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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 23, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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covid relief bill. president trump wants it reworked. the change he wants to see when it comes to the money going straight to americans. pfizer doubling the number of covid-19 vaccine doses it will supply the u.s. the next question to figure out, who will be next in line. and travel will be down this christmas but millions still hitting the road across the u.s. when we can expect to see extra traffic in the bay area today. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, december 23rd. >> we'll get to those stories, we start with leaisa who will tl us what the weather will be like today. >> we're looking at chilly conditions right now. 45 in san francisco and 31 in santa rosa. so those outlying areas very frosty. otherwise we are 13 degrees cooler up in the north bay and just a bit cooler in novato and down in the south bay. not too bad. as we go through the next several hours, we'll look at plenty of sunshine, a few high
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clouds. very little change from yesterday to today. we have that dry air mass in place. if you're hoping for snow and rain for christmas we have the answer to that and it's going to be wrapped up in a big red bow. that's coming up. >> thank you. pfizer and biontech agreed to supply the u.s. with 100 million more doses of the covid-19 vaccine. that brings the total for americans to 200 million doses by the end of july. the question now, who will get vaccinated next? a state advisory committee will try to answer that question during a hearing today. vaccinations are under way for the 2.4 million californians in front line health care roles. they're in phase 1a. phase 1b could include teachers, firefighters, grocery store and other essential workers. a draft guideline found that nearly 12 million workers or two-thirds of the state work force are considered essential. this morning there is
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uncertainty for millions of americans desperate for help amid the pandemic. president trump now says he will not sign the covid relief bill that congress passed on monday night. jobina is live at the live desk with more. >> good morning. president trump called the relief bill a disgrace. he's asking congress to more than double the payments to americans. the bipartisan deal includes $600 checks per person. democrats called for more money but republicans pushed back on the higher amount. >> $600 is a joke. >> i'm asking congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000 or $4 thoshg$4,000 for a couple. i'm asking congress to get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill. >> nancy pelosi responded --
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[ no audio ] >> we're having trouble with jobina's mic. president trump expressed frustration that not enough money is going to small businesses in particular restaurants. here in san francisco businesses are demanding the city do more. today supervisor aaron peskin is expected at a news conference about the closure of one of chinatown's oldest restaurants. j.r. stone talked to business owners about that struggle. >> reporter: for rent, for sale, these are some of the signs that sit in the windows of vacant storefronts in san francisco's chinatown. now news that far east cafe, one of two banquet restaurants in the area, which has been around for more than 100 years will close. >> that is really sad. >> reporter: there is a fear in this neighborhood more businesses will close if help does not come soon. sam chen of magical ice cream tried for a small business loan
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but was denied. >> i tried four times, i couldn't get it. >> reporter: those across the street at new age camera tried to get a loan. denied as well. >> it's a disaster. >> reporter: eva lee says city leaders need to help fight for these businesses by helping with grants and loans or working to partner with big companies. >> are we going to be like this typical suburbia with targets and big stores left? is that what we want? the fabric of our city is being torn apart right now. >> reporter: as the city landscape changes, lawmakers are arguing about whether to give $600 or $2,000 to individuals. those who work in these locations and are barely getting by. >> i told my wife last night, anything, you know, the amount helps, even if it's $600. >> reporter: j.r. stone, abc 7 news.
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today the oakland city council will hear a report on spending cuts to close a $62 million short fall. the city is cutting $29 million in personnel, law enforcement and personal safety spending. leadership staff will take ten unpaid days, deferring the upcoming 1% pay increase in january and annual salary increases. oakland is also cutting the police department budget by $15 million and its fire department by $5 million. city officials hope relief funding from the federal government will further reduce the deficit. now a look at some of the latest covid-19 numbers in california. the state reported more than 32,000 new cases yesterday. that's down from a record 60,000 cases a week ago. but look at the records being set with hospitalizations. the number climbed to close to 18,000 people, more than 3,700 of those are in the icu. those are both single-day highs. statewide intenseive care
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availability fell below 2%. san joaquin is out of beds. your health and safety is the main focus for us at abc7 and we work to building a better bay area. new numbers from aaa show most people are heeding warnings from health officials and are staying home this holiday weekend. julian glover has more on this. >> good morning. aaa predicting 34 million fewer americans are expected to travel this holiday season. we are hearing that that still leaves 84 million people still expected to travel this week. the majority of people, 96% of people will take road trips instead of cramming into airports. tsa cleared 960,000 passengers on monday. with fewer travelers, traffic volume and congestion during the
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holiday week is expected to be less than in years past. the busiest spot in the bay area will be northbound 101 at 5:00 p.m. this evening. santa clara county and san francisco still have the ten-day mandatory quarantine order in place to discourage holiday travel. a bit of good news if you plan on hopping into a car, gas prices still down about 50 cents compared to this time last year. reporting live this morning, julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. snow, rainnd even some windstorms could be greeting americans this week. starting today, the central plains and the midwest could see snowfall. rain is in the forecast from the great lakes south to the gulf coast. by christmas day, the northeast and mid-atlantic could see dustings of snow along with damaging rain and wind. the snowfall could reach as far south as atlanta. you know, mike -- not mike, lisa, excuse me, people will lose it if it gets that cold down there in those states.
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>> right, jobina. no, we are certainly looking at a good place to be here because we've been lacking rain and snow as you know. so that is going to be on the menu for the christmas day and the weekend. the fog is in the central valley. looking at the bigger picture, it looks pretty good in terms of another beautiful sunny day. it's awfully cold in the valleys. 31 in santa rosa. concord and livermore in the mid 40s. the reason for that, we have upper level winds mixing in the atmosphere. the north bay coast is the outlier. we have strong northerly winds allowing for mixing of our air and keeping temperatures warmer in spots. we are still chilly for sure. looking outside here, we're looking at some of the patchy frost in the inland valleys, increasing clouds for tomorrow, christmas eve. we're looking at rain on christmas day. a storm arriving later in the evening.
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that's going to set the stage for a progressesive wet p ivive. today, mid 50s, plenty of sunshine. oakland, upper 50s, it will take a while to get there. the rest of the bay area near 60 in san jose, plenty of sun out there. 58 in richmond. and as what we're getting ready for. a level 1 system that will be breezy with winds 20 to 30 miles per hour, the rain coming in late in the evening anywhere from two-tenths to an inch of rain. >> all right. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. so checking in on traffic here, we do not have major crashes or blocking issues. hopefully i have that same story throughout the week as things calm down and people are not going into work because of the holiday. a live look outside showing off the san mateo bridge. nice, clear ride there going westbound and eastbound. bringing in the bay bridge toll
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plaza, yesterday we did not see metering lights on. we are not expecting them again today. of course i will keep you posted on all of that. if you do need to head in this morning, i want to bring you an overall picture of the map. we are pretty much green across the board. not even a slowdown out of tracy. >> thank you. coming up, a disneyland ride reimagined for its 83rd anniversary. and the governor's pick to replace kamala harris in the senate. a look back at airlilex padilla career. and free pizza at mou
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california secretary of state alex padilla will have a new role. the governor picked him to replace vice president-elect kamala harris. he will be the first latino california senator. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has his story. >> a lot of work to do. i'm ready. >> reporter: 47-year-old alex padilla began his political career as a member of the l.a.
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city council. he's the son of working class parents who immigrated from mexico. >> can you imagine what mom would be thinking now as i ask you if you want to be the next great senator of the state of california. >> i'm honored, man, i'm humbled, because of them. >> reporter: one of padilla's biggest pushes was defending votes rights and election security. liz kreutz spoke with him about those efforts during our "chasing california" series earlier this year. >> why do you think we're seeing a rise in people deciding to have no party preference? >> i think maybe it's a sign of the times. it is up to candidates and political parties to make their case to eligible voters why they should affiliate with them. >> reporter: latino organizations are applauding this historic appointment. >> he will take those experiences to washington to make sure we get more than 600 bucks in terms of a relief check. he'll make sure when the vaccine
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is rolled out, that it is rolled out with equity. >> that was dan ashley reporting. padilla will serve out the remainder of vice president-elect harris' term and will face a competitive statewide race to fill the seat in 2022. not everyone agrees with governor newsom's pick including san francisco mayor london breed. >> this is a real blow to the african-american community and african-american women and women in general. >> kamala harris became california's first african-american senator when she was sworn in and leaving the position behind meaning there are no black women serving in the senate. governor newsom nominated dr. shirley weber to take padilla's position. she will be the first black woman in california to become secretary of state. she served for 40 years at san diego university before becoming an assembly member in 2012.
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she's known for a focus on education and racial justice. more than 1,000 teachers today in the bay area can get a free pizza courtesy of mountain mike's pizza. a free small pizza will be offered to the first 100 educators today. if you're a teacher show up with your school i.d. or badge to get your pizza to go. >> yes. >> look at the pepperoni. >> sizzling. >> are you already hungry? >> that's enough to turn me into a meat eater again. >> i don't know. >> i'm staying strong. >> stay strong, friend. >> hi, lisa. >> yeah. you know what? it's early for that, i would say, but not too bad out here. it's cold across the bay area. in the city we're looking at the warmer conditions obviously by the water. there's a look at live doppler 7. a big dome of high pressure is keeping us high and dry again. 46 in walnut creek.
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49 in blackhawk with temperatures elsewhere in the mid 40s for livermore. that's a bump up from what we've had the past couple of days. the cold 31 in santa rosa. 51 in pacifica. want to take you to that storm impact scale. this is what we're expecting on christmas with the light to moderate rain headed in for the second half of the day. rainfall amounts favoring the north bay. timing it out for you, early in the morning maybe some sprinkles. towards 10:00, not much is happening. by 6:00, rain from the north bay sweeping down into the south bay. by 8:00 saturday morning, maybe a few leftover showers. we have a dry day on saturday. next system arriving on cue for later sunday. this is good. this will be a colder system. as we look at the totals with the temperature right on through saturday anywhere from two tenths to nearly an inch in santa rosa. for the sierra nevada, a winter storm watch friday morning through saturday morning. 8 to 12 inches of snow is expected for the greater lake
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tahoe area. good news. we need some good news for 2020. 61 today in oakland, 62 in santa rosa. 60 in san jose. the accuweather 7-day forecast, a couple of dry days, increasing clouds tomorrow, level 1 system friday. we take a break on saturday, more rain on sunday. >> thank you. san jose's state football team is finding itself possibly in trouble for playing a bowl game in arizona. the team won the conference championship over the weekend in las vegas and came back to the bay area. santa clara county's health area requires the spartans to quarantine for ten days. now the team is planning go to the arizona bowl in tucson before that time is up. san jose's state head coach says many of the players have not seen their families since july. >> the biggest thing was having a schedule in place for them that gave them a chance to see their families. giving them a chance to go home and be with their people was the right thing to do. >> the bowl game is scheduled
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for next thursday, december 31st. it's the season of giving for the golden state warriors. the team provided this video taken over at thrive city by chase center. that's where the team gave out free groceries for families. there are enough items for a full holiday meal including the turkey. coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning. will you get your packages by christmas? the shipping slowdown and what to do if your gift gets delayed. and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california mandating face masks to stop the spread. that's why abc7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, for
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it's 5:20. if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this morning. number one, president trump says he will not sign the covid relief bill that congress passed monday night. h's asking congress to amend the bill and increase the $600 stimulus check to at least $2,000. number two, the federal government has struck a deal to buy 100 million doses of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine bringing the total doses to be delivered to 200 million. today a california advisory committee will meet to discuss
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which essential workers to vaccinate next. number three, we just learned that merck will supply the u.s. with up to 100,000 doses of its investigation biological therapeutic. number four, alex padilla will be the next person to serve in the u.s. senate. he will replace kamala harris when she heads to the white house next month. despite our cold and frosty start in the north bay, sunshine and breezy spots today. low 60s around the bay. number six, checking out a live look from our south beach camera showing off the bay bridge. no issues on the roads now, if you're planning to hit the voegs f vo road for holiday travel, the busiest spot will be northbound 101 at 5:00 today. number seven, spoiler alert.
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bachelorette taysha adams found love. reggie did not pick well. >> i was picking for me. >> he thought -- you thought she would end up with bennett. i knew that wasn't going to happen. bennett tried. this morning she's engaged to zach. >> okay. >> he wasn't even on your list. we'll hear from the happy couple coming up in our next half hour. >> zach is cute. bennett had the job. >> the coins. >> so you tell me. you tell me who picked right? they're all cute. so might as well -- never mind. in today's "gma first look," time is running out to get those gifts where they need to be. what if yours is stuck in the mail? becky worley is love in oakland with answers. >> will you get your packages by christmas? from online warehouses to package hubs to the last mile of delivery, this morning the
5:23 am
shipping system strained to the breaking point. analysts ship matrix estimates 7 million packages have been delayed this holiday season with packages still en route and christmas two days away, what should consumers do about their gifts? >> it might be time to get creative about your gifting options. >> there are some options for improving your odds of relieving that delayed delivery. many carriers will allow you to sign up for realtime updates with text. >> tracking is not necessarily being updated in time. it's possible you will get a nice surprise on your doorstep. at 7:00 a.m., what you need to know if your packages are stuck in the mail. with your "gma first look," i'm becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. gift cards are the payment of choice for scammers that's according to new data from the federal trade commission. about a quarter of people who lost money in a scam say they paid with a gift card.
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a reminder, no legitimate agency or company will ask you to pay with a gift card. if you already have become a victim of a scam like that, report it to the ftc and to your local law enforcement. kfc has unveiled an attention grabbing product that is part kitchen appliance and apparently it's part gaming device. we have to show it to you. let's zoom out so you can get the fullness of this kf console. it's a video game console with a built-in warmer to keep fried chicken from going cold. the fast food chain unveiled the device on social media claiming it does actually play video games. it's not clear if you can buy this or if they're just trying to get on tv. >> give that marketing person a raise, they make it on tv at least twice a month. disneyland is not open now, but it doesn't mean they're not doing work behind the scenes. they're celebrating the 83rd
5:25 am
anniversary of snow white and the seven dwarfs, and they're unveiling the reimagining of snow white's ride. the attraction was updated with new music, l.e.d. lighting, laser projections and a new animation system. disneyland has been closed since march because of the pandemic. a reopening date has not been announced. disney is the parent company of abc7. i'm always happy to see changes and updates to the rides. it refreshes it, however i loved how brutal that ride was. >> i'm trying to understand why it was called scary adventures. >> it was so scary. it was scarier than the haunted mansion. snow white was barely in it. that witch was coming around every corner and jumping out at you. it was amazing as an adult. as a kid, a little too much. >> that's a lot. >> i'll miss you, queen. >> reinventing that.
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we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including local inspiration for pixar's new movie "soul" the spotlight on an east bay business. and this may not be cute. why kirk cameron is facing criticism this morning. san francisco is opening up a new free covid testing site. details coming up. first a live look outside at the golden gate bridge at 5:26. we'll be back.
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now at 5:30, covid-19 testing in a hard-hit community. the pop-up site hoping to fight the surge ahead of the holidays. the covid relief package in limbo. why president trump doesn't want to sign it until it's reworked. doubling the doses for americans. pfizer will supply the u.s. with 100 million more doses of its covid-19 vaccine. good morning. it's wednesday, december 23rd. >> before we get to those stories, we want to check in with lisa for a look at the day ahead. >> good morning to you. it's a little chilly out here but the north bay valleys and the east bay valleys looking at the -- i should say fairfield has the coldest conditions. concord and livermore, 46. 31 in santa rosa. 33 by the delta. good morning, san jose, 44 for you. 45 right here. as we look at our 24 hour
5:30 am
temperature change, 14 degrees colder from novato and 8 degrees colder by the delta. so as we go through the next several hours, those northeasterly upper level winds will keep it a bit breezy throughout the afternoon. by 2:00, we have upper 50s to low 60s. another afternoon with that chilled sunshine and we will begin to see a wind shift, that will allow for increasing clouds tomorrow which does lead to that rain we've all been waiting for. kumasi? >> thank you. developing news, a shocking announcement by the president on twitter overnight now putting the covid relief package in limbo. he's asking congress to rework the pandemic aid bill and increase the stimulus payments. faith abubey has more on the president's announcement. >> reporter: in a surprise four-minute twitter video, president trump demanding congress amend a two-in-one covid relief and government spending bill heading to his desk. the legislation crafted by senate republicans and trump's own top negotiators. >> i'm also asking congress to
5:31 am
immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill. >> reporter: trump was expected to sign the measure this week to avoid a government shutdown and give a much-needed lifeline to millions of americans expected to lose part of their federal unemployment benefits the day after christmas. the president saying he wants more money in direct stimulus payments included in the bill. >> amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000 or $4,000 for a couple. >> reporter: the demand quickly embraced by many democrats who for months sought to give more direct aid to struggling americans. house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting let's do it. anded ed adam schiff telling cn this. >> i have to think the republicans will not go anywhere near this. >> reporter: republicans indicated the price tag of the 9$900 billion covid relief
5:32 am
package is too high. the bill includes $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits and up to $600 in direct payments to most americans. but the long overdue aid now hanging in the balance while millions slide into a pandemic field of poverty. >> time to stop playing the freaking games with our lives. people are dying. they're being evicted from their houses. they're losing everything. >> reporter: it's unclear whether president trump actually plans to veto the bill once it arrives on his desk. if he refuses to sign it, it would become law after ten days. if he vetoes it congress could overwrite it. faith abubey, abc news, washington. 15% of san francisco's population but 44% of covid cases. the latino community is disproportionately hit by the pandemic. this morning the city is reassigning resources to test more people in the mission district before christmas. amy hollyfield is live from the
5:33 am
24th street b.a.r.t. station this morning. >> good morning. city officials think they'll be testing up to 700 people at this site each day. we are at 24th and mission. this site will be opening today. san francisco's mayor says it is important to make covid testing equitable and says putting a site here will better serve the latinex community and community workers. while the number of cases in the city skyrocketd, they want you to know there are signs of progress. >> our changes in behavior are starting to show an impact. two weeks ago when we started the limited stay-at-home order, our cases were increasing on an average of 8% every day. today our cases are increasing on average at 2% per day. >> city officials are encouraging all of us to think about what we can do to help slow the spread of this virus in
5:34 am
the next couple of weeks. this test site will be open today and tomorrow from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 each afternoon. it is free. no appointment is necessary. you can truly walk up here to 24th and mission and get in line for a test. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the gospel church is providing free kocovid-19 testi to people in east oakland. for the next several months testing will happen on tuesdays and saturdays from 9:00 to 4:00. there is no testing this saturday because of the holiday. it doesn't matter if you have insurance and you do not need to register. a vigil was held outside of uber's headquarters in san francisco to remember ride hailing app drivers who died from covid-19. uber drivers parked on market street to pay attention to the drivers who passed away from the
5:35 am
virus. the group says it coincided with an international day of action to bring light to health and safety issues that app workers face. as surging covid-19 cases fill up hospitals across the country there's mounting concern about a lack of nurses and medical staff. >> i'm seeing people die alone. >> california health care leaders released this video warning of the current surge. the increase in cases and dwindling icu capacity causing a nationwide shortage of nurses, which is affecting hospitals throughout the state. >> our nurses are handling it. they're okay. but i don't know if they can handle it for the long-term. >> the traveling nurses who often fill in the gaps have been grabbed all over the country by different hospitals. now that california is going into its surges later than other states, a lot of the traveling nurses are already in contracts. >> nurses say the immediate solution is to stay home and not spread the virus.
5:36 am
public health officials say the worst is still yet to come in california. with covid-19 infections statewide showing no signs of slowing, a critical meeting is happening today over vaccinations. jobina fortson is following that at the live desk. >> thank you. so a state advisory committee will try to answer the question that is at the top of many minds right now, which is who will be next in line for the covid-19 vaccine. it could be firefighters, police officers, or other essential front line workers that come into close contact with the public. the u.s. government brokers a deal with pfizer announced today to supply an additional 100 million doses of the vaccine to the u.s. they are expected to be delivered by the end of july. that will not help the crisis we're seeing in california. now the epicenter of the nation's outbreak. hospitals in southern california are pushed tho theo their break point. uc irvine is building a field hospital and a marking lot. >> what we saw after
5:37 am
thanksgiving we're probably going to see worse after christmas. >> california is in a crisis mode in it's health systems. we're breaking records we do not want to break. >> the state could see 100,000 hospitalizations of covid-19 patients in december alone. this month has proven to be the deadliest month of the pandemic in california and across the country. despite the cdc urging americans to stay home throughout the holidays, the tsa is seeing an uptick here in checkpoint screenings. 4 million people were screened since friday. that's higher than the number they saw over thanksgiving. >> thank you. coming up, twitter transition. president-elect joe biden will be taking over the poe ttus acct on his first day of office but it's coming with a twist. local inspiration in "soul" the special little shop in the east bay. we'll get to that. first let's check in with meteorologist -- >> my gosh!
5:38 am
>> good morning. i just have to say, talk about spoiler alert. i was trying to wait and dvr the bachelor, any way, now that i know. thank you. good morning. we are looking at the fog in the central valley. otherwise a ridge of high pressure once again in control of our weather for another day before we see increasing clouds. this is the way it looks on top of the roof. it's a cold morning. the frost and the coldest temperatures in the far north valleys, the delta. otherwise increasing clouds tomorrow, christmas eve. the rain arrives later on christmas day. here's a look at what you can expect tomorrow. we're starting out with some sun. getting into the afternoon, here are the high clouds. the wind shifts to the south. we'll be looking at a dry but cloudy afternoon. here we are christmas morning, 5:00, we are still dry. if we add up the seven-day totals from today to the 30th, we're looking at anywhere from an inch and a third in santa rosa to an inch in san
5:39 am
francisco. maybe an inch in san jose. so let's keep our fingers crossed on that one. 58 today in the city. 61 in oakland. not a lot of change. breezy winds at times. otherwise we will stay in this holding pattern today and then things begin to change tomorrow with increasing clouds. good morning to you, jobina. >> good morning to lisa. i think i know what shop is the inspiration for "soul" and it's so cute. moving on to positive news in traffic. things are looking great. we'll bring in a live picture showing off the golden gate bridge. if you are heading north, you may run into a bit of a slowdown in sausalito because of roadwork in the area. it's not showing up in the sensors. shouldn't be too bad. moving over to a live picture in emeryville, looking at 80. the headlights are making their way westbound towards the maze. the toll plaza where we do not have metering lights on yet and we did not have them on yesterday. here's hoping they don't come on
5:40 am
again today. a look at our map as we head into the break. if you're heading out the door and you want to see the specific area where you sfx: dog bark ♪ orth sharing.
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enroll now at governor newsom has picked california secretary of state alex padilla to fill vice president-elect kamala harris's u.s. senate seat. he will be the first latino to represent california in the senate. he is the son of a cook and house cleaner. vice president harris offered her congratulations on twitter saying alex and i long served the people of california together i know he will continue fighting for our state as california's first latino senator. shirley weber will fill padilla's position as secretary of state. she will be the first black secretary of state. phil matier says the governor made a sound decision. >> it was a smart choice for the
5:43 am
governor because the latinos represent a fast growing voter bloc in california. they represent about 20% of the electorate. saying yes to them scores points as well for governor newsom. >> he said the governor went the traditional route. instead of a surprise pick he chose a long-time friend and ally. joe biden will take over the potus twitter account the day he takes office. it will come with a twist. twitter says he will not inherit the potus accounts 33 million followe followers. that's a change from 2017 when president trump got control of the account. anyone following the handle will be given the option to follow the biden administration's new count. the biden team is pushing back against this decision saying they shouldn't have to start from zero. one of the biggest bay area tech companies could have bought tesla. elon musk says he wanted to sell his company to apple three years ago during the darkest days of its model 3 rollout. he said tim cook refused to take
5:44 am
the meeting. at the time musk says that tesla was worth about one-tenth of what it is now. musk's comments come amid reports that apple is working towards vehicle production in 2024. a new animated movie made in the bay area makes its long awaited debut on christmas day. a small business in the east bay provided inspiration for pixar's movie "soul." cornell barnard caught up with te husband and wife ♪ >> reporter: you may have passed this couple's small tailoring shop on aveline street on burkely hundreds of times but never noticed the cute yellow bungalow. but pixar studios could not miss their shop. they called right away. >> another day, another phone call comes and they would like to make a movie. >> i did it.
5:45 am
i got the gig. >> that movie is "soul" about musician named joe caught between following his dream of making music or taking a stable teaching job. je's mom is a tailor. pixar animation needed to meet a real life tailer up close. they spent hours with the couple watching and drawing their every move. >> they observed how we work. what we do. they took details. it's a dying art. tailoring is a dying art. >> they did a lot of visiting of real barbershops and real tailer shops including the one you mentioned so the animation and story artists could get a good idea of not just how it looks but how people move. >> reporter: it's been a tough year for this ailtailor shop. they pivoted from alterations to face masks. they had no choice. they had to shut their door for six months. >> thank you to all the customers. their support and loyalty to us. ♪
5:46 am
>> customers helped keep the tailor shop afloat with the generous go fund me page last spring. the shop received no compensation from pixar, he says he's honored to have provided inspiration to a movie that has a lot to say. >> yes! >> this movie takes you back to not just about who you are, what you do, how you do, everything you do from the bottom of your soul. >> in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> cornell did such a nice job with that. "soul" debuts on disney plus on christmas day, friday. disney is the parent company of abc7. how cute was that? >> that was the cutest thing. >> so, so, cute, i love it. >> yes. >> is that the shop you were thinking of? >> okay. to be honest, no. but i still thought it was cute. i'm glad i'm here. okay. because remember in your previous interview the guy was
5:47 am
like, you know, the ladies in the tailor shop remind me of my aunts. there's some aunties that run a tailor shop up here in oakland, i thought it was them. that's okay. the shop in berkeley is also adorable. >> so they took those aunties and put them in the shot. >> yes. >> that's what happens in the movie. have no fear, aunties will still appear. >> perfect. >> okay. just wanted to make sure no one is afraid of what you're about to see. le lisa, you have to see this movie on friday. it's life changing to be honest. >> awe. definitely looking forward to that. not going to watch "the bachelor" like i said. we're done with that. >> lisa's mad. >> my daughter, i'll keep my mouth shut. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's clear. that's where the fog is in the central valley. we're looking at cold temperatures. the coldest in the north bay valleys and by the delta.
5:48 am
dome of high pressure bringing us sun today. that changes tomorrow as we get set for a rainy christmas holiday weekend. it is 48 in oakland. good morning to you. 44 in hayward. look at that 29 in santa rosa with 33 out in fairfield. the 35 in morgan hill. there's a look from our east bay hills camera. forecast lie lighighlights, col, patchy frost and increasing clouds for christmas eve. a storm arrives on christmas day likely towards the evening hours. it's a level 1 on our storm impact scale. light to moderate rain. wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. two-tenths of rain in the highest elevations. as we get through 10:00, maybe some sprinkles out there. 6:00, north bay rain moving down to the south bay. by sat morniurday morning, it's. we look for a dry day and sunday until sunday night, that's when
5:49 am
we have a colder system. 61 in oakland. 62 in santa rosa. 58 in fremont. overnight lows, we'll see a little bit of fog. cold temperatures, but more clear sky. when we see the increasing clouds on christmas eve, if you're doing mass at night, maybe not as cold due to some of that cloud cover. the accuweather 7-day forecast looking at that level 1 system on friday ending saturday. another one sunday night ending into monday. so good news there. >> all right. thank you. new at 6:00, ucsf nurses protesting work conditions today. how they say the hospital is going around safe staffing standards. first a christmas tradition delayed again. what's holding up the commercial crab season. and tayshia adams, close your ears, lisa, found love on "the bachelorette." we're hearing from her and her fiance zac this morning about what it was
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. actor kirk cameron facing criticism this morning for hosting another large christmas gathering in southern california. about 100 people, few if any wearing masks showed up for a caroling event last night. this was outside of a mall in thousand oaks. this is at least the second caroling event hosted by the former "growing pains" actor turned evang geelist. tamales are a holiday tradition for many bay area families but this year it's going to be different. sales are slumping with restaurants limited to takeout and delivery only. one shop in south san francisco tells abc7 news it would typically sell more than 5,000 tamales by this time of year. because of the pandemic the sales are down by 1,000. still for many making them is a
5:53 am
labor of love. >> the family tradition, everybody has a story about how their mom, their dad, everybody would get together and make tamales before christmas. >> health experts say the smaller order sales could mean families are adhering to public health guidelines and keeping gatherings smaller or not gathering at all this year. tamales ta tamales, takeout, delivery, you'll find a guide to local restaurants on our website, new details on the crab season. it was supposed to start today but it's delayed again. that's because fishermen and seafood processing companies cannot agree on a price. the two sides are about a dollar apart when it comes to the price per pound. the season normally starts in the middle of november. it got postponed three times because of migratie ining whale. listen, this is a spoiler alert for "the bachelorette." if you do not want to know, just mute for a minute and then come back. 23 men were battling it out for
5:54 am
bachelorette tayshia adams heart. in the end it was zac who put a ring on it. >> >> oh. so this is the moment that bachelorette nation was waiting for. a fairytale ending to one of the most dramatic seasons ever. zac proposed to tayshia and the happy couple are talking to "good morning america" about what it was like to keep their engagement secret. >> it was a tad bit easier because sneaking around. not many people are out and about. >> i mean cheers to masks, right?
5:55 am
>> are you planning for a long engagement or are you already planning a big wedding? >> we're just going with the flow at the moment. we're just going to date each >> i want a big wedding when the day does come. >> they were in the resort so they didn't have time to date. so she wants to date her fiance. they are also revealing their holiday plans, how they're going to manage their relationship since she's on the west coast here. he's on the east coast. we need all the answers coming up on "gma" at 7:00. meanwhile bachelor fans won't have to wait too long for this next love story to unfold. "the bachelorette" was delayed in the spring, so now instead of waiting a few months, a new season of "the bachelor" is less than two weeks away. that's him, matt james. because of the pandemic it was also filmed at one location in
5:56 am
pennsylvania this time. you can watch the dramatic new season all starting january 4th on abc7. what, friend? what? >> i'm just -- the whole thing is so hilarious to me. what -- what is your wedding date? oh, we're just going to date. but you're engaged. >> friend, they didn't get to do anything. >> mm-hmm. >> she's getting to know him in a brand-new way. >> cool. >> you don't care. new at 6:00, a gift for people who are homesick. what one uk company is selling to people who can't go home for the holidays. aaa predicts 34 fewer american also travel this holiday compared to last year. and a look at how one east
5:57 am
bay neighborhood is fighting to keep a holiday that came from me. really. my first idea was "in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower...
5:58 am
over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
5:59 am
the fabric of our city is being torn apart right now. >> now at 6:00, the crumbling economy in san francisco. a chinatown restaurant that's been around for more than a century will soon close. how businesses are demanding help from the city.
6:00 am
one hospital makes good on its promises to health care workers, and others stay current working conditions put them and their patients at risk. >> and a live look at highway 101 and the golden gate bridge. aaa predicting the heaviest travel will be in the bay area today. >> good morning on this wednesday, december 23rd. we'll get to all of that. first a look at our weather and lisa. >> good morning, everyone. we are chilly and typically cold in the north bay valleys. the fog is in the central valley. in downtown, 45 degrees. 32 in santa rosa. we have cold temperatures by the delta. mid 40s for our inland valleys. could be colder than that. looking at about 14 degrees colder in novato. that chilled sunshine on the way for a final day before we see more significant changes. through 9:00, it will remain cold. some 30s in the north 40s


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