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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 28, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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finally on the way for millions of americans. rolling out more vaccines to californians. the major mission for cvs starting today. >> and actress lori lauoughlin t to be released from prison today. we're live in dublin with how covid-19 affected the facility. >> and we're looking at rain across the bay area. mike is tracking it for us this morning. good morning, it's monday, december 28th. we hope you had a nice weekend and a nice christmas. >> thank you for joining us this monday morning. you might see or hear the rain coming down this monday morning. let's check in with mike nicco for a look at the day ahead. >> hi, everybody. we have a 1 on the storm impact scale this morning. scattered showers. the heavier showers are in the south, especially monterey bay
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and points southward. let's show you this on live doppler 7. a lot of green out there. that's light rain. you can see with low pressure to the south and that counterclockwise flow, these storms are not moving -- first they're starting from southeast to west, and then they head around and make their way from northeast. i think the rain will stay around for the morning commute. this afternoon in the 50s. >> actress lori loughlin is set to be released from a dublin prison today. she served nearly two months for her participation in the college cheating scandal. amy hollyfield has more. >> she's been in isolation for the last week because of a covid
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outbreak affecting more than 100 prisoners. she is okay. she is healthy. actress lori loughlin is expected to be released today from prison in dublin after serving a two-month long sentence. she's been here since october 30th. almost two months. she said she's deeply sorry for doing this. and that she made an awful decision. she an her husband paid $500,000 to get their daughters into college at usc. it was a big scheme that federal officials labeled varsity blues. even though this was a fall from grace for the "full house" star, some think she will be able to redeem herself going forward. >> she can bank on the good graces for what she did before. an element of the public is eternally and always ready to forgive. >> loughlin's husband was given
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a stiffer sentence of five months in prison. they also face fines and community service. there is no sign of her yet this morning. authorities did not say what time she will be released. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. inmates at san quentin prison may be allowed to transfer to other prisons because of covid-19 concerns. a marin county judge may allow transfers because of san quentin's massive brought youtb earlier this year. other prisons in the state are reporting outbreaks of over 500 cases. starting today, cvs will administer covid vaccines to people at long-term care facilities. nearly 700,000 residents and staff at 15,000 facilities across the state are expected to be vaccinated.
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vaccinators will visit each location three times for boosters and check-ups within a 12-week period. after this phase, cvs will vaccinate the next tier, which includes essential workers, those 75 and up and those with chronic illnesses. help is on the way for millions of americans after an 11th-hour demand for bigger relief payments, president trump relented sunday night signing another round of badly needed financial aid. jobina jobina has more on whhas the cash. >> a week ago the president called the stimulus bill a disgrace. last night he backed down signing the 2$2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill. president trump's signature came hours before the government was set to shut down. last week he said he wanted $2,000 financial relief checks for most americans, not the $600 payments negotiated in the bill. even fellow republicans grew
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frustrated. >> if you want to make a $2,000 check, negotiate that from the beginning. >> i understand he's advocating for big checks, but he'll be remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior if he allows this to expire. >> so when should you expect to see stimulus payments arrive? direct deposits from the original c.a.r.e.s. act took about two weeks to get into bank accounts. it will take longer if you're waiting for a check in the mail. as for unemployment benefits that expired on saturday, americans lost about a week of $300 payments. >> thank you. right now millions of people are returning home after the holidays. bay area health officials are urging travelers to quarantine. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard spoke to passengers at sfo. >> with the traveling it was difficult, we made it happen.
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>> michael garr riic just arriv back in the bay area. >> we had a good time. >> michael says he plans to quarantine after his trip and that's what health officials are urging travelers arriving back in the bay area to do. >> san francisco and santa clara counties now require a ten-day quarantine upon arrival. other bay area counties have other restrictions. >> that recording plays every few minutes at sfo. >> i am definitely quarantining. it's almost selfish to travel, but it's hard because, you know, family is sometimes all that we have. >> despite warnings from health officials, the tsa says millions of people have been passing through airport security checkpoints nationwide. most since the start of the pandemic. >> i love to travel, i'm not staying home. >> reporter: travel through the holiday season is expected to be down 30% this year. 616,000 travelers screened at airports on christmas day. that's about a 75% drop from 2019.
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with christmas in the rearview and new years on the way, officials expect a surge on top of the surge we're already seeing. >> the expectation is we'll keep seeing these record days of cases, hospitalizations around the country will continue to hit record levels. unfortunately the numbers of deaths will drive us to horrific milestones in the coming months. >> the tsa says more than 1 million travelers were screened in airports nationwide on the day after christmas. tha number is expected to increase by new year's day. cornell barnard, abc7 news. we want to give you a look at the latest numbers in california. reporting more than 50,000 new covid cases on sunday. this is the third highest single day total during the pandemic. the state is seeing about 95 cases per 100,000 people each day. california is now reporting the second highest number of new daily covid-19 cases per capita in the country behind tennessee. this morning we're looking
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into why covid rates are so high despite our current stay-at-home order. health is a focus for us in our commitment to building a better bay area. j.r. stone spoke with one doctor who believes there are too many reasons, covid fatigue and private gatherings. >> we're very aware that there is pandemic fatigue, that people are tired and that i think the ability of people to shelter and their willingness is definitely not the same as it was in the spring. >> reporter: but dr. amhad kamal of santa clara county says we need to be strong by not traveling and not gathering. his message comes at a time when california has the second highest covid-19 rates in the country. and while most we talk with say they are being safe -- >> as long as i'm wearing a mask, i feel pretty comfortable. >> it's just the five of us. we're not getting together with any other family members. >> reporter: -- most also admitted to us that they have been traveling.
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>> i'm actually from los angeles. >> sacramento. >> reporter: and admitted that they've had gatherings but kept them small. >> we only gather like a group of like no more than ten people, 10, 12 people. all our family lives close by. >> if you're going to go outside, you have to visit some people or at least do something. >> reporter: dr. kamal says on any given day there are less than 30 icu beds available in all of santa clara county. he says even family gatherings are dangerous but believes that by staying home, we can reverse the high number of cases which would improve icu numbers, take the pressure off hospitals, and lead to reopenings. >> i've seen so many times when people get together, even with small groups, cousins, aunts, or grandparents, that spread does happen. so we really all need to hunker down and shelter. >> reporter: while california's covid rates are second highest in the country, it is important to note that the covid death rates here in california are 30th. doctors have previously told us that those death rates often lag
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behind by a couple of weeks. j.r. stone, abc7 news. that is so tough, especially during the holidays and if you have a father who might be having heart trouble and you would like to be there for him and you can't be because you're doing the right thing. let's look at what's going on temperature-wise. let's see how to dress and see where we need the umbrella. we're milder this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. mainly mid 40s for most of the peninsula and the coast. 50 in san bruno. 50 also in oakland. 53 in napa right now. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. here's a look if you're a super commuter and coming in on highway 4 or 580. it's dry on 580, 4 will get wet past discovery bay. 80 will get wet also. 37 is wet. the richmond-san rafael bridge is receiving light rain right
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now. we'll talk to jobina in a second about the commute. here's future radar, by 10:30 showers are over. if you are looking for sunshine, the dry air is moving from north to south. the further north you are, you are likely to see some sunshine. we'll clear out overnight and we'll be significantly colder tomorrow. a couple hundredths inches of rain if you're lucky enough to get something out of this system before it leaves us. we'll talk about a couple more chances for rain in 2020. here is jobina. >> good morning, mike. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. i hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. we are seeing some slick spots for your morning commute. the good news is that a lot of people are still off through the new year. so we have not had a lot of issues to report. you can even see the slick pavement as we bring in our live camera showing off 101 in san jose. i also want to point to the bay bridge toll plaza here as well. so if you do need to head in, i want to make a note, we have not
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seen the metering lights come on for a while now. you can see the flags going there, some droplets on the camera. everything is looking good overall and i will send it over to julian and kumasi. >> thank you. coming up, a boost in holiday sales, what more and more people were shopping for this year. and a suspect identified in the nash vville rv bombing. new details about what rocked downtown nashville on christmas day. and fire and ice. this man caught on camera using a flame thrower to clear the snow. >> that's one way to get it done. at 5:12 this monday morning, we're looking at the golden gate bridge as rain
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investigators are trying to figure out the motive behind a deadly bowling alley shooting in ro rockford, illinois.
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police charged an army green burret. he shot six people, three of them died. in a statement, the army said webb was on leave when this happened. this morning investigators are looking behind the explosion that rocked downtown nashville on christmas morning. avery harper has more on what we're learning about the man accused of the blast. >> reporter: this morning new traffic camera footage showing the moment an explosion rocked downtown nashville. authorities viewing the surveillance video of the rv and an only news warning. >> if you hear this message, evacuate now. >> reporter: along with a '60s pop song. investigators are now looking into anthony warner's psychiatric and medical history for clues to a motive. >> he was present when the bomb went off. he perished in the bombing.
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>> reporter: following the explosion, agents could be seen carrying out items from his home. six nashville police officers are now describing the moments before friday's explosion. one of them was officer brenna hosey who helped a mother of four evacuate. >> she said let me get my kids. that put my heart up in my loet. >> reporter: the force of the last left officer james wells with temporary hearing loss. >> i hear a loud boom. as i'm stumbling, i told myself stay on your feet, stay alive. >> reporter: this family made it out of their home just in time. >> as we're driving away, this massive explosion. it's just huge. i was looking forward driving, and i hear the sound and the whole car shifts. >> reporter: officials say they're working to determine if the at&t building where that rv
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was parked was the bomber's intended target. avery harper, abc news, washington. a ban on flavored tobacco set to go into effect on january 1st in california has been delayed. opponents led by tobacco companies say they got enough signatures to put the new law to a statewide vote. officials agreed to wait until 623,000 signatures can be verified. however one county is reporting a high level of signatures that do not match records. if there's not enough the ban will begin when the secretary of state certifies the drive. mastercard said people were shopping for home decor and furniture because more people are staying at home. the report also found online shopping went up almost 50% between october and christmas eve. okay. so here is the perfect blend of
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winter and we'll say creativity at christmastime. this man. it's not a fire. this guy in kentucky said instead of using a shovel he would bring out the flame thrower to clear his driveway. yes. there's another view of this that somebody else did that's really close. you're like why. to add on top of this, he dressed up as cousin eddie from the national lampoon christmas vacation. that also explains why he only has on a hat and a bathrobe. >> oh. oay. >> i guess you get the snow off faster that way when you're flame throwing it. >> yeah. your black loafers with your black socks don't get quite as wet. i think kumasi is just jealous because this didn't happen in florida. >> i'm happy. finally.
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y'all take that one, kentucky. when we saw the snow, we knew it wasn't florida. thank goodness. >> exactly. i'm with the guy. i'm sorry. i thought that was hilarious. i love that. absolutely. all right. let's talk about what's going on. you can definitely see that area of low pressure swirling down towards our south about to head towards big sur. with that counterclockwise flow, that's why we have chances of showers for the next several hours. here's a bigger picture. you can see it's going to bring wicked weather down to southern california. they have winter storm warnings, possibly a foot or two feet of snow in their mountains. that would look cool. especially when you're sitting down in 50 degree sunshine. so here we are from san jose, showers taper. clouds open. it will be seasonally cool today. mostly clear. much colder tonight. fog will develop in the south
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bay and north bay. it will be an unsettled start to our first weekend of 2021. best chance of rain will be sunday. for today, about 55 to 58 degrees with more sunshine north, less sunshine south. tonight, look at that freezing cold temperatures in the north bay valleys. most likely in the tri valley and the east bay. a whole lot of 30s around the bay itself. be ready for that cooler weather. we get a bit of a break tuesday, wednesday. some morning showers as we try to finally say good-bye to 2020. wake up 2021 on friday. it looks like a little sunshine and then some chances of wet weather saturday and sunday. no impact scale needed just quite yet. kumasi? julian? >> coming up next. the girl scouts versus boy scouts. why one youth organization is suing the other. and a man on a mission to swim 1 million yards. the personal reason behind this goal that he just reached. >> okay. and coming up tonight on abc7, the buffalo bills going up against the new england patriots
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in monday night football. kickoff is at 5:15. you can join
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if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this
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morning. atress lori loughlin expected to be released from a federal prison in dublin servedservedsed two-month sentence. president trump signed the 2$2.3 trillion government relie and funding bill. most americans should be getting $600 stimulus payments in two weeks. number three, health officials are warning there could be another surge in covid-19 cases because of christmas travel. the tsa just revealed they screened 1.2 million people yesterday. that's the most since the pandemic began. in the bay area, people are being told to quarantine for ten days after returning home. number four, starting today, cvs will administer covid-19 vaccines to staff and residents at california's long-term care facilities. nearly 700,000 people are expected to get the shots. number five, fire season is finally over in the north bay. this year it lasted a month longer than the last two fire
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seasons. more than 400,000 acres burned in 2020. so nice to see that new green vegetation springing up on our hills. a little bit of shower activity this morning may aid that a bit. scattered and light through 10:30. less than a tenth of an inch of rain. number seven, those showers will impact your morning commute. it's a little slick in some spots out there. no crashes to report right now. as we bring in a live picture showing off the golden gate bridge, you can see the wet pavement and the rain droplets there. the girl scouts have filed a lawsuit against the boy scouts of america claiming the organization is unfairly recruiting members. the girl scouts of the united states of america allege they are in a highly damaging recruitment war with the boy scouts every since that organization opened its membership to 2k3wigirls. lawyers say this has led to marketplace confusion. both organizations are seeing memberships decline in recent
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years. a man just reached it's a goal of swimming 1 million yards in 2020 for cancer research. okay. so david miller completed the 568 miles at a high school. it's the same place that the swim a million project first began back in january. the cause is close to his heart. his father passed away from lung cancer. his mother and sister are survivors. he raised $50,000 for the cancer research institute. congratulations. a dog stole the show and the hearts of thousands of fans when it ran on to the field during a professional soccer match in bolivia. so, he made a chew toy out of a soccer cleat during the game. this was on thursday. then he just got tired. it was just too much excitement
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for the baby. what happened? >> he didn't want to get off the field there. >> okay. so the players and the referees struggled to get possession from the dog. they finally got ahold of the playful pooch. then they played after a three-minute delay. >> whose cleat did he steal? >> i don't know. was it just on the field? >> ripped it off somebody's foot. mine now. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including more adorable dogs frolicking in record snowfall. we'll show you massive amounts of powder. and we'll tell you about free covid-19 testing. the pop-up site opening up tomorrow. covid-19 vaccines and facial fillers. the side effect noted for some people who got injections. and before we send you off to break, another live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the rain drops
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now at 5:30, actress lori loughlin set to get out of prison today. she served almost two months for her role in the college admission scandal. president trump signs on the 9$900 billion coronavirus relie package. how the delay in approving it ended up hurting some americans. and we're tracking rain this morning. this is a look at live doppler 7. mike is telling us how long this will last and if we can expect more rain this week. good morning. thank you very much for joining us on this monday. it's december 28th. we hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. >> first we'll check in with mike to see what's going on with this rain. good morning. good morning. hi, everybody. welcome to monday. the last monday this year.
5:30 am
you can see counterclockwise motion of the rain, especially the shield across the north bay which is looking much more impressive than the rain reaching the ground. it becomes more scattered showers heading into the south bay. and cold enough we may see a little snow just to the east. up around mount hamilton. i'll check those tower cams out once the sun comes up. scattered light showers, less than a tenth of an inch of rain. that's it. a little more sunshine heading into the afternoon hours, especially from north, a little less to the south. temperatures will hang out in the low to mid 50s from noon to 4:00. here is julian with more news. >> thank you. actress lori loughlin is expected to be released from prison today. she's finishing up her sentence in the varsity blues college admission scandal. amy hollyfield is live for us in dublin. >> good morning. we're here at the gate. no sign of her yet. she is expected to be released
5:31 am
from this dublin prison today. lori loughlin served nearly a two-month long sentence for paying $500,000 to get her daughters into college. she's been in isolation for the past two weeks because of a covid outbreak at the prison infecting at least 180 inmates. people with her team tell abc news that she is okay. loughlin said she is deeply sorry for what she did and she made an awful decision. her daughter also spoke out about the scandal. she did that on jada pinkett-smith's red table talk. >> i'm definitely ready to address some things. it's been hard. i think for anybody, no matter what the situation is, you don't want to see your parents go to prison. >> yeah. >> i think it's necessary for us to move on. >> right. >> move forward. >> loughlin has been in jail since october 30th. her husband was given a stiffer sentence of five months. he started serving his time on november 19th.
5:32 am
they also face fines and community service. there has been no sign of her yet this morning. authorities have not said what time they will be releasing her. live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news. after days of opposition, president trump has signed a 0 $900 billion coronavirus relief package. it will bring urgently needed financial relief to millions of americans. mona kosar abdi has how the bill will help many struggling now. >> nearly one week after calling it a disgrace, president trump is backing down, agreeing late sunday to sign a $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill, averting a government shutdown just hours before tonight's deadline. in a statement, the president saying, quote, i am signing this bill to restore unemployment benefits, stop evictions, provide rental assistance, add money for the paycheck protection program, and much
5:33 am
more. the president spending the weekend golfing in florida, had faced intense pressure to give in as unemployment benefits for 14 million americans expired. it took congress six months to negotiate the bipartisan relief bill. the president's own team, including treasury secretary steve mnuchin, helped negotiate it. but then the president last week demanding last-minute changes, tweeting, quote, i simply want to get our great people $2,000 rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill. some republicans criticized him for not raising his objections earlier. >> if you want to make it $2,000 checks, negotiate that from the beginning. >> i understand he wants to be remembered for advocating for big checks, but the danger is he'll be remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior if he allows this to expire. >> the president in a statement last night suggested he'd sign the bill after the senate agreed to consider increasing the check to $2,000, which the house is expected to pass today. but senate majority leader mitch
5:34 am
mcconnell made no such commitment in his statement overnight, saying only that the president's, quote, leadership has prevented a government shutdown at a time when our nation could not have afforded one. the delay in approving the bill already having consequences. >> i worry about myself and my family. we need covid relief so bad. >> mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. this morning we're learning more about the coming month and the distribution of covid-19 vaccines. this comes after airports across the country are seeing a record number of travelers this holiday season. jobina is at the live desk with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. white house coronavirus task force member brett juwab says the problem with traveling is mixing your bubble with another when traveling.
5:35 am
>> travel increases risk. we have to be concerned about that. it's just vitally important that people follow all those rules, the four ws as the surgeon general said. avoid indoor gatherings, wear a mask, wash your hands, particularly in airports. >> he talked about vaccine distribution. the goal is to vaccinate 20 million americans by the end of the year. right now only 2 million have received the shot. he says another 4.7 million doses will be distributed this week. >> so 20 million doses will be distributed to the states by the first week in january. probably another 30 million doses in january. another 50 million doses in february. that seems to be a very good estimate given what we know right now. >> he says the end of the pandemic is in sight but there's still a lot of work that needs to happen because lives depend on how well we follow health measures. >> thank you. the fda advisory committee noted a particular group experiencing side effects of the moderna covid-19 vaccine.
5:36 am
this is actually one of the most clicked on stories on right now. so several trial participants who received cosmetic facial fillers reported inflammation and swelling where the injections took place. a couple patients had cheek filler six months earlier and one had her lips filled two days after getting the vaccine. all of these cases of inflammation were resolved with steroids and antihistamines. in response to rising covid-19 cases, kaiser permanente has postponed elective and nonurgent surgeries at all of its northern california facilities. that includes the entire bay area. kaiser tells the "san francisco chronicle" that the delay will go to january 4th. a nurse who just ended her isolation after being diagnosed with covid-19 is heading back to work. this is a story you will only see on abc7 news. this woman is a nurse at the hayward health care and wellness
5:37 am
center. yesterday is the first time she's seen her sons in three weeks. she thinks these contacted the virus at work. she had mild symptoms, doesn't fall into a high-risk category, but she admits the positive test results still scared her. >> what was really hard about that was just to be isolated, knowing that was -- this might be my last few days, and i wouldn't get to see my family. >> she says the backlog in getting test results is likely contributing to the recent surge w50 we've been seeing. she is urging lawmakers to make it easier to get tested in order to stop the spread. more free covid-19 tests will be available in palo alto this week. the city opening up a pop-up site there. walk-in testing will be available for insured and uninsured regardless of immigration status. the pop-up is happening from 10:00 to 4:00 every tuesday in the parking lot of the mitchell
5:38 am
park library on middle field road. coming up, a breonna taylor statue meant to unite the community smashed in oakland. the artist's heartbreak and determination to keep going. and ready to welcome a new year. the big new year's eve party is not open to the public this year, but big stars are still headlines. we have a preview coming up. let's check in with mike for a look at the forecast. everyone ready to say good-bye to 2020. >> only a couple of days left. man, after what we've been through, you can see the light at the end of this tunnel for sure. all right. we have some rain out there. we'll have another chance new year's eve morning. a couple more chances as we start the new weekend and the new year. so, a lot to talk about. first, let's focus on what's going on now. you can see light rain falling across the north bay and across the richmond-san rafael bridge, the bay bridge and also the golden gate bridge. put this into motion, this is moving from northeast to southwest.
5:39 am
so it's rotating away from us and offshore. you can see some drier air pushing into the south bay and the north bay. as that whole system slides southward, it's going to continue to rotate showers around as you can see on future radar. we're not out of the woods until 11:00, that's where all the green is gone. watch the drier air wrap into the north bay, we'll see increasing sunshine from north to south as we head throughout the afternoon. we don't completely clear out until tonight. that means a much colder morning is on the way tomorrow. inland will probably have frost with some extra moisture in the ground and in the air you may want to cover the car windshield. less than 0.03 inches of rain left. mid to upper 40s in the inland upper east bay neighborhoods. 40s to 50 for most of us. san carlo, 53 degrees. you can see the drops on the exploratorium. other than the rain, any activities you have at home will be good this afternoon with
5:40 am
temperatures seasonally cool in the 50s. we'll talk more about the rest of the rain coming up. i want to get jobina in here and talk about that commute for the folks heading back to work today. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. yes. there are very few amount of people that are heading to work, it looks like it at least from the roadways here. as we bring in a live picture showing you our 880 camera from the coliseum, headlights are making their way south. we are not seeing a number of spinouts, how we were previously. we had our rain last week. a live look showing off the richmond-san rafael bridge. we do have rain in the area here. you can see it actually coming down a bit there and the headlights reflecting off of that wet pavement. definitely slick on the golden gate bridge and at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. i just want to give you a final look as we go to break at our maps. you can see we are facing a lot of slowdowns. again, looks like a lot of people are still off probably through the new year's. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. hopping today, a hearing is set to decide if a columbus, ohio police officer who shot and killed a black man earlier this month should be fired. 47-year-old andre hill was holding an illuminated cell phone when he was shot to death by officer adam coy. there was no weapon. the columbus police chief recommended the firing of coy saying he violated two departmental policies. family members say they plan on
5:44 am
bringing a wrongful death lawsuit forward soon. the artist behind the breonna taylor sculpture in oakland said he will keep fighting for justice. the sculpture meant to unite the community was vandalized over the weekend. dion lim has the story. >> at first i was stunned and shocked and hurt and angry. just a whole flood of emotions. >> that flood of emotions from leo carson is over what's left of the ceramic sculpture of breonna taylor he created and erected in oakland's latham square two weeks ago. >> they've attacked breonna taylor, and they've attacked the black lives matter movement, which is why i created the piece. >> reporter: carson, who lost his job as a server during the pandemic spent months participating in protests supporting the black lives matter movement and felt compelled to do more after taylor's death at the hands of white officers in louisville. >> was able to take that time and the practice and training i've had as an artist and put
5:45 am
that into service of something much bigger than myself. >> reporter: carson was not commissioned for this sculpture and did not seek a permit for it. but as he sorts through the broken pieces of what's left of his work, he already has plans to cast the sculpture in a more durable bronze and has this message to whoever destroyed his work. >> you can't stop us, and thank you because this person has made this a bigger story than it ever was before. and we can remake it, and we have solidarity and really, you know, we're not scared of you. >> that was dion lim reporting. we have learned that others will raise money to put that in bronze. abc7 was in union square for
5:46 am
protests yesterday. the group is not happy with recent legislation by the san francisco board of supervisors. it would keep the program under the condition that as people move into permanent housing only 60% of the hotel space is refilled. some believe it is too soon. >> the board of supervisors recent legislation means at this rate those hotels will be closed down. so even as people get moved into permanent housing and some people get moved in, 40% of hotel rooms will be shut down. >> fema has been paying for the hotel rooms throughout the duration of the pandemic. hundreds of tons of christmas trees will be collected from households during the new year. the christmas trees can be placed near the blue recycling bins.
5:47 am
recology will remove them. the company turns unwanted trees into 500 tons of mulch. sometimes you need to put all your worries aside and lay in a bed of snow. >> hey. come on. what are you doing? >> these two dogs seemed to enjoy the wintry weather and frolicked in the snow in buffalo. i'm sure they're used to seeing it up there. a heavy band of lake-effect snow broke the city's snowfall records dumping a foot and a half of snow on saturday. that beat the previous record of 10.7 buninches back in 1956. they're having a good time right ther there. >> unbridled fun. how about that? i would have done the same if we ever get snow here. instead we have to drive up to mount diablo. not today.
5:48 am
possibly mount hamilton getting snow right now. once the sun comes up, we can look at the tower cams and see what's going on up there. that would be a nice change. here's our system. you can see that doughnut hole off the coast. it almost looks like a hurricane, but it's not. rainfall amounts will be light. less than a tenth of an inch. until you get down to southern california, that's where the heaviest of the wet and frozen weather will fall. they could get a couple feet of snow in the mountains starting around santa barbara and all the way down to the border with mexico. pretty impressive. here's a look at sfo. wet this s will taper by noon. exceptionally colder tonight. expect fog in the deepest valleys. 2021 begins with several chances of rain. dry and colder today, 56 to about 58 our highs. look at this. from 28 in ukiah, 30 in santa rosa to 42 in san francisco.
5:49 am
that's as warm as it gets. it will be just as cold wednesday morning. thursday morning the last day of 2020 has a chance of wet weather. friday for the most part dry until late in the evening. then we'll get some chances of wet weather into the north bay saturday and a better chance for all of us sunday. a 1 on the storm impact scale. refreshing look at the forecast. all right. let's get back to julian with more news? >> i'll take it from here. thank you. tesla owners received a cool gift from elon musk this christmas. they can now customize their car horns to play whatever they want. all it takes is a few taps of the car's settings. it can play music, animal sounds, the automotive soundtrack is limitless. the option is only available in newer tesla models with built-in external speakers. th customization can be a nice new add-on they may not be
5:50 am
street legal. car horns are closely regulated in the california vehicle code. i was wondering about that. >> i'm not going to know to move if i hear i got to start dancing. it's not a dance party? >> you're having too much fun. new at 6:00, the classic rock band hoping to ring in the new year by setting a world record. where to watch the livestreaming concert. first up, a restaurant under fire for ftrying to plan a discrete new year's eve dinner. the surprise invitations that showed up in take-out bags. ready to ring in 2021. we're hearing from the new
5:51 am
5:52 am
listen to this, a beverly hills restaurant is being
5:53 am
criticized for plans to host a so-called discreet indoor new year's eve dinner that would have violated county and state covid-19 health orders. la scala is known for celebrity clientele. customers were surprised to see invitations in their takeout bags recently promoting a prohibition era speakeasy themed dinner. both indoor and outdoor dining is banned in l.a. county. southern california's icu hospital capacity has been maxed out for the last week. l.a. county has quickly grown to become the nation's covid-19 hot spot. >> i'm surprised a restaurant would attempt to do this seeing as how we have the stay-at-home order right now. i don't think it's a good idea. both of my parents had covid, my uncle just got out of the hospital. >> beverly hills police say they are aware of the issue and say code enforcement officers were investigating. preps are under way for the nation's biggest new year's eve celebration. crews started setting up stages for live performances during this year's ball drop in times
5:54 am
square. j. lo will be headlining. nelly, miley cyrus, heg stallio stallion. >> we as artists understand how to show up whether there's an audience there or not. it's going to be very interesting. the audience really does give us energy. but i am -- the energy is inside me this year for hope and for what's to come. >> you can watch dick dark's new year's rocking eve at 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve. >> i think billy was speaking from the heart there and for a lot of us. we're all looking internally to find strength and happiness. it will be nice of them to supply some of that for us. here's what's going on from sutro tower.
5:55 am
a few sprinkles out there. that's why the picture is hazy. for your commute it will be early and light, the rain that is. same thing for the roads, they will be slippery this morning. for the afternoon hours everything will be dry. it's all really focused on getting where you're going this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see that rotation and the counterclockwise flow of the moisture which right now is mainly across the north bay and becoming more scattered as you head into other neighborhoods. as we head through the morning commute, there's a chance until 10:00, 10:30 of random showers. we'll keep a 1 on the storm impact scale. less than a tenth of an inch of rain, other than being damp it's a very quiet storm system. kind of like that for a monday morning. let's get back to you for more news. new at 6:00, a journalist who reported on the covid outbreak in wuhan is in trouble with china's government. the sentence she was dealt today. millions of travelers are
5:56 am
returning home after christmas. the bay area counties requiring people to quarantine upon arrival. and the major pharmacy chain that's expected to begin vaccinating people in california's nursing homes starting today. and before we send you off to the break, we have a live look outside this morning as the rain comes down across the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco is back in a second with the timing. i know many of you are waiting for your unemployment or covid-19 payments. i asked the edd what's going on. why can't our viewers get their money? >> there's a number of different things that could impact someone's eligibility. >> 7 on your side got your emails, hundreds of emails all about the edd and you deserve better. that's why i promise to keep asking the tough questions and getting answers. so stay with us an
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, actress lori loughlin completes her two-month sentence for her role in the college admission scandal. we're live at the prison in dublin where she's expected to be released today. president trump finally signed the financial stimulus bill. the help unemployed americans can expect in the coming weeks. and a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. expect light rain this morning
6:00 am
across the bay area. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking when it will clear up. good morning. it's monday, december 28th. hope you had a nice weekend and a happy holiday. there's some rain out there, mike. >> there is. good morning to you. hi, everybody. thanks for joining us on this kind of moist monday. we're a 1 on the storm impact scale through the morning commute with showers are out there. scattered across the north bay. if we hit heavy showers, they would be further down to the south. how heavy can they be if they're giving us less than a tenth of an inch of rain. solano county, 680 wet right now. the carquinez bridge, if it's not wet it's about to get wet. 101 in the north bay wet also. so showers this morning as you can see on our exploratorium camera. increasing sunshine with mid t


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