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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 20, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> this morning the first boxes of moderna vaccine are being boxed up and rolled out of the mckesson packing station in olive branch, mississippi. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, december 20th. i'm liz kreutz and we'll have much more on the rollout of the moderna vaccine happening right now in a moment. if you're just joining us, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. hi, everyone. it is certainly cold out again and we have the fog to contend with. live doppler 7, overall high pressure with clear sky under way except for that tulle fog in the east bay, the radiation fog in the north bay allowing for
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visibility dipping to a quarter-mile from novato to santa rosa. fairfield and concord not bad now but i expect it will get worse throughout the morning hours, that's why we have this dense fog advisory by the delta through 11:00. 38 san mateo, 48 in pacifica. 33 santa rosa. it's 30 by the delta, 44 in los gatos and notice a sunny afternoon on the way, cool numbers around average, and we will talk about the clouds invading us when winter arrives tomorrow. liz? >> lisa, thank you. developing news, moderna's covid-19 vaccine is on the move this morning. dosages left the distribution center in mississippi, headed to more than 3,800 sites across the country, including right here in the bay area. %-pn facility earlier this morning carrying the progress cargo. distribution is slightly easier than the pfizer one. they need to be kept called but
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not ultra cold which is the case for pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. packaging teams are working in 45-minute shifts in a temperature controlled warehouse at minus 4 degrees fahrenheit to get boxes of vaccine out the door. you can see them bundled up there. fedex and u.p.s. will rush these doses to all 50 u.s. states and american territories. deliveries could arrive as soon as tomorrow. the fda gave emergency use authorization to the moderna vaccine on friday. california's expecting to receive 672,000 doses of the moderna vaccine to start. the state does have a tier system when it comes to who gets vaccinated first. health care workers and nursing home residents are at the top of the list, the state plans to move to essential workers like police along with those in high-risk groups, covering people who have a medical condition or over the age of 65 and the general public is the last group, expected to begin in the spring or the summer. coronavirus cases are
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continuing to surge in california with devastating effect. for the tenth day in a row, california set a record for covid hospitalizations with nearly 16,500, that's more than double the previous peak reached in july. the bay area icu capacity has dropped again and it is now at 12.2%, that has to be at 15% or higher for many safety restrictions to be removed. the entire bay area is now in its first weekend under the state's strict lockdown. in alameda county firefighters selected among the first to receive vaccines. the county received 13,000 doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine with more on the way. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to a hero who received a shot. >> reporter: brian santoni has been an alameda county firefighter for 18 years. >> we are on a lot of calls with the community and the benefit versus the risk outweighs a lot of it. >> reporter: he's trained and
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equipped to face a wall of flames, but when it comes to fighting an invisible virus, that was a moment finally a bit of confidence surfaced. >> i felt a little guilty getting the vaccine. i wish i could have given my dosage to my father that is 69-year-old. i knew if i got the vaccine i'd be able to help somebody else's family member. >> reporter: based on 2019 to 2020 data, alameda county firefighters responded to over 29,000 medical emergency calls. many telling me this vaccine gives them peace of mind. how many will get the vaccine in the upcoming weeks? >> the alameda county fire department, we have approximately just under 350 personnel that will be eligible. >> reporter: 2,000 first responders were vaccinated on friday. alameda county has a total of 13,650 doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. >> there is three different groups that are being vaccinated first in alameda county, our 11
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alameda county 911 paramedics and those firefighters that have the paramedic or emt license or certificate and we also have all of our chiefs. >> reporter: among the first were also police officers and health care workers from fremont and hayward. >> really excited to be one of the few counties in california that's extending this first dose of vaccine to our 911 first responders. >> reporter: because like many of us, what they want at the end of the day is -- >> if we can stay on the front lines helping out the community, then it's worth it because we can be there to help other people. >> reporter: in alameda county, luz pena, abc 7 news. a group of health care workers in the south bay received vaccinations yesterday. el camino shared this video with us, the first worker getting a shot at the hospital in mountain view. dr. daniel shin is an infectious disease specialists, and he was part of the medical team that treated the first case of commute spread in the bay area
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and oversaw a remdesivir clinical trial at the hospital, the drug used to treat covid-19. oakland congresswoman barbara lee receiving her vaccine shot yesterday. she tweeted this photo saying "building public trust in this vaccine will be crucial if we want to turn the corner and crush the virus." lee says she received the vaccine at the recommendation of the attending physician of congress. vaccines are unlikely to make an immediate dent in the surge of covid cases, so we know local leaders are implementing more measures to slow the spread. this is a live look at sfo. for the first time since the pandemic started the tsa screened more than 1 million people for two consecutive days, yesterday and friday. here in the bay area, a quarantine order is in effect for travelers arriving in two counties. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard spoke to people at the airport. >> hi, mommy! >> hi, sweetie. how have you been.
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>> reporter: veronica fisher and mom jenny are enjoying a holiday reunion at sfo. jenny's plane just arrived from atlanta. >> if they want me to quarantine for 14 days, i will. i'm just glad to be here. >> reporter: veronica lives in san joaquin county where covid cases are surging. as for holiday plans? >> staying at home most of the time because my mom is a senior citizen so i am concerned about her being out in the public. >> reporter: sfo was fairly quiet saturday afternoon, but the tsa reports more than 1 million travelers were screened nationally on friday, reminders are everywhere about a mandatory travel quarantine to help stop the spread of covid. >> san francisco and santa clara counties now require a ten-day quarantine upon arrival. >> reporter: the order requires a ten-day quarantine for anyone traveling outside san francisco or santa clara counties. penny white just arrived from salt lake city. do you plan to do that? >> yes, i do. i'm staying at my sister's and we'll just quarantine together. >> reporter: the quarantine is
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mandatory but but will the city enforce it? the answer to that question is no. for now, it's an honor system, and officials hope travelers do the right thing. >> only when things get out of hand and folks are not listening is when we may take stronger action. >> reporter: for now, zamora says it's about outreach and education >> so we all had covid in november. >> reporter: patrice christianson's family survived covid. she believes people need to stay home but doesn't believe a quarantine will work. >> we have to find a balance so people can survive it and live, otherwise they're not going to do any of it, which is where i feel like we are. >> reporter: at sfo, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. lisa, a lot of people traveling. >> yes, and you know, it's definitely going to be a little bit rainy as we get into the holiday over the weekend. we have dry conditions right now. it is foggy in spots. it's cold and there's a weak system that wants to bring in maybe some precip early in the
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week. doesn't look too hopeful so we'll talk about the one for christmas day coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. also next -- chaos at a south bay mall. while some shoppers ran, others were locked inside stores for hours while police investigated a shooting. i'm wayne freedman on fourth street in san rafael. what happens when a stay-at-home order conflicts with the idea of
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"that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. one person was wounded after a shooting at the great mall in milpitas saturday evening, last night. the violence triggered a massive police response. holiday shopping was interrupted when officers told everyone inside the mall to look for a safe place to shelter. abc 7 news reporter matt boone spoke with witnesses, including one who saw the gunfire. >> everybody's just running.
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>> it was just a panic. >> reporter: shoppers rushed to the exits, some dashing into stores unsure of what is happening. brandon was on his break near an emergency exit. i had co-worker was at the food court. >> all of a sudden, people were running out of the closest exit. i heard someone mention there was an active shooter. >> reporter: nick nguyen says he saw it happen. >> they said they don't have money, they have a gun. boom, boom. >> reporter: after an argument two people were hospitalized due to unrelated medical emergencies. many shoppers ended up locked in. police instructed shoppers to shelter in place as they searched for the property. >> i was told to run back. >> i was shopping in gap and everybody started running. >> reporter: tiffany says she and the other shoppers had to stay inside for two hours. >> it just happened so fast so i was just trying to get out of the way and get to a safe place. >> reporter: one by one, police began evacuating each store, eventually clearing out the
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whole mall by around 9:30. >> i am blessed and grateful. >> reporter: milpitas police say once they cleared the mall, there was no ongoing threat to the community. reporting in milpitas, matt boone, abc 7 news. >> we sent this push alert when the news of the shooting first broke last night. if you want alerts in the future, the abc 7 news app is free to download in the app store. apple is temporarily closing all its retail stores in california amid the pandemic. the website says 53 stores across the state are shuttered temporarily. customers with appointments for in-store pickups, genius bar appointments and one on one shopping reservations can visit stores through tuesday. all online services are accessible and most apple products are available at authorized retailers like bestbuy, costco and target. it's no secret the pan demme sick having a strong impact on small businesses, many which need a strong shopping holiday
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season to finish into the black. abc 7 reporter wayne freedman looks at the effect on one business district in marin county. >> reporter: at tmb sports in san rafael, this is an exercise in optimism, keeping the place stocked in the midst of a pandemic stay-at-home order that's left annie and her family not exactly crippled but limping. >> never in our wildest dreams. it's been really tough. >> reporter: tnb has thrived since 146, they go back generations as the go-to place for local teams. >> especially when this first started it was baseball season for us, and that just totally affected us. >> reporter: this a business district could represent main street, fourth street and san rafael is the lifeblood of the economy in this region. right now an economic organism that is hemorrhaging. >> it's been a little slower. >> reporter: walk along fourth street and read the signs in these times.
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they're not good. the more doors that close, the fewer feet on the street, that's anywhere. >> i think we just got to white knuckle it until it's all clear. >> reporter: but white knuckling is never easy especially at christmas when a county stay-at-home order conflicts with the concept of supporting your local business. they rarely work in concert, but here's one exception. >> i'm astounded at how busy the store is. >> reporter: red devil records where there's often a line outside. after 22 years on fourth street, barry lazarus is having his best quarter ever selling old records to people stuck at home. >> i buy something, i t makes them feel better, makes them feel good. >> reporter: nothing to feel guilty about, just a lucky thing to be covid proof in this the strangest of years. in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the new square in san
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francisco is packed with last-minute christmas shoppers. retailers are limiting how many people are allowed inside and that caused plenty of lines outside on the square. while some were buying gifts, others were there just to enjoy the holiday vibes. >> for us, it's having something to celebrate around the holidays since we don't have holiday parties or anything extravagant. it's just enjoying the little things. >> coming here and seeing the trees was really special and brings back good memories and we can all pretend like it's normal for a moment. >> a viewer sent in this video from inside the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. the line of shoppers waiting to get inside one store. so keep that in mind if you're hitting the stores today. winter storms along with vaccine deliveries and record online shopping are challenging the post office and shipping companies right now, struggling to make the christmas deadline. millions of americans are waiting anxiously to see if their holiday packages will arrive in time. the carriers are working overtime to make it happen, but they are warning customers that
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there could be delays. >> she said i can guarantee it's not going to get there in two days. >> my mom ordered a bunch of stuff for christmas and some of the stuff that she got hasn't showed up yet. >> experts say the delivery time for post office packages is usually about four days. that's doubled over the last couple of weeks. they say if you wait until the last minute to order your holiday gifts, it's best to check locally to see if curbside pickup is available. this morning, some good news for kids from the nation's top infeckness disease expert. dr. anthony fauci says he took a trip to the north pole to personally vaccinate santa claus. the doctor was responding to kids on "sesame street" town hall who wanted to know if it was safe for santa to stop by because of the coronavirus. fauci told them there's nothing to worry about, adding that santa can come down the chimney and leave their presents. nice of dr. fauci to make the trip, lisa.
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>> definitely. nothing's going to disrupt christmas, maybe a little rain as we get into the afternoon. that would be a good thing as we look at live doppler 7, not unless you have a bike and going to head out and get out early to do that. live doppler 7 showing you the clear conditions and with high pressure just off the coast, it has allowed the rain to continue into the pacific northwest, while keeping the bay area dry, allowing for those east winds to bring in some of that tulle fog in east bay valleys and the strong radiational cooling in the north bay for the fog there. it's freezing in novato at 32. 33 in santa rosa. good morning to you. look at that, 30 in the san ramon valley and 33 over in livermore. so another very cold start out there. 37 in san jose, and once again, the fog up in the north bay with quarter-mile visibility, three to four miles from the delta and concord and this is where the national weather service is issued the dense fog advisory through 11:00 this morning. eight miles in livermore and
6:19 am
yesterday got awfully foggy by about 9:00 so we could see a similar situation, a live look outside, exploratorium camera, cold with fog in spots mainly sunny today, as winter arrives tomorrow, there is a system that's going to move into northern california so we'll offer up some clouds through the bay area, not until monday night, though, and we'll pick up on that in a moment. as we look at your sunday forecast, we've got the clear conditions. you can see some of the fog right through 11:00, lingering there by fairfield and as we get to the evening hours we're cold again. here is your monday in the morning, we're sunny but as we get towards late in the day, the evening hours, that's when we're going to see the clouds increase. this is the first day of winter, we could see maybe a few sprinkles up here in the north bay, otherwise the system continues to really offer up the moisture to the north and east of us, and we'll see a few clouds with it. as we get into the latter part of the week, that looks more promising. midweek it's quiet out there.
6:20 am
this is wednesday into christmas eve and then into your christmas day. here it is late in the day, where we could see some showers, some mountain snow, and then the next system looks to arrive perhaps late in the weekend as well. it's looking weak, and it's not 100% certain, so hopefully that pans out. as for today, we're back into our pattern of the afternoon highs getting a bit milder, so very cold to start, but then looking at that 63 in oakland today, feels pretty good by about 2:00, 3:00, 62 in fremont. mid-60s in morgan hill, one of the warmer locations, and here once again, the overnight lows with the cold conditions, and the fog, certainly perhaps to the east of us, and maybe up in the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast from the upper 50s to the mid-60s today, sunny and mild afternoon, winter arrives tomorrow, clouds increase late, maybe a few sprinkles into tuesday. behind that system breezy for tuesday afternoon and wednesday,
6:21 am
partly cloudy christmas eve, level one system arriving for christmas day. how is that for a present? >> that would be good. we need the rain, thank you, lisa. just ahead, an update on covid-19 in marin county, where latinos made up nearly 80% of cases over the summer. i talk with the ceo of the canal alliance in san rafael, one of the people who has been at the heart of addressing this issue.
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as we near the end of the year we've been looking back at important people and stories that have shaped 2020. in july we took an in-depth look at marin county. latinos made up nearly 80% of covid-19 cases despite being just 16% of the county's population. it's the largest racial disparity of any county in the bay area. one of the people who has been at the heart of addressing this issue is omar carrera, ceo of the canal alliance in san rafael who is joining us now to talk about where things currently stand in the county. omar, good to see you.
6:24 am
>> good to see you, thank you for the invitation. >> thank you. so omar, why has the latino community in marin disproportionately impacted and have we seen any improvements over the last five months? >> there's multiple reasons why that happened, starting from the historically inequities that created the perfect environment for the virus to spread quickly. latinos are the essential workers of the county so they've been more exposed by the nature of the job they perform so we have continued working on education, making sure the testing is available for the community, and it has been improvements in that area. >> we talk about what's changed, though, i think right now it's 60% of cases in the county are among latinos. so we have seen some improvement. talk about the change that we've seen since the summer. >> i think definitely testing and education. the community is also participating actively in distributing masks among their friends and families, and all of that has helped, the economic
6:25 am
crisis that was created by the health crisis has become now a major barrier for people to continue getting access to testing. people are desperate. the debt accumulation is growing fast in relationship to the fact they cannot pay their rent. as you know, the latino community was not making no money even before the pandemic so post pandemic they have lost their jobs, they have lost hours of work and they're not making enough money to pay the rent. >> i know you told me i think more than 10,000 families right now are at imminent risk of eviction. so what kind of help are you seeking for these families? >> it's a combination of programs that will allow us to pay back their debt. we are looking at rental assistance, looking at zero percent interest loans for the
6:26 am
people that are able to pay, to use a loan as an instrument to pay their debt and also advocating for local policies. the last ten months we were focusing on the health crisis in particular but the economic crisis that was being built parallel to the health crisis has been coming as i mentioned like a huge tsunami coming our way and we really need to not separate the health crisis from the economic crisis so if we want to reopen our economy, we need to work towards the common good. we need to make sure the people who need the most has access to everything that they need to survive, to take care of their families, to pay the rent, unless we don't do that, we are going to have those hard times opening in 2021. >> omar carrera with canal alliance, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for the invitation. and still to come on "abc 7 mornings," congress still trying to agree on a covid-19 relief package. why democrats and republicans believe a deal can get done today.
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california craft breweries are suing governor newsom over the shutdown orders. why they say they're being treated unfairly compared to other businesses. ♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everybody. we'll start this half hour with another look at the weather. with meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hi, liz. good morning to you. the sun not coming up until 7:21 as we look live outside now from the view from mt. tam. pretty, isn't it? where you can see we have quite some time before sunrise and get our coldest temperatures an hour after sunrise, so we're not even at our minimums yet and you can see that 34 in mountain view awfully cold there, 37 in san jose, 38 morgan hill, oakland with 47 in san francisco and from our east bay hills camera, nice view and temperatures, wow, they are bottoming out to
6:30 am
freezing in novato with the fog from novato to santa rosa. low 30s in the livermore valley, concord answer at 34 and by the delta, very foggy there, just over a mile visibility, as well in novato and under a mile in santa rosa. so we do have a dense fog advisory by the delta until 11:00 this morning. 9:00 we're in the 40s. by noon, we are beginning to warm up, but it's 2:00. we'll see a few low 60s from hayward to oakland, and we will see the clouds stay off the coast for your sunday night. winter arrives tomorrow. we'll talk in detail about wintry weather for the upcoming hall day. liz? >> lisa, thank you. developing news, moderna's coronavirus vaccine the second is be granted emergency approval by the fda is beginning distributed this morning, it's beginning the distribution, excuse me. we have a live look inside moderna's distribution center in olive branch, mississippi, happening right now. this vaccine really did just
6:31 am
arrive in time as confirmed u.s. cases top 17 million and deaths surpassed 316,000. abc news reporter karina mitchell has details. >> reporter: another arsenal in the fight against the coronavirus. moderna's vaccine ready to be shipped across the country. the fda authorizing emergency use of the drug friday just one week after it gave pfizer the go-ahead. >> we've run such a good march than so far. let's finish it off strong. >> reporter: the two vaccines are similar. both use messenger rna technology that teach your cells how to protect the body against covid-19 and both are more than 94% effective at preventing the virus, but there are differences. pfizer's requires ultra cold refrigeration at negative 94 degrees fahrenheit. moderna's can be kept in a regular freezer. this will make it easier for moderna to distribute to rural communities. health care workers and those in long-term care facilities are among the first to get the vaccines.
6:32 am
>> i've seen some of my colleagues on social media around the country showing themselves getting the vaccines and i'm surprised by how emotional it makes me because i know they're protected. >> reporter: a third vaccine from johnson & johnson is on the horizon. the drugmaker is expected to know early january whether its version is effective. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. california craft breweries are suing governor newsom over the state's shutdown orders. the california craft brewers association filed a lawsuit on thursday alleging public health orders unfairly target small beermakers. no breweries or wineries are allowed to operate in the bay area. but the beermakers expect the state to revert back to the colored tiered reopening system and under that system, breweries are required to serve food in order to keep outdoor tasting rooms open, but the suit claims that others in the industry like wineries, did not have to follow those same regulations. and developing news in washington this morning, republicans and democrats have reached a compromise over the covid-19 stimulus package.
6:33 am
the last major hurdle involved the federal reserve's lending power. democrats accused republicans of trying to hinder the biden administration by blocking the emergency lending ability created by the c.a.r.e.s. act. a statement released this morning says an agreement was reached and that the package is being finalized and will be unveiled today. the bill would provide a temporary $300 per week unemployment benefits and a $600 stimulus check to most americans. the house could vote as early as 10:00 a.m. today with senate also set to reconvene at 10:00 a.m. and coming up on "this week" former michigan governor and uc berkeley professor jennifer granholm talks about how she's preparing for her new role as energy secretary under the biden administration. watch the interview on "this week with george stephanopolous" at 8:00 this morning here on abc 7. on the peninsula, san mateo police are looking for a suspect involved in a deadly shooting yesterday morning. police say a man was shot and killed around 9:30 outside a wells fargo on west hillsdale boulevard.
6:34 am
a witness told police the victim was shot at least five times. police say the suspect ran from the scene. >> this is a serious crime. there is a murderer out in our community right now, and we are doing everything we can to bring them to justice. >> police believe the shooting was targeted and did not involve the bank. they are currently reviewing footage from security cameras in the shopping center. the victim's identity has not been released. a family's holiday display at their peninsula home say known favorite among the neighborhood kids and after it was hit by vandals, the community came together to show what christmas spirit is all about. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has the details. >> reporter: peter camarado has been displays decorations and inflatables in front of his burlingame home for 15 years. with the pandemic, he almost decided to forego the annual traditions but changed his mind, wanting to bring cheer to his neighbors.
6:35 am
>> i decided to shake off my bah humbug and put out the floats. literally within 20 minutes of putting the floats out, kids were walking up and down the sidewalk you can hear their giggles and their screeches of joy and that made it all worth it for us. >> reporter: but peter woke up saturday morning to a dented snowman and slashed deflated reindeer among other damage. >> feels like it was somebody wanted to damage the floats and crush the christmas spirit and in fact, we were pretty upset. >> reporter: as word spread on social media of what happened, neighbors pitched in and not only taught peter how to repair the damaged inflatables but brought over more reindeer. >> my sorrow turned into joy because the spirit was living through the entire neighborhood and they wanted us to be back in business. >> reporter: peter says he forgives whoever damaged his display, and he'll be back in business with the display until the beginning of january. he's so inspired by the acts of kindness, he's already thinking
6:36 am
about his next display for halloween. dion lim, abc 7 news. they were giving away christmas trees yesterday in san francisco no, questions asked. abc 7 was at the law on cargo and jennings streets where families showed up to get of their free tree. this is the fifth year of the event. it's been held in the bay area hunters point neighborhood, but organizers say this year is challenging not just because of the pandemic. >> normal years, we would have potentially 300 to 400 christmas trees to gave way. unfortunately this year, we are limited to about 150 to 200 trees. >> in order to make it covid safe, organizers made it a drive-through event. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," life after the covid vaccine. what we can expect our new normal to look like. and here is a live look from our east bay hills cam camera, still dark outside at 6:36 this morning. you can see the bay bridge. we'll check in with lisa on what we can expect in the week ahead,
6:37 am
coming up.
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6:40 am
in the east bay, warriors star steph curry and his family were out in oakland yesterday spreading christmas cheer. his nonprofit eat, learn, play foundation handed out goodies and food to more than a thousand families at coliseum. each family received a $250 gift card. you can see ayeisha and the kids helping out. the whole family out. this was drive-through style and socially distanced. in the south bay the salvation army held a holiday giveaway that drew a long line of cars. abc 7 news was at the s.a.p. center in san jose for the drive-through event. there was enough food on hand for 500 families and toys for up to 2,000 children. families also received a gift card to walmart. the salvation army says it hopes yesterday's event provides a little light during the holidays. >> and these families that we're serving are, really been impacted by covid like a lot of us have. there's been a lot of suffering with covid, a lot of setbacks, and today is really an
6:41 am
opportunity for us to give a little bit of a sense of hope. >> the shark's mascot s.j. sharkie was there. if you're able to help out local businesses and neighbors, head to the front page of to give where you live. we have donation links for several local vetted charity organizations. all right, lisa, 2020 almost done. we're ready for it to be over >> yes, with it we could see more rain before the end of the year. you can see the beautiful start to your sunday from our roof camera. 47 here. the average high is 57 in san francisco for this time of year, and we'll see about that today, once again, so little change but there is fog to talk about and also some rain in the seven-day outlook coming up. >> thanks, lisa. san jose state's historic
6:42 am
season continues with the spartans beating boise state. chris alvarez has highlights and the post game
6:43 am
6:44 am
let's talk sports. this morning the rivalry between the 49ers and cowboys gets renewed. san francisco battles dallas at at&t stadium at 10:00 a.m. it's the first meeting between the two teams since 2017. san jose state is bowl bound likely playing a mid american conference team on the arizona bowl new year's eve. the yesterday the spartans beat boise state. chris al have raze has the chris alvarez has the sports. >> good morning. san jose state is one of a handful of unbeaten teams left in the country. the mountain west championship game against boise state gave the spartans a chance to add to an historic season arguably their biggest game in program history. it would have been in san jose but due to covid the spartans hosting the game in las vegas. the 24th ranked spartans off to a big start.
6:45 am
55 yards to the house, it's 7-0 spartans. straight to the fourth quarter, a six-point game, starkel out of the gun to isaiah hamilton, a 27-13 game after the two-point conversion. after a boise state touchdown made it a seven-point game starkel finds derek dees, jr. starkel your mountain west championship record, 453 yards passing, offensive mvp and the defense were good, turned away the broncos on fourth down. san jose state wins their first ever mountain west championship and outright conference title since 1990. >> yes, this was the best, because all the parts of it, how far we've come, what we went through this year, who we were playing and the fact that it was for the mountain west championship. >> we've been through more than any team in the conference, had more adversity and challenges we have had to make it through. >> the celebration was
6:46 am
everything. we sang "lean on me" in that locker room together because that's how they team played, we lean on each other. stanford/ucla, empty rose bowl, late second, austin jones punches it in for his second touchdown of the night. stanford 20-3 at the break. stanford down seven in the fourth. davis mills picked up by jay shaw, a pick six and ucla all of a sudden up 14 put the cardinal battle back. davis mills, simi fihoko, in sync in double overtime. mills to fihoko, a touchdown. he had 16 catches, 230 yards and three scores. stanford wins 48-47 and end the year on a four-game win streak. acc championship. trevor lawrence number three clemson taking on number two notre dame. lawrence missed the first meeting of the season with covid. he finds amari rogers, 67 yards, 7-3 clemson. late third, 34 yards to pay dirt. clemson wins 34-10, six straight
6:47 am
acc titles for the tiger. alabama/florida. najee harris was the star. he scores right here, 7-0 we are roll tide. 178 yards rushing and two rushing scores and caught three touchdown passes in the air. look at that spin move. what a play from him. five total touchdowns, bama wins 52-46. that's your look at sports. let's send it back to you. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. you're saying we might see some rain on christmas. >> looks like the whole area could see some rain and before then, there's a weak system that wants to visit us tomorrow night. live doppler 7, there is fog by the delta, national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory through 11ing for fairfield and the region out towards the southern sacramento valley. we also have that fog moving into our east bay valleys, we've got a little east wind and the tulle fog. high pressure is also adding to
6:48 am
the fog in the north bay, we have that strong radiational cooling and notice the storm track is well up into the pacific northwest. so here's a look at the visibility, quarter-mile santa rosa, novato, half mile by the delta. four miles in concord, eight miles in livermore. san jose is looking okay although it is cold out there. nice view here from mt. tam, where it's nice and clear. the fog is further north. it is 47 downtown, 38 in oakland. so you've dropped a few degrees there. 34 mountain view. 37 san jose, 38 in morgan hill with 41 on the coast and this is our walnut creek camera, the sun coming up at about 7:21, and setting at 4:54 so that's 9:33 of daylight today. 34 santa rosa. 32 freezing in novato with upper 30s in napa and low 30s for new livermore. certainly cold out there, with the fog once again. it's going to take towards about
6:49 am
10:00, 11:00 for this to lift. suto a little bit of haze so cold temperature, foggy spots this morning and mainly sunny for this afternoon. winter arrives tomorrow, late day tomorrow increasing clouds with a weak weather system that is going to push to the north and east of us, and it will provide a few extra clouds monday night. we're clear today for your sunday afternoon, and as we get into your monday, the possibility exists for a few sprinkles late monday, perhaps through the overnight hours, picking this up at we go through the early part of the week, there's that weak system, and then by tuesday we could see some breezy winds behind the system, into wednesday. queueing up for christmas eve is that system that will bring perhaps widespread rain into the bay area for your christmas night, ending saturday morning. looks like we could see another system by the end of the weekend. so hopefully we'll get some much-needed rain out of this, nothing to bring us up to where we should be for this time of year. the deficit is just too large at
6:50 am
this point. temperatures in the low 60s in fremont. 62 in san jose. 61 later on this afternoon in richmond, with those cool upper 50s downtown. tonight, once again, dropping back into the 30s with fog and n our east bay, perhaps in our north bay. low 40s around oakland and the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at sunny and mild today. winter arriving tomorrow, increasing clouds late monday, maybe a few sprinkleless ins iny tuesday. breezy winds on wednesday and thursday but the next item of concern would be the rain arrivi arriving. it will be light if we see it, liz, a level one system for the scattered showers. >> we'll take what we can get. lisa, thank you. abc 7 news dedicated this past week what you need to know about the vaccines, while the race to vaccinate a majority of americans against covid-19 is under way, there are many unknowns, including how long it will take and if the months do drag on, could it lead to a kind of viral divide? so abc 7 morning news anchor
6:51 am
kamasi aron examines what life could be like in the world of vaccine haves and have nots. >> reporter: it's the dream on the horizon, a world without masks where you glide through the airport or sit down to dinner wherever you want. the question now is, will you need a so-called vaccine passport to get there, proof that you've had the shot? some experts say it doesn't have to. >> if it comes out with a relatively high acceptance rate, like 60%, 70% of people, miller time. we're done. >> reporter: what if vaccinations begin to slow? infectious disease expert dr. george rutherford of ucsf says the problems would begin if many months go by and some groups still have trouble getting a shot, or a significant number choose not to, leaving us short of the majority needed to reach an overall herd immunity. at that point, some worry about a potential scenario of vaccine
6:52 am
haves and have nots. >> you're the ones get to see the giants play, you're the one who will get to go to the a's game, the one who gets to go to a restaurant and to the movie theater. you're the one that united airlines is going to let on the plane. >> reporter: and airline trade group is finalizing plans for a vaccine travel pass and the department of defense has released images of a vaccination record card for vaccine recipients. could they become the calling cards of a temporarily split society? >> i'm not sure i believe in airlines or restaurants doing that. i think that instead, let's get people vaccinated as fast as we can. >> reporter: fellow ucf infectious disease expert dr. monica gandhi reports researchers haven't determined whether vaccinated people could still be infectious for a time and believes precautions will be critical in the months to come, even with increased pressure to return to normal. >> they continue to wear their masks until everyone, enough of
6:53 am
the people are vaccinated, like you said, so that we can get to herd immunity. >> reporter: to speed that time line, some have suggested mandates vaccinations as soon as they're available for students returning to school, possibly accelerating the drive toward herd immunity. berkeley professor arthur reingold is hoping that won't be necessary. >> well, i always prefer incentives and knowledge and to mandates, mandates are very unpopular although mandates tend to get the job done. >> reporter: they believe getting vaccines distributed as quickly and widely as possible is the key to avoiding potentially fractured months with the prospect of passport privileges and vaccine haves and have nots. >> you know, i think that's how we're going to, where we're going to end up with infection rates dropping. >> reporter: and perhaps ultimately realizing the elusive dream of return to normal. in san francisco, kumasi erin, abc 7 news. >> you'll find the stories online at
6:54 am
we have them all there really, really fascinating stuff. next, the south bay toy give-away making sure children in need have a present to open in need have a present to open christmas morning.ce you've been hanging out with jack there's something... different about you. ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots- with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. with my $4 satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52
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celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my
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$4 sauced & loaded tots- with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. happening today in the south bay, martha's kitchen will hold the second of three christmas toy giveaways. yesterday volunteers handed out 6,000 toys to kids in san jose. they'll be back today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there's no need to sign up, but you do have to bring your child with you to receive a gift. martha's kitchen operates a program for the homeless in the south bay. such cute kids. by the end of the year it will have served more than 1 million meals, double that of last year. so many people in need right now. all right, a final check of the weather. it's the last day of fall. >> it is, liz, and we are once again looking at some foggy conditions there in the north bay and our east bay valleys. a half-mile by the delta. just over two miles in livermore and a quarter mile from novato to santa rosa, where we have freezing conditions right now.
6:57 am
low 30s in livermore, going to the low 60s today there as well as san jose, with 63 in oakland. 59 downtown, so temperatures may be a couple degrees above average, otherwise with winter arriving tomorrow, it will be quite until late night, a couple sprinkles threw the overnight hours, otherwise breezy midweek and looking forward to hopefully seeing widespread rain with the level one system on christmas day. liz? >> lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next.
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7:00 am ross. yes for less! good morning, america. vaccine rollout. moderna's version shipping out bringing new hope to americans in the battle against covid-19. we're on site as it's on the move and the cdc issues new guidance addressing those reports of allergic reactions. emergency lockdown. travels scrambling to get out of london ahead of strict new measures being taken following word of a potentially highly infectious new strain of covid-19. dr. jha is here answering questions. breaking overnight, congress comes close to the finish line over a stimulus deal with a vote possible today. what's in this nearly trillion dollar package? how much money americans could see. >> we're quickly approaching an all or nothing situation. as washington also deals


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