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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 17, 2020 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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zero. we also talked with state superintendent tony thurmont. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. just a short time ago, a second vaccine clearing a major hurdle. late today, an fda panel recommending emergency use authorization for a second vaccine here in the u.s. recommending emergency approval of the moderna vaccine. the fda's final decision expected within hours. tonight, what the data reveals on the moderna vaccine, preve preventing severe cases of coronavirus and can it stop the spread of the virus? what we've learned. could there now be two vaccines up and running before christmas? while across the country tonight, vaccinations under way. drive-through sites for health care workers and new questions after a second health care worker suffers an allergic reaction. and news that there could be extra doses in some vials of the pfizer vaccine. all of this comes following the deadliest day of the pandemic here in the u.s.
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more than 3,600 deaths in just 24 hours. the cdc's alarming projections tonight for the next three weeks. a mother of four in texas dying on her 34th birthday. in california, 150,000 new cases in just three days. and tonight here, doctors describing the scene inside their hospital as a war zone. we have late reporting from capitol hill tonight, amid new and sobering numbers. 885,000 workers timing for unemployment just last week. will there be a deal, will there soon be stimulus checks and for how much? mary bruce standing by. the deadly nor'easter dropping nearly four feet of snow in parts of the northeast. the massive 60-vehicle crash on i-80 in pennsylvania. a jet skidding off the runway in baltimore. outrage tonight after a botched police raid in chicago. the wrong home. newly released body cam images tonight showing officers forcing their way in, guns drawn. the social worker who lives there handcuffed, wearing nothing.
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the mayor apologizing tonight. and our made in america christmas. we asked for your one thing and so many of you answering the call. and tonight here, someone you will definitely know with some of her favorite things. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with the news that came in late today that the u.s. is now one step closer to having a second vaccine up and running across this country. an fda panel a short time ago recommending emergency approval now for the moderna vaccine. final authorization could come within hours. nearly 6 million doses are ready to be shipped tonight. the panel of scientists recommendi ining the fda issue emergency use. and this time, the vote was 20-0. the numbers show the vaccine is about 94% effective at preventing symptomatic disease. but there was also encouraging data when it comes to halting
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asymptomatic infection. they're hopeful this will help stop the spread. also, as the pfizer vaccine is already being shipped across the country, news tonight that the vials might actually contain more doses than many first thought. one or two more doses per vial. there have now been two allergic reactions, both are health care workers, both are okay and both tonight saying they are still glad they got the shot. and tonight, news of that second vaccine comes as the u.s. marks its deadliest had y esiest 24 h. 17 million americans have tested positive. 247,000 cases in the last 24 hours. more than 309,000 lives now lost, a record 3,600 lives in just the last 24 hours. tonight, the hospitals are overwhelmed. 113,000 americans in the hospital fighting this virus. and this evening here, you will hear from doctors, one saying his hospital is like a war zone. we will carefully guide you through it all here tonight, beginning with the news on that second vaccine and abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas leading us off.
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>> reporter: tonight, the vote is in. moderna now on its way to be the second vaccine to help america beat the coronavirus. an fda advisory panel voting 20-0 to recommend emergency use authorization. >> it looks like we have a favorable vote. >> reporter: the studies showing the moderna vaccine is 94% effective in preventing symptomatic disease. and early evidence also suggests the vaccine reduced asymptomatic infection in volunteers and could stop the spread of the virus. >> moderna certainly will be available soon and have the same level of efficacy. the same safety profile and virtually everything the same about that. so it wouldn't make much difference which of those you take. >> reporter: and tonight, a new development with the pfizer vaccine and allergic reactions. the fda now investigating after two people in alaska had rare allergic reactions to pfizer's vaccine. one woman had to be treated and
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hospitalized. as for common side effects, like the pfizer vaccine, moderna volunteers also experienced minor symptoms like fever, headache and fatigue. >> my arm was sore the next day both times. but besides that, i personally didn't have any other noticeable side effects. >> reporter: the world watched when jennifer haller became the first trial volunteer in the u.s. nine months ago, injected with the moderna vaccine. >> i wasn't afraid, because i trust science. >> reporter: nearly 6 million doses of the moderna vaccine are ready to ship immediately and don't require special freezers like pfizer's, making it easy to reach rural areas. >> reporter: the push to vaccinate is a race against time for so many health care workers. no one knows better than nurse james oxford in nebraska, who learned just hours before his vaccination that he lost his brother joe to the virus. >> i had the nurse that administered the shot wry on the band-aid, "for joe." it was on 12/15, the day that he
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died. it was a special time for me. >> that was an extraordinary image today. let's get right to tom tonight. and as soon as moderna gets the final green light, give us a reality check here. how many doses are ready, between the two vaccines, how many are we looking at across the country by next week? >> reporter: okay, david. with moderna now on track, operation warp speed tells us they're going to ship out 8 million doses of vaccines next week. 6 million of the moderna vaccine and 2 million more of the pfizer vaccine. they say they will hit their goal of 20 million doses by the end of the year and david, tonight, the truth is, there is more vaccine out there than originally estimated. they discovered bonus doses in some vials in hospitals all across the country. the fda saying if you have extra doses, use them. david? >> tom llamas leading us off tonight. tom, thank you. and of course, news on the second vaccine comes after the deadliest 24 hours yet here in the u.s. hospitals, of course, are crushed. and tonight, the doctors and nurses who describe what it's like when you have patients struggling, suddenly going into
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cardiac arrest, one after the other. here's our chief national correspondent matt gutman on that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the predictions of a dark winter, now a grim reality. in the last 24 hours, the pandemic's deadliest day. among the multitude was jennifer mendoza, a mother of four from grapevine, texas, died on her 34th birthday. >> the kindest person ever. >> reporter: admitted to the hospital two months ago, just after giving birth to her baby, she never got to see her family again. >> her kids were everything to her, to her last moment, she still kept fighting for them. >> reporter: the cdc now predicting as many as 82,000 more deaths in the next three weeks. and california is now the nation's new epicenter. nearly 150,000 cases the past three days. doctors at this hospital in apple valley say they're in a war zone. i noticed that you wear combat boots. >> yes. >> reporter: why?
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>> this is combat! this is combat. >> reporter: throughout southern california, there are now zero icu beds available, forcing agonizing decisions. >> you have to pick which one of your patients has the best chances of making it. and that's what you're going to have to give most of your care to. >> reporter: on stretcher after stretcher, patients lining the e.r. hallways, some dying while waiting for a hospital bed. >> this morning, we had three code blues at the same time. one of our doctors went up and ran those codes. >> reporter: meaning people were having cardiac arrest? >> cardiac arrest, no pus. >> reporter: that another one right now. >> that's the never-ending story. >> horrible scene inside that hospital tonight. matt live at a testing site tonight. and matt, of course, those chilling scenes in the hospital. 11 straight days now of record numbers of americans being taken to the hospital across the country. and as we head into christmas week, i know authorities not only where you are in california, but really across this country are really concerned given what we're just now seeing after so many gathered for thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: and the numbers that are increasing are largely being driven, david, by the rising percentage of people testing positive at lines like this. that means that the numbers we've been seeing skyrocket will continue to skyrocket. and some incredibly dire predictions out of los angeles area hospitals. they're already at capacity but they're predicting that by early january, the number of patients they will have double or even triple. david? >> we thank all those doctors and nurses you've talked to. matt, thank you. and of course, there were concerned over delivery of the vaccines with the nor'easter slamming the east. and tonight, that storm has been deadly. 0 horrific accident on i-80 in central pennsylvania. up to 60 vehicles involved. at least two lives lost. in binghamton, new york, more than 40 inches of snow. snowfall rates five inches an hour. now the dangerous ice. look at this. a plane sliding off the taxiway in baltimore. let's go to rob marciano again
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tonight. >> reporter: tonight, icy roads making another rough ride home, after that deadly winter storm hammered the northeast. parts of upstate new york getting nearly four feet of snow. at baltimore's airport this morning, this spirit air flight from las vegas skidding off an icy runway. no one was hurt. around boston, a treacherous morning commute and huge waves crashing ashore in coastal towns. hundreds of spinouts and crashes across the storm zone. a multicar pileup with injuries on new york's west side. nearly 50 people hurt in accidents across connecticut. how long have you been working today? >> i've been working since 7:00 yesterday morning. >> reporter: holy smokes. over 24 hours? >> over 24 hours, yeah. >> reporter: in central pennsylvania, a fatal crash involving some 60 vehicles shutting down a stretch of interstate 80. tonight, nng new jersey's governor saying the storm did, indeed, delay some vaccine
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deliveries. >> it just may be a little later than otherwise expected. >> reporter: and david, driving around this city, even where the roads are plowed, it is still very, very slick, as these temperatures continue to drop. take a look at the wind chills tomorrow morning. teens and single digits across the snow zone and not really warming up for the weekend. so, what has fallen is going to stick around. david? >> we can hear it in your voice, rob, covering this storm all night long for us and we appreciate it. and with the storm and the pandemic raging tonight, the economy and american jobs and really one more headline underscoring the pain across this country. 885,000 workers applied for unemployment benefits, that was for the first last week. millions looking to congress for relief, so, let's get right back to mary bruce again tonight. mary, what are you hearing from your sources? what are we looking at for stimulus checks? >> reporter: david, even as the economic pain facing millions of americans is only getting worse and thousands are lining up for food during this holiday season,
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tonight, there is still no deal. so, here's where things stand. the bill on the table would provide $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits and likely $600 direct payments to most americans. but tonight, both sides are still haggling over the details, including the amount of those direct checks. there is growing frustration here in washington, but there's also continued optimism that they will ultimately get this done. leaders have vowed they're not leaving washington until they do, but david, it is looking likely that this fight will drag into the weekend. >> all right, mary bruce, you're going to keep us posted every step of the way. thank you, mary. next tonight, the police raid, outrage in chicago. officers barging into the wrong home, it turned out. the social worker who lived there handcuffed. she was wearing nothing. tonight, the city now releasing the body cam video and the mayor is now issuing an apology. here's abc's alex perez. >> go, go, go. >> search warrant! >> reporter: tonight, an investigation under way after
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this disturbing police body cam video shows officers with guns drawn storming into this chicago apartment. >> you've got the wrong house. i live alone! >> reporter: the social worker who lives there, anjanette young, was changing after coming home from work. police handcuffing her as she stood there naked and humiliated. >> tell me what's going on. to have to deal with police officers yelling at me, pointing guns at me -- no one should have to experience that. >> reporter: the incident happened in february of 2019, but the video just now made public. it turns out police did have the wrong apartment. >> you got me in handcuffs, i'm naked, this is not right! >> reporter: the police superintendent and chicago mayor promising change. >> i have an obligation to make that wrong right. >> reporter: and david, young and her attorneys say they plan to file a lawsuit against the city. in 2018, more than $85 million in taxpayer money was used to
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settle police misconduct cases here in chicago. david? >> all right, alex perez reporting from chicago tonight. thank you, alex. and we've been reporting here on that massive cyber attack on the u.s. government. sources telling aby news the russian government is behind it and that it's much worse than first thought. again tonight, pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, federal agencies scrambling, fearing enormous damage in what could be one of the largest cyber attacks in years. and today, this dire warning from homeland security's agency dealing with cyber threats. the hack, quote, poses a grave risk to federal and local governments as well as kris call inf infrastructure. >> the adversaries were going after u.s. government, very sensitive areas of the u.s. government. so, the impact of this across the board could be very large. >> reporter: sources telling abc news that the suspected russian government hackers may have been looking at sensitive emails and communications of u.s. officials since the spring. and the list of federal agencies and departments potentially impacted growing. and word tonight that the energy
3:45 pm
department and its national nuclear security administration which oversees the nation's nuclear weapons stockpiles, had some of its networks breached. energy officials confirmed the hack but said it did not impact national security functions. the compromise is tied to a company called solarwinds, a software used by not only u.s. agencies, but most of the nation's four commune 500 companies. david? >> pierre, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the major headline involving president-elect joe biden today and his historic choice. and later, our made in america christmas and someone you'll definitely know.
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xeljanz. finally, our made in america christmas. we asked for your one thing and we heard from oprah, who had many. tonight, our made in america christmas. this year, so many ideas from all of you. from our local christmas tree farms, the farmers carrying those homegrown trees by helicopter to get them to families waiting. and we asked for your one thing. >> hi, david. >> from wisconsin to michigan, from chicago to san antonio, texas. so many viewers pitching in. and tonight, someone you'll know. >> hey, david. you know, so many of my favorite
3:56 pm
things are made right here in america. >> oprah and her favorite things. and this year, why made in america is especially important. >> this year especially, we wanted to highlight people from around our country who have used their creativity, who have used their passion and their skills to create some wonderfully unique products. >> and like everyone who sends in their ideas, we went to find them. in them fission, phillip ashley chocolates. making chocolate turtles, the chocolate, the cashews, hand-dipping each one. >> hey, david. >> owner phillip ashley ricks. >> check these beauties out. four ounces. from just chocolate and nutty and care mel goodness. >> turns out, six new hires to keep up with holiday demand. wrapping them up, shipping them out. >> made in america! >> lincoln park, new jersey, pride and groom. dog shampoo and conditioner. 60 workers. the company owned by four women. >> hi, david. >> and like so many companies we've profiled this year,
3:57 pm
they're helping in this time. 10% of every sale helping animals in need. >> happy holidays to everyone and we're proud to be made in america. >> and after your pup is clean, how about one of these? dog hoodies from portland, oregon, the company, house dog. >> hi, david. >> owner angela medlen with the hoodies and words especially important this year. grateful, loved, blessed. angela with this message for our viewers tonight. >> you're ensuring the future of these companies and you never know, you may find that your new favorite brand was right in your backyard. >> 3 1/2 year phoebe getting measured. 1-year-old mika testing out the toys. and in new jersey tonight, the johnson family. >> hi, david. welcome to our home. >> they make honey. and it all started to help their 12-year-old son zach with his allergies. and it worked. >> after that, my parents
3:58 pm
decided to sold the excess honey we have. >> named for their children, eight workers, two million worker bees and the johnsons in their beekeeper suit. >> dad is preparing the smoker. what that does, it distracts the bees in case we want to extract honey or feed them a little bit. >> tonight here, something oprah said, and she knows we agree. >> i think it's so important to support your local community. >> and this evening, every family you've met here grateful. >> thank you to oprah, thank you, david, for featuring us. >> thank you, oprah. thank you, david! and happy holidays to everyone. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. thank you, oprah, thank you, david. >> happy holidays. enjoy. >> we will. with those three words in mind. >> made in america! >> we loved hearing from oprah and of course all of you and we'll keep this going. good night.
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the numbers of deaths is accelerating. >> it's horrible. >> icu beds are dwindling, patient counts and deaths rising. today san francisco takes a new stand in the fight against covid-19. >> an increase over these next holiday period could put us over the edge into a catastrophic situation. >> and with that we say good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm kristen sze. let's show you how dire things are now. state health officials reported 52,281 new cases today. this does include some backlog cases but it's not clear how many. there are now 15,431 people hospitalized in the state with covid-19 also a record. more than 3,000 of those patients are in the icu. 379 more californians have lost their lives to the virus and here is what the death data looks like over the past few weeks. on december 10th, 220 people
4:00 pm
died. at that time, that was a new record. the number has been climbing since. this puts it into perspective even more for you. if california were a country, it would rank third for cases in the past 24 hours just behind the u.s. and brazil. the positivity rate an indicator of spread is now 12% in california. so cases are likely to continue to climb. >> now because of numbers like those, san francisco is enacting a mandatory travel order and quarantine. that order which applies only to san francisco we should emphasize means if you leave the ten counties shown right here on your screen, or you're from out of the area and plan to come into san francisco, you must quarantine. melanie woodro has kthe explanation. >> reporter: with christmas fast approaching, san francisco health officials announced a travel order including a ten-day mandatory quarantine for anyone coming into or returning to san francisco. >> yesterday we reached a milestone we were all hoping to