge when the officer was convicted by a jury of just involuntarily manslaughter. a lawyer for the family explains. >> an independent report goes on the document that peroni caused brain injury to oscar grant, caused brain injurinjury. that's a felony. >> reporter: the grant family believes there is enough evidence to bring charges now but the district attorney's office said they will have more after christmas. >> abc 7 is committed to racial and social justice as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. join the fight at action. coming up, building a better bay area means looking out for the state of the arts with mu museums closed, it's not just students missing field trips but
6:41 pm
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enroll by december 15th.
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this week abc 7 is
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celebrating some of the bay area's most cherished institutions devoted to the arts, sciences and much more. many institutions face daunting challenges of course because of the pandemic, you know that but california academy of sciences in san francisco's golden gate park is adoapting the fiercest competitors closing weeks after reopening to the public, you can say the academy is evolving. chief of science says the academy continued the ground breaking work away from public view. in a kind of ocean incubator, research eer rebecca is making discoveries that could help them survive climate change. >> we're eventually going to use the lessons how they reproduce in captivity to help corals in the wild. >> reporter: potentially restoring habitat for the same
6:45 pm
sea life that thrilled visitors to the aquarium. other covid inspired invasions were as much psychological as physical scheduling field trips for the south america mccaws facing the same shelter in place isolation as the rest of us. >> we hung out at lunch. sometimes in the gardens and then we visit places like the coral reef for our amazon tunnel. >> reporter: and later taking breaks themselves to entertain the penguins with organized yoga sessions. >> so they got a much needed break. a little exercise and mindfulness practice and it actually turned out to be stimulating for the penguins, as well because there were people in front of their habitat. >> reporter: with a permanent schedule in limbo and minus the school field trips, the academy is pivoting again. there are new on site exhibits like venom that bite and sting to survive. but other population instillations like the plantarry
6:46 pm
are vir >> we firmly believe in accessibility and diversity and inclusion and science so this is really allowed us to up our game. >> reporter: it will take up to two years to make up for the revenue they lost to covid but it's mission is continuing with the generous support of donors contributing to the academy resilience fund keeping animals, sciences and discovery alive and well for generations to come. if you'd like to learn more, we information on abc bay area and click on state of the arts and i'll have a little more about the state of the arts later on in the broadcast tonight but right now, let's talk about the state of the
6:47 pm
weather. it will be wet for a short time. increasing clouds and chilly in the inland valleys. low temperatures in the 30s, mainly low to mid 40s elsewhere and tomorrow look for brighter skies in the early part of the day increasing clouds later especially in the north bay. it will be cool tomorrow. highs will range from low and mid 50s at the costa mid 50s around the bay shoreline to only mid and upper 50s inland. and here is a look at the abc 7 storm, and cauexcuse me, the approaching storm ranks one. the storm of light intensity beginning late tomorrow night in the north bay continuing through the weekend with the heavier steadier rain likely on sunday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be a cool and wet period for us through the weekend and it will remain cool even going into early next week. it will start drying out a bit monday and tuesday but temperatures will not rise much at all and it looks like the makings of another storm as earlier as next wednesday. so the rainy season has become more active, dan and ama.
6:48 pm
>> thank goodness, spencer. thanks very much. >> yeah. all right. let's turn to sports and more football with larry beil. larry? >> yeah, ama, dan, the 49ers getting set for the man drafted to be the savior of the franchise years ago. yes, the return of alex smith who reflects on his time wea
6:49 pm
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event.
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the 49ers face the washington football team. you have alex smith as the washington quarterback feeling like a reunion for the fans. you'd see number 11 jerseys all over the crowd at levi stadium and smith would get a better reception than he ever got the first time around but this is 2020 so skramp that. none of that is happening. niners will face smith in the home away from home. robert salas defense will go against the man. alex smith is a shoe in for come back player of year after the horrible leg injury and lengthy rehab. washington is 5-7 like the niners but in horrible nfc east which is enough to have them tied for first place at the moment. >> since the day he took over, four or five games ago, one of the top five offenses in football, yards, points, playing at a very, very high level with regards to alex, he'll take what the defense gave you.
6:52 pm
he'll still take shots and make you play if you want to get careless and aggressive. >> smith is so highly respected throughout the league after the comeback but his time with the niners wasn't fun. remember, he was mike nolan's number one overall pick ahead of aaron rogers. ouch. he started, was benched as the niners went through coach after coach entrenched with the 49ers rising to success to get hurt and replaced by colin kaepernick. smith doesn't want any young player to go through stuff like that. >> it was hard. really hard. i don't wish that on anybody. that's part of why you know trying to help young qbs for me, i don't want anybody to go through that. it was very, very difficult and a hard road. it doesn't have to be that way. so i don't want it to be like that for young picks and young quarterbacks that can get handled and i've witnessed it get handled differently. >> alex smith, quality guy through and through and been through so much.
6:53 pm
nine months ago today, back on march 10th, that was the last time the warriors played an nba game. they will tip off saturday against denver without draymond green or james wiseman recovering from covid. wiseman was allowed to practice by himself in an empty gym today and draymond lifted weights. neither are likely to play in the preseason game. before the regular season begins december 22nd. the warriors didn't play in the bubble in orlando at all so getting used to no crowds, that's going to be an adjustment. >> i don't really know conner what we can do other than practice on the main floor a couple of times before our first game so that we're used to playing in an empty stadium but normally, you can do the opposite. you can pipe crowd noise in if you're trying to get ready for a loud arena. really hard to get ready for an
6:54 pm
empty arena. >> all right. got to finish up with amazing video. this is from mavericks a couple of days ago. this is kai lenny one of the best surfers on the planet. he looks like an about. we're talking sets of 40 to 50-foot waves and kai lenny was so pumped, he surfed for 12 straight hours from sun up to sun down riding those giants, dan and ama, think about that. 12 hours in the water. i'm not even sure i'm awake for 12 straight hours most days. i mean, are you kidding me? >> that's exhausting. >> unbelievable stuff. >> that's exhausting. >> incredible. >> amazing. >> that's a guy who loves what he does right there. >> for sure. all right. join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we know health care workers and the sick and elderly are first in line to get the vaccine
6:55 pm
when it comes but who comes next? uber drivers, meat packing workers, journalists? we'll break down the groups vying to get next in line for the vaccine. return to work without a vaccine? one silicon valley tech giants stakes out an important position on vaccination requirements. coming up, it's "station 19" followed by "grays anatomy" and "a mill littion little things". sometimes we don't appreciate what we have until we don't have it anymore. that's certainly true with the bay area's rich and diverse arts scene we focused on all week here from the san francisco opera to the oakland sin fon knee i serve as a board member to museum to a rock show at the chase center and your favorite cover band at a local bar. the pandemic has been crippling for arts organizations and the performers who grace stages all over the bay area. it's a double blow.
6:56 pm
first, no crowds allowed means no ticket sales or shows. a second job loss and economic uncertainty created by the pandemic hurts donations to arts organizations which are working night and day to adapt. they're reaching patrons and donors with innovative evolving online programs and fundraisers. you'll find many on our website. please help if you can. they are struggling. and what really matters is that our community is better, richer, more vibrant because of them. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think @dann ashley abc 7. >> that's it for this edition. look for news any time on the news app. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us, we appreciate your time. we hope you have a nice evening and we'll see you again at 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are an attorney from phoenix, arizona... a phd student originally from toronto, ontario, canada... and our returning champion-- a registered dietician from elk grove, california... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. no repeat champions so far this week. that would be a good omen for gabriel and becca. but kendra picked up $26,000 on yesterday's program.
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she's good. and good luck to all three of you. here we go into the "jeopardy!" round. and now we get to deal with these categories... followed by... each correct response will end in a double "s." and then, of course... lead rome. kendra. let's try ends in double-"s" for $200, please. - gabriel. - what is darkness? that's it. ends in double-"s" for $400, please. [ beep ] they're known for being seedless. gabriel, back to you. ends in double-"s" for $600, please. - becca. - what is flawless? - correct. - double-"s"--$800.


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