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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 13, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. this morning a monumental moment as the first shipment of the pfizer vaccine leaves the facility in michigan, just the start of one of the most urgent vaccines campaigns ever. good morning, everyone, i'm liz kreutz. we have more to get to on the pfizer vaccine, now on its way to several statements. first, as always, we're tracking rain with frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. good morning, frances. >> good morning, liz. yes, more good news with the weather. we've had lots of rain this morning. live doppler 7 looping over the past hour, you can see the pattern of the system that started if tn the north bay, sliding to the east right now. we've got wet weather, moderate to even heavy at times during
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the morning hours, tapering into showers. a live shot of the richmond san rafael toll bridge plaza. richmond has already gotten 3.5 inches this morning. your day planner this morning, the storm tracks as a 1 out of 5, so it's light. the system continues to slide south in the afternoon. then we'll get bits of a break. we'll see hit and miss scattered showers throughout the afternoon. temperatures topping off in the mid- to upper 50s. so fairly uniform for everyone. by 9:00, mostly dry but still a lingering chance. i'll tell you when your next chance of rain is with the accuweather seven-day forecast after today and the accuweather forecast coming up later, liz. >> all right, frances, thank you. the first doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine will soon be on the way to california and here in the bay area. this morning fedex tweeted this video, saying the vaccines are now in their network and they're delivering them to their destinations soon. earlier the first doses of the vaccine will loaded into boxes
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at the pfizer facility in kalamazoo, michigan. pfizer says the semi trucks are not full because these are the specific orders they had for today. the first shipment will be going to all 50 states. an army of medical personnel is ready to take delivery here in california. as abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard shows us, the vaccine cou countdown is on and ready. >> a bright, shining time, even though the weather is not so great today. >> reporter: ucsf's chief pharmacy executive is excited for a special delivery. about a thousand doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. she's leading the distribution. >> we hope to receive vaccine at ucsf monday, tuesday at the latest. we'll start vaccinating on wednesday. >> reporter: front line health care workers will be first in line to get the first of two doses of the vaccine. ucsf one of seven medical facilities in the state to take
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delivery first. she says the vaccine won't be mandatory for ucsf employees. >> folks can decline, folks can pause and then maybe a few weeks or a month later decide they want to become vaccinated. we're not making it mandatory. >> reporter: ups and fedex will be transporting the first doses from pfizer's plant in kalamazoo, michigan. governor gavin newsom tweeted california has spent the last few months preparing for the arrival of the covid-19 vaccine. we expect our initial 327,600 doses as early as this weekend. hope is on the horizon. dr. matt willis expects his first doses by monday. first stop, the county's emergency operations center where these ultracold storage units will be standing by to keep the pfizer drug stable at 94 below zero fahrenheit. local hospitals like marin general will be the next stop. >> we're prioritizing those most at risk right now and most essential for our response.
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that's our essential front line workers in the emergency departments, icus, as well as staff that have been so hard hit by this message. >> reporter: professor mark schwarz warns the rollout will not be perfect. >> we'll have problems here and there but for the most part we've had time to plan and i think it will come off reasonably smoothly. >> reporter: experts say the challenge will be getting enough doses for everyone who wants one, that will take time. ucsf and marin county expect to receive more doses later next week. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. as we wait for the pfizer vaccine as it continues, bay area counties say they're all on standby right now. abc 7 news reporter luz pena explains that some counties might get more doses of the vaccine than others. >> reporter: counties across the bay area are on standby as they wait to receive the first batch of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. >> the county doesn't have any real say in the priorities.
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but we are given a tier system and then we help to allocate those doses that we get to the hospitals to make sure they receive what they need. >> reporter: some counties will receive more vaccines than others. santa clara county is expecting more than 17,000 doses. other covid numbers increase over a thousand cases a day. >> the health department will take it upon itself in our county to provide vaccine for the staff at the skilled nursing facilities, the nursing homes. >> reporter: also among the first to get the vaccine are veterans in long term health facilities. the palo alto va was selected as one of 37 va sites to receive doses of the covid-19 vaccine. >> this is just the first allocation. people should realize this is just a very small amount of vaccine. we will see vaccine shipments hopefully each week for the next hopefully months. >> reporter: john muir hospital
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in contra costa county has two freezers ready for the vaccine, one in concord and the second in walnut creek. >> we're setting up time slots for our front line workers to be able to come through and be vaccinated first. we're getting all of that in place and making sure we have all the logistics down. >> reporter: how many doses of the vaccine is your hospital scheduled to receive? >> we did put in a request for nearly 5,000. we don't know if we'll receive that many. >> reporter: contra costa county will receive roughly 10,000 doses. luz pena, abc 7 news. >> and a vaccine can't arrive soon enough, because california continues to set the wrong kind of records with the coronavirus. there are more than 35,000 newly-diagnosed cases, a single day record yesterday. more than 12,400 people are hospitalized with more than 2,700 of them in icu. also single day records. the bay area's capacity edged back up to 17.6%.
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the state's threshold, remember, is 15%. the 14-day positivity rate for the state is at 10.2%. we're dedicating this coming week to bringing you in-depth coverage with our team of reporters and medical experts on the vaccine. if you have questions about it, we'll try to get them answered. just head to to submit your question. and also tomorrow night at 10:00, a special edition of "20/20," "the shot: race for the vaccine." it will cover the safety, access, and timing of the vaccine. ten san francisco community organizations will receive more than $5 million in grants to reduce the spread of covid-19 in the city's most impacted neighborhoods, part of the health department's equity strategy which focuses on disparities in covid-19 case rates. currently latinos make up 15% of the city's population but account for 45% of cases. the money will be used for testing, contact tracing, and other covid-related health
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services. san jose has said goodbye to their police chief. yesterday was chief garcia's last day after almost 29 years with the department. in august he announced he would be retiring. he joirned the force in 1992 an became chief in 2016. yesterday in a tweet he wrote, thank you san jose, to my men and women, it was an honor fighting for you, stay the course. frances, pretty gray out there right now. >> here is a live shot of the san francisco airport where there's some rain falling. it's about 53 degrees right now. they already have a quarter inch so far this morning. i'll let you know how much more rain you can expect in your neighborhood and the next chances of rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast, coming up. >> thanks, frances. not everything is actually canceled this hoyle season. we'll take you to the east bay where hundreds of people are coming out to see a long time coming out to see a long time your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh!
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welcome back. we're showing you a live picture of live doppler 7 there. oops, it went away. but you would see rain covering the bay area right now. we'll check in with frances in a minute. the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths just keep climbing. abc 7 news reporter trevor ault has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, america's health care system pushed to the limit as we head through the pandemic-ridden holidays setting new weekly records for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. >> health care workers, you know, we get it, we have to fight, this is a battle, this is another stage in the war against this disease. >> reporter: california again shattering its records for all three categories saturday. hospitals in the san joaquin valley reporting icus are at 100% capacity and near the
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border, this regional medical center setting up an overflow tent outside. >> we'll go from 21 to 50 patients within a matter of today. we have no more room. >> reporter: nationwide, more than 800,000 americans now being treated for the virus in the hospital. a 10% increase since the start of december. >> and that was the holiday and activities around the holiday, travel and gathering, we could see potentially a super spreader event. >> reporter: already families are being torn apart by the virus every day. in ohio, where a statewide curfew has been extended through the new year, 42 nurse tawana everett gave birth while infected, dying before she could hold her newborn, leaving her husband and their seven children behind. >> take it serious and be careful, because it's real and it can strike without warning. >> reporter: in georgia, one family losing a 41-year-old
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father of four. his 18-year-old son says he'll have to quit school now to take care of his mother and siblings. >> i'll have to move on and make my dad's hopes and dreams come into reality like he wanted it, and everything he wished for. i'm going to do it in the memory of him. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> generous donors have raised $50,000 for safari west in sonoma county, that's closed because of a state order. >> we want to bring it to california, to the u.s., and to the world. that's our goal. >> safari west debuted its streaming live show as part of a virtual fundraiser. it gave children and families everywhere a chance to take a tour of the 400-acre santa rosa wildlife park from the safety of their homes. proceeds from the online auction and donation drive will help fund the program. and the holiday spirit is in full swing in san francisco.
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for the first christmas in chinatown, the nonprofit delivered 600 toys to immigrant kids in single occupant resident housing, including gift certificates to local restaurants which helps them stay afloat during the holidays as well. and we've been asked to stay at home this month and not gather with anyone outside our ahold of. as abc 7 news reporter matt boone shows us, there are still ways to enjoy the holiday season. you just have to stay inside your car. >> reporter: the lights are just as bright here in fremont, but you have to come in your car, causing a little bit of a traffic jam as hundreds of people came out just to get out of the house. >> something to do on a saturday, this is a nice place to get out. >> reporter: cruising slowly through the brightly lit
9:16 am
streets, carmen admits everything seems a little surreal this meaning. >> for me, i like to go christmas shopping but that's not the safest place to go right now. this is nice for families. >> reporter: it's not just the lights and cartoon cutouts. >> you get the fresh air. >> reporter: and there's a sense of community, a fun design for each family on the block. >> representing all the joy we have here. >> reporter: francine madrigal helps transform it into cripsmass place. >> kind of emotional, just the situation we're all in, we thought it was important to still bring the spirit to everybody, just to see the joy and excitement we see kids get. >> reporter: what does mrs. cripps want for christmas? >> for it all to end soon. >> reporter: in our lady of
9:17 am
guadalupe, they had a drive-through celebration. father bernardo offered prayers and holy water. he knew some people would show up, but not this many. >> i was expecting less people. >> reporter: vendors were selling lights and masks. >> i know this will pass. we know that. but i think we need to become more aware. >> reporter: reporting from the south bay, matt boone, abc 7 news. let's go over to frances now for a check of the forecast. frances, you were saying if people want to check out the lights tonight, it's a pretty good night to do that? >> yeah, they'll have better chances tonight, because we've got rain in the morning turning to scattered showers in the afternoon. there may be a few pop-up showers in the evening, but mostly dry for us. here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see the looping over the past hour and the transition of the rain from the north bay as
9:18 am
it slides southeast around the bay area. here is where we are right now. so we've got lots of widespread rain from the peninsula all the way through the east bay. and as we take a look outside, i'll show you a live shot from the exploratorium looking at downtown san francisco. we've got some raindrops on the lenses and light rain falling in the city right now. san francisco currently 52. oakland, 56. morgan hill at 50 degrees. fairly uniform in temperatures. and check out all the rain falling at the top of mt. tam, it's pretty windy as well. it will be breezy at the mountaintops and higher elevations and mt. tam already at 1.25 inches this morning alone. that's where we'll see the most rain. most areas will not get that much rain. right now in santa rosa, still cool at 48 degrees. there's been some fog as well in the north bay. novato and napa, fairfield in the low 50s. concord and livermore in the lower 40s. on abc 7's storm impact scale, a
9:19 am
1 out of 5, a light storm today, heaviest in the morning, right now is when we're seeing heaviest rain, turning into scattered hit and miss showers this afternoon. still a slight chance for thunder in the north bay, especially along the beaches or the northwest sonoma county area. the forecast animation, 10:00 this morning, we'll still see moderate or even heavy rain at times moving through the peninsula, south bay. you see the line of orange and yellow. then notice after lunch it starts to move east but we'll get another band of showers starting to head back to the north bay. this is where it turns into scattered showers throughout the afternoon. so, dry and gray, but those pop-up showers could surprise you. then by this evening you'll notice it mostly clears out with still that chance of showers lingering and all that white and pink stuff is snow in the sierra throughout the day today. total rainfall amounts for most urban areas range from anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch, maybe 3/4 inch.
9:20 am
we'll get higher amounts at the mountaintops. in addition to that, we have the king tides with us, so there's a coastal flood advisory until 1:00 tuesday. high tide each morning, over 7 feet. so look out for localized flooding along the beaches and parts of the north bay when we've got the king tides and we've got a strong northwest swell. right now wave heights anywhere from 4 to 6 feet. we could see massive breakers up to 20 feet through tomorrow night, so be careful if you're heading to the beaches. not a good time to head to tahoe, because you'll also have tough driving conditions right now with up to a foot and a half or even more. and highs today will range from the low 50s to upper 50s for the most part. so 57 in san francisco to 59 in oakland and san jose. a wet day overall, but tapering to showers this afternoon. and then clearing out tonight and overnight we'll be much
9:21 am
cooler, mid- to upper 30s through santa rosa and napa, and mid- to upper 40s around the bay area. san francisco, 47. san jose, 45. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. so, morning rains, afternoon showers. high pressure builds monday and tuesday. slight warm-up. we get a break. another system moves in wednesday afternoon possibly or at night. looks like thursday will be a rainy day, but very light rain, probably lighter than today. cool and breezy for friday, before more wet weather enters the bay area, possibly in the north bay next weekend. and again, liz, we could use the rain, and it helps us stay indoors, so i'll take it. >> absolutely, we will cross our fingers we get it next weekend too. thanks, frances. holiday shipping deadlines are a lot earlier than usual. the date you'll get y
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it's officially crunch time four gift givers. this year the shipping deadlines are a lot earlier than usual. there are workarounds. >> reporter: from the latest videogames to the must-have consoles and gadgets, the challenges this year may not only be getting your hands on the hottest gifts. the ultimate task, getting those gifts to that special someone in time for christmas. ♪ i'll be home for christmas the covid-19 pandemic triggering a holiday shopping and shipping season like no other. analysts are predicting shoppers will spend more than $190 billion on holiday gifts online. more than a 35% increase over last year. that potentially translating into 86.3 million packages to be
9:25 am
delivered by christmas. >> we're calling it the ship-a-thon because the obstacles are bigger than they've ever been. >> reporter: for ground deliver before christmas, you have until this tuesday, december 15, to buy, box, and ship via ups, dhl, fedex, and the u.s. postal service. retailers like apple, best buy, and amazon are giving shoppers a little more wiggle room, extending deadline for some items to the 22nd and 23rd. for the last-minute shopper, same-day delivery, curb-side pick up by major retailers like target could save the day. delivery by christmas is not guaranteed, so bottom line, get those shipments in the mail right away. santa's proudest helpers received a boost to brighten holidays for the nation's toys for tots program in san
9:26 am
francisco's union square. the marines will use donations to buy toys for children. one marine shared what giving to others means to him. >> it means a lot to me coming from a background, raised to not have so much. so i can feel for the needy children, it's something to look forward to on christmas day. >> the marines partner with several nonprofits to deliver toys to children across marin county, san francisco, and san mateo county. two antihomelessness nonprofits with bay area advertise were just awarded millions in grant funding. $2.5 million will go to the east oakland community project and more than $1 million will go to the time for change foundation, a san bernardino-based group with a hayward project founded by jeff bezos. they are two of 42 nonprofits across the country to receive the grants. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," coronavirus vaccines
9:27 am
are being shipped right now to all 50 states. why fedex officials say they are confident they can safely distribute them and the measures they are taking. and supporters of president trump clashed with counterprotesters in d.c. as the electoral college gets ready to vote tomorrow.
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we have everything scheduled in detail and i'm ready to go. >> our team is excited, we're ready, we're signed up, we have our scheduled day, let's do this. >> hospitals across the country have been preparing for what's to come. the first covid-19 vaccine has shipped this morning to facilities across the country. the first dose is expected to arrive tomorrow morning. good morning again, everybody. we have more on the rollout of the pfizer vaccine in just a moment. we're also tracking the rainy
9:30 am
forecast, a little bit of good news as well. let's go over to frances dinglasan. hey, frances. >> hi, liz. definitely good news because we could use the rain, we're only at 10 to 20% of normal for the season for rain. the heavier rain has moved east. you'll see it over stockton and towards modesto. a live shot showing you some rain falling over the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza. the rain will continue in the morning hours. here is your day planner. it's a 1 out of 5 on our storm impact scale, a light storm mainly. next few hours, still widespread. the system continues to move south at noon and then we'll start to get breaks from the rain with scattered showers in the afternoon. highs will top out at mid- to upper 50s for most everyone. by this evening we'll start to dry out with a lingering chance of rain. then looks like monday and tuesday we'll be dry and i'll tell you when we can expect rain again with the accuweather seven-day forecast, liz. >> all right, frances, thank
9:31 am
you. this morning begins a new phase in the coronavirus pandemic as well as one of the most complicated missions in the country's history, the rollout and distribution of the first vaccine given the green light by the federal government. two trucks are making deliveries today. tomorrow there's an order for about 400 boxes of the vaccine. and on tuesday there's an order for slightly less according to pfizer. abc news report thai hernandez has more. >> reporter: a major undertaking begins. the pfizer covid-19 vaccine will start shipping from its kalamazoo, michigan plant less than 48 hours after it was given emergency authorization use by the fda. ups planes specially equipped with ultracold freezers will move the precious vaccines to hospitals and other holding facilities around the nation. the first vaccines are expected to start monday. hhs secretary alex azar and general gus perna monitoring the
9:32 am
distribution effort from the operation warp speed vaccine operation center. >> my guidance was to ensure this precious commodity is received by the trained professionals at each state. i expect the first shipments to arrive monday morning. >> reporter: hospitals say they have been preparing for this day. >> we've actually been practicing because there's some special handling requirements for this vaccine. so we have everything scheduled in detail and we're ready to go. >> reporter: health care workers will be among the first to receive the vaccine. >> i'm excited, the team is excited. we're ready. we're signed up, we have our scheduled day. let's do this. >> reporter: an independent panel recommended to the cdc that people 16 years and older get the vaccine. the benefits of the vaccine on total cases isn't expected for several months. so medical experts say people need to continue to wear masks and socially distance. thai hernandez, abc news, new york. >> dr. anthony fauci says
9:33 am
serious allergic reactions from the uk should not deter americans from getting vaccinated. >> you stay alert so that if the situation happens again, people are in a facility that can take care of them. >> this morning fedex says they're confident they can distribute millions of vaccines across the u.s. fast and safely. >> i'm incredibly confident in our planning, i'm incredibly confident in our capabilities, the cold chain capabilities but also the advanced monitoring and tracking technologies you mentioned and our expertise in this area. we handle millions of vaccines every year, we handle temperature-controlled shipments every day including things that have to be kept at deep frozen temperatures. >> fedex has put tracking devices in their shipments in order to make sure they arrive on time. they are also able to monitor the temperature of the containers to make sure the vaccines stay safe. and bay area counties are prepared for the arrival of
9:34 am
their allotted dosages in the coming days. contra costa county says it's ready. the health department shared a couple of pictures here of the ultracold freezer they have that can hold up to 30,000 doses. it expects to receive its first shipment this week and will start by immunizing health care workers. this morning the fda is addressing concerns about where allergic reactions to the covid-19 vaccine will appear. >> the risk appears to be low but we need to be very careful about this and make sure that we administer this appropriately. those who have any evidence of severe allergy to any component of this pfizer biontech vaccine should not receive it. >> fda chief steven hahn said skepticism about receiving the vaccine poses a significant problem and he stress that can in order to end the pandemic, herd immunity must be reached. hahn says the fda will address the fears and concerns with transparency. meantime, today parents of san francisco public school
9:35 am
students will hold a rally calling on mayor london breed to reopen schools. yesterday they rallied near city hall. some parents argue that children are safer in schools than out of them and that schools are not drivers of covid-19. they also say remote learning is harming children through missed socialization, lack of attention, and unreported child abuse. let's get to politics now. tomorrow the electoral college takes the formal constitutionally-required steps for electing a new president. last night thousands took to the streets in washington, d.c. to support the president's attempts to block joe biden's election. abc's rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: thousands of trump supporters rallied ahead of the electoral college vote. violence erupting between pro and anti-trump protesters. a female officer becoing assist
9:36 am
as she limps away from the protest zone. earlier, protesters marched at the supreme court, calling for the election to be overturned. the supreme court rejected a second lawsuit aimed at tossing millions of votes. president trump outraged. >> no judge including the supreme court of the united states has had the courage to allow it to be heard. >> reporter: in the five weeks since election day, the president and his allies have lost nearly 50 cases in court. a judge the president appointed himself in wisconsin adding one more defeat saturday. in a decision writing, "he has lost on the merits." and a justice on the state supreme court calling the president's efforts "un-american." >> what you want is you want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power. >> reporter: the president left the white house to attend the army/navy football game, taking part in the opening coin toss, later spotted in a face mask as he makes baseless claims about a
9:37 am
rigged election. his party is also trying to drive voter turnout for senate raises in georgia that will determine control of the senate. with early voting starting tomorrow, the republican secretary of state with a message. >> the senators will have to get out there and energize their base and whoever gets their message out the most will win. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden will be campaigning for the democratic candidates in georgia on tuesday. the course of his presidency will depend on which party has control of the senate. rachel scott, abc news, washington. ahead, making history on the next mission to the moon. and a live look outside right now. you can see raindrops there and cloudy, gray. it's just one of those days.
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a live look from live doppler 7. you can see rain throughout much of the bay area this morning. good to see it for sure. ghirardelli chocolates resumed a holiday tradition, a discount sale at its headquarters in san leandro. the chocolate maker has hosted the one-day blowout for the past 15 years. many customers bought items for holiday presents and for baking. others enjoyed discounts on items like caramel squares. ghirardelli adapted this year's event to comply with social distancing. the company began in san francisco in 1852. and happening today, the jewish community center of san francisco is hosting a free baking class inspired by hanukkah. culinary chefs will create experiences grounded in
9:41 am
inclusivity and celebration. you'll get a lesson on zoom zoo starting at 10:00 this morning. frances, i told you about making my grandma sophie's rugelach, it's more challenging than i thought. >> it's definitely challenging, i can't wait to take a look at your video and try the recipe myself. today is a baking day, you'll want to stay in. here is a live shot of the san mateo bridge, we've got light rain falling over much of the bay area. the heaviest rain has been falling the last few hours and it will taper off to showers this afternoon. i'll let you know when we can get a break and how much more we can expect in the week ahead. >> baking does sound fun today. also next, steph curry is back with a pregame tunnel shot,
9:42 am
there we go.
9:43 am
even the smallest surprise... can make the biggest memories... big enough to last a lifetime. ♪ kinder joy
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treat plus toy a little surprise goes a long way. in sports this afternoon the 49ers will face their former quarterback alex smith for the second time since trading him seven years ago. the niners take on the washington football team at state farm stadium in arizona. the game is being played there instead of levi's stadium because of santa clara county covid-19 protocols. is anchor chriss ailvarez has me in sports. warriors head coach steve kerr called it a sight for sore eyes. steph curry returned to the floor as the warriors play id their first exhibition game
9:45 am
ahead of the regular season. here is chris alvarez with highlights in this morning's sports. >> nine months and two days after their last game the warriors finally played in a game that counted. sure it was only preseason but the warriors are finally back. a new pregame tunnel shot. how cool will this be when the fans are back at chase center. nothing but net from splash curry. warriors firing threes out of the gate. andrew wiggins a step back. that's good and steph to come off the screen. of course we'll show you splash and then the new guy, kelly oubre from the corner. brad wannamaker to kent bazemore. curry played 20 minutes. vintage steph, transition, pull-up and splash. he had ten and the bench just loved it. dubs led by as many as 20 and hold on 107-105. next preseason game tuesday in sacramento. for steph, the biggest adjustment isn't all the new guys. it's not playing with the fans. >> definitely weird environment, you know, pulling up to the chase center with no fans around in the building. once the ball tipped, it was kind of, you know, that good feeling that you have, just
9:46 am
playing basketball. >> i'm excited. i think we're going to get a lot better as the season goes on and this was a good start for us, a good week and a good first exhibition game. >> about an hour before their scheduled kickoff, the cal bears game against washington state was canceled. the golden bears were short the required number of players because of a cal player testing positive for covid-19. the player and position group are in quarantine, the third canceled game for the golden bears this year. stanford at oregon state, practicing in corvallis all week because of covid restrictions. flea flicker, davis mills to simi fihoko, ruled a touchdown but he was actually down. mills would sneak it in to get the cardinal the lead. early fourth, cardinal down five. we have a design qb rollout and mills is sprinting for the end zone and he got it. they go for two and go up by three. 30 seconds to go, crunch time. cardinals up three. oregon state quarterback chance nolan scrambles. the ball is slapped loose into
9:47 am
caleb robinson's hands. cardinal win 27-24. they're now 2-2. insane finish here, western michigan down three. vol state with three seconds to go, they're going to try to do that stanford/cal lateral play. western michigan eventually tried 13 laterals on the play. we had to speed it up. this play took a very long time, i mean lateral after lateral after lateral, and they're going backwards. what is going on? and then it's going to get really weird. the ball is on the ground, still loose. vol state didn't realize it and they rush the field so the western michigan players are confused. the coaches are yelling no whistle so they keep going, break loose for the score and after all of that, one of those 13 laterals was a forward pass so the play didn't count, and western michigan lost. that was crazy. that's your look at sports.
9:48 am
let's send it back to you. let's get a check of the weather now with frances. frances, have you finished all your christmas shopping yet, doing it early? >> i actually did, liz, i did pretty much all of it online. of course i enjoy online shopping all the time. we've had a rainy morning and we're going to continue to see wet weather throughout the day. it will taper to showers this afternoon. live doppler 7 shows the loop over the past hour, how the system continues to slide southeast. here is what it looks like right now. we've got lots of light rain over most of the bay area. some heavier rain in orange and yellow, heading just south of sacramento. we have some heavy rain as well, just north of fremont heading towards that little bit of yellow. here is a look at the san francisco area from our roof camera where we've already had over an an half inch of rain in
9:49 am
san francisco. san jose is 54. a live shot of mt. tam, they have had a whopping 1.83 inches so far this morning and winds there have been gusting up to 34 miles an hour. for most of us we don't have to deal with those kinds of conditions. most urban areas will get anywhere from a quarter inch maybe up to 3/4 inch. santa rosa currently 48 degrees. novato and napa in the low 50s, as well as fairfield, concord, and livermore at 49 degrees. we're ranking this a 1 out of 5 on the storm impact scale, a light storm, heaviest right now, turning into scattered afternoon showers. we'll see hit and miss showers this afternoon and a slight chance of thunder mainly in the north bay along the beaches and parts of sonoma county. forecast animation shows heavier moderate rainfall moving through during the 10:00 hour. you can see this line sliding southeast. then by 1:00, we get bits of breaks. then another wave starts to come
9:50 am
in towards the ukiah and parts of the north bay as well. then as it passes through the bay area we'll see some spotty showers in the afternoon, mostly sunny and dry by this evening. we could still see a chance of a raindrop here and there. santa cruz right now, waves look calm but we have king tides heading our way. we're expecting high tides, over 7 feet, each morning until tuesday. so there is a coastal flood advisory for the areas highlighted in green along the beaches as well as parts of the north bay. in addition to that we have a strong northwest swell right now. waves are 4 to 6 feet but we could see massive breakers up to 20 feet through tomorrow. it starts today at noon, so be careful if you're heading to the beaches. in addition to that, with the rain comes snow. winter storm warning in effect through 4:00 tomorrow. you do not want to be driving. it's going to difficult with up to 1 1/2 feet or higher over the
9:51 am
peaks and windy driving conditions. for today, temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 50s, fairly uniform for all this afternoon with cloudy skies and scattered showers. and then we start to dry out overnight. tomorrow will be cool in the north bay. some areas dropping into the mid-30s like santa rosa, napa at 37. lots of mid-40s around the bay area. the accuweather seven-day forecast, morning rain to showers. we can certainly use the rain. brighter skies monday and tuesday, high pressure builds so we'll get a break. then our next system moves in, possibly wednesday night, maybe even wednesday afternoon. we'll be tracking that for you. thursday looks like a rainy day but it will be a very light system, much lighter compared to today. cool and breezy for friday, then next weekend looking wet, possibly, again, with another light system heading towards the north bay, liz. >> all right, frances, thank you. two astronauts with bay area ties are candidates to walk on the moon in four years. one of them could be the first
9:52 am
woman to do so. abc 7 news reporter david louie got to explore how their time here has prepared them for a space mission we earthlings can only dream about. >> reporter: born in petaluma, marine lieutenant colonel nicole mann was one of 18 astronauts named to the artemis team this week, with the goal of putting the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024. why should you be the first woman on the moon? >> because i'll be trained and ready to go. honestly, i think that any of the astronauts selected will do an incredible job in executing that mission. >> reporter: she's a fire pilot and mechanical engineer by training but she's already spent the past seven years learning a wide range of skills needed for lunar missions. she says her passion for exploration traces back to growing up in the bay area. >> and i love to get outdoors and explore. i think the bay area is a great place for that. never did i realize that i would have the opportunity to go to space and even one day go to the moon. >> reporter: the love of
9:53 am
outdoors as a common trait in woody huber who received his ph.d. at uc berkeley. his fascination with rockets started when he was growing up. >> i got interested in building large rockets in my parents' garage. it started to become a passion of mine early on. >> reporter: who among the 18 artemis astronauts will walk on the moon will be decided later. others may do low orbit tasks. like many, the moon has always been mysterious and fascinating from earth. >> the thought that we're going to go there now and explore, i think i'll probably be really excited to go outside and see what it really feels like to walk around in one sixth gee. >> reporter: both mann and huber give the bay area some bragging rights. david louise, abc 7 news. next, get into the holiday spirit. the house that's lighting up
9:54 am
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a homeowner has been making the season bright this weekend by creating a magical experience. ♪ the magical lights show is set to music as well as a story line consisting of more than 70,000 lights. thisye sw took about 400 hours to program. the creator, to says it's his way of giving back to the community and it's all for a good cause as well. the show raises money for the mchenry house, a local family shelter. it provides food and toys to families in need. >> it's always been important to me to create a show for the community. this year i feel like it's more critical than ever. when i see people enjoying themselves, it's sometimes surprising. i'm just doing this for fun. >> enjoy the magical light show weekend evenings from 6:00 to 8:30, pretty cool and a good thing to do tonight, socially
9:57 am
distance if you need to, frances. >> socially distance, you can look from your car and we'll get a break from the rain this evening. live doppler 7, you notice we've got lots of rain over the next few hours, the system will continue to slide southeast, turning into scattered showers by this afternoon. then mainly clear outside this evening. so here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got rain and showers today, brighter skies tomorrow. high pressure monday and tuesday, slightly warmer, then a chance of rain on thursday, liz. >> all right, frances, thank you. thank you all for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. we'll leave you with this live picture there from our roof camera, a rainy day. stay inside, cozy up, stay safe.
9:58 am
we have the power to harness abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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