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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 18, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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until january. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. solano, santa cruz and napa got the first taste of stay at home. most other businesses are either closed or allowed to operate outdoors only. now most of you probably got this emergency alert on your phone today. the stay-at-home order kicked in after our region's icu availability dropped under the state's 15% threshold. the earliest it will lift is january 8th three weeks away. so we'll ride through christmas and new years like this. >> most people compile with the rules doing their part to stop the spread of coronavirus. but not everyone. we've told you before about a local yoga studio that's been holding maskless indoor classes throughout the pandemic. the owner doesn't believe coronavirus is real. >> i mean, if it's a pandemic wouldn't we be stacking bodies? we don't hear of anybody dying.
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>> at last count coronavirus claimed 22,000 california lives including 200 in san mateo county where this oyoga studio violates the rules. stephanie sierra has been on the case for months and joins us live tonight, steph? >> indoor yoga studios were shut down three weeks ago but this business has been advertising indoor classes for the last two weeks while covid cases continue surging across the bay area. >> county and state regulations require everyone have a mask inside. >> yeah, well, it's everybody's option, though. >> what? >> it's everybody's option. >> they have a state require the. >> i'm not making them wear masks. >> thomas is the owner. we tried to explain the state health order to him back in october after 16 complaints with concerns over health and safety were filed against his business. >> it's himy business and my
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choice. >> not exactly. the yoga studio qualifies as an indoor fitness gym that is required to close indoor operations around three weeks ago on november 29th. on december 4 th, he posted this on facebook. we just keep bringing the heat. no fear mongers here and continued over the past two weeks to advertise indoor classes. last night at least 14 people who appeared not to be wearing masks entered the business for two separate classes. >> i want to understand why you're continuing to offer indoor classes right now. can you explain? >> because i have a right to. >> actually, he doesn't. heather leads san mateo county they received complaints about pacifica beach yoga and investigating. >> while you make it a priority to look into this? >> certainly we'll be investigating it. >> the unit was launched mid october to make sure businesses compile. as of today, units received 723
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complaints about businesses across the county. that's prompted 80 written warnings. >> the vast majority of businesses just wt to do the right thing and they are after some guidance. >> reporter: in antoon's case. >> it's a vicelation of the health advisory. >> go away [ bleep ]. >> the covid compliance unit has received specific complaints about pacifica beach yoga and is in the process of investigating. we reached out to pacifica police but yet to hear back. >> stephanie, thank you. surprised people want to take classes indoors at this point. projecting your health. that's part of building a better bay area. the latest data from the state is bad but not the worst that we've seen this week. the only records set today are for hospitalized and icu patients. numbers we've seen grow continually for more than a week. look at the map now. it shows where the bulk of the patients are and that is
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southern california where a lot of people refuse to wear masks. the top five counties with the most patients are all in southern california. icu availability in that region down to zero. >> i don't think i've ever heard of l.a. county of all the icu beds they are hitting zero capacity because of a normal winter surge. so anyone who is out there who still has any doubt towards this pandemic or doubts of the severity, i challenge you and beg you to go volunteer in a covid unit. go actually look to see what is happening right now because it's undeniably terrible. >> but there is a hint of good news when we talk about the bay area this chart, you'll see ou daily cases, the average is slightly down from the peak reached earlier this week. big news today, the fda authorized moderna's vaccine that means it can begin distribution immediately. the fda spoke minutes ago about this historic decision. >> we worked quickly based on the urgency of this global
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pandemic, not because of external pressure. the transparency around our review of the moderna covid-19 vaccine should assure the public that this vaccine met the vacci rigorous standards. >> only pfizer's vaccine had been authorized since yesterday. they are receiving more allocations than anticipated. >> we hoped to get 393,000 vaccinations or doses allocated to the state in that second allocation but we were told yesterday by cdc hhs they are cutting that by 40%. so it went from 393,000 down to 233,025. >> vaccinations are underway in every bay area county in san mateo county, there there theree countdown. >> three, two, one.
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[ cheers ] >> and there they go taking the shots. so sutter health provided us with this video. leon simms is the senior vice president of medical affairs for the nba, the national basketball association. he helped actually put together the nba bubble and you'll recall teams finished the season and went basically three months without a single coronavirus case. simms is also an emergency room doctor at mills peninsula. >> i believe it to be safe and effective which is why i'm getting it. i'll recommend this vaccine to my family members when they're able to get it and i'm going to advocate for you-all to get the vaccine, as well. >> and today we learned that during the first day of vaccinations, more than 3200 people in california received the shot. dr. anthony fauci talked about what it will take to reopen schools during a live
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stream q and a today. >> the idea of vaccinating teachers is very high up in the priority as well as doing surveillance in the schools so that you can get a good feel for the penetration of infection, which hopefully, will continue to be low and not have to shut down every time you get a student that's infected. >> dr. fauci also acknowledged california's struggle to slow down the spread of covid-19 but assured as weeks go on the light at the end of the tunnel will get quote brighter and brighter. >> vaccinations will help protect all of us but the process will take months. it's why we need to stay vigilant now and as we mentioned, the state's stay-at-home order applies to the entire bay area region. also starting today, a ten-day quarantine for anybody coming into san francisco from outside the bay area and announcements could be heard today at sfo. >> san francisco and santa clara counties now require a ten-day
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quarantine upon arrival. other bay area counties have other restrictions. please visit fly for additional information. >> sfo says they're seeing an 80% drop in passenger arrivals and departures compared to this time last year. the city of oak lachbland j announced budget cuts because of the pandemic. leadership staff have to take ten unpaid days off in the next six month. pay raises are on hold and hire something frozen and over time is cut for police and f firefighters. oakland's budget has a $62 million deficit now. the general fund will be insolvent by june of 2021 with spe -- if spending cuts aren't made. it no secret the pandemic is having a dramatic impact on small businesses. many need a small shopping season to finish in the black.
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wayne freedman looks business district in marin coun county. >> reporter: this is an exercise in optimism, keeping the place stocked in the midst of a pandemic stay-at-home order that left an thoue annie and her fam crippled but not limping. >> never in our wildest dreams. it been really tough. >> reporter: they thrived on fourth street since 1946 and go back generations as the go-to place for local teams. >> especially when this first started, it was baseball season for us and that just totally apekt affected us. >> reporter: if a business district could represent main stream usa this would qualify. it the life blood of the economy in the region. right now an economic organism that is hemorrhaging. >> it's been a little slower definitely. >> reporter: vicki of the jewelers guild under states that
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point. walk along fourth street and read the signs in these times. they're not good. the more doors to close, the fewer feet on the street is anywhere. >> i think we just got to white knuckle it until it clear. >> reporter: white knuckling is never easy at christmas when a county stay-at-home order conflicts with the concept of supporting your local business. they rarely work in concert, but here is one exception. >> i'm astounded how busy this store is. >> reporter: red devil records, there is a line outside after 22 years on fourth street, barry is having his best quarter ever selling old records to people stuck at home. >> you know what? i b shiet it m the eler eporr:te nng feel gutyab aui t beroof business on a main street in this, the strangest of years. in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. coming up next, meet the wop behind the oakland gift box.
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her business plans had to change because of the pandemic and what she came up with is selling out. hundreds overthousands of workers have just found out they may have to pay back a lot of their unemployment benefits. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, who has to pay what. spencer christian, our days will be getting warmer as winter gets closer. i'll have the
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late this afternoon oakland police released intense video that shows a man running over
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police officers. chaotic scene. it ended with officers shooting and killing the driver. >> i got ran over. >> this happened at 92nd avenue near holly street. police were investigating multiple robberies of marijuana dispensaries. several videos captured looks like a struggle between officers at least one suspect and then a white car comes into the video and hits multiple officers. you saw it backing up there. then multiple gunshots moments later killing the man inside. a total of four officers were injured. they are expected to recover. oakland police say this case is under investigation. house speaker fan eer nanc and mitch mcconnell received the coronavirus vaccine today. mcconnell receive the shot after showing a quarter of u.s. adults are unsure if they will get it and vice president mike pence rolled up his sleeve today. the vice president received the pfizer vaccine at walter reed
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medical center as did second lady karen pence and jerome adams. president elect biden is scheduled to get the vaccine next week. >> lawmakers are trying to buy themselves more time to reach a deal on a new covid relief package. tonight the senate fallowollowee house and stopped a partial government shutdown. they hope to tie the bill to a $900 million covid relief package. >> i'm more of tptimistic than t night for a major rescue package is very close at hand. >> i pray that the negotiators will be able to spend good time today and report to us soon that they have reached an agreement. >> the central elements of the compromise appear in place. they include $300 billion in aid to businesses, a $300 federal unemployment bonus and $600 payments to individuals. >> just before the holidays, thousands of self-employed and
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gig workers found out they may have to pay back unemployment benefits they already received. michael finney live with the latest edd crisis. imagine getting this news a week before christmas. >> i know. you're trying to buy gifts and this is what you hear from the state? look, it is a crisis. nearly a million workers notified the government wants them to cough up some cash. >> we're trying to do the best we can and now this? >> she had a steady face painting business when the pandemic hit making it impossible or unlawful to do her job. >> being a face painter, there is no way i can paint you. i can't even get within arm's length of you. >> the federal cares act kicked in with first ever unemployed benefits for self-employed and gig workers like lily. it was a lifesaver but the government is asking for a lot of that money back. >> well, what? you know, what? now all these months later.
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that amount of money can be thousands of dollars. now pay it back. i wouldn't have taken it in the first place. >> it money lily has already spent. >> i would have made different choices for the last six months of not buying steak, i could have bought hot dogs. >> problems began last april when gig workers applied for unemployment. benefits were supposed to be based on the net income in 2019 and confusion many reported their gross income instead, that caused edd to pay them too much and now it wants the extra money back. >> that could be 13,000 for >> they needed a net income of $46,000 to qualify. less income got a lesser prorated amount. lily and others said the edd website had misleading
6:18 pm
instructions. >> you want my net or gross and it said gross. >> so they reported too much income and got too much money. now edd is offering them a repayment plan with interest tacked on. >> give me a loan. i didn't want a loan. >> on top of having to come up with money, benefits for the self-employed are about to be cut off entirely on the day after christmas unless congress acts fast. >> it's just heartbreaking. it heartbreak upon heartbreak upon heartbreak. >> the cares act makes it illegal, do you believe that? the cares act -- let me say this again. the cares act makes it illegal for edd to forgive these over payments however, congress is considering a waiver to let workers keep the extra money if the mistake was honest. it's all part of the proposed relief bill and as you guys reported earlier, the relief bill isn't exactly a sure thing right now. back to you guys. >> michael, thank you. what a mess.
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one of the ways we're working to build a better bay area here at abc 7 is looking at the affects of the covid-19 pandemic on the local economy. one oakland woman developed a project helping restaurants in her community called the oakland gift box. abc 7 news anchor has the story. >> i am the creator of the oakland gift box. >> tracy is so much more than that, though. before i explained what the oakland gift box is, you need to know she's the mastermind behind the wildly popular best food in oakland instagram account and blog and on the gift shop in uptown oakland for the last 13 years. >> i had plans for the future and future success. i had plans for new businesses and then, you know, covid came. >> the pandemic pulled her passion right from under her. >> and then on september 30th i closed my store for good, which is still very strange thing to
6:20 pm
say. >> so remember her instagram, okay? this is where the story takes a positive turn. with the extra time on her hands, the self-proclaimed food d used her platform to help struggling restaurants. >> i thought i would want some kind of like gift card or certificate or some kind of box, you know, just some random thing from the universe that showered on me. >> her random idea turned into an instant success. her first round of boxes including small oakland themed gifts and more importantly, items to drive people to restaurants, all of it donated and to her surprise, she sold out. >> the restaurants aren't saying here take my food becaus what would be the point of that but it's spend $25 and you'll get $25 in additional food. when i did the math, i realized i sold 105 boxes.
6:21 pm
there are tens certificates. that's 1,050 food transactions. >> up next is the oakland black box highlighting the town. >> i have plans to be the box lady, i guess. [ laughter ] >> but i'm excited about it. >> $5 from each sale goes to the alameda county food bank. the black boxes being tied to quanza. coming up a seven-day forecast that will make you glad you live in california. what a
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. all right. chilly outside heading into winter. >> it struck me because we're normally working from home. this is the first time i've seen spencer christian live and in person in six, seven, eight current temperature readings, 48 half moon bay and low to mid 50s san francisco and san jose and morgan hill. another beautiful view from the east bay hills camera looking
6:25 pm
westward 50 in that vnovato and the view sutro tower, nice clear view. these are the forecast feature with patching dense morning fog. sunny and mild and winter solstice occurs monday at 2:02 a.m. and larry will be up for that. [ laughter ] dense fog advisory from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. tomorrow for much of the valley. the visibility down to a quarter of a mile or less. hazardous driving conditions so bear that in mind. if you're going to be out in the morning hours but during the overnight hours, if you're concerned how chilly it will be, low temperatures in the 30s. right around the bay shoreline upper 30s to about 40. so it will be chilly just about everywhere in the bay area tonight. thunderstorm look for sunny skies and i wouldn't call it a mild day but it won't be very
6:26 pm
chilly, either. upper 50s will be the highs on the coast and just above upper 50s i should say to just above 60 degrees around the bay shoreline and up to about 62, 63 in the warmest inland spot. next week, notice active wet weather moving to our north. not going to touch the bay area until perhaps late friday christmas day we might get some sprinkles in the bay area. here is the seven-day forecast. mild and dry days ahead. all the way through next week. except at the end of the week on christmas, a slight chance of some late afternoon early erch sh -- evening showers, larry? >> i'll be up at 2:02 a.m. calling you. we're one week away from christmas. coming up tonight, meet the couple that transformed their home into a life sized, yes, life sized ginger bread house. unbelievable. we're wrapping up vaccine week here on abc 7 news. next up, you'll hear from people
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we are at a crucial point in the covid-19 pandemic. the fda authorized the vaccine giving us not one but two tools too fight the pandemic. abc 7 news dedicated this week to what you needs to know about the vaccines and a key quon. ofly h andng wany amensross tco 67f ameri w w w w w w w >>osy.>>osy. opun >> i wlly prer get the r ct
6:31 pm
eove. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. >>hye. market be we rea fee mforeh kwi reay wh sy evie tre al is. e isn al cent invemb searchw search 38aidyouldot get a covid rack sevaccine but 18% sa possible they could change their mind when there is information available. he wants to know the speedy process did not change the cost of safety. >> it's called operation warp. that means big enemies. >> stanford infectous disease expert is a member of the federal advisory committee on
6:32 pm
immunization practices. she understands how quickly pfizer and moderna's vaccine and assured that hasn't hintered the process. >> it's a routine process and evaluation about the safety of these vaccines and these have been shortened because of the incredible need by the pandemic and we have to be responsive to the pandemic. safety is a matter of benefits and risks and in the context of feeling that the benefits far out weigh the unknown risks. >> according to preliminary data, the clear benefit is both vaccines are 95% effective in preventing the illness that causes covid-19. >> it's a much safer way for individuals to become immune to covid-19 to get the vaccine rather than get the disease. >> there is heightened fear among those first in line to receive the vaccine in long-term care facilities. >> it's a real issue for the front line staff. >> mike sits on the california
6:33 pm
vaccine advisory committee. >> it's income bent upkucumbent take the opportunity to hear their concerns and responding to them rather than telling them what they have to do. >> the national association of health care assistance surveyed more than 3100 certified nursing assistants or cnas last month. around 71% indicated no, they would not take the vaccine while just over 22% said yes they would. >> i realize that's a pretty small sample size. what are you seeing from your perspective? >> what i'm seeing from my institution and coal lelleagues across the country, the health care work force is tremendously enthusiastic about the ability to be able to receive vaccines. >> to put that in perspective, a survey has been sent out to 30,000 stanford health care workers. two-thirds have responded. 80% of which indicated they will take a covid vaccine with only 4% declining.
6:34 pm
stephanie ssierra, abc 7 news. >> before we can continue on, we're aware we're having signal issues at the moment. this is being worked on so hopefully it will get smoothed out shortly. >> hundreds of doctors and nurses at sanford hospital protested the vaccine distribution plan this morning claiming it prioritizes administrators over front line workers. the hospital received 3900 doses of the pfizer vaccine this week but demonstrators say only seven out of the 1300 medical residents and fellows were offered a vaccine. the majority of doses were made available to administrators and management. many works from home. >> there were many human beings looking at the output of the alga rhythm saying yes, this is okay, go forward. that feels unacceptable. >> stanford released a statement apologizing calling it an era and promising to revise the plan. this afternoon, abc 7 news
6:35 pm
hosted a virtual town hall to answer your questions about the covid-19 vaccine. top of the list for a lot of people, how do you get the vaccine if you're not a front line health worker or first responder? one panel member says your job title will be a deciding factor like schoolteachers, farm workers and grocery clerks. >> we have to depend on everybody to be honest about whether they really belong in that group but we're still working this out but there will be lots of different ways to get informed. >> news of the fda's authorization of moderna's vaccine broke in the middle of our town hall program and prompted this response about safety concerns especially from communities of color. >> this is a worldwide scientific achievement and so those who are into the conspiracy theories somehow or another this is a vaccine designed to injure people of color for example or whatever, this is something that was done by the collaboration of
6:36 pm
scientists from all over the world. >> the panel stressed the importance of seeking your doctor's advice. they warned there is so much information that can be more contagious than the virus itself. you can find this week's special stories in depth online at and if you have questions, go to to get them answered there. you'll find this form on most of our stories to send your questions directly to us here at a bbc 7 news. coming up next, meet the world war ii veteran that just received a medal today at age 107. also ahead. ♪ deck the halls >> the sounds of the season for a very deserving senior. i'm dion lim in napa with the surprise show of generosity. ♪ fa - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. [lea] i'm a retired art teacher.
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come a 107-year-old world war ii veteran was presented with the congressional gold medal today. moon chin was assigned to the china air task force, later the 13th air force. he flew multiple missions over
6:40 pm
the him the he's the oldest world war ii veter veteran. >> thank you. i'm honored to receive the gold medal. we hopes the generations remember the sacrifices all the world war ii veterans. >> wow. he looks great. 107. chin and others gained veteran status in 1993 including the victory medal, air medal and distinguished flying cross. wow. new at 6:00, the sea lion stuck under a san francisco police boat was rescued today. volunteers with the marine mammal center and sfpd officers used a net to pull the 200 pound lion on the decks and shuttled it into a crate. the sea lion named frosty was first reported under the police
6:41 pm
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from trash to treasure a couple transformed their home into a life size ginger bread melissa shows us how their home is a holiday event. >> you don't feel like you're in california. you're in a magical whimsical dream land. it makes a lot of people happy. we have about 6,000 lights. this is a way of bringing out the inner child and inner magic that everyone has and deserves around this time of year. this is v and a's gingy house. i like the term gingy better. it's easier to say. when we really thought about what things we had lying around the house, stuff we would throw away, we said well, instead of throwing stuff out into the
6:45 pm
garbage, let's see if we can turn it into art and make a display for christmas. >> smells really good like candy. >> new this year we have a chimney that puts out cotton candy fog. it adds to theit. >> we enjoy it all. >> we hear a lot of our guests come and say it's an ed skas esm reality. we never imagined the positive responses. it a gift to the community to enjoy especially during this year of 2020 that's been challenging for many of us. really means a lot to us. it really more community involvement now. >> did i hear cotton candy smelling fog? that's pretty amazing. >> it is wild. >> that's sparing no expense. you can enjoy v and a's gingy
6:46 pm
house through the first weekend of january. >> we'll help eat it down to nothing after the holidays, right? finally something to smile about for a north bay woman that had a rough year. dion lim shows us how the efforts of a single mom helped make it happen. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> reporter: they say not to give away the best part of the story right away but with sounds like this we couldn't help you. >> beautiful. >> oh my gosh, it's fabulous. >> reporter: what is happening outside the napa care center is a beautifully orchestrated surprise for mimi west that could really use holiday cheer. >> she's had so much loss. >> reporter: lindsey is the woman who made it happen. she went to school with mimi's son phillip. >> he was a good guy, a good person and, you know, his mom told me after september 11th happened, he felt a need to serve his country, and he signed up for the marines. >> reporter: and was killed by a road side bomb during the iraq
6:47 pm
war one year later. ♪ silver bells >> reporter: lindsey reached out to mimi and found life had not been kind. her son kyle that suffered from depression died but suicide and her husband a former city council member died of a heart attack. this year has been particularly hard f hard. >> i feel bad she's alone here not allowed to see visitors. >> reporter: that's when lindsey reached out to us and we reached out to sal the floral guy and his wife dena. >> this makes life worth living, helping others. gives us joy and makes it worth it. >> reporter: and see's candies all like the silver bells wanted to pitch in. >> music is the important part of the holiday season. >> so many of them are alone during the holidays. to see her eyes light up was rewarding. >> reporter: let this serve as a reminder that kindness is all around us. >> i could just tell how much
6:48 pm
she appreciated it and it really, i mean, it brought tears to my eyes. >> oh gosh. i just want to wish everybody a merry christmas. >> reporter: in napa, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> wow. >> so nice to see people helping each other. it really is. especially this year, it's tough. >> that's what this time of the year is about. yeah. >> that is true. let's get one last check of the weather. we're a week away from christmas. >> one week away. it will be chilly tonight. feels like christmastime. dropping down to the 30s and 40. dense fog is going to develop in the central valley and spill over through the straight and delta but tomorrow afternoon sunny skies and high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the costa 60, 62 degrees. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast after a
6:49 pm
couple mild days, winter arrives on monday. 2:02 a.m. dry all of next week september christmas day. we might get a sprinkle or two. larry and dion -- larry and ama? >> whoever. thank you, spencer. >> yes, that's what the bosses say. joking. [ laughter ] >> i'm in for dan. speaking of whoever, i'm in for dan. chris alvarez is handling sports. >> jeremy lin depending who you ask is coming to the bay and kyle shanahan hasn't thought about the playoffs. what he has going on with the niners in arizona and the spartans have a
6:50 pm
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jeremy lin last played in 2019 when he was on the toronto rapt tore's team. his name was floated around in reports today he signed a deal with the g league team in santa cruz. lin quoting whoa everybody chill. no decisions have been made. the 32-year-old guard played last season in the chinese basketball association. lin has been recently working out with the g league develop mental team in walnut creek. we'll wait and stay tuned what happens. the warriors open the season in brooklyn on tuesday. kyrie irving burning sagegarden.
6:53 pm
kevin durant, baseline hoop and foul. getting warmed up. in transition and spencer, that's a bucket. that's two points right there. kyrie irving likes that. midway through the second now. warrior fans remember this, kyrie pop, that's k.d. pop and stop three is good, 4-2 at the half and brooklyn lead by 18 at the half. it's 88-60 nets in the third. with the santa clara county covid restrictions extending through january 8th. they will finish the regular season in the arizona desert. this confirms the regular season finally on january 3rd will be caught in arizona. the team is working on getting the families to the desert to celebrate the holidays. for the football team, he was honest about the assessment where they were now. >> i thought we had a chance to get better each weekend after the ram's game. we've taken two steps back so i haven't thought about playoffs
6:54 pm
or three games. it's important to me we play better. there is a certain standard we expect no matter what your excuses are, it's -- i know we can play better than we have. >> the last time saints' guarder back drew brees played this season is when he took this vicious hit. he had 1 broken r1 broken ribs punctured lung. new orleans currently in second in the nfc battling with green bay for the top spot. that's 6-0 the san jose state spartans kick the top 25 this week. they are number 24. it's the first time the team has ever been ranked in that poll and check this out, spartans new home away from home in las vegas prepped and ready to go for the mountain west championship. the spartans have been road warriors playing in hawaii and settling in las vegas. saturday afternoon the biggest game in program history taking on perennial power boise state
6:55 pm
and a lot of respect to go around. >> it's a unique program. if you look back, way back, this team has won and had success forever. the biggest challenge is all of it. no one thing you can pinpoint the biggest challenge. >> san jose state is good. this is why you work hard to be in a game like this and play for a championship and you expect the other team will be very good as well which is exactly the case. >> see this. shots of tiger and charlie woods went viral yesterday because of their identical swings back on the course again today for a practice round at the pnc championship. at 11 charlie will be the youngest player to compete in an event. he's paired with the 15-time major winning father tiger woods. this is a funny tweet. the prosa said tiger pass the dn the golf gifts to his son and my dad passed down arm hair to me. i don't know if you seen the
6:56 pm
tweet but it got a lot of pub on social media. > thanks, chris. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> san francisco schools were projected to open for in person learning on january 25th. but that's not happening anymore. tonight mayor london breed's strong message to the unified school district. and life after the vaccine. what will it look like once most of us have gotten the shot? that's all coming up. here is tonight's prime timelineup on abc 7 at 8:00. catch "olaf's frozen gts. >> that's so good. >> you like that? >> and "shrek the halls" good. >> tell the family that can make their own dinner. >> don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. you need your time to enjoy olaf
6:57 pm
and shrek. >> they already had dinner so maybe i'll tune in. grab the family and watch that tonight. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for the news any time on the abc 7 news app. >> thanks for joining us. >> for spencer christian, a rare instudio appearance by spencer, well, me, too. and chris alvarez, all of us here, have
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a voiceover actor and realtor from tarzana, california... a behavioral genetics researcher originally from portland, oregon... and our returning champion-- a policy intern from las vegas, nevada... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'm going to begin today's program by asking the same question i asked at the end of yesterday's show.
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will today be the day that brayden gets to go over $100,000? amanda and devon will have something to say about that, i'm sure. good luck, players. here we go. ♪ let's take a look at the categories, shall we? starting off with... next... a whole category devoted to the late justice. and... "r-e" coming up at the end of each correct response. - champ, off you go. - ruth bader ginsburg, $1,000. brayden. - who is scalia? - yes. $800, ginsburg. answer... [ applause ] you are consistent. $1,000.


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