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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 18, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. san francisco schools are no longer reopening on january 25th for in-person learning. what san francisco's mayor, london breed had to say to the union tonight. >> protests break out at stanford as frontline workers say they were not prioritized in the vaccine. >> oakland's mayor announcing painful cuts. what that could mean for city workers. >> coming up on the last weekend of fall, i will let you know if the weather will cooperate with your outdoor plans. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> why can't we get the schools ready to get open as soon as possible? >> anger and frustration
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tonight. san francisco public school students won't be returning to classrooms in late january as planned. they failed to come to an agreement on reopening. >> reporter: roughly 14,000 students between january and march were scheduled to go back to in-person classes in san francisco. that is not happening anymore. >> this is a sad day for kids in the city. >> reporter: mayor breed said the union has realistic requirements. >> we won't be able to realistically test every student every week. we won't be able to make sure that a certain percentage of people are vaccinated before opening a school. >> according to the san francisco unified district, labor groups proposed no staff or students go back to in-person classes until the city is in the orange tier. in a statement the superintendent said i am
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disappointed that we cannot offer a guaranteed date for when we can resume in-person learning for the youngest and the most vulnerable students. >> it is ridiculous. we are behind so many states. >> reporter: part of the san francisco parents groups open schools sf. she is concerned more students will fall behind when they go back to distance learning on january 5th. >> the most vulnerable. >> reporter: now the group of parents are planning to rally in sacramento on january 16th. they are calling for state intervention. hospitals are stretched incredibly thin tonight. state wide just 2.1% availability of icu beds. completely out of space. in the bay area we see 12.8% availability. >> tonight the bay area enterss it first weekend under the
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state's strict lockdowns. the rules kicked in after the region's icu availability dropped below the state's 15% thresholds. that means restaurants can only do takeout and delivery. most others are closed or allowed to operate outdoors only. most of you got the alert today. the earliest the lock down could be lifted, january 8th. >> the fda just authorized a second vaccine for emergency use. a panel found the vaccine more than 94% effective and may reduce asymptomatic infection after one shot and could stop the spread of the virus. >> so who gets the vaccine and when? as we learned today at stanford, hospitals are making the
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decisions too. matt boone found that comes with a lot of leeway. >> reporter: stanford medical residents protested saying they work with protests every day but were skipped over while physicians that worked from home were vaccinated instead. >> to not be offered a vaccine when i am at the hospital, face timing from home and i am in the covid positive room and they are offered the vaccine. it is very hurtful. >> stanford admitted they made an error in the process writing we apologize to our entire community. residents, fellows and other front line providers who performed heroically. we are immediately revising our plan to better sequence the distribution of the vaccine. >> there is not necessarily a right way of doing it. there area a lot of important factors. >> reporter: she has drafted the
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state's tier roll out guidelines as a member of the advisory board to the california department of public health. >> there are two sets of national guidance. >> reporter: once the hospitals receive the vaccines they have a lot of leeway to decide who gets it first. >> they also don't know necessarily how much they will have and how many people will accept and refuse. >> reporter: matt boone, abc 7 news. most people comply with the rules, but some business owners defied authorities. we told you before about a local yoga studio that have been holding maskless indoor classes throughout the pandemic. where is the enforcement for the businesses? >> the county and state regulations require everyone have a mask inside. >> well everybody's option is for a mask. i am not making them wear masks. >> reporter: the owner of
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pacifica beach yoga. after 16 complaints with concerns over health and safety were filed against his business. >> it is my business and my choice. >> reporter: not exactly. his yoga studio qualifies as know indoor fitness gym and required to close indoor operations around three weeks ago, on november 29th. on december 4th, he posted this on facebook. we just keep bringing the heat. no fearmongers here. continued over the past two weeks to advise indoor classes. last night at least 14 people who appeared not to be wearing masks entered the business for two separate classes. we want to understand why you are continuing to offer indoor classes? >> because i have a right to. >> reporter: he doesn't. the covid compliance unit received complaints and is currently investigating.
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will you make it a priority for the complaints to look into this? >> certainly we will be investigating this. >> reporter: the unit was launched in october to ensure businesses comply with the state's order. as of today the units received 723 complaints about businesses across the county prompting 80 written warnings. >> the vast majority of businesses want to do the right thing and are after guidance. >> reporter: it is a violation of the health advisory. >> go away. >> reporter: the covid compliance unit received specific complaints and is in the process of investigating. we reached out to pacifica police but have yet to hear back. in the east bay oakland's mayor is bracing workers for painful cuts as the city faces a major budget short fall made worse by the pandemic.
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>> we know there will be difficult decisions to make. all of the options that we have and whatever combination of options, none of them are good or pleasant. >> reporter: the mayor announced cuts are coming to address a short fall that continues to grow. in an e-mail to city staff she writes we know it is painful and scary news to hear. but if we work together we will get through this extraordinary challenge. leadership staff will be first in line to shoulder the cuts taking ten unpaid days, deferring the pay increase and any annual salary increases. appearing on abc 7's midday live earlier in the week, the mayor said the city is in a tough spot. >> we are out of the one-time fixes. this is a moment where we are seriously going to have to make service cuts if we cannot get aid from the federal government. >> i hope that most of what we do is done in cooperation and
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through negotiations with our workforce. >> the greatest needs and priorities is to meet the needs on the street of the safety, dealing with our homeless situation. >> reporter: oakland has 5,000 city employees. the city council will hear more details on other cost-cutting measures. chris reyes for abc 7 news. immigrant right supporters say san francisco is not doing enough. >> life after the covid vaccine. what can we expect our new normal to look like. >> boosting spirits in the south bay, we will take you to a really cool street where they are spreading holiday cheer. >> i am sandhya patel, winters just around the
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>> spanish speaking immigrants gathered in san francisco's mission district tonight saying there has been a lack of support from the city in the covid-19 crisis. immigrant families shared stories of their struggle in the crisis which hit the community hard. the group faith in action bay area presenteds it demands including rent relief and easing regulations for financial help. >> abc 7 news dedicated this week to what you need to know about vaccines. the race to vaccinate americans is underway, there are so many unknowns including how long it will take. if the months drag on, could it lead to a viral divide? >> abc 7 morning news anchor explains what life could be like in a world of vaccine haves and have-notes. >> reporter: a world without masks, where you glide through
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the airport or sit down to dinner wherever you want. the question now is will you need a so-called vaccine passport to get there? proof that you had the shot. some experts say it does not have to. >> if it comes out with a high acceptance rate like 60 to 70% of people, we are done. >> reporter: what if vaccinations slow. infectious disease expert george rutherford of ucsf says the problems would begin if many months go by and some groups have trouble get shots or a significant number choose not to, leaving us short of the majority needed to reach an overall herd immunity. at that point some worry about vaccine haves and have-notes. >> you are the one that will go to see the giants play and the a's game and go to a restaurant. you are the one that gets to go to the movie theater and that united airlines wants on the
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plane. >> reporter: an airline trade group is finalizing plans for a vaccine travel pass and the department of defense released images of a vaccine card for recipients. could they be the calling cards of a split society? >> i am not sure i believe in airlines or restaurants doing that. i think that instead, let's get people vaccinated fast as we can. >> reporter: researchers have not determined whether vaccinated people could still be infectious for a time. and she believes that precautions will be critical in the months to come, even with increased pressure to return to normal. >> they just continue to wear their masks until everybody, enough of the people are vaccinated so we can get to herd immunity. >> reporter: some have suggested mandating vaccinations as soon as they are available for groups like students returning to school and possibly accelerating the drive towards herd immunity.
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>> well i always prefer knowledge to mandates. mandates are very unpopular, but mandates tend to get the job done. >> reporter: they believe getting vaccines distributed as quickly and wisely as possible is the key to avoiding fractured months with the prospect of passport privileges and vaccine haves and have-notes. >> i think that is where we are going to end up with infection rates dropping. >> reporter: and perhaps ultimately realizing the illusive dream of a re of a re normal. you will find all of this week's and in-depth stories online at let's talk about the weather. christmas week is coming up. larry, aside from the weather i am dying to know which present
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under sandhya's tree is yours and which is mine. >> hopefully she will tweet it out to everybody to know. i don't want it to be a struggle, you know. sandhya, take it away. >> never a struggle. never a struggle. how about this one? >> terrific. >> this one for ama. >> perfect. perfect. >> i didn't say there was anything in them. all right. let's take a look at a live picture right now. just a stunning view at this hour as we look towards the bay lights. it is just a calm evening. chilly, patchy, dense fog. sunny and mild this weekend and the winter solstice occurs monday 2:02 in the morning. the season is changing. right now on live doppler 7 we do not have rain, but i am tracking fog coming in from the central valley, and it will be
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spilling over. take a look at the fog forecast. you will notice the offshore winds really push the fog in that direction. tomorrow morning there is a dense fog advisory for that region that begins early, at 2:00 a.m. visibility will be a quarter mile or less. hazardous driving conditions. you want to use your low beams and leave enough space. 30s, 40s. it is getting cold outside. clear skies. tomorrow morning we are expecting patches of fog, and it will be down to 30 degrees in napa. 31 in santa rosa. dropping below freezing. 32. best to grab a jacket before you go. sunshine in the south bay. 64 in gilroy. 60 in san mateo. temperatures will bounce back compared to today. north bay, 60.
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64 in santa rosa. 59 in napa. east bay communities, temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. head inland, concord, pleasanton in the lower 60s. people want to know about the next opportunity for rain. monday night's system brings us more cloud cover. we really have to wait until christmas. now it is looking like it will come in, possibly, as early as christmas afternoon. rain, snow in the sierra and another system coming through here on sunday. it is not entirely a dry forecast. we need the rain and we may see some by christmas. cold couple of mornings ahead. mild days as you will notice. winter begins on monday morning. we keep it dry for the first few days of winter. by christmas eve things change and christmas day we do see the opportunity for rain. ama, larry, i am going to put these in the mail. >> that is okay.
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>> perfect. >> i am hoping for keys to a tesla. >> okay. oh, yeah. sure, coming right up. >> yeah. >> i can't wait. >> >> all right. the
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in the east bay, a holiday drive through. gets everybody into the spirit of giving. valley christian church partnered with city serve to show the christmas story and take a sneak peek at santa's workshop and opportunity to bring food items for residents in need and raised more than $12,500 and collected 110 bags
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of food. way to go. the drive through takes place again tomorrow night. >> awesome. a south san jose neighborhood is attracting big crowds safely from all around town. it is a tradition that started 25 years ago. they had a vision to light up every house and tree on the street. the display has grown every year with lights crisscrossing the street and a live deejay playing christmas hits. >> very impressive. chris alvarez is here tonight handling sports. >> coming up in sports, is jeremy lin headed back to the bay? and a few days until the warriors' season b
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening, jeremy lin last played in the nba in 2019 as a member of the raptors team that beat the warriors in the nba finals. his name was floated around and he signed a deal with the warriors' g-league team in santa cruz and quickly tweeted whoa, everybody chill. lin played last season in the chinese basketball association and has been working out with the g-league developmental team in walnut croak. kyrie irving burning sage in the boston garden. durant in transition. pull-up three is good. 14 at the break. all nets.
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k.d. looking good. working back from the torn achilles. 25 points, 6 rebounds. nets win it 113-89. 6-0, the san jose spartans cracked the college football top 25. they are number 24. now the mountain west championship game against boise state tomorrow. in las vegas, prepped and ready to host the mountain west championship game. spartans, playing a home game in hawaii and now las vegas due to covid restrictions. the team has been preparing for this very moment since march. >> climbing the mountain was the idea that you do not climb a mountain at once. you do it a step at a time. that is something that started with us. they attacked the off-season, even though it was the strangest in the history of college football. >> usc hosting oregon.
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anthony brown to travis dye. 28-14. usc down by seven. rolls right. and jamal hill, what an interception that was. final play of the game. usc needs a hail mary but the pressure is all over slovis. oregon wins 31-24 ending usc's perfect season. this abc 7
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all right. that will do it for the week. we made it. thanks for joining us. >> you sound exhausted there.
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get exhilarated, the weekend is >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- john mulaney, rita wilson, and music from devon gilfillian. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone, thanks. oh, it's -- it's too much already. i'm jimmy, i'm host of the show. thank you for watching the show on giving tuesday, #givingtuesday. can you believe we used to be terrible without hashtags? [ laughter ] it seems weird to have giving tuesday after everyone spent all their money on black friday and cyber monday and give me some of that saturday. [ laughter ] but that's how we do it. america first. this was nice. in honor of giving tuesday, jeff bezos, founder of amazon, the world's richest man, gave his employees an extra 90 seconds to use the bathroom today. [ laughter ] no one had to sprint. [ applause ]


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