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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 2, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the economy is one topic we focus on in our ongoing commitment to building a better bay area. real estate agents say they are preparing for a new pandemic trend. a preview of what they can expect. >> reporter: real estate agent eli says right now might be the best time to rent in san francis francisco. >> anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 is the range for a one bedroom. >> reporter: that's 25% less than last year. and the first month is free. >> 600, 650 square feet, you know, nice, classic san francisco apartments in any other given time, they would have been rented immediately. >> reporter: crystal is an analyst at the rental website who says 2020 was a year of unprecedented decline for rents in the bay area. san francisco had the biggest drop for a one bedroom apartment in the entire country, down 23%
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from last year. oakland was down 17%. 15% in san jose. >> the priority of renters have really shifted away from big city amenities, like night life and, you know, going out and stuff like that toward really space and affordability. >> reporter: but many predict people will start to return to the bay area in 2021. lower rents means people who will priced out before will start to move back. >> i spent the last ten years having people move from here to oakland. >> reporter: he expects a biggest shift come this summer. >> i don't think it will be nearly as, you know, expensive and as crazy as it was before the pandemic. >> reporter: on the flip side are the current landlords. this group held a rally to protest california's eviction moratorium. jaime owns a few condos in the south bay. she says with renters behind in payment, her family is suffering. >> we have to pay mortgage, and we have to maintain, do repairs
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for the building. so how do we survive? >> reporter: despite the difficulties on both sides, he remains optimistic. >> i think this city is going to be better in the long run after all this because it needed a re recall brags. new developments in the pandemic now. california hit a new state record for the number of covid patients in the icu with more than 4,500 people admitted yesterday. california is the hardest hit state in the country now with the worst coronavirus diagnosis rate. southern california funeral homes are turning away bereaved families because they are running out of space. and california's vaccination rate stands at more than 1,000 per every 100,000 people according to cdc numbers and is on pace with the rate in most states. nationwide, the cdc says more than four million people are now vaccinated. the goal was 20 million people by the end of the last year.
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kenneth has a look now at how states are handling vaccination challenges. >> reporter: the u.s. surpassed 20 million cases of the coronavirus. more than 340,000 lives have been lost. california particularly hit hard. los angeles county considered the nation's current pandemic epicenter. l.a. county requesting navy ship mercy return. >> i have never seen a health care system pushed to the level that we're at. coming to work is just a constant -- it's just stressful, to say the least. >> reporter: utah senator mitt romney blasting the vaccination plan as incomprehensible and inexcusable. >> we sat back and assumed that creating the vaccine was all we had to do, and that was inadequate. >> the call across the board received about 250,000 calls
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today. and, so, the system literally was overwhelmed. and, so, we went to plan b. and plan barks was on site registration. >> reporter: georgia working to expand its vaccination plans as doses sit on ice. >> there is vaccine available and literally sitting in freezers. that's unacceptable. we have lives to save. >> reporter: this doctor in michigan driving three hours to a remote part of the state to administer vaccines. >> what i saw was really just hope. >> reporter: in florida senior citizens waiting in line for hours after the governor ron desantis expanded eligibility to those over 65. and in chattanooga, tennessee, traffic backed up the first day residents 75 and older were eligible for the vaccine. former cnn host and talk show legend larry king is in the hospital with covid-19. the 87-year-old is being treated for the virus at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles. abc news reports king has
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survived a number of health scares this year. san francisco main's library stopped its to go services this week because of concerns over covid-19. abc news was at the location earlier today. one of the staff members may have the virus, so the library is being thoroughly cleaned and contact tracing is underway. the temporary closure also affects the library's tip line service. other san francisco public library locations that offer to go service are open this weekend. air travel slowed down slightly on new year's eve and new year's day. five consecutive days of more than a million passengers passing through america's airports. while the numbers right now are some of the highest during the pandemic, they are a far cry from what was reported a year earlier. just over 800,000 people flew on new year's day and 874,000 on new year's eve. that's about a million and a half less from a year ago. well, check it out.
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a soggy start to the first weekend of 2021 in the bay area. whether you are up in the hills or down by the beach, wherever you are, wherever you were, one of our cameras probably picked up some rain today. more rain would be headed our way over the next few days. drew tuma has a look at our forecast. >> yeah. it's been a pretty gray, if not wet start to the weekend. we're tracking drizzle out there. live doppler 7 showing you pockets of green on your screen. we'll press closer. even south san francisco, some drizzle out there. we will keep drizzle in the forecast over the next couple of hours. we'll also keep high surf in the forecast. all right. more from drew in just a little bit. well, a group of senators in washington announced a new challenge today to president-elect joe biden's win. their reason for opposing the vote count and we'll learn whether it could have any impact
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on inauguration day. and first nancy pelosi's home was vandalized and now a second lawmaker was targeted
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new developing news now. a group of republican senators plan to reject the electoral college results. they're demanding that a commission be appointed to do an emergency ten-day audit in so-called disputed states. continue will count the electoral college votes on wednesday. this last-ditch challenge is being led by ted cruise. in their statement, the senators say they are trying to restore faith in the democratic process. it will not change the out i don't mean of the election, though. vandals hit a second congress member's home with graffiti. the words, where is my money, were sprayed on mitch mcconnell's front door. mitch kills poor and other explicativ explicatives. it happened early this morning. a reference to mcconnell blocking delivery of a $2,000 stimulus relief check.
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mcconnell released a quote saying vandalism and fear have no place in our society. yesterday someone targeted nancy pelosi's san francisco home. gra fitsy included the phrases $2,000 and we want everything. apparently referencing democratic lawmakers' failed efforts to increase the coronavirus relief checks. fake blood and a pig's head were also found outside the door. a special investigations unit is trying to determine who did it. backers of a petition to recall governor gavin newsom held a signature collection drive in the east bay today. supporters say they are more than halfway to the 1.5 million signatures needed. today's drive took place outside the hobby lobby store. volunteers had many complaints about the governor. >> kids should be in school and they're not, except for his kids because they go to a private
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school. he's doing things that he says we can't do, like go to the french laundry. we can't go to a restaurant. he can. >> a spokesperson for the governor says newsom was the first u.s. governor to act boldly on the pandemic. he added, quote, california appreciates his decisive action and support his current focus on distributing vaccines. amid all the numbers, there are stories of hope and healing as we all deal with this pandemic. just ahead, meet a covid-19 survivor who doctors are calling a miracle. and get ready for even more rain. taking a live look outside. drew tuma says a series of storms is heading our way. how long it will last when we return. and with the nhl less than two weeks away, we go camping with the sharks in arizona. and the warriors back to work. what they're saying ahead
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with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st.
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president trump has vetoed a bipartisan bill aimed at protecting endangered sea life off the coast. that bill would have banned something called drift n n n n
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vie activists say animals can get caught in them and even die. the hope is to push it through again with the help of senator dianne feinstein after joe biden is sworn in. >> these gentle giants that have outlived the dinosaurs really have an opportunity to survive, to survive us. >> the federal waters off california's coast are the only place drift nets are allowed. they are banned everywhere else. people in some parts of the south bay were shaken away during an earthquake this morning. a 4.3 magnitude hit monterrey county. you can see it indicated on this usgs map. people report feeling the earthquake in even parts of san jose. despite two smaller aftershocks as well, no reports of major damage or injuries. a georgia patient who spent three months in a hospital bed
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started off her new year in her own home. [ applause ] >> oh, it's great to see. lisa martin got a standing ovation as she left the hospital in georgia. that's about an hour from the florida border. she was admitted september 27th and spent 57 days on a ventilator and 40 days in an induced coma. she even survived a frontal lobe stroke. hospital workers call her a miracle patient. all right. kicking it back to drew tuma now with a look at our forecast. starting 2021 off on a little bit of a soggy note, drew. >> and we love we're tracking a stronger storm set to move in early monday morning. tonight we're tracking pockets of light drizzle out there. live doppler 7 giving some pockets of grain. it is light grain intensifying into maybe an isolated late shower here or there. but for the most part, it is
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some scattered drizzle and we'll keep that in the forecast over the next couple of hours. temperatures really have not budged all that much today. our highs were in the 50s. that's where we really sit at this hour right now. 54 in oakland. 51 in the city. 53 the current temperature in san jose. so tonight we'll keep those overcast skies and that's going to keep us a little bit warmer tonight than we were last night. so overnight lows you can see will stay in the 40s. but what we're tracking tonight is that there will be some areas of dense fog developing, especially in our shelter valleys because we still have a lot of moisture hanging in our atmosphere. be ae ware of that first thing tomorrow morning. you may encounter a pocket of fog. tomorrow it is not totally bright day. it is a mainly cloudy afternoon. but it's much drier tomorrow compared to today and a little bit warmer. upper 50s to low 60s by the afternoon to finish out the weekend. but early monday morning we're
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tracking our next storm. pockets of heavy rain, gusty winds, and that will lead to ponding on our area roadways, especially for the morning hours on monday. future weather starts out tomorrow evening. we're dry. we have overcast skies. early monday morning light showers move in from the west. it is close to sunrise on monday that we begin to see those downpours develop. you see that on future weather with pops of yellow and orange on your screen. the showers will likely intensify later in the morning, close to lunchtime. you can expect pockets of heavy rain moving through along with some pretty gusty winds as well. so future tracker wind gust. monday morning as that front moves through here, you can see winds gusting generally between 20 and 40 miles an hour. total rain fall with our storm on monday, a good estimate between a quarter and three-quarters for an inch of rain for a lot of us.
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but in the north bay, likely find some cities that reach over an inch of rain with this storm system. it does have a lot of moisture to work with. and it will bring snow as well. goes into effect early monday morning where we could see about 5,500 feet, 8 to 12 inches of snow. two feet in our highest peak. so travel will be difficult and likely chain controls will go into effect. not a good idea to try to travel up to the mountains on monday. here is the seven-day fear forecast. there is our level two storm on monday morning with rain and wind. another storm arriving here wednesday night into thursday morning. it is a level one and likely more rain friday into saturday. now abc 7 sports with chris. dub nation can breathe a sky of relief. james wiseman who tweaked his ankle last night, he had no issues and he was a full go in practice. golden state opened their seven-game home stand with a 25 loss to portland last night.
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it was their lowest martin to defeat the season, though. their two losses were by 26 and 39. damian lillard, cj mccollum with 62 points. with the warriors off to a slow start, there is a lot of work to do. >> i think every team at this point is a work in progress. i think if you are a team that don't think you are a work in progress, you will be looking back in july trying to figure out where did you miss the work? if you're not a work in progress in six and seven games, good luck. >> we were embarrassed last night, and this team is just starting to figure out each other and grow together, and i'm very confident with our leadership that we have internality and the competitive level of guys who will come out and bring plenty of energy tomorrow. pac-12 hoops. cal at oregon state. matt bradley turned his ankle in the first half and did not return. joel brown scooped to the hoop or cuts in there. and cal is up a
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they take the lead with six minutes to go. bears still down two. here's brown with the three. a good look. no good. andres kelly the tip. that's no good either. the beavers rebound kelly. frustrated on the sidelines. bears fall 73-64. the san jose sharks, like the 49ers have relocated to arizona due to santa clara county's covid restrictions. the shark's opening training camp, the team will open the season against the coyotes in less than two weeks. sharks last game was march 11th that. were not invited to the nhl bubble. there are a lot of things to figure out. patrick marleau played in the bubble with pittsburgh before resigning to san jose for his 23rd season and has a few tips to get through the year. >> it will be a different situation than we're used to. so we have to embrace it, know that's going to happen and prepare ourselves.
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if we're the best prepared team and ready to go and have everybody going at the same time, you will have an advantage. so that's the biggest thing that i can pass on to our club here. >> the niners finale is tomorrow in arizona. you have oregon and iowa state. iowa state quarterback in for the touchdown. he's from the phoenix area. his family is in the stands. you know they love that. ensuing kickoff, the ducks accidentally touched the football. now it is a three ball. and iowa state recovers. hall in from a yard out. made it a 14 point game. he had 136 and two scores on the ground. his family also pumped up. iowa state head coach matt campbe campbell, there's the gatorade bath. niners and jim harbaugh would be out at michigan one way or the other. but today several reports say
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harbaugh will not only stay at his alma mater but will sign a contract extension soon keeping him there through 2026. and there are reports that alex smith will start for the washington football team tomorrow night. smith has not played since hurting his ankle in mid-december. if washington beats philly tomorrow, they will be the nfc's champs and make the playoffs. that will add him to comeback player of the year. he will probably win it. the former 49ers, his storybook season continues. >> it would be an awesome story, chris. thanks. we dealt with all kinds of feelings during the pandemic. a new business ♪ it's the brand new chicken dance song uh ♪ ♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪ ♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪
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opened rage therapy. whoa. ashley is behind this idea, allowing customers to take a baseball bat to things to release all that pentup frustration. the concept came to her after the recycler stopped taking glass and turned it into targets of destruction. he says one of her biggest clients so far have been corporate team building events.
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